The documents precise on this point, that the communication on Ummo, at the present time, would be achieved through gravitational waves. As we do not know how to pick up these waves, the extraterrestrials would use this techniques to discuss together, keeping their confidentiality.

The absence of natural barriers would have engendered a quick political centralization. When our planet is a real patchwork of ethnic groups, living practically at different ages, UMMO would have evolved quickly, with the same language, the same technology and the same cultural level everywhere.

The psychology and the mental structures of the inhabitants of this planet would be very different from ours. If they really exist, we donít even know, how could these people communicate together.


The dictatorial past of UMMO

The texts evoke a crucial phase, when the planet came under the dictatorship of two cruel women, IE 456 and her daughter WIE 1. At this occasion, the transmission of powers would have been hereditary, what had no precedents.

One may ask how a woman could have taken the control of a whole planet. But why Hitler and Stalin knew how to create around their person such a devotion phenomenon?

There is no real difference between a dictator which galvanizes the crowds and a guru which subjugates its disciples. Both take the psychological control of the other. No one is really safe from this ascendancy.

The inhabitants of this hypothetical planet UMMO, with a quite reduced personality, even non-existing, in the way we understand it, would have been particularly vulnerable to such a power of "mutants".

We will now reproduce some parts of the texts, which evoke a period of the planet during the domination of these two dictators, a mother and her daughter. These excesses would have bring the inhabitants of the planet to apply deep changes in their social structure. To some extend, this would have been a key period in their planet history.

In the early ages, the planet would have been divided in groups, electing their chiefs. These clans would have melt after some time, into a central monocratic government, assisted by a council. There never have been on UMMO a primitive religious history, as we conceive it on Earth, crystallized around divinities, idols, dogmas and rituals. The Ummites would always have elaborated some metaphysical concepts, quite fuzzy, and based on the rationality. The texts indicates that "something, a principle, must have governed the Universe, which was limited to the planet". This is may be the reason why IE 456 would have taken so easily the control, basing her saying on a pseudo-rationality.


Letís come to the texts:


IE 456 would have been intellectually very gifted (she would have been a professor at the age of 13). Before taking the power, the planet was governed by a unique chief, which was far of being a tyrant. He was assisted by twelve counselors. When he died, the council named IE 456 governor of the planet.

She immediately executed the twelve counselors making a real "coup díetat". She was developing a strange philosophy, saying that the cosmos was not existing "a priori", but only in the spirits of the humans of UMMO. Those, by creating the mental pictures, were creating some sort of Universe. She was pretending also that when a scientist was believing to have discovered a physical or biological law, he had the illusion, that this law was not existing before and that he just had created it. Science became the essential motor of the Universe, its whole point. All had to be under the domination of a frenetic scientific activity of discovery.

The people of the Universe was then the people of UMMO. We also knew a certain egocentrism, but the "ummocentrism" of IE 456 was passing all what we could have imagined in the domain. She would have presented herself as the "brain of UMMO", taking possession of all the inhabitants of the planet, having the right of life and death, and considering herself as the "coordination center of the cosmos".

This is a phenomenon which may be compared to the influence the leader of a sect has on his disciples, and we know this may be unlimited. Letís come back to the original Ummites texts:

We are scared when we think that a young girl, which did not even had her first menses, could have subjugated millions of beings. In her luxury palace, she was surrounded by scientists and did so that a lot of habitations were turned into laboratories. In the morning, she was going secretly, in company of her police-women, in the rooms dug in the rock, and if she was finding them inactive, she was giving the order to kill all scientists and their collaborators.

The men and women of UMMO would have been then classified in two categories. Those who had a good enough intellectual level had to work all time on the discovery of new knowledge. The others were considered as slaves, or guinea pigs and would have been deprived of human status.

The human vivisection would have been practiced on large scale, with abominable experiments, like opening the skull, without anesthesia (which was unknown at this period) to analyze the behavior of the brain.

In parallel IE 456 instituted a personality cult, completely mad. The audience were allowed only for the most eminent scientists, which had no power, as she had all. Those had to come to her nude, their eyes closed by some sort of mastic. If the judgment was favorable, they had the right to open the eyes and to eat and drink the excrements of the tyrant.

