by Christopher Story

May 11, 2010

from WorldReports Website

It has transpired via special sources since we last reported that the following top US appointed officials are receiving weekly and monthly bribery cheques ordered by George H. W. Bush Sr. in a desperate ploy to ‘encourage’ them to maintain their sabotage against the Settlements payouts and to ‘encourage’ Bank of America to continue stealing the funds which have been allocated for the purpose, separated out and are ready to be paid:

  • Vice President Joseph Biden. It is of course an IMPEACHABLE OFFENCE, for a Vice President of the United States to accept bribery payments.

  • Rahm Emanuel, Obama's White House Chief of Staff.

  • Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the US Treasury. This fellow was originally picked by Dr Henry Kissinger, the notorious triple (DVD/STASI-KGB-Mossad) penetration controller, as a compliant, brainwashed US operative who could be relied upon to ensure the perpetuation of Fraudulent Finance derivatives operations based on illegal securitization, both while serving as President of the Reserve Bank of New York (where Geithner accumulated a vast stash of derivatives estimated to have a notional value of $500 trillion, but probably much more), and when he was transferred seamlessly under Obama to the position of Treasury Secretary.



Now in the past we have pointed out that Dr Henry ‘Heinz’ Kissinger ‘filled in’ as the key North American agent of DVD (Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst) after Admiral Canaris (who was not hanged at Flossenburg in April 1945, as asserted by the Nazi disinformation legend), fell ill in 1974.

Kissinger then persuaded President Gerald Ford (a.k.a. Leslie Lynch King, pornographer) to sack William Colby as Director of Central Intelligence (CIA), and to replace him with the DVD’s primary representative, George H. W. Bush Sr. After Ronald Reagan had been elected President thanks to George H. W. Bush Sr.’s ‘Operation Surprise’ deception [see below], Bush Sr. considered that the Presidency should be his and therefore organized the assassination of Reagan, just as he had been involved many years earlier in implementing the assassination of President John Kennedy.

After George Bush Sr. had been elected to the Presidency in 1988, Senator John Tower sought appointment as Secretary of Defense, which would have destabilized the vast Fraudulent Finance operations and scamming that Bush Sr. intended to institutionalize within the Federal structures:

so Mr. Bush arranged for the CIA to issue a FORMAL ELIMINATION ORDER against Senator Tower, who duly died in a plane crash on 5th April 1991, along with his daughter and staffers.

Dr Kissinger ‘was’ ‘mentor’ to George H. W. Bush Sr., as to Timothy Geithner.


And the ‘mentor’ of Kissinger was Dr Fritz Gustave Anton Kraemer, a special assistant, adviser and strategist serving the US Army Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations (DCSOPS) at the Pentagon.


Kraemer, who was buried with full military honors in Arlington Cemetery some years ago, served on the US National Security Council (NSC), modeled after Hitler’s Security Council - with jurisdiction to oversee the Central Intelligence Agency under the National Security Act of 1947 (a.k.a. the ‘criminals’ charter’).

It is almost certain that this Fritz Kraemer, the top Secret Team operative in the United States, was Brigadeführer SS Fritz Kraemer, a very senior Waffen SS officer within the Hitler Nazi hierarchy, responsible for strategic Fascist atrocities during the Second World War.

Initially a war crimes defendant at Nuremberg, Brigadeführer Waffen SS Fritz Kraemer walked away from the Nuremberg trials into the service of the US military.



The likely source of these remittances (although this has not been confirmed) is Deutsche Bank AG, by order of the corrupt Dr Joseph Ackermann, Deutsche Bank’s CEO, partner with the Three Racketeers,

  • Mikhail Gorbachëv

  • George H. W. Bush Sr.

  • Dr Helmut Kohl, Deutsche AG, formerly Barrington Investment Group, St Gallen, Switzerland.

The repeated ongoing bribery remittances are being paid to these corrupt office-holders on the instructions of George H. W. Bush Sr., backed by George W. Bush, who, with the Clintons and their criminal enterprise banking lackeys and Intelligence Power intermediaries, are desperate to hold on to the stolen funds and to prevent the loss of stranglehold control that they fear will ensue on payout and release of the hijacked and effectively diverted/stolen $6.2 trillion loan made available on 19th-20th June 2007 by the British Monarchical Power via the Bank of England to the criminal enterprise Bank of New York (Mellon) which diverted the funds on the instructions of Henry M. Paulson Jr., then US Secretary of the Treasury - who, along with,

  • Bush Jr.

  • Clinton (male)

  • Blankfein (Goldman Sachs), engaged (see below) ‘as we speak’ in an ongoing PR operation to convey the entirely false impression that he favors financial prudence, rectitude, discipline, integrity, honesty and all the other good things that he disregarded while holding high office.



Furthermore, as a direct consequence (according to a sworn and notarized Affidavit dated 31st March 2010 in this Editor’s possession) of our exposure in these reports of the Mafioso Salvatore R. DeFrancesco, whose name was inserted by the Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau as ‘Secretary’ of Mr. Michael C. Cottrell’s firm Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., THE key US official (Gold Badge) Signatory responsible for and engaged in procuring the finalization of the Settlements payments has, since that exposure, had to be equipped with bodyguards 24/7, and while present at the bank(s) responsible for the payments.

But it gets worse.



On 7th May, this key US official was directly threatened on orders issued by the de facto Mafiosi George H. W. Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr.


At 10.45 pm UK time on 8th May, the Editor of this service was, in addition, FORMALLY advised that:

  • The threat against the US Gold Badge referenced above (whose identity is known to this service) is an OFFICIAL C.I.A. ELIMINATION ORDER.

  • Astonishingly, this intelligence has been leaked to us by a senior C.I.A. operative, also known (personally, in this instance) to this service.

What this means is that the Bush Crime Syndicate, which controls the Central Intelligence Agency, has reached a level of desperation so intense that it has resorted to an OFFICIAL, FORMAL C.I.A. ELIMINATION ORDER against the paymaster Gold Badge Signatory who's in charge of procuring the necessary outcome, having evidently run out of other malicious options.



Over Saturday and Sunday 8th-9th May 2010, the Gold Badge Signatory against whom the CIA has issued a formal elimination order (confirmed to us as stated above) entered into an arrangement with agents reporting ultimately to George H. W. Bush Sr. on the basis of some ‘deal’ or other, as a consequence of which $1.0 trillion was released from earmarked Settlement funds.


This money was immediately sucked into the bowels of the Federal Reserve and has disappeared, although since the funds are resident within the central banking /Treasury systems, they can be traced.

The $1.0 trillion was diverted to help fund the purchase of US Government bonds to be deployed in the context of the European bailout operation cobbled together over the weekend.

Irrespective of what alternative explanations for this latest scam may emerge, The New York Times reported on 10th May as follows:

‘European Finance Ministers arrived in Brussels on Sunday with broad agreement on the need for a fiscal contribution from the European Union budget and some kind of fund to stabilize the most troubled markets. By several accounts in Europe, a 500 billion-Euro figure first emerged Sunday afternoon, when Mr. Sarkozy called Mrs. Merkel after each had spoken with Mr. Obama’.

The New York Times then elaborated with convoluted explanations of what was finally agreed.


But we need, in fact, go no further than where we stopped quoting the newspaper, above.

  • Why on earth would it be necessary for Sarkozy and Merkel to speak to President Obama on a matter involving the raising of funds from European sources?

  • Answer: Because, contrary to the elaborate spin, the funds weren’t ever going to be raised from European sources (although duplicated ‘shadow’ arrangements implying such an accord, for cover purposes, may have been ‘agreed’) - given that Germany and France are routinely in the habit of deceiving their ‘fellow’ Europeans, especially the stupid British.

No. The funds were diverted from the Settlement resources, following a set-up mounted over the weekend, with the full knowledge and support of the Obama White House, working to instructions ultimately derived from the Bush apparat, against the Gold Badge Signatory named by the CIA as a formal target for elimination, as cited above.

Knowledge of this CIA elimination order, thought to have been gleaned by UK eavesdroppers from a conversation between the Editor of this service and an impeccably informed US source over the weekend, triggered highest-level British protests to the White House on Sunday, we understand.


The British authority wished to know why a CIA death warrant had been issued against the Gold Badge Signatory who is equipped with full authority to procure the finalization and distribution of the Settlements and Dollar Refunding monies.

(Answer: Because the Bush-DVD-CIA apparat has ordered the Obama White House to block the Settlements, of course. In this context we are told that Obama cannot stand the strain of the ‘Black’ forces preying on him and, given that he is blackmailable (see below), hasn’t got the strength or the guts to tell all concerned to cease and desist from these continuing sabotage operations).



On top of all this, we have been specifically informed that the same Gold Badge Signatory with the necessary Settlements authorities has been systematically sabotaged, diverted, undermined and otherwise gravely abused over the past few days, on orders from the Obama White House - which in turn now OPENLY acknowledges that it takes its orders from the Chicago Mafia and the George Bush-DVD component of the criminalized Intelligence Power, which serves the interests not of the United States and the American people, but of Germany and its twin, France.

Hence, in the above scenario, it was natural and routine for Merkel and Sarkozy to check with President Barack Obama just to make sure that the funds would be/had been diverted from the Settlements resources, so that the latest financial wheeze designed to delay the collapse of the German hegemony project, could be nailed into place, at least for public consumption purposes.



One Congressman who does understand the advanced form of madness driving the White House, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, as they continue willfully down the wrong path, is of course Representative Ron Paul, who points out that ‘you can’t bail out debt with debt’.


No, as we have repeatedly explained, you can’t: but that is precisely what these desperate financial terrorists are doing, in order to keep their hot air balloon in the air and the carousel continuing by exploiting the collective stupidity of foreign central banks.

These include,

  • the Bank of Japan

  • the Bank of England

  • the Bundesbank

  • the Banque de France

  • the Swiss National Bank

  • the European Central Bank,

...which, for some unexplained reason, have not yet realized that the Federal Reserve is corrupt and compromised, and that the US authorities are following a course guaranteed to lead to financial and economic catastrophe.

A system effectively of 90-day repos has been arranged whereby these dumb central banks will be printing their own currencies, and stuffing them to the Federal Reserve on behalf of the Treasury, in exchange for Treasuries.


But Treasuries are completely worthless: as indicated below, nobody in the marketplace who’s not in need of brain surgery wants US Treasuries these days.

So the crazed US authorities are using up the only undeserved residual source of goodwill they have left - the rather ‘thick’ central banking community. Foreign central bankers need to wake up and come to their senses.


By accommodating the US authorities via these exotic operations, the foreign central banks, including the Bank of England which has been repeatedly ripped off by these sheisters, are merely buying more time for the desperate clique in charge of America’s progressive financial and economic destruction, to complete the collapsing of the system.

The right thing to do when confronted with bandits in your front room is to order them out of the room, or to shoot them dead. You hardly invite them to sit down and have a nice cup of tea and cake.


The central banks that are accommodating the American official financial criminalists are choosing the easy option: which means that all they are doing is stacking up worse trouble for the future, and guaranteeing that when the US financial balloon explodes, all the subsidiary financial balloons held aloft by these myopic central bankers will explode in tandem.



There’s also severe trouble on the foreign exchange markets.


New York dealers are complaining that only spot forex trades are being handled, because foreign exchange dealers can no longer trust counterparty banks to honor spreads agreed-upon at the time of the transaction.

And with the Federal Reserve arrogating to itself effectively the role of the world’s primary foreign exchange centre, as well as the role of rediscounter for the central banks, the emerging state of affairs is that the most unsound, decadent, corrupt and failing central banking system in the world believes that it can remain in business sine die by means of these artificial arrangements involving the creation of new debt for old.

Since the named central banks evidently believe that this is possible, they deserve what is coming to them.


As for the Bank of England, which knows all about the private sector US Dollar Refunding operation to be conducted out of London (as has been reconfirmed to us on 11th May, by the way), it appears to be no better than Merkel and Sarkozy.

Like elements of MI-6, it is evidently sabotaging the British Monarchical Power.


There has always been a serious problem inside the Bank of England: and you’ve only got to observe the lugubrious physiognomy of Mr. (still not even knighted) Mervyn King, the Bank Governor, to recognize that this must indeed be the case. Otherwise he'd smile occasionally.


But he never does.



Reverting to the CIA's order to assassinate the Gold Badge Signatory authority, it was explained to us on the transatlantic phone between 10.45 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. on Saturday 8th May 2010 that this desperate criminal CIA order reflects the demands of George H. W. Bush Sr. and George W. Bush Jr., whose selfish interests are directly opposed to those of the United States, the American people and the Rest of the World, and that:

  • George H. W. Bush Sr. should be arrested as a terrorist and should be made to suffer the same fate before TV cameras as Saddam Hussein, to prevent the further irreparable damage that he is knowingly inflicting on the whole world

  • George W. Bush Jr. should likewise be arrested as a terrorist and should be made to suffer the same fate before TV cameras as Saddam Hussein, to prevent the further irreparable damage that he is knowingly inflicting on the whole world

This fate should, our transatlantic correspondent explained, be fulfilled in front of the TV cameras so that everyone holding or seeking official positions in the United States is compelled belatedly to understand that public service involves exclusively service to the people of the United States, and not opportunities for personal enrichment.

George Bush Sr.’s possibly prophetic observation, indicative of his innermost fears, that,

‘if the American people knew what we’d done, they’d string us up from lamp posts’, may yet be realized.



These Fascist criminals are intellectually impaired, just like Mussolini.


The re-offending criminal mentality is, by definition, stunted. We are informed that George Bush Sr. is being handled these days by the very same SR-71 stealth plane pilot (US Air Force Intelligence) who flew him to Paris for the ‘October Surprise’ coup designed to deprive Jimmy Carter of re-election, in favor of Ronald Reagan, whom George Bush Sr. soon took steps to try to have assassinated (an operation that was botched), so that he himself could take over as President.

