Chapter 11

The Clinton Mystery


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Clinton Mystery Schooling


"Occult salvation," the habitation of human bodies by discarnate Luciferian entities, spirits, represents the "Plan," the "Great Work" of the New Age movement, including Freemasonry.


Manly P. Hall, 33º, explained that which Senior DeMolay Mason and Scottish Rite's chosen 1987 International Demolay Alumnus Bill Clinton might not be ignorant of.

It is quite incredible that any initiated Brother, when presented with a copy of Morals and Dogma upon the conferment of his fourteenth degree, can read that volume and yet maintain that his order is not identical with the Mystery schools of the first ages.


Much of the writings of Albert Pike are extracted from the books of the French magician, Eliphas Levi, ... an occultist, a metaphysician, a Platonic philosopher, who by the rituals of magic invoked even the spirit of Apollonius of Tyana ...

Through his {Pike's} zeal and unflagging energy American Freemasonry was raised from comparative obscurity to become the most powerful organization in the land. Though Pike, a transcendental thinker, was the recipient of every honor that the Freemasonic bodies of the world could confer, the modern Mason is loath to admit that transcendentalism has any place in Freemasonry.


This is an attitude filled with embarrassment and inconsistency, for whichever way the Mason turns he is confronted by these inescapable issues of philosophy and the Mysteries.

Manly P. Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy [Los Angeles, CA: Philosophical Research Society, Inc., 1984

The Mystery Schools. A religious agenda of "occult salvation," destroying the human consciousness and replacing it with that of an outside spirit entity has traditionally involved methods including employing sexual perversions.

 Weishaupt... believed that once the masses had been de-Christianized they would demand political freedom and the right to enjoy life without the moral straitjacket imposed by the puritanical teachings of the Chruch on sexual matters.

In common with the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons, Weishaupt believed this redemption was possible by the application of the occult traditions preserved by the pagan Mystery schools who were the guardians of the Ancient Wisdom.

The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Thier Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989

Weishaupt's plan to "de-Christianize the masses" and cast off sexual restraints can be linked to occult traditions in which participants have been required to engage in sexual perversions, such as sodomy, to receive spiritistic illumination.


The "ancient wisdom," as the reader has now no doubt already been made aware, was embodied in the sexual magic / sodomy of the rituals of the Knights Templar, Jaques DeMolay being it's last public Grand Master.


The "ancient wisdom" represents a legacy of spiritual and moral corruption.


The Illuminati scheme itself, composed of Rosicrucian and Masonic Principles, is rooted in the ancient Mystery schools.

 While an undergraduate Weishaupt studied the ancient pagan religions and was familiar with the Eluesinian mysteries and the theories of the Greek mystic Pythagoras.


As a student he had drafted the constitution for a secret society modelled on the pagan Mystery schools but it was not until he was initiated into Freemasonry that Weishaupt's plan for the ultimate secret society was spawned.

The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989

Weishaupt's Order of the Illuminati became core organization through which the Luciferian hierarchy has expressed it's influence in the Western world, as already born out in testimony rendered in this critical analysis.


The foundation for the modern perpetuation of the occult "wisdom" and counterfeit "salvation" is the ancient "Mystery School."

All the great Mystery Schools have hierarchies upon the spiritual planes of Nature which are expressing themselves in this world through creeds and organizations.

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall

The Masonic scholars of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Albert Pike, 33º and Supreme Pontiff of Lucifer, and Manly P. Hall, 33º, held Lucifer to be the god of nature.

    Foster Bailey, 33º, and wife of New Age leader Alice Bailey, confirmed the ancient foundation of the  worldwide nature of Mystery School activity and leadership by high level initiates, of the "Spiritual Hierarchy" which belongs to Lucifer.

 The ancient secret Orders and Mystery Schools were led by high initiates of a greater worldwide Order than has ever yet precipitated as an exoteric Order in all its brilliance and perfection.

The Spirit of Masonry, Foster Bailey, 1957

Alchemy, as the reader may recall, was adopted by the "Invisible Empire" as a cover for it's own activity, to perpetuate the ancient traditions of the "Mystery Schools" of antiquity.

