-  About Benjamin Fulford


 -  About Last Week’s Failed US Begging Mission in China and The Continuing Disintegration of The FED...


 -  Advertencia a Los Barones de Los Medios de Comunicación Sobre el H1N1 y Otras Armas Biológicas


 -  A March 31st Deadline Has Been Delivered to The Committee of 300 by The Gnostic "Illuminati" Faction


 -  'Amero Plan' Is Firmly Rejected by World Leaders - Chaos Looms in January


 -  Amero Preparations in Full Swing - China Gets a Special Deal, The Federal Reserve Board is History and...


 -  An Inside Look at How The Satanist’s Professional Assassination Teams Do Their Work


 -  Another Alternative Energy Inventor Killed?


 -  Are We Dealing With a Rogue Artificial Intelligence?


 -  As The Financial Swamp Is Drained More and More Disinformation Artists Are Exposed


 -  Ataque de Terremoto en Japón Se Originó en Nuevo México y Nevada - Falla New Madrid en Territorio...


 -  A Warning to The Media Barons About H1N1 and Other Bio-Weapons


 -  Bernanke and Geithner Are Still Trying to Cash Bad Checks


 -  Bilderberg Chairman Davignon Contacts The White Dragon Society Promising "We Are After The Same...


 -  Bilderberg Meeting 2011 Cancelled Halfway Through as Participants Flee to Avoid Arrest


 -  Bill Clinton Was Not Even Allowed Out of The Plane When He Arrived in Japan Seeking Money Last Week


 -  Bush/Clinton Crime Family Members to Be Executed as A Result of Haiti Attack


 -  By Refusing to Relinquish Power, The Cabal Will Face Lynch Mobs


 -  Cabal Begins Peace Negotiations - Detailed Discussions Begin


 -  Cabal Resorting to Desperate Tactics As They Try to Prevent Reboot of Financial System


 -  Cabal Struggles Desperately to Create Fascist World Government as Multiple Criminal Investigations Zero...


 -  Chaos on Multiple Fronts as Controlled Implosion of Financial Cabal Continues


 -  Chaos Prevails at The Highest Levels of Government in The West as The Financial Fraud Unravels


 -  Chinese Prepare Camps For Satanic Refugees in Xinxiang Province


 -  Contact by a Rothschild's Family Descendant?


 -  Controlled Implosion of Federal Reserve Board and ECB Continuing As Planned


 -  Creciente Desesperación Illuminati a Medida Que se Acerca La Toma Final de Control


 - ¿Cuánta Evidencia hay de que el Máximo Liderazgo del Planeta Tierra 'No es Humano'?


 -  Der Sturz der Satanistischen Verschwörer (Kabalen) ist weiter glatt am Laufen


 -  Desperate Bush-Nazis Attack Haiti With Tesla Earthquake Machine


 -  Die „Alte Weltordnung" Will Sich Ergeben aber den Bürgern, nicht der „Neuen Weltordnung"


 -  Die Jagd ist eröffnet beschleunigte Inhaftierung von Verschwörern


 -  Die kontrollierte Implosion von Federal Reserve Board und EZB schreitet voran wie geplant


 -  Did China’s Hu Order Obama to Resign or Was Hu Blackmailed?


 -  Dr. Van de Meer Predicts Monetary Collapse of US Starting on September 30th


 -  Earthquake Attack on Japan Originated in New Mexico and Nevada - U.S. New Madrid Fault Line Next Target


 -  El Senado de EEUU y Obama Reclaman el Derecho a Matar y Encarcelar Americanos Sin Juicio Previo...


 -  El Solsticio de Invierno y El Eclipse Lunar Simbolizan El Final de Una Era y El Comienzo de Otra


 -  El Terremoto En China Ha Sido Producido Por Tecnología HAARP


 -  El "Viejo Orden Mundial" Quiere Entregarse, Pero a la Gente y No al "Nuevo Orden Mundial"


 -  Emergency Evacuations Plans Have Been Drawn Up for Entire Gulf of Mexico Region as Secret Financial...


