Chapter 3

Regression therapy has expanded and developed far beyond the process of uncovering repressed childhood memories. Recovery of soul fragmentation is an integral part of the clinical practice of regression therapy. Spirit Releasement Therapy and past life therapy cannot be separated in clinical sessions. In practice, the therapist trained in Past Life Therapy (PLT) and Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) can determine the difference between a past life personality and an attached spirit of a deceased human being.


There are specific methods of differentiating between the two, and the treatment is different for the two situations. Other types of attached entities and energies can also be recognized, identified, and released.


Spirit Attachment

The notion of spirit possession may seem preposterous within the context of contemporary scientific thinking and traditional mental health practice. However, when I began to read the contemporary literature on the subject, I was intrigued and very curious about the possibility that it might be valid in some way. The signs and symptoms of this condition were surfacing in many of my clients; it would have been silly to ignore this phenomenon. In addition, it would have been scientifically and professionally irresponsible to deny the evidence. Ignorance and denial have no place in the search for truth, especially within the scientific method.

I continued to observe and record, astounded at what I was uncovering through my clients in altered states. The basic assumption that must be considered in consciousness research is that consciousness is separate from the physical body and therefore it survives death of the body. Traditionally, this consciousness is called the spirit or soul. In my clinical practice, I was exploring the spiritual reality.

I devoured the literature on the subject of possession and exorcism. This included the traditional religious texts, the spiritually oriented volumes, some of them channeled, the work which came out of the Spiritualist movement, the scholarly works, and some recent books written by fervently religious deliverance ministers. Through the ages, the affliction has been widely acknowledged and accepted by most peoples on earth. Opinions on the specific details of the condition vary considerably, depending on the philosophic views, scientific and educational background, and religious beliefs of the various authors. I had no preconceived ideas, no limiting belief system to interfere with my project of discovery in the clinical setting.

By asking many questions during private sessions with clients, I learned a great deal about this spiritual affliction. The narratives were consistent, intelligent, logical, and in no way did the clients show any signs of psychotic or paranoid delusions. I continued to observe and question, gradually forming a basic hypothesis, a clinical model to explain the phenomenon of spirit attachment, and a rational method of treatment. A very few people are apparently immune to such intrusion. However, it seems that nearly everyone, at some time during their lifetime, experiences some kind of interference from discarnate entities or energies.

Any number of entities can attach to any part of the physical body: the head, neck and throat, the chest, abdomen, or pelvis, the sexual organs, or the limbs. An entity can attach to any organ, especially if there is a physical weakness or impairment. An organ transplant recipient may gain the heart and soul of the deceased donor. This condition is not uncommon.46

An entity can be caught in the aura, the energy field surrounding the physical body.47 The entity can be lodged in one of the chakras, the energy systems of the body, and can affect the organs and behavior associated with that chakra.48

In one case, a young woman complained that her 6-year-old son had begun making offensive sexual advances toward her. During a remote spirit releasement on her son, conducted through her as the intermediary, we discovered the earth-bound soul of an adult male affecting his second chakra. This is the seat of sexual energy. The entity was released and the unwanted behavior ceased.

Ideally, after a person dies, the soul rises toward the brightness, the Light, the Heavenly place. However, humans with big egos have a way of complicating things, and this passage is not always so easy or direct. Fear, anger, sadness, guilt, the need to be right, even curiosity, can often keep the newly deceased soul from moving on in the right direction. The desire for vengeance after a violent and wrongful death may keep the soul bound to the earth plane, focused on this insane desire. Vengeance is a signal, an open invitation to the DFEs.

A person who feels guilty because of his behavior during life may fear punishment in the Light. A person who has rigid beliefs about life, death, and heaven, might be a bit confused by what is encountered after leaving the physical body. In one case, the spirit of a Baptist preacher was attached to his son. He was, by God, NOT going to heaven until it was the way he knew it was supposed to be! After a brief education on the spiritual reality, he changed his mind. He bid loving farewell to his son and moved into the Light.

A victim of fire or worse, atomic explosion, will avoid the Light, which is very bright, because of the memory of death connected with a bright light. We have found groups of Japanese school children, souls literally fused together by the blast of the A-bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. A young mother who dies may remain with her little children out of duty, love, and guilt at leaving them so young. A jealous, possessive husband might decide to stay with his wife. The grief of family and friends can hold a newly deceased spirit from going on.



Someone who dies hungry for food or in need of drugs often attaches to an unsuspecting host in order to fulfill that need. Olivia was divorced and living with her mother, and she gained nearly 30 pounds in one year. Her father had died at the beginning of the year, unable to recover from surgery for stomach cancer. He was being fed by intravenous tube. He died hungry. Her mother sensed his presence for a short while following his death, then suddenly he seemed to be gone. He had joined his daughter and that is when she started to overeat. She did not realize the extent of the weight gain until her twin sister visited at Christmas time, still slim and pretty. It was her father’s insatiable hunger that drove her to overeat and gain the unnecessary weight.

A newly deceased spirit might attach to another living human immediately after its death. This happens regularly in hospitals, especially in the nursery where the newborns are kept. It is similar to a new car buyer going through a dealer’s showroom checking out the new models. A newly deceased spirit can remain in a favorite place such as a house, which makes it a haunted house. The soul consciousness of a deceased soldier can remain on duty at an assigned location such as the battlefields of the Civil War or Vietnam, a fort like the Alamo, or a vessel like the battleship Arizona, sunk in Pearl Harbor.

If a person dies with an attached entity, there are several things that can happen. If the newly deceased soul is strong enough, it will carry the attached entity or entities to the Light. The attached one can break away and either attach to someone else or wait in the gray place, an intermediate stage within the lower astral plane between the earth plane and the Light. It will recognize the former host and can reattach in the next incarnation. This can continue for many lifetimes of the host.

The newly deceased soul might not be strong enough to go to the Light with the entity attached. The soul then becomes earthbound with an attached entity. This is termed a nested entity. This nesting can extend dozens or hundreds of layers deep. In many cases, the nesting within a person began many lifetimes, perhaps centuries before. The nested entities break away, wait in the gray place, and reattach when the person comes into earth life again. We often find that the innermost one is a DFE. This is especially true in most cases of living humans with attached ETs; we discover DFEs nested within the ET.

Attachment to any given person may be completely random, even accidental.

An attachment can be benevolent in nature, self serving to fulfill a personal need of the spirit, malevolent in intention, or completely neutral. Some investigators in this field estimate that between 70% and 100% of the population are affected or influenced by one or more discarnate entities at some time in their lives.49

Our language reflects an inner knowledge of this condition:

“What got into you?”
“What possessed me to do that?”
“What came over you?”
“I’m not myself today.”

The popular comedian, Flip Wilson, expressed the concept with the comic line: “The devil made me do it.”


The Grouch

One 62-year-old male client discovered and released an attached female entity who had died of an abdominal infection. She had joined him in the hospital after his surgery for appendicitis at age six. The physical similarity of abdominal infection was like a magnet for the female spirit. The story within his family was that he had never smiled after his surgery. The woman seemed to be quite grouchy and that characteristic affected the man’s personality from that time forward.


The Football Hero and the Demon

One function of the DFEs is to undermine love in any form, any time, any place in any situation that involves people, loving couples, families, groups of people, or institutions which serve people. Individually, healthy self love can be equated with self esteem. Here’s what happened to one teenager, a high school football hero.

Tommy was plagued with disbelief about his own ability. He suffered terribly low self esteem. Even though he was an excellent player and a high scorer on the football field, he rejected the claims made by other people regarding his success. With assistance, he discovered an attached DFE. It was the dark entity that had undermined his self confidence and self esteem. It also urged him to commit suicide. Tommy died in an auto accident, recklessly and purposely. As a spirit, he was held earthbound by the DFE and he attached to Bennett, another student.

Tommy was discovered in a session with Bennett, a 37-year-old man who had suffered complex epileptic seizures on average once a week for more than a dozen years, often while driving an automobile. His seizures began about age nine after he fell off a bicycle and hit his head on a cement curb. That’s when Tommy attached. The seizures continued for about seven years, then ceased. The seizures began again when Bennett was in his mid twenties shortly after his first son was born.

Tommy joined Bennett because he had bullied Tommy’s little brother on the school yard. The motive was revenge. It was not difficult for the DFE to encourage revenge as the young man was already resentful toward Bennett about the way he had treated his little brother.

The DFE was released appropriately. Some work was completed with Tommy on his false beliefs about his skill and success. The DFE had seriously distorted his thinking about himself. He realized his mistaken perceptions and his harmful effect on Bennett. He also lamented his choice of suicide. He apologized to Bennett and gratefully went into the Light.

Eight months after the releasement procedure, Bennett had experienced only three seizures. For him this was nothing short of a miracle.


The Business Consultant And The Alien

Paul was a business consultant and he was quite successful. Strangely, the quality of his consulting advice improved after his near-death experience. During a session, Paul recalled his NDE after surgery in a hospital. He was aware of moving far away from his body, then moving slowly back in. At home after his release from the hospital, he often awoke about 4:00 AM, his mind very active, with ideas streaming in. This idea stream pertained to his clients and the information was brilliant.

