Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS)

Last update: November 04, 2004

The Angle of the axis upon which the sub-atomics particles rotate.

ARPS is determined by the core rate of internal fission-fusion (Merkaba Field Speed and axis angle) with the fixes Partiki units that form the scalar- standing-wave template of the dimensional frequency fields.

Rate of particle fission, oscillation and Merkaba Field spin rate, increase upward through the Dimensional Scale creating progressively less-dense state of matter.

(Voyagers II – Page 506)

A Planet progression through one Time Continuum creates a 45° shift in the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS).

In order to understand the dynamics involved in such time continuum shift, it is helpful to realize that the structure and illusion of linear time is created through the pulsation rate of particles and their relationship to that f other particles.

(Voyagers II – Page 146)

It is through the multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and anti-particle spin (ARPS) that multiple reality fields (Harmonic Universes - HU) can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other. As a planet evolves through this process. the rate of particle pulsation, and thus the speed at which it moves, progressively increases, while the density of matter progressively decreases.

This is the process of evolution through the 15-dimensional scale.

(Voyagers II – Page 147)

All Reality Fields (Harmonic Universe - HU) take place in the same space but appears to be separated and "invisible" to each other due to Variant Angular Rotation of Particle Spin.

ARPS determines the Matter Density level of each Harmonic Universe or Reality Field.

(Voyagers II – Page 507)

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Checkerboard Mutation - (The Nibiruian Cross - Crucifixion)

Last update: November 04, 2004

The Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki’s Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC)-Grid (NDCG) "Checkerboard Matrix" Sonic Program running through Earth’s Templar since 25,500BC reverse the Natural Fire Letter Sequences and polarity in DNA Templates 1-2-3 and Axi-A Tonal Lines 1-2-3-4-7-10 and one-half of Axi-A Tonal Lines 5-8-11.

Resulting DNA Template add Axi-A Tonal Line distortions block the embodied D-12 Pre-matter "Divine Christos Blueprint" of Earth life forms and link the body to the Reverse Matrix.

NDC-Grid Checkerboard Mutation has reduced Human Life span, chemical DNA, brain function and blocked Race Memory since 25,500BC.

The false "Crucifixion" story was invented by Annu-Elohim and Anunnaki to symbolize their intentional "crucifixion" of the INNER CHRIST D-12 Maharata Current within Earth life forms.

Checkerboard Matrix Axi-A Tonal Lines blockages were represented as the "Crucifixion Wounds of Christ"

The D-12 Maharata Christos Current is available on Earth as of January 2000 for first time since 208,216BC, offering Humanity the opportunity to "come down off the Nibiruian cross" and re-set the D-12 Divine Christos Blueprint within the body via use of the DNA Template Bio-Regenesis Maharic Seal technologies which can clear the NDC-Grid Checkerboard Mutation.

(See: Maharic Shield)

(Voyagers II – Page 516)

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Last update: November 04, 2004

A 26,556 year Harmonic Time Cycle, through which a planet evolves through the 3-dimensonal bands of one Harmonic Universe (HU).

Each of the six 4,426 years smaller cycles within one Euiago Harmonic Time cycle represents one Time Continuum.

Each Euiago contains one Pardo and one Reiago tracks of time.

Of the six time continua in a 26,556-year Euiago cycle, four time continua represent forward-moving tracks of time called Pardo, and two represent counter-rotating tracks of time called Reiago, in which the planet pass through the parallel universe.

One Harmonic Universe (HU) = a 26,556-year track of time = one Euiago.

When passing from one Euiago cycle (Harmonic Universe) to the next the angular rotation of particle spin (ARPS) shifts 45°.

(Voyagers II – Page 146)

Each of the 5 Harmonic Universes within a Time Matrix represents one Time Cycle or Euiago Cycle, containing six smaller cycles of time called Time Continua.

A Euiago or Time Cycle is a fixed, repeating pattern of Partiki Flash Line Sequences (Partiki Phasing), or a repeating cycle of specific ratios of energy expansion-oscillation and contraction-vibration.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course - Page 20)

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Time Continuum

Last update: November 04, 2004

(Time Cycle)

Each of the six 4,426 years smaller cycles within one a 26,556-year Euiago Harmonic Time cycle through which a planet evolves through the 3-dimensional bands of one Harmonic Universe (HU).