It is this US Naval Intelligence operative, Gordon Symmons, resident in Chesapeake, VA, who is telling Bush Sr. and Jr. what to do, and how to respond to the unprecedented pressures being applied against the Bush Crime apparat and its CIA-DVD satrap community - advising them on how to resist all pressures, come what may, even if this means destroying the entire global financial economy, so that they can keep what they have stolen.

This traitor Symmons is, we understand, the ONLY technician-adviser left serving the nefarious, discredited and loathed serial criminal, George H. W. Bush Sr.


Recall that, as we have reported, the heinous ‘Black’ fabrication and disinformation operative Thomas Heneghan’s handler is the US Air Force Intelligence convicted securities fraudster Otis C. Johnston (1).


The reason for the central role of US Air Force Intelligence is that it is this rogue component of the hideously dangerous, out-of-control US Intelligence Power that controls the United States’ nuclear weapons.



This formal CIA elimination order and threat against the Signatory Gold Badge turns out to be a fatal miscalculation - not least because given this posting, the information is now in the public domain.


The standard response procedure with the intelligence we publish is as follows:

  • The controlled, flaky diversionary fabrication and disinformation websites typically pick up a peripheral point while ignoring the critical information contained in the report; and:

  • Because of several successful early operations by MI-6 against the Editor of this service, using that two-faced veteran UK journalist Gordon Thomas as intermediary, the British media, being gullible and ‘unaware’ of dirty tricks, were persuaded to pay no attention to what we publish.


    The purpose of those operations, involving direct lies about the Editor (which took place back in 2004 and 2005), and a set-up, was to ensure that the British media would disregard the biggest financial corruption exposure reportage operation in world history - as a result of which the ‘mainstream’ has been floundering and barking up the wrong trees ever since.

Nevertheless, we have, as a direct consequence of the miscalculations of Mr Wanta who, in pursuit of his own and Bush Sr.’s objectives, magnified our platform via the French intelligence electronic distribution network in 2006-2007, managed to perform an ‘end-run’ around the sleepy ‘mainstream’ media - despite the 37 threats (of which seven were death threats) received by the Editor of this service in the course of this investigation (over the period 2002-2010).

Now we have hard intelligence that the US Gold Badge official Signatory, who serves the United States, but also has to work with elements of British intelligence as well, is at the receiving end of an OFFICIAL C.I.A. ELIMINATION ORDER, the purpose being to sabotage the Settlements payouts process by killing the holder of the crucial necessary signatory powers.



All this is taking place against the background of the fact that about two weeks ago (we now learn), a World Court order was obtained demanding the break-up (i.e., dissolution) of 19 American banks, under the Lien powers held by the Lien holders - which order the banks are defying, just as Bank of America is defying its legal responsibility to disgorge the funds which are ready for disbursal and must be paid out.


Transatlantic tensions over this are at the explosion stage.




Moreover this has remained the case DESPITE further waves of arrests, on top of the previously reported 30 or so arrests which took place in late April, which have been reported to us and were reconfirmed on 7th May 2010. In other words, when you yank a dozen snakes out of the snake-pit, a dozen more take their place.

This raises the issue: what is the Pentagon doing about this - admittedly, a pointless question, in view of the control exercised over the Bushsnakes by US Air Force Intelligence operative Gordon Symmons?


The US military can, at the drop of a helmet, surround the banks, procure compliance at the barrels of guns with the absolute requirements of the Pay Orders and presumably also of the Basel List including the Line Item covering the Refunding Loan payment - the only problem being that it is presided over by a former CIA Director of Central Intelligence.

But even Mr Gates, having seen his department scammed and ransacked by Halliburton [see the preceding report, on which NONE of the diversionary US websites sponsored by the controlling Intelligence Power have commented, of course], must by now realize that there is no future for the United States if the criminalist behavior of the Intelligence Power that he fronted in the past is allowed to persist.


So is this man the complicit, compromised and controlled wimp he seems?



Concerning our Halliburton re-exposure (2), it is to be noted that, as stated in our original report dated 26th May 2008, the information in question was leaked after it had earlier been made available to Congressman Waxman.


Which sheds an interesting light, does it not, on the demands made upon Halliburton by Mr Waxman’s Committee, set out in his letter dated 30th April 2010 concerning the cementing operations conducted on the British Petroleum Oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico prior to the blow-out (which we reproduce again as Note (3) below).


Given this connection, we prefer to rely on Mr Waxman’s detailed knowledge of the dual scamming operation by Halliburton within the CIA and the Pentagon as the source of his Committee’s obvious immediate suspicions concerning the role of Halliburton in the perpetration of this latest abomination.

Of course, Mr Waxman has a severe problem here, as well.


Given the devastating corruption exposed in our reiterated Halliburton scamming report, what did he do with this information in 2008?


Logic would suggest that it was his Committee which will have made the grotesque, officially condoned scamming information available to a Grand Jury which, we understand, has considered this scandal.


But has the information gone nowhere and been sealed, in order to protect Cheney, the Box Gang and the corrupt Intelligence Power of which Halliburton is itself an outgrowth?




Only ten days prior to the blowout, Halliburton conveniently snapped up a giant marine firefighting corporation for $250.00 million.


Persistent suggestions that Goldman Sachs shorted Transocean immediately ahead of the blow-out refuse to be erased from the record, although we removed our initial reference to this pending further research. Most tellingly of all, as always occurs after these atrocities, the stories keep a-changing.


There was no Deadman switch. Now, all of a sudden, it is reported that there WAS a Deadman blowout preventer.


And to rub in BP’s humiliation, corporation executives are now reported to have been on board at a party to celebrate BP’s safety record, and the first explosion occurred in the room next to where the party was being held. This would have been known days ago, one would have thought.

Given former US criminal Vice President Richard B. Cheney’s integration with Halliburton, what are the odds that this was indeed a malicious sabotage operation against this prime British asset by the infuriated and utterly desperate Bush-CIA Crime apparat, in the face of the intense pressure that is continuing to be exerted on the Octopus by the British Monarchical Power?


Clearly, they must be rated as exceptionally high.


In this connection, given the extent of our partial knowledge of what is taking place behind the scenes in the context alluded to herein, all other ‘explanations’ for the blowout can be seen to serve the usual obfuscation and diversion objectives.

After all, the standard ‘Black’ counterintelligence procedure after each abomination has been perpetrated, is to seek to befuddle and bamboozle the necessarily confused general public with contradictory, conflicting, unprovenanced, anonymous, spoof, partial, inconsequential, fabricated and often deliberately provocative website lies and sequences, in order to ensure that gullible people run after the sterile red herrings served up for that purpose, so that the crucial facts that have been revealed are bypassed and ignored.


As we have frequently pointed out, this is a far more sophisticated modus operandi than that applied by Dr Joseph Goebbels, whose method (replicated by the Soviets) was to repeat a single lie so relentlessly that it morphed into ‘the truth’.

With the abuse by malevolent counterintelligence of modern electronic communications, you get untutored people who can’t distinguish between opinion and fact to do your dirty work for you: hence the invention of that diabolical cesspit called ‘the Blog’.



A recent case in point was the irresponsible posting, WITHOUT ATTRIBUTION and completely out of context, by, of our originating briefing report on the assassination of the youngest son of lawyer John Hemenway, who brought a Quo Warrantor action against President Obama.


John Hemenway Jr., 47, was shot dead in Bedford, VA; and as you must surely be aware, by definition, any atrocity that takes place in Virginia, home of the criminalized US Intelligence Power, is always especially suspect.

Our text having been lifted without attribution, the abomination was then elaborated by people (via that wayward website’s attached ‘Blog’) with absolutely no knowledge of the situation, divesting themselves of knee-jerk reactions to a state of affairs of the utmost gravity, as evidenced by the following circumstances:

  • President Obama ‘joked’ about his missing birth certificate at an event for the ‘mainstream’ press on the self-same day as the shooting.

  • After we had been informed that an autopsy was taking place, the body of John Hemenway Jr. was cremated the day after he was shot.

  • A strange blanket of silence descended on the matter after our initial report, and as far as we can gather, no report about the shooting appeared in any so-called ‘mainstream’ outlet.

  • Our impeccable US source informed the Editor on 3rd May:

    • ‘I personally know that John (Jr.) would never commit suicide for any reason, and it’s strange that nobody knows what happened… I don’t think his family will ever be able to find out what happened to him, and the authorities haven’t disclosed anything which could be helpful to the family’.

Meanwhile John Hemenway Sr., aged 84, bears the burden not only of the Quo Warranto lawsuit against Obama but also of the sudden loss, by an ‘unexplained shooting’ in Bedford, VA, of his youngest son of the same name.

The Memorial took place on 4th May, as we have reported, and we repeat the text of the Memorial as Note (4) below, just in case anybody dares to doubt what we have stated.



Knowing the depths of depravity to which the serpents that we are having to expose routinely descend, it is far from unlikely that the Presidential ‘joke’ referenced above, which the gullible and increasingly discredited US ‘mainstream’ media representatives thought was funny, represented a ‘Black’ act of ‘in-your-face’ defiance by Mr Obama over the legitimacy issue; and if that obvious deduction is correct, then of course the President of the United States, with his known Mafioso links (see below), knew all about the hit, didn’t he?

Which leaves the unresolved issue of why the body was cremated almost immediately after we were told that an autopsy was taking place. This kind of thing only happens when a dirty deed has to be covered up.


The suggestion from one of our sources is that John Hemenway Jr’s wife ordered the immediate cremation: but given the known sunny character of the late Mr Hemenway Jr., a patent attorney described by our main informant as ‘a very kind soul’, none of this ‘stacks’.

As a consequence of which, we entertain the very gravest suspicion about this murder - namely that it was ordered or sanctioned by the President of the United States: or that it was another FORMAL C.I.A. ELIMINATION ORDER. Which amounts to the same thing.



Meanwhile, amid the revolutionary disintegration in Athens recently, it has not passed unnoticed that it was Citibank, in Athens, that was bombed, and where three bankers were killed.


It will be recalled that we have repeatedly noted the role of Citibank, Athens, as the counterparty holder of a vast stash of worthless derivatives exchanged by complicit Greek personnel for Euros, in trading collaboration with agents of the Bush Financial Crime apparat. And where, inter alia, did the felon, serial fraudster and Bush Sr. courier-lackey, Leo/Lee Wanta, open accounts on behalf of his boss, George Bush Sr.?


Why, with Citibank, Athens...

And it was the serial fraudster and felon Leo/Lee Wanta - who deceived the Editor of this service and exploited our publicity platform for 18 months, while scamming him of his $35,000 loan - and who, having established the Ionian Bank in Cyprus on behalf of Bush Sr., worked with the Italian-based CIA counterpart operative, Marco Saba, effectively preparing the bankrupting of Greece.



So, as you can see, the ‘European crisis’ is directly connected to, and a specific consequence of, the Fraudulent Finance operations mounted by the Bush/CIA/DVD criminal apparat that we alone have been burdened with exposing, and which the so-called mainstream’ media have sidestepped and ignored - thanks, in the case of the British press, to its stupidity in paying any attention to the malicious early operations of MI-6 perpetrated against the Editor of this service, whose job is to go behind the financial news to bring our subscribers intelligence not reflected in the ‘mainstream’.

  • In the case of The Daily Telegraph, for which the Editor used to contribute extensive op-ed articles in the 1970s and 1980s, the false witness lies about the Editor were almost certainly fed in by the veteran journalist Gordon Thomas, who writes articles for the newspaper to this day.



In late 2004, Gordon Thomas informed the Editor that after George W. Bush was ‘re-elected’ that November, US official sources asked MI-6:

‘What are you going to do about Mr Story?’

MI-6 then responded by mounting an entrapment operation exploiting the fact that the Editor had unfortunately not realized that American Free Press, which had commissioned an article by him, was in fact the phoenix version of the notorious Spotlight publication, run by an anti-Semitic CIA cadre out of an office in lower Pennsylvania Avenue.


The simple set-up technique, in which the CIA cadre running the operation directly participated, was to arrange for a Telegraph journalist to call up the Pennsylvania Avenue office during the period when the Editor was in that office (in order to collect a cheque which of course the CIA cadre had failed to pay).

  • That conveyed to the Daily Telegraph journalist the false impression that the Editor is anti-Semitic, the object of the discrediting ploy.

MI-6 also disseminated lies to the British media about the Editor’s alleged involvement with Mark Thatcher in connection with the Equatorial Guinea fiasco, and with the dirty drug-dealer and Blair supporter Bernie Ecclestone, in connection with some scamming operation out of Monaco.


Gordon Thomas was directly involved as ‘Black’ intermediary in the promulgation to the Editor of these lies, which he said had been disseminated ‘in order to make you sit up’.

  • The Editor responded by redoubling his efforts to find out in much greater detail what MI-6 and the Bush II régime were attempting to cover up: hence this investigation and these reports.

The Editor’s personal experience, confirmed by others, is that everyone who ventures to expose these serpents is liable to find himself at the receiving end of malicious lies, false witness, and usually attempts at a set-up.


We were set up and exploited by Mr Wanta, and when we severed relations with that snake, the Editor thought that a million emails would arrive from clever-clogs lambasting him with ‘told you so’ messages. In actual fact, we didn’t receive ONE SINGLE COMMUNICATION to that effect.


When the Editor repeatedly asked knowledgeable US sources why this was so, the tired response was this:

‘Wanta is the world’s most accomplished deceiver and liar. He’s deceived everybody. So your experience isn’t even interesting’.

