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General Reading, August 12, 1992

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5 Days of Blinding Light and Darkness Didn’t Happen

More on Those Highly-Touted Non-Events



This Awareness indicates the solar system is moving through a particular space in which there is that which is called a photon belt. There have been some suggestions that this would create periods of extreme blinding light; also there have been some suggestions of five days of darkness when all electricity would be neutralized; polarities would be neutralized. This was said to be due by July 25th or near that time.


This Awareness indicates the time has passed for some of these deadlines; however, though the events have not yet occurred as prophesied by some groups in their newsletters, it does not mean that the potential has totally passed.

The time period for this kind of event is a much longer window than some have indicated and appears to last into the month of January, 1993, so that any time between the July date and throughout the month of January ‘93, the potential for an effect from the photon belt is possible.


This Awareness indicates that it is not seen by this Awareness as being a probability for those predictions given to occur, wherein blinding light or days of darkness would result this time, but this Awareness wishes to call attention to the possibility so that in the event it does occur, as suggested by some, entities who have not heard of this will be somewhat prepared mentally and psychologically.


This Awareness indicates the suggestions given indicate that the polarization of things on earth would be neutralized by this photon belt as it contacts the electromagnetic energies of earth to the point where all electricity of earth would cease to be, all batteries would become inoperable, which means that automobiles and travel devices would not be able to function if they rely on a battery.

Of course, wind-powered vehicles could still be used. Solar vehicles would most likely by neutralized, as they make use of polarized energies. The water systems of towns would be neutralized because the pumps work on electricity and the electricity in cities would not be working, so that the water systems of towns would be inoperable. Sewage systems would perhaps also be nonfunctional after a period of time, but since the time would be limited to approximately five days, according to the predictions, the sewage systems would not necessarily in all cities have had time to back up before the electricity would come back on and make them workable again.

This Awareness indicates that, of course, telephones would be unworkable. All your electric devices in your homes would not work. Candles would become your only source of light; candles and flames and matches or oil lamps. This could occur for five days, according to these predictions.

This Awareness indicates also, there are some who suggest that the five days of darkness might only be a part of it, or that rather than darkness, there would be five days of intense light, which would be blinding in nature, and these entities suggest that you get welding glasses to wear, to keep from being blinded, so that at least one person in the household has welding glasses available, so as to be able to walk around and see things while others cover their eyes with blindfolds to keep from being blinded.


Even closing the eyes would not prevent the light from blinding the entities according to some of these predictions.


A New World Order Scenario with Christ Returning

This Awareness indicates there is one publication on this situation that suggests that U.S. government agencies know all about this and are prepared to take advantage of it, whereby as it occurs, they will pretend that it is related to the Second Coming of Christ and will create in the sky, in various places around the globe, holographic images of Jesus the Christ coming down from heaven with the admonition that he is returning to bring his Kingdom on Earth, and it is suggested by this group, that the purpose of such manipulated staging of events is to get all of the people to willingly go along with the New World Order in the belief that Jesus is behind it, and thus take over the world without having to fire a shot.

This Awareness indicates that this group believes this is the scenario being planned and taking advantage of the photon belt and the passage of the earth through this photon belt.

This Awareness indicates It does not see this as a reality. The photon belt is seen as a reality, and It does see that there may be some effects, but It does not see these scenarios as being predestined or as being planned during these times to come.


This Awareness indicates that It does wish to give this information because this Awareness cannot at this time see into the future clearly enough as to assure without a questionable doubt that these things won’t occur.


This Awareness does not see this occurring, but energies in future times are always in a state of flux.


This Awareness has always said the future is not fixed, and in this case, the future is not fixed, and the energies as of this time do not appear to support these predictions.

However, it is worthwhile for entities to be aware that these predictions are being made, have been made, and there are some entities who are expecting unusual events to occur because of this passage of the solar system through the photon belt, between July of ‘92 and January of ‘93.


The “I Am America” Map

This Awareness indicates along another line of similar consideration, there have been a number of spiritual or metaphysical groups that predict earth changes in the coming few years, and one such group has presented a map of earth changes.


The map is titled: “I Am America” (below map.) It is a map purportedly showing the future North America continent after great earthquakes have occurred.