 - "End Game" Indicator - Federal Reserve Board Selling Dinars and Paper Dollars in Japan to Pay U.S...


 -  En el Occidente La Revolución Ahora Parece Inevitable a Pesar de Planificación-Fascista de Última Hora


 - ¿Estaremos Tratando Con Una Inteligencia Artificial Sin Escrúpulos?


 -  European Royal Families Receive Stern Warning From Powerful New Secret Group


 -  Evidence of The Old Order Collapsing Is All Around Us


 -  Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate Threatens Europe as Their Empire Crumbles


 -  FED Plan to Bring Private Armies Into U.S. Will Be Stopped


 -  FEDs May Be Planning to Bump All The Toxic Garbage on Bank of America


 -  France, Germany and Holland Are Planning New Currency to Follow The Demise of The Euro


 -  Gli Addetti Prevedono 5 Giorni Festivi Della Bancha in Europa Prima della Fine dell'Euro - Renminbi Può...


 -  Google is Evil and We Must Denounce Its Stunning Hypocrisy


 -  Huge Financial Corruption - 100s of Arrests Due in U.S./E.U.?


 -  Hu Jintao’s US Visit Exposes Compromised Chinese Government Officials


 -  Illuminati and Black Dragons Close to Deal


 -  Illuminati Desperation Grows as Final Takedown Approaches - Weekly Geopolitical News


 -  Illuminati Earthquake Attack on Tokyo Was Deflected


 -  Illuminati Headed For Civil War or Revolution - Kissinger Rebuffed in Japan, Obama Rebuffed in Iran


 -  In Desperation, The BIS and Vatican Bank Order Assassinations - But Mossad, The CIA and The Yakuza...


 -  Informed in Advance Earthquake in Japan - Will Be Followed by Attack of Weapons of Earthquakes in...


 -  In New End-Game Sign, Top Level Satanist Assassination Team Has Been Disbanded


 -  Intelligence Operations Disguised as Religious Sects



 -  Is The Rothschild Banking Monopoly Finally About to Be Dismantled?


 -  Italian $1 Trillion Theft Incident to Be Discussed in Parliament - Berlusconi Implicated


 -  It is Time to Storm The Bastille - Vive La Revolution



 -  It is Time to Take The Ring of Power to Mount Doom



 -  Japan Is Investing 8 Trillion Yen in New Energy Technology - Oil and Nuclear Power Will Be Phased Out


 -  Japan’s Government Threatened With More HAARP Attacks - Pays 60 Trillion Yen to FEDs


 -  Japan’s Government Formally Agrees to Set Up 1000 Trillion Yen Fund But Worries About Geopolitical...


 -  Kim Yong Il Asesinado Como Parte de La Lucha Asiática por El Poder


 -  Kim Jong Il Murdered as Part of Major Asian Power Battle


 -  Klage vor US-Gericht Könnte die Gangsterherrschaft in der Westlichen Zivilisation Beenden


 -  La Cacería Ha Empezado - Los Arrestos del Grupo de Conspiradores Se Están Acelerando


 -  La Camarilla Criminal Está Creando Incidentes en Todas Partes en un Intento de Empezar la Ley Marcial en...


 -  La Implosión Controlada de La Reserva Federal y del BCE Continúa Según Lo Previsto


 -  Last Minute Offensive by U.S. Criminal Regime Will Fail


 -  Letters To David Rockefeller From G.T. Fulford?


 -  Los Antiguos Dioses y Sus Historias son Realmente Recetas Para Obtener Poder


 -  Major Announcements Due For Mid-November 2010 - Legal Action Against Illuminati Possible This Week


 -  Major Confrontations in South China Sea as Desperate Cabal Tries to Steal Asian Gold Deposits


 -  Major Purge of U.S. Puppets in Japan Continuing Behind The Scenes - NATO Terrorist State Group...


