Chapter 10

Orion and the Fall of the Atlantean Branch

The Men from Orion are the agents of what Barbara Clow terms “the big lie”—that Orion has engaged in a program of seeding walk-insOrion robotson Earth.

“The Men from Orion have decided to commence their third battle, which is going on right now. The Men in Black are tempted to trigger humans into nuclear conflict in order to gain ultimate control. The pollution of the earth and the paralysis of well-meaning people is a behavior pattern from the first two wars in this solar system. For these Men in Black, who are true fallen angels, this is their third and last knock... If they make the conditions on Earth bad enough, no one but themselves will be left on Earth, for beings from Orion can tolerate high levels of radiation because the stars there are extremely dense. Orion immune systems are very strong, since their low level of vibration enables them to tolerate the typical modern diet and exposure to pollution and toxic chemicals. And, since their agenda is negative, the Men in Black are not agonized about the genocide of the species.”

“In the last battle... crystals were implanted in the etheric bodies of people by the Orion Atlanteans. . .The crystals are implanted with a variety of interesting programs... The Men from Orion knew that Earth would undergo another struggle at this point between the positive and negative forces. Therefore, many of the key crystals were programmed to help their cause. The end phase of the plan is to bring in walk-ins from Orion in order to use the crystals to maximum advantage.”

The Men from Orion are an unusual lifeform, not really humanoid at all. They resemble more of a machine in their anatomical structure, and their appearance as we think of Atlanteans being the red race, is more a copperish-red color. This is the archetype of Mars –the red planet. Clow says in one of her works that the Atlanteans are “the metal people who came from the stars.” The machine-like men in the movie The Matrix are archetypal Orions.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the earliest pieces of literature from Sumeria, the hero Gilgamesh is given a ‘mechanical-type’ friend named Enkidu by the gods, similar to what we might think of as a robot. This being, however, is a biological entity—not a machine. This would be more like one of the Men from Orion. The Terminator series of movies starring Arnold Swarzenegger are a remembrance of the Mars/Maldek war, and of the Men from Orion.

These beings were greatly into experimenting on the nature of matter, using the knowledge they had acquired from the Alteans, the race who were specialists in the ‘nature of matter.’ Their main pursuit was for more powerful and deadly forms of weaponry. Do you see a parallel here? It was because of this experimentation and the weaponry they were able to build that the war between Maldek and Mars was so effective in destroying one planet and rendering the other planet lifeless.

This is a passion the men from Orion brought with them to Atlantis, with almost similar results. The Nine mention an occasion in which they abused a radioactive substance known as ‘heavy water’. They are referring to the pollution of many of their own water supplies with radioactive waste, much as the United States and other countries with nuclear capabilities also
seem to have done. The effect this had on their people is also similar to the one that the radioactive pollution of our water supplies and atmosphere is having on us today in causing sterility and abominable diseases such as leukemia and cancer.


As Dr. Walter Russell explains:

Radiation is the normal death principle. Every thing in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is man’s discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries.

“The Curies procured a few grams of radium from many tons of earth. Those few grams of dead metals would spread their quick death to every cell of your body if you put them in your pocket, but they would not harm you in the slightest if you slept upon the ground above them. The radioactive metals are giving out their quick death to the rocks in which they are embedded for the purpose of expanding the rocks into soil and water which mothers life. It should not be dug up from the ground to expand human beings into quick death. If you would have a good example of their purpose in life, which is beneficial to humanity, witness the great bare rock mountains of the west which are only a few million years old. Compare them with the soil covered, tree covered, very much older eastern mountains, such as the Blue Ridge, white Mountains and Catskills where the soil is deep above them and waterfalls and brooks are abundant.

“. . .the greatest danger from the use of radioactivity is defective births and leukemia. That danger will creep upon civilization without any way of detecting it. One cannot go about with instruments to measure genetic damage, as one can do to measure the amount of strontium and other radioactivity, which is still falling on the soil from year to year. We believe that sterility will be an accompanying effect, while abnormalities of living bodies will be secondary. It could not be otherwise, for genes are not basic in potency. There is something behind and underneath genes, and that is the seed. No human has ever attempted to explain the seed, therefore it is permissible for us to say that the principle of rebirth in bodies is not yet known on earth. We know it, however, and because of that we know the danger which has no meaning to those who do not know. The mystery has to do with knowledge of the purpose of inert gases in relation to the seed of things...

“Another dangerous misconception is evidenced in the commonly used term ‘... releases an extraordinary amount of energy.’ Energy is not released. What actually happens is that potential is released, not energy—and that means expansion. Atomic fission helps matter to explode instantly instead of decaying over long periods... the great simple basic fact is that all death is caused by expansion, and all life is caused by compression.”

This harkens back to our discussion in volume one of the difference between the combining of things into a greater whole known as fusion, which is the nature of the True Father; and the act of fission or tearing things apart which is the true nature of Lucifer.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer once made a plea to the United Nations to stop the use of radioactive materials on the planet. In the message, Dr. Schweitzer said his aim was to awaken public opinion before it was too late. He warned that the human race was heading for a catastrophe beyond parallel if nuclear explosions were continued—a catastrophe, he said, that must be prevented at all costs. He expressed the hope that his message would reach the whole world.

An expert in many fields, Dr. Russell also confirms for us the potential of planets exploding and the fact that asteroids are not naturally occurring objects, but rather that they are the pieces of shattered planets. This is exactly what happened to Maldek during the Mars-Maldek wars as it shattered and turned into a band of lifeless asteroids still stuck in the same original orbit as the once beautiful planet.