IE 456 die assassinated with 30, after 17 years of dictatorship, in circumstances which are still not clear for our experts in history. The most probable version is that a professor of "perfume mixing", as a revenge of a punishment, having his back plunged into boiling water, placed an explosive in her bathroom.

The rest of the inhabitants was short. The politic police kept the control over all communication means and executed, in the night, 17000 persons susceptible to be rebels. They were afraid that a revolution prepared by the famous astronomer YIIXEE 87, who found refuge in a volcanic region.

During her life, IE 456 had given all rights to her daughter WIE 1, who would be her successor. For the first time in the history of the planet, the transmission of the power was hereditary. WIE 1, who took the power at the age of 12 terrestrial years, did not have the gifts of her mother, but even more sadistic practices. The chronic relates four millions of victims.

This young girl could not do other types of activities, than bathing in aromatic plants spirits, and her favorite sport was to pierce the tympani of her maids, when she was in a furry, with the help of kernels of some bushes.

She began her reign with the order to cauterize the sinus of her mathematics professor and punished one of the most loyal military chief of her mother. Despite her lack of interest for sciences she continued the magnificent projects of her mother by forcing the scientist to keep on their work, under the menace of retaliations

First she ordered that her feces had to be eaten by all her subjects as a sign of submission. Her tutors were scared by the non-predicable reactions of the child if they were opposed to her desires. They tried to explain with simple explication that such small amount of feces was impossible to distribute to all the inhabitants of the planet. A commission of intellectual servitors has to find a solution to this problem, as she menaced to let living only those who had the luck of eating her excrements.

They finally found a solution which pleased her. The feces of her servitors, of members of the police, the local high dignitaries and all the governing structure of UMMO, were mixed, at an infinitesimal state of dilution in large quantity of water, with the feces of the tyrant.

She was used to live a the foot of a volcano, sitting in the branches of an IXXISOO (a plant species with a lot of leaves), and made hundred thousands of subject coming to her naked, to contemplate her child face, with their body covered of EYOUGII (gel substance which was burning their skin).

Her police was searching in the underground house on the whole continent, taking men and women from their homes. At this period, it was usual to live in communities of forty to eighty persons, all living in the same underground room.

The officers arrived, selected the person at random, stealing their clothes and putting the individuals in huge multilegs, driving them into an insecure destiny, which was in fact work camps.

During the trip, they were selected and marked with a number, using incandescent metallic characters, on the skull and on the back, and they received clothing stopping to the upper half of the body.

Then, the rest of the body was painted: the genitals, the back, the legs with a plastic substance, leaving just hole to be able to make their physiological eliminations.

One of these poor persons was Ummowoa, joined to multitude of men and women involved in the construction of a huge solar plant, in the vast plain of SIIIUU. Those had to dig large parabolic trenches, which were plastered with a reflecting metal, in order to concentrate the rays of our star IUMMA, and to produce energy by conversion in some liquids circuits.

We know nothing on the parents of Ummowoa. The police destroyed after wars all archives concerning his family. Some indirect references of contemporaneous disciples of his doctrine make allusion to his father who was an engineer specialized in light devices, and his mother a professor of zoology, or maybe general biology. It seems he had a sister who has been affected, like him, to a factory for the making of SUUX, (porous blocks to store the fluids), but his brother could not get in contact with the members of his family after the brutal separation. I seems that his father was called SOOAII, but the most surprising is that we ignore the real name of Ummowoa (he has several which are attributed, with no real historical reasons).

As he was dedicated to the construction of this solar plant, he began to teach his work companions. His ideas propagated very rapidly through the whole planet, with a large distance communication mode, the telepathy.

His disciples rapidly subjugated by his words became so convinced of his divinity that they called him simply Ummowoa (UMMO spirit). As the slave-workers lost officially their names, came to us only the number marked on the epidermis of the skull and the back, this was (in decimal numbering) 2.332.874.

We know only some parts of sayings about the life of Ummowoa and of his unfortunate brothers, from a slave named YOODAA.

One of this saying makes allusion to the last period, when WIE 1 was already arrived to the top. She had, by extravagance, replaced more than 70% of the warder by young girls aged of 9 to 15 terrestrial years. One afternoon Ummowoa and YOODAA were working together, placing large metallic layers in the parabolic trenches, when the girl looking at them had a sexual desire and ordered YOODAA, a women of about twenty years, that she kneels in front of her and make some lingual touch. The submitted worker did what was ordered. Refusing would have signified the death, with horrible tortures.

