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The Enki, Satan (Devil) doctrine

In the coming story we will find a contradiction with the original story and the rewritten story of the sin fall as regarding to Monotheism.


It is obvious that the author who rewrote this story was convinced of the existence of only one God and he made the conclusion that the events that took place hereafter were to blame to an evil creature and he made the conclusion that the Devil (Satan) was the one who persuaded Eve to disobey the Gods and not as originally was intended by one of the leader Gods by us known as Enki.

We read further in The Apocalypse of Moses: chapter 16:

And the devil spake to the serpent saying, Rise up, come to me and I will tell thee a word whereby thou mayst have profit.' And he arose and came to him. And the devil saith to him: 'I hear that thou art wiser than all the beasts, and I have come to counsel thee.


Why dost thou 'eat' of Adam's tares and not of paradise? Rise up and we will cause him to be cast out of paradise, even as we were cast out through him.' The serpent saith to him, 'I fear lest the Lord be wrath with me.'


The devil saith to him: 'Fear not, only be my vessel and I will speak through thy mouth words to deceive him.'

In this verse the Devil (Satan) was wrath to Adam because through him the Devil was cast out of Paradise, a little strange clause because we know already that the Devil once lived in 'Paradise' (see the battle in Heaven below, where we could read that Satan was permanently cast out of Paradise by the Gods).


Therefore he could not enter the Garden of Eden anymore. Nevertheless the rewriter tells us in the next verses that the Devil still had the opportunity to come in into the Garden of Eden although it was guarded by the Cherubim's.


The above verse is also in contradiction with the story in The first book of Adam and Eve, chapter 13, where God told Adam that Satan was cast out of the Garden of Eden forever and became horrible to look at and a Demon forever.


Because of this it was impossible for Satan to come in into the Garden of Eden again; So he could not communicate with Eve who was still in the Garden of Eden.

We read further in The Apocalypse of Moses: chapter 17:

And instantly he hung himself from the wall of paradise, and when the angels ascended to worship God, then Satan appeared in the form of an angel and sang hymns like the angels.


And I bent over the wall and saw him, like an angel.


But he saith to me:

'Art thou Eve?' And I said to him, 'I am.' 'What art thou doing in paradise?'

And I said to him,

'God set us to guard and to 'eat' of it.'

The devil answered through the mouth of the serpent:

'Ye do well but ye do not 'eat' of every plant.'

And I said:

'Yea, we 'eat' of all. save one only, which is in the midst of paradise, concerning which, God charged us not to 'eat' of it: for, He said to us, on the day on which ye 'eat' of it, ye shall die the death.'

We can read here that Paradise (The Garden of Eden) was surrounded by a wall, it is most likely because of the dangers on planet Earth that the builders of the colony ( most likely the Angels) made strongholds to defend the Garden of Eden against intruders from outside.


A strange part at the beginning of this verse is that the Devil hanged himself from the wall of Paradise in the form of a serpent but even that he was able to look like an Angel?

The conclusion must be clear, someone else was talking to Eve and NOT Satan. The serpent was used as an intermediary between two beings, in this case Enki and Eve.


I mentioned already that not Satan but the God Enki spoke to Eve in the form of a serpent to persuade her to 'eat' of the plant (the tree of good and evil) because Enki's intension was to evaluate Adam and Eve to self thinking and supporting beings.


Keep also in mind that Enki knew that Adam and Eve feared Anu and Enlil of which the were no more than slaves in the Garden. Enki was the scientist of the triad of Gods and had the intension to create a suitable MAN to live on earth as a self supporting being (Adam and Eve were at that time still unable to get children).


We will see later that Enki once more tricked Enlil to protect his creations, when the Gods decided to destroy ALL living creatures with a Great Flood, by telling Noah to build an Arc to survive the flood.

We read further in The Apocalypse of Moses: chapter 18:

Then the serpent saith to me,

'May God live! but I am grieved on your account, for I would not have you ignorant. But arise, (come) hither, hearken to me and 'eat' and mind the value of that tree.'

But I said to him,

' I fear lest God be wroth with me as he told us.'

And he saith to me:

'Fear not, for as soon as thou eatest of it, ye too shall be as God, in that ye shall know good and evil. But God perceived this that ye would be like Him, so he envied you and said, Ye shall not 'eat' of it.


Nay, do thou give heed to the plant and thou wilt see its Great glory.' Yet I feared to take of the fruit. And he saith to me: 'Come hither, and I will give it thee. Follow me.'

The reader should have noticed already that Eve could not recognize either the Devil nor Enki was talking to her because the appeared to her in the form of a serpent.


In the above verse we can find prove that Enki was grieved to Anu and Enlil that Adam and Eve were kept innocent and he persuaded Eve, for their own benefit, to 'eat' of the forbidden plant.