Paul recalled his NDE in detail. As he described moving back toward the body, I guided him in exploring carefully to see if anything else had entered his body during his absence. Startled by what he discovered, he described an energy form which he said looked like “Gumby,” a clay cartoon figure. As he came fully into his body, the energy form squeezed out into a very thin layer.

The energy form claimed (through Paul’s voice) to be from another place. It had never been human in its own body here on earth, and it did not impose human ailments. It had none of the malevolent characteristics of the DFEs. It was an alien who had come to experiment with the mental functioning of this human. It actually offered good ideas for the mundane activity of human endeavors. Paul refused to release the alien; it was good for business. This is always the client’s choice.

Several months later, Paul phoned to let us know he had decided to release the alien. He realized he did not like his thoughts to be under the control of the alien, even though it helped his consulting business. Dependence on a non-physical being can prove to be an open door to spirit attachment by more destructive spirits.


Possession and Exorcism

The term spirit possession suggests total takeover of a living human by a non-physical entity of some kind, which rarely happens. In dealing with clients, I came to understand the condition as spirit interference or spirit attachment rather than possession. Spirit attachment implies connection, clinging, holding, a parasitic invasion of the host and this is a much more accurate description of the condition.

Historically, the task of eliminating the intruding spirits has been assigned to the shaman, holy man, healer, or priest of both civilized and indigenous populations. The older terms, exorcism, depossession, disobsession, casting out, and deliverance, indicate little or no concern or compassion for the attached entity, which is also a God-created being, even if it is a “demon.”

Religious texts assume a preconceived notion of demons, and the classic adversarial approaches to the rituals of exorcism are steeped in superstition and fear. The traditional method of exorcism seems violent and without compassion. Developed over a long period of time, the Roman Ritual continues as the model of exorcism in the Catholic Church.50 This concept of exorcism is based on the explicit command and example of Jesus to “cast out devils,” though the Church to this day fails to differentiate between demons, the minions of Lucifer, and the earthbound souls of deceased humans. They certainly don’t recognize ETs.

Deliverance ministry is a growing part of charismatic Christianity.51 Casting out demons in the name of Jesus is accomplished in a highly emotionally charged setting, and the results can be dramatic and traumatic. It is a shotgun approach to the problem, often very effective, though born of fear and set in a context of preconceived beliefs about the spirit realm. Again, there is no recognition of earthbound human souls or ETs.

About the middle of the last century, the philosophy of Spiritualism 52 was born. The movement was popular in the Unites States, and it soon spread to Europe as Spiritism.53 The two primary tenets of the philosophy of Spiritualism are:

1. Survival of consciousness after physical death.
2. The possibility of communication between living people and the spirits of the “dead” through the voice of a medium.

A medium is a person with psychic gifts, specifically the ability to allow another consciousness to speak through their voice mechanism. The medium becomes the connecting link, the “telephone” between the human facilitator and a disembodied entity. In this way, communication is possible, and earthbound souls can be contacted. Once these troubled souls have a chance to express the anger, grief, demand for justice, hunger for food, drink, or drug, or even give a last message to a loved one, they can be released to their next step of spiritual evolution: the Light. This seems to be the first compassionate approach to releasing
these confused souls. Countless lost souls were guided home to the Light.54

In Brazil, remote spirit releasement is conducted routinely at the healing centers run by the Medical Spiritist Association of Sao Paulo. The work of dis-obsession, as it is called, is conducted by a group of six mediums. Four of the people sit in a circle facing a fifth at the center. A sixth person acts as facilitator. The facilitator calls out for the spirit that is interfering with the identified patient.

That spirit incorporates, or enters into, the medium in the center of the circle.

Finally, the spirit is expelled and apparently guided to its appropriate destination. This is a generous and compassionate service, performed free of charge.


Spirit Releasement Therapy

The development of the methods of treatment for the condition of spirit attachment covered several years. I coined the term Spirit Releasement Therapy® (SRT) to describe the clinical (not ritual) techniques. The entity and the client are released from each other and the entity is escorted by spirit helpers to its rightful place in the Light, wherever that might be.

The word “release” means to set free from restraint, confinement or servitude; to relieve from something that confines, burdens, or oppresses. It also signifies the relief or deliverance from sorrow, suffering, or trouble; discharge from obligation or responsibility; relinquishment of a right or claim; the act of liberating or freeing, as from restraint. Adding the suffix “ment” indicates the process of releasing.

Each different type of entity must be guided to its appropriate destination. That’s what Spirit Releasement Therapy is about: discovering, identifying, and releasing the “extras” that are just along for the ride.55 It is a gentle but firm, methodical and logical, rational approach to dealing with spirits or other non-physical beings. It works with EBs, DFEs, and ETs! Or any combination!

SRT consists of six parts. The first step is to discover any and all (there is never just one) attached entities. There are many clues which assist in the discovery of an attached entity.

The second step is identification of the various attached entities. There are many types of discarnate and non-physical energies that can and do attach. Clients have described several types of nearly human spirits, “little people” such as trolls, imps, gnomes, devas (nature spirits associated with plants which are found in cases of cocaine or marijuana addiction, for example), the damaged souls of victims of genetic experimentation, crystals, shapeless blobs and shadows, thought forms, implants of various kinds and other unidentifiable energies which defy classification.

However, most of the attached entities fall into one of three categories:

1. EBs: earthbound souls of deceased humans, including terminated pregnancies and mind fragments of living persons.
2. DFEs: the dark force entities, historically called demons.
3. ETs: extraterrestrials, aliens, or that is, beings from other worlds, dimensions or densities.

The third step is dialogue with the entity (through the client’s voice) to find out why it’s here and what it wants, and to start the specific treatment which will lead it to release willingly from the client.

The fourth step is the actual release of the attached entity; each different type requires a different releasement process and each is taken to a different, specific destination.

The fifth step is a guided imagery of light for the client. It is important to metaphorically fill the space left by the departing entities.

The sixth step is ongoing therapy for the client. More entities can be found and released in subsequent sessions. Past life therapy is very effective in resolving current life problems. Recovery of lost soul fragments is essential to the client in order to increase the inner strength, the “spiritual immune system.” Inner child healing56 is vital to restore balance to the life of the client. It is essential to resolve the conflicts and heal the emotional vulnerability which first allowed the spirit attachment. This may prevent the recurrence of spirit attachments in the future, though there is no absolute preventive measure, no immunity against attaching entities.


Identification of Entities

The condition of spirit possession or spirit attachment does not involve light beings. Angels, spirit guides, guardian angels and other such beings do not become attached and they do not use the energy of the person. They are here to assist, not force any agenda on the human; they are very patient. They do not make decisions for the person nor attempt to control in any way. They are present to assist human beings, not to influence, manipulate, exploit, or violate them.

There are several ways of detecting an attached entity and differentiating it from a past life personality or fragment of consciousness.


This is the primary question:

Dr. B.: “Are you part of______ (client’s name) or someone else?”

The past life character, a subpersonality, or an alter personality in a person with multiple personalities will state immediately that it is definitely a part of the person. An attached human entity will usually tell it the way it is.

Once an entity is discovered, this is the next question:

Dr. B.: “Have you ever been alive in your own human body? Have you ever been human in your own physical body, on this planet?”

The earthbound human spirit will immediately reply in the affirmative. The spirit of the terminated pregnancy is also aware of being human, though it has no experience of being born. The mind fragment of a living person knows its body is living right now. Non-human entities, DFEs, and ETs, will usually reply with an emphatic “NO!”

The body scan is an effective method for discovering attached entities. The client is directed to focus within and by seeing and/or feeling, scan the body and describe anything present.

Dr. B.: “Focus inward. Notice any shapes or shadows, faces or forms, tight-ness or tension, pain or other sensation, any emotional holding, any disruption of energy, any holes or vacant places, anything at all, anywhere in the body. Trust what comes and describe right out loud.”

The client moves deeper into altered state as the focus turns inward. Sensations and images usually come up and are described clearly. The following examples are typical:

“a pain in my lower back,” “a tightness in the neck,” “a black blob in my gut,” or “a metal band squeezing around my head just above my eyes.”

The therapist uses the exact words of the client in the questions.


The Human Soul

Dr. B.: “If that pain in your lower back wanted to talk, what would it say right now?”
Dr. B.: “If that tightness in the neck could speak, what would it say, right out loud?”
Dr. B.: “As you focus on that feeling, what image comes, what are you experiencing?”

The words that come can be descriptions of emotional feelings such as anger or fear, the phrase can be associated with an image or scene of a traumatic incident in this life or another incarnation during which the lower back or neck were wounded. The therapist must be sensitive to whatever information emerges at this time, and not criticize or reject what the client is experiencing, regardless of personally held beliefs.

If it is a past life death scene of the client, it is processed to completion and resolution with past life therapy techniques. Any remaining emotion, especially blame and guilt, are resolved as this trauma is released. There is forgiveness, if necessary, and the newly deceased soul in that lifetime is escorted to the Light by the beings who normally come to assist. This usually eases or eliminates the physical symptoms in the present body caused by the residual emotional baggage from the earlier lifetime.

If it is the memory of a death trauma imposed by an attached entity, the event is processed only to the point of release for the entity. It is not fair nor appropriate for the client to experience the death pain and the emotional memories of the entity as it goes through the entire process of resolution of all the issues involved. It will have another chance in a future incarnation to resolve its own unfinished business from the earlier existence. What is done in the physical body must be undone in the physical body. Once the entity is willing to let go, it is carefully escorted into the Light by another spirit, often a loved and trusted family member or friend.