The girl must have been unsatisfied by the ardor of her subordinate as she began to strike violently her defenseless body with her UHULAA (iron stick with nails at its extremity).

Ummowoa, who had assisted to the scene passively, ran toward the couple and stared fixedly at the little tyrant. At this period this behavior was not admissible. Staring to a superior was considered as something unacceptable and disgusting. In these particular circumstances, looking to a warder signified death.

The young girl could not stand the glance of her slave, threw away her metallic whip and ran to hide behind other workers. This child has been converted in some days and became one of his most faithful disciples.

The orders dictated by WIE 1, concerning the absorption of her feces, were at the origin of numerous revolts beyond the slave workers, lots of them had been brilliant scientists. The brutal police stopped the rebellion, killing thousands of innocents by putting their head in the animal dung.

In the documents, Ummowoa describes WIE 1 "as a poor insane, not responsible of her acts" and this idea would have began to make its way in the population. She would have been then assassinated by one of her servants.

As the good new was known, the people would have rushed on the laboratories and the libraries, destroying them completely, this caused a long recession of the knowledge.

The Ummites would then have thought on the way of practicing the teaching of their "Ummowoa", by concentrating on what we call human sciences. They would have estimated, that is was impossible to transform the mentalities at the scale of a generation and they would have taken the decision of isolating the young children in a vast region of the planet, covering about thirty per cent on its surface, during several generations, until the bases of a new humanity have been settled, which would correspond to their actual social organization.

Does this history corresponds to the reality?


No one may really say that, as it is also not possible to affirm categorically that these texts have an extraterrestrial origin. Only a indisputable material evidence could prove it. Some letters, some telephone call, and even scientific works do not constitute an irrefutable proof.


It is the role of the reader to make his own opinion and our role will be only to test the coherence of these documents, on all the points under our competence.


The Spanish network

Letís leave the Ummites history and come back to the Spanish network.


We know finally since relatively few years why all these persons had been contacted, in different circumstances. This contact project would have been a heavy discussed subject beyond the expeditionaries and the central government of UMMO. Lot of them were worried that this act would create an irreversible mess on our planet.

But our Earth-society looks like a pillow, like an damper. Even this book, supported by solid scientific arguments, would have no effect. The libraries will certainly put it at the department "esoteric". It will bring dream to the fans of esoterism and the fans of science-fiction. The Ufologists, the politicians and the army will be irritated. The scientists will just have a shrugging.

If a squadron of flying saucers would fly during hours of the White-House, or the Empire States Building, after having done so at Tsien-Amen and on the Red Place, the journalists would surely find thousands of explanations: test-balloons, Nordic lights, disinformation, test of new special effects for the cinema, giants holograms, or demonstration of the capacities of new flying terrestrial machines, able this time to appear or disappear if necessary, etc.

The public opinion, taken from one interpretation to the other, would finally no more understand and even the witnesses will be doubting.

The worries of the authors of the documents were the not justified. At the beginning they would have done, as they say, some shy tries, here and there, sending some reports to scientist, who would have throw them immediately to them to the trash-bin, after having read they come from extraterrestrials.

We read before that these "Ummites", would have thought to find a much more advanced civilization, which would have detected their presence on Earth quickly, and they would have been very surprised to be able to walk freely everywhere, without being worried. The unexpected variety of cultures and languages are facilitating the study mission on site.


As indicated in their reports, as they were in a country and would have some language difficulties, or having some funny behavior, it would have been easy for them to be taken for foreigners. They would have begun to store information of our languages, our customs and socio-economical organization. Their storage are titan memories of fantastic computers. Very rapidly, they would have been conscious of the deep disorganization and the risks that decades.

It was quite easy for them, as they say, to enter the intimacy of our laboratories, with the help of small devices moved by MHD, as big as peas, which could stay on a cupboard or stick to the cellar of a meeting room, to record all what could be said. They would have been quickly informed about the plans coming from our politics and military centers. All that would have made a very bad impression on them, so that they renounced to have an official contact as it was planned at the beginning.

The Earth was looking to a car driven by a drunkard on a loopy road, without breaks. The idea to leave us to our destiny would have be envisaged, during the years 74 to 78.

