by John Lash

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Christ Teaching (Chartres Cathedral)

Just imagine the headline: E.T. RIDDLE SOLVED IN ANCIENT TEXTS

This is how the codexes found at Nag Hammadi might have been announced in a tabloid newspaper if scholars on the ground had realized that these obscure documents contained a lucid explanation of alien intervention. The find in Egypt in December 1945 was truly sensational, but perhaps the real thrill is yet to come.


What if it were to become known to the world at large that Gnostic teachings contain a clear and comprehensive description of the ET/UFO enigma?

If this is indeed so, then the Gaia Mythos unfolding in this site will incorporate a new element: the activity of the Archons, the Alien Dreaming. Despite countless attempts, no contemporary theory convincingly explains the cosmic origin of an alien predatory species, but if the arising of the Archons is an inherent part of the Gaian evolutionary mythos, then we are looking at an altogether different game-plan, a new perspective on our place in the cosmos at large.


The Gnostic scenario challenges us to understand how the Archons are an intimate feature of our evolutionary history, rather than an inexplicable force apart from us. At the same time, Gnostic teachings clearly warn that we must admit the reality of the Archons so that we can resist them and avoid being deviated from our proper course of evolution.

How, then, are we at risk of being deviated?

Gnostics identified four pathways of Archontic intrusion:

  1. through religious ideology

  2. mental syntax

  3. the power of suggestion

  4. direct collusion

In this essay I will try to describe and delineate the first three of these pathways in such a way that the explanations given will support immediate, practical understanding of how we are effected by the Archons.

Message of Love

Gnosticism may be the underdog of world religions, hugely slandered and violently repressed, but it may also be the paramount expression of human spiritual genius. It certainly looks to be the lone survivor of a centuries-long spiritual holocaust originating in the Middle East and spreading from across Europe to the entire world.


Gnostic teachings are unique in many aspects as I hope to have demonstrated here and there in this site but it is perhaps outstandingly unique in this one point: It carries a message of love and a warning about a message of love. Or what claims to be a message of love.

For a huge part of the human race, the supreme message of love to be found on Earth is the teaching of Jesus Christ and the teaching about Jesus Christ. The message consists of what Jesus taught and what has been taught about Christ for example, what the Apostle Paul and Saint John the Divine said about Christ.


To put a neutral name to this message, the "Good News" of Christianity, let's call it salvation.


Salvation involves an intervention scenario in which a superhuman being comes to Earth, assumes human form, and performs certain acts that are believed to change the course of human experience. Salvationism is an ideology of divine intervention. The teaching of Jesus Christ and all that is taught about Jesus Christ cohere around this one shining kernal, the belief in being saved by God.

Gnostics considered this belief to be delusional, if not ridiculous. For them, salvationist ideology was a subterfuge, an error implanted by the Archons in the human mind.


All that we consider glorious and profound in the figure of Christ (as represented, for instance, in the image of Christ teaching at Chartres cathedral, shown above) was to them a grotesque sham, a false doctrine insinuated into the human mind by alien forces. In short, they regarded the Christian salvationist program (and, in a wider sense, the entire Judeo-Christian ideology of divine authority) as a trap set by extra-terrestrial powers to lure us from our genuine connection with Sophia and the Earth.

We are deviated from true human potential through delusional beliefs about Divinity. All that is said about Christ, as well as the sayings attributed to Jesus, are regarded as a sacred heritage and a transcendent source of moral inspiration for humanity, but Gnostics challenged the Christian message of love, and exposed its non-human origin, at the very moment it was first formulated.


History tells how they were treated for expressing their truth, as they experienced it.


When they challenged the beliefs of the early Christians, Gnostics were attacked physically. Here is a hard lesson about the violence that can arise from identification with beliefs. It seems like this lesson might be worth recalling today, considering some of the stories to be seen, day after day, on the evening news....

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