by Andrija Puharich

posted by Fernny

August 20, 2009

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Andrija Puharich is one of the new breed of scientists. He is a world renowned doctor of medicine (neurology) and physics. A daring thinker in the field of parapsychology and the paranormal, he has conducted important, credited work in telepathy, altered states of consciousness and psychic surgery.

Mentor and co-founder of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy - a non-profit organization of scientists interested in clean energy systems - Dr. Puharich has been instrumental in bringing to light Tesla wireless transmissions of electrical power and investigating the field of ELF (extremely low frequency) waves on earth.

Lecturer and author he is perhaps best known to the public for his book URI which details scientific research and proof of Israeli psychic Uri Geller’s amazing powers.

Below is excerpted from an interview with the 'Atlantean Era.'

Printed by permission of Atlantean Era. All right reserved.



Extraterrestrial Children Have Paranormal Powers

What started me out is when I first discovered Uri Geller about ten years ago.


I was able to awaken a lot of latent memories in him by hypnotic processes. Then I went on and studied several hundred other young people who would come to me simply because they were watching Geller on television and they would hold a spoon and it would bend. This is now a common phenomenon. Ten years ago it was quite rare.


So I wanted to find out why certain people who would watch Geller on television could bend spoons, or things would move in their house or they would become healers. Transformations that were extraordinary occurred in these people. Most of them were rather young, between 9 years old and 21 or 22.


So I studied them for about six years. The process was one essentially of putting them in a rather deep memory state, so they could go back to previous lifetimes and remember who they were and why they came to Earth.


The story invariably turned out to be as follows...





Extraterrestrial Advisors on Earth

The ones who had these spontaneously given powers would remember that they had lived somewhere else in the universe. That was basic and they would actually go there and physically describe it.


It wound up that there were essentially 24 civilizations that they came from that are somehow connected to Earth.

I got the names of the civilizations and I would find someone in Brazil who would have the same description as somebody in England or France because I studied kids from all over the world. Eventually I built up a profile of these 24 civilizations or groups.


Uri Geller is a representative of one of these groups called “Hoova.”


That is a specific civilization concerned largely with bio-engineering - making sure that all living forms on the planet are genetically engineered so that they all live in harmony, not in opposition.

Some civilizations are here for healing, some for pure science and some for the political aspects. They all are kind of specialized. But the story was always the same.


These youngsters I investigated were asked by the leaders of their civilizations (and it is not necessarily a physical civilization because some of them were from other dimensions that we don’t understand although we can mathematically define these dimensions), to come to Earth because Earth is heading for a lot of trouble.


They were asked to incarnate and grudgingly they said,

“Okay, I’ll volunteer”

None of them were happy about this assignment - like being sent to the slums, believe me.

They would come here and they all had the same experience. I got this from the mothers and the fathers. Almost invariably the mothers could not swear that this was a normal conception - the mother and father had not had a sexual relationship for a long time or the mother got pregnant in a period where she was supposedly infertile or she was on the pill - whatever.


This was the bizarre part.


They were born into this framework, into a body and they all had great difficulties with getting adjusted to earth life.


A lot of them had very severe strains and conflicts in their early life, all kinds of unusual childhood diseases which are essentially psychosomatic. They really didn’t understand what they were doing here.

It was during this process of awakening these far memories that they realized why they were here, and that they’d made a commitment.




Young Wizards and Child Prodigies

The youngsters who are here as representatives are souls from those civilizations who came to carry out those roles.


They are always connected and being fed information. They are here to help and they have kinds of specialties. I can’t give you the names because I’m going to protect the privacy of all these youngsters.


One of them is a very brilliant child-student who comes from one of the world’s wealthiest families.


All he’s interested in is going into his mind, into prepared underground or underwater cities scattered all over the planet which are just sitting there waiting to receive these New Age type of people. His job is to be the architect. He knows the layout of every one of them. Others are physicists and chemists and some of them are now old enough to have gotten their PhD’s or MD’s.


These are the youngsters I work with. There’s quite a few of them around the planet and they’re all here to serve.

They also know that there’s going to be some kind of cataclysmic crisis for humanity. They are here because that crisis is arriving. The ones who are here to help people with healing or with understanding the mind, the ones who are really into the physics of consciousness are working hard to help transform those who are ready to use their minds to do impossible things.


That is to bring in new knowledge and to understand how to heal. A lot of them are incredible astrologers. They pick it up all intuitively: they don’t follow any particular school or discipline. Most of them are leading very quiet lives, not wanting to be known or identified.


When the time comes they’ll do their thing.

Some of them have clear Altantean life memories. Some of them don’t. They really came here to do a job, not to wash the linen type of incarnation.


I think they are very important and it would be interesting to know how many of your readers for example, are from that group of people? One of their big problems is that they don’t have any place to turn to.


Most of them, incidentally, hate formal education (even though they have gotten PhD’s and Masters degrees) because it is so slow and clumsy, cumbersome.


Most of them know already what it’s all about within their given field.




New Crystal Technology

I have a lad and all he remembers is crystal technology from Atlantis.


That’s all he’s interested in and he knows it incredibly, profoundly, but he can’t do anything with it, because crystal technology is not awakened yet on the planet. A few people are using it now - where you actually use crystals to amplify your normal psychic abilities.


Marcel Vogel, a senior chemist at IBM and a Nobel scientist is beginning to teach people how to use the crystals properly for healing and distant viewing.


That’s just a little example of things being awakened on the planet that don’t come out of the crystal ball-gazing type of experience or standard radio or physics crystal technology.


It’s a whole different approach.