Evolution by "selection"

Evolución por "selección"





 -  Darwin and The Origin of The Humanoid Form



 -  Darwinism - A Crumbling Theory



 -  Darwinism and The Anthropic Principle



 -  Darwinism - The Forbidden Subject



 -  Earliest Human Ancestor? - Not likely!



 -  El Origen Del Darwinismo - Máximo Sandín vs. Darwin



 -  Evidence for Creation by Outside Intervention



 -  Frequently Asked Questions to Lloyd Pye



 -  Más de 1000 Científicos se Oponen Abiertamente al Darwinismo


 -  Neo-Darwinism


 -  New Genetic Study seriously Challenges Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution'


 -  Porqué el Darwinismo está Equivocado, Muy Equivocado...


 -  Some Reasons Why Darwinism Fails to Define Human Nature


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 -  Archaeological Cover-ups - A Plot to Control History?


 -  Complete Primate Skeleton from the Middle Eocene of Messel in Germany - Morphology and Paleobiology


 -  Encubrimientos Arqueológicos - ¿Una Trama para Controlar la Historia?


 -  Is A New And General Theory of Evolution Emerging?



 -  La Crisis Latente Del Darwinismo



 -  Nuestro Edén Químico - El Origen de la Vida



 -  Our Chemical Eden - The Origin of Life


 -  Research Shows Not Only The Fittest Survive



 -  The Ascendancy of The Scientific Dictatorship


 -  The Evolution Cruncher - Scientific Facts Which Annihilate Evolutionary Theory


 -  The Obligatory "Missing Link" Story...


 -  Theory of Evolution in No Way Explains Origins of Life - Huge Contradictions in 'Scientific' Thinking...

 -  The Scientific Background of The Nazi "Race Purification" Program - US & German Eugenics Ethnic...

 -  The Surprising Origins of Life's Complexity

 -  Why Should Mitochondria define Species?




 -  Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species - by Keith A. Francis

 -  On The Origin of Species - by Charles Darwin



 -  Sobre El Origen de Las Especies - by Charles Darwin


 -  The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex - by Charles Darwin

 -  The Power of Movement in Plants - by Charles Darwin





 -  A Fascinating Perspective on Questioning Darwinian Evolution

 -  Antropología Humana Anunnaki - Lloyd Pye


 -  Descubriendo el Misterio de La Vida


 -  El Proyecto Matriz #120 - MÁXIMO SANDIN vs. DARWIN


 -  El Proyecto Matriz #121 - MÁXIMO SANDIN vs. DARWIN


 -  El Proyecto Matriz #122 - MÁXIMO SANDIN vs. DARWIN


 -  El Proyecto Matriz #123 - MÁXIMO SANDIN vs. DARWIN


 -  Investigando La Evolución - La Explosión Cambriana


 - “La Evolución a 150 Años (luz) de Darwin” - IX Semana de la Ciencia - Conferencia de Máximo Sandín

 -  La Ilusión de Dios  - The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

 -  Lloyd Pye on Fox Show - Evolution


 -  Religions - The Root of All Evil? - Richard Dawkins Lecture at UC Berkeley

 -  Unlocking The Mysteries of Life



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 -  Forbidden Archeology - The Hidden History of the Human Race


 -  Gaia Hypothesis - La Teoria de Gaia - Main File



 -  The Origin of Life and the Suppression of Truth



 -  The Origin of Information



 -  Vida en Nuestra Galaxia - Main File




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