by Patrick Herbert
October 26, 2019
from PatrickHerbert Website

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Awareness of our plight in this reality is paramount to understanding why things are the way they are.

Human sensory perception operates within a very small band of the total electromagnetic frequency spectrum.


Our bodies function in a way that specifically focuses our awareness into this frequency range.

When it comes to visible light, wavelengths between 390nm to 780nm are all that we can see.


This constitutes an incredibly minute fraction of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum which itself is only 0.005% of known energy.

The life that we experience is unique in that this experience is shared with unseen entities that could be considered inorganic and without form, if we are to assume that form is restricted to that which we can observe within the visible light spectrum.

These inorganic entities are currently the keepers of this realm.


They are an unseen force that prey upon negative emotional energy that humans generate when triggered by some form of catalyst.


Their entire reason for being is to maximize the potential of emotional energy that can be collected while at the same time orchestrating a reality in which humans are kept in a perpetual state of spiritual disconnect through manufactured chaos.

The Gnostics called them Archons.


Other cultures have called them Demons and Djinn.


There are multiple names to describe this same negative force and they can be really good at what they do.

I recently called in to participate in a show with psychic/medium Jamie Clark from Phoenix, Arizona and Dr. Randall Nozawa.


When the topic of unconditional love came up, a passion overcame me and my contribution to the conversation began to flow directly from the heart.

The message of unconditional love is not a message that archons appreciate. In fact, they are terrified of unconditional love as the practice of unconditional love sets one free from their manipulations.


Archons work with the ego and it goes without saying the ego does not understand the concept of love without any condition.


Seeing everything in black and white, it only assumes that without a condition the expression of love would come at a loss. The ego assumes that there is nothing to be gained.

This is, however, fundamentally flawed.

Without unconditional love, children would not survive.


Women would not be willing to offer their body, time, and effort to nourish their children and their children would soon perish.


Fathers would not be inclined to make any sacrifice to guarantee their safety.


Both parents wouldn’t selflessly offer comfort, nourishment, safety, and companionship to a child without some application of unconditional love.

We know that unconditional love exists. It is a thing. We know that it is real...

Practicing unconditional love to all is like opening the floodgates to spiritual enlightenment as well as reconnecting into the realms of the divine. This is, without question, the one thing that archons never want to happen.


In fact, their entire existence is dependent on the suppression of spirituality and unconditional love in every way imaginable.


History is replete with curious examples of extreme resistance to the teaching of unconditional love. Indeed, tragic examples have been made in order to guarantee its suppression.

Archons have to be strategic as it takes energy for them to create energy.


Your future exists as a set of probabilities and these probabilities are analyzed and strategies are devised in order for Archons to increase the potential for circumstances and events that could generate the most amount of emotional energy while expending the least amount of energy accomplishing that task.


They will prey on certain scenarios and exploit the emotional weaknesses of its participants.

One of my goals with this article is to describe the tactics that were used against me during a recent attack.

I am hoping that by describing this particular attack and providing an analysis of it, I can help others identify potential attacks and offer practical ways in which they can mitigate the effects of the attack and grow from the experience.

For a more thorough in-depth tactical article on attacks and ways to mitigate them, please see the The Art of Hyper Dimensional War by Tom (Montalk)...

Having said that, let us now take a look at the attack itself.

The morning following the show began like any other.


Of distinction was the way I felt:

I felt really good.

My participation in these shows has given me an opportunity to talk about subjects such as unconditional love and I have thoroughly enjoyed attempting to get this message across to others.


It is quickly becoming a passion. It is also drawing the attention of those entities who would rather I not make it a passion. Unfortunately for them, I am not going to give up.


I am thoroughly enjoying doing everything that I can for this awakening...

Negative forces give you a sign, or a synchronicity, before they attack.


The signs they use will have meaning to you internally, as has been the case with myself.

The first sign I received was on the license plate of the car I parked next to at the grocery store.


On it were the numbers 6666.


The numbers 666 have oftentimes been associated with evil, and I had recently decided to adapt this meaning after a conversation with Tom.


I had previously desired to give 666 a positive meaning in an attempt to defuse the potential for expecting negative catalyst when I saw it, but I soon realized that I was giving up a very meaningful cue.


And this distinctly negative meaning was certainly now being put to use.

As I walked by the car I thought about the additional 6 and considered that to be a bit ominous. This was my first mistake, as it introduced a slight element of fear giving negative entities something to work with.


With my guard up and a heightened level of awareness, I proceeded to get the items I needed from the store and proceeded to return home.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, a car drove by me on the left side. I immediately noticed that it also had a 6666 on the license plate. This, of course, was a very "meaningful coincidence" or synchronicity.


After this, I began to prepare myself for an incoming attack.

I return home to pick up Rachelle and our daughter and take them to an indoor park. On the way there, another car with 666 on the license plate pulls in front of us.


At some point during this drive my ability to withstand this incoming attack seems to have been compromised.

While at the playground, I was becoming increasingly irritable but seemingly unaware of it. Rachelle was beginning to take notice but was otherwise preoccupied with our daughter while she was playing.


I began to feel sick, heavy and drained, and at one point a slight misunderstanding caused me to become irritated and snap, which rarely ever happens.


This event seemed to have opened the floodgates to what felt like a mental take-down attempt on me.

We leave the indoor park and, sure enough, a car pulls in front of us with another 666 on the license plate. By this point my mind is chaotic and I attempt to ground my thoughts but the effort was unsuccessful for the duration of the trip home.

When we finally return home, I had to lay down as the area in and around my heart chakra began to feel strange and I felt physically exhausted.


As I was laying there, I noticed I had an email from Jamie Clark.


In the email, he confirmed that I am a facilitator and integrator of dimensional frequencies within the Matrix, a suitable description of my service as a conduit, which was a revelation brought forth from my personal awakening (see: My Awakening).


After I read the email, I get a phone call:

(361) 666-XXXX

As you can see, this was not a very subtle attack; however, it is one that I am appreciative for.


You see, these attacks expose weaknesses in us that we have no choice but to fix. We should all strive to learn for the purposes of getting stronger.


These attacks provide us with an incredible opportunity to tango with negative forces and get to understand them better, an act which is essential and paramount to our being able to break free from their control...


The more exposure that is given to their tactics, the less effective that their tactics will be against us.

Archons seek to exploit fear and worry...

It is clear that my first mistake was allowing fear to enter into my mind by way of having a negative perception of the synchronicities.

Fear will lower your frequency and "tune you in" to their realms.


When they can catch you off guard, they will.


They will never miss an opportunity.

What I should have done was to appreciate that a challenge was coming my way, and realize that it was one from which I could benefit and grow.

It is also worthwhile to treat archons with compassion.


This typically turns the tables on them as, after all, compassion is an act of unconditional love.

The best defense against Archons will always be an awareness of their tactics coupled with the practice of unconditional love and a positive mental landscape.


Positivity, truth, love, and compassion will always minimize our potential for being a target and is also the emotional frequency of that which will set us free.