If the tightness in the neck or the pain in the lower back was part of the death memory of an entity, then the trauma the client was carrying and suffering from, both physically and in the memory banks of the subconscious mind, was never his/hers, but imposed by the attached entity. There is no way to know all the cumulative effects on the host’s physical and emotional time track through this life and any other since the entity’s death and attachment to the host. The interference is incalculable. And this is just one single attachment. We never find just one attached entity.

The different kinds of entities will give surprisingly specific and consistent responses to such queries as these. It is usually possible to identify the type of attached entity by the way they answer. Further questions firmly establish the identification.

The questions continue.

Dr. B.: “Are you male or female?”
Usually, the EB recalls its gender. The terminated pregnancy knows its gender.
Dr. B.: “How old are you?”

The answer is usually immediate. The EB will declare its age. The terminated pregnancy has no age in years. This soul does know how many months along it was inside mother.

Dr. B.: “What year is it for you?”
The EB is fixated in the year of its death. There is no passing of time in spirit.
The terminated pregnancy is not aware of any date.
Dr. B.: “What is your name?”

The EB usually knows its name. The terminated pregnancy has no name. Babies are not named until after the rite of passage of birth. The therapist offers this soul a chance to choose a name for itself. The little one may take a name like White Cloud, or Pink Rose, or Peace.

Dr. B.: “Where were you before you joined_______ (client’s name)?”
The EB will have a clear memory of its own life, its death and the events between that moment and the attachment to the host. The terminated pregnancy will usually describe being in the Light.


Terminated Pregnancy

Of course, most spirits of terminated pregnancies go to the Light. Those who don’t find the Light usually stay with the mother or they might attach to the next fetus when mother becomes pregnant again. It is not unusual for a new baby to be born with an attached spirit of a would-have-been sibling.

One female client accompanied and comforted her adult daughter during an abortion. The spirit of the terminated fetus attached to its grandmother. In a scan of past lives it was discovered that she was supposed to have been its mother in a former lifetime, and she had aborted it then. It had attempted to return to the family in this manner.

In many cases of twins, one fetus may die at some point early in the pregnancy. The fetal tissue is reabsorbed and all traces of the pregnancy disappear. The spirit of the deceased twin is often discovered with the surviving twin and adamantly claims the body as its own, no matter the age of the survivor. This entity will be angry at the host, defiant toward the therapist, and insistent on staying. This is not an option. With love, they are gently released into the Light.

Many cases of “Vanishing Twin Phenomenon” (VTP) have come to light recently. Two in every 75 people are born as twins. According to medical statistics, between 75% and 85% of women with early diagnosis of twin pregnancy will only deliver one baby. In most cases of twins discovered after 15 weeks in utero, both fetuses will grow normally and be born.”

Writer and researcher Caryl Dennis 58 suggests the fetus is too large to resorb after the first trimester. She claims to have heard reports of VTP throughout the gestation period, including one case that occurred just two hours prior to delivery. One of the umbilical cords simply comes to an end! There is no valid medical explanation for many of these cases.

Dennis, who claims to have a twin on an alien spacecraft, suggests these twins may be separated and removed by ETs in order to study growth and development of these closely related children in the different environments: earth and spacecraft. There may be other reasons as well. Her work has uncovered some fascinating as well as sinister overtones.

In light of the VTP and after having encountered so many cases of spirit attachment after terminated pregnancies, we were better able to understand and assist the human/alien hybrids when we began to discover them as attached entities.


Mind Fragment of a Living Person

It is not unusual to find a mind fragment of another living person with a client. It first appears to be an attached entity, yet on further questioning, it turns out to be a fragment which has split away from the body/mind of the other person. It can then go out-of-body and can attach to another living person.

The mind fragment knows the present date, since it is an integral part of someone living in this reality in his/her own human body. It knows its name and gender for the same reason. In its own mind, it has a clear, logical purpose for being attached. This intrusion is not appropriate, and the mind fragment is sent back to its own body/mind.

The mind fragment often turns out to be from a parent of the client, usually the mother, who was very possessive during childhood. A possessive mother can become a possessing mother.59 A person with an illness can parasite on a healthy person. This is a sort of psychic vampirism. In the practice of Witchcraft and black magic, which always includes the DFEs, casting a spell may involve a fragment of the practitioner’s consciousness which can be transmitted to the victim.60


Sister, Brother and...

A session with a young woman revealed an interesting twist. Gwen, the client, was well aware of the presence of Richie, her brother, who had died in an automobile accident some months earlier. The single car accident is often a suicide.61 Richie acknowledged this was the case; he had chosen to die. She loved him deeply and she consciously welcomed him to join her after his death. A scan of past lives revealed that they had been lovers in other times.

With very little explanation of his situation and the effects he had on his beloved sister, Richie expressed his love for Gwen and was ready to release from her and move into the Light, but it appeared to be too far away. Since there was no resistance to the release from either of them, this was an indication of some kind of interference. It turned out to be another entity attached to Richie. As he explored within his own being, he discovered the entity, but could not identify it.

The questions were addressed to this deeper entity.

Dr. B.: “You, the one inside Richie, inside Gwen, step forward and speak. You the one interfering with these people, speak up.”
Gwen: “Yes, what do you want?”
Dr. B.: “Who are you and what are you doing here?”
G.: “I’m their mother.”

She revealed that she was truly their mother in this lifetime and she had attached to her son when he was about two years old. As mother was still living, this was a separated fragment of her consciousness. Her possessive and overpowering love, along with her fear of inadequacy for the job of raising a child, had caused her to fragment and attach to her tiny baby boy.

In the classic description of spirit attachment or possession, the living person is possessed by the spirit of a deceased person. Here was the reverse situation, in which a deceased spirit was possessed by a living person.62


Non-Human Entities

Some of the entities claim that they have never been alive in their own human bodies. Hostility, arrogance, and disruptive behavior mark the dark force entity, or DFE, the true demonic being which has never been human. While there is a hierarchy of dark force beings spread across the fabric of time, space, dimension, and the universe of universes, most claim allegiance to the Lucifer energy. They fear punishment for failure and they blindly obey the commands of their superiors.

There has been speculation that a demon is a projection of the human shadow, the externalization of the darker side of our personalities, as described by Carl Jung.63 In 17 years of clinical experience in this field, I have witnessed scant idence of that correlation. DFEs are not the shadow.



When a client discovers these entities, the reaction is often fear and disgust. These do not call themselves “demons,” they call themselves dark. “Demon” is a designation assigned by humans. We use the generic term “dark force entity” to more accurately describe these errant beings. The DFEs can be assisted in their own transformation and released appropriately to their own place in the Light.


Dark Force Entities

Again, from the body scan descriptions:

Dr. B.: “If that black blob in your gut had a face, what would it look like?”
C: “Really ugly. Fangs and red eyes.”

Black and red are the signal colors of the DFEs. The red eyes are a dead giveaway. The demonic entity displays red eyes most of the time. Less often, the eyes may be a menacing black, a fiery orange, a sickly yellow, or an oily, ominous green. These shape-shifters can attempt to impersonate a loved one, a helping angel, even the Christ figure, but the eyes, the windows of the soul, give them away.


In these false guises, the DFE can hold the normal color for less than a minute, then the red begins to show.

Dr. B.: “If that black blob in your gut had a sound, what would it be?”

The black blob will make a sound the client will attempt to mimic, such as a growl, a snarl, or a hiss. This is most likely a DFE. The therapist directs another question, using the specific sound as a descriptor and a name.

Dr. B.: “You, growler, if you could speak, what would you say right out loud?”

This entity knows it has been discovered. That is grounds for punishment in the dark realm. The entity is angry, hostile, belligerent, arrogant, fearful, and resentful toward the therapist. There is one typical reply which is nearly a diagnostic certainty by itself.

C.:”F__k you!”

With this response, we are fairly certain we are dealing with a DFE. One more question can be posed for a final confirmation of identification of a DFE.

Dr. B.: “What color is the light where you come from?”
C: “There is no light.” Or, “It’s just black.”

This confirms the presence of a DFE.

Many clients described a feeling of being blocked in life. The dark being will describe its job assignment as stopping or blocking the client. After the DFE is released, the client no longer feels blocked.

The DFEs try to assume ownership of other beings. They are controlled absolutely by their superiors and they claim to have that same control over the person they are plaguing. They are defiant toward the therapist who intends to oust them.

C: “Go away, I’m not leaving. She’s mine!”

Diagnosis is clear: this is a dark force entity, a DFE, historically termed “demon,” of which there are many levels and strengths. The procedure for dealing with DFEs is firm, specific, immediate, and effective. We call on the Warrior Angels of Light to surround and protect everything and everyone in the area where we are working, and the families and loved ones of all of us involved, to stand against the darkness as a bastion of light. The Warrior Angels of Light do not do battle with the DFEs. And the DFEs do not mount a frontal attack on beings of light.

