Chapter 8

You Own Your Own Mind




"Big Brother"

Totalitarian rulerships have clearly exercised their powers in ways destructive of human rights and have constituted a predominant issue during the twentieth century. The twentieth century has witnessed monarchies replaced with democracies or with communist states, as well as the dismantling of colonial empires with democratic and communist blocks competing to bring the emerging independent nations under their umbrella of influence. Nationalist totalitarian states such as Nazi Germany had their arm of terror, the Gestapo, whose eyes and ears were often those of a person's own neighbors.


The communist state of East Germany, which portrayed itself as a Democratic Republic (DDR) had it's version of the same in the "Stasi," or state security police. "Big Brother" whose eyes and ears are everywhere, and whose policies are enforced by the "thought police" has comprised a chilling concept whose emergence in the United States has been defended against by persons who value their human rights guaranteed by America's Constitutional Bill of Rights. It has long been declared in America that not only do you own your own body, but that you own your own mind. Protecting human rights, rather than enabling the violation of the individual, is a primary obligation incumbent upon governments.


The "machinery" of Masonry has subverted not only Constitutional law, as evidenced in official investigations by three American State legislatures, but the "inner machinery" of Masonry has been involved in the most basic violations of human rights, as evident from revelations by Masonry's high ranking leaders. America has openly championed it's Constitutional Bill of Rights, not only on it's own soil, but globally.


In contrast, Mazzini's Masonic Machine has been working behind the scenes to establish an occult New Order, not only for the United States, but for the world, with a one world government and a one world religion. While also outwardly championing human rights, the Masonic Machine has operated behind the scenes to subvert human rights in some of the most sinister ways imaginable.


The methods exceed those of intrusive psychic remote vision. There has, indeed, been a "Big Brother" emerging in America. That "Big Brother" is emerging by means of a ubiquitous organization operating under the auspices of the "All Seeing Eye" of Lucifer, through whose "seething energies" a war is being waged against fundamental human rights and against the precepts of America's Constitutional Bill of Rights. Examine the means of psychic thuggery and subversion of the human mind which psychic warriors have at their disposal to serve particularly the interests of ushering in an occult New Order or totalitarian state while proclaiming democracy.


The advocacy and proliferation of "remote vision" and other psychic intrusive methods in the "arsenal" of the "psychic warrior" represents methods alien and inimical to America's Constitutional Bill of Rights. Indeed, "intrusion is a primary weapon of the tyrant."

"The makers of the Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness," Louis Brandeis {U.S. Supreme Court Justice} wrote in 1928. "They recognized the significance of man's spiritual nature, of his feeling and of his intellect. . . . They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions, and their sensation." Brandeis called the rights of privacy the rights to an "inviolate personality."


In 1964 Edward J. Bloustein, a law professor at New York University, analyzed Brandeis' views on privacy in an influential article published in the New York University Law Review. Bloustein wrote: "I take the principle of 'inviolate personality' to posit the individual's independence, dignity, and integrity; it defines man's essence as a unique and self-determining being."


... Bloustein ... wrote:

"A man whose home may be entered at the will of another, whose conversation may be overheard at the will of another, is less of a man, has less human dignity, on that account. He who may intrude upon another at will is the master of the other, and, in fact, intrusion is a primary weapon of the tyrant."

p. 207 The Naked Consumer:
How Our Private Lives Become Public Commodities, Erik Larson, 1992

Placing the arsenal of "the seething energies of Lucifer" of the "warrior on the block" into context, the "inner machinery" of Masonry reveals the means of subverting individuals and groups in ways which pushes the envelope of the meaning of the word "sinister." Lucifer, identified as the god of Masonry and of the New Age movement, the god of ancient spiritistic mystery religion, is Masonry's Master, an architect of a plan for a new world order whose path to "incarnating" Luciferian entities "on the physical plane" is paved by destroying human rights, violating bodies and minds. "... intrusion is a primary weapon of the tyrant."


One of the New Age psychic "warrior" "arsenal" methods includes telepathy. "Telepathy" is a term which applies to much more than describing psychic communication between two or more individuals.


As The Warrior's Edge uses the term,

"we will unroll a reality map that includes telepathy" [p. 111, The Warrior's Edge, Alexander, Groller, Morris] in which telepathy is defined as:

"... telepathy (using the human mind to tap into the thoughts of others)


All these phenomena involve using the mind and/or some "field" of the body to affect other minds and inanimate objects, sometimes at a distance

Think of what it would be like to be able to learn, in advance, what a competitor or an ally is thinking or to know the plans or state of mind of another person, even if that person is half a world away. ..."


p. 11 The Warrior's Edge,

Colonel John B. Alexander, Major Richard Groller, Janet Morris, 1990

While the expression "reality map" is used, psychic researches have, themselves, determined through experimentation that psychic powers are NOT explained by means of physical laws.  The experiments referred to were not presented to debunk the reality of psychic powers, rather, they were presented to establish the reality of psychic powers as having no physical barriers. 


Yet, one avenue through which persons are lured into New Age practices is by presenting psychic powers as naturally occurring phenomena, even though psychic powers cannot be explained in terms of the laws of physics.  The spirit realm, which has for centuries explained the source of psychic powers, is in principle unsuccessfully circumvented.  Yet, there are persons who take the bait. 


Later, however, practicioners learn that spirit guides are responsible for the wielding of psychic powers.  The point of entry into psychic practice sometimes denies the reality of spirit entities.  A substitute "reality" map is provided until a later time.


The "reality map" which the authors of The Warrior's Edge advance comprise the components of a psychic "arsenal." It includes "tapping into the thoughts of others" as well as 'affecting other minds.' The "psychic eye," or "point of contact between humans and Lucifer-consciousness" includes not only "remote vision," but even more profound victimizations of human rights.


Lucifer, the Master of Mazzini's Masonic Machine, presides over Masonry, presides over the workings of the "inner machinery" as well as over the structure of obstruction and subversion of justice embodied in the "obligations" of Masonry, that is the adherence to Constitutionally abhorrent oaths rewritten into present form by "Pontiff" Pike. Manly P. Hall, 33rd degree, keys in on the basis of psychic phenomena, not only by the reference to "the seething energies of Lucifer," but by the apparent capacity of the discarnate entity, Lucifer, to interpret a person's thoughts.


The Mason believes in the Great Architect, the living keystone of creation's plan, the Master of all Lodges, without whose spirit there is no work. Let him never forget that the Master is near. Day and night let him feel the presence of the Supreme or Overshadowing One.


The All-Seeing Eye is upon him. Day and night this great Orb measures his depths, seeing into his innermost soul of souls, judging his life, reading his thoughts, measuring his aspirations, and rewarding his sincerity. To this All-Seeing One he is accountable; to none other must he account. This Spirit passes with him out of the Lodge and measures the Mason in the world.


p. 62 The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall., 1923, 1976




The capacity of Lucifer entities to interpret thoughts coupled with their capacity to impress or induce thoughts upon the human brain forms the basis for the "phenomena" of telepathy, or "reading" of thoughts which psychics claim. Thoughts of humans which can be interpreted by spirit entities forms the basis of what is called telepathy, wherein the spirit entities subsequently impress thoughts upon the brain of the psychic, and the psychic in turn claims to read the minds of others. Thus, the reference to the opening of the psychic eye, or point of contact with Lucifer or Lucifer entity consciousness. It is also associated with a "co-consciousness."


"Remote vision" in one form involves an "on-site observer" whose thoughts or observations are "read," so to speak, via the facilitating spirit guide or entity. In another form of "remote vision," a human on-site observer is not used, wherein the Luciferian spirit guide never the less conveys physical appearances of a site.


Out of Body Experiences, or OBE, describe the sensations a person has of leaving one's body while receiving visual, auditory, or other sensory observations apparently apart from one's own body. The impression upon the brain of visual images taken from another vantage point, such as from a facilitating Luciferian entity, can also be coupled with the manipulation of the faculty of the senses by a facilitating entity and has led some persons to claim that they themselves have traveled in and out of their own bodies to make distant observations. Similarly, others claim that they themselves can "read" the thoughts of other persons.


As already examined, even proponents of psychic techniques have put research on the table which debunks the electromagnetic brain wave theory of "psychic" information transferal. At the same time, it has been established that psychic "powers" have the capacity to penetrate physical barriers which would limit or prevent the transmission of electromagnetic waves. For persons who are intent on the "if it works, use it" philosophy, the pursuit of psychic powers might not be deterred by the disclosure of such experimental evidence which debunks a materialistic explanation for the "phenomena" of "remote vision" and "mind reading."


Testimony by former or current high-level participants in psychic-occult practices that spirit guides preside over the New Age movement, facilitate the "psychic eye," and establish co-consciousness with the "psychic" also argues against a materialistic explanation. Efforts to change terminology to divert people's attention from the real source of psychic "powers" camouflages many dangers.


Along the path of developing psychic powers, later, when the participant is contacted unequivocally by discarnate spirit entities, pathways of influence by such entities upon the psychic have already become established. One of the dangers or traps involves an inability or difficulty in distinguishing between one's own thoughts and those impressed upon the brain by others, by the "Hierarchy" of spirit entities of the New Age movement. False, misleading telepathic communications or impressions presents another factor aggravating the problems.


Persons who are contemplating the acquisition of psychic powers believing that telepathy is a means of arriving at truth should be advised that the realm of telepathic powers represents a realm of multitudinous deceptions and misleading inspirations, and is presided over by Lucifer, the Father of the Lie. Examine further the substantiation of these statements.


It should not be forgotten that the discarnate spirits which facilitate powers of telepathy have an agenda. The New Age, presided over by Lucifer, denies the existence of evil. That doctrine facilitates performing what is evil, which doctrine is examined in the next chapter. New Age spirits have themselves declared planning the elimination of persons who will not allow themselves to be initiated into the New Age, elimination of persons who will not participate in the "great work" of incarnating Luciferian entities on the physical plane, that is, through human bodies.


Satan keeps transforming himself into an angel of light, he is referred to as the original manslayer (spiritually and consequentially) and the Father of the lie. False interpretations form the very basis of the progression of Masonic teaching in the Luciferian Scottish Rite degrees, as attested to by Pontiff Pike, who wrote them. The reader is reminded:

"The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry."


p. 819 Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike

Masonry does not represent the path to truth, it is a path of "finding always darkness deeper than before." [p. 82, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall].


The end of the path is where the initiate's consciousness has merged and is eventually permeated, flooded, eclipsed by the transforming Luciferian spirit entities. Masonry embodies the occult, spiritistic plan to corrupt and rule mankind even beyond ways perpetuated upon mankind in general since the Luciferian Lie was first uttered in Eden. Masonry's doctrines and practices are designed to prevent mankind's real redemption from conditions of sin and death. Maintain perspective of the New Age's ultimate agenda as you examine further the "arsenal" of psychic powers wielded by psychic or New Age "warriors."

The Mason ... Let him never forget that the Master is near. ... The All-Seeing Eye is upon him ... reading his thoughts ... This Spirit passes with him out of the Lodge ...


p. 62 The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall., 1923, 1976




"Reading his thoughts"
In the book The Mind Race, an allusion is made to "psychic abilities" being,

"monopolized by cults or co-opted by competing governments."

[p. 8, THE MIND RACE: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities, Russell Targ & Keith Harary, 1984]

The authors also state that,

"The forces that mislead people about psi are as active as they have ever been"

[p. 242, THE MIND RACE: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities, Russell Targ & Keith Harary, 1984]

The apparent premise of The Mind Race book portrays the former Soviet Union and the United States in a "mind race," a psychic weapons race, and cites limited CIA disclosures on the subject of remote vision and psychic "mind-reading."


-The CIA financed a project in 1975 to develop a new kind of agent who could truly be called a "spook," CIA Director Stanfield Turner has disclosed.


The CIA chief said that the agency found a man who could "see" what was going on anywhere in the world through his psychic powers. Turner said CIA scientists and officials would show the man a picture of a place and he would then describe any activity going on there at the time. The tight-lipped CIA chief wouldn't reveal how accurate the spook was, but said the agency dropped the project in 1975.


"He died," Turner said, "and we haven't heard from him since."


Chicago Tribune

Saturday, August 13, 1977


p. 10 The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities,

Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984

Of course, information gathering has not been ignored entirely. One year after our luncheon, The Chicago Tribune of August 13, 1977 describes a breakfast meeting with reporters in which then CIA Director Stanfield Turner

"confirmed reports that the Russians are studying persons who claim to be able to read minds and 'teleport' themselves into secret meetings and into the future. Turner confirmed that U.S. intelligence operatives have discovered that the Soviet Union is spending money and time researching whether occult and psychic methods could be used for spying on other nations."


The Soviet psychic research effort is primarily aimed at learning to use psychic functioning to influence human behavior.

p. 72 The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities,

Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984

What is particularly interesting about the limited CIA and media disclosures which the authors cite is that the reader might conclude from the book that the "mind race" between America and Russia is of recent origin. The Mind Race does cite Russian research and psychic claims dating back to the 1920's, and the reader might think that the issue is that of America playing "catch up" with the Russians.


