Chapter 6

The different types of close encounters with aliens have been designated by "Roman numeral.”

  • CE-I    - nearby UFO sightings.

  • CE-II   - physical and mental affects on people, strange and unusual markings on the ground, and purported physical artifacts of alien spacecraft.

  • CE-III  - visual contact with alien beings.

  • CE-IV - uninvited, forceful alien abductions.

  • CE-V  - intentional invitation to alien contact (as developed by the CSETI group100).101

I am proposing CE-VI as the designation for the condition we have found so frequently in altered state sessions with clients: intrusion and parasitic attachment by non-human beings from another place, the alien beings or ETs. Historically, this condition is termed possession. In these cases, the possessing entity is not a demon, but an otherworldly or other-dimensional being.

There is a popular romantic notion, perhaps more frantic than romantic, that friendly ETs, our “space brothers,” are poised to assist us, or have been poised for some time, just waiting for the call. Bumper stickers read: “Beam me up Scotty.” In the popular movie, Independence Day, crowds stood on the roofs of tall buildings holding signs pleading and inviting: “TAKE ME HOME,” “WELCOME TO EARTH,” “TAKE ME WITH YOU,” “HELLO BROTHER,” “REMEMBER ME,” and other such greetings and pleas.

Many people call out for a visitation by extraterrestrials, our “cousins” from other planetary neighborhoods. The motivation may be curiosity or a genuine call for help for this disintegrating civilization. The ETs may come at the call, and the person calling had better have something important to say. The extraterrestrials are serious and have their own missions to accomplish. The call for help can be interpreted as permission to interact with the human being in the form of abduction or attachment. This attachment can be enormously destructive for the hapless host/ victim.

Some people have invited “space brothers” to channel through them, to use their voice mechanism for disseminating words of wisdom. An opportunistic discarnate spirit, astral entity, or nearby alien can take advantage of anyone offering such an open invitation. Channeling or mediumship is defined as a temporary possession by another being, with permission of the host, for a specified purpose and limited duration. In many cases of channeling, the being coming in and speaking through the voice of the willing human refuses to leave at the end of the channeling session. This becomes a permanent spirit possession or attachment by an extraterrestrial, an alien being.

It seems that these non-physical aliens have somehow infiltrated the subconscious minds of a great number of people, with or without invitation. Reportedly, the beings can telepathically project words, exert mental control, even produce physical and emotional comfort during an abduction. It is possible the aliens project all the emotions a person is feeling, even the images and experiences of an abduction.

Most of our clients in clinical session are willing to speak the words or thoughts that just pop up in response to our questions, whatever that might be. They describe any physical sensations that emerge during our dialogue. We en-courage them to trust what comes to mind and express it right out loud.

During therapy sessions, we have spoken with the alter personalities in people diagnosed with DID, or dissociative identity disorder (formerly termed MPD, or multiple personality disorder).102 There is usually an alter who knows which ones among them are created within the personality system, which ones are past life personalities “awakened” due to a traumatic event, and which are invited from outside, that is, attached entities of various types.

Clients without any sign of DID (MPD) also uncover other personalities which are decidedly not their own. These others speak through the voice of the client. We have conversed with personalities who claim to be other people, some dead, some alive. These entities are the attached souls or soul fragments of human beings.

For the client who seeks assistance for personal, emotional, physical, and sometimes spiritual problems, it is an unpleasant surprise to discover that an earthbound human entity is causing the problem. It can leave a person feeling helpless and unable to protect themselves from such violation of personal boundaries. Yet for most people, the concept of a spirit world where such things happen is at least familiar. This is a popular theme in fiction, both in books and movies.

In the movie, Maxie, Glenn Close plays a young wife who is invaded by the spirit of an actress who had lived in their San Francisco apartment decades before. When she realizes the situation, she delivers a great line: “I’m a woman, not a flophouse!”

In therapy sessions, we have been challenged by beings which claim to be the minions of Lucifer. (They don’t call themselves demons, that is a designation imposed by people.) This often causes disbelief and rejection in people who refuse to accept the existence of demons and a devil. It can cause fear in people who believe in the religious notions about the existence of such beings.

The most common reaction for clients who discover a resident ET is incredulity. It is such a foreign notion. However, the client has no doubt what it is after a few minutes of exploring and questioning. Because most people carry two, some-times all three main types of entities, the client can easily tell the difference between the different types that are present.


Most people are totally unaware of any such presence before a session. In some cases, a person knows something is not right, either emotionally or physically, and it’s somehow indescribable. As the other being answers the discovery questions, the client hears the narrative in their own voice. This is not an account of their own experience; it is obviously someone or something else describing something quite different. However, it involves their body and mind.

It is clear to them after hearing (and speaking) this dialogue that they have been invaded by an alien consciousness, an extraterrestrial. It is distressing, it is unbelievable, it does not fit into any preconceived notions of reality. And yet, here it is, in their own thoughts, in their own words, and in their own experience.
Through the voices of our clients, we have encountered aliens who claim to be from far away, from other worlds. They describe several different missions, functions, or purposes for being here: they are the colonists, expansionists, scientists, hybrids, conquerors, and worse.

The majority of our clients in an altered state of consciousness discover these other personalities, other beings or entities, other voices, when they explore the farther reaches of the subconscious levels of their own minds. Some of these others are friendly, even helpful, others are neutral, still others are opportunistic and are using the energy and resources of the host, while others are hostile and downright harmful. All these parasitic intruders exact a cost from the host.

At the present time, more than half of our clients discover attached ETs during sessions, and other therapists who use SRT techniques also discover such intruders. The extraterrestrials describe various reasons for being here, but most have no compunction about the invasion, no hesitation regarding the violation of the free will of the affected human. Basically, there is no concern for our individual sovereignty as a sentient species.

These intruders may be lost, marooned or retired here on the earth. Some claim to be using the eyes and ears of the human as they themselves do not have the proper apparatus to perceive this reality, dimension, or plane. They assert that they cannot interpret the band of the electromagnetic spectrum which we see as color, nor can they interpret sound waves. Some of the ETs declare they are here on scientific expeditions, much as human scientists explore the jungles, oceans, and remote places on this globe.

Normally, the attached ETs are not hostile nor aggressive when discovered, nor are they threatening. They are intrusive, secretive, and do not like to be disturbed in their work. When questioned, they will speak and they don’t hesitate to disclose their purpose for being with the client. They don’t think there is anything we can do to disturb them or interfere with their activity.

Many of the attached ETs claim that they have been with the client not only since early childhood, but also in former lifetimes here on earth. In a few cases, they claim they came from the same homeworld as the client and that they were friends, family, or colleagues there. These connections go back a long time! A few clients hesitate to get rid of a being with such an intertwined history.

Some aliens, through the voice of the client in altered state, assert flatly that they are taking over the world in this manner. They plan to simply suppress the human will, control human bodies and take up residence here in these physical biological vehicles. Further probing reveals the dark force entities, or DFEs, influencing or controlling these ETs. This aggressive, invasive, overpowering behavior is an almost universal sign of DFE infestation.

In some cases, the intrusive ETs claim to be operating under the spiritual principle of Universal Oneness, and since they are part of the One, and humans are also part of the One, they are not interfering with someone else, only exploring the larger dimensions of the One Self. This is a distortion of spiritual principles in the pursuit of selfish and intrusive goals.

There may be many intelligent species in the universe. If we accept the possibility that the information coming through the consciousness and voice of our clients is valid, then we may assume that a great number of extraterrestrials are already here among our population. And many of them are interfering with living humans in much the same way that discarnate EBs and DFEs disrupt the normal course of human life.

Many folks have a strange “save me” attitude toward supposed higher beings from other places. An invitation to an ET group may bring visitors, yet if they haven’t saved humanity before this, why would they do it now? An invitation to the “space brothers” may bring in the dark ETs, and that would be the beginning of a bondage that could last a long time.

SRT techniques are gentle though firm. Each type of attached being is guided to make the choice to leave and cease interfering with the human host. The client learns to recognize and heal the vulnerability, secure the opening, and rescind the invitation that allowed the attachment, in the present life or during some other existence. It is not unusual to find that the client, very curious at some time in their life, actually called out for someone from the skies to come to them. The response can be a big surprise!

Even when a human being does not invite the aliens, they come anyway from somewhere “out there.” These are the lost ones, the colonists and invaders, the scientists, or the ETs who are controlled by the DFEs. On the lighter side, some of those who come may be teachers, even some aspect of ourselves from some future time or alternate dimension, or they may be entering the fabric of our time-space continuum to bring us hope for our future.