We request assistance from a team of very powerful beings called the Rescue Spirits of Light who first bind the DFEs in an inescapable capsule of light. We guide the captured DFE to the discovery of its own spark of light at its center. (Every God-created being has that spark, the monad.) Its darkness disappears, its attitude changes totally, and it makes a choice for the Light. This is the transformation of a DFE. The Rescue Spirits of Light transport each of these transformed dark beings to its own place in the Light.

The results are consistent and permanent.64


ETs and Aliens

Another type of attached entity is non-human and non-demonic, usually a highly intelligent being who claims to be from “far away,” and only visiting here on some kind of mission. Rarely do they recall having been human in their own physical bodies here on earth, though some therapists are finding this more often.

This is not the spirit of a deceased ET, not a DFE, but an alien in its normal form: non-physical. The aliens, or ETs, are not DFEs! Demons do not have to travel in space ships.


Again, from the body scan:

Dr. B.: “If you could expand your awareness of that metal band squeezing around your head just above your eyes, what would you perceive?”

The metal band around the head just above the eyes is almost always an alien device, placed by extraterrestrials for the purpose of monitoring, communicating with, and controlling a human being. The band is not solid, physical metal as we know it, but an etheric, non-physical, energy form that appears metallic to the client in altered state of consciousness. There are many kinds of implants, and this device causes pain when discovered in a session.

Dr. B.: “Expand your awareness. Describe the band.”

It is usually described as a crude piece of equipment. There may be one or more antenna extending from it. There are often wires or connectors coming off it, going into the body at many different points, and other wires leading up to a “craft.” The client at this point realizes this is an ET device. Fear and impotent anger often surface. This may lead into a memory of an alien abduction, but the purpose of this particular session is to discover and remove the device and the alien technician(s) who are operating it, and anything else involved. The possibility of an abduction experience can be explored in a subsequent session.

Once such a contraption is described by the client, we make a tentative assumption that it is an ET device. This question is directed toward the one we assume to be present. In most cases, it responds.

Dr. B.: “To you, the one operating this device, have you been alive in your own human body?”
C: “No.” A simple statement.
Dr. B.: “What’s the first thing you would say to us.”
C: “Why are you interfering? What do you want? I have my job to do. We are gathering information.”

The speech is clipped, efficient, and without emotion. They are here on business and they are serious about it.

Dr. B.: “Where are you from?”
C: “Far away.”
Dr. B.: “What color is the Light in your place far away?”

The light in their world or universe is always a different color from the golden-white light described in the NDE and the past life death experience in the human realm. The ETs describe their light as green, blue, pink, orange, lemon-silver, lavender, deep purple, blue-black, gray, or some other color. Some have been away from “home” for a long time, and don’t know how to get back.

They are not belligerent or openly hostile as the DFEs are. The replies often show impatience, low tolerance to humans, even a condescending attitude as if toward inferiors. The image arises of a white rat challenging the white-coated lab technician during the maze experiments. They usually refuse to speak further. Identification is clear; this series of responses mark this entity as an alien, an ET.


An ET Connection

In a demonstration session in an SRT Training, Brenda went quickly into an altered state. She felt a slight pressure around her head and discovered a typical metal band. She had no prior experience with ET interference, abduction, nor any memory of lost time. This was a total surprise to her.

As we worked with her, the pain increased. We called out to the technician in charge of the device, and this one quickly responded. We called to this one’s superior, and firmly requested that we be connected to the highest authority in charge of this operation. This finally led to the home-world council. They were willing to answer our questions. Yes, they knew full well about the devices attached to many humans like this woman. Yes, they were just gathering information, scientific data. And why were we interfering with their activities? These typical responses identified the intruders, and specifically the one with her who was operating the device, as ETs.

They were hostile and refused to remove the device. They claimed the right to take over humans at random, without regard for harm or damage to the host/victim of this intrusion. This attitude confirms the influence of DFEs. These were apparently members of an alien civilization controlled by DFEs.

We completed the process of discovery and release of the DFEs, from the little dark one attached to and controlling the technician to the high dark being dominating the home-world council. The attitude of the ETs always changes after this release. The bored technician is tired and is ready to go home, and the home-world council is grateful for the release from the tyrannical dictatorship and total bondage they experienced under the dark masters.

The ETs agreed to remove the devices from the client and from all other humans they had intruded upon in this way. The pain ceased and Brenda was greatly relieved, astonished at what she had discovered and experienced. She realized how they had influenced her, and could feel that certain things within her were very different. Her husband reported later that he would have paid $ 1,000 to gain this kind of assistance for her had he known it was available. He was delighted with the changes in his wife.


ETs And The College Student

A variation on the headband is the metallic skullcap. It extends over the entire head, and comes down to the same level over the eyes as the band. We discovered such a device on a young woman during a remote releasement session requested by her father. Elena was a college student, and during her senior year her behavior had seriously deteriorated. Within the year prior to the session, she had grown rebellious and defiant. She moved away from home with a female friend with different social values than the family, began using alcohol, frequenting student bars, attending rock concerts, and gathering “creepy” friends. She experienced mood swings, and would act very hostile on the days her parents would pray for her.

In this session, the father perceived the skullcap immediately and described two antennae projecting from it. The technician was discovered, but when we focused on the leadership hierarchy, he perceived “other-worldly” beings, yet in some location on planet Earth. We questioned this, but continued observing.

He was “seeing” a highly technical installation where many of these beings, including humans in military uniforms, seemed to be working. These other-worldly
beings were diaphanous yet quasi-physical, highly intelligent, not in the least threatened by our discovery of their presence.65 And yes, they were on this planet.

These beings were conducting some sort of mind control experiments on many humans, with permission by some human authority, and absolutely refused to cease their operations. As the therapist and facilitator of the sessions, I usually make a demand for the client’s sovereign right of individual freedom and free will in such cases. Usually it works, sometimes not so well. This being disdainfully agreed to release this one woman from the project, but no one else.

This aroused my curiosity and I asked:

Dr. B.: “How many humans on this planet are you affecting in this way?”
The immediate, unmistakable, and ominous reply:
C: “Ask your government.”

Father perceived him turning his attention away from us. We were unimportant to him, as was the single female subject he had just discarded from his project.
There was an unmistakable feeling of malevolence and personal threat. That was enough. While I do not concur with the conspiracy theorists regarding the Government-ET connection, I believe the intelligence agencies are capable of covert nefarious activities involving citizens. I also believe that psychic abilities and mind control have been explored and developed to a highly practical level. We were not going to explore that situation, no matter our curiosity. This was my personal choice.

We turned to the next aspect of the remote session, recovery of soul fragmentation. There was a high degree of fragmentation, or soul loss. At age 20, what caused that? We managed to recover some fragments. This is more effectively accomplished working directly with the client. Even so, we seemed to accomplish a good bit of improvement in the young woman’s condition.

Her father called soon after the brief remote session. He had begun to see behavior and attitude changes in his daughter, and he was thankful for the session. It is terribly painful to lose a child to anything. It is an unimaginable violation to lose a child to entities such as DFEs and ETs in some kind of mind control experiment. But to our own government? This is an outrage beyond comprehension. The possibility begs for further investigation and discovery.


Remote Spirit Releasement

Spirit Releasement Therapy is normally conducted directly, with the client and the therapist together in the same location. The work can also be done remotely, with the client or target person at a distance, even if they do not know the work is being done for them. We consider the remote work as a sort of prayer for help.


The results of the remote releasement work validates not only the clinical framework and techniques of SRT, but also the concept of non-local reality and the connectedness of all consciousness.

Remote spirit releasement requires an intermediary, a surrogate to act as the medium, or connecting link. In an altered state of consciousness, it seems that most of us can connect with the minds of other beings, even ourselves in past times and future times. We can connect with others who have left the physical body in death.

We can visualize distant locations and perceive accurately what is happening. In more primitive times and indigenous cultures, the shaman would enter an altered state and travel or “journey” for various purposes, for example to check the condition of family members and friends at distant locations, or to locate herds of caribou.66

In sessions with clients, we routinely conduct remote spirit releasements on children, rebellious teens, alcoholic husbands who would not come for a session, aging parents or other family members who live a distance away, or someone in coma. In a therapy session we are working on the family system. Whatever affects one member can also affect others. This is an important part of any private session. The results can be seen immediately.

The client is directed to visualize or get a sense of the target person. Next the client connects with the perceived eyes of the other. There is little doubt when that
connection is made. Next, we ask for High Self permission before proceeding with the work on the target person. Clients describe the permission as a smile on the face of the other person, a nod of the head, a pleading call for help, a red neon sign saying “YES,” or some other definite reply. Rarely is the answer “NO.” If it is, we end the remote session.

Once we have permission from High Self, the process is the same as with any direct spirit releasement. The client becomes the connecting link, the communication line to the target person, or persons in the case of a spirit releasement on several of the client’s family members. It is a courageous act and a very loving gift for the others involved.


The Non-local Connection

The phenomenon of channeling, or allowing another consciousness to speak through the voice, is well documented.677 Remote viewing, or perception of a location or activity at a distant place or time, has been studied and verified in careful experiments.68 The power of prayer to heal at a distance has been established in a number of studies.69 This ability to connect might be described as a psychic gift though most clients can accomplish a remote connection in an altered state. This is described as “non-local connection.”70 It can also be considered as evidence of Universal Oneness, a basic spiritual principle,71 the connectedness of all things, everywhere and everywhen.72

Remote communication is possible in this way with beings who are backward or forward in time, far distant in space, alive or deceased, and apparently in other dimensions (whatever that means). There seem to be no barriers to such remote viewing and remote communication, and therefore, remote spirit releasement.