“Do not for a moment think that planets and suns cannot explode. They are continually exploding. There are thousands of novas in the heavens and space is filled with countless millions of fragments of exploded planets, which we call asteroids and meteorites. These are irregular shaped lumps. Nature does not create her forms in lumps. She creates only rings and spheres which she crystallizes into geometric forms, but they must first be rings and spheres.”

Along with their penchant for experimentation in nuclear fission and weapons of deadly effectiveness, the Sirians and the Men from Orion also brought with them to Atlantis their knowledge of alchemy acquired from the Alteans. This they used in their practice of the occult—a term which has now come to mean the worship of black magic and the Dark Forces. This is how they went about setting up the Occult Hierarchy spoken of earlier—the Dark Sorcerer Kings ruling a doomed Atlantis.
The Nine say that to the Atlanteans this alchemy was the secret of being what they called God, “and they wished to be in competition with the God and become the God.”

One of the Sirians who brought this knowledge with him to Atlantis was the being known as Hermes from Greek mythology, Mercury in Roman mythology. Hermes was renowned as the messenger of the gods, and the protector of travelers, thieves, and merchants (all Masonic references). Hermes Trimistegus (Hermes thrice-born or thrice-risen) was the Greek Neoplatonists’ name for the Egyptian god, Thoth, revered as the founder of alchemy and geometry, in this case, sacred geometry—the structure of the Universe.

Alchemy as talked about in history books is an ancient art. Here it is referred to as being practiced openly most especially in the Middle Ages, devoting itself chiefly to discovering a substance that would transmute the more common metals into gold or silver and to finding a means of indefinitely prolonging human life. Although its purposes and techniques were dubious and often illusory, alchemy was in many ways the predecessor of modern science, especially the science of chemistry. Its birthplace is said to be in Alexandria in ancient Egypt, where it began to flourish during the Hellenistic period.


A school of alchemy was also developing at the same time in ancient China.

“The fundamental concept of alchemy stemmed from the Aristotelian doctrine that all things tend to reach perfection. Because other metals were thought to be less “perfect” than gold, it was reasonable to assume that nature formed gold out of other metals deep within the earth and that with sufficient skill and diligence an artisan could duplicate this process in the workshop. Efforts toward this goal were empirical and practical at first, but by the 4th century AD, astrology, magic, and ritual had begun to gain prominence.”

With this clearer understanding of the nature of alchemy, it is easy to see how it stemmed from the Alteans specialized knowledge of the nature of matter. Unfortunately, when placed in the wrong hands, the resulting knowledge could also be deadly to millions of people!

Alchemy also became a basis for the symbolism of the secret societies—the turning of base metals or human beings into gold, the ‘more perfect’ illuminated master. This shall be a central theme as we charter the course of the New World Order as it sets sail from the declining and doomed civilization of Atlantis, and on into its developing colonies. Note however before we move on that it is also the foundations for the science and scientists we now look to to rule the world with their wisdom, and of the oil and chemical companies which form such a large part of the structure and base power of the Order.

Hermes is also significant because it was he that was said to have the special knowledge held to represent the ‘Lost Wisdom of Lamech’ (Lamech was seventh inline of succession from Adam’s son, Cain—Genesis 4:18–22). Thoth/Hermes, the alchemist and geometer, is also the one worshipped or honored throughout history by the many orders of the ancient mysteries. It is significant to our history that The Nine say that around 11,000 BC in Atlantis, another group of colonizing Atlanteans mingled with those of Hoovathereby starting the Hebrew culture later led by Abraham (an alchemist and astrologer of vast knowledge who was also the keeper of atomic secrets as we shall see).

Almost all mystical sects and orders have their origin in the “Divine Knowledge” taught by Hermes—the occult teachings, sacred geometry, alchemy, and the pursuit of immortality. Thus when the Freemasons and other such orders boast that they had their origins in Atlantis, Lemuria, or even on other planets, they are not lying—although most of them do not fully realize the true nature of what is going on.


In her book, EL:AN:RA: The Healing of Orion, Solara, helps shed some light on the Omni, the dark forces that rule Orion and still continue to pursue the dictatorship of this galaxy. This excerpt also sheds some light on the fact that within any star system, not all the planets are necessarily Dark or Light:

“It was the dreaded triad known as the OMNI, the rulers of the Dark Lords of Orion.

“The Omni stood as one vast, impenetrable presence, although their three forms were quite different in physical appearance. The first of the three was short and overweight. His hair was cropped close to his head making his squinty pale blue eyes stand out from the folds of flesh. They glinted with malice. This one was without a doubt the most impatient of the three.

Even now he was fidgeting nervously, ready to lose his temper at the slightest provocation. On the far side, the third OMNI was tall and gaunt with straight hair pulled back. He had a finely chiseled bone structure and deep set hollow eyes which made his face resemble a skull. Quiet and imperious, he emanated coldness, cruelty and subtle manipulation.


The OMNI in the center was the most intriguing, for he was extremely handsome and mysterious. His magnetic eyes radiated deep knowledge and although he was assuming a passive role in this visit, it was acknowledged by many that he held the supreme leadership over the three.

