An antiaircraft and antimissile laser weapons system

can also serve as an anti-alien craft weapon due to its speed of light striking capability.

This laser weapon system was tested successfully in Israel.

In November 2002 it was announced that it had shot down

two Russian rockets and an artillery shell in flight.

UFOs are a much larger target.

A large powerful laser that is bigger than TRW’s THEL system.

This can reach out and destroy spacecraft and satellites in space.

Notice the “kills” stenciled on the front of this laser unit.

Female Reptoid God statue from ancient Sumer.

She is nursing a baby Reptoid.

Could this be a hybrid, or have Reptoid females evolved,

or been genetically altered to have mammalian features?

A Reptoid god eating a human baby.

The hand and foot can be seen hanging out the side of the Reptoid’s mouth.

They were not at all shy about who they ate.

A bloodletting ceremony. The Reptoid god rules from his throne.

A Viking Dragon was prominently mounted on the front of their long- boats.

In Old Norse the boats were called “Drakkar,” dragon boats.

The dragon figure closely resembles Reptoids seen by abductees during abductions.

Reptoid instructor seen by Maria Morgan during her abductions.

A Reptoid god is caught “red handed.”

The diet of Central American tribes consisted of maize (Indian corn),

kidney and lima beans, chilis, tomatoes, potatoes and sweet potatoes,

pineapples, strawberries, peanuts, avocado pears,

cassava, squash, pumpkins, gourds, persimmons, and cacao.

This diet provided adequate vitamins and minerals.

The Indian artist painted this picture during the reign of the Reptoids,

making it very clear that the humans all dined on yellow peppers, while the Reptoid ate human body parts.

The Reptoid is seen with blood on the claws of both hands and his right foot.

The humans have no blood on their hands,

and are only eating vegetables that cannot be mistaken for human body parts.

Two views of the many small flat top Mayan pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

These make a perfect landing zone (LZ) where small alien craft could board live Maya for mass transport elsewhere.

The plaza will hold 100,000 people.

The entire street is lined with fifty small pyramid shaped spacecraft landing pads.

Native American legends tell of six other previous home worlds.

This could be the mass embarkation point on the journey to stock new worlds

The Lunar “Castle.”

This miles tall anomalous structure on the Moon was photographed by cameras

on the Apollo 11 Command Module and by the Russian Zond satellite.

That fact rules out film defects or dirty lenses. It is really there.

Reflection in upper right corner of astronaut’s visor appears to be the Lunar “Castle.”

According to Richard Hoagland, NASA computers were used to place

this reflected structure at the same site as the Lunar “Castle.”

Martian anomaly known as the “Inca City.”

The “Inca City” may have been part of a circular complex.

Martian anomaly called the “Trailer Park.”

Many large rectangular structures are arranged in a row, forming a line that is miles long.

NASA photo of large alien complex at Mars’ South Pole.

It is the size of the state of Connecticut. There is ice outside the lower wedge shaped area of the base,

but none inside the walls, as if it is kept clear.

At the center of the wall at the upper end of the base is a tower with a round dome on top.

Within the base to the left of center are rectangular structures that resemble giant Quonset huts.

They could also be large cigar shaped spacecraft.

In the upper right hand corner are several round buildings.

Snow or ice is visible on the top of the round buildings on the left and the roof of the rectangular building on the right.

All of the structures within the walls of the Mars base are very symmetrical and not naturally occurring features.

NASA Mars picture designated “not for release” and an “anomaly.”

Was NASA caught with a smoking gun?

I enhanced this photo by making a negative view and an embossed view (see following pages).

It looks like the pyramid complex at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Compare it to the map of Teotihuacan - click above image

Textured View of Martian Anomaly.

Negative view of Martian anomaly.

The rectangular structures laid out at 90-degree angles to each other

within another rectangular complex rules out this being a naturally occurring geological formation.

Drawing of large pyramid-shaped space station.

A female abductee and her mother were taken to this facility twice in 1985 by Gray aliens.

The drawing was made from memory and is not drawn to scale.

The pyramid is estimated to be the same size as the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt.

Aliens are visible in the transparent tubes.

Spacecraft are parked on the terraces.

The lower landing bay for larger craft is retractable.

A large parabolic antenna is mounted near the top.

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