We regret to inform you that Zecharia Sitchin passed away on the morning of October 9th 2010.

A small, private family funeral was held the next day.
The family asks that you respect its privacy during this difficult time and refrain from contacting

family members directly.

Instead, to offer tributes to Mr. Sitchin or to contact those handling his affairs, please email tributes@sitchin.com

or send a letter to P.O. Box 577, New York, NY 10185.



 -  About Zecharia Sitchin

 -  Archeological and Astronomical Papers - Sitchin and Harrington

 -  Baalbek - War Comes to the "Landing Place"

 -  Do Prophecies Fortell Iraq's Future?


 -  El Caso del Planeta Oculto


 -  El Mundo Según Zecharia Sitchin

 -  Encountering the Divine - Jordan Maxwell Interviews Zecharia Sitchin

 -  Extraterrestrials and The Vatican

 -  History Timeline According to Sitchin

 -  Pye’s Disagreement with Sitchin - Creation of Homo Sapiens (Humans)


 -  Sensacional Descubrimiento Sobre El Genoma Humano

 -  Sensational Human Genome Discovery


 -  Sitchin y Un Teólogo del Vaticano - Conversan de Ovnis, Extraterrestres, Ángeles, La Generación del...

 -  Sumerian Record of the Line of Cain


 -  The Ancients and The Power of Water



 -  The Case of The Evil Wind - Climate Study Corroborates Sumer’s Nuclear Fate


 -  The Case of the Genetically Modified Primate


 -  The Case of the "Intelligent Designer"


 -  The "Forbidden History" of Early Mankind



 -  The Mars' Findings of Zecharia Sitchin



 -  The Olmecs and Zecharia Sitchin



 -  War Comes to The Edin



 -  Will Nibiru Return in 2003? Interview With Zecharia Sitchin



Additional Information


 -  Anunnaki Revealed


 -  Anunnaki vs. Reptilianos


 -  Atención! - Hay Errores de Traducción en la Biblia y la Palabra 'Elohim' Puede Ser Usada como Plural


 -  Awaken to The Truth of Your Genetic Heritage, People of Earth - Neil Freer Interview


 -  Beware! - There Are Mistranslations in The Bible and The Word Elohim Can Be Used as a Plural


 -  Científicos Encuentran Genes Extraterrestres en ADN Humano - ¿Existen Civilizaciones de Seres...

 -  Climate Change and The Collapse of The Akkadian Empire - Evidence from the Deep Sea


 -  Discovering The Oldest Manmade Structures on Earth


 -  El Desaparecido Gran Planeta Tiamat - ¿La Tercera Roca Desde el Sol Fue Alguna Vez la Quinta Roca...


 - "El Libro Perdido de Enki" - Notas Sobre El Origen de La Humanidad Recogido en Las Tablillas Sumerias


 -  Enki y Enlil - La "Historia Prohibida" del Origen de la Humanidad


 -  Estela de Naramsin


 -  Evidence of Ancient ETs on Earth - Is This Artifact a Sculpted Scale Model of a Rocketship?


 -  From Godspell to God Games



 -  Has The Garden of Eden Been Located at Last?



 -  If the Anunnaki Created Us, Who Created the Anunnaki?



 -  Is Phobos a Mined Asteroid? - A Sitchinite’s Take on The Hollow Object


 -  Los Anunnaki - La Conexión Azteca


 -  Los Anunnaki - La Conexión Perú



 -  Nibiru - El Planeta de Los Anunnaki



 -  Nibiru's Orbit Identified


 -  Nuestra Historia Borrada


 -  Planet X - Classified Information


 -  Planeta X - Información Clasificada


 -  Planet X Research - Sitchin, Velikovsky, Harrington, Malachi, Hapgood


 -  Robert Harrington and Planet X - Main File


 -  Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA - Do Civilizations of Advanced Human...

 -  Show Him The Door - A Brief Commentary on Michael Heiser’s Shortsighted Slight of Sitchin


 -  Sitchin's Mesopotamian Rocket Ships - How to Ignore Ancient Mesopotamian Dictionaries


 -  The 2012-13 "Nibiru Flyby" Meme/Hoax


 -  The Anunnaki And The Tree Of Creation - from 'The Experiment' - The True History of The Dark....


 -  The Anunnaki Branch Grows - from 'The Experiment' - The True History of The Darkness and The Light


 -  The Elohim, Zecharia Sitchin, Pyramids and Christopher Dunn


 -  The Location of Planet X - by R.S.Harrington


 -  The Three Thousand Year Old Space Module Was 25 Year Old Plaster!


 -  The Writing on the Wall



 -  UFO's and Extraterrestrials..., A Problem for the Church?



Excerpts and Comments from Zecharia Sitchin's books



 -  Books of The Earth Chronicles Series - Excerpts



 -  Enki Speaks - based on Zecharia Sitchin's epic 'The Lost Book of Enki'


 -  Entrevista con Zecharia Sitchin - Crónicas de La Tierra


 -  Journeys to The Mythical Past - by Zecharia Sitchin



 -  Stairway to Heaven - Are Zecharia Sitchin and Vatican official Monsignor Balducci really...


 -  There Were Giants Upon The Earth - Gods, Demigods, and Human Ancestry - The Evidence of Alien DNA


 -  The Stairway to Heaven - commented book excerpts



 -  What Are The Earth Chronicles About? - Interview with Zecharia Sitchin


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 -  El 12º Planeta



 -  The 12th Planet



 -  The Stairway to Heaven



 -  La Escalera al Cielo


 Español   3  

 -  La Guerra de Los Dioses y Los Hombres



 -  The Wars of Gods and Men - Startling Documentary Evidence of The Extraterrestrial Warlords Who...

Español   4  

 -  Los Reinos Perdidos



 -  The Lost Realms



 -  Genesis Revisited



 -  El Genesis Revisado



 -  When Time Began



 -  Divine Encounters


Español   8  

 -  El Código Cósmico



 -  The Cosmic Code



 -  The End of Days - Armageddon And Prophecies of The Return

Español   9a  

 -  El Fin De Los Días - Armagedon y Las Profecías Del Retorno

Español   10  

 -  El Libro Perdido de Enki



 -  The Lost Book of Enki - Memories and Prophecies of An Extraterrestrial God



 -  Anunnaki Timeline


 -  Audio - Anunnaki Are Fallen Angels


 -  Genesis Revisited from PHENOMENON - The Lost Archives

 -  Life in The Universe - Are We Alone?


 -  Los Anunnaki - Creadores de La Actual Humanidad


 -  Quest for The Lost Civilization - Graham Hancock


 -  Registros Sumerios


 -  Sitchin, The Anunnaki and The 10th Planet


 -  Velikovsky - Bonds of The Past



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 -  Wes Penre and Humanity's History - Main File