It is important to remember that alchemy did not take on the overtones of the World Mystery until it became the vehicle of that Society of Unknown Philosophers which set up the Invisible Empire, to perpetuate in the modern world the great Mystery Schools of antiquity.

Orders of the Great Work: Alchemy, by Manly P. Hall

The methods of contrivance employed to perpetuate ancient Mystery School philosophy and practice, subverting society "from within," can prompt persons to analyze more recent efforts to perpetuate ancient "Mystery School" philosophy and practices.

The alchemical laboratory became the shrine of the spiritual sciences, taking the place of the ruined sanctuaries of the ancient Mysteries

The initiate-philosophers ... rebuilt their Empire "along the shores of the air;" that is, on the plane of mind, substituting psychological association for physical Fraternities. Their enemies could not attack successfully these airy fortresses, and the old wisdom continued to permeate the social structure from within. The Mystery teaching emerged under a variety of symbols, emblems, and figures. It took up its abode in the very camp of its adversaries, gradually transmuting all other doctrines into the likeness of itself.


It became the Universal Proteus, taking on all appearances at will, yet never revealing its own shape. This Invisible Empire was beyond the reach of the profane. Occasionally one of its citizens (initiantes) was apprehended and destroyed, but another immediately filled the vacancy. The machinery of the Inquisition was set in motion against this Empire of the sages, but persecution only strengthened the resolution of these unknown philosophers.

Alchemy was one of the earliest appearances of the Mystery Schools in early Christian Europe. The contrivance was most adroit. It appealed to the ideals of the idealists, and to the avarice of the avaricious.

Orders of the Great Work: Alchemy, by Manly P. Hall

The adroit contrivances used in perpetuating the "spiritual" traditions of the Mystery Schools have evidently not ceased.


The Theosophical Society, founded by mystic Helena Blavatsky, has through a publishing organ presented a contemporary introduction to the ancient ritual traditions, in the work of Jean Houston.


In commenting on his own participation in a contemporaneous "Mystery School" the Hon. William R. Bryant, Jr., Republican Leader Emeritus Michigan House of Representatives stated in the foreword which he wrote for the book Public Like a Frog: Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans by Jean Houston,

Since 1985 I have felt the possibility and reality of growth and renewal. And I found a Mystery School... lead for the past ten years by Hean Houston... Mystery School consists of nine weekends in the course of a year. In its ten years, well over two thousand participants have taken part in its mind and spirit expanding experiences.

... Why the name Mystery School? It could be called the Graduate School in Human Potential, or The Sacred University of the Depths, or Archetypal School, or Spirit School. It is, in fact, all of these...


Further, the sacred schools of past civilizations - of Egypt and Eleusis, of Pythagoras and Rumi - were called Mystery Schools as well. The linkage of the modern Mystery School with its sacred precursors of the past deepens and extends its scope and patternings.

p. Foreword - xi

Public Like a Frog: Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans, Jean Houston, 1993

There you have it.  Explicit.  The "linkage" of Jean Houston's "Mystery School" with those of Egyptian and other ancient Mystery Schools is not simply conjectural word matching, it is attested to by a seven year veteran of the school, as quoted.


Willaim Bryant, Jr., continues his discussion by relating his induction into visualization by Jean Houston wherein one was to,

"let the experience flow and see what happened."

{p. xi}.


"Thomas Jefferson was next, requiring two brimful week-ends."

{p. xii}.

Mr. Bryant was immersed into Emily Dickenson wherein he,

"found myself writing poetry in her style - not feeling I was imitating her, just feeling sensuously close to her. I felt our skin as one and gazed out her window at the children giggling and playing beyond the fence below. Similing and sighing with her, ..."

{p. xii}.


"Later that year, we turned inward again, to the study of Helen Kelller and Annie Sullivan, Helen's Teacher and mentor ... I found myself feeling thoughts as if from her and Annie about education, intended for us today. As I wrote, I had the sense of knowing something of the depth of Helen's mind in the silence and darkness of her vast cosmos, and I wrote in Helen's hand and voice ..."

{p. xiii}.