“. . . That was the moment when Kurala entered the throne room. She stood surveying the entire scene from the far side of the room. He was struck instantly by her great beauty and then further attracted by her aura of haughty arrogance. As their eyes met, there was the glitter of mutual recognition. Truly it could not be said that this was the first time they had met. And although it was impossible that they had met before, she having previously been an Angel in the Celestial Realms, and he having been sealed up under the planet—in that instant recognition, both of them knew it to be true.

“. . .This was to be Shamo’s greatest moment of glory, for now that the net was cast, destiny began to unravel. The clever King of the Spiders had trapped himself with his pride by overstepping the boundaries of what is allowed by Universal Law.

“ . . .Thus did Kurala develop into a wild warrioress. Her exploits are well chronicled and are probably already known to you. Increasingly, Shamo was left behind on Galaxitron to run the daily duties of the planet, while it was Kurala who commanded the fleet of warships. Although highly successful at the subjugation of minor planets, Kurala soon tired of this limited sphere of activity. Conquering peaceful and backward planets did not keep her adrenaline flowing sufficiently (The one scenario of galactic history is the same as here on earth –conquer and move on). She longed to be engaged in a real challenge. So Kurala began exploring beyond the boundaries set for them by the Dark Lords of Orion. Then is when the trouble began in earnest.

“...Betelgeuse was located in the constellation known as Orion though quite distant from the star system of Rigel, home of the Dark Lords. Orion has held the key patterning for this dimensional universe since its creation. It is the pivotal anchor point for duality hence you will find within this one constellation both the darkest and lightest of energies, forever acting out the roles of good and evil with concentrated focus. Orion chose to embody this template of duality for all of us so we could fully experience matter, separation and illusion.

“The central star, Al Nilam or AN is the major doorway to myriad dimensional universes, hence has been a key point within our sphere of experience. It contains a direct trajectory into the next Great Central Sun System. IT COULD BE SAID ABOUT AN THAT THERE ARE MANY DOORS IN, BUT ONLY ONE DOOR OUT. This is where you will find the All-Seeing Eye.

“...And thus it was that the scene was set for the beginning of the end.(the war between the Council of Light and the Shamo aligned with the Dark Lords) . . .The High Command readily agreed to this plan. In the meantime, the Vega Fleet was secreting itself on nearby planets ready to help out if needed.

“Within a few days the warships of Galaxitron were sighted. Soon the skies were filled with black warships. These rained down upon Deneb a laser display more frightening to look at, than actually destructive. Then a single sleek black warship bearing the symbol of a single purple orchid landed.

“Ala-dar was there, standing ready when it arrived. He watched as the hatch opened and several large, hairy black spider people disembarked. They were truly ugly, but also somewhat comical swaggering down the gangplank weighed down by numerous prods and laser guns. The spider warriors descended in two lines, then stopped and looked back to the ship anxiously, as if waiting for approval. Within moments, a woman stepped forth confidently from the black craft—a ravishingly beautiful woman, a wildly independent woman, yet one who did indeed, emanate cruelty and arrogance.

“AAlar-dar had not expected his adversary to be a woman, especially not one this beautiful. Of course, he had done battle with female warriors before; there were many of them. But none of them had the combined power, beauty, intelligence or cunning of this one.

“...Kurala was hungry, but she had never tasted fruit or wafers and didn’t know what they were. She had tried some of the food from the small planets they had conquered, but had not found it to her liking. “Do you have any insects?” she asked.

“Insects?” AALa-dar quickly covered up his surprise that this beautiful woman ate insects! “I don’t know, but I’ll ask the kitchen.” He called the kitchen which was as unprepared as was for this request. “I’m sorry, but they are all out of insects today,” he apologized. Of course, spiders are insects, he had forgotten.

“Do they have any flies?” she asked with a degree of impatience.

“He called the kitchen again and they didn’t have any flies. “No flies, but possibly you might try some of this fruit, it’s really quite tasty.” AAlar-dar grabbed a piece of angel fruit off the tray and handed it to her...

“. . . Kurala was becoming increasingly anxious to return home. One of the first things she was going to do was to demand that Shamo reveal her true origin. “AAlar-dar has changed me greatly, whether I like it or not,” she thought angrily.

“At last, she curled up on her sleeping mat and fell asleep dreaming about Triple Commanders and stargates, Vega wafers and tender kisses.”

Even Brother Philip in his Secret of the Andes supports this idea of Orion being behind it all, and of the coming ‘war in heaven’:

“A devil, a dragon, the dragon itself is symbolical and it is always used where they are speaking of the dragon which fights the war in heaven. And it makes war with her seed. What is the ‘seed’ of the Solar System? What is the ‘remnant of the seed’ of the Solar System?– It is people, is it not? In other words, we are having a System war. We of this System are being invaded by those of Orion.


Therefore the inhabitants of the Sun System, as well as the inhabitants of the outer worlds—twelve in number each—are preparing for that war in heaven, which begins now and continues for the next three and a half years; which also corresponds to the three and a half of the ‘time, and times, and half.’”

A Gnostic document, found at Chenoboskion in Egypt and known as The Treatise of Hermes Trimistegus states:

“It is thus by degrees that the adepts will enter into the way of immortality, and will attain to a conception of the Ogdoad, which in turn reveals the Ennead.”

The Ogdoad (eightfold) corresponds to the heavens of the stars outside the individual heavens of the planets, and the Ennead (ninefold) refers to the greater outer heaven of the universe. The separate heaven of Earth itself was called the Hebdomad (sevenfold). Here the teachings are referring to the different levels of heaven as referred to in the Bible, the various different dimensions we have already talked about.

