March 08, 2023

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Ruthless but visionary, Bill Gates was the man who revolutionized tech. But after a remarkable transformation, he went on a mission to 'save' the world.


As part of a landmark series about the tech titans of Silicon Valley, this documentary lifts the lid on one of the world's richest men.

With exclusive access to friends and insiders, it reveals new details about Bill Gates's 'charity' empire, questions his business practices and asks if the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is too powerful and unaccountable in the world of global health.


Is Gates really the modern-day 'saint' that the world thinks he is?



Can the Leopard Change his Spots?


Not according to 'The Billionaires Who Made Our World: Bill Gates'.


This was a pretty thoroughgoing hatchet job, upsetting all our pious hopes for moral transformation.


Mr. Gates became the world's richest man, enjoying - thanks to the meteoric rise of Microsoft as the dominant computer software - huge international influence at every top table.

He owed this progress, it was said, not just to his software-writing genius, but also to ruthless determination to succeed and dominate, at whatever cost to those trampled on in the race.


Treatment of colleagues was apparently belittling and aggressive - and his business practice was eventually judged as breaking US law.


But then he changed, becoming the world's leading philanthropist, pledging to give away half his wealth, and fighting, admirably, against climate change, hunger, and disease among the world's poorest.

But former colleagues and investigators lined up to insist that there had been no alteration at all:

his methods remain as ruthless...

He has, they insist, no genuine commitment to diversity or empowerment of others.


And the projects into which his foundation pours billions almost entirely benefit Western research corporations while actually impoverishing African subsistence farmers.

If this is accurate, the moral is clear:

absolute power, chameleon-like in its ability to change appearance, never gives up its determination to dominate...





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