Of the six time continua in a 26,556-year Euiago cycle, four time continua represent forward-moving tracks of time called Pardo, and two represent counter-rotating tracks of time called Reiago, in which the planet pass through the parallel universe.

A Planet progression through one time continuum creates a 45° shift in the angular rotation of particle spin (ARPS), or 1/8 of a full 360° rotation of particles, thus one continuum represents one Octave.

One Octave = a 4,426-year track of time.

One dimension contains 2 time continua, or two Octaves,

A planet progression through one dimension creates a 90° shift (2 shifts of 45°) in the ARPS, or one-fourth of a full 360° rotation, thus one dimension represents one Harmonic Quadrant.

One Quadrant = an 8,852-year track of time.

Three dimensions = 3 Quadrants = 6 Octaves (Time continua) = one Harmonic Universe (HU).

One Harmonic Universe (HU) = a 26,556-year track of time = one Euiago.

(Voyagers II – Page 146)

The Planet exists within each of the six time continua simultaneously, through the synchronization of particle pulsation speed and angular rotation of spin (ARPS) within each of the time continua.

These process give the consciousness perceiving the third dimension the illusion of passage through linear time. In actuality, time is not linear, but simultaneous.

(Voyagers II – Page 147)

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Incarnate Matrix

Last update: November 04, 2004

The Incarnate Matrix or Incarnate Identity or HU-1 Identity is the identity levels stationed in dimensions 1, 2 and 3 and composed of the frequency bands of those dimensions. (see: Reincarnational Identity)

Triadic Identity – the Tauren (Incarnate Matrix) of Harmonic Universe 1 (HU-1) that includes:

1) The Subconscious Mind – D1

2) The Emotional or Instinctual Mind – D2

3) The Reasoning Mind. –D3

Represents the Individual Mind Matrix. (or “Personal Logos”)

(Voyager I – Page 136)

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Soul Matrix or Dora

Last update: November 26, 2004

The extended energetic identity gestalt (Soul), that is the foundation upon which all matter and identity is built.

The Soul Matrix, Soul Identity or HU-2 Identity is the identity levels stationed in dimensions 4, 5 and 6 and composed of the frequency bands of those dimensions.

(Voyager I – Page 134)

Triadic Identity – the Dora (Soul Matrix) of Harmonic Universe 2 (HU-2) that includes:

1) The Astral Mind – D4
2) The Archetypal Mind – D5
3) The Angelic (or Celestial) Mind. –D6

Collectively called the Superconscious Mind.

Represents the Race Mind Matrix. (or “Collective Logos”)

(Voyager I – Page 137)

The Soul identity is the portion of the multi-dimensional identity that corresponds to the Alphi Hova Body of Harmonic Universe-2 (HU-2) and exist in a Carbon-Silica based Semi-etheric state of matter density.

The Soul Identity represents the 6-dimensional state of cognitive expansion one experiences with full activation of DNA strands 1-6, can access the Race/Species Memory Record and is capable of entering Hallah Phase Merkaba Vehicle.

Souls are created by the Oversoul in sets of 12, forming Soul Matrices.

The Soul Matrix projects portions of itself into Harmonic Universe-1 (HU-1) to create set of 12 manifest, gross matter physical incarnations, forming Incarnational Matrices.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul - Page 37)

Usually a, a soul (Soul Matrix), HU-2 identity, manifest into 12 simultaneous incarnations, two in each of the six time cycles in one Harmonic Universe (HU). In each pair of incarnates, one is male, the other female; this relationship is referred to as "twin flames", but does not necessarily imply a romantic "soul mate" involvement.

(Voyagers II – Page 148)

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Primal Order

Last update: November 25, 2004

The PRIMAL ORDER of Manifestation Template (Morphogenetic Field - MF) represents the core mathematical and geometrical interrelationships of energy that consciousness takes on in order to enter the holographically projected experience of external space, time, matter and individuation.

All manifest forms, including the HUMAN BODY and PSYCHE, are built upon a Manifestation Template that begins with the Primal Order of Dimensionalization, through which the consciousness anchors itself into the Time Cycles of the Universal Manifestation Template Time Matrix, to begin the experience of evolution through time.

