by Hanna Jaeckel

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The analysis below has been read by a former Colonel of a foreign air force, currently in charge of a major Middle Eastern air force, and declared an "excellent analysis". It has also been read and approved by a researcher fully up to date on every single detail of Iranian defense ... military, training, weaponry, major armaments (missile and other systems), every detail not classified by the Iranian government.


This is not fancyful imaginings - I have researched and followed this throughout the entire period of the Bush administration. I have, however, avoided "official" type language meant for impressing intellectuals and serve as self-glorification, for lack of better word.

About the Jews/Khazars/Zionists - I am aware it will spark rage in some if published. I was considering omitting that paragraph, but concluded that it is pivotal in this entire debacle. Besides, it is time to get this put on the table for discussion with more than half of high ranking figures in this administration holding dual US/Israel citizenships.

I wish and hope, that you have the courage to print this.
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I forget the participants on the panel and the title of the segment on PBS Newshour - it was Friday night - but somebody said, that his interpretation of the latest comments out of the White House was, that they wouldn't interfere with an Israeli attack on Iran, but would not actively participate (although (there is the), "still on the table" nonsense).


It sounds to me like somebody with brains finally had his/her say.

The entire thing is ludicrous - Russia, China and other heavy hitters have so many investments in Iran, that they couldn't sit on the sidelines. Besides, the US military is stretched so thin, that it would be a rout, if, say, half a million Iranian regular troops swooped into Iraq. I don't know why America(ns) have their heads in the clouds - why they think, that their weapons are better in the field - their assault rifles are consistently proven unreliable - most of the world uses AKs and apparently they perform better in all climates and regional conditions.


Side arms are pretty much the same the world over, when it comes to efficiency and reliability. Tanks are tanks, the Russian tanks are just as good, according to what I have read.

The Arabs are "pissed" and the American troops are tired, demoralized, unthinking robots - and - the Iraqis, after more than 5 years of having their country destroyed, their family members killed, tortured and raped .... well, who do you think the Iraqi defense forces are going to side with, save segments of the Sunnis, who have collaborated with the enemy (USA)?


I don't know why USA Inc. had to demonize the once most secular country in the Middle East? Why not just make kissie face with Saddam, like they did before, and ask him to kindly not trade oil for Euros but use Dollars. Bombard him with trade and make luxury goods available to Iraqis - make them dumb, fat and lazy like the Americans.


Or, alternatively, like an old friend jokingly said during the propaganda run up to the attack: have big transports dump every luxury item any Iraqi could ever dream of from washers, dryers, TVs, computers, etc., etc., all over Iraq and make the Iraqis love America (we already controlled their air space anyway). I can guarantee, that it would never come close to one trillion dollars.


Sanctions have NEVER worked anywhere - it only kills the innocent. History backs this up in abundance.

Air power - cool, the US Air Force now consists of mostly 40+ year old fighter and bomber jets, which they work on around the clock to keep flying - chewing gum, rubber bands, glue and plastic padding - their Black Hawks keep falling out of the sky and crashing because of sand, heat and age.


WHICH really doesn't matter in the first place, because Iran has new systems, acquired from China and Russia, which jams all electronic signals and transmissions in Iranian airspace. These US attackers would fly blind - no radio, no radar and they could not hone in on any targets - all electronics would be blocked ~ back to the old maps and compass!


They would be lumbering ducks and sitting targets for all the new missile systems Iran has acquired - the very latest out of Russia and China with incredible ranges and precision.

Ahh - the US Navy ..... in the Gulf, the Mediterranean and the Straits - they would be scrap metal at the ocean bottom within 20 minutes - leaking radioactivity all over those bodies of water - what the hell is the US thinking? Or rather America Inc.!

Israel - we would finally be rid of this stronghold of Zionists and Imperialism - good riddance would be my epitaph for that genocidal, brutal collection of sub-humans living according to the Talmud, with their crazy tales of being "god's chosen people" - what a horrible god.


I would feel compassion with the average, humble Jews just living their lives and taking care of their families, but the atrocities having been committed by their elected leaders against the Palestinians these 60+ past years - all the innocent people, who lived on lands uninterrupted for thousands of years, from whom the Israelis were determined to steal and loot resources - they are all dead now, murdered, tortured and otherwise brutalized - 'Greater Israel' indeed.

All the wars/attacks Israel has initiated, carried out and been the root of?


No I don't have it in me - I don't have compassion with that lot. No more "anti-Semitism" (claimed by a country of 90% Khazars - converts from the Caucasus - not a Semite among them), and no more "Holocaust". I spent a lot of time several years ago researching their claim of 6 million Jews being killed - not so.


I used the German federal archives, while they were still available online (now taken down and any research into the Holocaust severely discouraged - punishable with prison time). In the interest of saving time I was thorough and researched the data from every single Concentration Camp with gas chambers and crematoriums, and I came up with 2.7 million people (of all groups) on the outmost being killed in these - going full tilt 24/7 - no time down for maintenance or repairs.


About a year later a Washington Think Tank, a conservative tool/mouth piece at that (I have forgotten which one) came out with their research - 2.3 million killed in these gas chambers.


As far as I could tell, they had used same methodology, as I had. But I digress - no more "howlercaust".

AND - I simply cannot see any of America's "friends and allies" in the region not screaming bloody murder - these greedy, crooked and self-appointed/anointed little princelings, emirs and other tin pot dictators, sitting on the spigots of lakes of oil.


US aggression has caused such radicalization among even the Muslim in the streets, that these little grubby merchant princelings would have to flee their kingdoms and emirates, if they weren't murdered first by the people they had used, abused and brutalized from the time oil was discovered and they decided they were kings, emirs and whatever else they anointed themselves.


If the peoples of that region saw their fellow Muslims kick some serious butt and throw the Americans out of Iraq. It would be a blood bath, the likes of which this country has never before seen. Did anybody pay any notice? There are no safe routes in and out of Iraq? Both the highway from the Green Zone to the airport and the highway from Kuwait to Baghdad are called variations of "Death Highway".

In my estimation the more radical Muslims would throw out their oppressive regimes and make all of the middle East into "Islamic States". Iran winning would spark the flame, which is currently only smoldering.

Stupid, stupid, stupid America!

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