It shows water having come into areas up to the present states of Nebraska, from the south and having flooded much of Arizona and New Mexico, some of Texas; indicating that this area, along with other shoreline areas have become part of the inundated lands of the nation, and that the nation will be approximately one-half the land mass of today.

There are many entities who, because they can see these maps with their own eyes, and because they have been drawn with great care and detail, believe this is going to occur.


This Awareness indicates that It does see a potential for the Western shoreline to alter somewhat, and for certain changes in the Eastern shoreline, and possibly somewhat along the Mississippi River and Great Lakes area, to a very minor degree, with perhaps less than one tenth of the land mass being altered or lost to water or sea erosion.

It does not see the immense loss of land mass that is presented by the “I Am America” maps, which are selling at many of the metaphysical bookstores, or though metaphysical organizations.


This Awareness indicates that It does not see the tipping of the poles occurring within this century, as many have predicted. It does see weather patterns changing, and air currents of the jet stream taking different patterns and altering some of the weather patterns, and It does see some changes due to earthquakes that may, in some cases, alter the present-day maps by less than 10 percent of the land mass. This may occur during this decade of the Nineties.


This Awareness indicates of course, It does not, again, wish to imply that the future is fixed, It simply suggests that the energies at present may not support these predictions that have been made in regard to these great earth changes.

This Awareness suggests that just because the maps are created to show the land masses and the maps are detailed, and names are presented on the maps of new cities and new territories, or new names for old territories, does not make it so.


Do Not Energize Earth Changes or They Might Happen

It is still imagination at this time, and this Awareness suggests that you need not energize these earth changes just because someone has drawn an image for you to energize.

This Awareness indicates in a universe wherein every thing appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second, and whereby the Law of Inertia has its effect through the sustenance of consciousness itself, so that consciousness carries the next moment from the past moment and each succeeding moment is the result of the previous moment; if entities begin to energize vast changes in the material reality, and if the mass of consciousness joins into such mass-energizing, these events and predictions could gain momentum, and with the help of the mass energizing effort of mass consciousness, could come about. It is feasible, however it is unlikely to occur because there are not that many people who can agree on anything that is so outside of the mainstream of thought. Therefore, it is unlikely to occur and it is relatively safe to predict these things will not occur.


This Awareness suggests how ever, that it is not an impossibility, because if such a concept should gain momentum, if these maps become accepted by vast numbers of people, and if over decades the majority of people begin to expect these earth changes, then consciousness can energize such earth changes and can help to bring about the alteration of present reality into that predicted reality.

This Awareness indicates It does not see this happening, and does not recognize in the consciousness of entities a desire to see so much tragedy to warrant that kind of energizing. The consciousness of the masses does not thrive on that kind of energizing, because of the tragedy that would be involved for so many.


This Awareness indicates there may be a growing of energy sufficient to create a hint of such change and this may be the energy behind the earthquakes that will occur on a smaller scale.

This Awareness indicates that in manifesting new reality, often entities only get a small portion of that which they energize, because the energies are not strong enough for the full manifestation. In other words, an entity may be energizing for a Rolls Royce, and perhaps have only enough energy to get a toy model of a Rolls Royce and may end up with that toy model, rather than the real thing.


The “Tipping of the Poles”: Why It Can’t Happen

This Awareness indicates likewise, entities may energize the tipping of the earth’s poles and great destruction on the earth of many of the land masses, but if these energies are not sufficiently strong enough for the events to be manifested, the energies that are presented in consciousness may result only in some obscure earthquake occurring somewhere that changes the water level of shorelines in some obscure place, which would utilize the energy presented, because it was insufficient for the full tilt of the earth itself.

This Awareness indicates that much of the concept of the tipping of the poles of the earth originated in the Edgar Cayce readings and became part of the metaphysical folklore over years. It should be understood that the poles have been gradually tipping since approximately 1933, in a manner that is almost undetectable and that, in fact, this is a common pattern of the earth for these poles to tip periodically. The changing or tilting of the axis, moving very slowly, relates in part to that which has to do with the changing of the positions that represent the poles in terms of their shifting to align with the earth changes of the various ages; the ages of the astrological signs, the Age of Pisces, the Age of Taurus, Aries, Aquarius, etc. These are patterns of the tipping of the poles.