  • When MI-6 considered that they had deceived the 'mainstream' media by bearing false witness against the Editor of this service, they were able to inform their criminal colleagues in the Bush II Administration that they had successfully 'handled' the situation, which turned out to be inaccurate.


On 5th May, the Financial Times reported from New York that the US Treasury had announced the first reduction in US Government debt sales since 2007, reflecting ‘improving economic growth’ which was ‘buoying tax receipts’.


The official spin, absorbed lock stock and barrel by the British financial newspaper, was that given an economic turnaround, the US Treasury didn’t need to sell as much debt as it needed to previously.


Quarterly debt sales due in the week beginning on 10th May would be reduced by $3.0 billion, to $78 billion, compared with the February refunding.



However if we look at the US Office of Management and Budget’s statistics (notwithstanding their notorious unreliability), we find that the Statutory Debt Limit was raised to $6.4 trillion on 28th June 2002, and to $10.6 trillion on 30th July 2008.


On 17th February 2009, in parallel with Mr Obama’s first Budget, the Statutory Debt Limit was increased from $11.3 trillion (effective from 3rd October 2008) to $12.4 trillion for the rest of Fiscal Year 2009.

  • The estimated figure to which the Statutory Debt Limit will need to be raised in Fiscal Year 2010 is $13.8 trillion, rising to an estimated $19.7 trillion by Fiscal Year 2015.

If we review another OMB series, we find that what the official budgetologists refer to as ‘Gross Federal Debt’, at $9,986,082 billion, is offset by ‘Debt Held by Government Accounts' of $4,183,032 billion, falsely implying that the actual indebtedness of the Federal Government at the end of the 2008 Fiscal Year was $5,803,050.


However as we have repeatedly explained both here and in our International Currency Review, ‘Debt Held by Government Accounts’ represents the mandatory entitlement obligations of the Federal Government.

This ‘smoke and mirrors’ arrangement hides the enormity of the Government’s true indebtedness (on the basis of the OMB’s official data, which are the only data available, even though they are largely nonsense), under a statutory requirement whereby the surpluses accrued in the so-called Budget ‘Trust Funds’ are ‘invested’ in the ‘Federal Funds’ accounts (current expenditure) - which means that these earmarked surpluses have all been squandered. But the future obligations which the surpluses existed to fund, remain unchanged.

Therefore, instead of being subtracted from the ‘Gross Federal Debt’ data, these amounts (which are referenced by OMB as ‘Debt Held by Government Accounts’) have to be ADDED BACK TO the Gross Federal Debt data. With this necessary adjustment, the ‘Adjusted Federal Debt’ using these numbers amounted to $14,169,114 billion at the end of Fiscal Year 2008.


On the same calculations, the ‘Adjusted Federal Debt’ aggregates $18,275,577 billion by the end of Fiscal Year 2010 (30th September 2010), reaching $19,789,733 billion by 30th September 2011 and $25,378,196 billion by 30th September 2015. And, as indicated, these calculations use the OMB’s unreliable statistics.

Just how unreliable they are is now openly acknowledged by the Office of Management and Budget itself, which has XXXXXXXXXed out the later numbers because the OMB seeks to avoid excessive condemnation for misleading the public (which it has in fact been doing at least since President Carter’s time, but never mind). If you press an XXXXXXXXXed line, a number will appear at the top indicating what is hidden.


Presumably the idea here is to convey to the fleeting observer that the OMB is hedging its bets, but the ‘experts’ can discover what is being covered up by pressing the hidden number (on the OMB’s website).

There is no difference between these presentations and the fake numbers we used to have to grapple with under overt Communism, when analysts were confronted with the impossible task of making sense of the falsified statistics promulgated by Comecon.


For good measure, the OMB’s published budget deficit data, which entail known falsifications, are worth adding here.


According to these data, the United States’ published Federal budget deficit for Fiscal Year 2008 was $458,555 billion. The figure for Fiscal Year 2009 rose to $1,412,686 billion, and the OMB's official projection for Fiscal Year 2010 is $1,555,582 billion.

There is no way that these data can possibly be reconciled with the US Treasury’s 5th May 2010 announcement, heavily spun by 'Hill and Knowlton', that it is now possible to reduce quarterly debt sales at all - sales, that is, of debt to GENUINE PURCHASERS.


But in order to disguise the reality - that it cannot sell Treasuries into the gullible financial markets as of old, so it has been ‘selling’ Treasuries to the Federal Reserve (and probably to its own accounts) instead - the US Treasury is representing that ‘things are improving’, which will alleviate the pressure to sell more debt.



Unfortunately for the Treasury’s spin-meisters, not everyone is quite as gullible as the financial market gurus so eagerly sought out by ‘mainstream’ financial journalists, as they seek to pad out their dreary reports on such subjects.


For it is neither here nor there HOW MUCH THE ECONOMY IMPROVES, even if it IS improving: and who knows, given official, Comecon-style manipulation of the macroeconomic data as well?

It is not variations in economic activity and the consequent increase or decrease in the tax take which are the pertinent factors here. It is the RELENTLESS LOGIC OF THE UNDERLYING DEBT MATHEMATICS, some detail of which we have demonstrated above (albeit having had to use the OMB’s intrinsically unreliable numbers).

What this means is that even if the US economy were to grow at Chinese rates, the TREND of the underlying US debt mathematics would not change for many, many years.


Such growth rates would indeed fill gaps and would alleviate the need for the Treasury to issue debt on the permissive scale to which it had become accustomed. But the logic of the mathematics would not be changed: the pace of the deterioration would be reduced, and no time horizon that makes sense could be relied upon to pinpoint the ‘magic’ moment when debt accumulation stalls, and moves into reverse.

Of course there is no prospect of the US economy (now that it’s so irrevocably Third World in so many respects) ever growing at such rates: so further consideration of this model would be futile.

Which reveals what REALLY underlies this PR statement carried in the Financial Times on 5th May:

The US Treasury cannot issue Treasuries to marketplace buyers on any meaningful scale, which means that its Treasuries issuance fest has collapsed, as we predicted would happen: all it can do is to issue paper to the Federal Reserve.

And lo! When we review the Office of Management and Budget’s data on this score, we find that the column headed ‘Debt Held by the Public’ is XXXXXXXXXed right the way back to 1983.


This was emphatically NOT the case when we last examined these data several months ago.

Within the category ‘the Public’, resides the Federal Reserve itself, as the Fed is a private sector institution. Now the OMB numbers reflecting official debt held by the Federal Reserve ‘remain intact’ (i.e., have not been XXXXXXXXXed).


Which means, does it not, that the adjacent column obfuscates the situation: otherwise the OMB would surely not have considered it necessary to XXXXXXXXX these data right back to 1983.



As you know, all this gross deception could have been avoided had the loan made available by the British Monarchical Power on 19th-20th June 2007 via the Bank of England not been hijacked and diverted by Bank of New York (Mellon) on the instructions of then US Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr., the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, which is the subject of the SEC’s devastating Civil Complaint [see text in our report dated 18th April 2010].

Those loan funds were intended for the Dollar Refunding operation agreed to by the Group of Seven Financial Powers in both 2006 and 2007, and urged by Her Majesty the Queen 'for the sake of the whole of humanity'.


Since it would appear that, even at this late stage, observers have simply not understood what all this is about, we re-explain it in this segment.

The US Treasury’s decadent intention, held together by the Bush bribes accepted by Geithner, Biden and Emanuel (see above), has been not only to retain the $6.2 trillion loan (i.e. to STEAL the loan funds in perpetuity), but to retain control over the Refunding by performing it below the radar internally - and pulling the wool, as always, over the eyes of the gullible financial markets.


(Market participants and analysts think they are exceedingly clever at all times, but usually nit-pick around ephemeral data and information, failing to see the density of the wood behind the trees).


So here’s an elementary lesson in economic accounting, applicable to the Refunding:

  1. If the Government does the refunding (e.g., by issuing exotic instruments and engaging in 'creative' trading with counterparties with incredible rates of return), the accounting position is that the other side of the balance sheet accumulates MORE DEBT to offset the instruments issued.

    • Furthermore, as in this context the Government cannot tax itself, NO MEANINGFUL REAL TAX REVENUES ACCRUE ON-BALANCE SHEET to the Treasury, which is the object of the exercise.

  2. By contrast, as the $6.2 trillion sovereign fund is a LOAN, to be used exclusively in the PRIVATE SECTOR (NOT within the Government sector, below the radar where it is open to ongoing abuse) the following entirely opposite accounting situation applies:

    • The transparent, taxable securities transactions conducted in the private sector Dollar Refunding operation generate ON-BALANCE SHEET TAX REVENUES payable directly to the Treasury ON-BALANCE SHEET, thereby immediately amortizing accumulated ‘background’ debt.

    • The other side of the balance sheet to these transactions is the LOAN FUND.

Is it really necessary to acquire First Class degrees in accounting and economics in order to UNDERSTAND that THIS is THE SOLUTION, and THE ONLY SOLUTION?

And is it not a fact that the persistent opposition to this G-7-approved solution by the Bush II and Obama White House, and by the Paulson and Geithner Treasury, represents not merely grotesque dereliction of the incumbents’ duties to serve the interests of the American people and the United States to the absolute exclusion of all other considerations, but also entitles these highest-level operatives to be arrested for TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES?



Meanwhile some of the most egregious perpetrators and financial criminals have been plasticizing in the mirror of late to perfect their expertise in the art of Leninist ‘contradictions’ - a.k.a. speaking out of the left-hand side of their mouths as though no-one had noticed that their actions have all along diverged from their verbal assertions.

First, the former US Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., the man who ordered the $6.2 trillion sovereign loan fund to be hijacked, diverted and effectively stolen in 2007 [see above], appeared before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission on 6th May to ‘caution’ that all investment banking transactions must be done ‘with the highest standards of fair dealing’.

Observe how this criminal financier and operative made his point: he told the Commission that such transactions ‘must’ conform to high standards, which is not the same thing as acknowledging that Goldman Sachs and the other Fraudulent Finance specialist houses have been engaged in implementing ‘the highest standards of fair dealing’ or are currently so engaged.

In other words, Paulson said nothing at all. He just made a statement to which no objection could be taken and which bore no relationship at all to the routine Fraudulent Finance operations over which he presided as Treasury Secretary and as CEO at Goldman Sachs.

Moreover, like all these criminal financiers, Paulson skated over the fact that under US law, and in all Common Law countries, securitization is absolutely illegal [see our report dated 18th April 2010].


For Paulson, there was never any problem with securitization - which, being translated, means that Paulson remains content, to this day, that the Rule of Law should continue to be trampled on, which as we have so extensively exposed, is in any case his normal modus operandi.



Of course, as we have pointed out, the very Civil Case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] itself against Goldman Sachs [see report, 18th April 2010] addresses alleged fraudulent behavior by Goldman Sachs but EVADES the broader reality that securitization is illegal.


In other words, the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs addresses fraudulent operations conducted by the institution within the overall context of illegality.


The SEC could perfectly well, in theory, round on all these corrupt speculating Fraudulent Finance institutions on the ground that they have been engaged in marketing fraudulent securities, beginning with the central reality that if the original mortgagor (in the case of mortgage-backed securities - MBS) had not knowingly given his or her specific written consent to the assignment of the asset, then all derivative transactions have been and are NULL AND VOID.



As previously noted, this is the gigantic elephant in the bedroom.


Because what this means is that 100% of derivatives transactions, past and ongoing, are fraudulent; and where a contract is entered into to facilitate fraud, it is automatically voided.


So, like former US Treasury Secretary Paulson, the SEC is itself co-conspiring in the perpetuation of the fabrication that securitization is legal, which is not the case. We explained all this in excruciating detail in International Currency Review, Volume 34, Number 2, the theme of which was ‘The Legalization of Financial Corruption’.

In fact, the ‘legalisation’ implied is illusory: what has happened is that ‘because everyone was doing it’, the immense breach of the law that this criminal behavior entailed was simply ‘legalised’ by the authorities turning a blind eye to what was going on - something that came easily, as so many high-level officials were enriching themselves in the process.



On the same date (6th May 2010), the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Paul Volcker, now Chairman of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, unilaterally destroyed his reputation for integrity by writing a letter to Senators stating that,

‘The provision of derivatives by commercial banks to their customers in the usual course of a banking relationship should not be prohibited’.

In other words, Volcker agrees with Paulson that the Rule of Law should continue to be disregarded by the banks, thereby destroying his reputation for integrity.

Mr Volcker’s letter, sent from his Fifth Avenue, New York City, apartment, read as follows:

May 6, 2010
Dear Mr Chairman [Senator Dodd]

A number of people, including some members of your Committee, have asked me about the proposed restrictions on bank trading in derivatives as set out in Senator Lincoln’s proposed amendment to Section 716 of S. 3217. I thought it best to write to you directly about my reaction.

I well understand the concerns that have motivated Senator Lincoln in terms of the risks and potential conflicts posed by proprietary trading in derivatives concentrated in a limited number of commercial banking organizations. As you know, the proposed restrictions appear to go well beyond the proscriptions on proprietary trading by banks that are incorporated in Section 619 of the reform legislation that you have proposed.


My understanding is that the prohibitions already provided for in Section 619, specifically including the Merkley-Levin amended language clarifying the extent of the prohibition on proprietary trading by commercial banks, satisfy my concerns and those of many others with respect to bank trading in derivatives.

In that connection, I am also aware of, and share, the concerns about the extensive reach of Senator Lincoln’s proposed amendment. The provision of derivatives by commercial banks to their customers in the usual course of a banking relationship should not be prohibited.