Thus it is that all the mystical orders initiated their followers by ‘degrees’ into their mysteries, each new degree signifying a new level of achievement of the knowledge of these ‘heavenly’ worlds, or dimensions.

Just as Noah saved various life forms from the Great Flood, so Lamech’s three sons, Jabal, Jubal and Tubal-Cain, are said to have preserved the ancient wisdoms of creative science, carved upon two stone monuments –the ‘Antediluvian Pillars’—antediluvian meaning ‘prior to the flood.’ One son was a mathematician, the second a mason, and the third a metalworker. Surviving the Great Flood by returning to his home planet, Hermes later returned in the time of Egypt as Thoth, the thrice-risen Master. It was Thoth who was said to have transcribed this sacred knowledge onto emerald tablets that were later inherited by no less a figure than Pythagoras.

If all the inventors, scientists and mathematicians we have looked up to throughout history did not exactly come by their wisdom wholly on their own, you will be able to understand what a lie the history is that we have been taught since our childhoods.

Our history is all one big repetition over and over again. And varies little from one country and one culture to the next. The Maya also had the same goddess Maya, mother of the gods and man, as in India. The veil of illusion said to be pulled over our eyes and that separates the dimensions is termed the Veil of Maya –because they knew how man could be trapped in Time.

The association of the sacred knowledge of the cosmos with an emerald tablet is also reminiscent of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, the legend of the Holy Grail, in which the Grail is identified as a stone and likened to ‘an emerald jewel.’ Moreover an inscription from the emerald tablet of Hermes appears on some Temperance Tarot cards: ‘Visit the interior parts of the earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone.’

Through association with the enigmatic Stone, the Grail has been identified with alchemy—the science of concentrating vital currents and life forces. At the time of the Catholic Inquisition, alchemists were careful to veil their art behind symbols of metallurgy—claiming that they were attempting only to turn base metals into gold. In philosophical and metaphysical terms, the alchemists were rather more concerned with the transformation of the worldly person (lead) into a spiritually illuminated person (gold). Just as gold was tried and tested in the fire, so the human spirit was tried in the crucible of life—and the agent for this illumination was perceived to be the Holy Spirit.

The Guild of Masons who built Chartres and other French Gothic cathedrals were called the ‘Children of Solomon’. Hiram Abiff, the architect of King Solomon’s temple, was a hermetic alchemist –described as ‘an artificer in metals’. His ancient forerunner was Tubal-Cain (Genesis 4:22), the son of Lamech, and the teacher of all who followed. In Freemasonry, Hiram Abiff is identified as the ‘Son of the Widow’ –and in Grail lore, the constant epithet of Perceval is precisely the same.


The original ‘widow’ of the Grail bloodline was Ruth the Moabite (heroine of the Book of Ruth) who married Boaz to become the great-grandmother of David. Her descendants were called Sons of the Widow. Boaz is the name given to one of the Two Pillars of Solomon’s Temple in Freemasonry, a coincidental analogy to the Antediluvian Pillars of Lamech? Or perhaps a veiled reference to the science and mathematics and the scientists and mathematicians who could rule the world as they did in Atlantis through their knowledge of alchemical Creation.

The underlying principle of Hermes Trimistegus was ‘As above, so below’, which denotes that the harmony of earthly proportion is representative of its universal equivalent – in other words, that earthly proportion is the mortal image of cosmological structure—the macrocosm being one and the same as the microcosm. From the smallest cell to the widest expanse of the galaxies, a repetitive geometric law prevails, and this was understood from the very earliest times.

From here on, as we progress through our study of the history of the planet, we shall trace the roots of Hermes through the ancient mysteries of Egypt, Israel, and the West, and with it, the essential power of Lucifer and his attempt to fulfill His promise to become as God of His own Universe, that in which we live, and which is now cordoned off from the rest of the Universe to stop exactly this from happening.


Clow continues this theme from the exploration of her past lives:

“What are the realities of these four archetypes, which also remind me of the four angels of the Apocalypse?

“It is the ultimate taboo: the real truth about primordial control over the mind of man—control of the universe . . . I realize that I do not really possess courage. Then my heart shuts down and the eye can read me. . .This eye communicates to me that teachings from Atlantis have been filtered through many different locations. But the Atlantean teaching that I am supposed to encode in the temple during my life as temple priest in 700 BC is the news that Christ will incarnate from the Pleiades in AD 0... Powerful insights about our origins and development actually exist in the early records of Atlantis, but they are hidden from us because the Nibiruans, the creator gods, realized we could be controlled if we could be made to fear.

“But, alas, all the gateways to Atlantis are charged with fear! For example, in your time the historical records of Atlantis continuously presented to you for the last hundred years are very male oriented and technological. Your latest space shuttle for war research, created in part to make you fear the skies, is even called ‘Atlantis.’


...History has been nothing more than the projection of fear on Earth.... You must remember that the experience of the original people of Earth has been continuously and extensively influenced by visitors from other realms... Your teachers from Nibiru and other alien cosmic sources have been so interwoven with the natural evolution of Earth that it is very difficult to remember the original resonance of the Earth or of yourself.”


The Technology

Spica, in the constellation of Virgo, was the source of what Clow refers to as “Atlantean male technology.” Its star trainers were sent to Earth to help establish that technology here. The Masonic connection to the planet Spica and to its Atlantean colonies can be seen in the layout or alignment of the great Gothic cathedrals in Europe is to exactly that area of the constellation Virgo in which resides Spica.