When a client, in altered state, is recalling and reliving an alien abduction experience, there seems to be a non-local, yet very real, connection with the event itself. We can use the remote techniques and speak with the ET who performs the physical examination or implantation of the communication/monitoring device. Time as it exists on the earth plane is not the same for the aliens. The dimension we call time seems to be completely malleable for the ETs.

I don’t pretend to understand this, yet I have observed the success of the techniques of past life therapy, spirit releasement therapy, and remote spirit releasement therapy. Extrapolating from this success, I have come to accept the validity of these distant, non-local connections and trust that something beneficial has been accomplished through the remote work with the aliens and their civilizations. I intuitively know the work leads to the healing of many souls in those distant places, perhaps in other dimensions.

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Chapter 4

Our sun is a small star near the outer edge of one arm of the spiral galaxy we call the Milky Way. The nearest stars in the galaxy are Alpha and Proxima Centauri, and it takes a particle (or wave) of light about four years to reach us from those stars, traveling at the rate of 186,000 miles per second. Many of the stars we see in the night sky are not stars like our sun but entire galaxies, some much larger than our own, that are so far away they appear as tiny points of light.

With all the stars out there it is almost certain that more than a few have orbiting planets similar to our own solar system. It is inconceivable that life exists nowhere but on the planet earth. Many people have speculated on the possibility of intelligent life developing somewhere in the universe at some time during the 15 billion years since it began.73 Scientists estimate our own earth is about 5 billion years old and look what has happened here!

In 1996, the announcement of a possible life form, though primitive, detected on a rock from the planet Mars, caused a flurry of speculation and excitement among scientists and the general public. The rock was thought to have been ejected millions of years earlier, possibly in a volcanic eruption, thrust beyond Mars gravity, and eventually caught by Earth’s gravity.


It was discovered in the Arctic where a number of other rocks of similar origin have been found. The exploration of Mars and the study of its history is continuing with a series of 10 spacecraft called Mars Pathfinder. Soon after the Pathfinder lands, a six wheeled rover about the size of a milk crate rolls down a ramp onto the surface of the red planet to examine, analyze, and gather soil and rock samples for return to Earth. This project is planned to last into the year 2005.

Science fiction writers have given us countless sketches of alien civilizations on distant planets and earth visitations by those extraterrestrials. In these imaginative tales, aliens approach earth and her inhabitants for many reasons: to share their advanced technology and knowledge with primitive earthlings; to conquer and take over our population using high tech weapons against our crude weapon systems (similar to the way Europeans swept over the Native American populations of this country using firearms against bows and arrows); friendly commercial trading of goods and services; to enslave humans as workers on their planet; to gather humans as food as we do the “lower animals” of earth; perhaps to live on earth as inhabitants because their own homeworld was destroyed.

Reports of mysterious flying craft and unearthly beings are part of earth’s history.74 Drawings on stones and in caves portray humanoid figures with a bubble-like shape around the head, similar to our own astronauts and their space helmets.

The double star system of Sirius was only discovered in recent years after large telescopes were brought into use. Yet cave drawings in Africa crudely depict such a double star system and the Dogon people describe accurately where the system is located in the night sky. Their oral history contains accounts of being: from that place coming to earth.75 In the Bible, the prophet Ezekiel gave a description of what might be interpreted as a high tech space vehicle and its inhabitants.76


During his voyage to the new world, Christopher Columbus described a shiny craft flying across the bow of his ship and splashing into the ocean.

In modern times, the number of UFO sightings, both from the ground and from aircraft, and reports of the alleged activities of aliens, including animal mutilation and abduction of humans, has increased dramatically. For a time after World War II, the U. S. Air Force investigated UFOs, concluding that, though nearly one fourth of the sightings remained unexplained, the phenomena of UFOs posed no threat to national security. As of 1969, the Air Force admitted no official interest in the subject.77 Apparently the military still seems to be very interested in the field.

Are UFOs real or imagined? Many apparently physical vehicles, visible to the naked eye and the radar screen, have suddenly disappeared off the screen. What happens to such craft which are present one moment and gone the next? There is evidence such as radar contact, video tape footage of ostensible unidentified flying objects, physical scars on human bodies, but only unfounded reports of saucers or alien bodies. At least such information has not been made public.

Crash sites that make the headlines are quickly declared off limits by law enforcement agencies. Military and civilian pilots, and astronauts, who report UFOs are ordered, even threatened, into maintaining silence about such encounters. Some authors claim there is a law against contact with alien beings. If so, this would tend to silence those who have had contact.

Secrecy reigns! Out of this secrecy grow many rumors, exaggerations of details, and the fear of a government conspiracy to cover up and suppress the information. The federal government has been accused of propagating disinformation, presenting deliberate lies and misleading “facts” regarding UFO sightings, landings, and recovered alien bodies. So far there are no concrete answers for the public.

It is possible that no one on earth really knows the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. The government is a convenient scapegoat for the fear and paranoia. Many people have accepted the possibility of a major UFO cover-up by the U.S. government and other governments around the world.78 The conspiracy theory has grown into a highly charged emotional issue among UFO believers.

The eminent Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, addressed the issue of “flying saucers.”79 In a letter to the Zurich newspaper, Weltwoche, he stated,

“So far only one thing is certain: it is not just a rumor, something is seen.’”

Jung suggested the possibility of individual or collective hallucination, perhaps as a response “to fears created by an apparently insoluble political situation which might at any moment lead to a universal catastrophe.” This was written in 1954, at a time when the threat of nuclear devastation was very real. “At such times men’s eyes turn to heaven for help, and marvelous signs appear from on high, of a threatening or reassuring nature.” The unknown objects seen in the sky might actually be shaped by our psychic projections.

Though he acknowledged the physical evidence of UFOs as seen in radar blips, Jung focused on the psychic, spiritual, and archetypal dimensions of the phenomenon. The disc or sphere shape, he suggested, was analogous to the mandala, the Sanskrit word for circle, an almost universal symbol of unity, protection, a modern symbol of order, which organizes and embraces the psychic totality. What might Jung speculate about the triangular shape described in more recent sightings?

The thinking of Jung regarding archetypal images and psychic projections is echoed by authors Keith Thompson 80 and Jacques Valee.81 Myths of fairies, elves, trolls, gnomes, angels, and demons abound in the richness of human legend through the millennia. Some contemporary investigators have added UFOs to this mythology.


The Alien Abduction Experience

People who report abduction experiences present a remarkably consistent picture of the sequence of events. It seems as though certain patterns have been established and there is some standard operating procedure during alien abductions. This has been reported throughout the world. The abduction experience can be confusing, traumatic, and terribly disruptive in a person’s life. If the experiencers choose to talk about it, they are often ridiculed by friends and family, unless other members of the family have also been abducted. Even then, some people would rather not acknowledge the events. In some cases, family members have become estranged from one another following abduction experiences.

Most mental health professionals are skeptical about UFOs and alien abduction, and many are downright insulting in their attitude toward experiencers. This shows a deplorable ignorance of the field and an unprofessional lack of compassion for the person who needs help in sorting out and integrating such an unsettling experience. In some cases, an abduction has led to a personal spiritual transformative experience. If a person can get beyond the emotional and physical trauma, there may be a spiritual message or challenge to be gained.82

Like other emotional and physical trauma and personal invasion, the experience for many people must remain secret, and the stress caused by these events and memories can affect a person for years. Post traumatic stress disorder following combat and war experience, rape or kidnapping, or alien abduction is a very real condition. That so many people report and describe such experience indicates a frightening reality, so widely disparate from consensus reality that it defies explanation, and we must pay attention with an open mind. If there is a larger reality than the materialistic, mechanistic, reductionist, Newtonian-Cartesian model of Western Science, it must be explored. It may be that our very survival is at stake, particularly if we are to survive our own crimes and excesses against each other and against the planet.

According to some reported abduction cases, people are taken from automobiles. These cases typically begin with a UFO sighting. The person (or persons) stop the car to get a better look, then realize they cannot move; they become paralyzed and their mind goes blank. When they next become aware of their surroundings, a period of time has passed, typically about two hours or more, and they are either sitting in their car at the side of the road, or they are driving on the road at some distance from where the sighting occurred.

Some experiencers report seeing smallish “people” standing near a craft. They go aboard, accompanied by the small beings. Several humans may be involved and they walk or are lifted into the craft. In a few reported cases, the entire automobile and all passengers have been lifted aboard the spacecraft.

An abduction can take place at night while a person is sleeping. If there is a partner, that one is “switched off during the episode and cannot be awakened. The abduction sometimes begins as a vivid dream and the details may remain hazy or unreal. A person might be awakened by small beings in the bedroom. The aliens seem to come through the window in a bright beam of light, and they have been reported as coming through the ceiling, the walls, or closed doors. There is often a bright light source outside or in the room. The person is floated off the bed, through the wall or closed door or window and upward to the waiting craft. In some cases, two or more members of a family are lifted at the same time. Women who see their children taken at the same time are particularly distressed at their own helplessness.