This Awareness indicates that these patterns are in constant movement for earth and it is not the kind of flip that so many entities envision when they speak of the tipping of the poles or the tipping of the earth.

This Awareness indicates there is, however, another aspect, in which the flipping of polarity occurs on earth, and these polar flips leave recorded energies for archaeological discoveries from ancient past, and may occur in future times, whereby the polarity of electric or gravitational energies may be reversed to cause a reversal of electromagnetic energy in certain areas or fields associated with the earth in its gravitational or electromagnetic qualities.


This Awareness indicates that this could even possibly occur because of the movement through the photon belt, and if this occurs, it does not necessarily mean that the poles will tip during that period of time at a rate any faster than they have been tipping since 1933, which is very, very slowly, almost undetectably slow.

This Awareness indicates that if you were to view the motion of the poles from the North Pole, to watch this tipping, it would appear likened unto a figure eight, where the North Pole goes slowly downward to approximately 23 degrees and makes a loop, coming back toward the center, and then another loop down 23 degrees, creating a loop on the other side and back toward the center so that there is a figure-eight, which encompasses 23 degrees of earth tilt, over a period of 26,000 plus years.

This Awareness indicates that It has previously suggested that a major earthquake is due in California around the spring of 1993, with the date early in May as being the most probable time for this occurrence.


This Awareness indicates that as the future is not fixed in this precision or precise degree, this should not be perceived as an absolute date. It is a strong probable time. The energies could occur earlier if certain other forces are brought in to play on these energies which are building so that it could be prematurely activated, or it is also possible that if these energies are weakened between now and that time, that the event could be delayed.


This Awareness indicates however, that as of now, the energies appear to be still suggesting of that time as an approximation, a close approximation.


Some Earthquakes Triggered by ELF Waves

This Awareness indicates that in terms of these earth energies that build up to be released as earthquakes, it is possible for interference in these energies; that earth quakes can be created artificially by focusing ELF waves, the Extremely Low Frequency waves into certain areas on fault lines, or as occurred in Southern California this spring of ‘92, by setting off underground nuclear explosions.

This Awareness indicates the ELF frequencies were used in the area of Northern California for the earthquake near Eureka in that northerly coastal town.





(A Real Space War with Aliens a Possibility)


Along this line, a question from F.M., Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. He writes:

“I use the pendulum a lot for answers to everything I’m curious about at times. I got to asking about my time of passing over, and I asked about family and friends. It seems that October 1996, is a critical time for things to terminate. Maybe Awareness would comment. Also, this seems to coincide with the time of prophecies—the Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, and various psychics. I know the earth needs a good cleansing, and soon, if we are going to survive at all. I’m getting well up in years now, and trying to understand Awareness’s teachings and help others as much as possible. I want no karma to go with me, when my time comes to pass over to a much better place. What is going to happen during October 1996? “

This Awareness suggests the location of this entity be repeated.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

This Awareness indicates that it appears the time of 1996 and 1997 will be a time when much of the misdirected energy on earth comes into focus, and meets its nemesis, its opposing force. This appears to be a time when extraterrestrial forces will converge on earth. It may be a time of space war in the real sense, not a fake invasion.

This Awareness indicates that as far as the questioner’s particular time and events in this time period, this Awareness sees the entity as having some personal needs to attend having some activities which he wishes to complete. It does not see this as a time which requires the entity to pass over, but as a time where the entity can become highly effective in terms of living a meaningful life of action and purpose, during that time period.
The entity can be most helpful to many who are in great need.


This Awareness indicates that this of course requires that the entity put forth much focus, not only on personal survival, but on the concerns and needs of others and how he can be of service to them. This Awareness indicates if the entity does have a willingness to help others during that time, It sees the entity’s life being extended by several more years, perhaps even an entire decade, well into the next century.

This Awareness indicates that if the entity tires of life, loses interest in doing anything more for others, then the entity is likely to succumb to the effects of a meaningless existence and may choose to pass over during that time period. This Awareness indicates it is a matter of his choice.


A.B. of Jacksonville, Florida, asks about earth changes. He says:

“I recently finished reading a book predicting Florida to become the next island state along with Hawaii in 1993. When does Awareness see Florida being flooded?”