The Atlanteans had many forms of advanced technology. They were, in truth, far more advanced in most ways than we are here in the United States today. This kind of advanced technology is evidenced by the spiral or concentric circle layout of their cities, designed to enhance the natural flow of the energies of the people and of the Earth to accommodate the gradual changes in the society and its population, and to allow for the most productive use of its land

It is on the three major types of technological advancement used by the Atlanteans that we wish to concentrate this section:

  • the use of crystals

  • the manipulation of genes and genetics

  • the construction of the buildings, in particular the temples

All of these technologies both were, and still are, being used to manipulate or control people in every aspect of their lives on this planet.

The problem in a nutshell was the scientists. Even back in Lemuria, when the politicians and the scientists got together, the difficulties began in earnest:

“The real trouble started when the Atlantean scientists took over... they thought of Earth simply as a colony—they refused to respect the knowledge of the original people.” (Clow)

In discussing the crystal technology, it is helpful to keep in mind that much of our advanced technology today is based on crystals—radios, television, satellites, computers, and lasers, to name just a few. Keep in mind too that even many of the military population are now being implanted with ‘computer chips’ instead of having the old-fashioned dog-tags for identification, much like pets are now being required to do in some states of the USA.

The story of the use of crystals to control people begins more than 45,000 years ago in Lemuria, where there were politicians who wanted to remain in office for life. The average life span was about 700 years at the time, so it is not surprising that those in important positions wanted to keep them. Their motivation would have been no different than what we have in today’s government, and ‘crystal implants’ became the ultimate punishment for ‘wrong’ political behaviour.

Scientifically advanced Lemuria and Atlantis had ancient records recording the principles of the soul and its awesome energy. The tremendous effect of an intangible, invisible thought upon the tangible, visible physical world was taught in their grade schools. Acupuncturists of today work on the principle that an invisible flow of energy when blocked, causes disease in a body. When released, the same energy will heal the body and keep it healthy. For healing purposes, the Lemurians and Atlanteans valued this knowledge and used it in conjunction with their energy soul charts.


They knew that, when in the body, the soul emits a strong measurable energy at specific points. They knew each point had an effect upon their life. The Lemurian and Atlantean energy studies pointed out individuals with high energy flow as having incredible abilities. A high energy flow person could, with a little practice, have complete mastery of the physical laws. He or she could be a natural teacher, philosopher, healer, or leader. Given the opportunity, their natural charisma attracted followers. The higher energy was not necessarily an indication of good, it merely pointed to an ability. This is why Cayce says many of the people he did life readings for, misused their powers.


With thought alone, high-energy souls (those created with the full complement of Light) could change the planet, change any government, or change anyone’s mind. These are the qualities so readily evident in George Lucas’s Jedi Knights in the Star Wars series of movies.

Things all began after a slave revolt similar to the later one of Spartacus against Imperial Rome. Instead of crucifying the unruly slaves, however, a politician hypothesized the possible use of a new crystalline invention designed for animals. Crystals were discovered at the time to have an effect on ferocious animals. A crystal implanted within an angry bull’s skull could be ‘programmed’ to send a calming energy to its brain. It permanently tamed the animal. It was a valuable agricultural invention, saving formerly dangerous domestic animals from premature destruction.

Crystals, the politician reasoned, could be thought programmed for almost anything. He knew the mind was comprised of pure thought. By limiting its ability to think, the person would subsequently also be limited. A limited mind, a decreased potential, would make most change extremely difficult. If a crystal could be programmed to calm animals, could it actually calm parts of a slave’s mind? Perhaps if implanted in potential trouble-making slaves, they would not try to overthrow their betters. That is how it all started in humans.

At first, it was the implanting of slaves and test-tube babies which they called “vat-babies”. It was reasoned at the time, that both were classified as animals, not humans, so it was all right to do implants. Pretty soon, however, the leaders started checking the energy flow of all new-borns, implanting all that might endanger the leadership of the time. Crystals were actually implanted by cutting into the soft tissue and placing them in strategic points within the body.

The nature of crystal programming is that a program continues until it is erased or removed. The Lemurian/Atlantean Control Devices were crystals implanted and programmed to limit and decrease potential. The programs created frustration and ineffectiveness. For as many as 40 percent of the population who still today carry in their etheric bodies the imprint of those crystals implanted in past lives, the programs were never erased and are still extraordinarily active. Mercury used during the implant surgery caused mental confusion.


Combine the mercury and confusion with endorphins (a hormone secretion present in the brain in times of creative thought and in times of pain), the estrogen/testosterone levels, and a programmed crystal sliver, and you get an implant that would remain in the implanted person’s etheric body from lifetime to lifetime—even over 45,000 years. Added to all this are the problems surrounding physical cell memory and our own personalized subconscious programs from that life and every life since then.

Even though by now our Lemurian and Atlantean bodies are dust, the crystals buried within us did not lie dormant. Back in its natural environment, it resumed its natural physical growth pattern with the program merely waiting for us to incarnate into a body of the same sex as we had in the lifetime in which we were implanted.

The Lemurian and Atlantean crystals can be likened to a radio station and our body a tuned in, turned on radio. In this example the crystal’s program is the wavelength used in the radio; invisible, clear, strong. Our mind is accepting this program. Unlike the radio example, however, we also send and receive transmissions. Subconscious thought is transmitted by everyone. That transmission is invisible.