According to some reports, the abduction takes place when a person is involved with a group of people in some outdoor activity. Others in the group may become focused on something else or may be switched off as the target person walks away from the group and discovers a craft and small beings waiting.

The abduction may occur when a person is alone in broad daylight. They describe a flash of light, a swirling disruption of some kind, then a period of lost time, again, about two hours or more. There is usually amnesia for the time period.

In a relaxed and altered state of consciousness in a session, the person can usually recall what happened during the period of lost time. Some investigators use a type of hypnotic regression to explore the memories.83

Many experiencers recall being lifted onto the ship or craft and led into a brightly lit room. The light emanates from the walls and surfaces in the room; there are no light fixtures as such. They see equipment along the walls and an examining table. With the fear and confusion a person feels at this time, these memories may seem vague. The person may be kept in a waiting room for a time, then escorted by several small beings along a curved hallway or corridor into the brightly lit room. The scene resembles a modern surgery room in a hospital: clean, sterile, the personnel efficient and impersonal.

In this scenario there are typically several small beings doing things with the equipment, and one who carefully undresses the person. The abductee cannot move from the cold metallic table; there is a mental torpor and physical paralysis. The small beings may perform simple physical examination procedures: taking skin, blood, and tissue samples from various parts of the body. In many abduction cases, the experiencer sees a taller being entering the room, obviously someone in charge to whom the smaller beings defer. When this one shows up, the smaller ones often back away from the table, allowing full access to the person being examined.

The abductee senses the authority and command position of this taller being. Some people describe this one as “the doctor,” even before it performs the “medi-cal” procedures. Some abductees have sensed the smaller beings may be some form of intelligent robot or android rather than living beings.

The taller being continues the physical procedures, including the extraction of eggs from females and sperm from males. Many women have been impregnated during an abduction. Within a few months, these women are transported onto the ship again and the growing fetus is removed. These disappearing pregnancies have caused a great deal of emotional trauma to many women. Many UFO investigators have suggested that some kind of breeding program is being conducted by the aliens.

Toward the end of the ordeal, either the taller being or the smaller ones may remove or implant a small metallic device, most often in the ear, nose or a sinus cavity. There is speculation that these devices may be for purposes of locating, monitoring, controlling, or some sort of communication.

Most abductees are returned to their own beds. Some have been dumped onto open fields or grassy areas outside their homes. They are then floated into their beds, with leaves or grass stuck to their nightclothes. It has been reported that some women’s nightgowns have been put on backwards! Some people discover new blemishes or scars on their bodies, or blood on sheets and pillows.

Nosebleeds are not uncommon after an abduction. Some of these metallic implants have fallen out or been removed by physicians. A few have shown up on x-ray film or on MRI scans in various locations in the head. There is no medical explanation.84

Some abduction cases involve the entire family and friends as well. Dr. Karla Turner describes the horrors she and her family endured as they discovered the suspected signs and symptoms of typical alien abductions.85 She also described unpleasant visits to her home by humans in military uniforms, which might suggest an alternative explanation. This was not explained.

Karla Turner closes her book with a statement about the very real presence of the aliens. And a plea that if we don’t learn the purpose of these alien intrusions, we will remain their helpless victims. Tragically, Dr. Karla Turner died of cancer early in 1996.

An intriguing correlation between the UFO abduction and the NDE has emerged. In two books by Raymond Fowler, The Watchers, and The Watchers II, Betty Andreasson Luca vividly describes her abduction experiences. She is led by the aliens through a passageway capped by a Great Door, for the purpose of meeting the One. The place where the One resides is called Home. This is a magnificent experience, and not unlike some descriptions of the NDE.86 In the second book, Fowler compares the differences and similarities between NDE and UFO abduction.

In The Omega Project, Ken Ring describes at some length the parallel between UFO abductions and the NDE. Some NDEers return with a detailed account of a typical UFO abduction experience. Ring suggests a third realm, between physical reality and the pure imagination, called the imaginal realm,87 where such events occur. This realm or level of consciousness seems to be accessible when a person is in an altered state of consciousness.88


An Abduction With A Twist

Laura had recently left a 20 year marriage. She had some feelings of guilt over leaving, but it was something she felt she had to do. She was beginning to assert herself in the world in her own way. She was studying hypnotherapy as a new vocation and had just completed our course in SRT. She realized she had to do some personal work in a private session.

In the class, we covered the various types of attaching entities. We had briefly described the ET, but not abductions. That subject is covered in the SRT Intermediate Course.

We were about an hour into the session and she had just completed an important piece of entity releasement work. During the pause that followed, Judith had the distinct impression that Laura might have been abducted when she was young. A direct question about such an event cannot be asked. We are always careful about asking leading questions. Clients in altered state can sometimes be easily led; false memories can be implanted or generated. This is a great disservice to the client.

Laura had no knowledge on the subjects of ETs, UFOs, or science fiction. She had only a vague interest and had not read any accounts of abductions or anything related. While such questions as these can seem to be leading, nothing in the questioning described or suggested what she later recounted.

Judith began the questions.

Judith: “Laura, have you had memory lapses, or time lapses?”
Laura: “Yes.”

She answered quickly, firmly, and with certainty.
J.: “How long has that been going on?”
L.: “I... I can’t... I don’t remember my childhood. I have pictures of it... I’ve been having more come to me recently. Sort of flooding in. I’ll remember things.”
J.: “When was the last time, in your life, that you had a time lapse or a memory lapse?”
L.: “Just don’t have clear memories.”
J.: “Alright. Has your thinking also been confused.”
L.: ”Yes.”
J.: “How long has that been going on?”
L.: “Past two or three years. I don’t know. Awhile.”
J.: “When you hear the stories about the ET energies, about the things that happen with ETs, what happens in your heart, in your gut, inside of you?”
L.: “Nothing.”
J.: “Have you ever seen any of the pictures of the ETs?”
L.: ”No. Hmm-um.”

Judith motioned me to continue.
Bill: “Have you read any of the books like Whitley Streiber’s Communion, or any others?”
L.: “No.”
Dr. B.: “Have you ever been drawn to read any of those stories?”
L.: “No.”
Dr. B.: “Is there an aversion?”
L.: “No. I just haven’t. I’m interested, it’s interesting, but... I just haven’t.”
Dr. B.: “Have you seen the cover pictures on Whitley Streiber’s book, with the being with the large head, and the dark eyes? Dark slanty eyes?”
L.: “Yeah, it sounds familiar. I don’t remember seeing any pictures of it.”
J.: “As we talk about it now, does anything happen inside? Any sensations? Any flutters?”
L.: “Mmm. My chest feels heavy, right here. Umm. Like it’s weighted. Like it’s heavy.”
Dr. B.: “If you could focus in on that heaviness where it’s weighted right there, what image comes?”
L.: “Bright light.”
Dr. B.: “Focus on that bright light and listen. Is there a sound? In that heaviness in your chest?”
L.: “A pounding. There’s a pounding... far off pounding.”
Dr. B.: “Keep listening, keep watching. What happens next?”
L.: “It’s a bright room. And it’s light. A lot of light. It’s... It’s like a surgical room. Like, uh... tile all around, like, I don’t know, white walls, white everywhere, white everywhere, white everywhere. Light.”
Dr. B.: “Sterile, like a surgery room, white.”
L.: “Yes. Lights everywhere. Light, just light. Light.”
Dr. B.: “Equipment in this surgery room?”
L.: “Far off. I can’t... I have a sense of it, but I can’t see it ‘cause it’s so bright.
Dr. B.: “Mmm. (pause) What’s happening in this room?”
L.: “It feels like I’m on something cold, and I can’t move.”
Dr. B.: “Sitting, lying down?”
L.: “I’m lying down, I’m on my back.”
Dr. B.: “So you’re facing upward, you can see the light?”
L.: “It’s bright all around, (pause) And there’s things, people, something moving around, but I can’t see ‘cause it’s so bright. And I can’t move.”
Laura’s voice was rising in pitch, indicating some anxiety.
Dr. B.: “And you can sense their presence?”
L.: “Something, yes.”
Dr. B.: “Even in the brightness, can you get a sense of their shapes as they move around?”
L.: “No. I can’t... This isn’t really...”

The tone of her voice was expressing her incredulity at what she was experiencing and describing.
Dr. B.: (gently) “Trust what comes.”
L.: “There’s these things, moving all around and they have... And I can’t move. And they have... arms, something, they can reach.”
Laura let out a little troubled sigh.
Dr. B.: “What?”
L.: “Something’s petting my forehead.”
Dr. B.: “Is it comforting, or something else?”
L.: “No. It wants to be comforting, but it feels weird. It feels cold and hard and clammy, like, someone’s petting me with a sweaty hand, except for it’s cold.”
Dr. B.: “Yes. They’re trying to be comforting.”
L.: ”Yes.”
J.: “What age is Laura as she lies here and she’s being petted?”
L.: “Thirteen.”
J.: “Go on. What happens. The petting on the forehead.”
L.: “Yes. Umm. I think they come up and... They’re poking me.”
Dr. B.: “Poking you?”
L.: “Just like reaching out and poking me like I’m some kind of something that feels weird. Like I’m something new to poke and touch, and see how it feels. I feel like a bug! Like they’re curious. They run up and poke, like on my arms and then they run away. Like it’s a funny thing for them to do, too. I don’t feel afraid. But it’s weird. And it’s very bright. It’s just bright light all around. And I can’t really see anything, just sort of images, and I know that they’re there.”
J.: “Any other humans in that bright place with you?”
L.: “No, just these things around.”
Dr. B.: “The brightness, the light, is it coming from lights or lamps or bulbs, can you tell?”
L.: “It seems like it is, from around the edges of the room and over my body and around the thing I’m laying on.”