What is particularly disturbing in connection with the issue of cover-ups is that the volume of information about mind-reading and related psychic phenomena at the turn of the century, associated with and following the birth of the spiritualist movement on American soil in 1848, appears to be substantially absent in The Mind Race. Historically, America's spiritualist movement first spread to England where it has attempted to "study" and to legitimize under the auspices of "science," spirit induced phenomena.


However, author Michael Howard zooms in on the cover-up of occult practices by governments at the end of World War II.

Howard first discusses the case of the psychic with the codename "Anne," reported to use verified psychic vision to examine enemy documents, and to report on the contents of overseas conversations during World War II.

[The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies -- Their Influence and Power in World, p. 138]

The author continues by exploring the use of Continental witch covens for employing psychic powers under the organizational efforts of a Hungarian occultist recruiting in occult circles and in contact with the Intelligence Service. While on the one hand spirits of the Hierarchy were working with the assistance of the Illuminati and Masonic organizations to maneuver nations into world war, the psychic powers of secret societies and occult circles were obtaining standing with intelligence communities while world war reconfigured the world's scene.


Methods employed by the occult Nazi Regime were purposely not exposed at the end of WW II. The author of Occult Conspiracy attributes the cover-up to Britain.

Churchill allegedly suppressed the facts about the Nazis involvement in occultism. He ordered that under no circumstances should the general public be informed of the extent of the occult activities engaged in by the Third Reich. At the Nuremberg trials of the major Nazi war criminals, including Rudolf Hess, the truth about their occult activities and practices was hidden from the world.


p. 140 The Occult Conspiracy:

Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989

Howard examines the occult roots of the British Secret Service in the 16th century, the use of an underground organization of witch covens in England by Sir Francis Walsingham,

"to gather material for his intelligence service," the extension of "his spy network across Europe" as ambassador to France, and the employ of astrologer/occultist Dr. John Dee for his contacts which included "high-placed occultists who were members of secret societies," which comprised a pool from which to "seek recruits for his network of agents on the Continent."

[The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989, p. 53] 

England's interest in covering up Germany's occult practices after World War II raises probing questions, issues familiar with British soil. Evidently at risk was the exposé of the verified psychic activities whose related "powers" have been at the disposal of secret societies and occult circles. In reality, the use of psychic powers was not simply an issue confined to solitary agents such as "Anne."


Also at risk was exposing the role of secret societies in international espionage activities which would have opened intense public interest or scrutiny into the behind-the-scenes political activities of secret societies.


The focus of this chapter, however, as it relates to organizations, is on the New Age movement's premier secret society, Freemasonry, established as an organization in Scotland/England, and co-opted by the German born Illuminati scheme consolidated by Adam Weishaupt and his successors Giussepe Mazzini and Albert Pike. It is after the British and German hybrid secret society had established and even entrenched itself in America that spiritualism literally came knocking in the State of New York in 1848.


While the manifestations of spirit guides and psychic powers such as telepathy became known to the general public at the time, the public certification of such powers, however, became obfuscated with acts of deliberate fraud. The new movement offered to the public at large what had apparently been primarily the domain of secret societies and occult circles and provided an expanded base for the New Age movement.


The spiritualistic conditions in America provided fertile soil for the teachings of Russian born Madam Blavatsky, founding disciple of Theosophy. The teachings of Theosophy inspired by the Hierarchy later made significant contribution to the doctrines and practices of the occult Third Reich. The New Age Hierarchy of discarnate spirits has pitted nation against nation in world war, as secret societies have worked behind the scenes to achieve the ultimate objective.


The cover-up of psychic practices by governments goes far beyond concealing specific capabilities by specific nations in the field of espionage. At the highest levels of occult practices, the religious and political objectives of the sinister forces which are served dominate the agenda. There is no question that the Illuminati plot for world wars penned in 1871 has transformed earth's political landscape and has impacted the religious and social climates. The objective is ultimately to achieve a one-world occult government and religion.


Sucking apparently competing forces into the world of physic, occult, spiritistic forces places the players on paths which have a common outcome, congruent with the "great work" and with "the Plan." Thus, participating in the so-called psychic "mind race" involves nations and people in an escalating vortex of forces leading the competitors onto a common path where their efforts merge. The end product is overt domination by an occult Hierarchy.


The term psychic "warrior" is by no means an understatement. Examine further how telepathy, including remote vision, establishes the means for discarnate entities, Luciferian "angels," to transform and take control of human beings, to virtually incarnate themselves. Examine the mechanism which is proliferating as the New Age movement gains incredible momentum, as the unwary "outsiders" have been maneuvered to believe that such activities have been taking place on the fringes, if at all.


Behind the scenes, New Age participants are working and remain poised, as Manly P. Hall stated, "until the day be with us." As the reader examines the subject of psychic mind-reading and psychic mental influence, keep in mind that the New Age spirit entities which facilitate such "powers" have an agenda. It is an aggressive agenda using sinister means to accomplish it's goals.


The "Plan" ultimately involves placing persons under compulsion to be spiritistically initiated, whereas those who refuse are slated for elimination. The rulership spoken of is evidently not limited to governmental functions, but embraces a complete take-over under the auspices of a hierarchical regime. Telepathy represents a primary mechanism through which the conquest of mankind is facilitated. The agenda is encapsulated by New Age leader Alice Bailey who stated,

"... we shall have the steady growth of omniscience. This is the whole story of telepathic interplay in the true sense; it portrays the growth of that oligarchy of elect souls who will eventually rule the world ..."

[Telepathy, Alice A. Bailey, p. 7 ]

The New Age leader Alice Bailey also described ...

"total Hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master."

[Telepathy, Alice A. Bailey, p. 9 ]

Can you figure out which "oligarchy of elect souls" are determined to "eventually rule the world" ?


Do you think that Czar Alexander had it right when he spoke of the occult ,

empire of evil which is spreading by all the occult means at their disposal ..."

[The Occult Conspiracy, Michael Howard, p. 103]

This chapter discusses some of the most sinister and evil means which secret societies and occult groups have had available in doing so, including not only remote vision and "mind-reading" but impressing thoughts upon the unsuspecting and interfering with human free will. The body of information regarding the spread of the "New Age" movement discloses that the means available are taught to be used to accomplish the "great work" and the "Plan."




Conditioning for Mental Impression


The development of psychic powers involves a step by step displacement or transformation of the human being by Luciferian entities. Thus, when a person opens one's mind to "impressions" by outside entities, when within a person there is developed a "psychic eye," the "point of contact with Lucifer-consciousness," it is not only visual images which can be impressed upon a person's brain, such as in the case of "remote vision," but the individual becomes acutely vulnerable to the impression of thoughts upon the brain by discarnate spirits.


New Age leader Alice Bailey describes how what takes place in psychic development is by no means without a cost.

The moment, however, that man tries to be telepathic, he is immediately swept into a vortex of abstract energies which condition him for spiritual impression far more than they fit him for personal relationships telepathically established.


p. 85 Telepathy: Alice A. Bailey, 1950, 1986

Opening the barrier's of one's own mind to intrusion by outside entities represents a "Trojan" method to bring the enemy within. The process by which a person becomes conditioned to receive "psychic" impressions is a conditioning process which goes beyond the designs of the person who seeks to develop "remote vision" or who seeks to "tap into the thoughts of others."


It might be said that the apparent experiencing of other person's thoughts, through psychic facilitating spirits, would obviously condition a persons to experience thoughts induced by spirits in keeping with their own purposes.


Persons who are brought into New Age practices without the initial mention of spirit guides are led through a process by which telepathic "powers" can be developed. Once acquired, once the person accepts the notion or experience of experiencing someone else's thoughts, the person becomes conditioned for impression by the spirit Hierarchy. But there is apparently more to it than simple psychological conditioning.


As evident from Alice Bailey's explanation, the effort to become telepathic involves a person with forces which condition the person for spiritual impression which goes beyond the primary function which the person may be aware of or have in mind. Again, it can be seen that the primary purpose of telepathy is to open channels of access, in the human mind or brain, of acute sensitivity or vulnerability to the impression of thoughts by spirit entities. It is a conditioning process "for spiritual impression" by the New Age spirit hierarchy.


The "point of contact between humans and Lucifer-consciousness" is an entry point for a vortex of powerful influences upon the person who seeks psychic powers. The Luciferic "great work" is for the "genie" gradually to become the "master." The "inner machinery" of Masonry obtains associates in "the Plan."

Later, he becomes sensitive to impression from the Hierarchy. This is at first purely ashramic, but is later transformed into total hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master; the Plan is then the dynamic substance providing the content of the reservoir of thought upon which he can draw.


p. 94 Telepathy: Alice A. Bailey, 1950, 1986

The progression of psychic development leads eventually to "total hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master." To have the thoughts in one's brain totally impressed by a hierarchy of discarnate Luciferian entities itself comprises the essential element of "the Plan.


The resulting "Illuminati" becomes a fleshly agent to assist in bringing about political, religious, social or moral changes to bring about a one-world government and religion, eventually overtly occult. Influencing others to come under the same "hierarchal" influences represents the expansion or extension of "the Plan" and expands the power base to implement it.


It would be no understatement to speak of a process of "incarnation on the physical plane" or re-incarnation of discarnate entities through the body of a human being when "total hierarchical impression" takes place.

As the disciple begins to demonstrate soul quality, and the second divine aspect takes possession of him and controls and colours his entire life, automatically the higher sensitivity is developed; he becomes a magnet for spiritual ideas and concepts; he attracts into his field of consciousness the outline, and later the details, of the hierarchical Plan; ...


They drop into his field of consciousness because he has created a magnetic aura which invokes them and brings them "into his mind".


p. 95 Telepathy: Alice A. Bailey, 1950, 1986

"The Plan" involves a one-world government, an occult hierarchy, an elite "illumined" oligarchy ruling over a world in which Christianity has been slated to be displaced and destroyed.

When this awareness is cultivated and the individual mind is brought consciously into contact with the mind of God as it expresses itself through the illumined mind of the Hierarchy of adepts, we shall have the steady growth of omniscience. This is the whole story of telepathic interplay in the true sense; it portrays the growth of that oligarchy of elect souls who will eventually rule the world, who will be chosen so to rule, and who will be recognized by the mass as eligible for that high office through the co-ordination that they have established between:

1. The Universal mind.

2. Their individual mind illumined by the soul consciousness.

3. The brain, reacting to the individual mind, and

4. The group of those whose minds and brains are similarly tuned and telepathically related.

p. 7 Telepathy: Alice A. Bailey, 1950, 1986

The "mind of God" ? The New Age God is Lucifer, Satan.


"Individual mind" ? ... "illumined," impressed, imprinted, transformed the individual mind of the human participant is dismantled, displaced and cast-off. Manly P. Hall described the destruction of the human mind, the sloughing off of the human mind. What "individual mind" of the human there initially is, is slotted for casting off.


Considering that New Age disciples come under "total hierarchal impression by the time the disciple is a Master," who, then, really comprise the "elect souls" who, according to the "Plan" are conspired to "rule the world" ?

"... we shall have the steady growth of omniscience. This is the whole story of telepathic interplay in the true sense; it portrays the growth of that oligarchy of elect souls who will eventually rule the world ..."

The purpose of sucking increasing numbers of human beings into the vortex of telepathic powers is to increase "the growth of that oligarchy." It is to increase the influence, increase the extent to which impression of thoughts by discarnate entities gain control over persons, to facilitate ushering in an overt occult rulership to "eventually rule the world."


The "genie" which offers persons the facility of "telepathy" does so to become the eventual Master. The sometimes ostensibly "beneficent" "genie" actually represents discarnate spirits seeking to incarnate themselves on the physical plane, in the brains and bodies of initially unsuspecting humans.


"The whole story" of the New Age movement, "the whole story" of spirit guides which "merge" with the participating human is to accomplish the "great work" of taking over the human race, of subverting the human will, of ushering in an overt occult one-world government and religion, of accomplishing "The Plan" to "rule the world" by an "oligarchy" of so-to-speak incarnated Lucifer spirits.


The expression, in the foregoing reference, "recognized by the mass as eligible for that high office through the co-ordination that they have established between ..." telepathically related minds is like saying that there is an agreement between minds which are being impressed by the hierarchy that the hierarchy is "eligible for that high office."


An "agreement" between minds which are "impressed" with thoughts from a spirit hierarchy again raises the issue of autonomy and ownership of the mind and raises the issue of "thought discrimination," discriminating between one's own thoughts and those impressed upon a person.




The Universal Brain

" ... total hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master."

The Masonic, New Age "religion" is one of spirit possession, by degrees, degrees of "illumination," degrees of "initiation."


The development of telepathic "powers" represents the path of impression on one's mind by outside entities, and is one in which discrimination between one's own thoughts and thoughts impressed upon the mind, itself becomes an issue. The human brain becomes a Luciferian vehicle for impressing of thoughts by discarnate entities and thoughts interpreted from others by such entities.


Thus, with a variety of entities impressing their thoughts upon a human brain, the concept emerges of "the Universal Mind." It would be more appropriate to use the expression "universal brain," seeing that numerous spirit entities obtain access to impress thoughts of their minds upon the human brain, even "permeating" or "flooding" the "brain-mind." Having other entities use one's brain and body as they see fit more closely resembles an ultimate form of communism rather than personal ownership.


