Ultimate Truths - Part VI

The Three "Project Orions"

At Least Two Are Perfidious
May 29, 2008

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I have already written on the first two "Project Orions" at this blog.


The Ultimate Truth of two "Project Orions" was outlined where I revealed that those in control of Mankind, since they created us, apparently came from the Orion Constellation (some 1500 light years away), and have been Quarantined here by more powerful Others, through the use of a Grid around the Earth.


Mankindís history has been a controlled one, whereby his hidden masters have performed all sorts of evil with one goal in mind - to break through the Grid/Quarantine/Bio-Net.


Manís evil, alien creators do not even hide things, if you know where and how to look. After the last bogus "Moon Landing" Program - basically a TV Program - which was called Apollo, the next Moon Landing Program, from NASA, has been set, and is called "Project Orion."


In fact, they are overdoing the Orion moniker thing. The manned craft is also to be called "Orion." See here.

I have shown how the logo and the video (below) of this alleged, upcoming Project Orion give away the Ultimate Truth of this Psyop. The logo does not even contain the Moon! But it does have the three belt stars in Orion.


The below video (which shows the logo at the end) here also has clues I have deciphered.



It starts off with the Earth and the bright flash of lift-off, leading to orbit.


Then there is another flash of blasting out of orbit. Finally there is a third, overwhelming flash which IMO (in my opinion), can only mean blasting through the Quarantine/Grid. This is the true goal, which is why they made this flash brighter than the others, IMO. Then the video ends with that last flash showing it is now at the third star in the belt of Orion - called Mintaka, an Arabic name for belt. Is this star their origin?


Again there is no Moon in this video of a project that is supposed to be about a Moon landing!


Is the fact that the last Quarantine-busting flash shows that it instantly went to the third star in Orion, indicating non-ordinary space travel - i.e., something akin to a wormhole, whereby large distances can supposedly be instantly traversed? I do not know if this is possible for large life-forms (as it supposedly is for sub-atomic particles), but far more advanced beings would know.


In any case, the third star in Orionís belt clearly appears to be the goal of Project Orion, and NOT the Moon.

I note that NASAís original Latin motto translated was "Through hardship, to the stars." That "hardship," I assert is the Grid that our masters want to escape through, to return to their origin. And why mention the stars, when Man first has to go to the near-Earth space containing the Moon and the Planets? Yes, they have always told us the goal, if one knows how to look.

I also note that those who created Mankind and wish to escape back to their origin in Orion, have used the name for their origin - Orion - many times in naming the races of Man they created!


The race of Man that supposedly came from a region in India (though this is debated) was the beloved term used by the monstrous, German Nazis. This is "Aryan."


And some, such as Michael Tsarionís latest book claim that modern Man came form the Irish Druids, who then went to Egypt, and the Egyptians gave rise to the Hebrews, and so on. But the original Irish people can be called something that includes the name of their land. The Irish are Eire-ians. Both Aryan and Eire-ian are versions of Orion.

Decades before the NON-Moon landing Project Orion, there was another "Project Orion."


It too, IMO, had a hidden and insidious meaning that pertained to breaking through the Quarantine/Grid. It is described here. There was a book written by the son of one of the leaders of this project, and a review of that book is here. This project Orion was top secret and was only declassified in the last ten years.


This Project Orion was ostensibly about exploding many nuclear bombs on-board (or released from) a spacecraft that would travel throughout the Solar System. IMO, this is pure intel bunk. I have written about the American nuclear project whereby they nuked the near-Earth Space, first with fission bombs, then with fusion bombs from 1958-1963.


I have detailed that the reason for doing this is clearly bogus - studying EMPs, rocket trails, etc.


The real reason for doing this was to try to break through the Grid.


The many launch pad explosions that occurred, IMO, indicate that Others stopped this program. Furthermore, larger more intensive Van Allen Radiation belts were created, after these nukings that surprised scientists. I have also revealed that this was not likely a natural occurrence, but rather the Quarantiners expanded, and extended, the Grid in response to this threat to break away. (Physicists would have been able to predict any natural consequences.)


In all likelihood, the 1950ís and 1960ís "Project Orion" was geared toward hiding nukes on board a space craft, and releasing, and exploding hundreds or thousands of them (as the linked articles indicate), in the hopes of breaking through the Grid.


That this never happened indicates, again that OTHERS stopped this "Project Orion."

I have also detailed that, in this same time period, both the American and Soviet militaries were working on plans to nuke the back side of the Moon, also for laughably bogus reasons. (The American military worked with Carl Sagan who falsely claimed ever after, that there was "absolutely no evidence of extraterrestrials any where.")


These Moon-nuking plans too, IMO, were halted by OTHERS. The dark side of the Moon, apparently has massive bases that control the Quarantine/Grid. And this was the reason for the desired Lunar nuking, which again indicates how the American and Soviet regimes were/are controlled by the quarantined aliens down here.

Now the latest Psyop to be labeled as a "Project Orion" comes from Steven Greer, M.D. Greer is head of the "Disclosure Project" which has numerous scientists, technicians, and avionic and military people who have witnessed UFOs. Some good videos of these people describing what they witnessed can be seen on Youtube.


But Greer has all the indications of being intel.


He openly describes how he "briefed the CIA director" and Congress.

  • Would the nefarious CIA director ever meet with anyone who wasnít part of his "thing?"

  • Do you think the CIA Director would meet with me, despite the fact that I have revealed Ultimate Truths?

Not likely.


Greer, like others in the "Exopolitics" field, is part of the Psyop that desperately seeks to have NON-Disclosure of the Ultimate Truth of the alien presence, complete control (by them) down here, the Grid/Quarantine/Bio-Net, and the desire by our evil creators to break through it. Instead the Exopoliticians (as I might call them) plant the meme, that any aliens are from "out there," not down here, and that they are likely good.

But now this Steven Greer is publicly trying to get people to donate money for his own project on alternative energy technologies, called "Project Orion" (naturally.) See here.


Greer reminds me somewhat of Steven Jones, PhD whose bogus 911 theory on thermite is an intel Op to hide the nuking of the WTC on 9/11, and the China Syndrome aftermath. Earlier S. Jones had sabotaged a potentially great new energy source - Cold Fusion, which does work. Jones has corralled numerous scientists and engineers in his 911 organization.


They can thus be controlled, and limited by the Limited Hangout they are all restricted to.

Greer has also corralled numerous people first in his Disclosure Project, and now for his Project Orion. I note that before Orion, this project appears to have been called "Aero2012," and there is this website AERO2012.com.


The year 2012 is well known from the Mayan Calendar, which ends abruptly in that year.


Many claim this will be the end of the world, as the Mayans may have been told this. This year appears to be the year of attempted Quarantine breakthrough that, if successful or unsuccessful, could lead to the end of Mankind. But we see that BOTH names Greer chose for his "alternative energy" project relate to our alien creatorsí upcoming attempt to break through the Quarantine/Grid.


Can this be coincidence? Knowing the nature of things, I would ask, which actual, working, alternative, energy technology will NOT be chosen for this third modern "Project Orion"?


This project could well turn out to be akin to the controlled thermonuclear reactor design (Tokamak etc.), that has wasted billions for decades now, when other things like Cold Fusion are so relatively inexpensive to get going.

So in conclusion, I note that regarding Steven Greerís (third) "Project Orion," and his requests for donations, time will tell.


But for now, I ask a well-known question from "Earth-Politics":

Would you buy a used car from this man - this "Exo-Politician"?

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