by John Kettler

January-March 2012

from JohnKettler Website



Middle East War Canceled!

Denuclearization Proceeding
January 1, 2012


Middle East

War With Iran Averted!


Middle East War Canceled - Iran Seeks Real Talks And Promises To End Drive To Obtain Nuclear Weapons

War in the Middle East has been narrowly averted. Iran, formerly the leading trouble maker of the Middle East, is now seeking “serious negotiations” and has promised to stop seeking to acquire the means to build nuclear weapons, to include the ultra centrifuges which have been the cargo obtained in a series of Middle East-originated shuttle runs from Iran to Germany and back.


Turns out all those runs were made in Russian aircraft, flown by Russian crews, and the last such plane and cargo “vanished.” According to ET/ED (extraterrestrial/extradimensional) sources,

“We have the plane and crew.”

If so, the Russians are now in the same boat as the Americans, who had a B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber vanish in front of horrified eyes at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Terrestrial sources report of the disappeared Russian transport aircraft:

“They can’t find the plane anywhere.”

With Iran’s nuclear production pipeline closed, the Middle East will be much calmer and safer.

The RQ-170 Sentinel drone intended to justify war in the Middle East is now of no such consequence, and Iran has learned, to its sorrow, that the U.S. Navy has a whole new capability, first used in Middle East, against mines and explosives laden Zodiac suicide boats.


It’s called MINE KILLER, and uses a continuous HPM (High Power Microwave) beam to detonate floating mines, mines being laid and mines aboard minelayers.


The last two categories cost Iran most of the mysteriously arrived minelayers from China, as well as a bunch of suicide boats which got “too damn close” while harrying the carrier battle group the U.S. Navy operates inside the Middle East’s Persian Gulf.


Weapon loaded piers and other such installations within its relatively short range of “about a mile” are also at risk.


How many such MINE KILLER devices the Navy has and who makes it are unknown, as are the warships so equipped. Nevertheless, the Middle East near war showed the fortune doubtless spent on MINE KILLER’s black development paid off. Big time. A variety of means will be used to clear submerged mines blocking the Middle East’s vital Strait of Hormuz.


That carrier battle group, plus the two now near Bahrain, will stick around, to make sure the Iranians honor their promises, before heading home from the Middle East.




Middle East-Israel Partially Defanged - Syrian Regime To Collapse From Within

Having retargeted Israel’s ballistic missiles on Israel and locked out all further reprogramming, the ET/ED forces have reportedly taken the nuclear armed Kfir force from its underground hangars and carried it off, just as happened to recovered UFOs at the Area 51′s S4 in the U.S.


For good measure, the ET/ED group has also reportedly ensured no more nuclear weapons will ever come from the super secret nuclear weapon production facility located deep below the Dimona Reactor in Israel. This is the one outed by Israeli nuclear technician and whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu.


The sense conveyed regarding Dimona was that the underground levels had been filled in, manner unspecified, rendering the complex useless. Israel still has hundreds of nuclear weapons left, but has been sent an unmistakable signal. Removing Israel’s first strike capability should help bring peace to the Middle East.

Additional ET/ED information received indicates Mossad has suffered a “terrible blow,” whose nature was not revealed; that the war-obsessed Benjamin Netanyahu will have a heart attack and that a huge scandal will soon discredit his ultra rightist, ultra nationalist Likud supporters, causing his government to fall and be replaced by far cooler heads.

Syria will not be invaded by Israel or anyone else, for well-informed terrestrial sources fully expect Bashar-al-Assad, the Baath Party and his government to fall from within, as the long oppressed people rise up and overthrow the lot.



Middle East And The Home Front

The previously mentioned National Defense Authorization Act is arousing a storm of protest, from groups as diverse as the ACLU, typical Americans, war veterans and serving military. One insider estimate indicates 80% of American soldiers would refuse orders to fire on fellow Americans.


That’s why we have all those NATO and UN troops here, not to mention various Fifth Columnists from China and elsewhere. ET/ED sources advise that all such leave or “be disappeared.”


The latter process may have already begun!





NWO Doomed!

ETs/EDs Declare War On The NWO
January 4, 2012


NWO Detention Center

Hardin, Montana



NWO Doomed! “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide!," Vow ETs/EDs

New World Order types, beware!


You are squarely in the sights of an ever growing, single minded force of ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) determined to liberate Earth and her people from your terrible thrall. What has happened so far to the NWO game plan is as nothing when compared to what’s to come for the New World Order (NWO.)

Your latest NWO attempt to start a war in the Middle East died stillborn, as did your long effort to set us up for an NWO-engineered “alien invasion” scenario, but that too got blown. Then there’s the NWO fake Second Coming (BLUE BEAM) using technological wizardry designed to leave the rubes (the sheeple) in slack jawed stupefaction.