Whether or not the narratives are valid, a degree of emotional and sometimes physical healing occurs with most of our clients as a result of regression therapy, recovery of soul fragmentation, spirit releasement therapy, and ET releasement therapy. As a therapist, this is my first goal. As an investigator, I continue to be enormously curious. Yet there is no way to prove or disprove these situations. However, the consistency of such narratives from many hundreds of clients seems to indicate a real and widespread condition which warrants further serious, unbiased investigation.


Self Protection

With awareness and understanding, the client can learn to pay attention to the signs of approaching intruders. A person can learn to say “NO!” to an opportunistic entity. This certainly helps restore the feeling of personal power and the ability to protect oneself. This has been suggested in several recent books.103


Some experiencers claim they have been able to interrupt and stop an abduction by various strategies including: reciting the Lord’s Prayer; feeling and expressing righteous anger; visualizing a fountain of light pouring from their body; extending the energy of love rather than fear. The approaching ETs seem to hesitate, then just fade away!

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Chapter 7

In clinical sessions, we listen and write down the information that emerges from clients in altered states of consciousness. The narratives describe the aliens, their stated purposes for being here, methods of operation, and eventual goals. Other therapists around the country are discovering similar information. There is a disturbing consistency in these reports, independently gathered, that supports the validity of the experience. This is what we have discovered.

Some alien groups seem to be intent on expanding their reach in the universe and establishing colonial outposts on other planets. This is certainly not a new idea; colonialism has a long and painful history right here on earth. These groups are usually under the influence of the DFEs. The SRT techniques are very effective in releasing these intruders.

These invasive ETs choose to make use of the living bodies of the human inhabitants of earth. It is convenient for them to simply infiltrate the minds of people and take control. This is not unlike the theme of the movie of some years ago entitled, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

They are bent on taking over by establishing “squatter’s rights” with men, women, and children on this planet. They may or may not be hostile when discovered. They are arrogant and certain of their superiority. They are here and there is nothing we can do about it. Or so they boast.

When none of the basic SRT techniques seem to be working quickly enough, I appeal to their recollection of their own history. I do a brief past life regression on an alien attached to the mind and body of my client. They are receptive and cooperative in this activity because they think nothing will be able to get rid of them.
Here is an example of such an interaction. I take clear notes regarding which voice is the client’s and which voices are the other’s.

Dr. B.: “Recall, in the history of your own homeworld, a time of invasion by a superior species. Someone from another place. Consult your computer, your libraries, the memories of your wise ones. (I use anything that pops into my mind at this point.) Recall another time when your own people were taken over by someone else. Locate such an event. What happened?”

There is usually some hesitation at this point as the process begins. The instructions “Recall” and “Locate” are powerful commands to the subconscious mind. It actually stops them for a moment. And they remember such an invasion! Is it real? Am I inspired in those moments by some higher aspect of consciousness to ask for such a memory? Am I also in an altered state to the degree that I tap into the ET’s own memory banks? Or is it just suggestion and imagination, mine and the client’s? I just know it works; there is nearly always a response, and the process goes to completion, that is, the “others” leave and the client feels better.

Through the client’s voice, they will begin revealing the story of an ancient time when just such an invasion occurred. I continue to probe. I ask what happened, how their people reacted to the unwanted, uninvited intrusion, and what they did to defend themselves. And they tell me! They give me the solution to the present situation! And then they agree to leave!

Dr. B.: “Now you know how we feel about your invasion here. Compare your reactions and feelings to our own as you come here uninvited. Can you understand our resistance to your intrusion?”

Deep down, they must have a sense of decency, justice, goodness, and equal-ity, because this approach has worked time and time again. They agree to separate from the client and to call on all others of their kind interfering with other humans at this time. They agree to leave together, and another horde of invaders is sent packing.


Dual Identity—Human/Alien

A few attached ETs claim to be hiding, lost, abandoned or retired.104 They either came here to escape punishment for some crime or error, or just veered off course during a voyage and found earth by sheer chance. Some have been left behind by their commander as punishment for some infraction aboard ship, others describe earth as a retirement home. In a few cases, the alien is no longer with its own body, having made the transition which parallels human death. Like many earthbound spirits who don’t know they are dead, the ET does not know it has “died.”

Many of the aliens acknowledge the intrusion, but claim they have nowhere else to go. Some claim to be from a homeworld which no longer exists, having been incinerated or destroyed by some force. These planets were either annihilated by natural events, or by the insanity of war.

These are not past life memories of the client recalling an alien existence, but concurrent experiences: present life of human and present experience of ET. The ET can describe the homeworld and what happened to it, the journey here (we can’t seem to get a clear picture of the technology of propulsion, mechanism of translation, or mode of travel), the arrival on planet Earth, and the process of locating and attaching to the client.

This sort of ET attachment may at first appear as a “dual identity,” a human/ alien blending.105 The person may have the entire memory of the current human lifetime, and also the experience of being an alien with knowledge of its own people, memory of the homeworld, the spacecraft and its recent activities aboard.106 In cases of suspected dual identity, the attached ET can be discovered and identified with specific questions by the therapist.

In some cases, the human and the ET have developed a friendly, even loving interaction. This may be the true nature of the connection. However, we have seen that the aliens can induce feelings of love and comfort in the human abductee or contactee.107 In many more cases that we have seen in clinical practice, the ETs care not one whit for the welfare of the human. They have a purpose and they diligently pursue that purpose, manipulating the human host to serve that purpose.

The attached alien assumes the host’s body as its own body. At least it has assumed ownership and control. It simply ignores the human spirit and denies any notion of invasion or interference. After all, the ET considers itself superior to these humans; much as on Earth, the superior species has no concern over what is done to the inferior.

Specific questions uncover the connection between an attached entity and host, in this case the alien and the human, and exposes the illusion of “dual identity.”

Dr. B.: “Recall the experience of joining this body, (pause) Is there already someone there? Is the rightful spirit already in the body?”
The answer is always a surprised “Yes.”

If it were actually the rightful spirit speaking, this question would be meaning-less. The attached being, whatever type, is clear at this point that it is the intruder.

Dr. B.: “How old was this person when you joined them?”
The answer is given as an age in years, usually very young, often at the time of birth.
Dr. B.: “Where were you before you joined this person?”

The true contracted spirit was in the golden-white Light prior to conception and gestation. An attached ET describes being on the craft or the mother ship, or in a place of different colored light.

Dr. B.: “Who sent you here? Who assigned you to this body?”

The commandant of the mother ship, knowledgeable about human customs and behaviors, assigned the ET to the human host, usually at the time of birth, knowing this would be the least conspicuous intrusion. From another perspective, this might be considered a compassionate, even heroic act by the commandant, in an attempt to help his people survive a desperate situation by using living humans as receptacles for ET consciousness. From the viewpoint of the human host, it is nothing but an attempted possession by a non-physical consciousness, an alien being. This is a violation, and something can and must be done to terminate the invasion.

Most people are not aware of such attachments since any effects or outward signs would be present from birth. Family members would consider any unusual behavior as normal for the person for the same reason. Only in an altered state therapy session would such an attached entity be discovered. It is often quite a surprise for the client to discover the presence of an alien being cohabiting within their physical body and subconscious mind in such a connection.

As with any other attaching entity, the conscious thoughts and memories of the ET and human seem to merge at the time of attachment. Thus the human may
have knowledge and memory of the craft, the alien race, and their homeworld. He or she also has the normal memories of a human growing up in this culture. Having been so closely intertwined for an entire lifetime, the human often feels emotionally connected, even dependent on the attached alien. For the client it is sometimes a difficult and wrenching decision to finally release the attached ET.

In her book, Encounters, psychologist Edith Fiore, Ph.D. describes a case of an attachment by an ET.108 Her client, a man in his mid 40’s, was a little boy at the time of the attachment, walking along a dirt road in Washington state. The non-physical alien swooped down toward earth, discovered the boy, and simply came into the back of his head. The boy was unaware of the intrusion. It seems the alien came to earth, as had many others of its kind, as a retirement sanctuary. He randomly chose this boy as his resting place, his nest.

In altered state, the client described his own life and his own memories, before and after the time of the attachment. He also described, in first person as if he were actually there, the interior of the alien’s craft, a well armed battle cruiser, their voyages and battle engagements, and his eventual retirement from active duty. This was not a case of dual identity, it was another separate, individual consciousness which had attached to the subconscious mind and body of this child.

The alien expressed his longing to return to duty with his old crew. The narrative of his adventures was a shocking revelation. It seems the alien group would discover a planet they wanted, then make a “drop” on a major inhabited area. This meant inflicting total devastation on a city or primary population center. They would then contact the leaders or rulers and declare they were taking over the planet. Any objections? If there was any resistance, the aliens would launch another “drop.” End of objections; no more resistance; take over the planet.

