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Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips new book (Trance Formation of America) and their experiences, if factual, may represent one of the more important "leaks" from inside the mind-control empire. Interestingly, Cathy’s revelations as a former high-level mind control slave form an important part of the evidentiary basis for David Icke’s insights into a reptoid-masonic power structure in "The Biggest Secret." A friend of mine from the UK loaned me her copy of Icke’s book.

She’s observed his work for several years in England, and tells me he was a respected sportscaster there. It was only after he exposed the Satanic-ritual murder and abuse rings surrounding the Windsors (Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, the Queen Mother, and others of the NWO) that his was attacked through disinformation in the controlled press - using apparently the tactic that Icke thought himself the messiah.

One significance of Cathy O’Brien’s revelations as a high-order mind control slave servicing an Elite (READ "Reptoid controlled") network is the co-ordination of the MKULTRA (k for "kontrolle") slave programme with global Masonic and Satanic ritual murder and abuse networks. If Cathy’s accounts are factual, the following may be a socio-political-pathological reality:

1. Satanic ritual murder and sex abuse may be as a power-source and controlling practice with key operatives in a global mind-control network. As a "Presidential Model", Cathy claims to have officiated at ritual infanticide, blood-drinking, and sexual abuse ceremonies in which the following key operatives took part:

  • David Rockefeller

  • Henry Kissinger (Global consigliere)

  • George Bush

  • William Clinton

  • Hillary Clinton

  • Sen. Robert Byrd (Kathy’s controller)

  • Sen. Arlen Specter

  • Al Gore

  • Queen Elizabeth

  • Prince Philip

  • the Queen Mother (a Den Mother)

  • Madeleine Albright (US Den Mother)

  • Prince Charles

  • Prime Minister Tony Blair et al.

The top Reptoid seems to be code-named "Pindar".

2. "The Most Dangerous Game" is a variation on ritualistic murder played by US Presidents. George Bush and William Clinton have played this together. Target mind control slaves are let go in a secured wilderness, and the Presidents hunt them with telescopic rifles. Alternatively, mind control slaves are ordered to jump from a helicopter in flight by the Commander in Chief. (George Bush allegedly did this, by Cathy’s account.)

3. Key state social services and adoption agencies, and some Roman Catholic adoption agencies have served as farms to supply the necessary babies for the infanticide rituals. Facilities such as Disneyland are used to target "lost children" to feed the child ritual murder machine. Breeding facilities with single mothers exist to further supply the infanticide trade.

4. Secret facilities on military bases in Nevada hold infants in cages, subjecting them to gross and unspeakable abuse, according to mind control practices, to create a supply of dissociative mind control slaves.

5. Ruling class resorts such as Bohemian Grove in California hold Satanic ritual murder, blood-drinking and abuse rituals as an integral part of their retreats. Organizations like Bohemian Grove are part of the Reptoid-initiate farm system of the global mind control network.

6. What we know in secular and vernacular terms as NWO is at a deeper level a malevolent world-religion, based on Satanic-Baal-Masonic principles, operating on a long-term time horizon. Modern NWO objectives are being carried out using the MKULTRA methodologies, implemented through a network of co-opted and/or initiated elites.

According to Cathy, the "K" in M"K"ULTRA was actually code-named Kontrolle, German for control, as a code-salutation to Josef Mengele, head Nazi mind-controller who was slipped out of Germany at then end of the war, along with Nazi elite. He stayed in the US mainly, under cover and directing US mind control operations, including MKULTRA. He died in 1990 in the US. The US mind control empire was actually established by the Nazi mind control apparatus being shipped here wholesale after the war. Cathy reports having met Mengele a number of times in the US. Apparently she or other mind control slaves also met Adolf Hitler here in the US. He was allegedly slipped out of Germany as part of Operation Paperclip.

I have read creditable research by expert pathologists who examined the dental records of the alleged corpse found in the bunker, and it was by the forensic evidence not Hitler. So the very real possibility exists that Hitler and the entire Nazi inner core were in the US, carrying on the Agenda while we were growing up, studying, working, raising families, and watching the US disintegrate from the inside.

The next Bilderberger meeting is scheduled for June, 1999 in Portugal. The resort where it is to be held is to be cleared for the 48 hours preceding the meeting, and guests fly in without visas. The formal agenda is "Globalization." The Reptoids face a double bind. On the one hand they perceive they have achieved many of the structural elements for the secular NWO scheme. On the other, many of the facts of the Reptoid inner core and plans are now surfacing publicly.


Major universe forces seem to be inflicting boomerangs (Photon Belt). What will come out of this meeting must be decoded from the public announcements. There are many facets, obviously, to understanding this complex Reptoid phenomenon that has been covertly trying to move for global control over thousands of years. This mind control empire facet is but one facet and not the whole game. The good side is that this information is now in the open, and that higher forces within the Universe - including the Photon Belt, are at work. Obviously, there is much more to know.