Observation - Fear and Manipulation

The 'bottom line' purpose of incarnating in 3rd density is experience and what we learn from all the experiences we have via all our incarnations.


We are now in the EndGame years and there are more varieties of experiences today than any other time since Atlantis was destroyed. On the other hand, there are those who seek to deny you experiences hoping that by denying you what you are here for, that EndGame will be extended and postponed. 

Here's a review of some of those who attempt to stop EndGame from occurring:



The purpose of government has become the erection of fences to severely restrict potential experiences. An example is in California, medical marijuana use is legal. In US federal law it isn't. So federal goons are currently overriding state laws, not for the good of anyone, but to restrict. Governments have been regulating countries based on the dominant religion of the country.


We know what religion is and more will be said below. Governments have been the enforcement group for religion by making mythological philosophies enforceable on non-believers. Sexual restrictions are all religious based and tainted by the alien restrictions dealing with matters of procreation. Laws against gays, polygamy, etc all have their origins with religion.


Governments should be minimally involved in people's lives and concerned with protection of the people from those who seek to do violence against them. Instead the governments (on ALL levels) meet to figure out how to further restrict the population they control (note control, not serve). Government SHOULD be serving the people, not religion, not special interest groups and definitely not for the highest bidder. You also hear the power hoarders in Washington talk about "continuity of government" as being so damned important. Yeah, it's important to them, not to those who have Advanced beyond the need to be controlled.


If EndGame brings about government collapse, good riddance! Also, the worst thing to do in that case, would be to attempt to re-establish the same government. Break that experiential loop. Governments are agents of the Game and the Dark polarity. Deception is their shroud and control their game. Idealistic, new politicians either fall to the Dark or are replaced or otherwise removed from the scene.


Governments have become major players in restricting your experiences.


I have written several segments featuring religion and how it serves alien 'gods' and how it exists because of alien 'gods'. Religion is sequential incarnate oriented since the roots are with aliens and the sequential incarnates.


There are some minor exceptions to this, but even in the minor exceptions, sequentially incarnating is still the cornerstone (you only have one life bullshit). You cannot control simultaneous incarnating Higher Selves due to the nature of the simultaneous experience.


You DO have control over sequentials to a certain extent, hence the karma myth (in my/your next incarnations, you owe me...). Sequentials are also born with their memory intact so you can chase down someone who 'did you wrong' when you've discovered where they were reborn. This is what slows down progression among sequential path Higher Self. They drag their baggage from one incarnation to another. Now, that's fine for them as that's their path, but when they attempt to make their way OUR way, they become agents for the Game.


Their beliefs form the core of Earther mainstream religions with basically 'everything for god' as the theme which goes back to when the aliens genetically manipulated Earthers to serve them. The 10 Commandments are nothing but alien commandments meant for Earther slaves and not the aliens themselves. A whole book could be written on that topic alone.


Religion exists to limit your experiences and for you to surrender your power to an external being while keeping you ignorant of your Higher Self and true nature.

Medical Groups

The medical organizations are very much fear based information machines. "If you do this, if you don't do that, cholesterol, fat, etc" (medical mantras)...FEAR that if you don't obey, you may not live to be 90, but may die at <gasp> 75. This is another denier of simultaneous incarnates and is truly body ID oriented.


Your Higher Self can have as many incarnations as shim desires. There are NO restrictions on it. Also, the Higher Self sets the time and manner of death. Worrying about all the hand wringing, body oriented, fear based pronouncements of the medical establishment will NOT extend your life one second longer than your Higher Self has decided that it should be.


This is why George Burns could live to 99 and smoke cigars and this is why the jock type who does everything the medicals want is hit by a bus at age 28. When one parrots cholesterol, fat or whatever medical fear, that's the body talking and NOT the spirit. These people also deny themselves pleasures they crave, thus experiences, because they beLIEve, for example, that 'fat is bad for you', meanwhile they drown themselves in DIEt aspartame drinks and pop pills for control of every twitch the body may come up with.


If you trust in your Higher Self, you act accordingly. If you allow your body to control you, yes, you gain that experience, but that incarnation is not in Very Advanced stages. One store owner I know said that she "fears high cholesterol because the doctor told her she could have a stroke and not be able to move". Fear is the weapon here.


Under the guise of 'we're here to help you', these groups actually exist to control you and deny you significant experiences by having you give away your power to them. 

There are other groups that you can be added to these, but you get the general idea.


There are always groups or people who want you to give away your power to them for the purpose of controlling/manipulating YOU and denying YOU experiences that are not sanctioned by the polarities.


Waking up to this is one of the goals of your incarnations. This is followed up by realizing you don't need these groups/people as you are whole within yourself and that they exist to build fences around you to keep you in a box of their creating.


Until you can break free of these so-called authority figures/groups, you are still significantly Game bound.