Posted July 14, 2001

from UfoBC Website

The following photograph and article appeared in an issue of the Stargate Newsletter, Number 9 February-March 1997 Published by Stargate International (no longer in existence). Robert O. Dean is well known on the UFO lecture circuit and at one time was in the military. During his service his security clearance made it possible for him to be exposed to information that confirmed to him that what was behind the UFO phenomena was alien in nature.


He wrote the article below. Although we have no way of authenticating this photograph people are always curious about viewing pictures like this.

Number 9 February-March 1997

Published by Stargate International
by Robert O. Dean

Photo Of Small Gray Alien

In the late summer of 1994, I attended an international UFO conference in Mexico City. As always when attending such gatherings, I was delighted to network, investigate, and visit with old friends and fellow researchers. I am always pleased to discover what I consider to be new and legitimate bits and pieces of evidence.

The above photo was given to me by a trusted and respected UFO investigator whom I have always found to be honest and straight forward. And I submit it here to our readers for consideration and comment.

As always with disinformation and purposeful misinformation flooding the field, I tread cautiously. However, considering my source as well as authentic photographs I have previously examined while in the military, I believe this photo to be a legitimate picture of an ET. Comments from the our readers will be appreciated.

I will continue to present photos or images to you that I consider to be reliable and authentic. I believe that the time has come to become familiar with what some of our "visitors" look like.