In the popular movie, Independence Day, a similar plot unfolded. The super weapon aboard the alien craft laid waste to vast areas of several major cities and other locations. World military strength was decimated. Through the swift thinking and brave efforts of a few good people, the aliens were destroyed and the earth was saved. Certainly this is one way to unite the peoples of Earth! A common enemy. Even former President Reagan suggested this in a speech during his second term.

Though stories of alien life are fascinating, we aren’t primarily focused on the circumstances of the aliens, or details of the ship, we are intent on releasing these intruders from their host. These things are not fun, and they can wreak havoc in a human life.

In several cases, we discovered that the ET could take control of the consciousness to the point that the client’s voice produced unintelligible sounds. Obviously this was some kind of language, with inflections, repeated sound pat-terns and recognizable pauses and shifts for sentence structure or questions, but it sounded like total gibberish to the human ear. In the process of any Releasement Therapy, there must be meaningful conversation between the therapist and the attached entity. In a few cases, the alien did not leave. In one such case, the family of the client had actually grown fond of the being who was cohabiting in their daughter’s body, and had actually learned the meaning of some of its phrases. With that kind of permission and acceptance, there was no way we could convince it to leave.

For those few aliens who seem to have no connection with a nearby craft or crew, but are genuinely lost or marooned, or deceased, we call on the Rescue Spirits of Light from the (color) light universe, using the color they have de-scribed to us. It works! The attached ET recognizes and describes the colorful beings who come to help it on the journey home. As they leave, they are offered one last chance to speak their farewells to the host they are leaving. It is usually an apology for the intrusion, the confusion, and a sincere “Thank you” for the assistance in finding their way home.

In his book, Abductions, Dr. John Mack describes several cases of “dual identity,” that is, a blended human/alien consciousness in which a client has her/his own memories and yet can describe the interior of the craft, the meaning and purpose of the mission and details of alien life. Mack interprets this phenomenon as a higher level of consciousness becoming known to a lower (human) aspect. Some clients have a feeling of being a bridge between the two realms, human and alien.

The therapist with a broad awareness of the spiritual reality and a working knowledge of the concepts of SRT would suggest a different explanation. This is not dual identity, but attachment and attempted possession of living humans by alien beings. Unfortunately, this situation is quite common.

Perhaps there is a higher purpose in the forcible abductions and the trauma that many abductees experience. Though several of Dr. Mack’s clients claim to have been elevated spiritually by the experience, most people who endure the involuntary seizure, experimentation, and sexual violation would not agree.109 Some experiencers have indeed enjoyed a personal expansion and what might be called spiritual transformation following alien abduction, though it typically takes many months for this awareness to develop.110

Some of Dr. Mack’s clients feel they have eventually benefited from the traumatic experience. However for the vast majority of people who have recalled and reported their abduction experience, there is resentment, fear of the return of the aliens, and the feeling of repugnance at having been so violated.

When our clients discover a resident alien, regardless of any stated purpose for it being here, whether as a colonist whose world no longer exists, as a scientist gathering data, or as a conqueror attempting to take over humanity person by person, the reaction is to get rid of the intruder. This is a parasitic condition, which always exacts a mental or physical toll from the host, and the parasite has no right to be here. A human has the sovereign right to be free, to determine what will happen to the body and mind. In this life, however, there are many who would violate that right, ranging from humans in political power, to microscopic organ-isms which cause disease, to non-physical beings who would use the energy of the unsuspecting host.

Fortunately, there are techniques for getting rid of most of these freeloading parasites, and methods for regaining personal freedom.

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Chapter 8

After the discovery and identification of an attached ET, the specific details of its presence can be determined. Those who claim to be gathering data or experimenting with the host are classified as the scientists, researchers, or technicians. They are usually very focused on their task, and give only cursory replies to our initial discovery questions. Then they turn their attention away from us.

Questions which challenge the research project, cast doubt on the information gathering efforts, or insult the technician and its superiors, will usually provoke this entity into responding. They usually have a large ego attachment to their projects.

Dr. B.: “How much data do you need? How long are you going to stay here? How long have you been here gathering information? Aren’t you aware of the spiritual principle of non-interference with a sentient species? Aren’t you aware of the ‘experimenter effect’ here? You are sitting in the experimental subject. You are affecting the results. Your entire research project is flawed. Your data is meaning-less. Your group has expended resources fruitlessly. Your findings are a joke.


What will your peer review committee say about this faulty design and the wasted effort? Where is your science officer? Who is the one in charge of this farce?”
They usually are not aware of an endpoint in the experiment, they have diligently continued the investigation, often through several lifetimes of the host human. It becomes obvious that the attached ET researchers are technicians with no authority and no need to know anything more than their specific job.

I continue to pepper them with any questions that occur to me. I remind them of the scientific method of earth scientists and the peer review committee, challenge them with the idea of who’s going to publish first, (Better stop working and hurry home!) and anything else that pops into my mind to say.

The ET technician will usually react to these questions and will answer defiantly, defending the project. In very few cases, instead of defiance, the ET might agree with this “lab rat” who is questioning the “white-coat.” These thoughts may have never occurred to this diligent (and often bored) technician. The entire project is suddenly seen as a useless, meaningless expenditure of time, energy and resources. They are usually eager to end this barren effort. At this point, the technician is ready to exit.

Removal of one attached ET is an exercise in futility. This would accomplish little or nothing for the host, as it would be replaced immediately. Through the consciousness and voice of the client, the focus of the dialogue shifts to the command hierarchy, beginning with those in charge of the nearby spacecraft. There may be many such technicians and research teams, based on the same ship, surveying or gathering information from thousands of living humans in the same intrusive way.

In this process, we always seek to connect with the highest ranking leader, the commander-in-chief. The space commander, crew leader, or the science officer can be summoned, and he will respond. This always surprises me. Why do they bother to answer my questions?

Lines of communication seem to exist between all members of this alien bureaucracy. As they speak, the client can repeat their words in our language. They may reveal that they are under orders and are part of a fleet of several such craft on similar missions around the earth. They can cross-connect with the deep space station, base headquarters on the homeworld, or their ruling body, whether it is a military cabal or civilian council. The client can repeat the words of the alien leaders as they respond. In an altered state, this kind of channeling is easily accomplished.

In a small number of these cases, the base commander has acknowledged the intrusion and has agreed to remove the technicians, the equipment, probes, communication devices, any implants, and whatever invasive mechanisms have been placed. They sometimes claim that they were just doing research, much like earth scientists and did not realize that humans would be aware of the intrusion or object to the project. They give the appearance of compassion and quickly cooperate with the request to disengage.

We request that the technician remove all equipment, appliances, implanted devices, wiring, and any remnants of the experimentation or residue of its own presence from the research subject, that is, our client. They seem eager to do this and offer an apology for the interference, often a request for forgiveness, and a hearty “Thank you” for the new awareness regarding their fruitless research efforts. They are sent home with a firm farewell. The client can feel the lifting of the weight of the presence, and is very aware of the absence, the feeling of more room inside for their own soul essence. It is a tremendous relief.

An outside observer of such a session might judge this sort of interaction as highly bizarre, even pure fantasy. However, once we get past the initial disbelief and amazement at the course of the dialogue between humans in a therapy session and extraterrestrial aliens in another dimension who are studying human life on earth, this process becomes a fascinating study of consciousness.


The Dark Side of ET Research

As our human scientists probe and dissect animals to learn the secrets of life on earth, so also do some of the extraterrestrial scientists claim to be conducting experiments with human beings. They have implanted physical and non-physical probes and various types of communicating and monitoring devices into humans for the purpose of gathering information, and more.

Through some of these implanted devices, the aliens seem to be able to control the emotions; other devices control appetites for food or alcohol or sexual activity. In some cases, the anger function is turned up. In others, fear is intensified. Then the experimenters observe what happens to human behavior in personal interactions. They seem to be able to interfere with or control any aspect of mind or part of the physical body.


Mona and the ET Controllers

Mona expressed dismay at her unusually high sexual appetite and her promiscuity. This condition had existed in her life since late adolescence. She had difficulty maintaining monogamous relationships and this caused her deep sadness and confusion. In session, she discovered an ET group experimenting with her sexuality. The ET researchers would intensify her sexual desire, like turning up the volume on a TV set, then observe her behavior and her reactions to her own behavior.

We discovered a large network of DFEs of various levels controlling the ETs in this activity. This particular experimentation involved a broad segment of the human population, and Mona was just one of many people affected. The ET technicians divulged this information, and further revealed a sordid picture of the intrusion. Some of the DFE-influenced ETs had become personally involved in human sexuality, purposely stimulating licentious and depraved sexual activities. Not only were they distorted in their scientific observation, they were participating in the experiments.

