by Patrick Herbert
August 29, 2020
from PatrickHerbert Website

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Negative forces are real and there is an ample amount of evidence to prove their existence right down to our own individual experience.


Their power over us is, however, illusory:

they can only be given as much power over our mental jurisdiction as we ourselves give them...

Their objectives are simple:

orchestrate a combination of aggressive thoughts that are synchronistic to our individual experience in an attempt to cause a negative emotional reaction.

By that design, they seek to create and maintain us in a victim mentality, and we give them ground by believing the nonsensical cacophony of thought that they deliver during what is reasonably called psychic attacks...

As we interpret the information moving through our minds, we do so in a voice that is most familiar to us: our own. This, however, does not mean that the thoughts we "hear" are originating from us.

You and your higher-self have self-preservation and individual evolution as a common goal.


Just as you physically eat to have energy to maintain a physical engagement with the world, so to do you engage in mentally constructive efforts that promote positive outcomes.

Your higher-self does not have an invested interest in anything but the harmonious advancement of your individual experiences as a human, and we get there first through a positive mental framework. Negative forces seek to disrupt our efforts and manipulate us away from that positive framework to a negative one, which suits their purposes.

The negative thought streams that are implanted into our mental landscape have an effect on our emotional state and our personal frequency, with the negativity lending itself to a drop in our frequency.


In the same way, positive thought streams have a positive effect on our emotional state and can increase our personal frequency.


There is an observable difference beyond a recognition of the polarity:

notice the positive thought stream originates from us and per our own effort.

Here you can identify that the negative thought streams are effortless, and that is because they are not originating per our own volition.

The negativity delivered into our minds is often times very vile, with subjects ranging from severe critical negative analysis of people and events to the advertising of self-destructive activities.


Mental activities of this kind are counter-productive to maintaining a sense of wellbeing.


A healthy mental world means,

a healthy physical world which would lend itself to our own self-preservation...

Forward moving harmonious balance of this kind serves our own individual spiritual evolution, a desired engagement for the evolution of our higher-self.

Having an awareness that the negative thoughts could not possibly be coming from our higher-self shines a bold light on these negative parasitical forces.


This partitioning of our thought streams can then be investigated, and we can take positive action to remedy negative thoughts.

Positive affirmations can be engaged for these purposes and at times used to wash away negative and potentially cascading thought streams.


Some have found success by repeating "higher-self now!" in the mind and others have found success by affirming to only nurture the thoughts and actions from the higher-self and no other entities.

No matter, we still have to be on guard for the negative entities can pursue relentlessly, especially when they have a good gig going.


Thinking is habitual, and when one thinks negatively habitually, this is a weakness that negative forces prey on. Negative thoughts and negative actions present themselves like a small wound, an opportunity for negative forces to exploit.


In doing so, they work aggressively to increase the size of that wound.

Using this metaphor, one can imagine the potential for blood loss to be similar to the potential for emotional energy leakage (aka "Loosh").


A blood thirsty vampire would seek to maximize the flow and the same can be said for a psychic vampire.

Resisting negative thought streams and engaging in positive thoughts and actions is actually simple, though negative forces would never concede as much.


Their efforts to maintain you as a victim will register as "voices" in your mind attempting to discourage you from any pursuit of this kind, informing you that it is impossible or too late; that it can't be done.

This is the illusory framework in which they operate and you simply do not have to believe them.


Once you stop giving into their victimizations, it is game over for them.

Stating your intent and positive affirmations are important, and it is often best done at the beginning of the day.

Allow something as simple as the following to flow through your mind during the peace and calm of the morning:

"My higher-self loves and cares for me and is giving me all good things; I love my higher-self and nurture only the thoughts and actions that my higher-self wants for me."

Use the innate power you have over your awareness to focus on only the thoughts that bring you a range of positive emotions.

Managing your perception this way is the key, and this is the power we have over negative forces...

Always remember that an awareness of their tactics and strategies is paramount to a successful defense against them.