by Robert K.G. Temple

May 1987
from Scribd Website





  1. PART ONE - The Sirius Question is posed

  1. The Knowledge of the Dogon

  2. A Sudanese Sirius System - by M. Griaule and G. Dieterlen


  1. PART TWO - The Sirius Question is rephrased

  1. A Fairytale

  2. The Sacred Fifty

  3. The Hounds of Hell

  4. The Oracle Centers

  5. Origins of the Dogon

  6. The Rising of ‘Serpent’s Tooth

  7. A Fable



  1. The Moons of the Planets, the Planets around Stars, and Revolutions and Rotations of Bodies in Space - Described by the Neoplatonic Philosopher Proclus

  2. The Surviving Fragments of Berossus, in English Translation

  3. Why Sixty Years?

  4. The Meaning of the E at Delphi

  5. Why the Hittites were at Hebron in Palestine

  6. The Dogon Stages of Initiation