by Joe Martino
October 30, 2015
from Collective-Evolution Website






Where are they?!


With such a huge and giant space our world is part of, there is bound to be life somewhere else.


Yes, there is plenty of information out these that suggest it's much more than likely we have many intelligent neighbors close by, but we just haven't had much interaction with them publicly for this to be not only common knowledge but even believed by enough people.

There are many people, including myself, who have researched this topic for a number of years and even have met and spoke with people who claim to have been in contact, sat at tables with ET's and or been abducted by them.


To some, this seems like crazy talk, while to others, they hear it, connect with it and understand it like it's common knowledge. Why is that?

Nonetheless, we are still officially in search for extraterrestrial life, even though I believe we have already found it many times, but enough about my beliefs for a second!


My friend over at has not only released a new website but an awesome infographic below outlining some interesting facts and thoughts about why we haven't seen extraterrestrial life yet… (well, we have but.. you know...)