Mona was sickened by the discovery of this information. She had known something was very wrong in her life and suspected entity influence, but had not dreamed of this kind of extensive involvement, particularly the ETs. She was deeply relieved to finally get relief from this terribly intrusive and very personal violation.

Human beings are so terribly caught up in sexual issues from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood, even old age as senility sets in. The entire issue is compounded by the social issues regarding sex, marriage, monogamy, adultery, promiscuity, the religious taboos and imposed guilt, the very real problems of unwanted pregnancy and abortion, disease, human possessiveness and jealousy, and other issues. It is a fertile field for dark force entity interference.

These experiments on emotions and sexuality are ostensibly designed to study human feelings and behavior. The technician simply turns up the volume on some aspect of emotion or behavior and records what happens with the human subject. This behavior or emotional outburst causes anguish in the human. This is the desired result. This anguish is the underlying goal of the project.

The energy emanation of the anguish of human suffering is harvested by the DFEs. It is used as energy, sustenance, food.111 In most such cases we have found, and other therapists report the same situation, it seems the experiment is a cover for the activity of the DFEs. This is the true purpose of the “research” conducted by the aliens.

In most cases of ET attachment where such a group is operating, the ship captain or the base commander may be evasive, deceitful, even defiant, and refuse to remove the intrusive devices and alien beings. They will usually divulge the information that there is a high dark being who controls their people. A client will sometimes describe a sinister and menacing dark figure on the craft, clearly exerting powerful control, and always situated near the ship’s captain.

The ET technician is usually unaware of the dark influence. The commander of the space craft is conscious of the dark presence in about half of such cases. The ruling council members on the homeworld are aware of the dark lords in charge at various levels. They acknowledge that they, or their predecessors in the council, struck an alliance with the dark forces long ago for the purpose of gaining personal and political power. However, once that dark contract was established, the DFEs took power over the council. The DFEs assumed “ownership” of the alien civilization, and there was nothing that could be done about it.

The council members, usually from three to eleven in number (though once it was reported as a senate of about 1800 members), are grateful for the assistance in separating themselves and their citizens from the DFEs. With the assistance of many light beings, we facilitate the total removal of the dark force entities, from the lowliest DFE attached to the ET technicians, through the dark lords on the craft, to the high-level dark beings wielding power over the council members and the overseers or enforcers who lurk behind the scenes.

After the release of the DFEs from their civilization, the council gladly orders the removal of the implants, monitors, communication devices, various and as-sorted headbands and skullcaps, and the ET technicians. They order the return of all the craft orbiting this world and any other, and the space stations involved in this hideous project. A tremendous piece of work is completed in a very short time. The effect on consciousness cannot be measured.

Clients have discovered not only these attached ET technicians and their equipment, but also unattended probes and other devices in various parts of the anatomy and in the chakras, or energy centers of the body, both on themselves and other family members. These probes are non-physical in nature yet connected in a way which allows for transmission of information to the ET scientist’s location. The probe, or connector, may also allow the ET to remotely control some aspect of the physiology or mental/emotional functioning of the person.

In an altered state, a client can visualize the probe, often a black cord, leading to the ET laboratory. We direct the question to the alien researcher. This communication passes directly to the ETs along the attached connector, and the surprised ET will answer through the voice mechanism of the client. This can be surprising and distressing to the client, but with our assurance that the control is only temporary, and that many people have overcome this intrusion, most clients continue with the dialogue.


The DFE Tank Farm

In one case, a middle aged woman discovered what appeared to be a conduit attached in the area of the base of her spine. There was no pretense about research; this was an energy pipeline sucking life force from her. As she traced the conduit in her inner imagery, she found it extending far out in “space” to another location, a small planet. The workers on that place were slow thinking, dull-witted beings who attended the collection and storage stations for this life energy, huge “tank farms” similar to those of petroleum refineries in our own land. This was their only job.

Similar conduits came in from all directions to this storage facility, from countless beings living on many worlds. These workers received a small percentage of the life force energy collected in this way as their compensation from a powerful group of higher beings on another planet who controlled the operation. They didn’t seem to be aware of anything else.

We called on the leader of the higher beings. He responded. Yes, his people had arranged this collection and storage network for life force energy. Yes, these workers performed this duty for them. Yes, the DFEs were in charge of his people, and had been for a long time. Yes, the DFEs ordered the placement of this entire life force energy collection system. Yes, the DFEs took the life force energy for their own purposes. Yes, his people were actually slaves to the DFEs. No, there was nothing they could do about it. Yes, they would appreciate any assistance to free themselves.

In the name of the Light, we demanded to speak to the dark commander in control of this operation. In a few moments, this one responded through the voice of the client. He was surprised and irritated by this interruption. Yes, his dark associates used some of the energy, but mostly it was taken to an even higher level in the dark realm. He knew nothing about that level.

We called on the Rescue Spirits of Light to surround this dark commander in a net of light, a mesh of light, a capsule of light, to bind this one in light. We asked the Rescue Spirits of Light to move through the group of dark ones on that planet, binding each of them in light, wherever they were in that moment.

We directed the commander to focus within himself. The first deception in the dark realm is that there is no light within the individual being. Once they believe that, they are under total subjugation by their dark superiors. They are controlled by threat of annihilation. The second deception is that they can be annihilated, they can be destroyed, they will cease to exist. The third deception is that the light will harm them, burn them, destroy them. So, of course, they avoid the light. The DFEs are totally controlled by threat and fear through these three deceptions.

The commander was astonished when he discovered his own spark of light. His entire focus was on the spark as it expanded. It felt warm. He recalled the Light and the warmth from his far memory. He recalled his origin in the Light, and he instantly rejected the three controlling deceptions. He made a new choice for the Light. This is the transformation of a demon.

As he reconsidered the collection and storage project, he realized the terrible invasiveness, the abject violation of the free will of countless God-created beings.

He agreed to begin to demolish the system. He also agreed to assist in the gathering and transformation of the legions of DFEs under his command. Through the lines of communication to all his underlings he summoned them from distant outposts and directed them to focus within as he had done. The Rescue Spirits of Light gathered them as they came in, each in its own capsule of light. This is a grandly efficient method of releasing the DFEs as compared to going through the process with each individual demon. According to clients in thousands of sessions through the years, it works.

As these DFEs rush in, clients describe the scene like a flood of darkness, like a river of lava or thick, black oil, flowing toward the Light. Each DFE is encapsulated in light; each discovers its spark; each transforms into light. The Rescue Spirits of Light transport them to their own place in the Light. This is an awesome visual image to the client in an altered state of consciousness.

Checking with the leader of the higher level beings again, we found him and his people in celebration of their restored freedom. They were grateful for the assistance. They had abandoned all aspects of the energy collection project. The “equipment” was being dismantled. This would free many humans and countless others from this energy drain.

We directed the client to examine the area where she had first discovered the conduit. Even after this releasement of multitudes of DFEs, it was still in place! Again following up the conduit, she found the storage planet. One of the dull-witted ones had emerged with some original thinking of his own. He saw this project as a pretty good deal, even considered some potential commercial possibilities here. This one was not so dull-witted. He was now thinking as a business man, and he had red eyes. This clearly indicated the direction we needed to follow in the session. In the imagery of the client, red eyes on any human being, ET, animal, or black blob, indicates DFE energy.

When the transformed dark commander on the other planet began summoning his troops, this would-be entrepreneur had stepped forward and severed connections, both the communication lines and the pipelines to that place. He decided to keep the life force energy collection system for himself and his own people. Of course, other DFEs were directing his thinking and trying to cut their losses.

We again called, in the name of the Light, to the one in charge of this group. The breakaway dark commander came forward grudgingly, and divulged his rebellion against his commander’s summons. The Rescue Spirits of Light again did their job, the DFEs went through the transformation, and the dull-witted ones agreed to dismantle their part of the system.

The conduit disappeared from the base of the spine of the client. She felt the relief, though she had not been aware of the intrusive device nor the energy drain prior to the session. She had only known that something was not right. After attending a lecture on SRT, she felt the inner urging to explore with us in a private session. She was amazed at what she discovered, and delighted at the results.


Harvesting Energy

In another case, a woman wanted to explore past life therapy. There was no specific problem area, she just wanted to experience the work. She only knew we did regression therapy. We explained that it is the inner knowing self that directs the session, and we don’t lead a client into past lives. She was willing to explore whatever emerged. As she scanned her body, she discovered a disruption of energy in her abdomen, the solar plexus area. It seemed to be tight, and she felt a little nauseous.