Blown again!

You got us for a time with your NWO engineered “terrorism” scam, but the backlash has begun there, too, for it is the NWO, in its various incarnations and power centers here and abroad, which plans, finances and executes terrorism as an excuse to take away human freedom and impose your Ordo ab Chao (Order from Chaos), chaos you continually create.


You can forget killing off 90% of the world’s population and enslaving the rest, for the ETs/EDs know exactly what you’re trying to pull, and you are about to pay dearly, for what you have already done and plan to do.


Can you say busted?



NWO & The False Rapture

As your NWO world of control and domination is both progressively battered to pieces and unravels, the resultant and ever increasing stress from fear of exposure and richly deserved retribution is going to kill a lot of you NWO types.


Certain authorities have already been warned to expect this. The NWO enforcers and assassins who kept everyone in line will undergo heavy attrition one the one hand and turn on their NWO masters on the other.


This, in turn, will free a lot of otherwise silent tongues, and the most damning testimony and evidence against the NWO will begin to surface, further hastening the utter destruction of the NWO. As for the false Rapture, a whole bunch of you are going to simply disappear, never to be heard from again. You unbelievably arrogant, “entitled” NWO types may wind up on a retrieval ship sent from whatever world left you here in the first place.


You may wind up being sent off for reeducation, or you may simply be annihilated if nothing else can be done with you.


One way or another, you shall and will leave this Earth you have raped and despoiled and the people you have ceaselessly plotted against, enslaved, poisoned, mind raped, maimed and killed, all for the NWO and the NWO agenda of total surveillance and control, not to mention gigantic profits.

Nothing and no one will save you: not your exclusive nuclear-proof underground community, not a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base), not escaping to the long established colonies on the Moon and Mars; not even a Star Gate or other dimensional portal will save you. They are all guarded.


Your one hope is to confess all, do everything you can to help undo the horrific damage you helped create, and throw yourself on the mercy of whatever tribunal, court or group of outraged citizens you happen to be hauled before.



NWO Be Warned - The People Are Onto You!

Everywhere the people are waking from a horrible electrochemically induced zombie like state.


The rapidly disappearing NWO orbital mind control satellites, cell towers that are not (used instead for electronic mind control with chemicals in processed food to create such susceptibility); fluoride in the water to create docility (used in Nazi concentration camps) and cripple brain development - all are going away.


And more and more of us know you have flooded our communities with drugs that enhance electronic mind control (cocaine, opiates), while suppressing marijuana, since it interferes with it, in your unceasing efforts to create crime, factionalize and polarize us against ourselves, engineer unrest and create “justifications” for ever more control and surveillance on the relentless march to your NWO police state.

More and more Americans realize they have been had by the NWO. 80% of the American soldiers would refuse an NWO command to fire on their fellow Americans.


Police of every stripe have been educated to NWO plans to use them against us - and will not cooperate. Such diverse groups as the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), military veterans, the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF), the much vilified militias and even church groups are fully aware of the NWO and its horrendous plans.


Americans may be slow to wake up, but once they are, they are a terrible foe once awake and aroused. Just ask the Japanese!


NWO devotees, prepare to reap the whirlwind!

International Banksters Capitulate!!!

ETs/EDs Confirm!
February 4, 2012


How The International Banksters Took Over The U.S.!


International Banksters Flee Planet - With Just The Clothes On Their Backs

The International Banksters (colloquialism for “bank gangsters”) have suddenly collapsed and have, per the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals), now left the planet, most last night, for an uncertain future.


Their final disposition is unknown, but the international banksters, once self-styled lords of the Earth and owners of nearly everything and everyone, would be well advised to enter the (Galactic) Universities of Evolution, as did the first to flee, the Warburgs.


This branch of the international banksters, among the owners of the private bank called the Federal Reserve System, read the “handwriting on the wall,” decided the game was up and that survival was now the new objective, survival even if it meant penury. The entry fee was high, but appropriate, coming off the planet essentially naked and devoid of assets, precisely the condition the international banksters have left us in.


The rule is simple:

“Evolve or die!”

Even psychopaths and sociopaths should be able to understand that.



International Banksters - ETs/EDs To Intervene During Ticklish Transition to A New System

The ETs/EDs have been quietly working behind the scenes to keep the entire global economy from collapsing, but the sudden, wholly unexpected abdication of the international banksters has changed the whole situation.


Financial experts from the Universities of Evolution are being brought in to sort through an epochal mess created by the international banksters, and that is precisely the right word to describe the howling, tangled, interrelated, booby trapped chaos the international banksters have left behind.

The international banksters wanted a financial collapse, but not too fast or uncontrolled.


