by Steve Hammons
June 30, 2006

from AmericanChronicle Website

The phenomenon and technique called “remote viewing” that was utilized and developed by U.S. Army intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the CIA and Stanford Research Institute (SRI) comes down to a very basic and familiar approach: Looking within for answers.

How can remote viewing help the average person, our nation and the human race at this point in time? We are facing may questions and challenges that are sometimes truly frightening: Terrorism such as the 9/11 attacks, the Iraq war and other wars and conflicts, threats of pandemic disease, severe social problems in our country and globally, government corruption, and the list goes on.

A first step may be to understand this idea of remote viewing. Is it simply enhanced and focused intuition and instinct? Is it extra-sensory perception (ESP)? Is it related to prayer and spiritual meditation? Is it using our conscious minds to link to our unconscious minds and the larger mind out there? Is it scientific in terms of our understanding of the physics in our natural world?

You guessed it – or did you remote view it? It is all of the above.


Back in the 1970s, ‘80s and early ‘90s, ordinary U.S. military officers and non-commissioned officers, scientists, ESP researchers and practitioners, intelligence officers and others discovered that by looking within, intelligence information could be obtained by tapping into an apparent system that exists in the natural world.

This system in Nature appears to exist at the sub-atomic, quantum, or some may say, spiritual levels of our Universe. In remote viewing, the connectedness of people, things, events, time and space is used to get answers to questions.

The program, at different points in time, was funded and managed by the CIA, Army Intelligence and Security Command, the DIA and the Air Force. When it came to public attention in the ‘90s, it was called Project STARGATE. However, that was only the last of a series of code names.



People involved in these operations claim that they had great successes not only in developing and researching this phenomena, but also in using it for important U.S. intelligence operations. Some of these remote viewing successes are declassified and in the public domain. Some, of course, remain secret.

The words “remote viewing” are simply a name that the original researchers gave to a phenomena that has been around forever. It is a sixth sense that was used by ancient people in many cultures. It is probably used by animals and various other creatures. It is simply another sense we can tap into just like our sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.


Nowadays, there are many credible training programs available that teach remote viewing. Many books have been written about it too. And the Web is full of articles, reports and discussion about remote viewing. The original DIA remote viewing manual is also on the Web.

You can try simple and basic experiments yourself. Have someone put an object in another room, out of your sight. Then use your conscious mind to ask your unconscious mind what it is. Is it large or small? What color is it? What shape is it? What is it made of? What is it used for? Is it something that moves or stands still? Even kids can have great success in these kinds of fun exercises. Maybe remote viewing will be taught in school one day.

The trick seems to be is to pose your question via your conscious mind, then let go and let your unconscious mind try to retrieve the answers. Get your conscious mind out of the way.

Remote viewers typically let their fingers do the walking and sit quietly with a pen and paper. They draw or sketch impressions that come to them, as well as writing down answers to their questions about the nature of the things they are trying to remote view.

The reason for this technique seems to be that our bodies and our nervous system are better at picking up the direct and clear information through this system, rather than our conscious thinking mind. So, let your arm and hand sketch impressions about what you are trying to remote view.

And don’t jump to conclusions about what you think you are getting back in terms of answers. Our conscious mind may interpret information incorrectly. The government remote viewers called this “analytic overlay.” It may walk like a duck, quack like a duck – but it might not be a duck. Our preconceived notions and imagination can get in the way of accurate remote viewing, experts say.


We can use remote viewing formally, like in intelligence operations and exercises mentioned above, to try to obtain particular information that is not directly known to us by our other senses.

And, we can just incorporate this knowledge into our everyday lives, knowing that sometimes our instincts, intuition and gut feelings may have a scientific basis to them. Sensing danger, getting a bad feeling about something or someone, changing your plans because of a certain feeling can all be part of just keeping remote viewing in the back of our minds – or the bottom of our minds, and hearts.

The ideas of remote viewing may make us think about how our brains are connected to our minds, our minds are connected to our hearts, our hearts are connected to our spirits and souls, and all of these linked to a larger energy, force and intelligence.

When we use all of these resources, we might be able to enhance our personal intelligence and knowledge. Our IQ might go up in unique ways. The ability to get a sense of truth or deception, good or evil, might also be improved.

As we deal as individuals, families, communities and societies with the complex world around us, we may need all the help we can get.

When some people tell us we must go to a war and others tell us that the war is wrong, our remote viewing gut instincts may come in handy. When we hear that there is more to the 9/11 attacks than what the official story claims, maybe even an inside conspiracy, our soul searching, prayer and remote viewing efforts may give us insight and guidance.

When our loved ones are in trouble or in pain, we can use these kinds of senses to try to understand and help them. When our troops are having a hard time of it in Iraq and Afghanistan, and when they return home, maybe we can apply remote viewing to help them too.

And, for those who have left us and passed on to another dimension of Nature, it is rumored that remote viewing techniques might be used to communicate with them.

The mysteries of our planet Earth and our Universe can also be approached using remote viewing.

  • What does the future hold?

  • Is the Earth headed for some kind of environmental or geological catastrophe?

  • Will extraterrestrial civilizations someday visit us – or are they already here?

  • And, if so, are they good or dangerous?

  • Is there some kind of universal and powerful intelligence that has our best interests at heart?

  • Can we get in touch with it, be part of it?

  • Will a miracle happen one day to help our planet and the people and living things on it?

  • If so, when?

  • And how would something like that occur?

Good questions. Interesting questions. Adding remote viewing to our array of skills, tools, intelligences and abilities can only help us in facing challenges now and in the future.