by RastamanaFly
November 30, 2011

from YouTube Website

This documentary does a wonderful job of conveying the genius that was Nikola Tesla.


Watch this documentary and then look around your house. Youíll be amazed in the ways in which Tesla impacts our everyday lives. His death ray is also examined and a good discussion of particle beam weaponry follows.


Reaganís Star Wars program is also discussed, along with HAARP, the super secret microwave array in a remote part of Alaska.

Tesla was truly a man who knew the secrets of electricity. His thoughts on capturing free energy and transmitting it around the world was truly a humanitarian concept and the video explains how he was stopped by the greedy capitalists and how he died as a penniless man.

Like many geniuses, Tesla was not a conventional man. He gave his life to realize his visions, while others made millions with his inventions.


Tragically, he died nearly forgotten.