They wanted draconian social control, but had to do it by increments. They wanted conventional war, nuclear war and engineered disease and “natural disasters” to “thin the herd” and make the population more tractable. The international banksters did this so effectively only 86% of us have to die, provided no replacements are born over their “magic” NWO (New World Order) billion people.


The international banksters created a situation where we are enslaved by energy, when it’s there in abundance (and ruthlessly suppressed), enslaved by money, which they control the supply of, enslaved by work, so we won’t have time to think and realize who we really are.

Thanks to the international banksters, our middle class is destroyed (core industries and jobs deliberately moved overseas), our children dazzlingly ignorant, our soils depleted, our food lacking nutrition, yet the international banksters want to ban vitamins and food supplements, meanwhile contaminating our organic food with chemtrails and genetically modified organisms.


The international banksters funded terror, narcotrafficking, gunrunning, human slavery and worse, all for ever fatter profits.


And when something went wrong, the international banksters, having gang raped us and the planet, not to mention cutting out most of her lungs (forests), had the hubris to have their victims bail them out, then partied on.


No more!

  • No more will the international bankster thugs and assassins intimidate and murder the good people who stand up to them.

  • No more will the money of the international banksters buy them legal immunity or a tame, gutless mass media they own. Owned.


International Bankster Juggernaut Must Be Stopped - While We Still Have A Planet!

In order to achieve their horrific NWO, the international banksters have had multiple plans running for centuries, with backups to the backups.


The resultant momentum is huge, as seen in yet another headlong rush for war against Syria and Iran, in the slew of international bankster ordered terrible laws coming from Congress which gut the Constitution like a fish, in a generally hostile to us court system beholden to the money power, in a President whose very survival hinges on pleasing the international banksters.


We’re to have new biometric ID next year in the States, for driver’s licenses and passports alike, and the rush is on in India to biometrically ID the entire 1.8 billion there.


Then there’s a deadly array of

  • super diseases

  • hidden missiles and static nuclear devices

  • rigged reactors

  • weapons for waging war with earthquakes and eruptions

  • well-funded ideologue crackpots

  • engineered terrorism

  • exported torture and torture techniques

  • a seething pot of plots, schemes, “justifications,” planned assassinations, destabilizations

  • new drugs and new attacks on what’s left of our social structure,

...all intended to create chaos and ring in the NWO so beloved by the international banksters.


These and more will have to be stopped and dealt with - quickly.

We may be at war by Monday, you see, for that’s when sealed orders will be opened by the skipper of every U.S. ship in the Persian Gulf.


That’s a staggering three carrier battle groups, with one more en route, some partially consisting of French and British escorts. The same ultra reliable sources who provided the dread Monday news also indicated Israel already has overflight permission for Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Somehow these avalanches of disaster, created and nurtured by the international banksters, must be stopped.


The would-be combatants must be separated, the issues sorted out, and responsible leaders found to replace the current crop of homicidal maniacs in a bunch of countries.


The ETs/EDs are arriving in force and have already repeatedly intervened, not just stopping wars the international banksters wanted, but cleaning up radiation from engineered reactor failures and “natural disasters,” saving millions from horrible deaths.



Censorship - Why The ETs/EDs’ Strikes NEVER Make The News
February 24, 2012


Censorship - Why The ETs/EDs' Strikes Don't Get Reported!



Censorship & Reality - If It Doesn’t Get Reported, It Never Happened!

Censorship - on ALL levels - is directly connected with why this blog posts extraordinary claims, which, in turn, are practically impossible to prove using “normal” methods.


Censorship is used by the government and NWO (New World Order)/PTW (Powers That Were) to hide what would divert our attention from what they want us to watch, believe and react to.


Censorship keeps us from keeping us from becoming aware of a whole new reality unfolding daily; from noticing their (soon to be literal) nakedness.


Censorship is the application of mind control which operates on the principle that if it’s never reported by the MSM (mainstream media), to the general public, it never happened. People simply do not grasp the lengths, to include murder, the government and PTW will go in order to “keep the lid on.”


Censorship helps keeps the controllers in control - of us!



Censorship - Your Press Pass, Broadcast License Or Your Life!

How does censorship work in a purported free country? Simple. Threats.


Threats that jeopardize the survival of vast corporations and individual radio or TV stations, in a blatant censorship pattern going clear back to the Roswell Crash in 1947.


How? Broadcast licenses! Lose yours, and you’re done. Game over.

“Attention, Roswell, cease transmitting…this is a National Security item.”

The radio station owner later said his station license was threatened with revocation. Censorship via intimidation works! Obey the censorship order or else!

Censorship struck again in 1970s Las Vegas with bombshell exposes on “The Billy Goodman Show,” where there were warnings, censorship regarding allowable topics, a suspension, more warnings, then being fired - all for having whistleblowers galore on talking about things the government and black op types from Area 51, S4, D6 and more didn’t want heard, let alone on a 50,000 watt station covering many states!