Like the crystals, we, in turn, broadcast out our own programs. All minds send and receive invisible thought. What if the invisible thought is ‘everyone abuses me?’ The thought will attract people and situations to abuse the sender. If the subconscious thought is ‘I am successful,’ the thought will attract success. The attraction is the thought. Crystals were programmed thoughts of limitation.


Our strongest natural abilities were programmed to be our weaknesses, causing great personal frustration each lifetime. It’s extremely frustrating knowing internally that our life really could be easier if we could only remember how to do it. Imagine a lifetime without limitations, without interference. That is the way life was designed to be.

These crystals that are still working in many of us today can be removed from our memory and our mind. The actual crystal systems can be found and their programs erased. By doing so, the crystals are removed. The systems have to be removed in the opposite order in which they were implanted. Those who have crystal implants know without being told by someone else that there is something wrong.


Often when hearing about the devices, they will instinctively know to ask their inner-self, although the crystals are also programmed with self-defense mechanisms that elicit a strong sense of fear in the carrier when anyone hints at their existence or threatens their removal. If a person tries to exceed these programmed limitations the crystals were programmed to turn cancerous. This can be seen in the many successful figures who come down with strange or exotic maladies at the seeming height of their careers.

It is also true that this technology of manipulation did not just begin in Lemuria either. Many of the ‘starseeds’ sent to colonize the planet in the beginning were implanted by the leaders of their own world so that the starseeds would still be controllable, and would follow the agenda of their leaders. The convictstarseeds’ sent to the planet were particularly limited by these kind of programmed crystals as a part of their punishment, much like convicts today are often made to wear electronic ankle bracelets or collars.

The crystals implanted during the starseeding and the early Lemurian age were very large, about the size of a person’s thumb. There were many crystals to a system, and the technology of implanting them was very much more primitive—often a matter of hit or miss as it were. The crystals from the later stages of Lemuria were small slivers held together by programmed energy, and resembled a string of Christmas lights.

The Atlantean crystals were actually called ‘Master Crystals.’ They could be compared with our computer chip today, carrying hundreds of programs or limitations in just one crystal. It therefore only took one Master Crystal to do the work of many of the older ones. These Master Crystals were about the size of a credit card, only made of crystalline material, and were and are programmable from another dimension, even still today.

Some people are still be implanted today in certain kinds of ‘alien abduction.’ These vary in the type of implant being used. The small metallic implants so commonly found these days by doctors and shown on television shows, are simply a smokescreen for the deeper problem involved with these crystalline implants.

Barbara Clow has an example of one of her ‘memories’ from a past lifetime that directly addresses this issue, as well as many others we have been dealing with here with regard to Atlantis:

“From behind the scenes of male Atlantis I gained new insights into the great technological island with a crystal in the center that sank because of the human obsession with power and control.

“I see myself looking out from the inside of a metallic suit... to protect me from radiation. I wear it whenever I go inside the Atlantean photon laboratory... other parts of our kingdom have various names such as Eire, Poseidea, Khemit, and Maya. This particular island called Atlantis... sank during a great cataclysm about twelve thousand years ago.

“. . . “mutant gene 037”... simply explained these are DNA readouts of a mutant person located far away in Eire... the photon informs me that energy is being received by this being in Eire from his stellar source, Hizor—a star called Thuban in later times.

“One thing I do feel is anger. There are big areas of my body where there is no energy, but there is too much energy in my liver. I am angry about the central source and angry about my conditioning... They have even conditioned me to deal with my anger! Every move I make is angry; it is the only way I can do this work. And if I quit, I am conditioned to die of cancer before I cause any trouble.

“All of us have been conditioned like laboratory animals. As for me, I was first conditioned by television. I watched it for hours as a child. The sex and violence caused strong destructive feelings. Later, the educational system taught me that spiritual feelings are imaginary. Then when I studied to be a scientist, I was conditioned to fear anything nonscientific—anything on the Earth that is not controlled.

“I also learned that women are irrational, weak, and destructive. In fact, if you want to know about it, I was conditioned to hate women... When I was unhappy and upset in my twenties, I was given tranquilizers and stimulants and tapes were prescribed to help me feel good. But the tapes contained subliminal messages that taught me to fear my own feelings... Now I am bored.

“...part of the original conditioning was erasure of cultural memory. . . Under orders from Hatonn, the scientist king of Atlantis, we broadcast a program through the central crystal to everyone on the planet that prevented them from being able to remember their own stories... Hatonn believed that if all individual “units” were stripped of their person; meaning—their story in time, the myths of their ancestors and memories of Earth—they could be encoded with pure stellar information...”

Clow’s work here agrees that the purpose of the modern New World Order is to destroy the basic root understanding of life that each person on earth naturally possesses within them.

Most sources on Atlantis speak of the later times before its final destruction when crystal technology was used to power the continent. Here is an example of how the crystals were also used to power the transportation system, much as I remember from my own experience how the Anasazi also powered their ‘roadway tubes’.

“Let’s talk about the transportation systems in Atlantis. Much of how the populace was moved from one point to the other took place in crystal chambers. When they entered these crystal chambers their molecules were transferred from one crystal chamber to another crystal chamber. There were no transportation systems, as we know them today. There was intergalactic space travel. While there was physical spacecraft, often the travel was by energy transference. Remember that Atlanteans were the masters of energy. They understood energy as it has never been understood on this planet before or since.”