The Kathara Grid is the primary mathematical-geometrical organization of units of consciousness upon which Partiki units group to form morphogenetic field scalar grids.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 20)

No thing is truly manifest - it only appears to be so, due to the refraction of consciousness within the energetic relationships inherent to the Holographic Template - the original thought-form construct upon which our universal structure is perpetually created.

All creatures and things are Spiritual Beings having a Manifest Experience... No creature or thing can be even divorced from its innate spirituality, but only from the awareness of its nature. For life is the expression and substance of spirit - and manifest reality is but a Dreamscape, from which we eventually all awaken...

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 11)

Consciousness in the form of Partiki Units is the PRIMAL SUBSTANCE of which the cosmos is structured and Partiki Phasing is the perpetual PRIMAL ACT of reciprocal fission and fusion through which PRIMAL SUBSTANCE is brought into manifestation.

The mathematical and geometrical interrelationships of energy that consciousness takes in order to enter the holographically projected experience of external space, time, matter and individuation is the PRIMAL ORDER.

(Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative - Page 19)

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Last update: November 04, 2004

All reality itself emerges from, and exists within, a Central Source of Creation that is commonly referenced to as Spirit, Source or God.

Guardian Angelic Nations often refer to this Central Source of Creation as the Yunasai (pronounced “You’-na-sigh”), which means “Central Point of All Union” and “Eternal Consciousness of the One-All”

(Voyagers I – Page 158)

The Guardians refer to this Central Creative Source as the Yunasai and it is the sentient, creative identity-in-energy through and within the cosmos and its part manifest.

(Voyagers II – Page 452)

Human consciousness first individuates within the Source-God-Mind in the for of God-Seed, a eternal, electro-tonal gestalt of consciousness composed of pure conscious radiation, which exists within the Unified Field of Source Consciousness - The Yunasai.

The God-Seed is imbued with the characteristics of consciousness possessed by the Yunasai, and thus creates within itself smaller constructs of consciousness that reflect the structures set by the Yunasai. (A process of exponential fractalization)

The God Seed represents the Source Family of Gestalt Consciousness within which the levels of individuated identity have their being.

The Yunasai creates many God-Seeds, and in relation to the structure of our Cosmic Order, there are 24 (2 sets of 12) Primary God-Seed Collectives within our cosmos and universes manifest.

Creation of the God-Seed of Consciousness Gestalt is the first step in the Stair Step Creation.

(The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Page 37)

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Yunasai Matrix

Last update: November 04, 2004

(See: Yanas, Yunasai)

Identity Level – the Geomancy (Yunasai Matrix) The 6th Primary Level of Multi-dimensional Identity exist beyond the structure of 15-dimensional construction.

Collectively called the Cosmic Conscious Mind.

Represents the Cosmic Mind Matrix. (or “Cosmic Logos”)

It represents an eternal gestalt of identity that is non-dimensionalized and free from space-time-matter orientation, a level of mind that exist as part of the One Mind – or Source Mind of the Core Creative Force.

This identity level is called the Geomantic Entity – or Geomancy. All other levels of identity and mind and the structures of all dimensional systems exist within the crystalline latticework morphogenetic blueprint of the Geomantic Entity Gestalt identity.

Through the Geomancy all things, beings and consciousness are connected to and contained within the Central Creative Gestalt Identity of Source Mind.

(Voyager I – Page 137)

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Sphere of Amenti

Last update: March 22, 2005

The Sphere of Amenti race morphogenetic field (created 550 million years ago) to give the souls fragments of Tara that were lost in the Earth's dimensional fields the pattern of the 12-Strand DNA imprint, through which they could re-evolve into their original Turaneusiam form.

The Sphere of Amenti served as a Host Matrix (surrogate morphogenetic field or "form holding blueprint") through which the Lost Souls of Tara could evolve and return home.

The Amenti Rescue Mission represents a Host Soul Matrix Transplant on the species level. All present Earthly strains of human have evolved through the morphogenetic imprint of the Sphere of Amenti.