The show was huge draw, but not worth losing the whole station over. Censorship wins again! The same sorts of censorship and threats also ultimately drove Art Bell from the air, too.


He was allowing way too much truth to get out - had to be stopped!

If you watch “The Panama Deception,” which won the 1992 Oscar for Best Documentary, you can see that inconvenient observers, AKA reporters, suffered heavily for attempting to expose the horror that was Operation Just Cause - seven dead, shot down like rabid dogs and left lying in the street.

So, it’s no surprise that similar tactics work and work well against TV reporters and print media, who also have to deal with editor and owner imposed censorship. Keep covering certain topics and you just won’t be on camera or see your byline appear. White House access can be denied, embed permission removed, transmission facilities for uploading stories blocked and more.


They can take your credentials, threaten you and your loved ones, even kill you.


Unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what happened to what should’ve been worldwide, viral news: the daylight vanishing by the ETs/EDs of 40 Iranian vessels - in full view of tanker crews, warship crews, fishermen, merchant ship crews and,

“at least 20 member of the mainstream media, covering TV, print, Web, etc.”

And what gets through the censorship?

“I spoke to contacts within CNN personally this morning even, they’re sitting on footage and other information concerning the Iranian KBs and Sub, plus interviews of witnesses, and even footage, etc., of the Venezuelan Missiles. Plus reports on several of the FEMA camps. And won’t release it because the government will literally pull their broadcast license.”

That source indicates that CNN has interviewed a bunch of witnesses to the disappearances, has footage of the actual disappearances and the reaction thereto, but CNN has been flatly told its broadcast license will be pulled if it airs any of what it’s turned up.


Censorship at work! But wait! There’s more! Returning to the source..

I think a HUGE part of the problem is the media, and even the government. Take for example the Tweets that were in fact on Twitter covering the 40 Kamikaze Boats that were taken in broad daylight infront of HUNDREDS of witnesses including multiple MSM sources. Nothing was covered by MSM sources, because credentials and lives were threatened.


The Tweets were removed by Twitter under demands of the CIA and DHS, citing “national security” issues per the response I got demanding to know why they had been removed. That alone should have gone Viral.

Ah, the joys of censorship! No annoying truth to upset the Sheeple!

Recapping, the things the ETs/EDs said did happen, happened. Despite the censorship! The suicide boats did disappear and were videoed and photographed doing so, by national and international media; a slew of tweets went out in real time, and the government removed them.


The newest, quietest Iranian sub “vanished” that night, and that information has been multiply confirmed by the subs doing the tracking of said sub.


The “sound of in-rushing water” reported by them perfectly fits what happens when something large is suddenly no longer there, and water roars in to fill the void. Let’s now look at the those vexed missiles in Venezuela. The source continues…

As for the Venezuelan Missiles, Mr. Kettler was repeatedly told (which he even put in comments on his blog):

“The U.S. government doesn’t exist to provide content for your blog.”

So he has no option of getting overhead imagery from his Intel/Military Sources.


Other satellites that provide free content to the public at large don’t update their imagery frequently enough to be of any use in these situations. And, no one that even comes close to living in the area can get close enough to where they were to get information themselves because the area is still under heavy guard. And, again.


The media isn’t going to cover this under threats, and also because it would be an distraction from the focus and rallying towards the situation in the Persian Gulf/Middle East.

The source is right. The last person who got classified satellite imagery (eminent naval historian Samuel E. Morison’s grandson) and published it drew a long stint in a federal prison. When it suits the government, it can break censorship and security regs to crow over, say, smiting Libya, using SR-71 imagery then to do so.


Then there’s the “blank spots on the map,” problem (also the title of an excellent book by Guerin) a form of censorship in which orders are quietly given to remove whole facilities from Google Earth, further complicating verifying claims.


If, say, a certain base is ripped to pieces, but the base isn’t on Google Earth anymore, now what? But if excellent terrestrial sources confirm what the ETs/EDs say they did, based on overhead imagery, intercepted communications, prisoner interrogations and more, that should be adequate, but it isn’t.


People have said volunteers should go in and verify the ground truth of the destruction of the FEMA camps, but do we really want them potentially detained or even shot?


This is the kind of protection effective censorship affords malefactors of all stripes.


Continuing the story…


Censorship, The CIA And Destroyed FEMA Detention Camps

So far 8 plus FEMA camps have been destroyed and left as smoking pits, but MSM and probably other Media Sources wont be reporting on those, because they’d first have to “admit” they existed in the first place (despite most Alternative Media followers already knowing this), then would open the huge can of worms concerning their potential uses, etc.


