by Benjamin Fulford
January 25, 2010

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The attempt by Hitlery Clinton to score propaganda points over China by accusing it of internet censorship of Google is a stunning display of hypocrisy. Google has been distorting its search engine results and page view counts in order to protect criminal mass murderers who hijacked the US government.


For example, a colleague of mine made a movie about 911 called “9-11 Eyewitness,” and put it on U-tube.


When the movie got a million hits, suddenly Google switched the hit count to zero. The only possible explanation was that they wanted to prevent that video from reaching the most viewed list.

My own u-tube posting view numbers are also routinely distorted by Google. For example, my posting about HAARP as an earthquake weapon reached 240,000 views before it was suddenly reset to 20,000 views. Google also blacked out a report from a press conference about 911 held at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan.

Any truth seeker putting out information about these mass murderers has had similar experiences.

Furthermore, Google routinely cuts the amount of links to popular truth seeker in a clumsy attempt to prevent too many people from finding out the truth. They make sure CIA approved information appears at the top of their search results on key subjects.

US government agencies also routinely tamper with my e-mail. I have watched them delete important unread e-mails from my mail box. They also prevent many people from contacting me via e-mail. I am sure they do this to lots of people.

This is far worse behavior than Chinese attempts to deal with pornographic spam and ethnic tensions.

If the US government wants to take the moral high ground, they must first be standing on it.


For now, it is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.


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