We read further in The Apocalypse of Moses: chapter 19:

And I opened to him and he walked a little way, then turned and said to me: 'I have changed my mind and I will not give thee to 'eat' until thou swear to me to give also to thy husband.' (And) I said.

'What sort of oath shall I swear to thee? Yet what I know, I say to thee: By the throne of the Master, and by the Cherubim and the Tree of Life! I will give also to my husband to 'eat'.'

And when he had received the oath from me, he went and poured upon the fruit the poison of his wickedness, which is lust, the root and beginning of every sin, and he bent the branch on the earth and I took of the fruit and I ate.

Again a strange detail that Eve was able to open the Garden of Eden while it was guarded by the Cherubim's.


It is obvious that here is prove again that the rewriter of the story overlooked this strange clause. The only one who could enter the Garden must have been a God himself who was familiar with the Cherubim's. Indeed he was and we met him already, Enki.


The fact that Enki forced Eve to swear that Adam also would 'eat' of the plant is understandable because Enki had to bee sure that both of them would 'eat'.

Conclusion so far:

The God Enki, one of the triad of Gods, was the God who instructed Eve to 'eat' of the plant, the tree of good and evil, and NOT the Devil.


The Revolt of Satan, and the Battle in Heaven

In The Book of the Cave of Treasures we can read:

And when the prince of the lower order of angels saw what Great majesty had been given unto Adam, he was jealous of him from that day, and he did not wish to worship him.


And he said unto his hosts, 'Ye shall not worship him, and ye shall not praise him with the angels. It is meet that ye should worship me, because I am fire and spirit; and not that I should worship a thing of dust, which hath been fashioned of fine dust.'


And the Rebel meditating these things would not render obedience to God, and of his own free will he asserted his independence and separated himself from God. But he was - swept away out of heaven and fell, and the fall of himself and of all his company from heaven took place on the 'Sâtânâ' because he turned aside [from the right way], and 'Shędâ' because he was cast out, and 'Daiwâ' because he lost the apparel of his glory.


And behold, from that time until the present day, he and all his hosts have been stripped of their apparel, and they go naked and have horrible faces. And when Sâtânâ was cast out from heaven, Adam was raised up so that he might ascend to Paradise in a chariot of fire.


And the angels went before him, singing praises, and the Seraphim ascribed holiness unto him, and the Cherubim ascribed blessing; and amid cries of joy and praises Adam went into Paradise.


And as soon as Adam entered Paradise he was commanded not to 'eat' of a [certain] tree; his entrance into heaven took place at the third hour of the Eve of the Sabbath (i.e. on Friday morning).

As we can read here Satan was a prince and belonged to 'The Lower order of Angels' and was 'fire and spirit' He was jealous to Adam because Adam was of 'Higher' rank as Satan and Satan should worship Adam (a thing of dust).


Because of that Satan became independent from God and separated himself from God. apparently he had the power to do so but God swept him and his companions out of heaven, to Earth, as we will see later.


And Satan and his companions were stripped of their apparel and glory and were naked and had horrible faces after they were cast out of Heaven, this will all sound familiar when we read the sin-fall of Adam and Eve later.

What is the meaning of 'And Adam was raised up that he might ascent into Paradise in a Chariot of fire?'


There is only one possibility, Paradise was not on the Earth but somewhere above the Earth, maybe another planet in, or outside our Solar System.


What was the 'Chariot of Fire', you can imagine yourself, but I will help you, even if you don't belief it, it was an ancient SPACESHIP and I will prove that in later chapters.


The reason that Adam was raised up to 'Paradise' can only mean one thing he was temporary raised up to protect him from Satan and for the battle in Heaven.


Satan was indeed cast out of Heaven and expelled to Earth because we can read later that he appeared to Adam and Eve in 'The Garden of Eden' after their return on Earth and many more times after that.

You should have drawn your own conclusion already that there is indeed a difference between 'MAN' (the offspring of 'The God of creation' and Eve) and on the other hand the offspring of Adam and Eve, as we will see later called 'CHILDREN OF GOD' although they also belonged to MAN, and finally many ages later shortly after the Great Flood the creation called 'MEN'

When thinking over the story so far we can make the conclusion that Adam was an Angel himself because he was higher in rank, then Satan and his hosts, who at first belonged to 'The Lower Angels'.


Adam and Eve also belonged to the Angels and as so to the Generations of Heavens who were later forced to live on Earth.


Finally we can make the conclusion now that the Biblical term "MAN" is used for the Angels who were "chosen" to live on Earth permanently.


Due to their permanent stay on Earth they became immortal although they lived for a period of about 1,000 years.