Dr. B.: “If that tight feeling could speak, what would it say, right now?”
C: “What do you want?”
Dr. B.: “ What are you doing here?”
C: “Taking her energy.”

Very straightforward, no subterfuge, no cover story.
Dr. B.: “Have you ever been human in your own physical body?”
C: “No.”
Dr. B.: “What color is the light in your universe?”
C: “Orange.”
Dr. B.: “What do you do with the energy?”
C: “Send it up to the Big Dark Ones.”

There was no craft. There was no home planet. No subjugated ET civilization. No intermediaries. These were energy draining DFEs who just hung out in an orange light place. We have found that the red, orange, black, and sometimes dark purple light locations seem to be domains of the DFEs. This band of intruders was simply sucking energy from this woman and many other humans. The DFEs responded to the process of transformation and were released.

We continued the session with soul fragmentation recovery. Her essence had been slowly drained away. Most of this was recovered and reintegrated. The woman felt weary yet peaceful and somehow more complete.

The late Robert Monroe, a former corporate executive, was a pioneer in describing and publishing personal experience and research in the out-of-body experience, the "OOBE.” 112 He details his battles with entities he called “demons.” In some of his out-of-body excursions, he realizes there are “entities” riding him like a child playfully rides horseback astride the back of an adult. He describes one OOBE in which he was manning an ancient pumping station with huge pipes transporting something of much higher energy than oil, valuable and vitally needed elsewhere. Is this life force energy siphoned from humans transported to other places for use by opportunistic beings? We have found many such cases in clinical practice.


The Vampires

The DFEs believe they have no spark of light at their center. This is the first deception in the dark realm. They believe they do not have their own source of energy. No light, no energy, no sustenance. They have to steal energy from the best source on the planet: unsuspecting human beings. Their superiors believe the same thing. Their job is to squelch the light in the target humans and reap as much of the host’s energy as possible for transport to the higher realms of darkness. They are literally stealing life force or soul energy from the host. This leads to all sorts of human ailments and symptoms of illness. This is not new in human history.

In indigenous cultures, the healer is called the shaman. In shamanic literature, illness is thought to be caused by soul loss.113 Soul theft often occurs because one person assumes power over another person. The survivor of sexual abuse often describes feeling as if the perpetrator (father, stepfather, grandfather, uncle) has stolen her soul. In every case involving sexual abuse that we have seen in clinical practice, there are DFEs involved.

Soul theft may be the result of a curse, hex, or spell cast by a witch, black magician, or sorcerer. Black magic always involves the DFEs. This type of curse and soul fragmentation is sometimes discovered in past lives, and the curse may still be affecting the client in the present life.

Many women report love affairs with men who were possessive, even violent. These affairs often end with bitterness. In some cases, the men have vowed to keep the women under their control and to possess their heart or soul. In sessions with these women, when we can explore these men remotely, they are found to be partially or totally controlled by DFEs.

Vampirism is a cultural myth that predates Christianity. It concerns the extraction of blood or life force from living people without killing them. The creature of the myth has taken many forms: demons; the incubus and succubus; handsome men, beautiful women, both of which are shape shifters; black magicians; night-flying astral bloodsuckers; spirits of the undead and others.”114 DFEs are integral to this kind of activity.

At the time of a disaster such as an earthquake, volcano, war, or plane crash resulting in death, the DFEs attempt to seize as many of the confused souls as they can. People who die with the emotion of guilt are susceptible to the DFEs. In the movie Ghost, the two bad guys died and were immediately snatched away by dark entities. Mind fragments of living people can be captured by the DFEs.

These are the activities of the DFEs: undermining the power of love; chaos and destruction in human lives; control and power over others; soul theft; sucking life force; snatching souls and mind fragments during traumatic and confusing events. This holds true on this planet as well as other worlds, other realms, other planes and dimensions.

In human interaction, the DFEs attempt to cause as much chaos and destruction, disruption and strife between people as they can. Individually, this shows up as low self esteem. In loving relationships between two people, this interference can lead to upset, separation and divorce, even domestic violence and murder.
Soul groups of people come back lifetime after lifetime to be together in healing and loving interactions.115 Love is the healing energy in this world and beyond. The DFEs attempt to interfere with the healing power of Light/Love wherever and whenever they can. They claim that it’s just their job.

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Chapter 9


The pact with the Devil, the covenant with Satan, joining in league with Lucifer, this is the stuff of horror movies and Gothic novels of torture set in medieval castles. Echoes of Dr. Faust! The very mention of the Inquisition, nightmare that it was, calls forth scenes of wild accusations of witches and charges of trafficking with the Devil and the terrible torture that was meted out. Burning at the stake, death on the rack, and other inhuman torture led many a poor wretch to call on the forces of darkness for vengeance. At these grotesquely pivotal moments in the existence of a being, personal spiritual evolution took a backward step as the choice was made for the darkness.116

All through the history of armed conflict, warriors have called on the dark forces as they charged into battle. Prayer to God does no good at that moment, they say. God does not assist one soldier in killing another. Spirits of the battlefield dead may remain earthbound for centuries, held captive by the DFEs who came in at the moment of the fear-based request. The DFEs cannot grant protection against mortal wounds. Soldiers who strike such a last minute bargain with the dark forces enjoy a feeling of invulnerability. They are unpleasantly surprised at their ensuing death and subsequent bondage to the darkness.

Countless humans have struck bargains with the devil, in this life or another, for myriad self-serving purposes, and for the health or safety of loved ones. In some cases, the bargains are purposely made, in others, the connection is made inadvertently by accepting an invitation, veiled or overt, from the dark ones. The Dark One does not bargain in good faith; there is no time limit specified. The human thinks only in terms of this lifetime. The Dark One thinks in terms of eternity but does not declare this fact. Once these contracts are established, DFEs are assigned. The person is under the control of the dark forces for a long, long time. This becomes a terrible dark bondage.

In many instances the agreement is a conscious act and deliberately sought.

The most serious summoning of Satan is for the express purpose of creating a formal pact. The pact usually guarantees some earthly gain, such as personal or political power, secret knowledge and psychic ability, material wealth, or securing the favors of a desirable woman or man. The Dark One delights in offering such transient rewards in return for the eternal soul of the bargainer.117

Following the death of the victim of such a contract, the hapless spirit can go through the cycle of the Light and incarnate again, and the contract is reactivated immediately at birth; DFEs are reassigned. This captive human being continues the perverse work of the darkness through his/her own physical body, in bondage to, and totally controlled by, the dark forces lifetime after lifetime.

Just as often, the newly deceased spirit remains earthbound (with a nested, controlling DFE) and continues to serve the dark ones, often by attaching to another human. When it is discovered in a session, this EB acts like a DFE, both in its reaction to the discovery questions, and the disclosure of its purpose. Yet it claims to have been alive in its own human body. These EBs are usually assigned as lower or middle level commanders. They aren’t the lowly growlers, hissers, or snarlers.

In session, I suggest to the client who has formed such a pact, in this life or another, or with an attached entity who succumbed to the temptation:
Dr. B.: “Recall the moment when you chose for the darkness.”

This poor soul will immediately recall the fateful moment: as a warrior going into battle; as a witch being burned at the stake;118 as a politician coveting more power; or some other equally crucial choice point. As they begin to remember their experience since that moment, they are more than willing, they are eager to end the bondage, to clear their mind of the distortion, and renounce the nefarious pact. We lead them in pronouncing the Renunciation of the Darkness, a phrase at a time.


The entity is making the pronouncement, through the voice mechanism of the client.

Dr. B.: “Repeat these words. Make them your own. It does you no good for me to say them for you. You must repeat them as your own.”

The therapist must be sensitive to the religious views of the client. For those who do not object to the name of Jesus Christ, the Holy Name is used. For those who are sensitive for any reason, the term “Light” is substituted.

“In the name of the Light, may God rebuke you, darkness.”

The entity/client repeats this sentence and each of the following:
“I renounce all activities of the darkness.”
“I revoke all contracts and agreements, invitations and invocations, rituals and initiations with the darkness.”
“Throughout eternity, for as long as my soul exists.”
“For in the name of the Light, it is so.”

The entity/client repeats. After 20 or 30 seconds of silence, I ask softly:
Dr. B.: “How does that feel?”

There is normally a deep feeling of relief, both for the attached entity and for the client. When a person is infested with a DFE, there is a possibility that there has been some invitation or acceptance in this or some past time. The pronouncement thus serves double duty; the attached EB with nested DFE and the client are both released from their respective agreements with the darkness. The dark ones can then be released more readily from the client, and from the confused and misguided earthbound spirit.