Once a human being has become so subverted that their brain and body have become the "material" for discarnate entities to manipulate, the state could evidently be reached where a so-called "universal brain" becomes divorced of it's own identity. Thus W. L. Wilmshurst spoke of "transcending all sense of personal individualization." Recognizing that there are various degrees of spiritistic "illumination," it appears that when the consciousness of a New Age spirit "merges" with a human brain, according to Luciferian lingo, the person has attained to godhood.


For that matter, "total impression by the Hierarchy" is not a description which ingenuously depicts ownership of one's own mind or brain. It should be quite obvious that what really happens is that discarnate entities attain to virtually incarnating themselves physically by taking over a human being, which is quite the opposite of a human being developing his or her own identity. Becoming a biological bus or vehicle for multiple New Age Luciferian entities to drive around is not godhood. Having a Luciferian entity behind the wheel is not godhood, it's a form of demon possession.


The person on such a path becomes transformed into a biological vehicle for the impression of thoughts by outside entities. It makes a terrible mockery of the expression "you own your own mind." The claim that "everyone has the right to operate psychically" involves violating the rights of others, as evidenced by the methods promoted, and ends in the violation and conquering of one's own mind by outside entities. Masonic "conquest."


One way of confusing a person about what constitutes one's own thoughts has evidently been to engage a person unwittingly into contacting a spirit guide. If the contact emerges in the form of an audible voice, the person is often told that the voice is one's own "inner voice." Of course, the deception should be quite obvious, and "hearing a voice" is apparently rather different when compared to experiencing induced thoughts. Yet, the path of developing what is called an "inner ear" is a path in which the spirit "guides" or entities which facilitate such phenomena often later identify themselves as spirit guides, as the next section will show. The discussion also provides the context to further consider the issue of "thought discrimination."


The "expansion of consciousness" is a reference often used in mystical, New Age descriptions. The objective, however, by the associated spirit guides is better described, not as the expansion of the consciousness of the individual human being, but rather the expansion of consciousness of Luciferian spirit entities in human hosts.


The expression "cosmic consciousness" is often used, as isthe "universal mind," or more accurately, the universal brain host for impression by the Hierarchy and the externalization of their consciousness on the "physical plane." It is easier getting persons to become involved in spirit mediumship by representing the process, initially, as contacting one's "inner self."

The yogis say, we have then touched the inner self not only of the object and ourselves, but of all things. They would describe this as a complete union with God, which is in fact the literal meaning of the word yoga.


p. 122 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")




The "inner self" Ploy

Dr. Lawrence, a "leading psychic practitioner" despite his detailed ominous warnings about blanking out the mind even partially due to the vulnerability of being taken over by an "outside entity," recommends developing psychic powers in his book Unlock Your Psychic Powers. Unlocking psychic powers is like unlocking Pandora's Box. Manly P. Hall said as much.


While Dr. Lawrence can be applauded for his riveting warnings about partial or full possession by malicious and evil entities at the end of his book, it is indeed remarkable that a reader of Dr. Lawrence's book should be led to believe that cultivating "psychic hearing" represents contacting "the voice of the inner self." It is, indeed, remarkable.

You will certainly make mistakes in the early stages, but with practice, a sense of humour and above all perseverance, you can gradually develop the sense of psychic hearing. This is one way to unlock those inner attributes that so many neglect and leave untapped, and yet which dwell within the innately divine nature of each of us. How many times have you heard the phrase 'the still small voice within' to describe this divine nature which is expressed through what is tantamount to a high form of claraudience? It is, in effect, the voice of the inner self.


p. 107 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

Symbolically, the faculty of conscience has sometimes been spoken of as a voice within, but it is not a metaphorical reference to conscience which is here at issue. If the "voice of the inner self" referred to is a "high form of clairaudience," what standard does the author give by which to measure "genuine clairaudience" ?

A good communicating guide should be able to supply you with information which you could not have known consciously, subconsciously or by imaginative invention. This will be your yardstick for genuine clairaudience.


p. 104 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,
Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

"Inner attributes" ?


It is quite apparent that the "voice of the inner self" which a person is supposed to contact for psychic information is actually an interposing communicating entity, an "outside entity" which gains access to the practitioner's consciousness..

When you start to awaken the inner ear you will actually start to hear, in your 'mind's ear' as it were, thoughts expressed. Through clairaudience, a communicating entity can enter your consciousness and speak to you. In the early stages this can be a difficult thing to practice, but it is a practice built on very firm foundations because you are conscious throughout the procedure, and therefore in control of the whole thing with full memory recall afterwards. It can lead to an accurate and informative rapport with a guide or other communicator from a higher realm.


p. 98 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

Although Dr. Lawrence describes one's being "conscious throughout the procedure ... with full memory recall afterwards," as contrasted with a more traditional mediumistic trance, he also uses a more elucidating description in connection with cultivating clairaudience:

"You will not be in an active mental state in which you are consciously thinking about things, but will be passively receiving whatever thoughts happen to go through the brain."


p. 105, Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,
Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

That description represents a rather tenuous position from which to claim that one is "therefore in control of the whole thing, " while "through clairaudience, a communicating entity can enter your consciousness."

Discussing trance states Dr. Lawrence observes,

Lesser states than this, however, require anything from a partial to a complete negation of conscious mental control in order to be taken over by the communicating entity. The reason for this is that the operation of the conscious mind is an obstacle to the psychic entity who wishes to overshadow your consciousness,... then a partial mental vacuum is left by you for an outside entity to occupy. Once this mental vacuum has been created, an overshadowing entity can use it exactly as it chooses. ...


I have met victims of negative trance, who have attempted to commune with the deceased or even perform other practices which involved blanking out the mind and with it part of the will.. Some of these have become fully or partially possessed. There is sometimes a narrow dividing line between mental illness and psychic delusion.


... for many psychological illnesses are related to both psychological disturbance and psychic interference.


p. 97 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

"the operation of the conscious mind is an obstacle to the psychic entity who wishes to overshadow your consciousness,... then a partial mental vacuum is left by you for an outside entity to occupy. " The dangers of partial or complete possession by a discarnate entity are not associated only with traditional spirit mediums. Thus, authors Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon round out Dr. Lawrence's own warnings:

Most self-improvement techniques being adopted throughout society---by public educators, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and success/motivation seminar leaders---employ varying forms of Eastern meditation and self-hypnosis similar to TM's variation on Yoga. It is these very "technologies for expanding and transforming personal consciousness" that Marilyn Ferguson lauds in The Aquarian Conspiracy.


Yet in keeping with warnings expressed by Atrign and others, there are many documented cases of persons involved not only in TM but in other forms of Yoga and autosuggestion having extremely frightening and uncontrollable spiritual experiences.


As a result, some have been driven to insanity and even suicide---but these facts are deliberately suppressed. {footnote} The same problems often plague participants in assorted mind-dynamics and self-improvement courses, especially where the techniques involve contact with visualized "inner guides."


p. 49 The New Spirituality: A Consumer's Guide to the Exploding Mystical Marketplace,

Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon,1988, [America: the sorcerer's new apprentice]

A "sense of humour" (p. 107, Unlock Your Psychic Powers) evidently does not take into account "extremely frightening and uncontrollable spiritual experiences. As a result, some have been driven to insanity and even suicide ..." seeking or contacting "inner guides." The expression "therefore in control of the whole thing" while in a "state" in which "a communicating entity ... enter your consciousness" capable of taking over an individual could be likened to a person playing Russian Roulette with six bullet chambers and an unknown number of bullets, while being "in control of the whole thing."


One would think that intelligent discrimination in mistaking a "communicating entity" with one's "inner self" could avoid such problems. The problem of intelligent discrimination is a far-reaching one.

Somehow intelligent discrimination seems to go out of the window with some people when they are on the receiving end of psychic material. When we develop, we have to guard against the ego creeping in and tempting us to believe that whatever comes through us is highly elevated. It may be good information, but it is not infallibly correct unless we ourselves are Masters in the mystic sciences and our guides are also Masters, a situation which is extremely rare.


These warnings aside, clairvoyance is an educational and exciting adventure which is well worth pursuing.


p. 84 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

"Intelligent discrimination seems to go out of the window" by brushing the warnings aside.

"Intelligent discrimination seems to go out of the window" when one accepts the premise that the entity which one is supposed to be contacting is one's "inner self."




Thought Discrimination


There is more than one type of discrimination at issue; discrimination in the sense of critical analytical ability or judgment, and discrimination, or lack thereof, between one's "own thoughts and those coming from an outside source."


If a psychic cannot not distinguish between his own thoughts and those impressed upon the mind by a spirit entity, then speaking of the practitioner as being "in control of the whole thing" gets rather problematic. "Thought discrimination," discriminating between one's own thoughts and those experienced "psychically" is itself an issue which goes beyond the clever device sometimes used when saying that the psychic voice inside is actually oneself.


The experiencing of other people's thoughts, that is, thoughts impressed by "communicating entities" and differentiating such thoughts from one's own is a problem encountered first of all by psychics. It is an issue placed into context by Alice Bailey who described the end game as "total Hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master."


Yet, Dr. Lawrence brings up the issue of thought discrimination himself, at least it appears to be himself.

Telepathy is difficult to practice ...

Clairaudience with a higher psychic plane can be easier because of the rapport which can be achieved so closely between the psychic and the guide, who is able to lock in very closely to the psychic's consciousness and create a strong link. The clairaudient's function is to go ...

to a more passive state in which he allows no interference from his conscious mind. He is alert but, at the same time, passive.


In the early states you will observe a jumble of haphazard thoughts and it will be difficult to discriminate between your own thoughts and those coming from an outside source. This discriminatory ability is in fact the key skill that needs to be developed. Gradually you will start to be able to do this, but it is highly possible that in the early stages mistakes will be made.


p. 103 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

The "guide" is described as creating a "strong link" with "the psychic's consciousness" while the psychic "allows no interference from his conscious mind." "... it will be difficult to discriminate between your own thoughts and those coming from an outside source."


Dr. Lawrence's description of the clairaudient going in "to a more passive state in which he allows no interference from his conscious mind" strangely results creating a "partial mental vacuum", doesn't it ? The chilling warnings of dangers associated with a "partial mental vacuum" are placed at the end of his book, as already noted. Yet, the dangers of lacking discrimination between one's own thoughts and those impressed psychically upon a person appear to be characterized by Dr. Lawrence simply as "it is highly possible that in the early stages mistakes will be made" due to lack of "thought discrimination."


Is the ability to discriminate between one's own thoughts and those which are psychically impressed upon one's brain really developed ? This is an issue which deserves critical analysis considering New Age leader Alice Bailey's description that the telepathic process eventually leads to "total Hierarchical impression by the time the {New Age} disciple is a Master."

There are two main ways to develop the necessary discrimination in clairaudience.

You will start to feel the presence of somebody else and be able to tell the difference between your own state of consciousness, which should be as elevated as possible, and another vibration being transmitted to you. Communicating intelligences will usually have their own passwords, particular phrases or signals which you will become used to. It can be as simple as a particular feeling associated with a particular guide.


You will not be in an active mental state in which you are consciously thinking about things, but will be passively receiving whatever thoughts happen to go through the brain. Mystical exercises and yoga practices will help you to learn the sensitivity necessary to develop this skill of discrimination. Because you are not thinking actively about something in this state, you will be an observer of thoughts and there will come a stage when you will also be impressed by outside feelings and vibrations which you know are not coming from yourself.


A different type of phraseology of those thoughts, which again you know not to be from yourself, will also come to you, and it is then that you may be receiving guidance from an outside source. ...


p. 105 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

Dr. Lawrence states that "Gradually you will start to be able to" "discriminate between your own thoughts and those coming from an outside source" and characterizes the ability "to discriminate" "in the early states" as "difficult." Fundamentally, the base line which is established in experiencing psychically impressed thoughts is that of a lack of discrimination "between one's own thoughts and those coming from an outside source."


An entry process involving a lack of discrimination of one's own's thoughts from "impressed" thoughts should provide an ominous warning of the end game, that of "total hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master."


There are basically two methods by which Dr. Lawrence contends that "thought discrimination" is achieved. One method for which it is claimed that a person can develop the ability to distinguish between one's own thoughts and those impressed psychically from the outside is that the psychic "will start to feel the presence of somebody else." It should be noted that "outside thoughts" were impressed upon the psychic in "early states" in which such presence is not felt, which fundamentally makes the means or method of distinction one which cannot be relied upon.


Another method alleged to provide the means of distinguishing between one's own thoughts and those impressed from the outside is characterized as the impression of feelings "and vibrations." The absence of such criterion or manifestations in "early stages" in which there is a lack of discrimination again leaves a person without a reliable means to gauge what is happening.


In both cases, whether feeling the presence of somebody else or the inclusion of sensing vibrations, there are very evident dangers in relying upon such manifestations to gauge whether the thoughts which one is experiencing as a psychic are one's own or impressed from an outside source.


For example, knowing that base line experiences establish that thoughts can be impressed from an outside source without attendant manifestations of feeling "the presence of somebody else" or manifestations of "vibrations," the clear danger is evident that a person could come to rely upon either, both, or even other manifestations to determine whether the thoughts one is experiencing as a psychic are one's own or impressed from the outside. Thus, a person could readily be in the position of being subsequently deceived if such determinant manifestations, such as "vibrations," are absent, withheld, masked, or otherwise missing during impression of thoughts from an outside source.


