The communication between the visible and the, "dark" particles would be facilitated by heavy quarks (one of the quantum particles in the Standard Model) also having a dark charge.


Having such a charge would allow the quark to couple to dark photons, thus bridging the gap between the two "worlds."

"The dark axion portal suggests the first meaningful connection between the two physics, which have been studied separately: it connects the dots," lead researcher LEE Hye-Sung said in an IBS press release


"This will allow reinterpretation of the previous data, and potentially make a breakthrough in the axion and dark photon searches."

The team is now working on proposing experiments that would use these portals to actually decipher, once and for all, if axions and dark photons really do exist.


We may never know all there is to know about the universe, but we are definitely working to close that gap.