 -  Major Realignment of Power Taking Place in Asia


 -  Most Americans May Soon Be Banned From Traveling Overseas and US May Also Restrict Imports Under...


 -  Nakasone Caught Trying to Flee Japan in A North Korean Submarine CIA Sources Say

 -  Neil F. Keenan - Agent for The Dragon Family - Lawsuit


 -  New Madrid Fault Line Attack Underway - 15 Nuclear Reactors Targeted


 -  North Korean Attack Linked to Dismantling of North Korean Spy Network in Japan


 -  Obama Authorizes Stationing of Japanese Troops on U.S. Soil


 -  Obama Returns Empty Handed While Papa Bush Sends Trillions of Dollars to Singapore


 -  One Million North American Satanists Seeking Refuge From Expected Pogrom


 -  Only One Man Now Stands Between Humanity and Freedom - Peter Hans Kolvenbach, The Black Pope


 -  Open Letter to Ron Paul from Benjamin Fulford


 -  Out of The Box Negotiations Are Proceeding at The Highest Level


 -  Paradigm Lost as The Western Oligarch's Lies Unravel


 -  Planned Nuclear and Tsunami Attack Against Japan is Just The Beginning


 -  Red Alert for New Criminally Insane Move by Satanic Federal Reserve Board


 -  Report on Discussions Between The Black Dragon Society and A Chinese Politburo Envoy Plus Other News


 -  Report on Negotiations With The Illuminati in Italy


 -  Representatives of The 12 Illuminati Bloodlines, Gnostics, Others Contact The White Dragon Society


 -  Revolution In West Now Seems Inevitable Despite Last-Ditch Fascist Planning


 -  Rival Emperor Stakes Claim to Japanese Throne - Shows Evidence He is The Real Deal


 -  Rockefeller's Ninja Goes Public With Illuminati 'Truth' About 'God'


 -  Rothschild Family Offers White Dragon Society $25 Trillion to "Go Away"


 -  Rothschild Family Representative Leaves Japan Empty-Handed


 -  Sarkozy and Soros Send Negotiator to Visit White Dragon Society But Talks Inconclusive


 -  Satanic Cabal Threatens to Make San Francisco and Damascus "Uninhabitable"


 -  Saudi Arabia Invasion Set For Summer, BIS To Be Nuked, Chaos Continues


 -  Secret Financial Maneuvers Fail to Save Copenhagen Climate Summit


 -  Secret Government Promises Big Changes


 -  Secret Government Regime Change in Asia Nears Completion - Satanic Cabal in West Crumbling


 -  Secret Societies And Their Relationship to The 'Spiritual World'


 -  Simultaneous Military, G7 and BIS Summits Point to Something Big


 -  Six North Korean Atomic Bombs Located in Japan - Five Have Been Seized by The Police


 -  So-called 'Economics' is A Rockefeller Con-Job


 -  Statement of A Senior European Agent - About Daniele Dal Bosco, Giancarlo Bruno and The World...


 -  The Ancient Gods and Their Stories Are Actually Recipes for Power


 -  The Arrest of IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Signals New Phase in Financial War


 -  The Bilderbergers Have Failed and Are Now Trying to Activate Plan B


 -  The Black Dragon Society is Now Renamed the White Dragon Society


 -  The Criminal Cabal is Creating Incidents Everywhere in A Bid to Start Martial Law in The West


 -  The Current Global Crisis is At Its Heart An Ongoing Gang War


 -  The Dawn of American And World Freedom Is Close


 -  The Debts Are Finally Being Called In and Those Who Thought They Were Gods Fall to Earth


 -  The Emperor, The Rockefellers and The Japanese Secret Establishment


 -  The Federal Reserve Bank Is Now Looting Private Bank Accounts to Keep Itself Afloat


 -  The Federal Reserve Board May End This Week - Reports From Secret Negotiations With The Pentagon...