This Awareness indicates that it appears this area may actually become larger and rise to higher elevation as areas off the shoreline tend to rise more from the ocean. It is part of the area in the Bimini area which will rise, and to a lesser degree, some of Florida may rise, and some of the land now underwater may rise. It does not see this area as becoming an island.


In regard to the photon belt information, a question from B.A. She writes:

“The enclosed info is from a small subscription publication called “Orrotron” in Vilas, North Carolina. They are very in tune with the times, and put out much info of a worthy nature. I wish to ask a general question for Awareness, if a similar question has not previously been submitted. It is as follows:”

And then she submitted a quotation from this newsletter which I’ll read:

Every 25.000 years our Solar System completes one orbit around Alcione, the central sun of the Pleiades, a constellation at a distance of approximately 400 light years from our Sun. In 1961, science discovered a photon belt which encircles the Pleiades at a right angle to its orbital planes. Our Sun, and Earth with it, is entering this photon belt between now and the year 2011.


This photon belt is the cosmic “trigger force” to shift humanity from 3rd level into 4th level density, from Separation into Oneness. Thus, the magnitude and beauty of this event Earth is preparing for defies any description. Earth and humanity are aligning for its birth into Christ-consciousness—the union of Starlight with Matter—the marriage of Spirit with separated Selves.


As the night transforms into a new day, so is the Age of Darkness giving way to the Age of Light. It is the greatest event ever to grace the Earth and her children. Terms such as the New Age, Superconsciousness etc., are but different labels for one and the same occurrence.


It is the “End Time” of the prophecies, for time as such shall cease to be. Aging, ailments and sorrow shall be no more. To partake of this grandest of events, man must be aligned with its energy. Humanity, as such, is governed by false perception, the adherence to the frequency of fear, the result of which is literally an upside down perception of life.


Only that which is aligned with Light can partake of Light, thus those not aligned with the cosmic current of energy flow—the Divine intent—shall sleep the long sleep. It is the purpose of this material to develop the magnificent tool of true perception, with which we align ourselves for the birth into the dawn of a new day in creation, the Age of Love.

As the chrysalis is the bridge between the caterpillar and the butterfly, so is true perception the bridge between 3rd level and 4th level density, between Separation and Oneness. The Universe with all its beings, in seen and unseen dimensions, joins with us in the greatest of all celebrations, the jubilance of rebirth into light—the dance of the Gods.


For where Earth, and we as her children go, is the fulfillment of the soul’s ancient cry: “We are coming home!”

That’s the extent of what she said (it’s pretty flowery), and the question is, is the information valid? And please expand on this concept if possible.


This Awareness indicates that there is energy of a belt that is in the path of the movement of the solar system, and it may be referred to as a photon belt or belt of light.


This Awareness indicates that the earth enters this sometime between now and January of ‘93, and upon entry, the polarizations will be affected. Whether they will be affected as suggested by some in the sense that entities will experience blinding light or days of darkness is questionable and doubtful.

This Awareness sees this more as a kind of spiritual energy a kind of liquid light that affects consciousness. For those who have a consciousness that can adjust to higher frequencies of love and light, it will be a time of blissful joy. For those who are embittered, hostile and greedy and very grounded in negative energies, it will be a time in which they experience great weakening.

Those who are involved in that which associates itself with darkness, and demonic energies of joy in seeing the suffering of others, will find themselves out of place, out of time and out of energy. Their lives will simply be likened unto a clock running down for lack of energy in the battery.


The polarizations will weaken, and they can not find energy to motivate themselves or to gain any momentum in their pursuit of negativities.

The Density Change in 2012 and The Deep Sleep

This Awareness indicates that as it begins some time between now and January, it continues to have an effect through the year 2012, and by 2013 energies will have created such a change in polarities on earth that physical matter, especially among living things will be on a different dimension.

The vibrations and frequencies of the more highly evolved entities will have risen to be imperceptible, invisible to those who would remain in present vibration, and wherein it speaks of the Deep Sleep, this appears to be a reference to the entities who remain locked in present vibrations, so that they do not follow into those higher vibrations of life and love, into that higher dimension, into which this solar system shall move.

This Awareness indicates that it appears that even as there have in the past been souls who were locked into rocks and stones, this may occur again during this time, if these souls do not respond to the higher vibrations and rise into these new frequencies of Light and Love.