Cayce reported that the ‘initiates’ of Atlantis (reading #440-5; 1933) engineered and manipulated precious power crystals for the production of galvanic and spiritual energies. The crystals were so potent that they were in large part responsible for the Atlantean’s advanced technology. Later in Atlantis history, when crystals were improperly used, they contributed to the final destruction of the island-empire.

These crystals were housed in an oval temple, the roof of which rolled back to admit light from the sun and stars which activated the ‘white fire stones.’ During Roman times the Druid priests told Julius Caesar that the Gauls believed their ancestors came to Europe unremembered millennia before from the ‘Isle of Glass Towers,’ long drowned in the Atlantic, ‘far-off Iberian shores.’ These ‘glass towers’ would be the central crystal temples.

The early 2nd century Ad Lucian of Samosota, in his history Vara, described a large highly civilized island-city that sank into the Atlantic “ages before our own.” But before it disappeared forever beneath the waves, one of its outstanding features was a ‘crystal building.’

The old Irish Voyage of Maildune contains a description of Atlantis which, detail for detail, is very close to Plato’s account, but it contains this additional piece of information: the inner wall of the great island palace Maildune visited was profusely decorated with crystal. This inner wall, according to Plato, surrounded the Temple of Poseidon, the Atlantean Holy-of-Holies, which again is reminiscent of Cayce’s life ‘readings.’

One of the most outstanding features of the crystal technology that the Atlanteans possessed was what Kryon calls the Temple of Rejuvenation. Not only were the crystals used for control, but also for practical purposes as well, in this case for healing.

The Temple of Rejuvenation was the building where humans were repolarized! Most of the walls were made up of a composition of material which could not be magnetized. Some of this composition was a mixture of crushed crystals. The process involved the repolarization of the body using an idea common around the world of the sacredness of the four directions in combination with the power and potency of doing things in threes.

Within the sphere of the room where this took place, there was the idea of rotation within rotation, for it was the motion which was the catalyst for the magnetics which did the actual polarization. Contained in the spire below the room were mechanics that match the ones contained in the spire above, and worked together to facilitate the workings of the balancing engine.

Kryon comments that nowhere in our “modern” medical facilities do we find anyone who is measuring the polarity of our organs and our magnetic balance, let alone adjusting it (although this is rapidly beginning to change). This technology which was so commonly known in Atlantis, he says, is essential to our well being and overall health, and only recently have people become aware of the danger as well as the benefits of electro-magnetic fields influencing their bodies.

“How can your scientists miss this when they can measure the electricity of your muscles, and your brain?... and when they can map the wiring of your body and see the results of synapse in your biological thinking? All this is magnetics!... The polarity of your human body is a “handshake” to the polarity of the Earth... Each organ has its own polarity, which is interactive with the organ next to it... there are two kinds of polarity: there is absolute, and relative. The absolute polarity is like a dipole, that is to say that the positive and negative alignment remains the same regardless of the physical inclination of the human. The relative polarity is that kind of polarity which changes with the inclination of the human. Two of the main organs have relative polarity: The human skin, and the brain. All polarized organs will respond to the polarity of the planet, and the relative ones will also respond to the physical inclination of the human... It (polarity) is measured through the fingertips.”

A computer program has recently been invented that when hooked to the fingertips displays the entire ever-changing electro-magnetic aura of the entire body, much as Kirlian photography takes a snapshot of it.

“The direction of motion has purpose... spinning to the left (counterclockwise), above the equator, or zero parallel, this is a gentle nudge for your polarity... It is good for health, and retains balance. Above the zero parallel, a right movement (clockwise) is for healing... for there is more energy developed through this right spin direction. What I am telling you now is opposite for those on the bottom... as you view the Earth on your maps, below the zero parallel.

“Your aura is the sum and difference of the polarity, and changes with the balance and health of the individual... Above and below the zero parallel, it works not necessarily because of the rotation of the planet, but because above the zero parallel there is a positive influence of the giant dipole, and below is the negative influence... Consider the human being to be polarized... use both hands on both sides of the human. Top and bottom... front and back.”

This is very much resembles what the Noah-like figure said to Gilgamesh in The Epic of Gilgamesh:

“I will reveal to thee, Gilgamesh, a hidden matter, a secret of the gods I will tell thee. Everlasting life is attained not by being immortal—it is attained by staying young forever!”

And what Gilgamesh saw at the time was,

“an enclosure of the gods wherein there was a garden; but the “garden” was made up entirely of artificially carved precious stones:


“All kinds of thorny Prickly Bushes were visible, blooming with gemstones; Carnelian bore fruit hanging in clusters, its vines too beautiful to behold. The foliage was of lapis lazuli; and grapes, too lush to look at, of . . stones were made.”

The partly damaged verses go on to list other kinds of fruit-bearing trees and the variety of precious stones—white and red and green—of which they were made. Pure water ran through the garden, and in its midst he saw “like a Tree of Life and a Tree of... that of An-gug stones were made.”

So the experience Gilgamesh was having was much like that of seeing some version of the Atlantean Temple of Rejuvenation. This was a way for the alien ‘gods’ to keep youthful in the very dense vibrations of this planet.


Even though the planet was of a higher vibration at the time of Lemuria when the average life span was 700 years, toward the end off Atlantis it was very near to becoming fully 3rd dimensional—a very dense level indeed for our off-world ‘visitors.’