Immersion into the actual writings of various personalities which were focused on, combined with intense visualization exercises is reminiscent of the "inner self" ploy, in which an interposing spirit entity gradually gains access through an altered state of consciousness. Altered state of consciousness? That is what Mr. Willaim Bryant, Jr., failed to mention, but which the text of the book, which was based on the actual lessons, makes quite clear. In a word, hypnotism.


Breathing exercises are used to facilitate an altered state of consciousness "going deeper into this inward state" {p. 177} as the reader is invited to allow Thomas Jefferson to serve as a guide. "And if you find yourself getting stuck or confused, or the vision ceases, you can ask Mr. Jefferson or your guiding Divine Architect to help illumine your vision so that you will be able to see more clearly how it can be done. It especially helps to dialogue with Mr. Jefferson about these things, for he is still full of bright ideas on making society work."

{p. 179}.

The context is described as the participant supposedly hammering out the details of making the world work with the guidance of Thomas Jefferson. Spirit guides is what spiritualism, initiate Freemasonry, New Age spirit channeling, and the ancient Mystery Schools have been all about.


On preceding page 178 Jean Houston states in a lesson,

"you see that surrounding you, almost like a penumbra of light, is a Divine Architect for whom you are the chosen art form. And this Divine Archetype, this Beloved Spiritual Presence, is there working in you and through you to help hammer out the details of the new society."

The "new society" is the New Age, and the "Divine Architect" is the architect of the New Age, the architect of Freemasonry, who is called T.G.A.O.T.U. or The Great Architect Of The Universe in Freemasonry.


Lucifer, or his Luciferian "angels" or spirits, are ready to take on the guise of the "inner self," or that of the appearance of Thomas Jefferson.


Jean Houston encourages the participant who is in a trance state

"Be there now, with Mr. Jefferson. Explore it {"altogether feasible possible society"}. Talk about it. Interact with him. Let him introduce you to some of the people who live there. Be there now, and discover as much as you can." {p. 178}.

At the end of the session Jean Houston brings the participant out of the trance including the words "Coming now to full waking consciousness ... Continuing to breathe more quickly now ... Clap your hands, and open your eyes."


Open your eyes, indeed. Don't' let an adroit contrivance induct you into the spiritual and physical dangers of ancient spiritistic practices.


Jean Houston herself makes the link with the ancient Mystery Schools in her Introduction.

What is a Mystery School? It is my twentieth-century version of an ancient and honorable tradition going back millennia wherein men and women gather to explore the mysteries of who we are, what we are here for, and what we may yet become.


Once upon a time there were such schools in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan, India, China, Tibet, Ireland, England, France, Hawaii, the Americas, as well as in many other places on the planet where the sacred called to the secular to illumine the mystery of existence.

Thus we harvest what is available (or can be imagined) of the knowledge and traditions, rites and ritual of these ancient studies, imbuing them with new realities and discoveries.

We participate in rituals, ceremonies, and high drama. We empower one another and embrace transformation. ... It requires a commitment to be open and available to the deep inner self ...


Public Like a Frog: Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans, Jean Houston, 1993

Embracing "transformation" under the auspices of the ancient Mystery Schools is what initiate Freemasonry is all about.


The "inner self" ploy camouflages the entry of discarnate spirits into a person's consciousness, empowering spiritistic transformation of the individual.


Thus Jean Houston writes about the "possible human" as an objective. Again, in the New Age the real objective is the possible incarnation of discarnate spirit entities into the body of the human.


Walking a person through a ritual "story" under deeper and deeper levels of altered states of consciousness forms the substance of much of Jean Houston's Mystery School work.

Great Story is powerful and primal, capable of unlocking levels of the deep psyche. Engaging it produces an intense force, which in turn produces a mutation in consciousness. You become who you really are ...

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

The assertion that one becomes who one really is through a "mutation of consciousness" produced by ancient Mystery School rituals is akin to saying that one becomes who one really is by taking the hallucinogenic drug LSD.


For that matter, Jean Houston's early exploratory work, including herself as a subject, reportedly involved taking LSD.