In sum, my sense is that the understandable concerns about commercial bank trading in derivatives are reasonably dealt with in Section 619 of your reform bill as presently drafted. Both your Bill and the Lincoln amendment reflect the important concern that, to the extent feasible, derivative transactions be centrally cleared or traded on a regulated exchange.

These are needed elements of reform.

I am sending copies of this letter to Secretary Geithner
and to Senators Shelby, Merkley, Levin and Lincoln.


[Signed] Paul.

No matter, then, that securitization is illegal so that all derivative transactions are likewise illegal under US and Common Law. Neither Paulson nor, it is now clear, Paul Volcker, are in any way concerned about the fact that these transactions are ALL FRAUDULENT.

So far as Mr Volcker is concerned, the banks should be allowed to CONTINUE ENGAGING IN FRAUDULENT FINANCE. Maybe it’s all got too much for the former Fed Chairman.

Alternatively, he may be indifferent to the fact that, with this single letter, he has unilaterally destroyed his towering reputation for integrity and probity.



On 7th May, Mr Lloyd Blankfein addressed investors at Goldman Sachs’ Annual Meeting, behind a significant police presence in the street.

Metaphorically holding his hands out to create an impression of penitence, Mr Blankfein promised a ‘rigorous self-examination’ of his firm’s business practices. He would promote ‘ethical principles’, implying that these had been lacking in the past (accurate).


An experienced US annual meetings attendee, Evelyn Davis, branded Blankfein as ‘Lord Goldmine’, suggesting that he should resign by Monday 10th May in order to retain ‘what little dignity’ he had left.

Mr Blankfein was forced to field two hours of hostile questioning from disaffected investors at the meeting, amid reports that Goldman has begun discussions with the SEC in pursuit of a possible out-of-court settlement of the SEC’s Civil Case against the firm.


But the Civil Case opens up the prospect of multiple litigation against Goldman, including R.I.C.O. suits: so Goldman’s 259 lawyers may have advised the firm to seek an accommodation with the SEC as quickly as possible.

It is probably unnecessary to over-emphasize the obvious point that a financial institution that needs to employ 259 lawyers must, by definition, be accustomed to sailing ‘close to the wind’.

  • Such an enormous contingent of in-house lawyers is clearly ‘telling us something’.


You may now need to have your private vomitarium handy.


To complete this account of highest-level financial fraudsters attempting to transform themselves verbally into paragons of rectitude, Forbes magazine reported on 6th May that former President William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton and George W. Bush appeared together at a ‘Biotechnology Conference’ in Chicago held between 3rd and 6th May.


It was on 6th May that the Settlements payouts were once again aborted, and the sabotage was committed, we understand, via these criminal Presidents’ Mafiosi associates based in Chicago, where the FBI’s Division Five is allied with the underworld.

The gullible or duplicitous Forbes reporter wrote that,

‘on a visit to Chicago on Tuesday, I was very encouraged to hear Bill Clinton and George W. Bush deliver [on 4th May] a remarkably non-partisan message to elected officials regarding future regulatory or tax code changes.


Speaking at the Bio International Convention, the two former Presidents suggested that legislators recognize the problems and address the greed, but they cautioned against inhibiting capital formation, since Wall Street is where companies find risk capital to develop the innovations that benefit us all’.


‘The forum where they spoke wasn’t open to the public or the press’ [begging the question of what the Forbes journalist was doing there, then], so there was not a peep about it on the 24-hours-a-day news stations. Too bad. It would be nice for people to learn that when it comes to some of the critical issues, politicians may not be as polarized as skeptics suggest’.

Would you like us to summarize what we think of Forbes magazine on the basis of this offering?

  • The level of ignorance of the real criminal world displayed by the author of this verbiage cannot be encapsulated in the English language.

  • The two self-acknowledged criminal Presidents’ ‘advice’ to Congress to ‘address the greed’ represented a typical example of ‘Blankfeinist’ deceit.


    Here are two of the greediest individuals who have ever disgraced the American political scene, whose entire existence both in and out of office has been motivated precisely by GREED, suggesting that Congress should ‘address greed’.


    Do you now begin to understand the true meaning of double-mindedness, which masks such an unfathomable darkness of the soul?

By ‘recommending’ that greed should be ‘addressed’, these inveterate deceivers convey the impression that they disapprove of greed, when greed is what has driven them all their lives.

  • The author’s ignorance incorporates a failure to understand that these two criminal finance operatives have all along been in sync as well as rivals, so when they jointly decide to sing a particular song for the benefit of the dumbed-down goyim, they do so for a reason.

  • The naive idea that these operatives are principled people of goodwill, when in fact they are egregious serial financial terrorists driven by GREED who should, we are advised, receive the same treatment as Saddam Hussein, tells you that Forbes either looks the other way, or else languishes in a lazy fantasy world which has no observable connection with reality.


President Obama is reported to rely on five people, of whom four are from Chicago, where Obama knows how ‘the system’ works and is believed to be familiar with the notorious Drake Hotel, where the Mafiosi meet and do their deals with the compromised and blackmailed official structures.


They are:

  • Rahm Emanuel, his abrasive Chief of Staff

  • David Axelrod

  • (until recently) Valerie Jarrett

  • Michelle

  • while the fifth kitchen cabinet member is Robert Gibbs, his chief spokesman

In Chicago, an early Obama supporter was Alderman Edward Burke, first elected in 1969, who runs the Chicago show for Mayor Richard Daley and chairs the city’s Finance Committee.

To cite the City of Chicago’s website:

‘As Chairman of the City Council’s powerful Committee on Finance, Alderman Burke holds the city’s purse strings and is responsible for all legislative matters pertaining to the city’s finances, including municipal bonds, taxes and revenue matters. Alderman Burke became Chairman for the second time in 1989. He previously served from 1983 to 1987’.

In 2001, the Daily Herald reported that Burke was an early supporter of Mr Rod Blagojevich’s campaign to become Governor of Illinois.


On 10th February 1985, a Chicago Tribune article reported how a Chicago mobster, Victor Albanese, wound up on the city payroll, asserting that Alderman Burke performed a favor for John D’Arco, a Democratic Committeeman, by hiring the mobster as a ‘ghost employee’, on $900 a month.

John D’Arco was identified by a former FBI agent, William Roemer, as being a co-opted member of the Chicago Mafia, also known as ‘the Outfit’.


At one time, John D’Arco was Chicago’s First Ward Alderman, but was forced to step down after the FBI caught him at a meeting with the ‘Outfit’ boss, Sam Giancana, near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. D’Arco has been one of Alderman Edward Burke’s links into the Chicago ‘Outfit’.

Another link between Alderman Burke and the Chicago Mafia was Alderman Fred Roti, who died in 1999, who was the most powerful Chicago City Alderman in the 1980s.

In 1989, The Washington Post reported that the former FBI agent, William Roemer, had identified Fred Roti in March 1983 as the ‘Outfit’s’ operative on Chicago’s City Council in testimony before the United States Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. In 1991, the US Attorney General identified Roti as a member of the Chicago Mafia.


In 1999, the US Justice Department described Fred Roti as the Chicago Mafia’s ‘patronage boss’, elaborating as follows:

‘Fred Roti was convicted of RICO conspiracy, bribery and extortion regarding the fixing of criminal cases inside the Circuit Court of Cook County, including murder cases involving organized crime members or associates and was sentenced to 48 months’ imprisonment. Roti was released from prison in 1997.


As First Ward Alderman, Roti was a key political patronage boss and, along with his codefendant Pat Marcy, a fixer for the Chicago Outfit.


Roti has directly participated in interfering with the rights of the members of LIUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) in the selection of their officers and officials in that he has improperly influenced the selection of officers of CIDC (Chicago Laborers’ District Council) and has been responsible for the pervasive hiring of LaPietra crew members and associates at the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Department. Roti is a made member of the Chicago Outfit’.

Alderman Burke, Obama’s champion, regularly met Roti at the Counsellors Row Restaurant across the street from Chicago City Hall. It didn’t bother Alderman Burke that Roti was a mob boss.


On the contrary, shortly after Roti’s death, Burke sponsored a City Council resolution honoring Roti’s life, which read as follows [bearing in mind that the phrase ‘family members’ has a double meaning in this context]:

‘Fred B. Roti, a committed public servant, a cherished friend of many and a good neighbor to all, will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by his many family members, friends and associates’.

On 22nd April 2010, Sam Adam Esq., an attorney for Rod Blagojevich, filed a motion in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division before Judge James B. Zagel, for the Court to issue a trial subpoena to President Obama concerning the disgorging of redacted portions of all tapes and sealed information released under a Protective Order dated 14th April 2009 concerning the scandal surrounding the appointment of Mr Obama’s vacant Senate seat by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich [CV 08CR888].

Without going into the convoluted detail of the corruption implied by the Motion, its text states [paragraph 8] that ‘President Barack Obama has stated publicly that he was,

"confident that no representatives of mine would have any part of any deal related to this seat".

[Press conference by President-elect Obama, 11th December 2008].

The word ‘deal’ is defined by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary as a,

‘transaction; bargain; contract; an arrangement for mutual advantage’.

Paragraph 9 of the Motion continues:

‘Yet, despite President Obama stating that no representatives of his had any part of any deals, [a] labor union president told the FBI and the United States Attorneys that he spoke to [the] labor union official on November 3, 2008, who received a phone message from Obama that evening’ and that Obama had recommended Jarrett as his Senate replacement.

The case is much more complex than this, but the general flavor can be obtained, for instance, from Pagaraph 14: ‘President Obama has direct knowledge of allegations made in the indictment [against Blagojevich].


In addition, President Obama’s public statements contradict other witness statements, specifically those made by [the] labor union official and Senate Candidate B. It is anticipated that [the] labor union official will be a witness for the Government'.

'His accounts of events directly related to the charges in the indictment are contradicted by President Obama’s public statement'.

Paragraph 20 reads:

‘President Barack Obama has direct knowledge of the Senate seat allegation [‘deal’]. President Obama’s testimony is relevant to three fundamental issues of that allegation.

  • First, President Obama contradicts the testimony of an important Government witness.

  • Secondly, President Obama’s testimony is relevant to the necessary element of intent of the defendant.

  • Thirdly, President Obama is the only one who can say if emissaries were sent on his behalf, who those emissaries were and what, if anything, those emissaries were instructed to do on his behalf.

All of these issues are relevant and necessary for the defense of Rod Blagojevich’.

Other dimensions involving Obama’s ‘former’ Chicago (mobster) friend Tony Rezko are also raised in the Motion, which also points out that as all these matters occurred prior to President Obama’s Inauguration, none are covered by Executive Privilege.

Paragraph 31:

‘[Federal precedent holds that] no person, even a President, is above the law and that in appropriate judicial proceedings, documents and other tangible evidence within the very office of the President may be obtained for use in those judicial proceedings. Similarly, where the President himself is a percipient witness to an alleged criminal act, the President must be amenable to subpoena as any other person would be’.

Paragraph 32:

‘Here, President Obama is a critical witness. All of President Obama’s testimony would entail evidence he witnessed before he became President and does not involve Executive Privilege’.


What is the relevance of all this in our broader context? What has been summarized above is evidence of Obama’s Chicago Mafioso connections and background.


The whole point about Obama, and why he surfaced in place of Hillary Clinton, is that he can be blackmailed on several levels simultaneously. The best known dimension is the birth certificate/legitimacy issue, which could be used at any time for that purpose.

But an even more potent prospective blackmail dimension is the Chicago ‘Outfit’ connection and background.


The Chicago operative Rahm Emanuel was installed as White House Chief of Staff in order to ensure the continued leverage/effectiveness of this prospective blackmail dimension - the objective being to intimidate and control the new President so that he could be relied upon to continue blocking the Settlements payouts (involving many trillions of dollars) in conformity with the Bush-Clinton criminal fraternity’s intention to hold on to what they have stolen, to crash the system and thereafter to pull the off-balance sheet funds onto the 'books' buying up the world's real assets at firesale prices.


That is what is in process, and what the Mafiosi have in mind.

Rod Blagojevich’s Motion to subpoena President Obama emerged from a separate blackmail operation against Obama mounted by Blagojevich himself, who is in fact a minor serpent in the Chicago snakepit.


More to the point, both Clintons and Joseph Biden were and remain involved in this operation to control Obama by means (as we suggested a long time ago) of blackmail.


And it was out of Chicago that George Bush Sr. pulled off the ransacking of Continental Illinois Bank & Trust Company, where the Delmarva funds were placed, where FBI Division Five runs its main criminal operations, and which handles and controls the felon and money thief, Wanta.



Documents obtained by this service in the course of research into the Japanese gold buried in the Philippines (‘Yamashita’s gold’) PROVE direct ongoing intense collaboration between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Mafia.


One diagram shows that there was (and remains to this day) a division of labour, with the CIA (Intelligence Power) managing, coordinating and manipulating the cooperation of the banks, Lloyds of London and other domestic and foreign institutions, while the mafia is shown as responsible for enforcement of the movement of the ‘recovered’ (i.e., re-stolen) gold to designated refineries and recipients.

There is no question but that this cooperative model applies across the board, not just in the context of moving gold. In other words, the US Intelligence Power works hand-in-glove with organized crime, the capital of which is Chicago. We are now in a position to PROVE this with documents and will do so in due course.

Which means that, supping with the Devil, the Intelligence Power is irreparably criminalized; and since it has long since usurped the Executive Branch (and the other two branches of the Federal Government, more or less), the consequence is that the United States has a criminal government, is driven by organized criminal priorities (Chicago), and is therefore a menace to civilization.

Needless to say, this state of affairs could not be more perfect from the perspective of the criminal intelligence organizations serving foreign powers bent on the destruction of the United States, of which the 'Black' pan-German DVD, and its nefarious French counterparts, are these days by far the most insidious.