“When you understand how to use energy, when you understand the vibrational form of energy, you are totally unlimited. There is nothing you cannot achieve once you understand energy and the vibrational form of energy. There is not anything you cannot create. Atlantis became the Mecca of that understanding. Atlanteans became superior in their knowledge to those beings that had established Atlantis. Those that founded Atlantis left behind enough knowledge that the great human resourcefulness of the human soul, was able to evolve very quickly. When humanity is not diversifying your energies with conflict, you have no idea of how superior your ability of creativity is nor how far reaching your possibilities. We would say to you, “You have not been willing to give up your own inner conflict let alone the conflict in your world and therefore you are not aware of your own greatness.”


Atlanteans did not experience conflict in their Golden Age they came to be masters at understanding and using energy. Others no longer came from distant galaxies to help the Atlanteans, but rather they came to learn from this great culture. The Atlanteans developed the technology that brought beings from all through the galaxy to Atlantis. Many had not developed the technology to travel to Earth. The Atlanteans had the technology to bring them here. Atlanteans became the superior masters of their time and gods of the universe, so to speak. They were known for open-armed embracement of all things. They became known for understanding of life. They were also known for their beautiful Healing Temple. We do not have the words to convey to you the beauty, the power and the simplicity of the Atlantean Healing Temple.”

This idea of a temple where beings could rejuvenate themselves is also repeated in The Egyptian Book of the Dead where the Pharaoh must go in search of the Tree of Life and the Water of Life in a garden much like that described by Gilgamesh, though in less detail. All these places in truth are simply large crystalline genetics regenerators. The Great Pyramid had similar properties when once it was crowned with its capstone of crystal and insulated by its limestone facing.

Much like a hand-held version of this crystal regenerator was the item used on Inanna in another legends of the gods from about this same time, one retold by Zecharia Sitchin: After getting the lifeless body of Inanna, “upon the corpse they directed the Pulser and the Emitter”; then sprinkled her body with the Water of Life and gave her the Plant of Life, “and Inanna arose.”

Drinking water in which crystals have been ‘soaked’ is a very common way of ingesting crystal energy, much like the idea used to create homeopathic remedies.

Alexander of Macedonia, who claimed to be partly divine and claimed a right to Immortality, went to Egypt in 332 BC especially to consult the Oracle of Amon at the oasis of Siwah about his divine parentage. There he goes to seek the Well of the Water of Life , and when he finds it, it was “inlaid with sapphires and emeralds and jacinths.” These are exactly the kinds of ideas that made precious stones precious.

Just as radiation can destroy or mutate genetics, so too can crystal energy rejuvenate DNA, the genetics of the body, and the organs. As we shall see later on, another major element of human history which has had a great effect on the field of human genetics and the progress of civilization is the incidence of the planet’s periodic pole shifts. Much of the encoding on the DNA is electro-magnetic, just as are the thought processes of the brain. When the Earth’s magnetic poles shift, as they have been recorded to do, much of human memory and its DNA encoding can be lost. When this happens civilization returns to a state of veritable ‘savagery’ in terms of what it knows and can do, just as hypothesized by Churchward. This explains what The Nine have to say about needing to re-encode or re-imprint information that has been lost for one reason or another in trying to upgrade humanity.

The Atlanteans were well-versed in all these fields. They were not the only ones on the planet at that time to be manipulating the genetics of the races and holding the population in virtual slavery, however, as we shall see when we deal with the Anunnaki of Ancient Sumeria.

Again, Clow describes the Atlantean use of genetic manipulation:

“I, Alcior, am an Atlantean stellar being . . . I am a carrier of the blood of the stars—one of the pure stellar beings who traveled here from outer space. As for the earth-born people, some are indigenous while some are mutants spawned by “stellar implantation.” ...from their central genetics laboratory in Atlantis, we stellar beings bred ourselves with Earth beings. Stellar sources mixed with Earth creatures have varying offspring. In this photon laboratory, I study how the stellar imprint affects the Earthling. We tell the people that we are doing this in order to eliminate disease, but the real reason we are doing it is to gain control of the Earth.

“...the only way extraterrestrials, such as myself, can understand humans is by means of decoding human DNA.... The Atlantean project is to assist in the process of the stellar encodement of humans... In other words we read the cosmic evolutionary cycles through humans on earth!... we need this information in order to determine the stability of Earth in the Solar System—particularly so that we can evacuate Earth at certain times... That is why we first came to Earth three hundred thousand years ago... For example, a photon from the star Aldebaran contains information on the functioning of Aldebaran consciousness. It is very musical, very mathematical, very harmonic, and very powerful for the right hemisphere of the human brain.

“When the crystal is charged, all of the mutants will move into “stellar fusion.”... Mutant Earthlings will fuse with the powers of their own original stars, we will live on Earth when we want to, and the rulers of Atlantis will control it all.”

The Atlanteans had great powers to manipulate energy of all types. In their experimentation with the weather they even caused storms on the planet that they did not understand. They also had aircraft and could fly, an example of these flying machines can be found carved into the pillars of a room in the Great Pyramid in Egypt which is closed to the public. Much like modern man and his electrical appliances, however, they grew lazy because all they had to do was just take the energy and do whatever it was they wanted to do.


As Kryon says, Atlantis had some of the highest channeled science ever known to mankind, existing right next to slavery. According to Clow, it is then that they became obsessed with power and “committed the great sins.”