Laura was highly hypnotizable, and, I suspected, highly suggestible. The questions about the light bulbs, lamps, and equipment in the room were meant to test her suggestibility. We had briefly questioned her about her knowledge of UFOs, the literature on abductions, and the pictures of aliens to determine if she had any background information or preconceived notions of the subject.


Apparently, she didn’t. Experiencers don’t report lamps or bulbs.

J.: “What’s on your body?”
L.: “Nothing.”

This realization disturbed Laura. She was uncovered and these things were treating her like some kind of lab specimen.
Dr. B.: “Are they still touching, poking you?”
L.: “No. They’re busy, doing things, something. Off there they each have their little tasks to do. Whatever that is. I can’t tell. I can’t move.”

Laura took a quick breath and let out a quick sigh.
J.: “What happened just now? What happened?”
L.: “A door opened. Some opening. Something came in. It’s scary. “

Her voice was hushed.
Dr. B.: “Not like the others?”
L.: “No, no, it has something, (whispers) But what? What? What is this?”
Dr. B.: “What’s that one doing? What is it that it has?”
L.: “It’s... The others are moving all around now. Getting ready. I don’t know. I can’t tell what it’s doing.”
Dr. B.: “This one isn’t like the others, is it?”
L.: “No, it’s like, in charge. Everybody... (pause) I know it’s in charge. It’s the one. It’s like being in a dentist’s office and waiting for the dentist to come in. That’s what it’s like, (emphatically) Like waiting for the dentist to come in!”
J.: “How are you feeling when it comes in?”
L.: “Scared now. Really nervous.”
J.: “What happens next?”
L.: (whisper) “I don’t know. Everything’s blurry.”
J.: “What’s the next thing you remember? The very next thing you remember?”
L.: (louder voice) “Hey lady, are you OK? Hey lady, are you all right?”
Dr. B.: “Who’s saying this?”
L.: (in tears) “Little boy.” (sobs) “I’m on the sidewalk. I passed out or something. There’s this little boy leaning, oh, two little boys leaning over me and one of them is saying ‘Hey lady, are you OK?’”
Dr. B.: “And are you OK?”
L.: “I... I don’t know. I think so. I’m... I fell down. I passed out. I don’t know what I did. I fainted, I fell, I was walking through the field and I got to the edge of it and I just... I fell down. And there’s this bright light over me and it’s hot, it’s hot like the sun’s really hot and real sweaty. And I’m going to throw up, I feel sick to my stomach, and I’m crying, and this boy’s saying ‘Hey lady, are you OK?’ These little boys are afraid of me.”
Dr. B.: “They’re afraid of you?”
L.: “Well, I’m laying there on the ground and they don’t know what’s wrong with me. They’re little, like six, little boys. And they found me.”
Dr. B.: “What were you doing in the field.”
L.: “I was walking through. I’m on the way to the doctor’s.”
Dr. B.: “Do you often walk through this field?”
L.: “No, I usually don’t walk. But my mother was working, she couldn’t give me a ride.” (crying)
Dr. B.: “Let’s skip back to when you left home and started across the field, before you fainted. Is it a normal day?”
L.: ”Yes.”
Dr. B.: “Do you feel normal?”
L.: ”Yes.”

Laura was on her way to the doctor’s office for a physical checkup. She sometimes walked the path through the field. On this hot summer day she noticed it suddenly became windy. Not a normal wind, but a swirling wind, kicking up dust. Like a little “dust devil,” she said. Kicking up dirt around her feet. Bigger than a dust devil.


It came up from behind her and she had to turn around to look and she saw how weird it was.

Dr. B.: “What happens next?”
L.: ”Ohh... This is...”
Dr. B.: “Trust what comes. Trust the images that come.”
L.: It’s hot. I’m really hot. And there’s this... really bright light around me. All of a sudden, like flashing, like, like somebody shining a mirror in my eyes or something.”
Dr. B.: “Different from the sun?”
L.: Yeah, I can’t... and it’s really windy, and the dirt’s all kicking around and I can’t really see, and... and I’m putting my hand over my eyes.”
Dr. B.: “Yeah?”
L.: “And... then I’m in this... room.” Her voice suddenly became very calm, subdued.

Laura was walking slowly along a curved hallway with her hands out. She was numb and couldn’t feel anything, though she was aware of hands on her back urging her along. Someone was holding her wrists, and their touch felt hard. She suddenly gasped. They were taking her into a room. It was very bright and they put her on the cold table. She couldn’t move. Something like people were moving around the room, doing things. Something started petting her forehead.

In this very bright room, a door opened. Laura could just move her eyes enough to see the darkness in the area where the door opened. The surfaces of the room emanated light. The walls were light so that everything was bright with no shadows. There were no bulbs or fixtures of any kind. Her mind did not accept my earlier suggestion about light fixtures in the room. The door closed and it was light again.

A being walked into the room. He appeared larger than the others, and the smaller beings deferred to him; he was clearly in charge. He was carrying some-thing she could not identify. She thought of him as the “doctor.” He stood on the left side of the table.


The one petting her forehead stepped back but kept its hands lightly touching the sides of Laura’s head.

Dr. B.: “What happens next?”
L.: “He’s putting something in my mouth. He’s using some kind of tool or something. Got my mouth open. Like the dentist, he’s using some kind of tool. I can’t feel anything, but he’s pushing me with it. I can feel him like, prodding me, or nourishing me, or poking me, or doing something in there. Feels like I’m getting a filling.”
Dr. B.: “It reminds you of a dentist putting a filling in your tooth. Is it indeed .: tooth, can you tell? Or some other part of your mouth that you can’t feel?”
L.: “No, it’s up further in my jaw. He’s putting something up further in my jaw. In the bone, up inside.”

Laura had experienced and was describing the placement of an implant in the bone near her left ear, through her mouth. It was a typical abduction scene: the flash of light; unconsciousness; a feeling of numbness as the beings escorted her along a curved hallway; the brightly lit room with the cold table; the smaller beings preparing her and perhaps anesthetizing her; the “doctor” implanting the device. Her memory was blank from the moment of the little whirlwind that kicked up the dust and the bright, hot light until the moment she looked up and the little boys asked: “Hey lady, are you OK?”

She continued on to her doctor’s office where she had been scheduled at 1:00 PM. She arrived at nearly 5 o’clock. She called home. Her sister scolded her, her mother was angry and drove to the office. Laura could not account for the lost time, and no one believed her. They put her on an examining table and brought a bright light down toward her. She fell off the table onto the floor and nearly passed out. Then she vomited. The doctor thought she’d had a mild heat stroke. Her mother thought she was weak and dizzy from not eating.

In the SRT Training, we teach the process of remote spirit releasement, communicating with other beings at a distance. We suggested to Laura the possibility of speaking with the “doctor” in the surgery room through her voice mechanism channeling his words. We had never attempted this before, in fact, it was our first abduction case. We didn’t know what could be done about the implant now, but we wanted to find out. It didn’t belong in Laura’s skull. She agreed to try the remote process.

Laura quickly located the moment when the doctor entered the room and stood beside her left shoulder. She did not express fear this time.

Dr. B.: “Can you see his face at all? Can you see his eyes?”
L.: “Yes, they’re big, they’re big... They almost look human, but they don’t have any color. They’re black, there’s no white.”
Dr. B.: “Set across from each other like human eyes?
L.: ”Yes.”
Dr. B.: “What shape is each eye?”
L.: “Like almonds.”
Dr. B.: “What color is his skin, can you tell?”
L.: “It’s flesh color, but like wax.”
Dr. B.: “I’m going to direct these questions at him.” (more firmly) “To you, Doctor, you’ve done this before, haven’t you? With humans?” (more softly) “What does he say?”
L.: “Yes.” Her voice was softer, steadier, flat.
Dr. B.: “How many humans, Doctor, have you placed such devices in?”
L.: “Thousands.”
Dr. B.: “For what purpose?”
L.: “Information, to hear, to listen, to track.”

Information was gathered, studied and stored. This was his job, none other.

He knew no more than this about the operation. He only did this one procedure. The doctor only did this procedure on people. This sounded like a recording on a telephone answering machine. I asked if we were in contact with the doctor. The answer was no, it was a recording. I requested the presence of the doctor. After about 30 seconds, Laura spoke with a softer voice; someone else had come on line. This one had a bit more information.

Yes, he replied, this was his job, and he did not concern himself with the information after it was gathered. Another worker sent the information to a command station. The doctor stated that hundreds of substations, as he called his craft, were above the earth, over every country, every human population site. People were transformed by light particle, on a molecular level, and transported to the craft. There they were reintegrated into physical form, implanted, then returned to their previous location in the same way. Yes, it was the physical body that was taken in this manner.