(Voyagers II – Page 444)

The Sphere of Amenti is an energy construct, a real thing, an "item" just as our physical body is an energy construct an a real thing.

(Introduction to Keylontic Morphogenetic Science - DVD 8:57 min)

Using interdimentional portal mechanics, the Ur-Terranates of the Covenant of Palaidor time-traveled into HU-1 to a time-space coordinate positioned just after the cataclysm of Tara and the “Fall of man”

With the assistance of the Ra Confederacy this gestalt of consciousness/genetic and planetary morphogenetic field was entered into the remaining morphogenetic field of Earth through the 11th and 14th dimensions. This morphogenetic field of consciousness energetically took on the shape of a sphere, and was called the Sphere of Amenti, named after the portion of Tara’s morphogenetic Field that contained the imprint for Mu and its inhabitants. Amenti was the part of Tara’s planetary core that connected energetically to the portals upon the continent of Mu.

By placing the Sphere of Amenti within the Earth core, a “worm hole” or portal link was established between Earth’s core in dimension-2 and Tara’s code in dimension-5.

The Sphere of Amenti would create a stable portal structure that, once operational, would stabilize the other portals and allow open transit between Earth and Tara for beings possessing genetic codes that could endure portal transit.

Through the Sphere of Amenti a bridge was constructed between Tara’s pre-cataclysmic past and future tracks/cycles of time.

The Sphere of Amenti not only gave hope for the continued evolution of human/Turaneusiam lineage, it held the hopes of ascension and continued evolution for Earth, Tara and their seventh-dimensional counterpart Gaia.

Through the Sphere of Amenti Earth became an ascension planet, able to achieve dimensional ascension through re-evolution. Souls of Earth could re-evolve back into their original 12-Strand DNA body type.

(Voyagers II – Page 8)

From the Sphere of Amenti five smaller spheres were created, which became the morphogenetic patterns for five races known as the Cloistered Races.

Collectively the five Cloistered races were called the Palaidorians, as they represented the beginning of the fulfillment of the Covenant of Palaidor.

(Voyagers II – Page 9)

Ascension occurs through the portal from the Sphere of Amenti. Through the dynamics of this process are complicated, the principle is simple:

The portals within the Sphere of Amenti served as a time-portal structure through which the lost substance/energetic thrust of tara could be returned, and the lost souls of Tara could return to their original identity as souls incarnated upon the planet Tara.

The portals within the Sphere of Amenti operated as a warp in time through which re-evolution could take place more quickly.

The portals within the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti are known as the Halls of Amenti. They are dimensional passageways one must pass through in order to ascend from Earth, out of the Time Matrix and dimensionalized reality.

(Voyagers II – Page 12)

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Last update: November 04, 2004

Dimension-7 (HU-3) counterpart of Earth (HU-1) and Tara (HU-2).

(Voyagers II – Page 5)

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Last update: March 22, 2005

A three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation or light.

Holograms are manifestations of the properties of light, how light is produced and transmitted and how it interacts with matter.

(Merrian-Webster Dictionary)

3D Holograms

Source: Liti Holografics - Liti3D

(Illusion of solidity)

The human body is a living “holographic projection machine”. As the neurological structure process the DNA codes as electric impulses, the individual will perceive outside of himself - as three dimensional matter - the images and events that where programmed into his DNA.

(Voyager I – Page 27 and 60)

Reality is Thought Construction. The core substance of the cosmos is Consciousness. Thought is an attribute of Consciousness, the filter through which consciousness manifest itself into the Hologram of Form. - The Holographic Template.

Nothing is truly solid. All things are composed of Consciousness and their apparent solidity (density) is determined by the relationship between the consciousness observing the form and the consciousness of which the forms is made.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course - Page 10)

The "hologram", simply put is our 3-Dimensional world experience.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 02)

The perpetual polarization, electromagnetic expression and de-polarization of the Life Force Currents within the Merkaba Field Form Constant electromagnetic domain is the process by which the Hologram or Holographic Projection of matter is perpetually brought into and taken out of perceptually experiential being.

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course - Page 257)

A individual will holographically perceive and experience only the portions of the Dimensional Unified Field mathematical-geometrical program that are encoded within the personal Maharic Shield, species Tribal Shield and Planetary, Galactic and Universal Shields aspects of the personal Kathara Grid and DNA Template.