Before they’d even come close to admitting that they’re being destroyed and left as smoking pits.


And then the questions would be coming up as “by whom?” then they wouldn’t have the answers, then likely the media as they are good at would use this opportunity to twist it into some false flag attack by a “rogue” nation or false flag ET Invasion to instigate even quicker the use of surviving death and concentration camps. And, Martial Law.


You really want to see that happen? I don’t think so.



Censorship - How The Government “Makes Quakes Go Away

It has long been known by Earth scientists and Earth sensitives alike that the government has been covering up and suppressing, via censorship and worse, the truth that this planet has become frighteningly unstable.


It is common for the USGS (United States Geological Survey) to tone down or even remove quakes. Censorship took away the seismic wave charts, which were outing HAARP strikes and similar, and now we have a real smoking gun to show you concerning the lies of the New Madrid Fault system.


dutchsinse blows the lid off the seismic cover-up - with ironclad evidence the government itself provided!






Summing up, the ETs/EDs have been very active, but censorship upon censorship has kept you from learning the truth.


Isn’t it time to shatter the walls of official and unofficial censorship and finally learn what’s really going on?!




ETs/EDs Kill 5 Reptoid Mother Ships

Use Ex-Pakistani Nukes!
March 8, 2012


ETs/EDs' Solar Ambush Saves Earth?



ETs/EDs First Remove Terrorist Nuke Threat, Then Threat To Liberation Forces & Earth

In two devastating swipes, the benevolent ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces first recovered two stolen Pakistani 550 kiloton thermonuclear bombs (taken February 24, 2012; estimated target: Russia), then used them to destroy five Reptoid mother ships, each, per the ETs/EDs, “the size of the Moon.”


The enemy vessels were consumed in a “nuclear-enhanced solar flare” after entering our solar system via the Sun, which is a stargate.


The Reptoid ships apparently believed themselves clear of the X-5 class solar flare, only to be engulfed, per the ETs/EDs, by the 1.1 megatons the ETs/EDs added abruptly to the process, pushing the solar flare farther and faster than expected - from within the Sun!



ETs/EDs’ OPSEC (Operational Security) Airtight Throughout Entire Operation

Though it was known through the ETs/EDs that the ex-Pakistani nukes had been recovered from an Islamic terrorist group in the vicinity of Beirut, Lebanon, from that point on impenetrable security slammed down - on both ends.


No effort from ETs/EDs’ people or here got anything but a brusque brush off, with assurances it wasn’t personal.


The ETs/EDs’ reasons were obvious once the operation ended. The unique ambush simply wouldn’t have been possible had anything been said regarding the disposition of those captured nukes!



ETs/EDs Say Ambush Conserved Valuable Resources & Allowed Earth Operations to Proceed Unhindered

Had the ambush been compromised or otherwise failed, the ETs/EDs would’ve been forced to either divert considerable craft “topside” or pull a powerful ship off its current terrestrial tasking.


Neither would’ve been good, for one would’ve increased the ETs/EDs’ fleet’s exposure to attack, while the other would’ve hurt plans for operations here. In war, nothing comes without a price. The price here was lost time - way better than mass casualties!


Without the benevolent ETs/EDs in place, the Reptoids could’ve invaded with impunity.

ETs/EDs Provide Evidence of Reptoid Mother Ships’ Fiery End!
March 13, 2012


Stargate cracks open after two thermonuclear detonations!



ETs/EDs Point Out Proof Is There On Video!

This video, say the ETs/EDs, shows not only the immolation of five Reptoid invasion ships, but some peculiar solar phenomenology as well, phenomenology wholly consistent with reported detonations by the ETs/EDs of two recaptured Pakistani 550 kiloton thermonuclear bombs.


Watch closely, particularly the pronounced dual spike (NASA pic & vid) and the two separate explosions. Then, watch for several black spheres appearing momentarily, only to vanish, consumed by the nuclear-enhanced X 5.4 class solar flare.


This, the ETs/EDs say, shows events unfolded exactly as described.


Destruction of the Reptoid Mother Ships!







ETs/EDs Say Reptoid Mother Ships Devastating Just By Being Close To Earth

With Earth barely held together by the ETs/EDs‘ force fields, the arrival of the Reptoid ships, each ~1/4 the size of the Moon, at ~1/2 the distance from here to our Moon, would’ve, per the ETs/EDs, put unbearable strain on the planet, unleashing full scale tectonic & volcanic upheaval, killing pretty much everyone, the ETs/EDs say.


After that, stability could be restored by simply backing away the Reptoid mother ships so their gravitational influence would diminish.


This is the fate from which the ETs/EDs’ clever ambush maneuver potentially saved us. Further, the ETs/EDs indicate fighting this force would’ve taken somewhere between 1/4 to 1/3+ of the ETs/EDs’ entire Liberation Force to deal with the threat, with obvious impact on operations here, where resources are already strained.