Nor can ANY reliance be placed upon Chinese undertakings any longer, as we are led to believe that recent developments demonstrate that, while currently sweet-talking the British Monarchical Power, Chinese intelligence elements are simultaneously doing 'deals' with Bush Sr.

Any party stupid enough to believe that 'deals' can be done with the head of the serpent is in very urgent need of brain surgery.


George Bush Sr. and his filthy apparat double-cross EVERYBODY.


It is a complete waste of time seeking accommodating with this serpent, who, we are being told by transatlantic phone, should be shot dead on sight immediately, as he is determined, like Sampson, to ensure the ruination of the entire US and global financial economies if he can't get his way.



The forces of law and order, and of the Rule of Law and the Constitution, have woken up to this catastrophe so late in the day that they are engaged in a terrible struggle to decapitate the serpent before it destroys the United States and the Rest of the World as it persists in seeking to retain the upper hand.


As we have repeatedly seen, crushing the head of the serpent is no easy task - not least because the serpent has beguiled gullible, naïve and ill-informed foreigners, including some ancient European powers which spawned the serpent in the first place (Britain, France, Germany).

The good news, as we have often pointed out, is that because the serpent’s arrogance was such that it never anticipated the remotest possibility of real resistance to the outpouring of its sewage, it has been caught off-balance - and has never recovered from the shock of being faced down.


Recall the scripture that we have often cited in the past [John, Chapter 18, verses 1-6]:

‘When Jesus had spoken these words, he went forth with his disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he entered, and his disciples.
And Judas, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus ofttimes resorted thither with his disciples.
Judas then, having received a band of men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, cometh thither with lanterns and torches and weapons.
Jesus, therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye?
They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them.
As soon then as he had said unto them I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground’.

This is what happens when you stand up to these people on the basis of solid faith.


They cannot believe that anyone could have the temerity to stand in their way.



As discussed in the report of 27th April, the ‘Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010’, introduced by Josef Stalin’s grandson (Senator Christopher Dodd) in the US Senate under the geo-masonic number S. 3217 (which, according to the esoteric Babylonian numerological drivel and gobbledygook to which these serpents are bound, devolves to their ‘magic’ number 13 (3+2+1+7 = 13), provides for the establishment of the sinister intelligence unit called the 'Office of Financial Research' within the US Treasury - to which all key financial powers will in practice be delegated, enabling the Treasury to continue sponsoring Fraudulent Finance operations beneath the radar with selected corrupt counterparties, with no checks and balances whatsoever.

This all-powerful intelligence unit will be equipped with powers to destroy any entity, whether overtly operating in the financial sector or not, and whether based domestically or abroad, on an arbitrary basis, the blanket cover being that the targeted entity will be deemed to be an actual or prospective threat to the security of the United States (meaning Fraudulent Finance).



Since US corporations and financial enterprises, handling dollars, litter the whole world, what this means in practice is that the decadent US dollar will be propped up by this ‘hidden’ arbitrary power buried inside the Treasury.


Any corporation handling US dollars could be targeted.


As the Office of Financial Research will have unlimited arbitrary powers (more of which may be buried within the pages of the colossal draft Senate Bill that have not been published), it will certainly be equipped with all means necessary to destabilize and destroy entities that it considers to be a threat to the security of the United States - which, in translation, means: threatens the open-ended perpetration with the US Treasury’s connivance, of Fraudulent Finance operations, including securitization and the proliferation of derivatives ‘products’ based on NOTHING.


This explains why Paul Volcker has sacrificed his reputation for integrity, as exposed above.

The US Treasury will therefore be able, with no checks and balances, to implement by stealth an arbitrary pan-German-style ‘coup d’état by installments’ (5).

On 7th May, The Wall Street Journal reported that, following pressure from the Deputy Treasury Secretary, Neal Wolin, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Ben Bernanke, an amendment or provision sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders which would have exposed certain US Federal Reserve decision-making to Congressional auditors, and which would therefore have largely repealed a 32-year-old law shielding Federal Reserve monetary policy from Congressional auditors, was watered down.


Dr Bernanke wrote to the Senate Banking Committee Chairman, Mr Dodd, stating that the Sanders measure would,

‘seriously threaten monetary policy independence, increase inflation fears and market interest rates, and damage economic stability and job creation’.

This is the standard Fed response to any attempt to prize open its secrecy culture - which masks its illicit financial transactions, creative accounting, operations with corrupted foreign central banks via the Federal Reserve Inter Bank Settlement Fund, and secret deals with the Treasury.



Before we learned that $1.0 trillion had been stolen from the Gold Badge Paymaster as described above, the following 'straight' analysis of the European 'bailout' operation had been prepared for this report.


We leave this text intact, but you should bear in mind the further, sinister dimension elaborated above, when considering what follows. If you read this carefully, you will see that none of this is actually inconsistent with what is reported higher up this analysis. All that was agreed was an intention to 'create' a bail-out fund, begging the question: how would this be financed.


Mention of the International Monetary Fund is also consistent, as the Fund suddenly expanded one of its facilities from $50 Billion to $500 billion, as we reported earlier, in April, almost certainly covering the placement of a counterparty $500 billion in IMF accounts 'lifted' from the Settlements funds.

On the European stage, 16 ‘Member States’ of the European Union Collective ended a 14-hour overnight session at the European Commission (a criminal enterprise: see our report dated 2nd May 2010) in Brussels by ‘agreeing’ to 'create' a fund worth some 750 billion Euros ($962 billion), incorporating backing from the International Monetary Fund, to the satrap 'Member States' facing financial instability, while the European Central Bank tore up its rulebook, by stating that it will buy up official and private sector debt.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, the former Secretary of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of the Young Communists at Marx-Lenin University, led the chorus, backed by little José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, in proclaiming that this outcome confirmed that,

‘we will do ANYTHING IT TAKES to support the Euro’.



Now the Brown Government hastened to ‘ratify’ the Lisbon Treaty, which provides that decisions of this nature are taken by ‘Qualified Majority’, meaning that no satrap ‘Member State’ can veto such decisions of the Collective.


Which in turn means that Britain, the Government of which is financially strapped as never before in its history thanks to the permissive cack-handed mismanagement of Gordon Brown, who clings to office in Downing Street, will be called upon to help finance bail-outs for ‘Member States’ which discover that they cannot survive if bound to the Collective Currency régime, which is ‘irrevocable’ under the 1992 Maastricht Treaty - that is to say, they are stuck with the wrong rate of exchange until the end of the solar system.

Therefore, on top of the financial burdens that will have to be borne by the British taxpayer due to Brown’s irresponsible stewardship of the financial economy for generations to come, money will have to be conjured up out of nowhere to help bail out ‘Member States’ the economies of which are being systematically destroyed by their Governments’ brainwashed idolatry of membership of the EU Collective (EUdolatry).

Taken to its logical conclusion, this means that the British Government (when one exists) attaches greater importance at all times to not offending the EU sacred cow, than it does to the welfare of the people of Great Britain. In other words, the interests of the British people are being sacrificed on the altar of the corrupt god of the pan-Germans.


While the dense political UK Establishment and the brainwashed Whitehall bureaucracy, wedded to EU membership because they lack the smarts to distinguish between ‘cooperation’ and collectivization, persist with their sterile internationalist agenda contrary to the wishes or interests of the British people.



To give the outgoing Labour Government its due, Alistair Darling, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, refused to go along with any pledge to make available a huge sum of money for the so-called EU bail-out plan.


This was perfectly correct, as the Chancellor, like all his colleagues, was denuded of all powers and was merely in situ pending a political resolution. But Europeans, led by the French, not understanding this, or not wanting to bother to try to understand the true situation, responded with an outpouring of vituperative hatred along the lines of,

'when you're in trouble, don't come begging to us. Rely on God instead'.

Lovely people these EU 'colleagues'!

A piece of work by the name of Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Chairman of the French Financial Services Authority, said:

'The English are very certainly going to be targeted given the political difficulties they have. Help yourself and heaven will help you. If you don't want to show solidarity to the Eurozone, then let's see what happens to the United Kingdom'.



It is hard to imagine a recipe more likely to morph into a pretext for the wholesale overthrow of the complacent and self-satisfied British political and bureaucratic Establishment.


We have obtained a glimpse of the instability to come following the inconclusive outcome of the General Election held on 6th May 2010, following years of Brown's financial mismanagement and parliamentary sleaze.

The Conservatives could have won the election with an overall majority had they not long since decided to pretend that the issue of Britain’s hugely expensive and sterile relationship with the European Union Collective, involving the illegal remittance of Value Added Tax receipts to the European Commission, a criminal enterprise given that its accounts have been explicitly NOT approved by the Luxembourg-based Court of Auditors for the past 14 years [report of 2nd May 2010], is a non-issue for public consumption and electoral purposes.

Calculations based on votes cast prepared by the former MEP for South-East England, Ashley Mote, have revealed as follows:

  • The Conservatives could have had a comfortable working majority if they had made an unequivocal commitment to a referendum on British membership of the EU.

  • The UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) vote, favouring a much harsher policy towards Britain’s sterile EU participation, would have collapsed and, while not every one of the 25 seats listed below might have been delivered to the 'Conservatives', they would have emerged with a working majority of about 40.

In the following table of constituencies where the 'Conservatives' came second, the first number shown represents the winner's majority, and the second number shown represents the UKIP vote:

Bolton West 92 901
Derby North 613 829
Derbyshire North East 2445 2636
Dorset Mid 269 2109
Dudley North 649 3267
Great Grimsby 714 2043
Hampstead and Kilburn 42 408
Hull North 641 1358
Middlesbrough South 1677 1881
Morley and Outwood 1101 1506
Newcastle-Under-Lyme 1552 3491
Norwich South 310 1145
Oldham East 103 1720
Plymouth Moor 1588 3188
Rochdale 889 1999
Sheffield Central 165 652
Solihull 175 1200
Somerset and Frome 1817 1932
Southampton and Itchen 192 1928
St Austell and Newquay 1312 1757
St Ives South 1719 2560
Swansea West 504 716
Walsall North 990 1737
Walsall South 800 1711
Wirral South 531 1274

Additionally, the Conservatives should have won Wells, which was lost to the Liberal Democrats with a majority of 800.


But the UKIP vote was 1711; so including the promise of a referendum on Britain’s continued sterile membership of the EU could have secured this seat as well.

The Guardian reported on 8th May 2010 that ‘UKIP’s bid to beat the Speaker’ (who is traditionally unopposed by the main parties) in Buckingham, ended in third place. Lessons for the Conservative right, there, perhaps, if they think they can win by tacking to the extremes’.

But the data displayed above reveal that this assessment is the very reverse of the truth. If the ‘Conservatives’ had accommodated the known preferences of adherents of the United Kingdom Independence Party, they would have achieved a comfortable working majority and would not have found themselves on the edge of a deep abyss, as was the case as this report closed.



After days of horse-trading, it transpired that the Labour Party could not reach agreement with the Liberal Democrats. Faced with this situation, Mr. Gordon Brown revised his intended resignation scenario this evening (11th May) and resigned immediately.


As this update is being added, David Cameron has entered Buckingham Palace and is seeing Her Majesty The Queen who is appointing him Prime Minister. At the time of writing, no details of the composition of the new Government are forthcoming.


For numerous observers, this is an unexpected development, after many days during which the impression had been formed that the British political impasse resembled 'check mate'.

  • The reason for the 'unexpected development' is alluded to in the Update above.


As is well known, President Obama and some of his associates have gone out of their way to trash and ridicule the so-called 'Special Relationship', which is a myth designed to bamboozle the Brits into believing that the United States is the United Kingdom's most reliable ally:

whereas the reality, as is being stripped down to bare metal 'as we speak', that the United States remains in thrall to the criminalized Intelligence Power which is controlled and corrupted by the decades-old pan-German penetration alluded to in these reports.

Therefore, the news that President Obama called David Cameron as soon as he stepped into Downing Street to congratulate him on becoming Prime Minister and to pour praise over the so-called 'Special Relationship' went down like a thousand lead balloons (as opposed to points of light) in certain London quarters. What this man says usually diverges from what he does.


But what this does again illustrate is the brazen gall that these controlled people have when they contradict themselves, on the assumption that everybody has forgotten what they said earlier.

  • It's called 'dialectical double-mindedness'. Or Leninist 'contradictions'.

Notes and References:


(1): From our report dated 27th April 2010 [Archive]:

As these exposures have unfolded, this Editor has been viciously attacked from time to time by a notorious controlled US fabricator and peddler of gross lies on behalf of Wanta, styling himself as an ‘intelligence expert’, named Thomas Heneghan.


We have reported separately that Heneghan was authorized, by Wanta, according to documents we hold, to open one or more bank accounts for Marvelous Investments, a vehicle reportedly used inter alia for the financing of Al-Qaeda.

Thomas Heneghan’s disinformation handler is NSA/CIA/USAF Lieutenant General Otis C. Johnson.


Concerning this proven criminalist operative (Johnson), The SEC News Digest dated 21st May 1986 reported [page 1] as follows:

Complaint Filed against Otis C. Johnson:

The Los Angeles Regional Office [of the SEC] filed a complaint on May 6 in the US District Court for the District of Colorado against Otis C. Johnson seeking a permanent injunction and other equitable relief for violations of the antifraud provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


The complaint in question alleges that Johnson defrauded N.D. Resources, Inc. (NDR) and its public shareholders. Specifically, the complaint alleges that Johnson provided NDR with a false geological report concerning certain mining claims and, after NDR had entered into a joint venture with an accomplice of Johnson in order to develop the claims, conspired to provide positive drilling reports to NDR when, in fact, no drilling had been done.