The same pronouncement is used with any client who recalls a past lifetime when they interacted with the dark forces in any way, whether they were involved in sorcery, black magic, witchcraft, dark brotherhood or priesthood, or Satanic cult activity of any kind.

The dark force energy distorts the thinking just enough that the person actually believes that what he/she is doing is just exactly what he/she wants to be doing. Without some intervention such as SRT, this behavior would continue unabated, even for lifetimes, the confused thinking well entrenched.

A formal and binding relationship with God calls for belief in God, devotion to duty and service to mankind. These are the monastic and religious vows. God does not want anything else for Himself, only what is in the best interest for the human. A pact with the devil is quite different in essence and form. The devil demands something for himself while giving precious little to the human who calls for the pact. God covenants with people or with mankind.119 The devil contracts specifically with individual persons. Traditionally, the pact with the devil is signed in blood by the human and kept by the devil.

Similar pacts and bargains have apparently been struck between the leaders of alien civilizations and the Forces of Darkness. These malevolent bargains inflict terrible oppression on the alien citizens and often have damaging and far-reaching consequences for planet Earth and her human inhabitants.


The Dark Reptilian

Charles was a practicing hypnotherapist. He also had strong psychic abilities. He volunteered for a demonstration in an SRT training class. Unless something has already surfaced or been discovered with a person, we do not specify a subject nor a particular direction in these demo sessions. The volunteer is instructed to scan his/her body for any emotional feeling or physical sensation. There is always something.


We proceed with the discovery questions:

“If it had a size or shape, what would that be?”
“If it had a color, what would it be?”
“If it had a sound, what would it sound like?”
“If it had words, what would they be?”
“If it could speak, what would it be saying, right now?”

There is a pause after each question to allow for any response. If there is an entity, it is usually aroused by these questions and it will most certainly have something to say to us by the time the last question is posed. The earthbound spirit will be frightened and confused, or belligerent and defensive. The DFE will be hostile, defiant, and arrogant. The ET will be surprised that we are bothering it when it is either gathering data of a “scientific” nature, collecting energy for its controllers, or here to take over. It usually challenges our right to disturb its activities or question its right to be present. Through the discovery questions, the one with Charles was identified as an ET with DFE influence.

Once again, we connected with the ruling council, the leaders of this alien civilization. They acknowledged the erstwhile connection with the dark forces. They welcomed our assistance. I had an intuitive flash that the high dark commander was not in the council chambers with the others. My questions were directed at the council leader.

Dr. B.: “Look around in your chambers. Is he there? Perhaps in an anteroom, somewhere behind the scenes, in an adjoining room. Is he behind the walls, hidden from your view.”

Charles’ perception shifted to a room close to the Council Chambers and he described the dark controller. At first it appeared to Charles as a large reptilian figure, standing upright, surprised at being detected. This type is often described in the UFO literature. The reptoids have a bad reputation.

I called on the Rescue Spirits of Light to surround this reptilian being in the capsule of light. I demanded, in the name of the Light, that it show its true form. It immediately shape-shifted into a dark blob. This had been a deceptive disguise. The high dark commander had adopted the figure of the ill-reputed reptilian.
It quickly went through its transformation and chose the Light for itself. It began to assist by calling in its underlings, the entire group of DFEs which had been infesting this group of aliens. They were taken into the appropriate place in the Light. And another alien civilization was freed from their dark bondage.

There are planets and perhaps universes where the Light of the Universal Mind, or Christ Consciousness as it is often termed, has not yet penetrated. The Lucifer energy arrived there first and is revered as God in some of these locations. When we discover them, the dark ones are treated with the standard SRT procedures and transported to the Light.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you: and whosoever knoweth himself shall find it.”120

At the core of every God-created being is a spark of Light, a spark of the God consciousness. Denial and defiance of this spiritual heritage is a denial and defiance of God. At the innermost core, each being knows the truth of its identity. This cannot be denied. It is the way Home, the path to rejoining God, the Creator Source.


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Chapter 10


The Catholic exorcism procedure, the Roman Ritual, has a long history of development, and finally reached its present format in the seventeenth century. It is still used by priests of the Catholic Church in cases of solemn exorcism. Between 1970 and 1980, there were more than 600 solemn exorcisms performed in the United States alone.121 It is still a viable procedure in the Church, though rarely publicized. Basically, the interaction between the possessing demon and the priest-exorcist is adversarial; the demon is cast out in the name of Jesus Christ, without a specified destination. The procedure offers no love, no compassion, no concern whatsoever for the entity, as though the fallen angel were not a God-created being.

This form of exorcism is irresponsible with regard to the treatment and disposal of the entity. The demon can return to the same person. It can find another unwitting victim, or it can attach to the priest-exorcist. It is like removing a nail from a flat tire and tossing it out into the street. The person who tossed it, or anyone else driving by, can pick it up in their tire again.


Releasement Of The Demonic Entity

The foundation of Spirit Releasement Therapy is the knowledge that all God-created beings contain the monad, the indestructible, eternal spark of God consciousness. All else is illusory and transitory, part of the duality that constitutes this physical reality which encompasses good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong, and other polarities. The Book of Revelations outlines the beginning of the game, the act of choosing sides: Light or darkness.122 Every spark of God will return, and eventually all will join in the Oneness. This includes Lucifer, the ultimate prodigal son, and his legions of demons, the “Forces of Darkness.”

The process of spirit releasement of the DFEs requires imagination, visual imagery, and acceptance of certain spiritual figures. This is not a religious exercise and does not require adherence to any religious belief or practice. This is explained to the client before a session begins. Certain names may be used in the session, and specific beings may be called upon for help, such as Archangel Michael and the Christ Consciousness.123

Once the attached entity is identified as a DFE, the therapist calls on the Warrior Angels of Light to form a bastion of light entirely around the location of the session, the homes of all concerned, all friends, family, and loved ones involved. These powerful beings of light stand against any darkness that would interfere in the work of the session.

The therapist requests the Rescue Spirits of Light to bind the DFE in a net of light, a mesh of light, a capsule of light, impervious, impenetrable, and inescapable.

As the capsule of light squeezes, the dark one begins to feel the pressure and its edges begin to fade.

The beings of light who assist in this process may be archetypal or totally imaginary. They may be absolutely real, spiritually evolved, conscious beings existing in a non-physical reality, a different vibration or dimension than the Earth level. Perhaps they dwell in the imaginal realm where ETs exist, along with angels
and many other conscious beings.124

The true dark force entities have not been human, so they have no experience of dying, though they may have a sense of the concept due to contact with human minds. As their edges become fuzzy, gray, or ragged, they often fear annihilation. They think fading means disappearing, ceasing to exist.

The following is a typical dialogue between the therapist and a DFE attached to the client, speaking through the client’s voice.

Dr. B.: “What did your superiors tell you the light would feel like if it came this close to you?”
DFE: “They said it would burn.”
Dr. B.: “Is it burning?”
DFE: “No.”
Dr. B.: “Did they lie to you?”
DFE: “Yes, they said it would burn.”
Dr. B.: “That’s the third deception: that the light is harmful in any way. What did they say would happen to you if the light came close like this?”
DFE: “They told me I would be destroyed, I would disappear, I would cease to exist.”
Dr. B.: “That’s the second deception, that you can be destroyed, that you can cease to be. Are you being destroyed? Are you disappearing?”
DFE: “No. Well, something’s changing, my edges are fading.”

There is very little belligerence at this point. The DFE’s focus has been turned from its assignment with the client and its defiance and threats towards the therapist to fear for its own survival. With guidance and the assistance of the therapist, it begins to understand that it has been deceived.

Dr. B.: “What did your superiors tell you about what’s inside you?”
DFE: “There is nothing there except darkness (or hatred, or fire).”
Dr. B.: “Turn and look deep inside yourself. Begin to focus deep inside. Tunnel to your center, to the very center of your being, to the very core of your essence. What do you find?”
DFE: “Nothing, it’s just dark.”
Dr. B.: “That is the first deception. Keep looking. Through the darkness, through the layers of black slime. Keep looking, keep going, right into your center. What do you see there? Look carefully.”
DFE: “There is some light. Just a little pinpoint of light.”

The Light inside has been described as a pinpoint, a flicker, a spark, a candle, a little flame, a red coal, a pearl, a diamond, a star, a ruby, a crystal, an emerald, a fire, a sun, and other similar images.

Dr. B.: “What happens to that little light as you continue to watch it?”
DFE: “It’s glowing brighter, it’s getting bigger.”