ETs/EDs, The Bermuda Triangle & Oil Drilling - The Hidden Connections

Stargate discussions with the ETs/EDs turned up a whole new angle on the notorious Bermuda Triangle.


Oil drilling in the region, per the ETs/EDs, has created so much seismic instability that it’s causing the stargate’s seal to crack, resulting in even more extensive anomalies there. The more drilling, say the ETs/EDs, the more “unexplainable” weirdness will ensue there.


Meanwhile, the famous Flight 19 of TBM Avengers rests partially on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean “near the Azores” with the rest “somewhere in space,” according to the ETs/EDs.



ETs/EDs Multiply Confirm NASA Vid Shows Fully Open Stargate!

Newly obtained NASA video, which as been analyzed by the ETs/EDs, confirms several claims made above.

  1. The Sun, Sol, IS a stargate, seen in the vid, in several frequencies, as an isosceles triangle, with its base at the bottom and apex at the top.

  2. The ETs/EDs report that ~50 seconds in, one of the Liberation Force science ships can be seen detaching from the Sun, following solar upgrades! Yes, you read that correctly.

  3. Per the ETs/EDs, their Liberation Force scientists are assisting in transitioning Sol from a white star to a blue star, which it will be in its higher density.

  4. Compare the Mayan glyph here with the stargate triangle on Sol reported by the ETs/EDs. Note particularly, say the ETs/EDs, the craft emerging from that isosceles shaped stargate and that the craft fits the classic UFO descriptions perfectly.

  5. In case any doubts remain about the ETs/EDs’ claims, please see this close-up, where you can see the craft and the ET/ED occupant.





ETs/EDs Present - The Universities of Evolution!
March 18, 2012


ETs/EDs' Planet of the Gods!



ETs/EDs Say “This IS Higher Education!”

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) say the Universities of Evolution began as a small Academy of Evolution in the Rigel star system, fifth dimension.


Careful study by the ETs/EDs there of Earth’s history revealed that emotion, viewed a weakness, had been progressively deleted from the human matrix as humanity left for the stars a long time ago, per the ETs/EDs, and it was belatedly realized this was a dire mistake.


In turn, the ETs/EDs say, it’s the prime cause of all the abductions - this oft callous drive to reclaim the lost emotions, while, in many cases, having none.


Once the enzyme to cause the nervous system to expand again to support emotion became available, the ETs/EDs say the knowledge of how to process emotion also became available.



ETs/EDs Reveal The Base Matrix Of Creation

The base matrix of creation is emotion, according to the ETs/EDs.


This is the basis of the Universities of Evolution. For example, if you cry deeply enough, you clear the pain, and after the pain, insight is gained, according to the ETs/EDs. Until the emotion is processed, the ETs/EDs say, the lesson in consciousness cannot be gained, and you remain stuck.

With the loss of the ability to feel, say the ETs/EDs, the ability to process pain, became lost, and most of humanity fell into animal consciousness or worse. The Universities of Evolution work on re-establishing the fundamental nature of creation from the emotional matrix. This is the baseline from which all communication and interaction occurs in many species.


There is no guilt, say the ETs/EDs, and no punishment, because the abandonment issues causing the great divide in consciousness, resulting in evil and the destruction of life in general, are a result of actions taken billions of years ago, and were mistakes.


The ETs/EDs state the only punishment is to “own the pain,” and that’s between you and your soul, but the training of how to get there is one of the absolute necessities taught through the Universities of Evolution.



Higher Education - The Way the ETs/EDs Do It!

The Universities of Evolution have a massive collection of holodecks, inspired by “StarTrek”.


These are programmable for your specific needs, have vast amounts of history, according to the ETs/EDs, and are specifically designed to help people, entities, beings of all sorts process pain to clear themselves of emotional baggage.


The holodecks of this type can be used therapeutically, first with a dedicated therapist before you enter the holodeck to work out your emotional issues, but, the ETs/EDs say, they can also be used recreationally, to experience whatever scenario you desire.

The second type of holodeck is “not for the faint of heart.” This is the holodeck in which you experience what Dannion Brinkley has termed your “panoramic life review,” in which you not only experience what you did in a given lifetime, but the effect it had on those with whom you interacted, both directly and indirectly.


This is grueling, wrenching, brutal work, the mere thought of which makes anyone who’s done it, including the ETs/EDs, shudder, but it is the forge in which real soul growth takes place - where you confront you, then deal with what’s revealed, however horrible.

“And how many lives have you led?” the ETs/EDs ask.


The Universities of Evolutions - Serving ETs/EDs Everywhere!

The Universities operate across not only galaxies, but universes, the ETs/EDs say.