A report would have been sent to UMMO, at the end of the fifties, presenting an alarming report and foreseeing an inevitable increasing of the risks, due to the erratic growing of the technology and its destructive effects. Whatever would have been the followings, it seemed to them useful to ameliorate their knowledge of the men of the Earth, by getting in touch with some of them, what they would have done.


There would have been then a network of contactees in twenty countries with, in average, according to a Ummite report of the eighties, of four to twenty persons. These people would have been chosen among the middle classes. They had to be "intelligent enough so that the reading of the reports provoke a minimum reaction in their encephal", but not too much as they had to be efficiently controlled.

Alone, the indiscretion of the father Guerrero and the publication of the book of Sesma revealed the size of the manipulation.

Some, like Farriols, were integrated to the club mainly by showing interest for the case, after the affair of the landing in San Josť de Valdeiras. In Spain, the sending of letters and reports touched forty people.

The funniest story is the one of this journalist Marhuenda, a very nice guy, by the way. He had a radio broadcast. One day, at the period of Christmas, he had a thought "for all these extraterrestrials which were on Earth, far from their planet of origin, and which were certainly home-seek". Glad, our Ummites wrote to him.

A police officer named Guarrido tried to penetrate the network and to reach the source of the information. This was the time of Franco. Guarrido thought that they were foreign spies. But the Ummites convinced him very easily and he became one of their most docile collaborators.

To all, they asked for confidentiality. This order has been quite strictly followed, except in Spain. The deal was easy: they said "if you chat, we will stop sending letters".

To others they would have provided some medical support, curing them from severe diseases, and changing them into obedient disciples.

Since forty years these networks are purring. The contactee is happy: he thinks he is elected. This status flatters his ego. He is before all a good-willing disciple. One asks him to archive, he archives. One ask him to transmit the documents, he does it. One ask him to burn others, he obeys (as that was the case of the Italian net, we were going to near in the seventies).

But the contactee is quite unstable. He must be fed again periodically with new information to keep his status, whereas he gets anxious. The Spanish network knew so some spectacular abandons, which allowed to catch new information, considered before as "top secret".

Being a contactee is in the same time comfortable and uncomfortable. This is interesting because they become someone: they become someone exceptional. But in the same time the information of the reports, even if they are not directly assimilated by the person who received them, make their way and destabilize some beliefs.

In the middle of the eighties, the Ummites decided to send to the Spaniards some information about their metaphysics. By the way, they revealed some tricks of the existing religion. The sending of letters changed into unneeded telephone calls. Dominguez and Aguire could no more stand that and left the group of Madrid, after having played the game during twenty years, with a remarkable placidity.

Barranechea, loyal companion of Rafael Farriols during twenty years, jumped suddenly out of the train, after having been twenty years assiduous, and spread in the nature all what he had in his hands, as if this information was burning his fingers. This is the same attitude that the one of Sesma, twenty years before.

The group of Madrid is split asunder. The one of Barcelona, grouped around Rafael is vegetative. Those are waiting the yearly letter, the little sign of the big brothers of space.


And everybody is getting older, because this affair takes places since thirty years.


The disinformation

The terreans, the government, the army and the secret services misinformed, but apparently, the extraterrestrials too, and a lot. The theme of the disinformation is constantly present in the UMMO case. Letís cite a sentence from a letter received in 1967 by Antonio Ribeira and which tells the rule of the game:

- The propagation of certain facts to the official organism could be a cause of prejudice for us. If that would be the case, it would be very easy to simulate the fraudulent nature of the testimonies, which would come to these organisms, what would discredit them efficiently.

I think I am personally less sensitive than the Spaniards. As a scientist, I am interested only to the functionality of the texts. When a new document appears, I consider it as a new part of the puzzle and I look for the information which could be in there, without being polarized on the authenticity. When a scientific information is absent, or the information are not verifiable, or seems not to be exploitable at this time, I just archive the texts, or I consider them as anecdotic.

I will now tell a quite flavorful story, which is a typical example of the disinformation maneuvers which are present, from time to time in the UMMO case. In the eighties, Rafael received a letter from the Ummites and Lou called me:

- Jean-Pierre, Rafael has just received a new letter of the Ummites. They decided this time to reveal officially their presence to the terreans.

- Ah, and how?