The physical body serves as a Chemical Lens through which portions of the Dimensional Unified Field are perceived by the embodied consciousness as a 3-dimensional Hologram, as the Primal Life Force Currents continually pulses of the individuated consciousness through the Transduction Sequence from Kathara Grid, through the DNA, to the manifest Chemical Lens of the physical body structure and Holographic "external" reality field projection.

(See: Reality)

(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course - Page 260)

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ManU - ManA - EirA

Last update: January 08, 2005

(Divine Trinity - Life Force - Primal Force Currents)

(See: Universal Life Force Currents)

(ManU - Void, ManA - Light, EirA - Sound)

The living expression of God-Source identity as God-Force or eternal LIFE FORCE in known as the ManU Force that is composed of De-polarized "OMNI-POLAR" (Tri-polar) positive-negative-neutral charge PARTIKI units.

This ManU Force is often known as the "Holy Spirit" or "Great Spirit".

From within the unified ManU expression of God-Source emerge simultaneously the 2 smaller, polarized "Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine" ManA and EirA God-Force / Life Force expressions.

Together these first 3 expressions of God-Source AS God-Force/Life Force create the TRUE "Divine Trinity" of Cosmic Creation.

The ManU, ManA and EirA God-Force Life Forces are NOT external "Creator Gods" demanding "worship"; they represent the first three levels of living God-Source consciousness expressing as conscious, sentient, intelligent Life Force energy, existing within God-Source.

ALL energy, consciousness and manifestation emerge WITHIN and are COMPOSED OF the Life Force energies of the God-Force Trinity.

Separation from God-Source is only an illusion we can create for ourselves while within individuated manifestation, when we forget the OMNIPOTENT nature of Creation through the OMNIPRESENT God-Force Divine Trinity.

The Eternal INTERNAL Flame of ManU (Holy Spirit) energy is often called the "Amoraea Flame", which means "Eternal Flame of Divine Love."

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 15)

The Cosmic Shield of ManU-Holy Spirit consciousness serves as the Cosmic STILL POINT of Creation, and holds within itself the smaller Cosmic Templates of Divine Masculine-ManA and Divine Feminine-EirA consciousness, called the POLARITY SHIELDS, through which sets of negative-electrical charge Particum Universes and Positive-electrical charge Parallel Partika Universes characterized by the experience of space-time-matter-movement, perpetually circulate into and out of manifestation through the Cosmic Shield and the inherent KRIST CODE DESIGN of the Cosmic-Kristiac and Universal-Christiac Merkabic Circulatory System.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation. Page 16)

The Holy Spirit Eternal Internal Flame is NOT just a "spiritual concept", it is a tangible, quantifiable standing-wave of living ManU God-Force consciousness expressing in the form of a standing-wave of Energy Radiation, within the Universal Christos Seed Atom AND within the embodied Personal God-Spark Seed Atoms of every living manifest form.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation. Page 17)

(See: Universal Life Force Currents)

‘In the beginning was the Void (Still-point: ManU)
and within the Void God spoke the Word (pre-sound vibration: EirA)
and from the Word came the Light (pre-light oscillation: ManA)
and from the Light came All Creation of the Higher and Lower Heavens’

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Krist (Krist Grid)

Last update: November 04, 2004

Krist Grid: The first level of creation and the closest to Source.

The first tree of life or Kathara Grid.

Things that are built upon the mathematical programming of the Krist Grid are referred as Kristos.

...And what this means is that they have the ability to perpetually self regenerate.

It means that they have an open conduit of circulation of Consciousness and Life Force Energy between the manifestation fields and God Source directly, so the are eternal life as opposed to finite life.

They are eternal free energy systems as opposed to finite energy systems that struggle and compete for power or for energy.

Thus, when we talk about Kristos, we talk about concepts as far as consciousness, but we also talk about very, very specific universal mechanics.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation. DVD 01 - 00:07:10)

Through the ManU-ManA-EirA God-Force Divine Trinity the "Divine Child" of the Cosmic Krist (Known on the smaller UNIVERSAL level as the "CHRIST") is perpetually born.