Worlds contribute massive information and services, networked through the Universities of Evolution. The botany collections and collections of various species are simply incredible, and the knowledge in every conceivable (and inconceivable) discipline vast, per the ETs/EDs who have seen and been exposed to them.

The militaries helping to sort out Earth and free the people here come from a long list of contributors. And it’s ETs/EDs from the Universities of Evolution on Earth now untangling the horrid mess called the global financial system.


Those on Earth, who interdimensionally communicate with/interact with the ETs/EDs, send up much needed information for the data bases of the Universities of Evolution, unbelievably valuable material lost over time with the devolution of humanity.


Earth still has a lot of its “stuff,” stuff that can be found nowhere else. We have the human genome here. This is why, for all its woes, Earth is called by ETs/EDs in the know, the Planet of the Gods.


This is why Earth is the prize of prizes.






ETs/EDs Warn Israel (& U.S.) NOT To Attack Iran!
March 22, 2012


Middle East

Will Israel Attack Iran?



ETs/EDs Remind All “Aggression Will Be Severely Punished!”

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) have assessed the Middle East situation and see it this way:

Israel’s been mobilized for war for ~ three months, following a massive buildup made possible by Sunni Muslim Arab enemies of Shia Muslim Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is viewed by the ETs/EDs as the prime cause of Middle East war fever, having declared he wishes to to be the last Prime Minister of Israel, which means he wants Armageddon.


In the ETs/EDs‘ view, Netanyahu and his Likudist fanatics must go. Israel has 280 specially modified F-15s , each already loaded with a precision guided bunker buster bomb.


The ETs/EDs are aware of this.


The Israeli Army is training to a fever pitch, with war expected in the range of less than a week to ~2.5 weeks. It appears the Israelis will strike straight for Iran, bypassing Syria.


Indications are the IAF (Israeli Air force) will be using AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) type aircraft and droned bomb laden fighters to conduct “back door” kamikaze attacks via circuitous routes.

The Persian Gulf is relatively calm, despite Iranian vitriol about destroying Israel, and oil producing countries are making gobs of money, war tensions having doubled the price of crude.


The ETs/EDs view President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and his Muslim extremist masters as big problems, too, but aver theocratic Iran has never directly attacked a neighbor. Iran’s allies are worried; both Russia & China have been pumping in advanced weapons, to include a recent shipment of Chinese missiles, among which may be nuclear warheads, Israel’s nightmare, despite her nearly 200.


A recent remote viewing by a crack team found, prior to this shipment, there wasn’t a single functional nuclear device in Iran. We don’t know whether that’s true now. The ETs/EDs provided some coaching on penetrating dimensional shields around nuclear devices.

Where all is NOT well, in our view or the ETs/EDs, is the mess known as Syria, presently being reinforced by the best men and equipment Russia has.


The U.S. estimates 100,000 men, including,

  • hundreds of the dreaded Spetsnaz (Russian special forces)

  • Border Troops

  • Motorized Rifle Battalions in BMP-3 ICVs (Infantry Combat Vehicles)

  • advanced nuclear capable long range artillery & multiple rocket launchers (capable of firing guided and sensor-fuzed weapons)

  • modern T-90 Stealth tanks

  • mobile air defenses which can defeat Stealth aircraft/many guided munitions

  • divisional guided missiles able to reach Israel (nuclear, chemical, submunition options)

  • plus radical (forward swept wing)

  • still unidentified Sukhoi two-seater fighters there, nearly 50 so far

Intelligence sources report the possibility of HELs (high energy lasers) & HPMs (high power microwave) weapons, too.

Most of the Russian navy is en route, and Russian ballistic missile submarines are in the Atlantic. Putin seems to be feeling his oats, and this force is spoiling for a fight. The ETs/EDs provide a somewhat different perspective.


The Russian force is to “spank” Israel/buy time for follow-on forces to demolish the Netanyahu regime - if Israel attacks, say the ETs/EDs. The ETs/EDs say the intent is NOT to destroy Israel, just remove the tumor, as it were.



If Israel Attacks Iran, ETs/EDs Say U.S. Should Help Defend Her

The ETs/EDs perceive the U.S as having exactly one dependable ally in the region: Israel, and have repeatedly warned of the untrustworthiness of Turkey.


The problem is that Israel’s determined to go to war, President Barrack Obama is NOT perceived, by the ETs/EDs or us, as being able (or willing), to stop Israel, but the U.S. military is bone tired and fed up with being pawns to make the rich richer.


The ETs/EDs believe the U.S should join Russia & China diplomatically to “arm twist” Israel into compliance.