Such mind-altering and hallucinogenic drugs represent a fast-track to contact with demon entities. The Greek word used in the Bible for sorcery is derived from a word having to do with drugs, the link between sorcery and mind-altering drugs being substantial.


Thus "alchemy" served as an adroit vehicle for perpetuating the occult Mysteries, not simply because of the quest for turning base metals into gold, but for the pharmacological possibilities which such a cover also presented. As already established in this book, the use of drugs represents only one of several means to produce altered states of consciousness which make a person susceptible to contact with spirit entities.


Tonal vibrations, chanting, particular breathing exercises and hypnotism are among those techniques which Jean Houston has employed in her Mystery School courses and books which can induce altered states of consciousness.


These are all New Age methods for inducing altered states of consciousness which make a person vulnerable to intrusion or invasion by discarnate spirit entities.  There are also more subtle techniques which she and other proponents use, such as those involved in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.


The "end game" pertains to the transformation of the individual under the auspices of spirit guides which leads to a complete take-over of the individual.


Jeans Houston's words, "you see that surrounding you, almost like a penumbra of light, is a Divine Architect for whom you are the chosen art form. And this Divine Archetype, this Beloved Spiritual Presence, is there working in you and through you to help hammer out the details of the new society."


"Union" with the "Beloved" "Spiritual Presence" comprises terminology in rituals in another Jean Houston Mystery School book, The SEARCH for The BELOVED: Journeys in Sacred Psychology. Union, merging, with discarnate spirits form the foundations of ancient mystery religion.


The "search" for the "Divine Architect," "Divine Archetype," "Beloved Spiritual Presence" comprises the New Age "quest."

A sacred psychology, however, assumes that one's fullest realization comes from the living experience of union with God, which is then expressed through the forms of daily life. The WE ARE realm serves as the mediating field for the practice of this developmental program."

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

The "WE ARE" realm of spirit entities which gain access through altered states of consciousness engage in the "transformation" or "transmutation" work.  The New Age movement is one of spirit medium activity, spirit medium practice. 


The human body becomes the "medium" through which New Age spirits write, speak, and otherwise extend their own being.

What sacred psychology does is help you build the bridges that connect your every day life with your depth life. It provides you with practices that quite literally re-orchestrate your brain, your body, your nervous system.

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

As Manly P. Hall noted, the human mind, in the Western occult tradition, is trained to served as a bridge to it's own destruction to enable another consciousness to take over, transmuting the person.


This process is enabled by building "bridges" or connections to the realm of New Age spirits.


The student begins with the "THIS IS ME realm," and uses the "realm of the WE ARE" as a bridge to,

"the Unity of Being of the I AM."

{p. 26}.

The student starts off with his or her own identity and is transformed through the agency of the "WE ARE" realm of spirits, leading to a union, an ancient mystery religion union with pagan mystery religion spirits. 


Jean Houston, herself, again becomes more explicit.

Critical to sacred psychology is the ability to incarnate or incorporate a variety of identities and personalities. This may allow you to access the knowledge and experience of different life forms as well as gain the compassion and understanding that comes from getting inside another person's reality. You learn to operate with leaky margins, and osmotic-ally assume the persona of another.

Traditional psychologies of the sacred have always taught this facility for "incarnation."

This aspect of sacred psychology teaches the ability to assume, when appropriate, the archetype of the god or goddess. Divine identity carries evolutionary enhancement. You take on the body, the mind, the spiritual resonance of the god - or, if you will, of the next stage of evolution. You enter into the lure of becoming and acquire aspects of the extended physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities of the archetype.

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

What is the purpose of all of this "transformation" and of "incarnation" of other "entities"?


Jean Houston's words,

"you see that surrounding you, almost like a penumbra of light, is a Divine Architect for whom you are the chosen art form. And this Divine Archetype, this Beloved Spiritual Presence, is there working in you and through you to help hammer out the details of the new society."

Another agent of the New Age Hierarchy is thus in the making to contribute to building a New Age of incarnating spirits associated with Lucifer.


Jean Houston clearly states that the Mystery School practice results in accomplishing the following objective,  "You take on the body, the mind, the spiritual resonance of the god."


