by CarlosZ
October 07, 2023

from BitChute Website






In this presentation (by Michael Tellinger) are shown artifacts that defy explanation in conventional circles but show the physical evidence of a vanished civilization in South Africa over 200,000 years ago involved in gold mining and a knowledge of using sound as a source of energy.


This is all connected to the electronic measurements taken in the stone circles and Adam's Calendar that clearly show huge amounts of EM energy and sound frequencies reaching over 300 GHz.


This points to a knowledge that we have yet to acquire creating Free Energy devices using the resonant frequencies of Mother Earth itself - probably what Nikola Tesla did as part of his great discoveries in the early 1900s.


Each stone circle is still an active free energy device giving us huge amounts of sound energy ranging from 10-300+ gigahertz and over 110 decibels.



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