by John Kettler
March 11, 2012

from JohnKettler Website

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ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) are heartened by the work of Nassim Haramein, who has documented the, theoretical to most, stargate in action (below video.)








According to the ETs/EDS, every star is a stargate and provides both a way in and out of a given star system. Capacity is unlimited, which should give military planners pause.


Moreover, a stargate is also a timegate, allowing travel to any place and any time. The easiest way to think of a stargate is as a connector in a toy set which has an infinite number of attachment points.


Per the ETs/EDs, a stargate differs greatly from a portal, which is on a planet and allows travel only from one specific place to another.


Similarly, the ETs/EDs say, the portalís space equivalent is a wormhole, and it works the same way.




ET/EDs & Securing Our Stargate

Since no military force likes being attacked from the rear, the Liberation Forces have security measures in place to prevent such actions from hostile intruders.


The ETs/EDs aim to intercept and destroy arriving intruders by a defined point and kill those fleeing Earth as soon as they emerge from the atmosphere. Freeing the planet, in the view of the ETs/EDs, is hard enough dealing with both the higher dimensional threats and the well entrenched Dark Forces here on Earth, without having to worry about a massive, unexpected attack.


The ETs/EDs are no fools, and have deployed accordingly.




ETs/EDs Tell Of Earthís Stargates

The ETs/EDs have kindly provided a partial list of terrestrial stargates.


These include,

The ETs/EDs say there are several in the Middle East. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge has one, as does MU, ~ 300 miles east of Maui, Hawaii.


Yes, the ETs/EDs say MUís no myth, and neither is Atlantis.