The above scenario should be of particular concern because of what might be described as the "trigger effect" in which thoughts or actions could be precipitated at a future time to impel a person to serve particular inimical designs of the evil, Luciferian Hierarchy.


In connection with impressing thoughts and/or feelings which are not "discriminated," the term "trigger effect," which is known as a precipitating mechanism in the field of hypnosis, obtains acute meaning in the potential of using the psychic human being as an active tool or vehicle at a future, approaching time. William Schnoebelen refers to a capacity of the trigger effect in his book Masonry: Beyond the Light (p. 263) and applies it potentially to Masons who have come under Masonry's influence.


A corollary danger to relying upon feeling presences or vibrations as a gauge to which thoughts are one's own and which are impressed from an outside source, has the potential for creating confusion, namely, the psychic precipitation of manifestations such as vibrations during a psychic's "own thoughts."


That New Age spirit guides and psychics employ tricks or devices to deceive persons on the issue of the real versus the apparent origin or content of thoughts is not a matter of speculation, as remaining portions of this chapter document. "Masking the intent" and using human carriers to "reproject" spirit guide thoughts "as their own" are included in the web of psychic deception.


The transformation of individuals and of society is at the core of the New Age agenda. The transforming capacity of spirit guides which impress thoughts upon the mind of the psychic involves a process which culminates in the "total impression by the Hierarchy." Indeed, the impression, or experiencing, of thoughts from the outside can have a long term transformational effect more profound than the effects of media or that of personal associates with whom one engages in verbal or written dialog.


As one's character experiences changes or transformation, under spirit guide auspices, thoughts impressed by the outside may further become more amenable to one's transformed way of thinking, and more difficult to distinguish, on the basis of "character," from one's adopted way of thinking.


The very real potential of lacking though discriminatory ability at any point in time, whether at the entry level or at some future time, should alert anyone who would contemplate developing psychic powers, or contemplate continuing to pursue psychic powers, to the dangers of having thoughts impressed upon one's mind without the benefit of discriminating whether the thoughts are one's own or induced by a discarnate spirit entity. Persons who believe that they have acquired the ability to "discriminate" thoughts might be in the greatest danger while relying on sensations which can be masked.


It is also noteworthy that some guides can have a particular "feeling associated" with their presence. This is corroborated by a written body of information on the subject. That "Satan keeps transforming himself into an angel of light" alerts us that the feeling may not necessarily be associated with evil, but can be associated with what has been variously reported as a sensation of a soft or warm breeze or golden glow.


The term "bliss" has also been used in Masonry and Eastern Mysticism. Although drugs and alcohol have been characterized as producing feelings of bliss by themselves, and although some occult techniques use drugs and/or alcohol to produce altered states of consciousness as a path to spiritistic "illumination," there are meditative and initiation techniques which don't use drugs which also result in spiritistic illumination. "Bliss" is a feeling which can blind people to reality.


The reality of partial or complete permeation of the brain by a discarnate luciferian spirit entity could be obscured by feelings of bliss, just as drugs or alcohol can obscure the reality to serious and present dangers. There are persons who are kept in physical slavery, sexually or otherwise, by means of providing drugs which produce feelings of bliss or which are otherwise addictive.


It should be noted that it is not only thoughts which can be psychically impressed but it is feelings which also can be impressed upon a person, whether good or bad feelings. Although the specific discussion in this section of this book describes activity between the spirit guide and the psychic, the subject of psychic victimization which includes such methods gives the reader a better understanding of the scope of what devices targets of New Age "psychic warfare" are potentially confronted with. Psychic victimization is further considered in the next chapter along with the issue of "karma," which involves a New Age philosophy which impacts the issue of victimization.


Dr. Lawrence, who promotes contacting the "inner self" spoke of a stage in which a person, who had been unable to distinguish between his own thoughts and thoughts impressed from the outside, would arrive at in which the person would "know" the thoughts "not to be from yourself" and remarkably says that "it is then that you may be receiving guidance from an outside source ..." Dr. Lawrence cites feeling someone else's presence and sensing vibrations which the person does not believe are coming from oneself.


The implication may be that unless an outside entity reveals itself by particular sensations or vibrations, the subject is dealing with one's "inner self." That is, of course, not something a psychic might choose to rely upon seeing that the author also refers to the state in which a person is "unable to distinguish between his own thoughts and thoughts impressed from the outside," as already noted. The potential for self-deception due to lack of "discrimination" is enormous.


As one examines the devices which are involved as psychics delve deeper into psychic practices, the means of an elaborate "sting" operation upon the human race unfolds. Later, the psychic is supposed to learn to distinguish between his or her own thoughts and those thoughts impressed upon himself by means of accompanying "psychic sounds."


The author is, however, commended for his choice of words "essential discrimination between your own thoughts and outside impressions."

The other way to develop this essential discrimination between your own thoughts and outside impressions is the use of psychic hearing. As well as a different vibration and phraseology in an outside communication, you will start to hear psychic sounds with those thoughts. If you were psychically hearing no particular sound but only thoughts emerging in your brain, it would be difficult to know for sure that they were not your own thoughts, clairaudience will be the critical factor in determining the difference between your own mind and the impressions emitted to you from another mind.


Providing you practise patiently, there will come a stage when you will start to hear the distinct characteristics of the voice transmitting the message. This is not a physical sound, it is heard by the inner ear.

p. 105 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")



"If you were psychically hearing no particular sound but only thoughts emerging in your brain, it would be difficult to know for sure that they were not your own thoughts."

- ibid.

If that is not a prescription for a "sting" on the human race by New Age, spiritualistic entities .... then consider again what the "critical factor" is for a psychic in sorting out his own thoughts from impressed thoughts:

"clairaudience will be the critical factor in determining the difference between your own mind and the impressions emitted to you from another mind."

- ibid.

Thus, at issue is not only problematic distinguishing of a psychic's own thoughts from those impressed by a spirit guide, but the issue of "determining the difference between your own mind and impressions emitted to you from another mind." Although spirit guides facilitate telepathic actions which take place, the aspect of outside manipulation triggered or formulated by other psychics comes into play.

"... the critical factor" notwithstanding, recall again Alice Bailey's description of "total Hierarchical impression by the time the disciple is a Master."

That is the ultimate "sting."


That represents the "whole story" of "telepathic interplay" in it's objectives.

If a spirit guide provides for "psychic sounds" while a person is thinking one's own thoughts, or when a "psychic sound" is "masked" or withheld while a person is impressed by thoughts externally, theoretically, a person reliant upon so-called discriminatory abilities or clues could end up believing that one's own thoughts are impressed from the outside and believing that externally impressed thoughts were one's own.


If a reader is inclined to dismiss such a scenario, be reminded that psychic development cited by Dr. Lawrence begins with the lack of thought discrimination, and it is taken up as an problem to be overcome, whereby the "critical factor" of "clairaudience" is at least initially missing.

"If you were psychically hearing no particular sound but only thoughts emerging in your brain, it would be difficult to know for sure that they were not your own thoughts" - ibid.

There is the issue of whether the above scenario could apply in the case of one psychic practicing upon another.

The "critical factor" is raised specifically in conjunction with "determining the difference between your own mind and the impressions emitted to you from another mind." The case of one or more psychics operating upon another by impressing thoughts does not necessarily entail representing their own thoughts in the thoughts impressed.


What emerges from the body of written information on the subject by psychic practitioners is the potential for psychic deception in the arena of psychic warfare and espionage. also is the key to developing the sixth sense that permits the premonition of danger. Users of this ability can feel the emotions of those around them, and often develop sensitivity to psychic impressions.


... that the practitioner has the power to read the thoughts of others. ...


...telepathy, which also permits nonverbal communication with other like-minded individuals. Concurrent with this ability, one also learns to form a mental barrier against the thoughts of others, and to project an impression that is false. This is called "masking the intention." Persons skilled in this art make excellent negotiators ...


p. 38 Ninja Mind Control, Ashida Kim, 1985

There you have it, "masking the intention."


The Japanese have a reputation for out-negotiating Americans. This is not, however, to necessarily suggest that ambitious American "mind-readers" have been pitted in negotiations against counterpart Japanese negotiators and have failed because of reliance upon so-called critical "discriminatory" abilities but also have been subject to psychic warfare. The practice of "masking the intention" at psychic, "mind-reading" levels and of "project{ing} an impression that is false" in such a context reveals that "telepathy" is itself comprised of a world or realm of deception.


The technique of effectively stopping or impeding someone else's thought processes by remote hypnosis or the martial arts practice considered by Savelli evidently also has applications to confuse or disorient. Even if the victim is compelled to remain attached or glued to one thought, other thoughts or awareness of what is going on around a person might effectively be excluded, and the mind may be effectively blanked out from normal thought processes and alertness. Such are things to watch out for by non-psychics, and could be employed by "conventional" methods of distraction.


Encompassing a range of scenarios, whether a measure of "mind shield" is imparted as part of an initiation into an occult organization or group to shield knowledge of one's activities from others without the initiate having an awareness, knowledge or use of "mind reading"; whether "mind reading" is developed without "mind shield"; whether "mind shield" is developed as a particularly selective "technique; or whether they ("mind reading" and "mind shield") are developed or imparted concurrently, foundations are laid for escalation into deeper levels of occult practices and initiation, and greater personal impressionability by occult forces or powers.


The mention of forming "a mental barrier against the thoughts of others" is made not only by Ashida Kim but also in The Warrior's Edge. The concept of portraying an effort at making oneself so-called mind-reader proof or thought impression proof is presented as a self-defense method. A New Age spirit guide expressly made reference to "mind shield" or "cloak" and demonstrates that persons who seek mind-reading powers can be very disappointed when they discover that other psychics can drop a mental curtain in matters as simple as playing cards.

{Spirit Guide automatic writing quote included:}

I turned to the Guides for explanation ...:

"Mind shield is a protective cloak to guard one's thoughts from too-wide dissemination. People who are aware of mental telepathy often use it while playing bridge or poker, dropping a mental curtain so that they are not sending forth to their opponents images of the high cards they hold in their hands. In a similar manner, Brotherhoods shield the identity of {discarnate entities which inhabit humans}."

p. 102 Strangers Among Us:

Enlightened Beings from A World to Come, Ruth Montgomery,1979

The "mind shield" is an occult device presided over by the spirit "guides" which facilitate so-called "mind-reading." As both The Warrior's Edge and The Mind Race present tests by which electro-magnetic shielding and deep-water salt-water shielding have not impeded psychic performance, it is quite evident that the "mind shield" referred to by the spirit guides is a limitation which they, the spirit guides, employ by which they reduce their dissemination of relating or transferring thought interpretations to so-called "mind-readers."


The pursuit of psychic defense represents a path to get persons involved in the psychic, occult practices in order to stage a defense against psychic, occult practices. The "mind-race" of psychic warfare represents levels of escalation into occult practices and forces of darkness which are propelling participating nations into an ultimate conflict with Almighty God. The concept of psychic self-defense against psychic "weapons" is flawed in a most fundamental sense, since involvement with the occult or the development of psychic abilities makes a person acutely vulnerable to impression by spirit guides. The escalatory nature of the offense-defense game in psychic powers leads to higher levels of "illumination," higher levels of initiation.


Ashida Kim makes it clear that the pursuit of the psychic methods which he teaches represents a search for "occult power," the "dark arts." The bottom line is represented by contacting "secret teachers" which lead a person to what is called "the Universal Mind." The spirit helpers, spirit guides, are the "Hidden Masters." Persons on the path in pursuit of "gifts" from the "genie" complete their quest when the "Hidden Masters" have transformed the practitioners brain into a "Universal Mind."


The term "cosmic consciousness" is again employed.

{Chapter: The Hidden Masters: Spirit Helpers}

When you obtained this book, it was because you were in search of occult power. It has been said, however, that no one may find such power without personal instruction from one skilled in the dark arts, and that is so. So how may we contact these secret teachers -- if, indeed, we wish to pursue this quest? The answer is simple: we must follow their example. ...


There are many paths to the Universal Mind, the Cosmic Consciousness ...

Invoking and communicating with the Hidden Masters serves three functions ... the spirit helper acts as a counsel and guide ... and a teacher of secret knowledge.


There are hundreds of meditation techniques that help one contact one's spirit ally. ...

p. 138 Ninja Mind Control, Ashida Kim, 1985

"There are hundreds of meditation techniques that help one contact one's spirit ally. ..."


New Age spirit guides have specifically enunciated that they "meld" their minds with those with whom they are attuned. Thus the expression "Universal Mind" is easily explained. New Age spirit guides have further enunciated their capacity to impress thoughts upon a human whereby the human does not realize that the thoughts are induced, impressed or imprinted. They go on to relate that they would like to influence "all human beings in this fashion." In fact, the whole story of telepathic interplay relates to opening access to acute impression by the Hierarchy of New Age discarnate spirits.


The web of psychic or telepathic deceptions includes the scenario where a psychic "mind-reader" interprets thoughts which he or she believes are the target's own, but which are being impressed, manufactured, by an outside entity, or spirit guide upon the target. Ridiculous ?

