by Benjamin Fulford
May 8, 2012

from Eclinik Website


The elections last weekend in Europe showed the inevitable popular backlash against government mandated austerity.


The problem is that the new governments will also find their purses empty unless they start talking with the White Dragon Society. This time, they need to send official embassy representatives with valid IDs and not another batch of anonymous agents.


When the new financial system starts up and the criminals are removed from the core of the Western financial system, then money will pour like rain on Europe (it already is in the non-cabal controlled part of the world).

The basic outlines of the new system are as follows:

The US dollars owned by people outside of the US (and those created before 2008 in the US) will be backed by gold and a basket of commodities and other currencies.


This will then become the international dollar (or perhaps international yen or yuan) and be used to facilitate world trade.


The Euro will be split into a fortified Deutschemark shared by Northern countries while the Mediterranean countries will revert to their traditional currencies and devalue them until their real economies are competitive enough.


This will be followed by a one off massive debt write off.

The maneuvers behind the setting up the new system involve a reunion between some old shady business partners:

the CIA and their Asian secret society counterparts from the golden triangle days.

This time instead of dealing in heroin (although the golden triangle may soon be back in that business) they will be dealing in black gold.


This will provide for the continued financing of the military industrial secret society complex until they are able to restructure their organizations so they are once again self-financed.


All Freemasons, P2ers, Thule Society and other secret groupings may join the party by contacting the White Dragon Society. The condition attached is an agreement to participate in a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and free the suppressed technology.

The old world order folk, for their part are once again resorting to terrorist blackmail. There are credible reports of a massive terrorist attack against the Tokyo area on or about May 22nd. This attack is linked to a cabal plan to force 40 million Japanese to evacuate to Korea and China.


The cabalists were then hoping to open a new world financial nexus in a special zone being constructed near Pusan, Korea. Their plan involved using easy to manipulate Korean Christians as a buffer between the Khazarian rulers and their new Asian subjects.

The increased radiation hype and fear mongering is also being orchestrated by the old world order.


This writer found a suspicious looking lady (actually my dog, who never barks, found her by walking in a circle around her barking) in the park near my house. This was on a rainy day following two weeks of heavy rain coming from the Fukushima area around the sabotaged (courtesy of J. Rockefeller) nuclear plants.


She was standing near a nexus of accumulated rain water with one Geiger counter in her hand and another on the ground. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was testing for radiation.


I asked her to show me the Geiger counters and they both registered only normal background radiation.

The local electronic shop sells 50 dollar Geiger counters these days and all paranoid people are buying them and becoming reassured.

However, this dangerous cabal is not going to go quietly into the night and we would like to ask the US armed forces, if they are serious about maintaining a defense treaty with Japan, to round up the known cabalists (they have the names and addresses of the committee of 300 etc.) before they carry out any more mass murder.

It is also becoming clear that Chinese agents linked to Bo Xilai approached this writer in February with an offer of money.


The offer was to start a joint venture between a Chinese company based in Dalian (Boís power base) and Fireside Stoves, a wood-burning stove import company this writer owns 10% of. The idea was to utilize Firesideís Japan-wide network of stove dealers and roof-top construction workers to install Dalian manufactured combination solar and wind power generators on roof-tops throughout Japan.

The Chinese offered to list this planned 50/50 joint venture on the Hong Kong stock exchange and raise an initial $100 million in capital. This venture would then have been able to directly fight against the cabalís control of the global energy business.

The Chinese agent returned later to say that the deal was off because of Bo Xilaiís arrest.

My best guess is that Bo Xilai was linked to a Rothschild faction and that P2 lodge types were somehow involved in the incident that led to his downfall. This is because P2 honcho Mario Draghi appeared on Xinhua news shaking hands with Bo rival Li Keqiang shortly after the downfall of Bo Xilai.


Needless to say there is a lot of speculation involved here but the Chinese are investigating the entire issue very thoroughly and I am sure they will find out the real truth. However, they should entertain and investigate the possibility that Bo was framed, especially given the role played by the US embassy in this incident.

It is also worth repeating here that this writer is in no way a Rothschild agent. I have no Rothschild blood in me and have never received a penny from them.


On the contrary, I seek the end of their secret regime of murder, terror and bribery. I also plan to charge them along with some members of the Rockefeller family with various murders here in Japan.

What needs to be seen in the coming weeks is if the US military and agencies are really the good guys who are ready to resume their role as super heroes and protectors of the planet earth. If they are, they can be assured of generous continued financing as they restructure themselves for a period of global peace and prosperity.

There is a fellow by the name of Drake going around the various anti-cabal internet sites promising pentagon action and mass arrests in June.


Neil Keenan confirms that Drake is a genuine US military person authorized to speak within limited parameters. If he is for real and the military is serious, they need to force the corporate media to start reporting the truth and they need to suspend from office all politicians who have been bribed by the cabal.


That means most politicians....