Sylphs Of The Gas Giants

by Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 23, 2004



Over the past few years some large sylphs have caught the eyes of those who are working to heal the atmosphere.


There are photographs on and of remarkable cloud formations spanning miles. Cbswork wrote that he saw a line of these large sylphs clear the skies above Los Angeles in minutes. Ken Adachi took a series of digital pictures showing a similar event. The crud from the spewplanes simply disappeared. Weather fronts do not work that fast. Earth has some visitors from the gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn who have come to help their cousins the sylphs of Earth at these perilous times.

There are also the sylphs from the comets here on Earth who are large as well. I wrote about a cometary elemental coming to Earth from comet Shoemaker-Levi which crashed into Jupiter in twenty-two pieces. The event was anticipated by the elementals of Jupiter and was a spectacle which did not cause problems for the intra-dimensional beings.


They had evacuated the crash zones. In that essay I called them Wingmakers, but since have learned that that term has been previously used by channelers for other entities. I have gone back to Paracelsus' name, sylphs.

The sylphs of Earth have battled the black magicians for millennia. Many times they helped prevent the Cold War from becoming WWIII. Also for the last hundred years the electro-magnetic pollution has increased as well and planned attacks have been launched against air deva by the military. The nuclear poisoning of the Earth has caused many problems to air and water elementals. The use of mini nukes and depleted uranium is a direct attack on the elemental kingdoms. Their use in Iraq limits sylph intervention. The black magicians know that they are battling the nature, life itself, by using these poisons. The sylphs of Earth are weary.

One of the many things which caused the sylphs of the gas giants to make the hop to Earth was the crashing of the plutonium into the atmosphere of Jupiter. Likewise Cassini is carrying plutonium to Saturn for 2006 mission of exploration. The sylphs of Saturn telecommunicated they will prevent the crashing of Cassini into Saturn at the end of that mission. The plutonium is poison. To the sylphs of the gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are paradises. The vortex winds and laminate natures of the atmospheres are filled with endless adventure.


Throwing plutonium into such a heaven is like dumping arsenic into any lake or river.



Through the eyes of a sylph I could see the wind wall around the Red Spot of Jupiter and then see many body surf through the huge eddies spinning off the ancient planet sized hurricane. I can imagine that the closest experience on Earth is surfing the fifty foot waves of Waimea Hawaii.

Only a small number of the giant sylphs of Jupiter and Saturn are on Earth.


If more need to come, they will. The larger sylphs are better able to handle the nuclear poisoning and intervene even in the midst of toxic clouds of depleted uranium or the fierce temperatures and gamma rays of a nuke. These sylphs can lift large weights in order to remove what they need to remove. The Earth, her/his self, has given permission for their intervention in the affairs of humanity.

If need be, they could layout crop circles that would span ten Midwest states, and the design would be seen from orbit. Whole fields of grain covering many counties would be growing horizontally. At the same time the soils would be renewed and the seed grain more vital. Let the powers that be try to ignore that crop circle. If need be, all the clouds in the world would have a perfectly circular hole in them.


That is something which no media moguls could cover up. If need be.... anything is possible.