The complaint further alleges that Johnson sold approximately 240,353 shares of NDR common stock while the stock price was inflated as a result of press releases issued by NDR concerning the drilling reports.

[SEC v. Otis C. Johnson, DCO, Civil Action NO 86-945 (LR-11105)].

The SEC News Digest dated 10th July 1989 reported [page 1] as follows:

Otis C. Johnson enjoined:

The Los Angeles Regional Office announced that on June 22 Judge Lewis T. Babcock, US District Court for the District of Colorado, signed an Order of Permanent Injunction and Other Equitable Relief against Otis C. Johnson. The Order enjoins Johnson from future violations of the antifraud provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


The Order directs Otis C. Johnson to disgorge his profits from sales of N.D. Resources, Inc. (NDR), which disgorgement is waived based upon the truth, accuracy and completeness of Johnson’s sworn representations concerning his present inability to pay disgorgement. Johnson consented to the Order without admitting or denying the allegations of wrongdoing in the Complaint.

The Complaint alleges that Johnson defrauded NDR and its public shareholders by, among other things, providing NDR with a false geological report concerning certain mining claims and further conspiring to provide positive drilling reports to the company when, in fact, no drilling had been done, and by selling approximately 240,353 shares of the company’s stock while the stock price was inflated as a result of press releases concerning the drilling reports.

[SEC v. Otis C. Johnson, DCO, Civil Action No. 87-B-1693 (LR-12149)].

The SEC News Digest dated 24th August 1992 reported [page 4] as follows:

Otis Johnson III Pleads Guilty:

The Commission and Michael J. Norton, US Attorney for the District of Colorado, announced that on July 20, 1992, Otis C. Johnson III (Johnson) of Denver, Colorado, pleaded guilty to two criminal informations.


The first such information, filed May 20, 1992, charged violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and securities fraud in the purchase and sale of the securities of Corporate Quest, Inc. (Corporate Quest).


The second information, filed July 20, 1992, charged violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, and interstate transportation of stolen property, in the purchase and sale of the securities of United Financial Operations (United Financial).

Johnson admitted in his plea agreement that in 1987 and 1988 [that] he participated in schemes to manipulate and conduct fraudulent transactions in the securities of United Financial and Corporate Quest.


Johnson also admitted that he and co-conspirators conducted prearranged trades through controlled and nominee accounts and paid for the trades in Corporate Quest’s securities with worthless checks totaling approximately $313,000. As a result of the co-conspirators’ activities, four brokerage firms lost approximately $262,000.

Johnson is scheduled to be sentenced on September 21, 1992 at 9:00 a.m. [U.S. v. Otis C. Johnson III, Criminal Action No. 92-CR-181, U.S.D.C. Colo. (LR-13345)].

  • NSA/CIA/USAF Lieutenant General Otis C. Johnson III did NOT do jail time.

  • The penalty for wire fraud in the United States is TWENTY YEARS PER COUNT.

(2): We reproduce herewith again, for convenience AND EMPHASIS, the entire text revealing the Halliburton scamming operations published in our report dated 2nd May 2010, taken originally from our report dated 26th May 2008 [Archive]:


26 MAY 2008
The following description of the pit of corrupt degradation known as Halliburton is excerpted from our report dated 28th May 2008 [ARCHIVE].


It reflects the detailed inside knowledge of a fearless and serious-minded whistleblower.


[Note: The narrative as partially reproduced here starts 'out of context'. However you can pick up such context as is necessary to be in a position to comprehend the cess-pit of degradation that is being exposed, as you read into the excerpt]:

A former top CIA aide to Tenet and 30-year CIA veteran now reveals the criminal background of 'HallCIA', the thug who yanked the officer’s phone from the wall, ransacked the CIA operative’s office, had the officer incarcerated in Halliburton’s own cell in the basement of CIA headquarters and on a separate occasion punched holes in the officer’s office wall, displayed episodes of extreme violence and was observed by many to be high on drugs. He was also a murderer...

This was the criminal whom Cheney asserted to be a friend who could never be arrested. This description leads into a summary of another scam, whereby multiple salaries are paid into corrupt Halliburton employees’ secret Swiss bank accounts:

'HallCIA' and the Head Programmer were moved back to Halliburton's main office, just like the priests sexually abusing children are moved to a different parish.

They were never prosecuted...

[Dressed in FBI uniform provided by Halliburton, the operative is engaged in an FBI action to arrest this Halliburton thug]. He was arrested for FIRST DEGREE MURDER OF AN FBI OFFICER. I had proof that the FBI officer that he had murdered was a bona fide one with proper papers and vetting in the FBI’s personnel archives. The FBI had fingerprint and DNA evidence to prove that the Halliburton programmer was the murderer.

They even had a trial and a conviction of the man for that murder.

He had feigned a fainting episode right before the reading of the sentence and been taken to a hospital. He then assaulted the hospital guard inside his room and left him unconscious in his bed.


Then he impersonated the guard using his uniform. He later went to a lawyer who put in a motion to declare the trial a mistrial on the grounds of a technicality: the defendant had not been present at the reading of the sentence. The fact that the criminal had committed a second nearly deadly assault the same day in apparent good health, was omitted from that motion.

The FBI-clandestine CIA raid that I organized was on the private flat of 'HallCIA'. It was not at his house where he lived with a prostitute whom he pimped, according to a CIA file.


He did not keep his contraband items there as there were too many unsavory people coming through his house.

At the flat the FBI confiscated drugs in pusher quantities and also illegal weapons, including some unregistered machine guns, explosives and hand-held artillery that could blow big holes through a wall for illegal entry.


He had one bedroom devoted just to weapons, with shelves devoted to about half-kilo packages of drugs. It was equipped with a padlock. CIA top secret documents were strewn all over the bed, dresser and floor of the master bedroom.

It looked like a hurricane had hit the bedroom even before we arrived. The padlock was broken on the door to the weapons and drug room and the door was open when we arrived. But all the drugs were still neatly on the shelves. The flat may have been raided by Russian intelligence before we arrived, leaving the CIA documents behind as cover-up after copying them.

The FBI collected fingerprints and I collected the CIA documents. After the raid I returned to the FBI station and filled in the appropriate forms to write a FBI report up on the raid. As I was doing so, the two FBI officers who I had spoken with two days before walked by the desk I was using. They did a double take seeing me in the FBI uniform....


I told them that I had just tested FBI vetting and security procedures for a report I was writing for the CIA. I also explained to them that I had just successfully impersonated an FBI official to the extent of going on a raid with them, and not one had yet asked for my name or run it through a background check. I showed them the CIA top-secret documents the raid had netted and they laughed at the ruse I had played on the FBI.

They were not laughing, however, when I explained how I had gotten that FBI uniform and signed the papers. They checked on their computers; I was not yet registered on the records of the FBI.

I asked them to arrest all of the appropriate Halliburton people involved in that scam. They called the Director of the FBI and I also spoke to him. He refused to authorize the arrests.

He told me: ‘Write up your report and let me read it first'. I offered to drive over immediately with the evidence. He refused to make any time to see me. I immediately faxed him a short report and enough evidence to warrant the arrests. Nothing happened.

But the next day when the local FBI checked my name again, they called me to let me know that I was officially part of the FBI now per their computer. I promptly sent in a full report to the FBI, the CIA, and the Pentagon on this scam to sign up Halliburton employees as their officers and have the US taxpayer pay their salaries.


Just like Halliburton over-billed, some Halliburton employees were collecting THREE US Government salaries; one from the Pentagon, one from the FBI, and one from the CIA. I wrote in my report that I had signed up in all three places via Halliburton’s scam to see how long it would be before those scams were stopped.

I put on the three forms, separate Swiss bank accounts. The point was to use the accounts as evidence of Halliburton corruption when those cases came to trial; I have not touched a cent of that money. The Directors of the FBI, the CIA, and the Chief of the JCS that I sent those reports to did not implement my list of recommendations; one of them was to shut down all of those public salaries going to Halliburton employees. At least, they had not been implemented as of about Summer 2004 when I last checked those accounts.

Another recommendation was to make sure that everyone in those agencies is properly vetted and drug tested as per that agency’s usual security measures. Because I was concerned that my clear recommendations would not be acted upon, I despatched copies of those letters, the forms that I had signed, and the numbers of the Swiss bank accounts to the GAO. In my covering letter to the GAO I told them that I had given them the authority to check the balances in those accounts by written authorization to the Swiss bank.

I had hoped that seeing US taxpayer’s money streaming into those accounts would give them an incentive to prosecute those cases promptly. Since the banks were not in the United States, I doubt that coercion applied to the bankers will erase those accounts, but I could be wrong. Since I had long been a covert CIA person, those communications with officials and the banks were under aliases.


The GAO however has all of the proper information to check those accounts again and to prosecute these cases. I myself no longer remember any of the aliases and account numbers, so I couldn’t access that money even if I wanted to. I never intended to use that money at all, so I did not record those aliases and numbers into my personal effects.

In 2004 when I checked the accounts, I did so from within the CIA by pulling up the report that I had written to the DCI. I have no way to check those accounts now so I do not know whether that scam, as evidenced by a single person’s accounts, has been stopped. When I checked in 2004, two years had already passed.


The US taxpayer had paid [as follows]: via the CIA, about $80,000.00 each year, for a total of about $160,000.00; via the FBI, about $50,000.00 each year, for a total of $100,000.00; and via the Pentagon, about $80,000.00 each year for a total of about $160,000.00, or roughly $420,000.00 total into those three Swiss accounts...

I also checked on whether Halliburton continued paying those employees if it signed them up for a Federal salary. The answer was no, except for rare exceptions. 'HallCIA' had continued receiving a Halliburton salary while getting one at the CIA, but the Head Programmer had not.

When I checked in 2004 the number of Halliburton employees getting a CIA salary was over 200, the number receiving an FBI salary was over 400, and the number of Halliburton employees receiving a Pentagon salary, was over 300. Suppose that the total for that is about 1,000 salaries each at, say, $50,000 a year.


That would mean that the US taxpayer was being bilked (by Cheney) of $50 million a year of fraudulent salaries. Over the eight years that this Cheney has been in the Vice President’s office, that could easily add up to $400 million in savings for Halliburton in not having had to pay salaries. No wonder it was so easy to get that FBI uniform and salary sent out to me by talking to a Halliburton VP. Other Halliburton programmers had complained to me that they took a ‘cut in pay’ to work at the CIA location.


They said that ‘the takings are good’, and ‘Halliburton fences the items for us in a 50-50 split’.

When I heard that Halliburton’s people were stealing from inside the halls of the CIA, loud alarm
bells went off inside my head. The items inside the CIA which were easiest to carry out were of course its documents.

And any computer that one stole inside the CIA was likely to have top-secret information on it, in spades. It was a counterintelligence person’s nightmare, and now it was mine. The fact that the Head of the Halliburton section offices at the CIA had just sold the CIA’s communication satellite encryption security codes to Moscow burned in my mind.

The Russians had paid him $20,000 for that betrayal.

He had no clue as to their black market value. It made me worry that the Russians and the Chinese could buy every secret inside the CIA for a price that they could afford. More than one Halliburton person inside the CIA had admitted to me that they were stealing to make up for their cut in pay. Halliburton had switched them to Federal salaries, making the CIA pick up the tab [see above].

One Halliburton person at the CIA had told me that they were all stealing enough to make up for that cut in pay. [They were ONLY in it for the money: taking their cue from Cheney and Bush: Ed].

Therefore, the first thing I did was to find out what those 40-odd people used to earn at Halliburton. I had the CIA’s accounting office print out for me what the CIA was now paying them. My mouth then dropped open in shock. Each one of them would have to steal over $10,000 worth of CIA secrets or goods a year to break even.


In some cases the cut in pay was much higher. One man took a $50,000 a year cut in pay when he switched to the Federal salary. At the average $23,000 cut in pay, the 40 workers together had sustained a $920,000 cut in pay. I had been told that Halliburton was fencing the goods in a 50%-50% split. So, about 2 million dollars’ worth of good at black market prices would be stolen from the CIA, if they actually made up their lost salaries stealing.

[There followed a summary of the notorious Aldrich Ames, Clyde Conrad, Larry Wu-Tai Chin, John Anthony Walker, and Robert Hanssen espionage cases, omitted here]

On February 22, 1994, Ames and his wife were formally charged by the United States Department of Justice with spying for the Soviet Union and Russia. Mr Ames could have faced the death penalty, since his betrayal had resulted in CIA ‘assets’ being killed.


However, he received a sentence of life imprisonment, and his wife received only a five-year prison sentence for her conspiracy to commit espionage and tax evasion as part of a plea bargain by Ames.

I walked down to the office a very high-ranking CIA analyst, about third in the hierarchy in that department, a man I trusted. People advance inside the CIA by one of two means normally, being very good at what they do or being very good at lying to please those above them. The heads of each section were often in the latter category, as a general rule.


I asked him how many secrets the Russians could buy for $2 million a year, if they had 40 moles able to walk the halls of the CIA. In the posing of the question I explained that the hypothetical moles would be assumed to be 'efficient' criminals without formal espionage training. I asked him what effect that would have on national security. He asked me if this was a conversational gambit or a request for a formal report to answer my question. I thought about it a moment and then said the latter.

That meant that I had to go get a signature on a form. By submitting to Mr Tenet new requests for 10 separate reports on a wide variety of important topics, I quickly brought the analyst the signed form that he needed. He whistled in surprise when he reviewed the assignment given to him there in black and white.


Then he asked me,

'Is this about the Privatized Employees’ invasion of the CIA?' I said yes.

He said:

‘I have been urging Tenet to let us study that risk for months. No go. How did you get this when I couldn’t?'