This group only dealt with the pubescent humans. This group did not place the implants in nose or sinus. They performed only this procedure after which they would monitor to gather information. That was their purpose, their job, and the doctor did not need to know, nor was he concerned with, any other level of the work or any higher purpose.

We asked the doctor to connect with the higher level command station, but there was no response from that level. That link was apparently blocked to us. We requested that this procedure which had violated so many humans be stopped. Surprisingly, the doctor agreed, he saw that it was a violation of free will, though he had not considered such before this moment.

He agreed to deactivate the device implanted in Laura from where he was. He could remove the device only if she were brought aboard the craft again. That decision was left for her to make at another time. We could do no more in that session.

Laura disconnected from the doctor and the scene. She visualized her body filled with light, and came fully into present moment consciousness, fully in control of
her own body and mind. The session was complete.89


Abduction and Transformation

Dr. John Mack, Harvard psychiatrist and author of Abduction, writes about 13 cases of alien abduction in which the typical intrusive procedures were conducted. There was the pain, the trauma, the extracted fetuses, similar to other reported cases. And yet some of his patients eventually experienced a spiritual transformation as the result of the abduction experience.90 This notion of potential spiritual transformation has begun to surface in some abduction reports.

If there exists any possibility of a higher purpose in this purported alien invasion of our sovereignty, we must maintain our receptivity to new ideas and concepts of the possible evolution of human consciousness. Enmeshed in the terror and pain of the trauma, most people have seen the alien presence and activity as intrusion and personal violation. Few people have looked beyond the victimization to seek anything of value.

Is there truly some redeeming value in the experiences, or is there some subtle influence distorting the perceptions and interpretations of the experiencers? Is it real, or is it mind control? Some investigators firmly believe that the “alien abduction” scenes are implanted in the human subconscious and become screen memories or cover memories, concealing the memory of actual experiences of mind control experimentation by human scientists. These accusatory speculations are often aimed at CIA covert operations.

By definition, a screen memory, or cover memory is a real memory or thought, not a fantasized one, which is used as a shield to conceal an allied memory which might be too painful or emotionally unacceptable.91 If such implanted memories include not only the images, but also the psychological and physical components, that is a truly amazing feat of hypnosis, thought projection, or electromagnetic radiation.

One investigator, who claims to have connections with upper level government and military sources in several countries, suggests that the forcible, painful, intrusive alien abductions are indeed connected with human agencies. He speculates that contacts with alien beings who advise caution for the human race, produce healing for the contactee, and inspire spiritually transformative experiences are just what they seem to be. Perhaps the true picture is more vast and complex than anyone could imagine.

Recently, there have been reports of a number of experiencers of traumatic abductions who have suddenly changed their attitude toward the abductors and the entire abduction experience. They now report spiritual growth and transformation. There is no explanation for this abrupt shift. It’s as if there were a time-release signal going off in their mind, suddenly activating this response. While they may describe logical justification for the change, it remains a mystery to many observers.

There is certainly a parallel between the intrusive alien activity and the behavior of the classic forces of darkness, Lucifer and his legions of demons, which were cast into earth and continue to plague humans.92 The hallmarks are not identical but they are similar: intrusion without permission; violation without regard for physical and mental suffering; taking control with absolutely no regard for personal sovereignty and freedom.

However, when we find the ETs under the influence of the dark force entities, there is no doubt about the differentiation between ETs and DFEs. Drawing from the narratives of thousands of clients in altered states, it seems the legions of demons under the command of Lucifer were scattered far and wide in the universe and not confined to the planet earth. These dark beings plague other life forms with the same intrusiveness, arrogance, and disregard for personal integrity that they impose on human beings. They cause as much disruption, chaos, confusion, and destruction, and make the same promises of wealth, power, control, and domination. And beings all over the universe have believed and accepted these false promises, and have suffered the consequences.

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Chapter 5

The Human/Alien Hybrid

A terribly disturbing element of the UFO abduction phenomenon is the reported genetic experimentation and breeding program.93 Many women recall being probed through the abdomen and the vagina, apparently for the purpose of extracting eggs. Men have recalled being stimulated to ejaculation by various means, from suction tubes to forced intercourse with human females and alien beings which appeared to be “female.” A few men have reported being seduced or even forced into sexual intercourse with what first appeared to be a human female, then seeing it change into something definitely alien and repulsive. People have reported this sexual aggressiveness by shape shifters in their own bedrooms.

Many women have been diagnosed as being pregnant only to suddenly find, at about 10 to 12 weeks in the gestation period, that they are no longer pregnant. This happens without pain, bleeding or discharge of any kind. The pregnancy simply disappears. Some of the women who report this situation claim they have not been with a man. This mysterious pregnant/not pregnant situation has been going on for many years.94

Some female experiences also recall under hypnosis the “incubatoriums” which contain glass containers filled with fluid. In this fluid, they see what appear to be floating embryos, not quite human, connected to wires and tubes. There are also nurseries in which women are shown, and urged to touch, and even hug, small children who appear to be from 2 to 5 or 6 years old. These children are slender with large heads and eyes, not alien, not quite human. They are described as listless, frail, and they do respond to the human touch. The aliens who manage these nurseries don’t seem to be able to nurture the children.

These children are the hybrids, the result of the genetic manipulation which some people say is part of our own planetary, galactic, even spiritual evolution.95 This provokes some alarming speculations. Is this the next “missing link” in human evolution? Have aliens manipulated our genetic code in ancient times? Is it possible humans were seeded from some other extraterrestrial civilization millions of years ago? Is the abduction phenomenon, which is being reported around the world, part of human evolution and transformation of consciousness?96 Or, will the human race be bred out of existence in the future as the “perfect” hybrid is developed?

Is it possible that alien sexual encounters gave rise to the pre-Christian belief in the incubus and succubus, the demons which were thought to forcibly engage in sex with humans? They were accused of raping women and extracting sperm from men. In early theology, people believed that children could issue from such a union, though this belief was later discarded from Church doctrine.97 Such was the theme of movies like Damien and Rosemary’s Baby.

As with any experiments involving biological material, some of these genetically engineered children survive, some do not. What happens to the “soul” of a non-physical or quasi-physical being when it separates from its quasi-physical form? Which Light does it go to, the golden-white of our own reincarnational cycle, or the blue or green of the home-world of the alien experimenters? Many of them don’t find their way home at all, but attach to living humans.

When we find the entities of the failed hybrid children, they are usually in small groups, banded together in fear, isolation, and confusion. They suffer the same emotions of half-breeds throughout human history. They fear being rejected by both sides of their ancestry, much like the offspring of the Caucasian and the Native American in the early days of this country, the whites and blacks, the American soldier and the Vietnamese women during and after the Vietnam War. The half breed has been the target of hatred, prejudice, rejection, and the scapegoat of human projection for a long time.

Like any other earthbound entity, they maintain the personality characteristics of the half breed, the human/alien hybrid they were when they were “alive.” They perceive themselves as that. Beings of Light are universally equal, whole and complete, intact and without blemish. Taking on the frailties of personality imbues a being with emotions such as fear, preconceived notions of prejudice, and confusion.

Even as attached spirit entities, they seem frail, vulnerable, and timid in the perception of the client who discovers them. They hesitate to project their thoughts so the client can repeat their words aloud. In session, these beings must be treated very gently. We call on the Light for all the help we can get to escort them home. They express their doubts about being accepted into the golden-white Light. However, when they perceive the angelic beings coming toward them and extending the energy of love, they react with joy. They are happy to be accepted in the Light.


The Alien/Alien Hybrid

After reading several books detailing the human/alien hybrid situation, it was no surprise to find the entities of the failed hybrid children.98 Then we began to find something else. What the clients described just didn’t fit with what we had read about hybrids. The alien/alien hybrid was a startling discovery.

In one case, the “parents” were from quite disparate groups: the White (not Caucasian) ET beings were reported to be refined, spiritually evolved and benevolent; the Greyish ET beings (not typical Greys) were coarse, not at all evolved, and rather boorish, if not brutish. The hybrid offspring of this pairing were transparent, of a higher vibration and invisible to the Greyish aliens, yet rejected by the Whites. Like the leper, they had no place to go.

In session, we sometimes improvise. Whether it is pure fantasy or inspired imagination, it often works for the client. Judith sensed that there was a place of light and love for these discarded beings and she called out to the Guardian of Light from that place. After she did this the client perceived the Guardian as it approached. The little ones soon trusted the Guardian of Light as it gladly embraced the alien/alien hybrids with love and took them home to their own place in the Light.

We can be sure that nothing is as simple as it seems at first presentation. The initial reports of hybrid children were shocking to people. Now there are T-shirts with drawings of cute little hybrid children available at any UFO conference. Many people seem to have grown immune to the implications behind the phenomenon.

The sight of these frail looking children tugs at the heartstrings like the big-eyed children in Walter Keane paintings which were popular some years ago. Few people are unmoved by the plight of children in our world today; so many are hungry, abused, parentless. The open hearted acceptance of these hybrid children may blunt our caution toward those who are responsible for their production and dull the memory of all that led up to this point in their project.

If these experiences reflect a true reality and such hybrids are introduced into human civilization, what will become of them? Will they be rejected as other human/human hybrids have been in our history? Will human beings accept them and make them part of the fabric of humankind? These difficult questions may confront us sooner than we expect.


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