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Sometimes in order to bring light to a subject it becomes necessary to take a look

through the portals of time.

If we know from whence we came, we can then determine to where we are going and why.





This discourse is about the Ancient Lemurian bloodlines of the Aramu Muru.


A legendary bloodline that goes back many centuries to, terrestrial people known as the Aser, the Elder race.


This elder race cohabitated the planet along with the hybrid children of the Anunnaki, who have been here on the Earth plane for over 400,000 years (right: Images from pre-Anasazi race found in cave in Utah)

Lemuria is actually the name for the latter part of lands once known as, the Motherland of Mu.


The destruction of lands of Mu and its submergence was not a singular incident, but a series of cataclysms, which had their beginnings about 35,000 years BCE. After the initial devastation had its way, many of the landmasses that comprised MU were lost.


However much of the lands remained and would become rebirthed as Le-mu-ria.

Today parts of the Western coast line of the United States and Canada. From Mt. Shasta up through BC, Canada would be the lands that were a part of the original motherland of MU.


This would have been the northern most mountaintops’ of Lemuria.





There is land in those islands, for instance Turtle Mountain on Orcas Island, which defies any type of testing science has attempted for determining its age. I have seen the scientists come and go for many years now.

There are tunnels located in the San Juan Islands that upon entering one could end up in Hopi Land, in Arizona. The Islands in and around the San Juan Islands off the Washington state coast going all the way up the coast lines of Vancouver Island, show obvious signs that the land was simply raised from the ocean floors some 5,000 years ago.

After initially three periods of destruction, what was left of Mu was rebirthed as Lemuria. However, there were a few problems, which developed.


During the periods of destruction, it became necessary for many of the Lemurians, and their Celestial relatives to remain underground for extended periods merely for matters of safety; as the Earth Changes were unlike anything known by a hu-man species before.

This is part of what caused such extensive development of the legendary underground tunnel systems, which do actually exist.


Help was sought from the factors that settled in Atlantis to deal with the large reptilian animals that overran the land, upon returning to the surface world. (right: Pre-Anasazi ruins Arizona)

The Atlanteans were a very scientific and intellectual people, with little regard for the natural laws of cause and effect. The Atlanteans were a Patriarchal society, and the Lemurians were a Matriarchal society, their philosophies as well as their perceptions being constantly at odds.

The Atlantaens were as well obsessed with the acquisition of ever increasing levels of power and control over nature, and if possible the Earth herself. This carries over into a blatant recklessness regarding their experiments.


Their attempts to harness the Earths energies, at one point caused a complete tear in the membrane of the Earths atmosphere itself.


This tare in the fragile living membrane occurrence was much like the ozone layer is behaving today, the membrane was spreading of its own accord, causing rips in the time space continuum.

This allowed for thin spots or holes as it were to appear in the membrane. Once it was realized what was occurring it was too late, there was no way to slow the process, as they had little knowledge of that kind of science.


Eventually there were leaks from the layers that separated the dimensions; allowing life forms from many different dimensional expressions to enter not only into the Earth plane, but also into all manner of expressions of life forms thereon, including humans, and animals that dwelled upon her.

The final breakup of the lands of Lemuria, occurred in and around the same time as the breakup of the Red Lands of Atlantis.


The Atlanteans continued to experiment with technologies to exploring the various uses of both Laser, and Nuclear energies, regardless of the laws of cause and effect. This further aggravated the natural order and balance of things


The consequences of their unchecked experiments, we know all to well. (right: Mayan glyph of Mayan K'cotal priest attending Atlantean Rocket)

Then around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago BCE the Atlanteans began experimenting with the core of the Earth itself, from within the inner systems of tunnels that connected various parts of the planet. Tunnels that had been as we stated earlier constructed many millions of year’s prior by the elder race.


These experiments, which occurred deep with the Earth’s core, would ultimately have disastrous effects.

As well, their unrestrained use of laser technology in the upper atmosphere was beginning to have effects of its own.


At one point what had occurred to the ‘Light Membrane’ by which consciousness itself could connect to this dimension, began to occur to the physical atmosphere, and Earth faced a total ecological breakdown. This caused the very clouds to literally fall from the heavens and usher in what is spoken of in the sacred texts as the great flood.

The atmosphere, the cloud cover, which had kept us for eons in a protective and prolific green house environment, suddenly could not sustain itself and life forms transformed accordingly.


The clouds themselves collapsed, and the nature of the climate and the planet was now altered forever. The clouds would then become part of the Oceans of our water world, and their size would increase dramatically.


This sudden inflow of water from the sky caused the submerging of inconceivably large areas of the landmass. This type of cataclysmic activity also caused enormous stress on the tectonic plates themselves, which resulted in their breaking apart.


This would result in at least in part, the sudden disappearances of many land masses, and the shifting of whole continents, from one latitude and longitude of the globe to another; as we can see in the separation of Africa from North America.



Huge face of bearded man found on mountain side in Peru - age undeterminable.



At some point when the Elder Races realized the certain events were going to be inevitable, and the destruction could not be averted, it would be necessary to take drastic measures to save something, or loose everything.

No doubt there, were many meetings between the wisdom counsels that existed it those times amongst the Elder Races about what to do, or if anything could be done at all.


Everything that had been created; all the glory of millions of years of evolution was about to vanish from the annals of time. As well, they fore saw that this problem might spread throughout our solar system, perhaps even the Universe.


If this occurred the memories of untold millions of beings throughout the Galaxy could be totally wiped clean from the Akashic Records.


The Saga of the Lords of MU

  • Aramu Muru. (Serpentine Father)

  • Aramu Mayu (Serpentine Mother)

The legend goes that just before the final destruction of Lemuria, Sanat Kumara, grandfather to the Solar Brotherhood assigned his heir Aramu Muru and 12 other "Serpentine Lords" to take the records and power objects of the Amaru to various parts of the world for safekeeping.


These beings were the hybrid children of the Annunaki and the Elder Earth race of the Aser.



Aramu Muru Kings, and their servants from the stars, depicted on rock wall in the American Rockies.

Notice they had swords, Crowns, and armor (not very Native American), neither is the geometry



These groups or ‘Rings’ as they were called would later become known in our history as founding genetic lines or clans, with origins back to the ‘Root Race’ or the Elder Race, an original Earth Race.


These rings were placed in each culture.



Ancient Societies of the Seven Rays Solar Brotherhood:

  1. Nagas (Serpents in Sanscrit) of Indus (India).

  2. The earliest Mayans and their first Serpent kings, Caramaya and Naga Maya

  3. Later the Serpentine Kings Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatal creating the Itza Maya Culture of South America.

  4. The Lung Dragons of China, and an interesting fact is that an ancient Chinese term for dragon was Naga.

  5. Amarus and Con Ticci Viracocha of Peru.

  6. The Zohar is said to have passed from Adam to Noah and then to Abraham, who immigrated to Egypt. The Zohar or the Books of Splendor – were the Original texts of the Kabbalah. An earlier priest cult in Egypt was specifically formed to take care of the Royalty that went by the title of “Messah" or Crocodile Lords, who also lay claim to the Adam or Amen (Sun King) as being their Kamara. The early Egyptians who built the pyramids were called the Naga, which may be due to the influence of...

  7. The Olmec returning to North Africa from the lands of the Maya.

  8. The Azteca who absorbed the cultures and religions of Meso-America had the goddess Coatlcue she wore a skirt of snakes, she is often depicted as having two dragon heads.

  9. In the mythology of Sumeria the goddess Tiamat in her fury would destroy all who challenged her. All that is, but the Babylonian sun god, Marduk. In a celestial battle which took place in the heavens, Marduk slew Tiamat. Then, from Tiamuat’s dismembered body, he fashioned the heavens and the earth. From her dragon’s blood Marduk created man.

  10. Nidhogg is said to be the Dragon Father of an underground world known by the Norse as Niflheim.

The other 'Rings,' are unknown, (although not entirely) and have been lost to Myth and Legend. Possibly they are in the North lands

(I will predict the evidence of such a civilization will be found by the first generation born to the 21st Century; as well the rediscovery of lands around the North and South Poles that will reemerge not only into our conscious awareness but actually be physically rediscovered.)

Other truths embedded in the labyrinth of Mythical Legends such as:

  • Methusala who was brought into the order of dragon priests as a youth which accounted for his extremely long life. The order of Melchisedec, was rumored to have many dragon lords.

  • The mythical Merlyn of Arthurian legend became a dragon wizard in his twenties and probably became a dragon lord. His most powerful magic drew from the Earth’s own life force through the symbiotic relationship with the dragons of the underworld. Remember it was this same Merlyn who made the embracing of the New Christianity, by the Druid official with the Marriage of Arthur to Quenivere.

  • In Native American mythology there was a counsel of dragon priests that convened in the Black Hills area of the Dakotas a thousand or so years before the return of the younger brothers and the age of conquest. Their council dispersed teachers, throughout the Native nations to activate certain ancient ceremonies.

  • Their mission to the tribes was to establish a wise and prudent relationship that fostered a sustainable ecology; along with a stable social and intertribal Spiritual structure that respected the ecosphere, and considered seven generations with each action one took in their lives. The behavior of the ordinary actions of the tribes were often monitored by ‘Thunder beings,’ a powerful Draconian force that interacted with the Earthlings through the two horned and one horned priests that came from the heavens in flying orbs of light.

  • European Royalty also seems to have their share of ‘Secret Dragon Societies,' one being the Dragon Sovereignty, known as the ’Rex Deus’ fraternity. The Rex Deus was formally created by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigmund, having its origins with the Knights Templar during the 12th Century. It is the story of the Knights Templar, and a behind-the-scenes society called the Prieure de Sion, and its involvement in reinstating descendants of the Merovingian bloodline into political power

  • They lay claim to the bloodlines of Yeshua ben Yoseph, otherwise known as the Bloodline of the Holy Grail. Later in Scotland the Royal House of Stewart also made such claim to the Holy Grail bloodline. There are records that affirm the fact that the bloodline entered Britton trough Yoseph of Arimathea, and James, brother to Jesus (Yesus) ~Sananda, who came to Glastonbury, along with the children of Jesus and Magdalene. (Sir Laurence Gardner, Bloodlines of the Holy Grail)

  • One thing that has to be taken under consideration with this tale of the Bloodlines of the Holy Grail is that many historical documents do exist to support it. It is no longer a question of concocted myth. There is one problem with Europeans, a problem which has continued since the first arrival of Columbus, nothing exists beyond their scope of perception, has sanctioned historical beliefs. Beliefs which have continuously been found out over the centuries to be contrived, and heavily edited translations of what actually occurred.

  • In future presentations we will explore the sacred books of the Inca and the Maya such as the Chilam Balam, which speak of the Christos, and the ancient brotherhood. As well make continuous references to their having been a very real Pale Prophet

  • One might put themselves at ease about this matter, if they took the time to find out that there was no such a term as 'Christian,' until the term was created by the Emperor Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, at Antioch when he needed to name the group responsible for the revolt in Syria, that was going on. In that time the first church called 'Christian' was formed by Peter the Apostle in 37 AD. Prior to that the followers of the 'Radical' teachings of the Nazarene were looked upon as and called 'Jews' and their symbol was Essene.

  • The symbol of the Fish , was actually a symbol the linked back to the 'Fisher Kings,' and the ancient brotherhoods of the past. The ancient mystery schools which Yeshua was a part of. The fish symbol is very old and has been used for millennia worldwide as a religious symbol associated with the Great Mother Goddess. This simple design was easy to draw and used by early followers of the teachings of the apostles, the ancient Nasorean 'Way' of Yeshua Ha Mashiakh (Jesus the Messiah) before there was a formal 'Church' established at Antioch, by Peter. There were two branches of Essenes - the Ossaeans and the Nasorean. The southern Ossaeans were known as the B'nai-Zadok, or "Children of Zadok." The northern Nasorean were known as the B'nai-Amen, or "Children of God.")




Returning to the Saga of The Aramu Muru

Aramu Muru in the final days of Lemuria established the Rings of each of the Children of the Sun.


With each individual Ring there was then appointed a circle comprising of 13 priests, and 13 priestesses, one head figure became the elected symbolic spiritual leader or Aramu.


Aramu Muru for the men and Aramu Mayu for the women; and thus began the Legends of the Ring Lords.

Each Ring that was chosen was then instructed to take their records of ancient wisdom to their respective regions and hide the items at specific locations, deep within the chambers of ancient mountains; until it was the time of the Awakening!

These individuals were faithful in their belief, and wise in their understandings of the original teachings.


Each had been close to the great and wise Sanat Kumara, the Kumara, the father. (Not as in Father God, rather oldest remembered Relative. The First Kumara the Aten-Adama.)

Later, it is recorded that a similar event occurred on Atlantis with certain descendents of these original serpentine lords, ‘the Sons of One’ who were chosen to take the Atlantean records and teachings to the delegated pan-Atlantic territories.


They established several colonies, among these locations were,

  • the School of Pythagoras

  • the Temple of Delphi

  • School of Amen, Egypt, where the well-known Emerald Tablets were said to be amongst these ancient records brought there, and buried beneath the Sphinx

It is said that later, after the decline of the society in Egypt, the Emerald Tablets were taken from their resting place by non other than Nefertiti, Queen to Akhenaten who was a Kumara and schooled in the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, to the Halls of Records in the Yucatan.


There they remain waiting to this day in safe keeping!



Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti, and their daughters,

seated in front of the great Solar disk of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays,

the Sons of One on Atlantis.

Rebelled against the whole of the Priesthood of Amon,

stating there was one supreme God, Aten- Adama


Akhenaten received his teachings in the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, in a secret school that is known to be in the Andes Mountains. (which is why there are so many archaeological artifacts here in the Americas, that show a direct connection to Egypt)


There are those that hold to the belief that this school was the ancient university of Machu Picchu, others argue that it was Tiahuanaku, the famed city of the sun. No records oral or otherwise have survived which designate which location it may have actually been.


Perhaps those records are still to be revealed.

These records were to remain in cloistered solitude, until there was a sign was to seen in the heavens, a sign that would be unmistakable, and born of Source itself, telling those who remained true to the original covenants and teachings that the brotherhood would begin the process of awakening.

That sign in fact was realized, and scientifically documented, though perhaps unknowingly, by the SOHO-LASCO Satellite in April of 2001.


The long slumber of the indigenous masters and the process of mankind awakening from their sleep of forgetfulness was at long last over, and the process of ‘the Awakening’ had begun.




The Great Solar Cross - As it appeared in the Heavens
SOHO- LASCO photo taken in April of 2001 (NASA)



The descendants of this original Solar Brotherhood established by Sanat Kumara have become known through recorded legend and Myth as the Kumara. In European mythology, they are the Great White Brotherhood.


It is said the Sanat Kumara himself is the direct descendent of the original Kumaras who came along with the Hathors, to Earth from Venus.

The Adepts known as the Kumara, were and remain a highly mystical order of the Great Solar Brotherhood. The term Kumara has in our contemporary understandings come to mean "the androgynous serpentine beings." Although it translates more accurately to ‘Father,' those of the Elder Race.

You can find references to the Kumara the shining ones, in the Hindu Puranas where they are described as being the first teachers of Tantra Yoga on the Earth, and the descendents of Ti and Tiye. As well there are numerous references to 'the shining ones' (Elohim) in the Bible and the Koran.  

The Theosophists having their roots in and foundation teachings of the likes of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and Krishnamurti, who refer to the Kumara as their beloved founders. The Theosophists also claim that Sanat Kumara himself has remained on Earth for thousands of years, as an Ascended Master.

In the lands of the Naga Maya these serpentine priests of the Kumara became known as the Quetzlcoatls or Kukulcans, later the Azteca would call their Emperors the Montezuma’s (image right is Mayan).


Then we have the Djedhi (the "Stable Serpents") of Egypt with their lineage of the “Messah or princes of the Crocodile kings, the Druid Adders of Britain, and the Dactyloi of Greece.

It is interesting to note that wherever these Kumara Priest Kings, Priests of the Dragon Lords born of Lemurian and Atlantean cultures; they built temples aligned with our sister planet Venus the bright and morning star and the planet itself became associated with saviors and the immortals.

In the Bible says:

"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star"

Revelation, chapter 22, verse 16

The Pale Prophet, Quetzalcoatl, told those who followed his teachings that he would return after,

'Five full cycles of the Morning Star.'

(Chilam Balam)

The Morning Star is of course Venus, which plays a very big part in Amerindian Spirituality of the Americas.


The Venus Calendar is the main factoring equation upon which all the Incan, and Mayan and Hopi Prophecies are calculated.

(Contemporary Christians must read through the myriad of versions of the New testament, which make claim to be the 'True' teachings of the Christ. They must endeavor to find the 'Root,' or the 'Original" meaning of terminologies from the original texts.


Keeping in mind that the first texts were themselves interpretations of the original Aramaic tongue, transcribed into Greek. The Roman's then took those texts and transcribed them into 'Common Latin.' and the editing has continued unto the present. Each generation losing some essence.

There is a way that this can be accomplished with direction. Read the KJV (King James's Version) and follow the transcriptions to them meanings in 'Webster's Dictionary-Unabridged.'


Good old King James realized that the Hounds of Rome were upon him and thus created a way that the original texts and their meanings would not be lost to future generations. Now you know part of the secret! You do not have to listen to someone else's translation.)

The prophet Daniel recorded his vision of Sanat Kumara, whom he called "the Ancient of Days."

Book of Daniel: Chapter 7


"I beheld till the thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool. His throne was like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire. (His chakras.)

"A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him. Thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.

"I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they (members of the Brotherhood) brought him (Jesus) near before him.

"And there was given him dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all people, nations and languages should serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed."

And so, not only does Daniel foresee Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, but also he sees the son of man (Jesus) manifest before him, as He (Jesus) is embraced into the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays.

The Sacred texts tell us that Aramu Muru himself became the first Solar priest king of the Incas and was thereafter known among his adopted people as Manco Kapac. Ka-pac.


This means “spiritually abundant “ or “ keeper of the Serpent Wisdom”.

Interesting is that in the down line of these serpentine Priest- Kings and their Royal Lineages there seems to have denoted subtlety the connection to their serpentine wisdoms by including the K sound in their names, such as Kumara, Christ (pronounced Krist), Krishna, Kukulcan, Amarushka, K’ Cotal)




The Solar Disk

Following his coronation ceremonies in Peru, Manco Kapac took one of the power objects stored within the Temple of the Seven Rays, the great Solar Disc, and hung it within the main temple of the Incas, the Intiwasi, which was built in Cuzco, Peru.

This Solar Disc had previously hung within a temple of the Brotherhood on Lemuria and was an important symbol of the re-establishment of the organization. By hanging it within the Intiwasi, Manco officially established the connection of the Kumara to the Solar Brotherhood of Peru.


Later, after the Spanish invaded Peru, the Solar Disc was returned to the Temple of the Seven Rays for safekeeping where it remained until the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.


Which although was not covered by the New York Times was a major world event, that included the participation of literally hundreds of thousands of People world wide.


Amaru Mayo- The Holy Mother-Pacha Mamma

It is said that in 1987 a ceremony took place at the ancient temple site where upon the Earthly throne of the Kumara, represented by the Great Solar Disk of Aramu.


A young Native Woman was given the ancient scepter of the Aramu, signaling the shifting of energies back into the seat of the Goddess, Gaia, the Holy Mother, Pacha Mama, the Aramu Mayo, the Queen of Angels.

This was also symbolic of the shifting of the planet through chaos of rebirth, back into balance of the Alpha and Omega. The serpentine energies of Pacha-Mama, and her daughters would once again regain their place of honor, and authority in the matrix of social awareness.


The consciousness of HU-manity would then be able to once again open to the awareness of the Mother of us all, and the mother within us all.

Today we see a lot of attention being played out in the final days by the Great Blind Patriarchy.


All measures are taken to not discuss or allow to be discussed the emergence of the feminine ray, and the return of the Mother Goddess to political power as well as Spiritual power.

Besides the revealing of the bigger picture in Jesus-Sananda’s life, and of his being here in the Americas, which comes along with the true understanding of the Solar Brotherhood; the matter of the Holy Mother may be the second most important issue that threatens the revealing of what is found at so many sites here in the Americas.


For near on 2.500 years this war against the Goddess, the Holy Mother, has been ongoing.

Presently, many await the ONE who will bring it forth and call the re-embodied Brotherhood and Sisterhood to Awaken and Unite for the Great Emergence of the Fifth Solar Cycle!


The Inca await the return of the Aramu, while Mayans await the return of Quetzalcoatl, while many true believing Christians await the Second Coming of the Christ, Yeshua Ha Mashiakh - (Jesus the Messiah).


Isn't it funny all of them waiting for the same thing, thinking that each of them has a secret the other doesn't know.

The Spiritually Rich and very ancient Inca heritage, descendents of the gods, those who came from the stars, children of the Kamara, Aramu Muru, children of the Christos, Children of the Sun. It is also not a coincidence that the Prophecies of both the Maya, and the Inca are based upon the Venus Calendar!

The being known as Aramu Muru, is attributed with establishing many sacred sites that have been rediscovered today throughout the Incan Empire, Manco Kapac and the Kapac Cuna, members of the Solar Brotherhood from Lemuria, built megalithic temple complexes throughout Peru, such as,

These sites and some of the ancient libraries they hold are being re-discovered as far north as the Rocky Mountains, and well into Canada.

These sites according to the Incan and Mayans were once paces of interaction between the Children of Earth, and visiting relations from the Stars, as well as members of a Galactic Brotherhood who interacted with our ancestors here on Earth as one can plainly evidence at the great landing strips of the NAZCA LINES in Peru.

We know today that the wisdom of these Solar Brotherhoods at least in part was passed down through the Royal lineages of Inca priest kings of Peru to other cultures here in the Americas who interacted with the ancient High Priests and Priestesses of the Aramu and their descendants.

A particular branch of these Kumara became known as the Viracocha, who were the hybrid children of the Aramu. They were said to be very tall, perhaps twice the size of a human of the 21st century; having reddish hair, and blue or green eyes. (This is documented in the journals of the Conquistadores).


Throughout their history, the emperors of the Viracocha were always associated with the serpent, and with possessing the knowledge of the Dragon Lords.

Some of these Priest Kings included the Quechuan name for serpent, Amaru (Aramu), within their royal titles, such as was the case with the last Inca Emperor Sayri Tupac Amaru, Sayri Tupac’s father Manco Capac, who opposed submission to the Spanish Conquest was assassinated by Spanish Soldiers, who were revolting against Pizarro.

The young Sayri Tupac who was but 5 years old witnessed this act, and was taken off to be placed in a monastery.


Tupac, was not of legendary height of his ancestors however he was tall for an Inca, and taller than most Spaniards. Sayri Tupac, was raised by the Church and fashioned into a perfect example of  “a Good Inca.”

In 1561 according to Spanish Journals that were kept by one of Pizarro’s generals, one morning Sayri Tupac Amaru was found poisoned, at his temple, sitting in his throne.


There were no heirs therefore, unfortunately, Sayri Tupac, was the last of his line.


After his death, the Spanish killed what was left of his family, and any access to historical records was lost.




There are many new discoveries being made at this time regarding the ancient records of the Inca, as well as the Maya, and those who came before them.


Until as recently as the end of the twentieth century no one had any idea what it was they were finding.


There was no direction, no references, and most of what was found was absconded by treasures hunters, and those who desired to keep the information under wraps, hidden from the public.


With God’s Grace, the information, and no doubt priceless knowledge will be able to be shared with the world shortly, that the truth might set us free.

In the Light

Rev Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf


Some of the ancient texts found in the American Rockies.

These were not supposed to be here also.

Truth can be stranger than fiction.