by ThunderboltsProject
September 10, 2023
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One of the most beautiful words in the English language is... "Alignment"... it denotes a sense of connection, agreement, unity and oneness.

Alignments occur between celestial objects separated by unfathomable cosmic distances which prove,

there is a communication among these objects - while there is NO explanation of alignment relationships in the 'Standard Model' of Cosmology.

As we gaze deeper into the cosmos with ever increasing detail - witness the Webb Telescope - alignments are being observed at the scale of galactic super clusters.


'Mainstream science' is being pulled into the next era of understanding with new undeniable discoveries - which validate the tenets of the Electric Universe Model of Cosmology.

Independent researcher Stuart Talbott ponders not just scientifically but also philosophically, that,

our Universe is neither empty nor disconnected, a fact that cosmic alignments continue to confirm...