This nearly always happens with this type of entity after they discover their own spark of light.
Dr. B.: “Move closer to it. How does it feel? Does it burn?”
DFE: “No, it doesn’t burn. It feels warm.”
Dr. B.: “How long since you felt warm?”
DFE: “I can’t remember.”
Dr. B.: “Step into it. It is your own light. It is the center of your being. This is what you are. Step right into it. Stand tall in your own light. How does that feel?”

As the dark being steps into its own light, the darkness disappears.
DFE: “It’s warm and peaceful.”
Dr. B.: “How long since you felt warm and peaceful?”
DFE: “I don’t remember.”
Dr. B.: “What has happened to your dark form, the darkness we first saw?”
DFE: “It’s gone.”

This is the transformation of a demon, and the dialogue nearly always follows this pattern. It is a straightforward therapeutic process.

Dr. B.: “They deceived you. They told you there was no light at your center. That is the first deception. It is the denial of God, a deception of the first magnitude. This pinpoint of Light is the spark of God consciousness. It is the spark at the center of your being which gives you eternal life. No one can take it from you. The dark masters can neither give you life nor can they destroy it.

“Once you believe the first deception, that there is no light at your center, you will believe the second deception, that you can cease to be, that you can be destroyed. After that you will believe anything. They tell you the light is harmful, that it will burn, and you must stay away from it. If you believe this third deception and obey this command, you will never learn about the light. How does it feel to know they deceived you from the beginning?”

DFE: “I don’t like it. I’m angry. They lied to me.”
Dr. B.: “Would you continue to serve these masters who deceived you like this?”
DFE: “No.”

Since they rebelled and left the God Source, the dark force entities, the minions of Lucifer, the legions of demons, have been controlled by these three deceptions, the fear of punishment, and the threat of annihilation. With this brief intervention, the DFEs discover within themselves the truth of their being, the seed of personal transformation, the key to freedom.

Dr. B.: “Would you like to make a new choice? Would you choose for the Light this day?”

They almost always say yes. They like the feeling of the light within them-selves. They aren’t stupid, just ignorant about the light.
Dr. B.: Say the words: ‘I choose for the Light.’”
DFE: “I choose for the Light.”
Dr. B.: “We witness your choice and the Universe recognizes your choice. You are free.”

Transformed DFE:

“Thank you.”
Dr. B.: “You’re welcome. Rescue Spirits of Light, lift this one to its own appointed place in the Light. We send you to your own place in the Light, little friend, and we say farewell.”

This process does not seem like an exorcism of a demon, yet it is very effective with all levels of DFEs we have encountered. The approach is not the adversarial position of a priest or deliverance minister, with rancor and animosity toward this foul thing, but from a compassionate stance of tough love for a God-created being who went astray.

Long ago this spirit made a serious error and chose the dark path. It caused untold misery to countless beings along that path. It has also suffered its own pain in the darkness. There is a great deal more involved in the process than this brief description would suggest, yet this is the final outcome in nearly every case. 125

Some critics have condemned this process because they believed the darkness would or could contaminate the light, could diminish Heaven. What a limited and demeaning view of the power of the Light! The transformed DFEs are taken to their own appointed place in the Light, not the same destination where human spirits go after physical death. In any case, the darkness is a covering illusion, much like a child’s Halloween costume, and it disappears as the little being discovers its own light, steps into its own light, and becomes the light by choice. No, the Light is not contaminated by receiving one of its own creations that has gone astray. When we bring the darkness to the Light, it is the dark that is transformed, not the Light that is changed.

The question arises about the reality of demons and demonic possession. In an orderly universe created by God, why would He allow such beings to exist? Why would He allow His human creations to be so plagued by them? Why is such chaos allowed in the world? Some people have speculated that this is His way of giving humans an incentive to strive for something better. The dark ones act like starting blocks for a runner, something to give the impetus for forward movement, something to push against.

In the act of creation, He gave His created beings, expanding and extending from the All That Is, the individual sparks of consciousness, the power of free will. This is the greatest of His gifts. As great as this gift is, there must be something equally significant to choose between for this power of free will choice to be meaningful. There must be something upon which to exercise the power of choice, something of enormous impact. It may be the choice between Light and darkness.

This theoretical model of the spiritual realm of dark energies grows out of more than 17 years of clinical experience in working with these beings, expressing through thousands of clients in private sessions. The model works; the hypothesis stands the test of time. Many people have learned these methods and find similar success with the DFEs and see results in their clients. The elements of this model are similar in many ways to the established religious and spiritual literature on the subject. Where we differ is in human experience versus religious dogma.

There are evils which are acknowledged by the majority of men and women and almost universally rejected. The archetype of the devil is the nucleus around which these rejected elements gather, and it is from this nucleus that they in turn derive their power. The devil appears in some form in all religions and myths. He is seen as the eternal opponent of all that is good in the world. The devil, or Satan, which means adversary or accuser, or diabolos, in Greek, the slanderer, is, and has always been, very much a part of human consciousness.

In materialistic Western culture, even in most churches, the existence of an actual Prince of Darkness with legions of demons under his command is considered as symbolic, metaphoric, even mythical. Officially, the mental health professions continue to deny anything spiritual, certainly the personification of evil in the form of a devil. In private sessions behind closed doors however, many licensed professionals are using past life therapy, recovery of soul fragmentation, and spirit releasement therapy with amazing results and producing some remarkable healings.

Whether the force of Darkness is a figment of imagination, a product of the rantings of zealous prophets, a projection of ego, a creation of the collective unconscious, a God-created adversary, or something else yet unknown, the speculations regarding good and evil will, without a doubt, continue unabated.
The process of Spirit Releasement Therapy is distinct from any religious tradition or methodology of exorcism. In clinical practice there is no need for concern regarding religious conjecture or superstition.


Whether it is imagination, archetype, the psychological shadow, collective hallucinations, mass hypnosis, a projection of the beliefs of the therapist or something else again, the DFEs and their effects exist in some form and have impact in this consensus reality. They correspond to the historic description and classic behavior attributed to demons. They show up in clinical practice, they affect human beings, and the effects can be eliminated with the appropriate techniques. Regardless of any religious belief or dogma, the dark force entities are actively involved in our personal and planetary evolution.

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Chapter 11


When I first began studying hypnosis for dentistry, I had no idea what new frontiers I was approaching. Hand levitation and glove anesthesia that could be transferred to the mouth in preparation for dental work seemed like miracle stuff. And indeed it is for the many people who have a terrible fear of dentists. However, it only takes a few weekend classes in hypnodontics126 to learn just about all there is to know about the subject.

This knowledge sparked my curiosity, my interest was kindled, and there was no stopping. I continued to study hypnosis and the farther reaches of the human mind, the subconscious, and the deeper realms of the unconscious.127 What most intrigued me was the power of the subconscious mind over the functions of the body. With dental hypnosis, a person can control gagging, saliva flow, the swallow reflex, breathing, and, with post hypnotic suggestion, bleeding, swelling, pain, and rapidity of healing after leaving the office. Experienced meditators can control blood pressure, heart rate, and other autonomic mechanisms. Through self hypnosis, similar control over the body can be attained. With biofeedback training, a person can control some of these autonomic functions while in a totally conscious state.

One of the basic teachings regarding the use of hypnosis is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. In the dental chair, and in the psychotherapy setting, the client willingly accepts the suggestions of the facilitator, to ease the discomfort of the dental procedures, or to uncover the source of painful emotional conflicts. So there is some validity in the teaching about self hypnosis in these settings. However, this is one of the great myths of mind science, and those who would control the minds of others know this quite well.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP) was developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.128 It is essentially the distillation of hypnotic communication techniques of Milton Erickson, M.D., the acknowledged master of clinical hypno-therapy. The methodology of NLP includes embedded verbal commands, body postures, and hand motions which can influence another person without their knowledge. It can be used in the therapy setting, a sales presentation, a court of law, or any interpersonal interaction. Obviously, it can be used for the purpose of mind control.

It is no secret that the advertising industry takes advantage of consumer’s suggestibility. Most of us are in the thrall of cultural trance, the combination and culmination of the emotional surroundings, mental attitudes and judgments, and social pressures that have enveloped us since conception and birth. This involves the standards and mores of our society, the customs and acceptable social behavior patterns, the recognized and accepted religions, forms of humor, music, and the arts.129 This also includes the political tone which promotes loyalty and patriotism to a country, even to the extent that soldiers will fight “enemy” soldiers to the death over arbitrary geographical borders.

Also shaped by the cultural hypnosis is the prevailing Zeitgeist, the intellectual climate of the times.130 In the middle ages, the prevailing Zeitgeist allowed for the existence of spirits and demon possession. The intellectual climate in contemporary civilization endorses no such condition, nor does it countenance the existence of aliens, UFOs, or abduction by the aliens who ride in those UFOs. In the current model of scientific thinking, it can’t exist, therefore it doesn‘t exist.