Think of Consciousness as Liquid Light

This Awareness indicates that entities need to begin thinking of consciousness as a kind of liquid light, liquid in that it is everywhere flowing and light, in that it is a vibration that is of such speed and intensity that it is alive and sensitive. This liquid light is the Life Force. It is bliss in its higher vibrations, and it is vitality, and entities who understand this and attune to it experience these things.

This Awareness indicates that during the coming years as the earth passes through this belt, it is much likened unto a movement of transition from 3rd dimensional reality into 4th dimensional reality and approaching a 5th dimensional reality.

This Awareness indicates that words are not adequate to fully explain the changes that will be experienced; they can only hint at these events and experiences.

This Awareness indicates however, that It does not see this as a time of fearful transition, for those who are willing to flow with vibrations of love and unity. For those who want to hold on to separate and self-importance, these entities may run into many difficulties, forcing them eventually to either let go of their self-centered ways, or to succumb to forces too powerful for them to deal with.


The Bible makes a reference to the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Is it referring to those entities who will remain locked into the present vibration when the transition in 2012 occurs?


This Awareness indicates that this Biblical reference could be applied to this situation, but considering that the Biblical verses were written some 2,000 years ago, one cannot say for certain that this was what the writer referred to at the time, although it is fitting to the circumstances.

(Cosmic Ley Lines in Space )

P.R., of Reading, Pennsylvania, writes:

“In relation to ancient times, I get the picture that this original religion was centered around the sun, which is the nucleus of our solar system. The energies that give life to our planet come from the sun. The energies that give life to the sun, come from other stars.


What is the role played by stars and suns in the big picture? I do not believe that the people that lived then were sun worshipers; they degenerated into sun worshipers. In the beginning, they used the sun as a focal point, a symbol for God. What better symbol for God than the life-giving sun?


Can Awareness comment on this?”

This Awareness indicates that it appears there was a time when entities understood, and this understanding may have come from extraterrestrial knowledge, that a central sun in the galaxy, a central sun emitted energy along certain lines.


This Awareness indicates that these may be compared metaphorically to the so called grid lines on earth, but that these lines, in actuality, are in space, as ley lines or grid lines of space.

They are not the same exactly, as grid lines or ley lines on earth, but they are divisions of light in a crystallized universe of that which is known as space, in a similar way that a diamond might be cut so that its facets reflect lines of light through the center, even though those lines have no absolute reality in terms of crystallized shapes within the center of the diamond.

It is as though the shape of the universe reflects certain energy lines that compare closely to grid lines on earth, and these energy lines do not follow particular symmetrical patterns, but follow patterns based on energy strengths and light and at certain points where these lines cross each other, energies escape, and those energies in escaping form.

This Awareness indicates this is very difficult to put into words. Those energies escaping from these lines of force in the universe become bright energies of power that are seen as suns or stars and some of these build up in the sense of growing light.


This Awareness indicates that these appear to be likened unto minuscule particles that build and build and build as light escapes from these lines which cross in space and when these energies have built enough force, the force itself becomes likened unto a sun or fiery energy field which can become fluid or floating in appearance.

It is not as though it is absolutely fixed in one spot. Gradually, these energy fields can move much in a similar way that ball lightning moves, and these energy fields can continue to pick up energies and convert them into light. It is like a black hole occurring or being capable of drawing in energy and converting it into explosive light to create that which entities perceive as stars and suns.

Each burning sun or star has a magnetic field which draws energy to it, which it then converts and burns as fiery light.


This Awareness indicates that it becomes a furnace in space burning those energy particles that are trapped by its magnetic core which is of such intensity that it is likened unto a black hole, but which once turning the energy into a compressed force, causes it to explode into a fiery mass, and thus, as a flame burning in space, or that which you call a star or sun.

This Awareness indicates that these many stars and suns make up galaxies, and the many galaxies become forces and powers in the universe.


This Awareness indicates that these are created in part out of the ley lines of light or crystalline fractures in space, in the crystal clarity of space where lines of energy touch and yet keep a kind of form, which allows those energies to emit from the edges a power of minuscule particles.