- They say they will send, within the next five days a radio message in the wave band of the 21 cm, which will be repeated during two hours. This message will be coded, but we will receive after that a tape which, mixed to this message, will allow us to get a clear signification.

- All that seems very complicated to me. Such a message may be received only with a radio-telescope. Why not having used a normal radio frequency?

- The Ummites say that this message will be emitted from a station which is in a definite part of the sky.

- With their means, they would have no difficulties to get the observation schedules of the radio telescopes. It would be easy to go in this axis and to emit then.

- They say that for technical reasons they cannot move this probe and that it can only emit next Sunday, at this time.

- Extraterrestrials who canít move a radio emitter, this seem quite peculiar, donít you think so?

- Yes, but given the importance of the new, Farriols would not pass any chance. As we say in Spanish, we want to "buy all the tickets of the lottery", and Rafael goes tomorrow to Jodrell Bank to try to convince them to aim their telescope in that direction at this time.

- These people will take them for a fool!

- And what about you, donít you think you may do something in that direction?

I did not believed one second to all this story, but to please Rafael and Lou, I succeeded in aiming the huge French Radio telescope of Nancay towards the indicated direction. The reader may ask himself how I did that. But a scientist must be imaginative.


I called a colleague astronomer named Biraud, which was in charge of the machine, the day before, telling him:

- I just had a call from one of my American friends, an astronomer, an amateur, who pretends that we just found a supernova in the region of (I no more remember the coordinates given by Lou). I donít know if this is exact, but we still could verify.

- Ok, but if I do that, please send me one of your comics with a dedication.

- I promise Iíll do so ...

And so was it. At the right day and time, the huge telescope of Nancay was oriented in the indicated direction, and Biraud looked at the sky during eight minutes, without receiving a signal. No Ummites speaking up there... He sent me anyway a report of this observation. Biraud never knew my real motivations and I hope that he will not be to angry about me if he reads this book, whenever he would read it.

Rafael got in contact with the radio-astronomers of Jordell Bank and, of course, they asked for the reason of this request. As he told them the story, they laughed immediately at him!

What was the real meaning of this letter? We will never know. But this is not important: its message was not functional.

Years later, when the Jodrell Bank machine crashed under its own weight Rafael received this new with great satisfaction.


The short sentence about black holes

End of the eighties, the Ummites began to call quite frequently the Spaniards, generally by night. These calls could last hours. They were answering to their questions, answers which were at the level of their scientific knowledge.

Barranechea was a fan reader of poplar science magazines, where he found the idea that the chickens could achieve some atomic transmutation in their body, to constitute the shell of their egg, when their food was too poor in calcium.

- This is silly, answered the Ummite on the phone. The chicken takes this calcium from its own bones.

But Barranechea kept on and, reading again the article, he asked his correspondent if the galley slaves could not operate such transmutation, to compensate to the lacks in their alimentation.

- This is ridiculous, replied his correspondent. The galley slaves were correctly fed, whether the vessels could not have filled their missions!

Dominguez, engineer in electricity, the "scientist" of the Madrid group, asked once about the famous black holes. The answer came immediately, quite laconic:

- The black holes do not exist. When a neutron start is destabilized, its mass is transferred in the twin Universe.

Dominguez told me once about this conversation, which puzzled me. I never had a look to this problem, and I dived in the bibliography. After some months of inquiry, I met a friend, the mathematician Jean-Marie Souriau, specialist of the General Relativity.

- Jean-Marie, what do you think about this black hole model? It seems to me that is fits to a solution of the Einstein equation which describes a part of the Universe where there is no energy, nor matter. Thatís what appeared to me as I had a look to the voluminous bibliography on the subject.

- You are perfectly right. You just put the finger on something that all mathematicians know since a long time. This model is an absolute poppycock, a pure media creation. Imagine a fluid mechanist which would show you a nice solution which describes the flowing of a fluid which density, pressure, in all points of the space, would be null.

- I would say that this fluid does not exist.

- This is the same for the black hole.

- Quite amazing for an object we consider generally as extremely dense.

This little conversation between the engineer Dominguez and an Ummite, during one night of spring 1988, will trigger in me some theoretical works which would constitute the key of the "hyper-spatial transfer" of the Ummite vessels.