{Spirit Guide automatic writing quote included:}

I asked the Guides to explain the method used by spirits to teach those of us in physical body, and they replied:

"We are attuned through something akin to thought waves, although of higher frequency, ... so that we are in instant rapport with them. As they attune themselves to us through the so-called alpha state, we are able to trigger a response somewhat like a plane touching down to earth, landing, after soaring through the stratosphere. As we touch down, so to speak, we establish contact and meld with the minds of those with whom we are attuned.


"In this way, we project pictures or symbols into their wavelength, and they reproject them as their own, unless they realize what is transpiring, as you do with the automatic writing. Were you not actively aware of this communication, we would be able to give you symbols or thought patterns, and as your personal radar reacted with them you would assume that they were your own ideas and impressions, rather than having been passed along to you from this side.

Were mankind to realize the full potential, we would be able to influence all human beings in this fashion; yet many are poor receivers ...."

p. 72 Strangers Among Us: Enlightened Beings from A World to Come,

Ruth Montgomery,1979

The above description by a New Age spirit guide, itself, also demonstrates clearly that what one so-called "mind-reader" assesses another person's (subject) thoughts to be, can in reality be thoughts impressed upon the subject, and not the subject's own thoughts, opening many scenarios or levels of deception.


Psychic "Mind-reading" is not a path to truth, it represents an environment presided over by deceptive spirits intent on influencing human beings to conform to their evil and selfish purposes of taking control and possession of human beings on a global scale.


Another item on the subject of psychic deception as it may apply to practitioners pushes the envelope of the term "impersonator" or, excuse the expression, "impressionist."

The voice of a communicator can be distinctive to you and even though, as in my case, you may be poor at mimicry, you can virtually speak out loud with the accent of that person when he is impressing you with his thoughts.


p. 106 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

The account evidently represents more potentials for deceptions, linked with "automatic speaking," whereby a person is used virtually as a puppet, "virtually speaking out loud with the accent of .. that {other} person when he is impressing ... {him} with his thoughts." The duplication of voice characteristics by a spiritualist in a "blinded" setting has ramifications in espionage and alibi construction which are quite extensive. Extensive, also, are the potentials for fraud wherein a discarnate Luciferian entity poses as someone who has died.


The subject of espionage again raises crucial issues, issues related to the psychic spy-master and the spirit guide or guides which have established strong links with the person's consciousness.




Deceptive Guides with a Luciferian "Reality Map"

Dr. Lawrence in a subheading entitled "GUIDES" refers to terminology used by spiritualists and how a "guide" "makes arrangements for messages" and "introduces the various communicators if there are more than one."

If you do start to make contacts with guides and receive information from them do not fall into the trap of overestimating them.


But they can also make mistakes and they should not be leant on or mindlessly obeyed. The average guide would be regarded as a friend who has useful information to give you, which can be helpful and instructive but is not infallible, as some mediums would have you believe.


p. 146 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

There is an expression, "with friends like that, who needs enemies." With spirit entity "friends" parading as one's "inner self," the enemy has entered within. However, the "inner self" is not the only charade perpetrated by the crowd which spiritualists and other New Age associates have a connection with.

{Subheading, GUIDES}

... revealed by the communicating guides, ...

The important thing is that they are communicating now and their value should be judged by the importance and merit of the messages they are giving.
I would be very wary of information given by anyone, including guides, about your past lives. Those who talk glibly of who you were or who they were in a previous life are highly suspect and can damage the gullible, who may be misled into believing that they were someone either far better or far worse than they really were.


p. 146 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

Napoleon-imitating spirit guides do not represent the limit of the spirit guide charades. Impressing humans with thoughts or even recollections of events which they did not experience gets right to the core of the claims of human re-incarnation.

In my view, personal experience is the best way to discover the validity of reincarnation. There may come a time in your development when you actually start to remember incidents which have taken place in previous incarnations. You do have to be very careful indeed in discriminating between your imagination and a genuine memory, but sometimes it can be a very definite experience where you vividly remember events pictorially and emotionally.


It is not necessary to remember past lives to believe in reincarnation, but it can be helpful to those who have developed their discrimination sufficiently to decipher their memories correctly.


p. 132 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

"Thought" and "feeling" "discrimination" has already been considered in this chapter. Add to those issues that of "memory" "discrimination." The altering of memory by spirit guides is also an advanced technique practiced upon oneself in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, wherein the practitioner engages in a transformational process involving memory "imprinting" with the aid of a version of the "inner self."


Simply put, memories "impressed" upon a person then "read" by another presents even another scenario of false information gathering. The implications of this as well as other psychic techniques such as "masking" and "'reprojecting' thoughts impressed from external sources should dispel the idea of using so-called mind-readers on juries. Fundamentally, psychics as jurors would represent a class of individuals more impressionable by spirit entities than the average individual.


The dangers of using "psychic" jurors should be obvious, particularly since the "psychic" juror may represent individually or collectively the weakest link in the judicial process. The psychic opens himself or herself up to spirit guides which can enter the person's consciousness and impress thoughts, feelings and even imprint memory changes.


The problems of thought "discrimination" along with "masking techniques and the 'projection of false impressions' is not the kind a realm a person intelligently should want to open oneself up to or expose oneself to. Manipulation of psychic juries who are more acutely vulnerable to psychic manipulation by outside sources poses real dangers.. The worst scenario is having a jury which experiences "total Hierarchical impression." How would you like to be on trial and have Lucifer, Asher and Alder as jury members ?

By the time an individual is sufficiently adept at psychic functioning to even consider using the ability for psychic attack, he is himself very open and psychically exposed to corrosive aspects of his environment.


p. 238 The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities,

... Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984.

The psychic, spiritistic environment is a domain of thought and emotion impression by Lucifer's hierarchy, a domain of acute mental manipulation.


    Spontaneous psychic experiences of practitioners such as being so-called "yanked out of one's body" dramatically demonstrate being rendered "psychically exposed." Yet, In a more sinister vein, the pursuit of psychic powers acutely exposes a person to psychic influences or manipulation. The psychic realm is a psychically "corrosive ... environment."


Thought discrimination difficulties as well as "masking" techniques and the 'projection of false impressions' is aggravated by guides who themselves claim to be the deceased souls of persons they are not, as well as the imprinting of false memories on individuals by such unscrupulous spirits, leaving a person believing that he or she was someone else in a "previous life."


False, imprinted memories can definitely be described as a corrosive aspect of the psychic environment along with impressed or implanted thoughts and feelings. It's all part of the Trojan syndrome. The key is not to let the enemy within, and to be alert to things which can increase one's vulnerability to psychic forces, such as mind-altering drugs and alcohol.


One ultimate deception by masquerading discarnate spirits is that of the teaching of reincarnation. Besides information already considered in this book, if a person can be convinced that he or she was someone else, the individual can be thereby conditioned psychologically into accepting induced or impressed thoughts by a spirit guide thinking that such thoughts are from a "previous life" or "previous identity."


The person believing in having been someone else just might end up becoming someone else, that is, a biological vehicle through which a discarnate entity or spirit "incarnates" itself "on the physical plane."
It's quite a "sting" operation.




The "inner" Big Brother

After all, you have received this information for a purpose and it might be very helpful to him. If you do not listen to the inner self when it speaks, as the say, you will start to lose contact with that inner voice.


p. 124 Unlock Your Psychic Powers: Mastering One's Psychic Potential,

Dr. Richard Lawrence, 1993, (by a "leading psychic practitioner")

Again the author uses the expression the "inner voice," "inner self." It is quite evident that the "inner self" ploy is part of an expansive sting operation on the human race. Psychic information transmitted to the "psychic" eventually is said to require heeding. This is corroborated by Schnoebelen and Uri Geller and should be emphasized.

I learned that Lucifer was the true power behind Wicca, and that as a High Priest, I would have to do his bidding if I wanted to continue to evolve.

p. 38 Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie, William Schnoebelen, 1990

Uri Geller complained that most parapsychologists misunderstood the true source of this mysterious force. "They keep talking about my mind," he said. Uri then explained that in his opinion psychic power didn't emanate from his mind at all but from other minds ... for their own purposes, and that he had to obey.


"I have no choice, Uri told ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell and several SRI scientists, "because they direct me. I can't go against [them]."

p. 196 The New Spirituality: A Consumer's Guide to the Exploding Mystical Marketplace,

Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon,1988, [America: the sorcerer's new apprentice]

The New Age, Masonic "transformation" of society poses a number of obvious risks to military personnel. Retired Air Force and Intelligence officer, Texe Marrs, related the threat in his 1988 book, one of several he has authored.

... regarding the New Age influence within our military service. That influence has especially made itself felt, said Kevin, in the upper echelons, among the high-ranking brass. But it impacts lower ranks as well. Military personnel are often ordered to attend such New Age mind control and spiritual training programs as est and Lifespring.


Evine's research also turned up the alarming fact that in the early 1980's, officers at the prestigious Army War College at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, prepared a study aimed at creating a "New Age Army." These officers, some of whom were graduates of Werner Erhardt's est or former members of the radical university group Students for a Democratic Society, recommended the Army adopt meditation, psychic powers, magic, and neuro-linguistic (mind-talk hypnosis) training.


p. 179 Mystery Mark of The New Age:

Satan's Design for World Domination, Texe Marrs,1988

The risks of forming a "New Age Army," one man at a time, must be taken seriously, seeing that the New Age spirit guides have enunciated a subversive agenda, wherein an Hierarchy spirit guide of the New Age speaks of :

"My Warriors , ... My Army"

"My Army is now on the move and soon the clash of battle will be heard" ?


p. 168, Mystery Mark of The New Age:

Satan's Design for World Domination, Texe Marrs,1988

{footnote: Benjamin Creme, Messages from Maitreya, pp. 42, 87}

The U.S. military is sworn to the Constitution, whereas it is within the jurisdiction of the Congress to declare war according to Constitutional principles, it is not the prerogative of King George, Lord Maitreya, or the Lord of Darkness to do so.


The military officers of The Warrior's Edge who promote the rise of techno-shaman warriors in civilian life, using the "weapons" of a psychic arsenal, developing the psychic powers of spiritualism without using the word or the traditional séance, appears to be a reflection of what is taking place in the military. The Warrior's Edge has itself commented on the movement in the U.S. military, as previously quoted, although Texe Marrs appears to have been more forthcoming.


Persons who begin service in an intelligence or law enforcement agency might begin with a sworn oath to uphold the Constitution, but might establish relationships with "outside entities" whose objective it is to eventually establish an overt occult Hierarchical rulership in America, as well as in other countries.


William Schnoebelen, former first degree Illuminati, Spiritualist minister, Knight Templar and 90º Egyptian Rite Mason, and Satanist described the "psychic eye" as the "point of contact between humans and Lucifer-consciousness". The insidious danger for police officers in "opening" the psychic eye is obviously that of becoming New Age Warriors, impressed by the "Hierarchy."




Whose Army ?

The New Age Spirit Guide Lord Maitreya has spoken of :

"My Warriors , ... My Army"

"My Army is now on the move and soon the clash of battle will be heard"


p. 168, Mystery Mark of The New Age:

Satan's Design for World Domination, Texe Marrs,1988

{footnote: Benjamin Creme, Messages from Maitreya, pp. 42, 87}

The New Age Army, forming in the civilian domain with psychic "warriors," aided and abetted by military leaders such as Colonel John. B. Alexander U.S.A. (Ret.) and Major Richard Groller U.S.A.R. & (Defense Intelligence Agency), has also been compromising America's military and police services. Initiation into the "New Age," opening the psychic "eye" of "Lucifer-consciousness," represents initiation into a "world" in which Satan wields the forces of action and reaction.

Alder also makes the astonishing disclosure that Saturn, the New Age code name for their false "Christ," is none other than Satan!


"The Saturnian spirit, "Satan," let us not forget, ensouls the Third great major or Primary Ray of Deity and wields the great Laws of cause and effect, action and reaction---Karma!


Therefore, the world Initiation to which we are drawing near today is being brought to birth by a universal access of Pain and of pressure, to which humanity is responding with widespread action, leading, naturally, to... Initiation."


p. 69 Mystery Mark of The New Age: Satan's Design for World Domination, Texe Marrs,1988

{quotation taken from Vera Alder, The Initiation of the World (York Beach, Me.:"Samuel Weiser, Incl, 1972), p. 109.}

The "widespread action" of New Age participants in the Luciferian subversion of humanity is leading to initiation into New Age spiritistic "illumination" by Lucifers "angels" (daemons), overtly or through surreptitious or camouflaged programs.


The objective of the New Age plot is initiation of the world, "until all have been occultly" spiritistically corrupted.

The Lord of the World, the One Initiator ...


{Bailey blasphemously connects Christ to Satan, the Lord of the sinful World}

He, Sanat Kumara it is, Who from His throne at Shamballa ... presides over the Lodge of Masters, and holds in His hands the reins of government in all the three departments.


He has chosen to watch over the evolution of men and devas until all have been occultly "saved." He it is Who decides upon the "advancements" in the different departments, and Who settles who shall fill the vacant posts; He it is Who ... authorises what shall be done to further the ends of evolution.


p. 106 Initiation Human and Solar,

Alice A. Bailey, 1922, 1992

Satan, the Lord of the present Wicked World, is, although explained by Albert Pike to be Lucifer's "Force," nevertheless identified as the Lord of the World in the name Sanat Kumara, "the Lord of the World."