 -  The FEDs Buy Time (But Not Much) by Calling In their Last Reserves


 -  The FEDs Have Sued for Peace and Detailed Settlement Negotiations Have Begun


 -  The Followers of Nimrod's Secret Sect Versus The People of Abraham


 -  The Global Geopolitical Storm Intensifies as The Disintegration of The Ancient "New World Order"...


 -  The History of The Illuminati - How the Celtic Peoples Were Enslaved by Babylonian Tyrants


 -  The Hunt Is On - Cabal Arrests Accelerating



 -  The Lawsuit That Could End The Gangster Rule of Western Civilization


 -  The New Cambrian Explosion



 -  The Octopus Is Dying - 5 Kissinger Associates Killed - Kissinger Missing-Presumed Dead


 -  The Old World Order Wants to Surrender But to The People, Not to The New World Order


 -  The Pentagon Running Out of Oil, The BIS Under Nuclear Blackmail and Other Signs of Severe Global...


 -  The Phoenix Will Arise From The Ashes of The Old World Order


 -  The Plans to Rebuild The Temple in Jerusalem Have Been Finalized - The Dome of The Rock Will...


 -  The 'Pole-Shift' in Global Financial Power is Almost Complete


 -  The Post-Obama Power Struggle Heats Up - Will He Be Replaced by H. Clinton, Gen. Petraeus or R. Paul?


 -  The Raging Secret War Continues


 -  The Real Reason Behind The 9-11 Terror Was a Battle for Control of The Global Collateral Accounts


 -  The Secret History of The Freemasons In Japan


 -  The Slow Fuse Will Keep Burning Through July


 -  The Takedown of The Satanic Cabal Is Proceeding Smoothly


 -  The Trillion Dollar Crime Trail Leads to Davos and The United Nations


 -  The Trillion Dollar Criminal Case Against Top Davos, UN Officials & Others - Will Go Ahead Despite...


 -  The Ultimatum - Benjamin Fulford


 -  The U.S. Feds Invasion of Haiti Was Aimed at Taking Over The Haitian Central Bank


 -  The U.S. Senate and Obama Claiming The Right to Murder and Imprison Americans Without Trial Was...


 -  The White Dragon Foundation is Set to Officially Start Operations on June 1st


 -  The White Dragon Roars, Europe Rattles - Plus Inside Report on Secret Financial Deals


 -  The Year of The Fire Dragon Has Started - Expect Big Changes


 -  Time for China to Stop Supporting Fascist U.S. Regime


 -  Una Mirada Interna Sobre Cómo Funcionan Los Equipos de Asesinos Profesionales de Los Satanistas


 -  U.S. Military Chickens Out so The American People Celebrate Their Continued Slavery on July 4th


 -  U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Arrested, Questioned and Released - Asian Negotiations Continue


 -  U.S. Troops and Occupation Forces Flee Japan - Their Lackeys Flee Tokyo


 -  U.S. - World Financial Crisis Explained


 -  Verschwörer Kämpfen Verzweifelt um Erreichung der Weltherrschaft


 -  Vor dem Ende des Euro werden, laut Insidern, Banken in Europa 5 Tage zu bleiben - Renminbi könnte ab...


 -  War and Turmoil Expected to Increase in Autumn Before Old World Order Collapses


 -  Was George Bush Jr. Delivered a Coffin as A Warning?


 -  Was 'Jesus Christ' Chinese?


 -  Western Elites and The Threat of Mass Starvation



 -  Western Royal Families and Illuminati to Hold Emergency Summit Meeting in Vienna


 -  What Replacing The Government of The Planet Means


 -  What The Obama Administration Really Represents


 -  What The White Dragon Society is Fighting For and Why The Old World Order Wants to Stop It


 -  Why Democracy Is Obsolete


 -  Why The Battle Over The $1 Trillion in Bonds Will Decide The Future of The Planet


 -  Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Symbolize The End of One Era and The Beginning of Another


New Financial System


 -  Cabal Resorting to Desperate Tactics As They Try to Prevent Reboot of Financial System


 -  Gun Battle Rages Over Control of Codes to New Financial System


 -  How To Rebuild The Global Financial System And Save The Planet


 -  Insiders Predict a 5-Day Bank Holiday in Europe Before Euro Ends - Renminbi May Replace U.S. Dollar...


