March 08, 2012

from NationalGeographic Website



The Biggest and Smallest


From the enormous universe in which we exist to tiny atoms that make up the building blocks of everything around us, size matters when it comes to understanding the cosmos.

Starting with our solar system, we’ll explore the true meaning of word “big.” Odds are you saw a model of the solar system made in grade school.

With incredibly realistic CGI, we’ll reveal how that model, if built to scale, wouldn’t fit inside a football field, much less a classroom.



The Most Explosive


Scientists believe that our universe started with a colossal explosion called the Big Bang.

That powerful blast created all the matter in the universe and laid the groundwork for every explosion since.

From exploding stars to asteroid impacts, Known Universe: The Most Explosive deconstructs some of the biggest explosions in the universe with unforgettable CGI and slow-motion footage.

Even a devastating earthquake would be tiny compared to what would happen if an asteroid six miles across slammed into Las Vegas.

In spectacularly realistic CGI, experience the impact and its blistering shockwave. Discover how scientists have devised strategies to harness the sun’s explosive power to divert dangerous meteorites from slamming into the Earth.



The Fastest


In the vast expanse of space, nothing matters more than speed. Whether were venturing out to the farthest reaches of our solar system or exploring the mysteries of time travel and wormholes,

speed is the key.