One' body might take on the behavior of the "body" of the inhabiting spirit when the "mind" of the spirit takes over, but the ancient spirit medium practice is really all about the "god" or pagan daemon entity taking over the "body" of the human being.  It is what the New Age movement is all about, it is what Freemasonry is all about in it's core principles.


As the authors of The Warrior's Edge have testified to, a change in words facilitates the adoption of practices which otherwise might be rejected.


"Archetype" is one such word, carrying with it to many un-initiated an implication that it is not with spirits which one is dealing. "Inner self" is another such expression used to facilitate contact with spirit guides, using a guise.


Jean Houston uses the word "archetypal," which is not reserved simply for attributing her rituals to the ancient Mystery Schools.

Twenty-eight hundred years after it was written, this episode of the archetypal Friend in Court still serves as a telling model of what it is in us that helps us out of our stuck places and illumines our traditions. Often some quickening agent of the life force, some stimulus from the archetypal world, is needed to help us get on with it.

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

There is no doubt that LUCIFERIAN, pagan spirits would like to get you "unstuck" out of your "place," so to speak, and take over. 


It is the occult conspiracy objective.  Spiritistic "illumination" often forms the "stimulus" by inducing thoughts and feelings, influencing a person's mind in that direction.  Very sinister.  The "archetypal Friend."


Brace yourself for candor.


Jean Houston writes,

How, then can you make contact with this agent, this guide and guardian? How can you, like E.T., "phone home" before your resources are exhausted? Most of this book is dedicated to answering this question in a variety of ways.


Here, however, I present a basic and deceptively simple exercise in which you become that guiding archetype, observing with both great compassion and detachment the mortal that you are. Essentially, instead of trying to contact this other realm, you will allow yourself to incarnate this realm directly. ...

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

Is there some kind of secret here?  In her book, the reader (or practitioner) is told this on page 80. 


Jean Houston promotes that,

"you will allow yourself to incarnate this realm directly."

I think it's a good idea to have a warning on the front page of her book to read page 80 first, before practicing exercises which are designed to enable contact with the so-called "Archetypes" which have the capacity to influence a person's mind, both in thoughts and feelings. 


Houston is clearly talking about "incarnating" that "realm directly."  As she states, "You take on the body, the mind, the spiritual resonance of the god."  Again, it is the human's body through which the spirit realm entity "incarnates."  The ancient Egyptian "Mystery School" practice.


In the New Age movement the expression "channeling" is often used where "spirit medium-ship" was previously. Where the séance has served as one "modality" of spirit medium-ship, there have been many, many others. The formats and techniques have changed to include a wide range of methods. Spirit medium-ship with partial or full memory recall emerged publicly as the spiritualist movement of the 1800's advanced.


The use of the human mind as a co-operative "bridge" to facilitate the taking over of one's own mind by an outside entity forms the substance of the rituals of the Mystery Schools, and such techniques have converged with the spiritualist movement to produce a comprehensive New Age movement. Jean Houston continues her discussion by speaking of "playing the role" of the Friend in Court wherein,

"you fully enact the archetype with appropriate change of voice, gesture, language, and energy."

{p. 80}.

The adroitness does not cease. Neither do the ancient methods.


In the section "Incarnating the Friend in Court",

"The process will begin with a chant, for chanting prepares you to dissolve the barriers that surround the local THIS IS ME self, and allows the archetypal energies and personae of the WE ARE realm to be identified with and engaged. After the chanting, you will come together in groups of "godded" beings and present the case of your mortal."

{p. 80}


"This is the Court of the Gods. Each person will incarnate the archetypal Friend in Court, speaking for the needs and needed transmutations of his or her own local life, referring to the local self in the third person."

{p. 81}

On page 81 the chanting method is emphasized with the following explanation that,

"You will become the realm of I AM, letting yourself be filled with the fullness of the god realm that is the I Am. You will become Being itself."

The exercises are, indeed, "deceptively simple." The deception is simple.


The deception on the part of New Age Luciferian spirits seeking to incarnate themselves in the bodies of humans by having themselves presented as "Archetypes" or the deep "inner self" of unsuspecting humans is not difficult to see through.


