July 7, 2016
from BeyondThePhysical Website





"Momentary Zen"

with Zen Garcia, Dan Duval and Carolyn Hamlett






"Insiders present a glimpse into the difficulties of breaking free from and absolving the programming levied upon those born into certain Illuminati families deeply involved with the occult.


Carolyn's story is not an easy one to hear but for those exposed to similar ritual or occurrence, there is recognition which most of the public will just never be able to understand.


Know there is hope at the end of the long and difficult road of abuse for those whom seek it."

Zen Garcia

Topics include:

  • Reptilians

  • Reptilian Genesis (the creation of Reptilians)

  • some ancient history

  • The 11 Point Process of Reptilian Replication

  • other means of procreation

  • "Lizard People"

  • future plans of Reptilians





"This is part two of our discussion on the royal bloodline of the dragon.


I would like to thank Carolyn and Daniel again for all that they do in bringing forth truth with regard to the illuminati plan for conquest of world in preparation for gifting it to the antichrist as new world order leader."

Zen Garcia

The Dragon Program is a powerful dragon sized system connecting many thousands of highly programmed victims of Mind Control all linked to one another as interconnected separate hubs affecting millions of unsuspecting people.


This system was designed by my programmer, Sylvia, who modeled it after the human body and how the body works.


The Dragon Program works as one body and like a hive.




In this PART 2 interview, I describe my section of the Dragon Program which is a small town.


Sylvia, my programmer built the program as an add on to a program another programmer had created in me in the late 1950’s. The original program in my internal world was a single building that was used to house and keep safe, multitudes of files of information.


This building was called "The Halls of Records".


The use of trains and railroads were common in mind control at least back in the days of my childhood… so it makes sense (for a lot of reasons) that my programmer chose to model the building in my internal world after a real train station in Tampa Florida of which I was familiar with.

This picture below of Tampa Union Station taken in 1922 is almost identical to what "The Hall of Records" looked like in my internal world before Sylvia expanded it and created "The Dragon Program".


In fact, this scene looks so much like my original internal programmed world, that I am wondering if my programmer used this picture to create the original program in me.



Keep in mind that the internal worlds created by programmers and even those created by "alters" can be as real as living and breathing in our everyday 3rd dimensional world.


Much like the movie "The Matrix", it can sometimes be difficult for those in the internal world to know they are in a program.

If you really take a look at the picture above, you can get a very accurate view of my section of The Dragon Program. The people looked as real as those in the picture, although the people in my program (other than the ones in The Hall of Records) dressed in modern clothes.

Everything in the original building, The Hall of Records, remained as it was when my programmer created it in the late 1950's.


Going into that building was like stepping back in time. Everything was as it was in the 1950's. Even the few "people" working in the building (demonic beings on assignment) were dressed as they were in the 1950's.

It was in my late teen years that Sylvia created the Dragon Program first by expanding upon my one city block size internal world into a complete small town.


From there she created connections to other programmed people throughout the entire United States and beyond. The method of connections to the other programmed people was through an internal railway system that connected many people’s internal worlds to other people’s internal worlds.

Just like under ground tunnels connecting one city on the surface to another, the system is laid out like a grid with circular small town hubs of others systems separated from each other yet conveniently connected by the rail system.

The layout also reminds me of how neurotransmitters work. Each little town in the grid reminds me of a cell body with a nucleus connected to other cell bodies by way of axons.


Axons, like the rail, act as a relay system where information travels to the next cell body... or in the case with The Dragon Program... the next town or hub in the massive program.




It makes perfect sense to me that The Dragon Program would remind me of something to do with the way the human brain sends signals throughout the body.


After all, Sylvia modeled the Dragon Program after the way the human body works.

This picture below reminds me very much of the railway system through the tunnels that connect all the many programmed people whose internal worlds act as a hub and a connecting point to other people's systems.



Much like anti-bodies, small groups of demonic beings disguised as young human males in their late teens traveled together through the rail systems to ensure all was always in order and to swiftly take care of any sign of anarchy in the system they were assigned to monitor.