September 2015

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MK ULTRA, LSD and the Military Industrial...

Music Industry
by Aaron Dykes
September 24, 2015
from TruthStreamMedia Website





This program is mind blowing, when you consider the many connections between pop culture and music icons, and the military industrial complex.


There is obviously a great deal that hasn't been explained to the naive and believing public, who identify with these figures, and refuse to ask critical questions that could diminish the popular images with whom they identify.


Nevertheless, there are endless connections between these celebrated individuals and ongoing experiments in MK Ultra and mind control - perhaps operating on the mass population level.

If even some of this is true, it is interesting and significant; but more so, this is a window into the doors of perception that were used to steer the CIA-created counterculture in order to re-engineer society.





Via WeAreChange Manchester (above video):

Neil Sanders! - a meticulous researcher and author, details the history of LSD, how it was utilized by the US in the MK ULTRA mind control program and the various experiments that were carried out.


He also addresses the worryingly close relationship between the military and the musicians of the 60's.


The LSD explosion was seen as an organic youth culture event stoked by the benevolence of the 'love generation' and the LSD cooks that distributed their wares across the USA and the UK.


But was it all that it seemed?


Sadly the CIA, Tavistock and the military industrial complex have their fingerprints all over the entire movement.




Proof that the Mainstream...

Music Industry Completely Fake
by Arjun Walia

September 8, 2015
from Collective-Evolution Website





In this day and age, it doesn't take much for a person/song to become popular in a short period of time. It seems that anyone on the planet could get behind a microphone in a studio and make a hit song.


Why is this? Because vocals are tampered with, songs are written by a team of professionals instead of an artist, and all it takes is a person, talent or no talent, to complete the project.

Apart from that, a young woman could be giving a major performance completely naked (and doing all sorts of ‘vulgar' things onstage), and it would seem completely normal. This is something we've seen recently at multiple major performances, and it represents something far from art…

These days, for a song to become a "hit," all that's needed is the backing of a giant music corporation like Universal Records (for example).


Once an individual is willing to "sell their soul" (a phrase commonly used by music artists) for fame and fortune, the record company will take care of the rest, no talent required.

We are made to worship some of these people, we want to be like them, look like them, dress like them.


Many popular music artists today have become nothing short of walking corporate billboards, often used to influence the minds of the masses, generate huge profits, and influence consumer behavior.


This is no conspiracy, various artists have hinted at the fact that a large portion of music is used for mind control. ODB from the Wu-Tang-Clan is one example out of many.

Rosaenne Barr, another Hollywood superstar, has stated that the entertainment industry is ruled by "MK Ultra."


MK Ultra was the name for a previously classified research program through the CIA's scientific intelligence division.


These ideas are not farfetched, and based on all of my own research, I have no doubt that a large portion and purpose of the mainstream music industry, and the entertainment industry in general, is to influence the minds of the masses to think a certain way, to consume, and worship ‘idol' like figures.


It's just another tactic to keep us occupied; it seems most of our lives have become about work and entertainment, things meant to distract us from focusing on what's happening in the world around us.


We have been overtaken by mass propaganda...

Moreover, the CIA has been involved with the entertainment industry from its inception, they have an entire department dedicated to it.


The entire entertainment industry is also owned by the "1 percent." Something to think about…

Here below is a great clip of Michael Jackson exposing Sony:







Why do some artists (some talented, many not) get picked up by these big corporations to become major influences of young people, and others with unbelievable talent never make it anywhere?

This topic goes far into esoteric principles, mind control, occultism and more, but I'll save that for another article.


A lot of these ideas about the music industry and its purpose is evidence-based and goes far beyond what people "just say." There is no shortage of information available to suggest that mainstream music is a tool for brainwashing the masses, and some of the information in the below video alluded to that.


At the same time, there is a lot of good stuff out there, making it an utter shame that any kind of song can be a "hit" as long as it has the big music machine promoting and marketing it.

The driving force behind mainstream music, in my opinion, has little to do with music itself.

Below is a great video done by RT news that illustrates how a large portion of mainstream music isn't really about the music.