The phrase by Jean Houston, "the goddedness in us is yearning for us" {p. 138} bespeaks the quest of discarnate entities for incarnation on the physical plane.


That the spiritism which is involved is but thinly concealed is evident from "The Rites of Pothos: The Search for the Beloved."

"This process allows you to experience, first through a guided meditation and then through a powerful ritual, the experience of the search for the Beloved and the union with that deep force within you. In different ways you will experience this in each of the journeys presented in the last part of this book, for all of sacred psychology ultimately speaks to this quest."

{p. 138}.

The "Beloved" with whom one is supposed to seek "union" has already been identified. For emphasis, Jean Houston's words,

"a Divine Architect for whom you are the chosen art form. And this Divine Archetype, this Beloved Spiritual Presence, is there working in you and through you to help hammer out the details of the new society."

While adoit language is used, ultimately Jean Houston does not conceal her efforts to duplicate or restore the ancient mystery religion roots of the rituals.

"The ritual of crossing the threshold to the realm of the Beloved is derived from my speculations on the little we know of the rites of pothos at Samothrace."

{p. 139}.

Candles are used and,

"Participants may be invited to decorate the room as the Temple of the Beloved."

{p. 139}.

The Script a facilitating person reads is prefaced with the words:

"(To be read in a gentle, trance-inducing voice throughout. ...)"

{p. 140}.

In the "Great Story" which the person experiences in a trance-state, the human participant experiences sacrificing oneself in order that the so-called "Beloved" may live.


On a coffin the words are read

"You who would save the Beloved must sacrifice yourself so that the Beloved may live" and the facilitator reading the script says, "And you know that the sacrifice must be total, it must be complete..."

{p. 142}.

The words of Manly P. Hall regarding the sacrificing of the human mind are inescapably encountered at this point,

"Consequently, though the mind is ever the link between consciousness and unconsciousness, it too must be ultimately sacrificed in order that the Great Work be accomplished."

Lectures on Ancient Philosophy: An Introduction To Practical Ideals, Manly P. Hall, 1984

The person, in Jean Houston's ritual, who has experienced cutting oneself to pieces in the visual scenario in a trance-state, is reassembled by the so-called "Beloved." That ritual is supposed to be immediately followed by another which ends with descriptions as follows:

There you find yourself a place where you sit down and enter into communion with the Beloved. It is the place of the marriage of the self with the Beloved of the soul. It is the place of the great union. ...

Know yourself now in communion with the Beloved. You have entered into a union that, if you choose, will sustain and support you all the days of your life. Never again will you ever really be alone, for now your are in union.

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

Union with yourself?   No.  Union with "ancient" spirits. 


Note what Jean Houston herself comments about in the,

"story of Psyche and Eros" which is supposed to provide a "process" "which engages us fully enough" {p. 152} and which uses "the burning lamp and the cutting knife... used at different times either by you or on you... cruelly used on you" {p. 169} in the participatory scenario depiction starting on page 169 which is supplemented on p. 174 with "Instructions for working alone" ...


"Since this can be a trance-inductive process ..."


"And you can let your eyes remain open until they involuntarily close."

{p. 174}.

Jean Houston's comment on page 160 regarding the story of "Psyche and Eros" includes this:

"In fact, they suggest, she is being ravaged by a demon. In this case, of course, the demon is really a daimon, a god, but at this state of unconsciousness, one cannot tell the difference."

In the "Psyche and Eros" section Scenario 5 to be enacted under an inducted hypnotic trance, "Fourth Labor: Descent into Hades Followed by Sacred Marriage," the candidate is further transformed.

"In enacting this process of descent into Hades we engage in a very ancient initiation rite, receiving the gift from the immortal realms. ... This initiatory process and its conclusion invites union with the Divine Beloved." {p. 182}.

The "detachment" {p. 80} which has been referred to from the viewpoint of an incarnated "guide" is revealed as to it's substance. It comports with the statements by Manly P. Hall connected with transmutation and wielding the seething energies of Lucifer.