My entering in the UMMO network

I have been very amazed, during fifteen years, with the efforts I did to understand this case, that these brave people did not get directly in contact with me. Periodically, I had to go to the Spanish source of information. Rafael Farriols received from time to times some letters where the Ummites were speaking of my works. But why have they simply not got directly in contact with me ?

We understood it quite later. In fact, my works would not have been foreseen in the evaluations of the authors of the documents: an idiot of a terrean, may be more clever than the other and quite obstinate, was understanding and exploiting what would not have been conceived in that way.

Clued, the authors of the reports followed my efforts, years after years.

In 1988, they decided to study my brain and also the one of my friend Jean-Jacques-Pastor, during this night at the hotel Sanvy of Madrid. We would have been passed trough a scanner. The Ummites psychologists would have study our strange encephalic architecture.


The terreans, as they commented that, are quite strange persons and very unpredictable: the had some ... imagination!





(from The Dulce Book - Chapter 27)

The following information was released by Jefferson Souza, a contactee who has had repeated encounters with the Vega Lyrans, who according to Souza are similar in appearance to the "dark skinned Orientals" of India.


Souza also claims contacts with Scandinavian-appearing humans from Iumma or Wolf 424 [the 'Ummo' people].


Both cultures utilize a huge 'Federation' base located within a vast system of caverns deep beneath the Death Valley-Panamint Mts. region of California. In fact, several federation groups utilize the base according to Souza, which contains whole areas specifically conditioned with the various gravitational, atmospheric and environmental conditions necessary to meet the needs of the various Federation visitors and dignitaries.

The Paihute Indians of the southwest USA claim that a Greek or Egyptian-like race first colonized the massive caverns within the Panamint Mts. thousands of years ago [one source claims the base was established around 2500 B.C., which is incidentally about 600 years following the beginnings of the rise of Egyptian intellectual culture] when Death Valley was part of an inland sea connected to the Pacific Ocean. When the sea dried up these people - who were described as wearing flowing robes draped over one shoulder, head-bands holding back their long dark hair, and bronze-golden skin - out of necessity began to develop their collective knowledge and intellect and soon afterwards began to construct "silvery flying canoes".


At first these flying machines possessed wings, were relatively small, and flew with a dipping movement and a loud 'whirring' noise. As time passed the ships became wingless, grew larger in size, and flew ever more smoothly and silently. Eventually these people, the HAV-MUSUVS moved their civilization into still deeper caverns which they had discovered farther underground, and commenced to explore the nearby planets and eventually other star systems as their own technological explosion began to refine every aspect of their society.


These Hav-musuvs have apparently had interplanetary or interstellar travel for 3000-4000 years since they first developed their flying machines. Could they have been one of the many native-terranian "ancient astronaut" civilizations which apparently had colonized Lyra and other systems? The story of the Panamints was related by a Navaho Indian by the name of Oga-Make, who in turn heard it from an old Paihute medicine man.

What about Souza's reference to the Vegans, who are similar in appearance to East Indians? I believe that India is a major key to understanding our planet's lost history. The ancient Vedic texts speak of flying ships called "vimanas" as well as nuclear technology which was utilized by the ancients there. Hinduism itself arrived in India as a result of the Pre-Nordic 'Aryan' invasion from the North [the Gobi region?].


Some researchers insist that the Mayas AND Egyptians were originally navigators from India, possibly explaining the similarity in architecture and their advances in medicine, astronomy, mathematics, and so on. Swiss ethno-archaeologist Yves Naud also quotes from ancient Indian texts which state that the leaders of ancient India later collaborated with secretive Grecian intellectual societies in the development of aerial ships. So then, the "Hav-musuvs" may have been representatives of any one of these cultures [Nordic-Aryans, East-Indians, Egyptians, Mayas, Greeks] or a combination of cultures.


However one thing is certain, only a VERY SMALL portion of the true history of planet earth, as of this writing, can be found in the standard historical textbooks.

Jefferson Souza claims that the following revelations are from the personal notes and scientific diaries of a scientist who was commissioned by the U.S. Government over a period of several years to visit all crash sites, interrogate captured Alien Life Forms and analyze all data gathered from that endeavor. Eventually this person was discovered to have kept and maintained personal notes on his discoveries and was therefore scheduled for termination [not just "job termination"!]... which he narrowly escaped.


Following 33 years of investigations, he went in to hiding in 1990.


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