by Michael Armstrong
October 22, 2022
from Thunderbolts Website




In the beginning, a 'long time ago', and far, far away there was nothing, which manifested a singularity, which exploded, and over billions of years produced not only our vast material universe, but also life and the entire spectrum of the non-material or spiritual realm.


So goes the Big Bang Theory encapsulated in one long sentence...

There is NO such thing as 'nothing' - never was and never could be - because you cannot get something from nothing.


We are all familiar with the concept of 'nothing', so the average mind SHOULD BE able to realize that you cannot start creation with it.

Natural Philosopher Michael Armstrong explains why the Big Bang doesn't make sense, and also deconstructs Scientism - the dogmatic religion in pursuit of scientific knowledge - except for any significant new truth that challenges its status quo.