But all of these expressions of the human heart must become transmuted into the emotionless compassion of the gods ...

p. 50 The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall., 1923, 1976

In the Search for Union with the "Beloved" the participant, in a trance-state, is guided to exercise "emotionless" so-called compassion in the quest for union with the so-called "Divine Beloved," "the Divine Architect," the New Age god.


The pleas for help from others are stifled in the quest for union with the Divine Beloved, the Divine New Age Architect.

Brace yourself for examining shocking elements

of the New Age schooling which Jean Houston presents !


 The initiate acts out callous, emotionless disregard for "The pleas for help from others" while the initiate engages in the "quest" for "union" with the incarnating spirits of ancient mystery religion (Mystery Schools).



Brace yourself

Jean Houston Education

"But your ears are still filled with cries for help.

"Please help me! Please help me!"

"With my homework."

"Through school." ...

"I'm dying, and only you can help me." ...

You used to be such a kind and generous person."

What happened to you all of a sudden?"

"Please help me! I need you!"

"I'm your own mother. I've given you everything." ...

"I've never needed you so much!"

Stay mindful. With so many people asking you to give away all that you have, stay focused."

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

Houston writes of gaining the "compassion and understanding that comes from getting inside another person's reality", yet teaches the initiate to callously ignore the pleas of family members in dire distress in order to pursue the "quest."


The issues involve not only transformation of character, but "mutation of consciousness" and transmutation which "sloughs off" human consciousness as it is replaced through "union" with a New Age spirit entity or entities.


The person is guided to sacrifice even oneself, according to ancient Mystery School tradition, to achieve "union" and is brought into union in a trance state described in which demons and "gods" cannot be differentiated.

This is the moment of the marrying, the bonding, the communing, the partnering with the Beloved. Know yourself now as being godded in this union."

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

The "emotionless compassion of the gods" transformation inherent in Freemasonry and Jean Houston's adopted Mystery School tradition bespeaks a "union" which makes the issue of whether a New Age "godded" being can or cannot feel another's pain, moot.


The term "godhood" itself is deceptive, as it has been abundantly demonstrated from the expressions of Masonic and New Age leaders themselves that Masonic/New Age "godhood" involves the destruction of the human consciousness and the replacement of it with that of discarnate spirit entities seeking to be incarnated in the flesh, human flesh.





Are there deceptive intelligences operating in the Clinton White House?


Jean Houston has established herself as an intimate advisor and "spirit raiser" for the Clinton First Family, in her visits at the Camp David retreat and in the White House.


Bob Woodward, in his book The Choice has wittingly or unwittingly enabled the Clinton's association with Jean Houston to provide definition of the Clinton White House in terms which New Age experts can immediately identify.


The development of the "possible human" which Jean Houston encourages involves a process of "mutation of consciousness," "transmutation," "transformation" until "union" is achieved with "the Divine Architect" of the "New Age" (the "Golden Age" of re-incarnated Luciferian spirits). 


The so-called "human" which Jean Houston's Mystery School spirit incarnation process makes "possible" is the "possessed" "human." 


The "society" which the proliferation of such daemon incarnations makes "possible" is a "society" of incarnated daemon spirits, incarnated in human flesh. 

...for the essential task of the Mystery Schools has always been to develop the possible human in the possible society ...

p. Intro - xx

Public Like a Frog: Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans, Jean Houston, 1993

The end product of the New Age "Great Work" is ironically called the "possible human."


The 'possible incarnated spirit in human form' would be a less adroit expression. Using New Age techniques, one might speak of the "possible" "possessed" "human." 


The New Age "possible society" is identifiable as the "Golden Age" of incarnating spirit entities and includes in it's composition the political and social aspects of "the Plan."


The New Age spirit guides which are facilitating the "hammering out of the details" to construct the "possible society" might be introduced to participants of Jean Houston's Mystery School as "archetypes," but the results are clearly identifiable with the spirit interposing activities of the ancient Mystery Schools upon which the methods and traditions are built.


It is thus with great import that Jean Houston advised President Bill Clinton in the White House:

She advised that Clinton, as a student of history and biography, take the fact of the unique historical circumstances of his presidency, go back to his predecessors and try to harvest their learning. From that the president could construct a vision of a better society, what she called "the possible society."