The Cosmic Krist is the living God-Force consciousness filed created through the specific combining of the ManU-ManA-EirA God-Forces within a very specific "DIVINE DESIGN", by which the First Creation of Manifest Expression could occur, was enabled to remain perpetually in motion, and through which God-Source and its many manifestations of SELF can retain an Eternal, Perpetual OPEN inter-relationship.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation. Page 16)

The Krist is the specifically arranged Living Manifestation Template, existing with the "Divine Trinity"

ManU-ManA-EirA God-Force Consciousness Field, which perpetually holds the DIVINE BLUEPRINT or precise "Technical Specifications of DIVINE ORDER" upon and through which Eternal Life Cosmic Creation is created.

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Last update: November 04, 2004

(Seed Atom, God Seed Atom, Personal God-Spark)

The Cosmic Krist Seed Atom (Formally known as the AZUR-A) is the Living, Sentient Consciousness Field, formed by the intermingling of the Divine Trinity (ManU-ManA-EirA) God Forces, which emerges as an elliptical-sphere-standing-wave-body within the CENTER POINT of the Cosmic Krist Template.

The Azur-A or Seed Atom allows the unified Man-U (Holly Spirit) God-Force to emerge with the "Eternal INTERNAL Flame" (Amoraea Flame) of God-Consciousness, or "open two-way-swinging door" between God-Source and Manifestation Fields within IT.

AZUR-A means the "Center Point of Eternal Creation".

Fuelled eternally by God-Source via the "Eternal INTERNAL Amoraea Flame" at its center, the Cosmic Krist Atom perpetually creates "Replicas" of itself to serve as the "Living Seeds" and Divine Blueprint form and within which Time Matrices, Universes and their inherent matter systems are perpetually born.

The Smaller Replicas of the Cosmic Krist Seed Atom are called "Universal Christos Seed Atoms".

Each 15-Dimensional Time Matrix is seeded by God-Source and the Cosmic Kristos Seed Atom with ONE Universal Christos Seed Atom.

The first Universal Christos Seed Atom perpetually exists and MANIFEST AS the D-12 "Universal Christos" Pre-matter Liquid Light (elliptical) spherical-standing-wave-field; the Universal Christos Field.

The Universal Christos Seed Atom of a Time Matrix creates many smaller, individuated, replicas of itself called GOD SEED Atoms or PERSONAL God-Sparks that retains the God-Source attributes of the Krist DIVINE BLUEPRINT.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 17)

The Personal God-Spark Seed Atom within the Shield Manifestation Template of an individual exists as the portion of PERSONAL ANATOMY through which the natural energy conduits between the manifest Self, Universal Christos, Cosmic Kristos and the Cosmic Divine Trinity (ManU-ManA-EirA) God-Force PRIMAL FORCE CURRENTS, remain OPEN.

(The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation – Page 17)

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Universal Life Force Currents

Last update: March 22, 2005

(Life Force, See: ManU-ManA-EirA)

All things in manifest existence are perpetually fed energy and consciousness, in the form of inter-dimensional frequency, via the Universal Life Force Currents.

1) Khundaray: The three levels of Primal Sound Field Currents that form the Energy Matrix. Eckatic, Polaric and Triadic Currents of Standing Sound Vibration.

2) Kee-Ra-ShA: The three levels of Primal Light Field Currents emanating from Primal Sound Field form First-Cause Ante-Matter Density Dimensional Light Field of the Time Matrix.

2.1 Eckatic-Blue Flame D-13 (Primal Ray from which the 2 other Primal Rays emerge)
2.2 Polaric-Gold Flame D-14
2.3 Triadic-Violet Flame D-15

3) Maharata: Three levels of frequency, D-10, D-11 and D-12, interwoven together to form the D-12 Omni-Polar Universal Christos Field of Pre-Matter Density Hydroplasmic Liquid Light. (Divine Blueprint Pale-Silver Liquid Light)

4) Antakarana: 9 levels of polarized electro-magnetic energy frequency that form 3 currents of 3-dimensional energy called the Universal Kundalini, which form lower frequency dimensions 1-9, creating Etheric, Semi-Etheric and Gross-physical Matter Densities.

(Voyagers II – Page 517)

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