I explained to him my method and also that the Head of the Halliburton group had just sold the CIA’s Communication Satellite Encryption Security Codes to the Russians.

He hadn’t heard that [because] Tenet had put a lid on it even within the CIA. I promised to show him the proof. I came back and gave him and a few of his top staff an hour long briefing on what I had learned. One man was actually in tears as I finished.

Another said: ‘This marks the end of US national security’. Another said, 'No. US honor died already and no memo was sent announcing its funeral’.

I asked them what information they needed to make a proper assessment. They said that it would help them if I could find out how much the 40 people were actually making off their thefts inside the CIA, and a list of what they were stealing. I came back the next day with the list of how much each one had been paid by Halliburton in ‘bonuses’, which was the code word for fenced items, and what each ‘bonus’ was for.


That list of what each bonus was for was like what the programmers really did in morphing an appliance rack into a bread slice rack. It was not a specifically accurate description but it related to the item in a fairly straightforward way.

I showed the list to Tenet and tried to brief him on how dangerous it was.

He did not want to hear. Tenet had not followed my recommendations, which would have stopped the thefts. And he did not want further reasons why he should do so... I called Cheney and begged him to send a memo over to Halliburton setting up a program to [address these extremely serious issues].


I even faxed him a memo so that all he had to do was sign to get that to happen. He did not deny that Halliburton was selling items stolen from the CIA. He did not deny that he had the power to impose the necessary changes at Halliburton by sending the memo. He did not deny that he had the power to order Tenet to institute effective measures to stem the tide of the thefts.

As the phone recording of that call shows, I kept briefing him on the problem while he kept saying that he refused to discuss the matter with me.

I sent a copy of that call over to the GAO because it showed that I had in fact managed to inform Vice President Cheney of the seriousness of the thefts. In that call [to Cheney] I cited that the likely consequences were the shredding of US national security and the wholly unnecessary deaths of its covert personnel.


I also set up a surveillance operation behind Cheney’s and Tenet’s back to actually inspect each item that Halliburton fenced from the CIA.

That is, I had an ex-CIA operative with counter-intelligence experience whom I trusted, apply to Halliburton. I instructed him to offer to 'help them fence their CIA goods and get higher prices for them'. Call him Alan for short.


A Halliburton VP, the same one who sent me the FBI uniform, sent me a 'thank you' letter for referring Alan to them. He no doubt believed that I was corrupt and making a kickback. It was to my advantage to foster that image of myself without it actually being true. In my position it was best if everything I did could be interpreted as corrupt at the same time that I was collecting the evidence for prosecution.

That operative, Alan, ended up terribly overworked in no time. The analysts and I had been off by a factor of THREE in the amount that was routinely being stolen by Halliburton from the CIA.

We did not find that out until the Halliburton people realized that they could get more money by making sure that Alan sold the goods for them. That meant Alan had to sell them at on average much higher than twice what they could get for them themselves, even by selling directly to the Russians.


That was not as hard as it would have been with regular stolen goods; the Halliburton people did not know their true worth on the black market. Alan could make a better profit selling a document to a rich government such as France, which would have been very bad in the hands of the poorer Chinese or Russians. Before that, Halliburton had sold mainly to the Russians.


[Editor: Further allegation that Halliburton has sold CIA secrets to the Russians].

The French were very helpful to us in keeping many things out of the hands of the Russians. They had wised up quickly as to our problem and how to assist us. The United Kingdom was less helpful because they could get that same information by merely filing a request for it.

The French were not as tight into the CIA, though they were still US allies. We needed top dollar for the stolen items because we had to make up for the fact that we were not selling off all of the items due to their national security risk.


We were hiding the fact from Halliburton’s management that we were really sending the items back to the CIA.

We could not send computers back, as it was impossible to ensure that the Russians etc. had not altered them in the meantime. Those had to be scrubbed clean using a special erasing procedure.


But it was possible to send back documents. We had initially thought that it would be only 10% of the items that had to be vetoed on national security grounds. But as we got a better understanding of what was being sold via Halliburton, that figure went up to a little over 50%

[Editor: More damning allegations against Halliburton as a continuing threat to US national security. George W. Bush authorized this grotesque corruption and treachery via his Executive Orders].

[The high-level operative and source for this information left the CIA for Canada in 2002].

Subsequently, operatives working inside the CIA to address this catastrophic situation] demanded that Tenet should lock the unvetted people out of the building.

In the process of showing how serious the security violations were, they revealed the oversight (or counterintelligence) operation against Tenet and Cheney themselves. That ended up revealing that they were recovering about 50% of the items and about 30% of their black market worth. Tenet informed Cheney of that fact, and Cheney ordered an end to the oversight.

I later sent copies of the relevant telephone calls revealing all this to the GAO.


The Russians and Mossad had a complete set of White House calls, including of [calls concerning what was] for sale. The CIA also had a fairly complete set. When I was forced back into the CIA in October 2003 from Canada with threats and worse, I heard about the troubles that the oversight people had suffered over the intervening 16 months. They had been unable to perform oversight for four months.

During that time Halliburton had fired their Private Eyes, the ex-CIA operatives that they had there. Instead, Halliburton had hired its own experts on Black Market Intelligence Pricing and had sold all of the stolen items without regard to US national security. I then dispatched over to the GAO about a dozen phone conversations by Halliburton’s high officials demonstrating their reckless disregard for national security and the lives of covert operatives.


[Therefore, this information is all available for the Congressional Committee to access immediately: Editor].

But it now gets much, much worse....

The next part of the narrative briefing leads into a description of the most ghastly consequences, for which Vice President Richard B. Cheney is clearly indicated by the narrative to be responsible, given his Luciferian greed for ‘profit’ which of course is on its own an impeachable offence:

It was only after a [hitherto unreported: Ed.] colossal national security catastrophe that the [CIA operatives who had carried on trying to get results] managed to get Tenet to insist that Halliburton rehire their ex-CIA ‘Private Eyes’. The oversight people briefed me on [the catastrophe] as soon as I returned.


The first day I came back to the CIA’s Headquarters, they kept me up all night telling me about it. I cried many times that night for my country and for the harm that had been done to her. I cried for the people who had died so brutally and unnecessarily.

Many, many more intelligence professionals lost their lives as a consequence of Cheney’s selling secrets than lost their lives because of the traitorous behavior of Aldrich Ames. Ames is serving a life sentence for what he did. Cheney’s Halliburton people were still working at the CIA and were still stealing there because of Cheney’s protection of them. They were still walking inside the halls of the CIA every day and going into its offices to ‘have a chat’.

It was such an egregious violation of national security that some oversight members quit the CIA. Others said to me: ‘Why should we look like criminals who are enabling this theft’? ‘We are not making a cent off it... Yet we have been threatened by Tenet that we will be put in prison because we know of the thefts and hence must be guilty of them... We are being treated like criminals because we are trying to stop the most dangerous of these sales’.

[Editor: Gross abuse by Tenet of the Misprision of Felony Statute].

I later collected a memo from Cheney to Tenet which stated that the oversight of the sales by the CIA was cutting into profits and had to be stopped. It recommended imprisoning all of those in the CIA suspected of being a bottleneck in [the raking in of] US corporate profits.


Tenet prohibited the oversight within a week of receiving that memo.


The GAO has a copy of the memo and also of the memo that Tenet sent out threatening imprisonment if anyone was discovered to have decreased US corporate profits. They also have the later memorandum that Mr Tenet sent, which threatened imprisonment if anyone knew about stolen goods and did not report it to the designated official.

Those who had reported thefts to that official had been fired soon afterwards.

Thieves do not report stolen goods; people with integrity do, until it is clear that it is pointless and dangerous to do so. I also sent the GAO the document suggesting this ruse of a new designated official as a way to stop the oversight.


That designated official never prosecuted a case of theft against a Halliburton person. He came from Halliburton!


He had in fact been recommended for the job by 'HallCIA' to Cheney, who then recommended him for the job. I sent over to the GAO a tape of the phone conversation between 'HallCIA' and Cheney.


On it. 'HallCIA' says that the man that he is recommending will stop the losses of revenues 'from our CIA sales'.

Later he bragged about one of his sales to Russia of ‘one of our CIA products’, and says, 'too bad we can’t make more of them’. It was clear that he was referring to the stolen goods that Halliburton stole from the CIA, not products that Halliburton made and sold to the CIA.


The designated official was not vetted by the CIA. He was stealing from the CIA while working out of the Halliburton offices. I sent to the GAO a signed statement from a CIA security guard who caught him carrying a computer of the CIA’s out of the front door. That man could have employed the back door out of their offices manned only by Halliburton’s guards. He was so used to stealing from the CIA and getting away with it that he forgot, and used the front door.

That is what he told the guard: 'I forgot... Give me a hand and we’ll take it out the back door’. The Halliburton guards did just that. They helped the Halliburton thieves load CIA computers into their private cars. I sent the GAO several CIA security camera clips of that happening.

The CIA had massive amounts of security camera data showing that [activity]. The CIA security people were afraid to report the thefts that they saw, because they did not want to lose their jobs without it even cleaning up the problem.


By the time I returned to the CIA, 16 people had lost their jobs due to reporting thefts to the designated official that Tenet’s memo had directed them to use. No one at the CIA knew about the item sold during the blackout that caused the national security catastrophe, until after the catastrophe happened.


[Details of this national security catastrophe, unfortunately containing graphic and disturbing language, now follow].

The first sign of that Catastrophe [with a capital C: Ed] was a dead body lying on a sidewalk in a foreign city.


The body had been the teenage daughter of a CIA officer. The body was no longer recognizable, even by her father. The body was identified definitively by dental records. Her face had been peeled off in small strips. The forensic evidence revealed that she was still able to bleed and struggle during most of the time that was done to her.

The next sign of the Catastrophe was another unrecognizable body. This time, of a 6-year-old boy of a US diplomat. The injuries were the same. The CIA concluded that the murderer was the same man. The next sign was an 11-year-old child of a US school teacher in Africa.


She was divorced and her husband had once worked for the US State Department. Perhaps he had been CIA under diplomatic cover, but the CIA refused to comment.

I saw the photographs of the dead bodies. They were too horrible for words.


Could it be that I was recalled to the CIA against my will in order to get my special operational skills to track down the villain? The day I got back to the CIA, the first thing Tenet did was hand me these pictures and ask me to find The Killer. He had given me the pictures of 23 victims who had all died the same way.


All of them were children of people who could have been in the CIA.


About 22 of them did have a known parent or guardian in the CIA.

What he failed to tell me, or give me the photos for, for was the over 100 adults that had been killed using the exact same modus operandi. One of them was in the CIA’s morgue at that moment


[Editor: did you know that the CIA has its own morgue? I didn’t]...


The item that was stolen from the CIA that was responsible for those deaths was a computer. That computer had not gone through the hands of one of the ex-CIA operatives. Its contents not been thoroughly erased.

It took work and time to do that; the disc had to be erased and written over 50 times. Halliburton’s bosses did not care about national security or the risk to the CIA's covert operatives, if they were exposed... I was able to prove that it was the same computer. It still had the CIA’s personnel files on it and many of the victims had been selectively deleted from where they should have been in that list.


When I then compared that file to the CIA's current personnel file, the comparison program marked those deletions in red. The selective deletions showed that the owner of the computer was getting tipped off by someone high up in the investigation of the deaths inside the CIA.

The US Administration managed to suppress the news of these murders almost completely, after its ties to the computer started showing up in the CIA’s internal investigations. No-one in the media had connected the isolated cases across the globe [another gross failure by the incompetent and controlled Fourth Estate, which has intelligence cadres sitting in its press rooms: Ed.].

The motivation of the deletions was obviously to try to cover-up the guilt of the owner’s role in those murders. There were about 86 deletions in a file of thousands of names.


Each deletion was a victim, as already known by the CIA up to a certain date about two weeks earlier.

No victim that the CIA had on its investigation list by that point had failed to be deleted on that stolen computer.


The odds of that happening by chance alone was practically speaking, exactly zero. In addition, I later obtained evidence that firmly tied the secondary ownership of that same computer to those who committed the actual tortures and murders.


There was many more than one murderer. What they had in common was membership in a kind of paramilitary, quasi-religious cult. The members of that paramilitary cult had a group commitment to kill a person once a month. The Mafia usually only requires its members to kill once to get into it.


This satanic group required their members to kill once a month in order to remain in good standing in it.

[Note: The Editor of this service received, between February and mid-May 2008, a large number of evil, unsolicited phone calls from a contrived, deep demonic ‘voice’ referencing ‘the Great Dark Lords’. This harassment [referenced in our report dated 27th April 2010, as the stupid harassment resumed: we have identified the operative concerned as Wanta] continued until shortly after we reported the matter to the head of the US Anti-Terrorism Task Force and also, separately, to law enforcement personnel in contact with the Editor’s own contacts, whereupon they ceased. We have voice recordings of almost all these calls.

Considered in the context of what follows, it would appear that these calls represented threats: one of these was quite specific, along the lines of ‘we have the means of dealing with you'. Given the appearance of the ‘Dark Lords’ in this ‘Cheney’ context, it is likely that the Unterreichsführer’s apparat will indeed, as we suspected, have been responsible for these multiple telephone threats and harassment calls.

It comes as NO SURPRISE whatsoever to the Editor that the veteran CIA investigator came across this ‘Black’ dimension. The harassment calls to the Editor were also interspersed with threatening emails. The content of one of these, containing a very grave threat, was conveyed immediately as referenced above, with the consequence that (at the date of this posting) the harassment ceased].

A Manual on 'How to Please the Lords of Darkness’ had been published by a member of that cult.


It recommended that the best way to do it was to torture people to death using the modus operandi that I have indicated above. That Manual had been distributed by the owner of the aforementioned computer with that CIA Personnel file suggested as the targets.