"... the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara ..."

p. 104 Initiation, Human and Solar, Alice A. Bailey, 1922

Sanat Kumara's, Satan's, "throne" is referred to at "Shamballa," which is often referred to in New Age writings, such as those of Alice Bailey.


The Templar rite connection with Satan was specifically referred to by Anton LaVey, founder of The Church of Satan.

...Anton LaVey, the founder and leader of The Church of Satan {wrote}


The original Templars' rite of the Fifth degree symbolically guided the candidate through the Devil's Pass in the mountains separating the East from the West ... At the fork of the trail the candidate would make an important decision: either to retain his present identity, or strike out on the Left-Hand Path to Schamballah, where he might dwell in Satan's household ...{footnote}


p.135 En Route to Global Occupation, Gary H. Kah, 1991

{Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Rituals - Companion to the Satanic Bible (New York: Avon Books, 1972), p. 56}

Anton LaVey, whose "church" has obtained tax exemption status by the U.S. government, admitted that his group engages in the destruction of human beings.

On its 20/20 News Special, ABC had already shown LaVey on camera stating, while not the whole truth, at least more than Aquino was willing to admit:

We perform human sacrifices, by proxy you might say -- the destruction of human beings who would, let's say, create an antagonistic situation towards us -- in the form of curses and hexes, not in actual blood rituals because certainly the destruction of a human being physically is illegal.


p. 236 The New Spirituality: A Consumer's Guide To The Exploding Mystical Marketplace,

Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon. {footnote: "ABC NEWS, 20/20, "The Devil Worshippers," May 16, 1985, transcripts available from Box 2020, Ansonia Station, New York, NY 10023" ) {Note that Dave Hunt's book goes on to examine the issue of direct ritual murder by Satanists}

The physical destruction of human beings, murder, is what LaVey's written work teaches, according to former satanist, William Schnoebelen.

Though LaVey may deny that his Satanists practice human or animal sacrifice, the Bible he wrote paints a different picture. Psychic attack, (murder by cursing) is taught. There is a Ritual of Destruction.


p. 66 Lucifer Dethroned: A true story, William and Sharon Schnoebelen, 1993

In the book, Lucifer Dethroned, William and Sharon Schnoebelen give an example of LaVey's satanic work involving the death of a famous movie star.


In 1975 Michael Aquino split from LaVey's group, a very significant development.

The result of this schism, which took place in 1975, was the foundation of Dr. Michael Aquino's Temple of Set.

p. 92 Lucifer Dethroned: A true story, William and Sharon Schnoebelen, 1993

Schnoebelen, a former satanist, has written an entire chapter about Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set in the book Lucifer Dethroned: A true story. Schnoebelen presents documentation demonstrating that:

"the Temple of Set is a more deadly institution than LaVey's church."

 p. 103 Lucifer Dethroned: A true story, William and Sharon Schnoebelen, 1993


The reader might recall from chapter 4 the Egyptian worship of the diabolical god, Set, and the "highly depraved Set (or Aiwass) magical current" of "unparalleled debauchery and evil" which Aleister Crowley instituted a ritual for to perpetuate.

p. 195, p. 196 Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie, William Schnoebelen, 1990

The connection between the satanist Aleister Crowley, 33º, and the extremely diabolical Egyptian god Set, and the subsequent founder of "The Temple of Set," Michael Aquino, is striking.  According to former Satanist William Schoebelen,

Thus, Aquino claims he was anointed by Set to be Aleister Crowley's true successor, the "Second Beast" as well as the Great Beast prophesied in the Bible. {footnote}


p. 102 Lucifer Dethroned: A true story, William and Sharon Schnoebelen, 1993

While satanic interpretations of the "beasts" of Revelation might serve to divert attention from Biblical interpretations which are based on the precedents found in the Bible book of Daniel,  the "beast" association with that of Satan is an association invoked by satanists which cannot be ignored.


Aquino's association with the "beast" is, therefore, quite revealing. The association with Satan, the "dragon," is obvious. 


What function does Michael Aquino, who declares himself to be "anointed" by the debauchedly evil god "Set" to the role of the "beast" of Revelation, exercise in the U.S. government ?

... Aquino has a doctoral degree in political science and is a lieutenant colonel in Army intelligence with a very high security clearance. ... He is said to be an expert in psychological warfare, and psychotronic warfare (what the army calls "Psyop").


Lucifer Dethroned: A true story, William and Sharon Schnoebelen, 1993

{"very high" : Schnoebelen's emphasis}

Lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino, anointed by the depravedly evil god Set to be the successor of the infamous "beast" Aleister Crowley, is implicated in using forces derived from the occult in official capacities. The occult means, or the "force," identified by Albert Pike in Freemasonry as "satan," is proliferating in government and civilian levels.


The Masonic / New Age descriptions already considered make it clear that spiritistic "contact" with the Luciferian Hierarchy, or "impression" by the Hierarchy, makes persons vulnerable to "transformation" of character. Manly P. Hall spoke of unseen powers as molding the destiny of those who take up Masonic obligations, whereby Lucifer is Masonry's god which Hall extols.


The wielding of "the seething energies of Lucifer" and opening the "psychic eye" has a principle objective. Psychic, spiritualistic powers acutely establish an inroad to influence and co-option by the occult Hierarchy.

The "whole story" of New Age telepathic powers pertains to "the growth of" an occult "oligarchy," through the "point of contact between humans and Lucifer-consciousness."

[F-1, F-2]

Thus one can in this decade speak of :

' ... the empire of evil which is spreading { , } by all the occult means at their disposal { , } the Satanic spirit which directs it.'


F-1 [Telepathy: Alice A. Bailey, p. 7]

F-2 [Masonry: Beyond The Light, William Schnoebelen, p. 197]

F-3 [The Occult Conspiracy, Michael Howard, p. 103]

Psychic warfare, "psychotronic warfare," such as associated with lieutenant colonel Aquino, is beating a war path to Har-Magedon, war with God.




The Expanding Empire of Evil


Psychic warfare, presided over by Lucifer, or Satan, has drawn opposing groups and nations into the vortex of his Hierarchical influence.


Remote hypnotism, as well as psychokinesis, pk, psychotronics and the physical effects upon metal objects and biological tissue comprise "weapons" in the arsenal of the New Age "Warrior." It should come as no surprise that the victimization of persons by psychic practitioners, psychic "warriors," is something unsuspecting persons have been all the more vulnerable to because of government and secret society cover-ups.


The scope of the problem is revealed by authors who advocate and track psychic powers.

Psychic functioning takes quite a bit of effort for most people. It is not ethical to do anything that will cause this effort to be wasted.


We think it is quite likely that psi can be used unethically, to affect the thoughts and therefore the behavior and mental health of another person. This potentially being the case, we think it is prudent to say a few words about the potential ramifications of such possible goings-on.

In earlier chapters we described several well-documented examples of individuals who were apparently able to have substantial influences upon the physical condition of a distant animal or person. Vilenskaya describes several similar instances in the epilogue. So it seems quite likely that an unethical psychic practitioner could deliberately put thoughts into a potential victim's head, in such a way as to disorient him, confuse him, or make him feel depressed.


There is a kind of naive Western folklore that says that in order to be effective a witch doctor or hexer must first let his victim know that he is being hexed. Although this may be true in certain primitive tribes that strongly believe in the supernatural, it is not necessarily true in general


... "telepathic control" and psychokineses. In the former the hexer would affect the emotional condition and thought processes of the individual, and produce a state of mind, such as malignant anxiety, or Engle's "giving up ---- given up complex" that could have catastrophic biological consequences.


p. 238 The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities,

Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984

The words of Czar Alexander pertaining to the "empire of evil which is spreading by all the occult means at their disposal ..." are thus by no means limited to "remote vision" and what is called "mind reading." Inducing remote hypnosis, mind-stopping, disorientation, confusion, depression, malignant anxiety, and nervous breakdowns, comprise potential weapons in the arsenal of the psychic warrior.

It is also thought that irritation and disorientation that seem to have no apparent source could be induced in people by powerfully trained minds. Thought control and inducing nervous breakdowns are also possible. Although psychic activity may seem justified for truly defensive purposes, such as psychic protection, there seems to be a thin line between this and more aggressive purposes, such as harming other people or their technology, or forcing others to do your will. It is understood by most psychics that if they misuse their gifts, they will lose them or suffer damaging karmic consequences.


p. 172 Spiritual Politics, Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, 1994

The tactics are such that the expression "psychic malpractice" has emerged.

Other symptoms of psychic attack, according to Fortune, include feelings of overwhelming dread and fear, which deteriorate to nervous exhaustion, mental breakdown, and a physical wasting away of body tissue; ...


p. 473 Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience,

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, 1991

"Inducing nervous breakdowns", producing "irritation and disorientation," "harming other people or their technology," subverting the human will, facilitating or impressing "feelings of overwhelming dread and fear," "nervous exhaustion," and "mental breakdown."


Such are among the techniques at the disposal of New Age "warriors" who are intent on extending the "great work" of incarnating discarnate Luciferian entities or spirit guides on the "physical plane," and in working behind the scenes to achieve the "Plan" of a one-world government and Luciferian religion overtly by the occult Hierarchy.





The "inner machinery"


at Work,

in the Office,

and in Government

How do behind-the-scenes New Age activities work ?

The Adepts ...

They generally work only with world leaders or those who are instruments of large group activities that are having a major impact on the world. The disciples or messengers of these Enlightened Ones on the inner planes may at times contact those who are not major leaders but who are dedicated to serving the world with pure motives.


For example, we were told by a friend who is a U.S. senator's aide that while researching the budget proposal for a major bill, he received guidance about what action to recommend to the senator from a source on the inner planes.


p. 233 Spiritual Politics, Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, 1994

Support staff are included among the areas of activity in which occult adepts are active to influence world leaders from behind-the-scenes. It is not only that a U.S. senator's aide "received guidance about what action to recommend to the senator" for a major bill from the New Age spirit guide realm, but the means of influence which New Age warrior's have includes thought impression, feeling impression and potentially memory subversion.


Using even only conventional means, support staff have the capacity for impacting the decisions of the individuals they serve. However, with the implementation of occult or advanced Neurolinguistic Programming hypnotic techniques, involved with spirit guides, the impact could be potentially devastating in subverting due process. The agents which represent the New Age and it's subversion of human rights and the very subversion of the human soul have entered within the Halls of Congress. The above example is but one of many examples.


New Age support staff or Washington "insiders" are in a position to exert a continuum of influence.
The book Spiritual Politics, while drawing attention to the role of the Illuminati in behind-the-scenes activities of influence at the national government level does not, however, boldly emphasize the extent of subversion by New Age / Masonic "Adepts," Illuminati, in society.  While the formulation of the Spiritual Politics statement might upon cursory inspection appear to be somewhat modest (i.e. "work only with ..."), the language:

"or those who are instruments of large group activities that are having a major impact on the world"

with reference to those with whom the Illuminati (Adepts) are working, allows for quite expansive applications encompassing both leadership and grass roots levels of influence. 


Chapter 10 of America's Subversion : The Enemy Within brings this issue of the extent of Illuminati activity in society at a "grass roots level" into greater focus.  However, Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson do bring the gravity of influence into sharp focus.


The Illuminati are alternately referred to as the "Enlightened Ones" in the occult conspiracy.


The Enlightened Ones do not usually work openly or give public lectures. Since the earliest times of human history, they have worked quietly behind the scenes--in government, business, science, religion, the arts. It is part of the Divine Plan that they or their senior disciples are not directly in control of governments or major institutions, so that governments are based upon the demand and the current point in the evolution of the mass of humanity working through their representatives.


This avoids creating too great a gap between the public consciousness and that of the Enlightened Ones. This is why the Adepts at this time work to influence world opinion leaders, if they are open to it, rather than leading directly.


p. 235 Spiritual Politics, Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, 1994

There is a distinct reference to a grass roots New Age component with the expression "evolution of the mass of humanity" (see Chapter 10, America's Subversion).  New Age Representatives, representing spiritistically so-called "evolving" persons who are significantly under Luciferian Hierarchical "impression" or influence is another part of the equation.


Specifically, the behind the scenes influence exerted by a human host inhabited by a discarnate spirit has been described by a New Age spirit guide. The spirit guide describes the role of such a behind-the-scenes New Age agent.

{Spirit Guide automatic writing quote:}

"One who is willing for others to take credit for the ideas that he has put into their minds."


p. 123 Strangers Among Us:

Enlightened Beings from A World to Come, Ruth Montgomery,1979

The emphasis of the description of influence by Adepts in Spiritual Politics refers to the "influence" behind the scenes exerted by "the Adepts" upon leaders of world opinion.  "World opinion leaders"  aptly describes the domain of the media, the printed press and the broadcasting networks. 


The "major media."  Yet, while the expression "the Adepts at this time work to influence ... rather than leading directly" emphasizes the fundamental nature of the subversive work, the expression "The Enlightened Ones do not usually work openly or give public lectures" embraces the role of those who do work openly.