Like species of living things on the planet, science also evolves: the earth is no longer flat, nor is it the center of the universe; rocks do fall from the sky; disease is no longer caused by spirits (except when it is), and the Air Force acknowledges some unexplained aerial events. With the possibility that five million people may have been contacted or abducted by aliens, as well as reports from therapists across the country describing successfully treated cases of spirit possession and spirit attachment, there is pressure toward evolution in the Zeitgeist to include these experiences.

In 1991, the late Carl Sagan made this statement during the Commencement Address at UCLA:

It is the responsibility of scientists never to suppress knowledge, no matter how awkward that knowledge is, no matter how much it may bother those in power. We are not smart enough to decide which pieces of knowledge are permissible and which are not.

In the early days of legitimate research in hypnosis after the “gross humbug” of Mesmerism,131 several prominent investigators were exploring the possibilities of hypnosis, or induced sleep, as they perceived it. Hypnosis was known to be effective when used directly with a susceptible person. Hypnosis at a distance, or telepathic hypnosis, was also reported. Paris born Pierre Janet (1859-1947) founded a new system of dynamic psychiatry which was one of the main sources for Freud, Adler, and Jung. In a paper given at a major professional meeting in 1895, Janet described his experiments with his subject, Leonie.


He was able to easily hypnotize the young woman, not only directly in a face to face situation, but also from a distance. He could give her “mental” suggestions that she would carry out exactly.132 Other experimenters repeated this telepathic induction of hypnosis at a distance. In some cases they could influence the subject’s behavior in addition to inducing the trance.133

James Esdaile performed more than 300 surgeries and amputations, many on the battlefield, using only hypnosis as anesthesia. This occurred in India before 1850.134 His mortality rate was less than 5%. Hitler controlled a nation with his rhetoric, so persuasive and hypnotic an orator was he. Control over the subconscious mind can be used for benefit or harm, depending on the intention of the hypnotist.

There is no doubt that hypnosis can be used to influence, or control, the susceptible mind. Certain drugs can increase the susceptibility, and this is all that is required to control a group (of any size) of people rendering them docile, obedient, and loyal. The mind-altering, consciousness-expanding drug LSD was first researched in humans in the early ‘50s.

The CIA was funding research on electromagnetic mind control at least as early as 1960. The notorious MKULTRA project was expanded to include not only hypnosis and psychedelic drugs, but bioelectric sensing methods for surveillance and interrogation, as well as for finding techniques for activating the human organism by remote electronic means. In testimony before the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research on September 21, 1977, MKULTRA director Sidney Gottlieb recalled a running interest in the effects on people standing in the field of radio energy, and whether a person could be more easily hypnotized if he were standing in a radio beam.

The 1977 Congressional Record contains a report from the Senate Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (“The Church Committee”). This report details the history of covert mind control experiments (often performed illegally on unwitting U.S. citizens) con-ducted by agencies of the U.S. Government.


Under the code name of Project MKULTRA, techniques such as psychoactive drugs, hypnosis, bio-electronics, Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC), Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM), occult and parapsychological research, radiation, microwaves, and ultrasonics were explored. Several proved to be quite effective. One CIA “consult-ant” spoke to the committee of electronic implants used for remote mind control. Another spoke of systematically creating multiple personalities within individuals for intelligence activities. Another spoke of creating false memories as a cover for all the other activities. The Church Committee, of course, said “No, no!” And the agency, of course, promised to “cease and desist.”

The intelligence agencies, primarily the CIA, conducted human research on thousands of people, often without their knowledge or consent, at least through the ‘60s.135 One possible application of such research is the control of enemy populations, both civilian and military. A more insidious application of such technology would be the control the population of our own country. The descriptions of the research in this country present a hideous panorama of man’s inhumanity to man.136

Remote viewing has been developed into a practical, teachable skill. Since it was primarily a military project, presumably in conjunction with the intelligence agencies of this country, it is highly likely the skill was developed not only as a spying device, but also as a weapon. In the mental state of consciousness required for remote viewing, the viewer can focus on a target person or location and perceive details of the target. It many be possible for the viewer to influence a target person, even to the point of causing death.

In a ground-breaking experiment, Jose Delgado, a neurophysiologist from the Yale University School of Medicine, managed to halt a charging bull only thirty feet from his completely vulnerable body. In his hand he held a small black box which transmitted a radio signal to a similar black box which contained a small receiver fastened between the horns of the bull. The signal was transmitted as an electric impulse through a probe inserted into the bull’s brain. The bull ring was in Madrid, Spain. The year was 1964, and Delgado had been experimenting with electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB) for nearly two decades.138

Research expanded into stimulation without an implanted receiver, using electromagnetic fields and beamed microwaves. The use of non-lethal weapons includes specific frequencies of microwaves that can stimulate certain areas of the brain which control certain emotions and, through the neurological-physiological interface, bodily functions. Imagine a battalion of infantrymen advancing across a field. The microwaves are beamed at them and each man suddenly has an attack of diarrhea. It would cripple any effort to engage in ground combat.

It has been documented that sounds, words, voices, even commands can be beamed into the mind of a person with or without an implanted receiver. There is speculation among authors on mind control that an entire memory sequence of either alien abductions or Satanic cult ritual abuse can be implanted telepathically or through electromagnetic projection. These memories could be triggered and replayed, complete with emotion, physical sensation, and the voices of people.139


Even if such induced hallucinations were possible, it seems incredible that thou-sands of experiencers could have similar hallucinations of repeated alien abduction yet with unique and personal evidence such as nosebleeds, implants, scars, pregnancy and loss of pregnancy, bedclothes on backwards with bits of leaves and grass stuck to them, and other disturbing physical effects.

The next level of this research involves mind reading with computer translated brain wave patterns. An implanted computer chip would give a person access to computer banks of information, and could be used for direct communication with other persons. The result: computer assisted telepathy. This kind of mind reading was the culmination of a CIA goal, part of Operation Artichoke,140 the behavior control techniques employing drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, and extra-sensory perception.

Devil worship has probably been going on about as long as any form of devotion to a Higher Power, or God. From the time of birth, people are trained to give away their power and authority to an outside agency. First it is parents, who control everything in the infant’s life. Later come school teachers, police officers, and political leaders as authority figures. Most people are taught about an unseen God who watches every move and will eventually judge every thought and action. Rebellion against authority naturally begins in childhood, aimed at parental control. Civil disobedience indicates a breaking out of the cultural trance with some particular issue such as racial oppression or Vietnam war protest.

Defiance and rejection of God as a kingly figure in long robes seated on a throne in heaven can manifest as devil worship, or Satanism, the organized form of such activity. Sexual abuse of children is part of the rituals of Satanism. This can cause a condition of multiple personality disorder (MPD), which has been renamed dissociative identity disorder (DID), in the victim.141 Participation in organized Satanic cults often extends through several generations within families, and DID is often seen by therapists as a multi-generational condition. A detailed exploration of Satanism is outside the scope of this volume.142

According to Bowart and Constantine, the intelligence agencies have been actively involved in cult activity for a long time.143 The elements of mind control are present: drugs, hypnosis, pain, as well as dabbling in the supernatural. A cult is a ready source of human subjects, people with dissociation disorders who can be controlled and programmed, possibly as spies or assassins. With the roots of the CIA tracing back to Nazi Germany, by way of the OSS, its predecessor, the obvious question is: “Which came first, Satanic ritual abuse or the CIA?” There is no ready answer.

There is another element of mind control which is not mentioned in the literature. Even though the intelligence operatives are suspected of involvement with the devil worshippers, I doubt they embrace any notion of actual demons or demon possession. This would be quite an effective instrument of control over others. Curses, hexes, spells, and high black magic are not illusion. Those people who do more than dabble, but plunge headlong onto the Dark Path, take on the role of the Black Magicians, and garner for themselves the spiritual (karmic) toll which that practice accrues. One cannot gather the benefits of such power without suffering the adverse consequences.

In our clinical practice over the years, we have discovered the presence of the DFEs in every case of child sexual abuse including Satanic cult ritual abuse. Some claimed they joined the child at a young age, others come in at the time of the abuse. There are always several DFEs with the perpetrators involved in this unbelievably hideous and destructive behavior. Given the success of remote spirit releasement in cases of troubled individuals, the technique is used to clear both individuals and groups of perpetrators.

With any act of violence, vengeance, aggression, oppression or willful control of another person, there is DFE influence. The cooperation with DFEs may be unwitting and passive, voluntary, occasionally volitional, or by invitation and full conscious agreement. To establish a pact with the devil may be the single most damaging choice a human being can ever make.

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