Jul 15, 2016

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In the American southwest we have evidence of what appears to be modern day descriptions of the Reptilian Alien Race.


The majestic mesas and rugged mountains of the American southwest are home to many native peoples, including the,




Ant-like and Snake-like Beings


These tribes have many different beliefs, but their creation myths all share something quite remarkable, all of them share the belief that they came up from the ground.


The Apaches and pueblo Indians, the Zuni and the Hopi Indians have a legend that they emerged from some underground world into today's world and some of the southwestern people went back underground for safety.


The Hopi of Arizona say their ancestors escaped a deadly storm of falling stars with the help of the snake people, who took them to shelters deep in the earth.


Today we know of other Hopi legend that speak of the ant people who protected them from storms of fire and ice. The Hopi Indians survived cataclysms by living in this underground world with the ant people for a certain period of time, and then eventually they emerged from the underground world back into the surface world.


Today the shamans, and the elders of native Americans will tell you that before these people were able to emerge out of planet earth, they were brought here by the star-people these star-gods which according to them and their beliefs arrived from outer space.


For decades, stories of encounters with UFOs and alien beings have been told among the people of new Mexico's Jicarilla Apache reservation (near the town of Dulce, where there is an alleged Underground facility where aliens and humans work on several projects together), nestled in the shadow of the over 9,000-foot-high Archuleta mesa.


It is from this mesa and mountain that people claim they have seen UFO's flying out of the mountain, and even today New Mexico is one of the places where the most UFO sightings occur, there is no doubt that there is something in this part of our planet that attracts these extraterrestrial visitors.


Some of the aliens in these stories bear a strange resemblance to the ancient tales of the ant-like and snake-like beings from the Hopi legends and have a great resemblance to today's description of the Reptilian Alien race.


One thing that is strange for sure is the amount of military traffic over at Dulce, the unmarked black helicopters, the heavy-duty Chinooks, all of them spend a lot more time in Dulce than they should if nothing was going on there.


So yes they are there for a reason and that much military activity is not normal.