    It might also be said that the language fails to emphasize the expansive role of New Age participants who are not "Adepts" in the absolute sense of the word.  It fails to comprehensively account for the increasing level of participation in New Age practices of psychic influence so-called "technology".  The formulation does, however, emphasize the role of the work of "influence" as compared to overt leadership positions.

      The network of influence, and the scope of the capacity to influence behind the scenes, serves not only purposes of subversion, but provides support and concealment mechanisms for public figures who are involved in control aspects of the occult conspiracy, to conceal such principals from public recognition as leaders in a conspiracy.   The New Age Masters further provide concealment mechanisms of high level conspirators even from general New Age participants.


  Perhaps one of the most sinister weapons of non-psychic influence is, by itself, the disarming smile.  Even more sinister is the disarming smile which conceals psychic subversion.


    The concealment of the conspiracy, by the media, for a one-world government is, in fact, what David Rockefeller thanked media principals for at the 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Baden, Germany. The ominous praise of the complicitous media embodied Adam Weishaupt's principles of subversion, Weishaupt's Wish. The role in the conspiracy of many smiling faces in government and religion has been concealed by the media, while the role of smiling media faces has been covered up by government officials.


Michael Howard divulges more as to the extent of the conspiracy and implicates leaders themselves. His disclosure comports with what is known about the Masonically linked Bilderberger Group.

When we see the smiling faces of international statesmen and religious leaders on the television or in the newspapers it is difficult to imagine that behind the diplomatic facade exists a very different world; a world a secret societies and occult fraternities peopled by shadowy figures who have often been obsessed with the pursuit of power.


Since the days of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt the occult has entangled the black arts of espionage, subversion and revolution in its web. Today the occult conspiracy still affects politics, although there are few who are aware of its influence even though those who control it are often well known faces and household names.


p. viii, Preface The Occult Conspiracy:

Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History,

Michael Howard, 1989

In Baden, Baden, Germany in 1991 David Rockefeller speaking to an international group of insiders known as the Bilderbergers praised prominent institutions of America's press, not for it's public voice but for it's silence.

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years."

"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."


As quoted on p.13 from: Operation Vampire Killer 2000, Published by:

Police Against The New World Order, 1992

While the authors of Spiritual Politics declare that "The Enlightened Ones do not usually work openly," those who do work openly operate in conjunction with a behind-the-scenes contingency of conspiratorial workers.


"Behind the diplomatic facade" "smiling faces" known to the public work behind-the-scenes in capacities which have been concealed from the public.




Science, New Age Target

"They have worked quietly behind the scenes--in ... science"?


The theory of evolution is a most notable example thereof. Evolution, so-called, to godhood is a fundamental doctrine of the New Age movement, the basis of ancient mystery religion. Evolutionary doctrine was given a major impetus by means of Erasmus Darwin's grandson, Charles Darwin, which is discussed in the book The Evolution Conspiracy, by Caryl Matrisciana & Roger Oakland, 1991, Harvest House Publ.


Scientists who do not accept the theory have even been drummed out professionally or made to walk the corporate plank in fields of scientific endeavor. Masonry's international structure of support which has many professionals within it's comprehensive "sphere of influence" provides the ideal framework for the proliferation of occult-masonic philosophy, such as evolution.


America's educational system has been to a large measure co-opted by "Humanistic" philosophers. Among other intriguing topics, the expose, Behind the Lodge Door, Paul A. Fisher, gives a detailed examination of the subversion of the U.S. Supreme Court by Masonry, including at the Chief Justice level, and examines consequences to America's educational system.


Evolution is taught in America's public schools and assumes a materialistic point of view, that of mankind's emergence without the intervention of the supernatural. Yet, the New Age, Spiritualistic teaching of man's evolution to godhood involves spirit guides, the supernatural. It is interesting that first, belief in a Creator-Spirit is dismantled by the teaching of evolution, and then later, when faith in the God of the Bible has been damaged or destroyed, the Masonic and New Age teaching of evolution to godhood facilitated by spirit guides who enter one's consciousness, is offered to supplant previous beliefs.


Initiate Masons, occultists and New Age channelers know that spirit entities exist, yet the materialistic philosophy is taught in public schools undermining faith in supernatural intervention. Jeremiah Films has two very good videos exposing fundamental fallacies of evolutionary theory, as well as exposés of the New Age movement. It might be recalled that alchemy was long used as a front, a "scientific" front, for the ulterior objective of alchemical transformations, spiritistic transformations which could be facilitated with the use of drugs. Evolution theory is the new front.


The term used in the title for the book, Spiritual Politics, signifies something beyond that which is materialistic. The issue is whether the "spirit" forces invoked by the New Age movement represent elevated values or those which are "demonic."


The "spiritual" principles of the occult embrace sexual perversions of the worst kind and have involved persons in perverted practices in order to effect what is called occult redemption. The "goat god" of the Templars, Luciferians, and witches has it's roots in ancient Egypt. "Animalistic," "demonic," are expressions more descriptive of the occult tradition than the word pervertedly employed, "spiritual," if the word is employed to suggest a connotation of something elevated, noble.  





The "Golden Age"


In time spirits which associated themselves with Lucifer incarnated themselves in the flesh, as reported in the book of Genesis, and Earth obtained a so-called "Golden Age" which was swept away with the Noahcian Flood.


Another "Golden Age" was attempted through Nimrod who engaged in building the Tower of Babel and who made an attempt at establishing a one-world government having mystery religion as it's foundation.

In the Masonic tradition it is said that masons were first organized into a corporate body during the building of the Tower of Babel. ...


The fall of the Tower of Babel destroyed the common language spoken by humanity and ended the second Golden Age which followed the Flood.


p. 5 The Occult Conspiracy:

Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History,

Michael Howard, 1989

Wilmshurst (33rd degree) also evidently referred to a subsequent "Golden Age" which received it's inspiration by, and "conscious conversation with the unseen world" of Luciferian entities.

... a "Golden Age," ... but in virtue of which men were once in conscious conversation with the unseen world and were shepherded, taught and guided by the "gods" or discarnate superintendents of the infant race, who imparted to them the sure and indefeasible principles upon which their spiritual welfare and evolution depended.


p. 173 The Meaning of Masonry, W.L. Wilmshurst

The legacy of pagan mystery religion includes sex worship, sexual perversions, en mass human sacrifices and child sacrifices.


The first "Golden Age" of rebellious incarnate spirits before the Noahcian Flood was an age of tyranny and violence.


It is the restoration of that corrupt "Golden Age" of incarnate demons which the Egyptian mystery religion represented and continues to represent. It is an ancient violent and immoral world which developed before the Flood which New Age spirit guides are seeking to re-establish, but which will be swept away by the War of Armageddon.


The term "Golden Age" is a very misleading one, as is the term "spirituality" when used in conjunction with Adam Weishaupt whose "spirituality" was referred to as "horrifying." The Illuminati's fundamental principles pervert the noble meaning of spirituality, and are working for the establishment of a "horrifying" "Golden Age."




New Age Formula for Evil

A teaching which is promoted at the highest levels of Masonry is "reincarnation," which Jim Shaw could attest to when having received his 33rd degree in Washington D.C., sometime after which he authored the expose Deadly Deception with Lt. Col. (Marine Corp.) Tom McKenny (retired).


Reincarnation and the related doctrine of "karma" was expounded at length by Manly P. Hall. Hall has been officially recognized in the Scottish Rite Journal (formerly The New Age) as on the level with Albert Pike in elucidating Masonic doctrine.

"The obituary of Manly P. Hall, presented below, was published in the November 1990 Scottish Rite Journal. This shows undeniable proof of the Lodges praise and support of Mr. Hall and his occult books."



ILLUSTRIOUS MANLY PALMER HALL, often called "Masonry's Greatest Philosopher," ... received the Scottish Rite's highest honor, the Grand Cross, in 1985 because of his exceptional contributions to Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite, and the public good.


Like Grand Commander Albert Pike before him, Ill {pyramid of three dots} Hall did not teach a new doctrine but was an ambassador of an ageless tradition of wisdom that enriches us to this day.


quoted from an excerpt from an obituary by Walter Stewart, 32nd deg.
as it appears on p. 17
Manly P. Hall: The Honored Masonic Author, by David L. Carrico

Indeed, "Hall did not teach a new doctrine" but represented the teachings of the Hierarchy of New Age spirit guides which also founded Spiritualism, Theosophy and other New Age movements and organizations, which typically have teachings of evolution and reincarnation in common.


The New Age movement which serves the self-seeking ambition of Lucifer and associated demon spirits has a tradition of so-called "wisdom" of their own, perpetrated and exemplified through the "wisdom" of the perverted Templar rites, which have perverted the meaning of the word spiritual The "ancient wisdom" of the "serpent bite" of occult "redemption" is, indeed, "devilish," and originates with the "Great Snake" or "great dragon," the devil.


Victimization has taken on a different standing with the reincarnation related doctrine of "karma." Perhaps one might expect as much considering that the Luciferian spirits which are seeking to be re-"incarnated" have been victimizing mankind for centuries, instigating and pitting men, women and children against each other in carnal and psychic warfare.


The victims are blamed for being victimized, and Hall further states that they are not the victims of injustice at all. Hall also specifically refers to "psychic invasion of our privacy" in describing victimization.

Therefore, we begin to feel that we are the victims of injustice. We are not the victims of any injustice at all. What we term, perhaps in our way, psychic invasion of our privacy, the possibility that some outside energy is moving in on us, actually calls to our attention only one very simple process, that the only way in which this can happen is that our own proper psychic defenses have not been restored and that therefore we have to restore them.


To say that we can't is to say that we can't stop eating something that makes us sick physically. To say that we simply cannot make these changes in ourselves that are necessary to restore psychic integration is to assume that we cannot do what is necessary to protect our own lives. If we cannot do these things, then again our own weakness and not the strength of circumstances is the principle problem.


p. 83 Invisible Records of Thought & Action:
A Practical Guide to Subtle Vibrations, Their Causes & Effects,
Manly P. Hall, 1990

Blaming the victim for constituting the "principle problem" for not resorting to psychic means to defend against "psychic invasion," manipulation or victimization is truly outrageous.

It is also quite possible that the psychic pattern of an individual may reach us subconsciously, that this individual's thoughts or feelings may gradually and slowly work into us. However, this operation in itself is not too serious or too important unless we have nothing with which to meet the invasion. ...

In other words, we have our own psychic self-defenses by means of which we are immune to practically any negative or evil force that can reach us.


p. 52 Invisible Records of Thought & Action:
A Practical Guide to Subtle Vibrations, Their Causes & Effects,
Manly P. Hall, 1990

To characterize victims of psychic invasion or attack as not being victims of injustice because of the target's not using psychic powers for defense is part of the New Age formula for evil. The evil character of the New Age movement, including Masonry, is evident again. The level of so-called immunity which Manly P. Hall refers to can be taken in perspective of the quest of Aradamas who found ever deeper darkness than before as he advanced in the quest. Lucifer's telepathic web is tangled with deceptions and counter deceptions.


The Masonic standard of injustice enunciated by Manly P. Hall comports with the oaths to pervert justice. The "darkness" becomes ever deeper as one advances in Masonry. The quest is deceptively characterized as a quest for "light."


The pursuit of psychic powers has resulted and can result in unexplained phenomena, negative occurrences, (if not to mention outright demon possession) and sensations. The solution, Manly P. Hall advises, is to stop being "spiritual."


On the one hand persons are blamed for not pursuing psychic defenses, and on the other, persons are advised to get out if they experience negative sensations.

The moment anybody feels any of these symptoms, stop worrying about what other people are doing to you and start organizing your own resources as quickly as you can. By organizing you own resources, I mean simply get your mind on practical, workable levels of actions, train your thinking, control your emotions, find natural and reasonable outlets, and get your mind off of being spiritual because if you don't, you are going to have more trouble.


Invisible Records of Thought & Action:
A Practical Guide to Subtle Vibrations, Their Causes & Effects,
Manly P. Hall, 1990

The view is also reflected in The Mind Race,

If your body and mind are run-down, you are not in a good position to defend yourself from anything.

Another useful suggestion would be to trade in any psychic exercises that you happen to be doing and exchange them for physical exercises. If you are convinced you are under psychic attack, you will do well to give up your meditation for a while and take up jogging.


p. 240 The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities,

Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984

Inherent in both expressions is the warning that involvement with developing psychic powers can set the stage for psychic attacks. So the victim of psychic attacks is "blamed for having inadequate psychic defenses, and the victim who pursues psychic development but who experiences negative symptoms (such as those of psychic attack) is advised that the problem is his pursuit of "spiritual" or psychic development.


Hall's comment about problems connected with being "spiritual" emphasizes the evil in blaming the victims for their victimization for not having a sufficiently developed "psychic" constitution. Blaming the victims takes another turn as Hall discourages experimentation and evidently promotes the framework of development which "philosophical" secret societies have to offer, wherein the person comes directly under the group influence of such an organization. (see Chapter 9).


If a person is miserable or unhappy the individual is advised not to run to "some form of psychic phenomena for escape ..." What Hall evidently goes on to explain is for a person to consider "philosophical" or "solid knowledge" development under the auspices or framework of a secret society which is a guardian of the mysteries.


