by Yari Danjo Ph. D.
1994 and 1999


14 February 1994

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A theory has been proposed which accurately predicts the orbits of our Sun's planets as well as the orbits of extra-solar planets (and tiny stars) in nearby star systems.


This theory postulates that all solar systems are formed with the aid of a companion star. Ours was named Vulcan by the ancients.


The theory, only a small part of the Astro-Metrics concept, predicts the formation of not only those distant extra-solar planets, but their satellites & rings and the asteroid belt as well.


The extra-solar planets orbiting the A Star of the Alpha Centauri, 61 Cygni and 26 Draconis star systems are structured based on the Astro-Metrics model. Satellites and ring structures of only the planets (or satellites) thought possible to harbor extra-terrestrial life is attempted.


Astro-Metrics offers a theory which connects the universe to the individual, albeit with many steps in-between.


The simplest of those steps is the planet formation algorithm. However, the astronomical configuration of these certain star systems accommodates the elements needed to form and define acultured species.


The model is used to predict the general structure (and count) of sentient cultures in our galaxy. Sentient cultures (extra-terrestrial and our own) appear to form in groups of seven. Data is available to locate and partially describe, three, maybe four sentient cultures.


Two of these are, in a way, part of our own group of seven. While alien biologically is different, their culture, nominal life span, and physical shape can be broadly modeled. And we can even begin to understand ourselves.


This page offers enough information to illustrate the planet formation theory and shows some of the alien cultural model.


The model can be sharpened & expanded as needed and as new information becomes available. Contact from species within and outside of our small group of seven is to be anticipated. Extra-terrestrial alien/human contact in the distant past (3,500 and 4,500 years ago) is probable, even possibly by members of our related group of sentient cultures.


The validity of this model is partially verified by alien astronomy and can be further tested as the "fear" of extra-terrestrial contact wanes in our culture.


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