This Awareness indicates it is like two pieces of glass or two prisms touching each other so that there is in fact a cut between them, but upon looking from the edges, these cuts are not clearly visible, and entities can see through the prisms of glass or crystal without seeing the cuts clearly, yet out of these cuts and edges of a diamond-shaped creation of prisms, energies may be escaping, where these cuts come together or cross or have edges.

This Awareness indicates that these are the edges from which the energies feed suns and stars.


He was talking about ancient times and the original religion was centered around which is the nucleus of our solar system.


This Awareness indicates that the people in forming their earlier religions saw that these energies which created the sun, which created the stars, which created the light in space, were energies from the Divine Mind or consciousness, and that these energies have been stepped down in terms of lowering the vibration rate, much in the same way that frequencies of a high nature can be reduced to lower and lower frequency levels.

The sun being that which represents stepped-down frequencies from Light energies that were so much higher that they would be invisible to the eye. This Awareness indicates that these higher frequencies actually representing or being the frequencies of creation, whereas the frequencies of the sun being those that are the result of creation and likewise, serving as creation energies of still lesser’ frequency levels.

Thus, the sun creates on earth certain life forms and feeds those life forms by its vibration, but the sun itself is fed by higher frequencies and those frequencies in feeding the sun must be slowed down to match its needs.

The sun’s rays also being slowed down to match the needs of plants and animals in their life form requirements.

The Frequency of Life Forms

This Awareness indicates of course, there is no such thing as a life form having a particular frequency, for all life forms have a multiplicity of frequencies.

The physical body, bones, the emotions, the attitudes, the mental body, the astral body; all of these operate on different frequencies. The spiritual body operates on still higher frequencies.

The Life Force and the love an entity may have may be of vibrations higher than those which come from the sun, and the sun is but a symbolic representation of these higher frequencies known as the Creator or God or Divine Life Force.

That which is liquid light is the Creative Energy of the universe.

It is consciousness. It is Divine Awareness, and this is of a higher frequency than the sun’s rays or brilliance associated with the sun, but the sun can serve as a kind of symbol for that higher light.

The Christian Cross An Abhorrent Symbol

This Awareness suggests therefore, that entities have used the sun as a symbol for the deity because it helps to convey meaning and understanding.


This Awareness indicates that in a similar way, Christians have used the cross to symbolize Christianity, the teachings of their Lord, yet the cross itself is not of a vibration that should be worshipped.

In fact, it is seen as having been an instrument of death and could be easily abhorred as something horrible to witness.


This Awareness indicates that it is simply a matter of how one wishes to convey a concept. Words convey concepts, but symbols are often more clear in their meaning and thus, using the sun to symbolize the Creator can be much more meaningful to an entity than using a word or name.

This Awareness indicates the use of the word “God” as it has evolved over the centuries still carries for most entities a picture of a human-shaped male-gendered being, when most everyone knows that if God really exists, the Creator is not in the shape of a male human, or of the size of a male human, or symbolized correctly as a male human.

The Creator God of the Universe has to be something capable of creating the universe and no one of a human form could possibly create the universe as it is, yet entities still have their symbolic ways of conveying concepts and though the human form of an anthropomorphic god is still accepted by most entities who have a concept of the sun as a symbol for god may even be seen as more barbaric and less sophisticated than those who do believe in the man-shaped god which is more popular.

This Awareness indicates however, that the solar god is far more logical than the man-shaped god, if you want to be logical and technical about the symbol used for the Creator.


This Awareness indicates that as energies of this approach to the photon belt become more clear, this Awareness will give further information; that there are many energies to be seen and experienced and these energies are not yet formed or have not yet been touched by the approaching photon and earth encounter, but as the energies are en countered, entities may experience some unusual and unheard of energy fluctuations or experiences.

If the unusual occurs, you may recall this information and discover that it could be associated with the approach of earth and the photon belt so that it does not become a total shock or unknown to you and you may find that you have an understanding of some degree of the psychological or spiritual or physical phenomena that you encounter.

This Awareness indicates that, of course, these energies will be experienced in a feeling level and in psychological levels more so than in physical experiences and you may find yourself wondering what is happening to you psychologically and you may not tend to easily associate your psychological experiences with the photon belt.

Keep in mind that the photon belt and energies associated with this are energies of light and that the kind of light referred to is that which carries with it aspects of consciousness so that your consciousness is likely to be affected more so than your physical experiences.