Thus, if a person has not sought psychic refuge in an organ of Lucifer such as Freemasonry, with its structure of criminal oaths, a person is accused or intimated as having oneself to blame for being victimized.

Under no conditions, if you are miserable, unhappy, defeated by life, run to some form of psychic phenomena for escape, because it is escape only into misery. If you can keep these thoughts rather clearly in mind, I think you will realize why it is not good to dabble with this sort of thing. In an experimental stage it is very foolish.


It is like experimenting with poisonous serpents or experimenting with some deadly material that is liable to explode in your face at any moment. Do not experiment. Do not play games with life, but realize that if you really want to make philosophy your journey, as Plotinus said, build a solid knowledge supporting a well-disciplined, well-integrated character.


p. 107 Invisible Records of Thought & Action:
A Practical Guide to Subtle Vibrations, Their Causes & Effects,
Manly P. Hall, 1990

Making "philosophy your journey" and developing a "well-integrated character" are veiled references to the organs of the "Philosophical Empire," such as Freemasonry. Hall does not argue against the use of psychic powers, but argues that they should be developed or exercised within a structure of "philosophical discipline," which is an evident reference to an organization such as Freemasonry.

Many people possess to varying degrees so-called psychic powers. Such powers may be considered as natural to them; in other words, they have not been acquired by any definite effort. But regardless of how remarkable these natural endowments may seem to both their possessor and the world at large, they are a liability rather than an asset unless they are reduced to order through philosophic discipline.


p. 144 Lectures on Ancient Philosophy: An Introduction To Practical Ideals

Manly P. Hall, 1984

The Masonic oaths perverting justice, concealing murder and treason and swearing dire retribution embracing murder puts the meaning of Masonic "character" into context, even where psychic powers are not pursued. In the next chapter one further learns that the Masonic Lodge is designed to engage in psychic targeting of the public. Blaming the victim for the effects of victimization is truly deplorable.


The word "character" which conventionally connotes virtues of justice is used to attract candidates for Masonry, but the "character" which is built by oaths which subvert justice and by occult methods which victimize persons clandestinely with the support of contorted justifications is fashioned in the image of Lucifer, whose very force is identified by America's Sovereign Pontiff of the Scottish Rite and Universal Freemasonry as satan, the Devil.


If one defines a strong character in terms of one's psychic constitution the standard becomes the capacity to which one is spiritistically compromised. While Hall argued against experimenting with psychic powers, he advocated the Masonic building of "character" and of occult transformation under the umbrella of Masonry. The character developed is typified in the first three degrees, which include transformation {Fellow Craft Degree} under the auspices of Masonry's god, the "All-Seeing-Eye" of Lucifer, and applying the "seething energies of Lucifer."

Hence a Mason is a builder of the temple of character. He is the architect of a sublime mystery -- the gleaming, glowing temple of his own soul.


p. [xxiii] The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall., 1923, 1976

The "well integrated character" which Freemasonry's objectives are all about is integrating the "character" of discarnate entities into the "initiate" Mason.  The Mason "builder of the temple of character" uses his mind as the instrument, the "bridge" to "cast off" one's own mind and incorporate a discarnate Luciferian entity into the biological "temple" of the initiate Mason.

    Though Hall in the above reference uses more gleaming and glowing characterization, the body of Manly P. Hall's works as well as those of other 33rd degree Masonic explicators reveal elsewhere the true nature of the transformation. The "unfolding of consciousness of the candidate" and "initiations" reveals that the character which is built involves a spiritistic transformation, it is the character of a 'merging' Luciferian spirit entity which is developed in the human being. Masonry provides the blueprints of architecture for the Masons "soul."


The efforts of the Mason work jointly with the spiritistic illumination which he pursues to produce a different 'architectural' product under the guidance of the so-called Great Architect, the All-Seeing-Eye of Lucifer, pictured by the Eye of Horus in ancient Egyptian mystery religion. A 'merger,' a hybrid, a biological vehicle for an incarnating spirit entity describes the object of the process. The "Plan" includes drawing increasing numbers of individuals into spiritistic "transformation."


Psychic "warriors" are recruited for proliferating the "great work" and the "Plan," for whose psychic methods of victimization the public has various degrees of vulnerability. Persons who themselves are victimized by psychic "warfare" become fertile recruiting grounds, whereas persons already involved are vulnerable to pressure to escalate their psychic involvement or abilities. The evils of the subversion of the human race through spiritistic transformation proliferate as a result.


It should be emphasized that whether a person pursues telepathic "powers" to establish personal relationships for allegedly noble purposes or if psychic "self-defense" from psychic intrusion or attack is sought by using psychic methods, the conditioning of the human being for impression by a spirit Hierarchy is "far more" the achievement.

The moment, however, that man tries to be telepathic, he is immediately swept into a vortex of abstract energies which condition him for spiritual impression far more than they fit him for personal relationships telepathically established.


p. 85 Telepathy: Alice A. Bailey, 1950, 1986,

The Warrior's Edge recommends using psychic techniques for self-defense and for countering psychic techniques of others. The "defense" begins by opening the barriers of the mind to make one open to impression and allow the enemy to enter within one's consciousness.

Defense through quieting the mind ...

Defense through influence is defense through intervention. All intelligence techniques require ruthlessness, duplicity, and absolute integrity. No, these are not contradictions in terms. If you are using influence technologies correctly, you can and will achieve your objective by the manipulation of others.

Defense through intuitive decision making ...

Defense through visualization ...

Defense by remote viewing

Defense from remote viewing involves applying security measures to your home, to your workplace, to the information you carry in your mind. You can use your success space to construct mental barriers to keep out other remote viewers.


p. 217 The Warrior's Edge,

Colonel John B. Alexander, Major Richard Groller, Janet Morris, 1990

The capacity for psychic escalation is obvious. The danger of becoming involved in higher and higher levels of occult initiation, practices and techniques is also obvious. The scenario, again, is to involve the individual in opening the "psychic eye" or "point of contact with between humans and Lucifer-consciousness" in order to develop psychic "self-defense." Persons whose psychic eye is already "opened" are subject to a "corrosive environment" pressuring persons to have it opened more widely in order to counteract the effects of persons who utilize such a Luciferian relationship to victimize them in a competitive environment.


That the psychic "environment" is escalatory in nature is evident also in the thought "discrimination" problems.

Corroborating that the thought discrimination problem exists, The Mind Race authors reveal that remote viewing represents only one level of so-called psychic defense such as advocated by The Warrior's Edge, but that other levels of psychic involvement are then promoted for related "psychic defense" and thought, feeling and memory discrimination.

... we will, therefore, discuss ways in which you might separate your own feelings, thoughts, memory and imagination from actual psychic impressions. This ability is as vital for successful remote viewing as it may be for psychic self-defense.


p. 79 The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities,

Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984,

The authors could be at least commended for use of the word "might" in describing the problem of discriminating one's own thoughts and feelings from those which are impressed upon the person.


The "Plan" itself involves victimizing others psychically. Victimization can produce a perceived need for involvement and escalation. Such victimization activities are not simply incidental.


The impressing of thoughts or feelings onto other individuals, subverting them, is clearly revealed as part of the New Age agenda, a sinister means for bringing about the "Plan." It should be noted on the subject of clandestine influence that hypnotic skills are used in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques and the student is later phased into the use of psychic influence.


How does New Age leader Alice Bailey present the ethical pits of subversive, clandestine influence ?

If you can grasp certain broad and relatively simple facts and recognize that you possess the key or the clue in your already developed capacities, then you will go forward with simplicity, making no undue intellectual difficulties when dealing with these more subtle phases of your ever-existent environment.


p. 55 Telepathy: Alice A. Bailey, 1950, 1986

"Go forward" with "already developed capacities" to do what, such that the New Age disciples are advised in "making no undue intellectual difficulties" ? What are the psychic capacities to be used for ?

At that point he becomes capable of being more sensitive to a higher range of impression and--at the same time--he himself begins to learn the art of impressing the minds of others, to master the understanding of the level from which he works as an impressing agent, and to know who are the sons of men he can impress. He has to master also the secondary lesson of adapting his environment in such a manner that he can impress others and the impression can find its way through his environing circumstances and into the usually inattentive minds for whom he feels a responsibility.


p. 92 Telepathy: Alice A. Bailey, 1950, 1986

It should be quite apparent that the concealing, the cover-up by governments of such subversive, corrosive psychic methods has facilitated the use of such methods upon those of the public who have been unsuspecting, "inattentive" to such activities to subvert them.

May that no longer be the case.


Responsibility ? The "great work," the "Plan," obviously comprises what is embraced in New Age terms by the word "responsibility."


The "great work" also involves impressing others, which varies in effectiveness.


Notice closely that "inattentive minds" represent particular vulnerability which accounts for a major reason for secret society / government cover-ups of psychic powers. Disclosures on the fringes are slowly giving way to more widespread disclosures of psychic powers as more of the public is drawn into the New Age movement, while over time the doctrine of evolution has eroded restraints and resistance to spiritistic practices.


Simply knowing of secret society activities and methods allows one to be more cautious and to mount legitimate defense measures against being co-opted into the psychic-occult organization.


Drugs and alcohol have been used to produce altered states of consciousness to prepare or condition a candidate for spiritistic initiation. It should come as no surprise that mind-altering drugs or alcohol can make a person more vulnerable to psychic "impression" or victimization.


It should also be obvious that involvement with meditative techniques which "quiet" or "still" the mind or which impede one's thought process, including "focusing" techniques which effectively do the same, are not only means to develop psychic powers by the entry of spirits which open or establish the "psychic eye," but that such means can make a person more vulnerable to victimization even when the person is not told in the context of the exercises that the objective is to contact spirit guides or develop psychic powers.


Involvement with the Ouija Board has long been recognized as a source of spiritistic victimization.


Placing oneself under guidance or influence of occult practices such as astrology (horoscopes) represent other obvious ways of involvement with the occult. The body of information already presented in this book should make it apparent that the spiritistic forces which preside over astrology have the capacity for influencing people and therefore events.


There are a variety of reasons why some pastors or other religious leaders might be interested in suppressing an expose such as this one. There are ministers who belong to Masonic lodges, and who even if they themselves are not psychic practitioners belong to an organization associated with  exercising psychic influence, particularly upon members.  (Chapter 9).  There are ministers who, themselves, having psychic powers might not wish to have their powers exposed, whether they belong to Masonic Lodges or not.

    Leaving people vulnerable to evil methods by covering up such methods is a high price to have others pay for concealing one's own psychic involvement or "powers."


The authors of The Warrior's Edge state,

Stress kills.

p. 41 The Warrior's Edge,

Colonel John B. Alexander, Major Richard Groller, Janet Morris, 1990

The context of the The Warrior's Edge statement that "stress kills" was in reference to using psychic powers to reduce stress, which represents another aspect in which a person could get sucked into involvement with psychic powers which open a person acutely to psychic impression and the realm psychic escalation.


Knowing specifically what things to watch out for and knowing what potential capacities for human subversion New Age "warriors" wield, places a person in a position wherein one is no longer as easily spoken of as an "inattentive mind," whereby the person previously might have been a better target for subversion.


One of the methods to be considered later in detail in this book is that of Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP, which represents progressive techniques in hypnosis involving clandestinely manipulating others as well as self-hypnosis at advanced levels involving contacting spirit guides which are presented/incorporated as different "parts" of oneself. NLP has been taught in government circles and has been proliferating in the business community.


The Warrior's Edge co-author U.S. Army Colonel John Alexander, "chief of the Advanced Human Technology Office, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command", became involved in teaching NLP techniques to government officials whose participants included Al Gore.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is defined as a set of techniques used to facilitate individual pattern changes. ... NLP teaches ways to modify behavior patterns that are not useful as well as to install useful behavior patterns. ...

In 1983, the NLP training group, along with John Alexander, was engaged to teach these skills to several members of Congress, including Al Gore, Jr. and Tom Downey, under the auspices of Congressional Clearing House on the Future, a bipartisan activity established to provide information to congressmen when they request it. Gore went on to become a serious candidate in the 1988 presidential primary race.


p. 48 The Warrior's Edge,

Colonel John B. Alexander, Major Richard Groller, Janet Morris, 1990

Al Gore also went on to become the Vice President to Bill Clinton.


The clandestine manipulation of other human beings represents one of the greatest threats to the fabric of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights.


"Intrusion is the primary weapon of the tyrant."

Psychic intrusion and manipulation are unequivocally weapons of tyrants.

It has been asked of Masonry, "why the secrecy?" Examine the "inner machinery" of Masonry. It is well connected to the outer machinery. Combined, an efficient means to subvert America's Constitutional Bill of Rights has been grinding away behind the scenes. The "brotherhood" of Masonry has been working as part of a machine to transform American society "until that day be with us." It is an international effort to encompass the world.


Working behind-the-scenes, it has been difficult to put a face on the inimical "Big Brother." The identity, however, is known as Lucifer. The principle New Age vehicle has been Mazzini's Masonic Machine. The ride is to Armageddon.

Why the secrecy ? The next chapter examines the "inner machinery" of Masonry which enjoys the outer machinery support system which is sworn to obstruct and pervert justice. The outer machinery reflects the design of the inner.


Chapter 9