 -  Over 200 Senior Bankers Arrested Last Week As New Financial System Goes Online


 -  Private "Trading Platforms" Have Been Shut Down in Preparation for New Financial System


 -  Secret Meeting of 57 Finance Ministers on Ship Charts New Financial System


 -  The Cabalists Struggle in Vain to Stop The New Financial System


 -  The New Financial System Now Supposed to Start on May 11th But Believe It When You See It


Additional Information


 -  Absolutely Bizarre 'Creature' In Benjamin Fulford's Spine


 -  Alan Greenspan-United Nations Now Implicated in $134.5 Billion Bond Scandal?


 -  Benjamin Fulford Makes Scathing Accusations Against The Dalai Lama


 -  Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense - Transcript of Interview  - Part 1  - Part 2 - July 5 and 26, 2007


 -  Bizarre Claim for $1 Trillion



 -  China U.S. Trade Imbalance - Bad Policy or Payback for CIA Use of Stolen WWII Gold?


 -  Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati



 -  Es Muy Urgente Que la Gente de Paz en El Mundo Entienda Que Ha Llegado El Momento - Entrevista...


 -  Fraude de La gripe Porcina + Vacuna = Asesinato



 -  Fulford's Ninjas - Don't Hold Your Breath



 - ¿Han Estado Los Illuminati Monopolizando Antigua Tecnología?


 -  Have The Illuminati Been Monopolizing Ancient Technology?


 -  In Search of Justice - Summary of An International Law Case in Finland


 -  Is David Rockefeller About to Approve the Release of Suppressed Technologies for Interstellar Space Travel?


 -  Latest Ben Fulford Conversation With Jeff Rense - Interview


 -  Lord James of Blackheath Speaks of Extraordinary Fraud


 -  Los Illuminati Contra Las Sociedades Secretas Chinas - Implicaciones Exopolíticas de Una Política de...


 -  Main Japanese Opposition Party Questions 9/11 in Parliament - Broadcast on Japanese Public TV


 -  NWO Global Economic Dictatorship Exposed - The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny


 -  Project Blueballs - Fulford, Wilcock and the False Hope Energy Heist


 -  The Illuminati versus Chinese Secret Societies - Exopolitical Implications of a Covert Global Depopulation...


 -  The Warnings of Benjamin Fulford - Reverse Speech Analysis


 -  Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Exposes Secret Bilderberg Gold Treaty and Funding of Extraterrestrial Projects


 -  Unprecedented Lawsuit Reveals Bizarre Worldwide Banking Connections


 -  Virus Mix-Up by Lab Could Have Resulted in Pandemic


 -  Western Bankers Threatened Japan With HAARP Eco-Destruction a Year Before China Quakes



 -  An Ultimatum to The Illuminati - Reverse Speech Analysis

 -  Benjamin Fulford at American Freedom Radio - Japan Earthquake - Extract

 -  Benjamin Fulford Interviews David Rockefeller About illuminati, Asian Opposition

 -  Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense - Interview - Part 1 - Part 2 - July 5 and 23, 2007

 -  Benjamin Fulford on Rense - February 24, 2010


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 -  El Show de Los Illumiñecos - Fulford y Zagami


 -  Fulford vs. Illuminati


 -  Global Economic Update - Benjamin Fulford


 -  HAARP Weapon - China Quake, Myanmar Cyclone, Tsunami Man Made!

 -  Nuked NWO Underground Bases - Va/Denver Quakes


 -  NWO About to Nuke The World With WW3 - URGENT BEN FULFORD MESSAGE

 -  Project Camelot Interviews Benjamin Fulford - June 11, 2009

 -  You Can Handle The Truth



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