Descendants of
Generation No. 6


1D1A1A. NIN.KUR6 (NINSAR5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) After EN.KI raped his own daughter, NIN.SAR, and she failed to bear a son for him, he raped his granddaughter, NIN.KUR. She, likewise, failed to bear a son; instead, NIN.KUR gave birth to a daughter, UT.TU.

Child of ENKI and NINKUR is:

1. UT.TU7

1D1A3A. NABAK6 (MARDUK5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Nabu, Nabih, Nebo, Nabu, The Prophet} NABAK married TASHMETUM {aka Tasmit, The Hearer}.

1D1A3B. SATU6 (MARDUK5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Seth} SATU was known as Seth in Egypt.

1D1A6A. HEVEL6 (ADAPA5ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Abel, Habhil} HEVEL / ABEL was the second son borne by KHAWA / EVE, and the first son conceived by ADAPA / ADAM with his earthling wife.


1D1A6D. SAT.NAAL6 (ADAMA5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Seth, Sheth, Set, Sed, The Guardian Of The Holy Mountain}. More commonly known by the Judeo-Christian name of Seth, SAT.NAAL married KALIMATH {aka Aklia, Aklemia, Climia, Kali Azura}, a daughter of EN.KI and Lilith.

Children of SAT.NAAL and KALIMATH are:

1. NEOM7

1D1A7A. QAYIN6 (KHAWA5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Cain, Kain, AR.WI.UM, The Serpent King Of Kish } QAYIN / CAIN was the eldest of the sons borne by KHAWA / EVE. He was the son of EN.KI, and therefore was not wholly conceived with earthling genes. Unlike ADAPA before him, QAYIN was not conceived by means of artificial insemination; rather, he was conceived by the physical union of the Anunnaki (EN.KI) and an earthling (EVE). For this reason, the name of Qayin refers to 'kingship.' According to the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, Chapter IV, verse 1, it states:

"And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord."

The ‘Lord,’ in this case, was EN.KI, in the form of Samael. QAYIN was, according to Laurence Gardner, the first of the ‘Grail Kings.’ In the Hebrew Bible, in Genesis, Chapter 4, verse 2, it states: "And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground."; the latter part about Cain should more correctly be translated that he ‘held dominion over the earth’ in regard to his descent from EN.KI.

According to Laurence Gardner, in his book, Genesis Of The Grail Kings, it was noted that the translation of the subsequent episode in which Cain ‘rose up against Abel, and slew him’ is incorrect. A more accurate translation of the original texts should read that Cain (by his part ‘godly’ blood) was ‘elevated’ or ‘exalted’ above his earthling brother, Abel. The word yaqam, which has been mistranslated as ‘slew’ in regard to what happened next to Abel, actually implied ‘sinking into the ground’; in other words, Abel’s apparent worth was below that of Cain’s, because he, Abel, was not conceived directly from the Anunnaki.

The name Qayin refers, not only to the idea of kingship, but to the art of metal-smithing. The word kenning, referring to the forging of sword blades, comes from the name. A descendant of QAYIN, Tubal-Cain, was noted as the ultimate metal-smith. QAYIN married his half-sister, LULUWA / AWAN (See #1D1C4A1). The descendants of QAYIN / CAIN became known as the Kish Dynasty.

Children of QAYIN and LULUWA are:


1D1C2A. ERESH.KIGAL6 (NANNAR5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka The Queen Of The Netherworld} ERESH.KIGAL married her uncle, NER.GAL. According to an ancient Sumerian tale, a banquet was held in the heavens in honor of Anu and his sons, Enlil and Ea/Enki. Ereshkigal could not attend, so she sent Namtar, her counselor, in her place. The messenger reported to her that when he entered the banquet hall, all of the gods, except one - Nergal, rose to greet him. At this, Ereshkigal was insulted, and she demanded that Nergal be sent to her for punishment.


Ea consented and ordered Nergal to go to the netherworld where Ereshkigal was queen. Nergal went, and when he arrived at her abode, he found Ereshkigal bathing. According to the Sumerian text: "she revealed her body. What is normal for man and woman, he ... in his heart ... they embraced, passionately they got into bed", and made love for seven days and nights. Then Nergal left Ereshkigal, promising to return later. Nimtar convinced Ereshkigal that Nergal had no such intention of returning ever.


So Ereshkigal sent Nimtar back to Ea to beg for Nergal's return. Nergal, in response, did return, but with the intention of killing her, so as to avoid having to marry and live thereafter in the netherworld. But when he returned and laid eyes on Ereshkigal once more, Nergal's heart melted, and in the end he became her husband.

According to the scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, the netherworld was actually a reference to the southern hemisphere of the planet earth. He conjectures that the realm over which Ereshkigal reigned was located somewhere in the valley of the Zambezi River in southern Africa.

Child of ERESH.KIGAL and NER.GAL is:

1. LILITH6. (See: 1D1C4A)

1D1AC2B. INANNA6 (NANNAR5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Ishtar, Astarte, Anunitu, The Great Lady Of Love And War, The Beloved Of Anu} INANNA loved DUMU.ZI {aka The Shepherd King}, the son of Ishkur and Shala (See #1D1A3B). INANNA was given the privilege of being the keeper of the me, claimed by some scholars to have been the universal decrees of divine authority (i.e. the invocations that facilitated the advancement of civilization and the arts), and by others to have been the means by which the Anunnaki transported themselves through the air - a sort of helmet that permitted flight.

1D1C2C. UTU6 (NANNAR5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Shemesh, Shamash, The Shining One, The Prince Of Justice, The God Of The Sun} UTU married AYA, a human. Utu, as the God of the Sun, was believed to travel to the underworld every day, rising in the 'mountain of the east' and setting in the 'mountain of the west."

1D1C4A. LILITH6 (NERGAL5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka NIN, Lillake, The Beautiful Queen, The Consort Of The Gods } LILITH is believed to have been the first wife of the Adama, the first human, {aka ADAM}; but she refused to be his sexual mate. Instead, LILITH bore a child to EN.KI, her great-uncle. When he mated with LILITH, EN.KI took the form of the serpent, SAMA.EL.

Children of LILITH and ENKI are: