Afternoon Sky Over Irvine,

California June 30, 2004


{Editor's Note: These photos were sent to ZS Livingstone on July 10, 2004 for his opinion and analysis. The response that I received from him the next day is posted here as a separate article: Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails in Skies Over Irvine, California (July 11, 2004) ...

Ken Adachi]

June 30, 2004


2:05PM Chemtrail line



2:05PM two visible chemtrails layered among real clouds


2:08PM chemtrail line above real clouds


2:17PM faint chemtrail lines and white 'haze' noticed with chemtrails




4:33PM (Sylph?)


4:34PM Chemtrail prior to transmutation?


5:22PM Chemtrail in process of Sylph overlay & transmutation?


5:23PM Ct's in transmutation?


5:41PM The Silent Battle Above


5:42PM Sylph Transmuted CT's?


5:52PM Transmuted CTs? against darker blue sky


5:54PM Sylph takeover in progress? (note rainbow reflection-jet fuel of CT or something else?)