The man who bought the computer was indeed a paramilitary type, with a large collection of weapons, many of them unregistered... He was identified as a fundraiser for Bush.

The literature of the group showed upside-down crosses as an emblem [satanic symbolism: Ed.]. The reason that others in the CIA had not tracked him down and had failed to pin the instigating of the murders on him, was political. Like 'HallCIA', and the Head Programmer from our earlier cases, he was well protected. It was not that CIA investigators had not suspected him.


It was that they did not know what to do with their suspicions and even their evidence after they got it.

I was the booby prize winner: the fool at the CIA who had before been willing to buck the silence at great risk to myself. There was precedence for giving me a job like this. At one point, a CIA officer had sold a list of MI6 officers to the KGB during the Cold War.


The KBG had started killing them off. I was given the job to stop them from continuing. And they had stopped: whether or not it was due to my efforts, was a matter of hot debate within the CIA. But some people credited me with having had some influence in the matter.

The individual who bought that computer was apparently a friend of Cheney and Bush; they had invited him to the White House. They had been present when he picked it out among a number of other CIA stolen computers, paying cash, which Cheney had put in his pocket.

I found the White House Security camera footage of that event. The GAO has a copy of it. The payment is shown on the video. The man took hundred dollar bill(s) out of his pocket and handed that to Bush.


Bush hesitated and then handed the money to Cheney. The footage of that computer being carried out of the room by a guard follows about 20 minutes later. The room had about 20 computers from the CIA in it, to start with. [They were all neatly laid out, as at a corporate sales demonstration, for buyers to examine, test, select, and pay for: only cash was accepted: Ed.].

The security camera tape shows Bush Jr. and Mr Cheney repeatedly coming into the room with a prospective buyer and taking cash in varying amounts. That continued until all the computers were gone. Some prospective buyers remained in the room for over an hour exploring the contents of the stolen CIA computers, before deciding on a purchase.


I checked with the CIA and found that no CIA vetting of those buyers had occurred. Most did not have security clearances. Some of them had prior felony convictions and had been allowed into the White House ‘on orders from above’. The sale was ‘by invitation only’, with Bush and Cheney controlling the invitation list.

The earlier tape shows Cheney directing Halliburton employees in where to set the computers up. Much care and time was taken to plug them in and connect them to monitors, mice, keyboards, and to arrange the room nicely with a mouse pad under each mouse. The GAO has a copy of that tape too.


The manual on how to torture people (in the manner described) and the file of CIA Personnel was sent overseas and domestically through the mail whenever a buyer purchased a snuff film from that man. His poorly kept records showed that he had mailed out at least 2,000 such CDs with the Manual on 'How to please the Lords of Darkness'.

His records omitted the addresses that he sent them to in about 50% of the cases where he marked payment received and product and ‘How-to’ sent.


Thirty of the murders had been solved already by local foreign authorities by the time I was given the case. Of those, the 'How-to' CD was found in 28 of them. Presumably it had been overlooked in the other two, or the wrong party may have been charged, or the 'How-to' thrown out by the 'Black' criminal operative.

Unfortunately, the murders had continued after those arrests.

At least 168 CIA officers and their family members were brutally tortured to death as a direct result of this cynical corruption run by Bush and Cheney.


The CIA [systematically] covered it all up and pretended that it never happened on Tenet’s orders.


The notorious traitor Aldrich Ames had not sent out instructions to torture and kill anyone. He had sold ONE copy of a list of CIA operatives in one country to one buyer. He is languishing in prison for life.

[The perpetrator identified here] sent out over 2,000 copies of all the names and addresses of the CIA officers and their families in every country. He had sent them out with hate propaganda and incited others to kill them. He had sent this [Nazi filth] to people who were known murderers who had a commitment to kill again.


And he had sent it out as a challenge: are you man enough to kill a CIA person? His group offered ‘Advanced Membership Privileges’ to anyone who succeeded.

It was very curious that someone close and high up in the investigations at the CIA was tipping him off, since he was targeting CIA officers. I was able to supply the GAO with the evidence as to who was doing it. This person was getting calls and faxes directly from Cheney and Tenet. Tenet’s faxes included the names of the victims to date.


He was being assisted in his cover-up at a very high US level. I investigated whether the Russians or another foreign group had put him up to this, as his methods seemed too effective to be that of an individual’ alone.

I found no such evidence of a foreign government or its operatives being behind it [but] I found many ties to US underworld organizations.


Most of the ties, however, were directly to Halliburton.


According to Halliburton’s records which I sent the GAO, [the perpetrator of these incitements to murder CIA personnel] had headed one of their subsidiaries before it went bankrupt.


When I looked up that old corporation I did not find a building on the aerial to correspond to the address. That subsidiary had been selling intelligence and paramilitary gear.


It had specialized in recruiting mercenaries worldwide. It made me wonder if those killing the CIA had done so, as a kind of recruitment test; those getting away with it and being able to prove it, getting the job. I started looking into whether he was on Halliburton’s books as CEO of a new subsidiary. Just as soon as I started that investigation, Cheney called and told me to ‘back off or else’.

I asked him what the ‘else’ referred to, because it certainly sounded like a death threat to me. He hung up on me. Then he called me back about 10 minutes later and offered to set up a face-to-face meeting with that computer owner. I agreed and asked at once for a time and a place.


He hung up: apparently his offer was just to threaten me that he would [impose] that man on me. I sent copies of those calls to the GAO also. They should still have them.


The Halliburton mercenary recruiter [who incited the murders] was never prosecuted. Cheney and Bush would not allow it.

In about May 2002, a Halliburton person at the CIA had stolen an expensive piece of equipment. It was an ultra-sophisticated CIA bio-feedback machine that was worth over $5 million.

It had required hundreds of millions of dollars of R & D money for the CIA to develop it. It was custom-made only for the CIA. Its only purpose was to train operatives how to pass a lie detector test. It was only used when they were to be sent on extremely dangerous missions to places like Russia. And it was only used in very critical missions.

There was a high risk that Russian intelligence would figure out how to overcome that training, if they interrogated about five operatives who had used it.


That is, if they realized that those 5 had been trained in that fashion. Thus it was TOP SECRET and its manual was also top secret at the time. Loss of that machine and its Manual was the same as potentially losing every secret a given CIA official had in his or her mind when they were in Russia. The head of the CIA station in Russia had been trained on that machine for obvious reasons.

The effect of the training was to give the user control over their automatic nervous system. That meant that they could stop their fear, their sweating, their heart rate increase etc. in response to an interrogation.


In addition to those obvious advantages in an interrogation situation, it had a big psychological benefit. It gave those who had used it confidence that they could pass a lie detector test. Thus, they were as if ‘bullet proofed' against threats and lie detector tests.

Although the signal-to-noise ratio relating to information obtained under torture is so low as to be unusable, that is not true in a ‘friendly’ interrogation. The British had admirably demonstrated the effectiveness of 'friendly interrogations' in WWII. An operative who had fear or fear of a lie detector test was more likely to ‘tell all’ in a ‘friendly interrogation’ because of underlying anxiety.


I did not find out about that theft until the next day. I then learned from a Halliburton person that it had been stolen and was en route to the Russian Embassy to be sold to them. I was absolutely horrified by the national security implications of that. I rushed up to Tenet’s office to tell him. He already knew.

Cheney had called him and asked him what it was and what it was worth to the Russians. This was after I had set up the system for things to go through Alan so that the oversight committee could intervene to stop the worst violations of national security.

But the thief was a personal friend of Cheney’s and had taken the item straight to the White House to ask him if he wanted to buy it. Cheney had paid him $50,000 for it, he informed me.


The copy of the telephone call that I sent to the GAO between Tenet and Cheney showed that Mr Cheney had considered keeping it, so that he could pass lie detector tests.

They had discussed it and Tenet had promised to find out more about it, how it worked, and how much it was ‘worth outside of the CIA’.


He had called him back and told him a figure of $1.2 million. Cheney asked him to find out what was his risk of needing the machine himself. Tenet called him back and said that CIA analysts judged his risk to be about 4%.


In front of Tenet with his phone on speaker, I called Cheney and demanded its return.

He laughed and said,

‘What’s the big deal? It can only be used 5 times total and it has already been used once. We should sell it while it still has value before those 5 times are up’.

He had absolutely no understanding of intelligence matters.


It was not 5 uses of the machine: it was 5 times a CIA person trained using that machine was interrogated by the Russians. It could be 20 years' worth of use to prevent the loss of security codes, national secrets, and how a CIA station was operating.

I explained it all quite carefully as Cheney is not a technically minded person. I even asked him questions to make certain that he had understood what I said correctly


[Editor: This interesting comment suggests that Cheney is actually not that bright, which may also be judged to be the case, given his behavior over the Settlements and his repeated thefts of gigantic sums of money. It may be that he progressed to these much larger thefts after getting away with multiple lesser thefts of which examples have been given in this narrative].


Cheney then said:

‘Well, what difference does it make since there are remote viewers like you in Russia who can steal the secrets anyway?’

I then explained that remote viewers were not 100% accurate and that intelligence agencies always had to verify what they said using hard data.


Lie detector tests are not 100% accurate either, but they add some signal-to-noise benefit. Mr Cheney replied that torture was generally worthless in getting information.


[Editor: Amazing! Was not Cheney reported to be adamant that torture MUST be used to extract intelligence from terrorists and from prisoners in US hell holes like Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib?].


That was true. But it was still wrong to sell the Russians the CIA’s very best and most advanced equipment to deter loss of information under interrogation. ‘Friendly interrogations’ do yield valid intelligence.

When I pointed that out, Cheney said that the machine had already been sold to the Russians and that I was too late. I told him that I would figure out some way of prosecuting him, if he ever did that again.


He laughed and said,

‘You haven’t got a chance’.

I told him that I would try.

Cheney then said:

‘I will kill you myself, if you ever get close to succeeding’.

As we have said before, Cheney is what Malachi Martin would have called 'perfectly possessed'.

You will have noticed that during the timeframe of this narrative [2002-2005-ish], Russia is considered in this dialogue to be an enemy, just as was the case during the overt Cold War.

This reflects the fact that the dialectical breach created by Lenin's Revolution and its aftermath has not, in fact, been healed or discarded: exactly as the Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn advised the disinterested CIA: see The Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn, edited by Christopher Story, available from the books [Edward Harle Limited] segment of this website.


(3): Reproduced from our report dated 2nd May 2010 [Archive]:


Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
2125 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-6115

Majority: (202) 225 2927
Minority: (202) 225 3641

April 30, 2010-05-04

Mr David J. Lesar
Halliburton Co.
US Corporate Headquarters
3000 North Sam Houston Parkway East
Houston, Texas 77032

Dear Mr Lesar

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal today, one possible cause of the explosion that destroyed the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and led to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be a problem with the cementing that was supposed to seal the well. In this procedure, cement is used to plug the well and to fill gaps between the well pipe and the hole drilled into the ocean floor in order to prevent combustible oil and gas from escaping.

Problems with the cementing process have frequently been identified as causes of oil well blowouts. The article quoted one independent expert who said:

“The initial likely cause of gas coming to the surface had something to do with the cement” (1).

Halliburton Co. provided cementing services for the Deepwater Horizon rig.

As part of the Committee’s investigation into the cause of the oil spill, we ask that you take three steps. First, we request that you arrange a briefing on May 5, 2010, for the Committee staff with Halliburton officials knowledgeable about Halliburton’s cementing activities at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

Second, we ask you to provide the Committee with all documents in Halliburton’s possession relating to,

  1. the explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig

  2. the possibility or risk of an explosion or blowout at the Deepwater Horizon rig

  3. the status, adequacy, quality, monitoring, and inspection of the cementing work relating to the Deepwater Horizon rig

We request that you provide these documents on May 7, 2010. An attachment to this letter provides additional information on how to respond to Committee document requests.

Third, we ask that you preserve for potential future production to the Committee all documents relating to Halliburton’s operations at and involvement with the Deepwater Horizon rig.

We appreciate your assistance with the Committee’s investigation. We believe it is essential that the spill and its causes are thoroughly investigated. If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact Meredith Fuchs of the Committee staff at (202) 226-2424.


Henry A. Waxman, Chairman

Bart Stupak
Chairman, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

cc. The Honorable Joe Barton, Ranking Member
The Honorable Michael Burgess, Ranking Member,
Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

(1) Drilling Process Attracts Scrutiny in Rig Explosion, The Wall Street Journal, April 30, 2010.

(4): Text of the Memorial Notice for John Hemenway Jr,
reproduced from our report dated 2nd May 2010 [Archive]:



On April 30, 2010 of Bedford, VA. Beloved husband of 7 years to Stephanie; loving father of Andrew Branham Hemenway; devoted son of John and Betty Hemenway; beloved brother of Catherine and Edward Siewick, Jane and John Sullivan, David and Margaret Hemenway and Fielding Williams.


Pre-deceased by his beloved sister Mary Joyce Hemenway Williams. Also survived by many loving nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

Memorial Service on Tuesday, May 4, at 4:30 p.m. at Otterville United Methodist Church, Bedford, VA. In lieu of flowers memorials may be made to the John M. Hemenway Camp CHILD Scholarship for special needs children c/o Bedford Primary School, 807 College Street, Bedford, VA 24523.

(5): ‘Thirty Days: Hitler’s Thirty Days to Power: January 1933’,

Henry Ashby Turner, Jr., Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, New York etc., 1996, ISBN 0-201-40714-0, page 164. ‘Coup d’état by installments’, precisely accurate characterization of pan-German power-grabbing methodology.

Konrad Heiden, Der Fuehrer, Boston, MA, 1944, page 597.

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