by Lyndon LaRouche
December 17, 2009

from LPAC Website


If we can stop the British genocide plan at Copenhagen from going through, it's the end for Obama, Lyndon LaRouche said Dec. 16.


The defeat for Obama will represent a deadly blow to the dynamic of the British Empire, and open up the potential to accelerate the mass strike ferment in the United States, which is increasingly reflecting itself in actions in the direction of restoring national sovereignty.

What we are actually looking at is the conflict of two dynamic processes:

  • the evil dynamic of the British Empire, which has been dominating the planet for decades

  • the dynamic of the mass strike, which is reflected both in the fight for national sovereignty against globalization in Copenhagen, and the fight against fascist measures such as the Hitler health bill here in the U.S.

The British know that "their way of life" is at stake, and they are fighting tooth and nail on both fronts. But, right now, it looks like their efforts may crumble.

There is no agreement on any major issue - from finance, to emissions targets, to enforcement - at Copenhagen. The British are basically running the show, and have put their authority on the line.


First there was Prince Philip at Windsor Castle in November, then the Queen at the Commonwealth meeting, then Charles, and now Gordon Brown trying to run the negotiations. Their major stumbling block is the stated, and very real, determination by the Chinese and the Indians to preserve their national sovereignty against enforcement.


This is the crucial element, and if they have the guts to stick to it, the British can't get their genocidal plans through.

If the British are defeated in Copenhagen, by a combination of leading members of LaRouche's Four Power alliance, it will have devastating consequences for their British puppet in Washington, who is already suffering paroxysms of rage and fear.

The hysteria of the Empire on global warming (in the midst of a very cold, snowy Copenhagen) is nearly matched by that of the Obama administration on the health care bill in the United States. One can only imagine the threats that have to have been issued against Obama, to get him to go on TV to insanely proclaim that the Federal government "will go bankrupt" if his cuts to Medicare and Medicaid don't go through.


Those threats, of course, are being further passed down the line, to try to line up the 60 votes in the Senate to get this monstrosity through. One source even said that Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska is being told that the Offutt airforce base in his state will be shut down, if he doesn't vote for Hitler health.

Within the United States, however, the mass strike dynamic is becoming more and more visible.


Not only is the population making its voice heard against the mass murderous health care, but institutional moves are increasing against two major elements of the suppression of national sovereignty:

When Time magazine decided to put its backing behind Fed Chairman 'Bail-out Ben' Bernanke, by naming him its man of the year, it just stoked the flames of opposition.


Bernanke comes up for a vote in the Senate Banking committee today, but there are now at least five senators vowing to put a hold on the nomination once it reaches the floor, and the declared 'no' votes are increasing. Even more striking is the fact that there is now a bipartisan bill for reinstating Glass-Steagall introduced in the Senate, along with the one being put in by Democrats in the House.

The restoration of Glass-Steagall is not what is required, LaRouche said yesterday, but it's a step in the right direction.


The solution would be instituting a credit system, instead of a monetary system, but those pushing Glass-Steagall are only going as far as Paul Volcker, who has been campaigning internationally for the Glass-Steagall standard, will go.


Essentially, they are scared shitless about the breakdown crisis, and are trying to soften the blow, with measures that are compromises with what LaRouche has outlined must be done.

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