Failing that, both China & Russia have made it clear that an attack on Iran by Israel will be deemed an attack by the U.S., meaning untold havoc could be unleashed on our war-weary, grossly outnumbered, dispersed forces, fighting frontline foes equipped not just with modern weapons but the nightmare gear only ETs/EDs can provide, what the ETs/EDs call “science fiction weapons.”


Time and again the ETs/EDs have said:

“Don’t provoke Russia; don’t mess with China.”

The single best move the U.S. has, if Israel attacks, is to promptly join with Russia and China to defeat it, according to the ETs/EDs.


At a stroke, the “global bully” backing “the regional bully” would be redeemed in the eyes of the world. Feasibility? Unknown!



ETs/EDs Have Numerous Options - Plans Unknown

The ETs/EDs, should Israel be so foolish as to attack, have numerous options at their disposal, some bloodless, but the ETs/EDs’ feeling is that Netanyahu needs an object lesson - in pain.


Whether that comes personally to him and his party or is applied more broadly to his expeditionary forces, him and his cronies depends on whether or not he backs down, per the ETs/EDs. If he doesn’t, it’s going to be ugly.


Not only will Israel face highly motivated terrestrial foes, but automatically wins the “death from above” sweepstakes ticket from the ETs/EDs, whose approach is simple:

“Attack and you die!”





ETs/EDs Reveal - The Downside of Ascension!
March 26, 2012



ETs/EDs Say Ascended Ones Abandoned Us!



ETs/EDs Say Enlightened Ones Ascended to Bliss & Abandoned Us!

ETs/EDs, in unraveling the gigantic, inconceivable mess of the upper realms, have made a fundamental discovery:

Those from Earth who ascended individually now form a kind of group Rainbow Being which lives in a state of bliss, while we are in a carefully crafted, booby trapped hell.

The ETs/EDs say this lofty group has now received a cosmic smack in the head, awakening it to the fix it’s left the rest of us in.


Consequently, it’s had to figure out a way to get “down” here, so it can see/feel what’s going on, so far, with limited success, according to the ETs/EDs interviewed/humans able to work in high dimensions.



ETs/EDs Explain How Good Intentions Yielded Disastrous Results

The metaphysical and spiritual desire to ascend turns out to create the power of the psychopath/sociopath/pedophile (hereafter, psychopath) and is why we’re in this fix.


Removing the “cream” from us, per the ETs/EDs, left evil extensive play room. And play it has and does! For a searing review of true state of affairs on Earth, as seen by the ETs/EDs, please see the FAQ.

The highest form of evolution is the ability to love, but the psychopaths noted, say the ETs/EDs, that those of moral integrity wanted to separate from the rabble, leaving plenty of room for domination and control of the weak.


The argument, per the ETs/EDs, against such separation is similar to the one against having elite military units, in that taking the best soldiers automatically reduces the overall quality of the remaining force. In this case, the departure of the most evolved, opine the ETs/EDs, left the rest of us wide open to attack, control and domination.

There is a place to where all these ascended beings went. They live in a rainbow configuration and have not evolved (who would, when blissed out all the time?), while evil gained a foothold and then took over. The problem is now so extensive, all of creation could fail!


The righteous, who left because they were better, fell for the psychopaths’ ruse and ascended into the Light. We became lunch!

The ascended ones woke up and are returning, say the ETs/EDs. We cannot assume the ascended ones’ power will suffice, for they have a harsh learning curve ahead. These are the true drug addicts, for they chose bliss and turned their backs on the “lesser.”

Having been disconnected from grounded reality for so long, in the ETs/EDs’ view, makes the chore of configuring to meet this challenge difficult.


Even though the Light’s first foray into this mess has been successful, per the ETs/EDs, it does not mean we will get the balance needed.



ETs/EDs Detail Our Plight

The people of this creational matrix are being eaten alive, and it doesn’t take ETs/EDs to realize this.


Pedophilia is for creating a fear elixir, a delightful substance in other realities where emotion is not just a feeling, but an actual liquid. Off world entities eat people, report the ETs/EDs, while others, useful to the Dark Ones, have their souls ripped from them and are turned into controlled clones. And there is little left of creation to stop them.

With the “cream” gone to live in a concoction of light and bliss, there was absolutely no way to get our situation under immediate control.


Considered by the ETs/EDs probably the biggest error in the trillions of years creation has existed, this situation is now being rectified.



ETs/EDs Detail the True Cost of Ascension

Ascension has long been standard practice, and many in the metaphysical and UFO communities have heard about a planet’s ascending.


When it isn’t the whole planet, the ETs/EDs say, but a group of people, those ascending literally abandon the others. This is the true source of abandonment, say the the ETs/EDs. The result is pure evil.


This unholy ascension process, per the ETs/EDs, leaves the less evolved behind to become the servants and prey of those who want them: the psychopaths.

This is the crime of the Light, and we are all paying for it.