The Choice, Bob Woodward, 1996

Thus, President Bill Clinton was referred to his predecessors by an advisor who has couched the rituals of the ancient Mystery Schools in more amenable language, "sacred psychology."


Although Bill Clinton is a student of history, it cannot be argued in the context Jean Houston's sessions with Hillary, and in view of the Mystery School techniques which her several books promote, that it was merely a reading of ink on paper of predecessors such as Thomas Jefferson that was advised.


Bill Clinton was, by the advice given, confronted contextually with the methods delineated in the book Public Like a Frog in which Jean Houston's methodology for contacting spirit guides has been expressed with the words:

"And if you find yourself getting stuck or confused, or the vision ceases, you can ask Mr. Jefferson or your guiding Divine Architect to help illumine your vision so that you will be able to see more clearly how it can be done. It especially helps to dialogue with Mr. Jefferson about these things, for he is still full of bright ideas on making society work."

Public Like a Frog: Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans, Jean Houston, 1993

Contextually, the "vision" specifically referred to is experienced in a trance state and invites the interposing of New Age spirit guides through the additional facility of guided imagery.

 Warning,  do not read the following quotation if you are in a trance state !

"...Thomas Jefferson... And he beckons you forward. And you see him or sense him in one or another way. He beckons you toward a kind of tunnel that appears to be a kind of space and time warp. And you follow him into the tunnel that will lead you eventually to a society that is a Possible Society of the future... Going deeper and deeper... Going deeper into this inward state that carries you deeper into this visionary realm of the future society.

Public Like a Frog: Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans, Jean Houston, 1993

 Bill Clinton has presented himself as the "education president." 


That is not disputed here.  It is called into focus here.  Neither is it suggested here that Bill Clinton's first encounter with New Age education or with Jean Houston began in the White House.  In Arkansas, the Clintons established the "Governor's School," involved in the teaching of New Age techniques to 17 year olds students, teaching students to "divorce" themselves from their bodies.


What kind of society has Bill Clinton sponsoring?... as Governor of Arkansas, President of the United States?  What kind of "Possible Society" is DeMolay Clinton leading America's youth to?  Has Bill Clinton taken Jean Houston's advice?  It appears that Clinton started on forging the "possible society"  no later than with his Governor's School in which New Age body divorcing was taught to teenagers.

It is furthermore definitive to read that the advise given to search for 'a vision of a better society' the "possible society" and "to harvest their learning" implicated the "working in you and through you" the New Age Architect.

... a Divine Architect for whom you are the chosen art form. And this Divine Archetype, this Beloved Spiritual Presence, is there working in you and through you to help hammer out the details of the new society."


Public Like a Frog: Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans, Jean Houston, 1993

Bob Woodward relates in The Choice that President Clinton was advised to,

"go back to his predecessors and try to harvest their learning."

Sound familiar?  Woodward relates,

"From that the president could construct a vision of a better society, what she called "the possible society."

Sound familiar?  Recalling Jean Houston's words that:

"the essential task of the Mystery Schools has always been to develop the possible human in the possible society", is a "possible society" constructed according to the aspirations of the "Mystery Schools" which Houston is advocating.

Who is to "hammer out the details of the new society"? According to Jean Houston:

"... a Divine Architect for whom you are the chosen art form ... working in you and through you..."

Houston teaches,

"you will allow yourself to incarnate this realm directly."
"You take on the body, the mind, the spiritual resonance of the god."

That strategy and method aligns fully with Freemasonry of which Bill Clinton is a Senior DeMolay member, as preceding testimony in this book has ascertained.


Further, The Masonic, New Age "Great Architect" has been described by Masonic Scholar Manly P. Hall:



The Mason believes in the Great Architect, the living keystone of creation's plan, the Master of all Lodges, without whose spirit there is no work. Let him never forget that the Master is near. Day and night let him feel the presence of the Supreme or Overshadowing One. The All-Seeing Eye is upon him.


Day and night this great Orb measures his depths, seeing into his innermost soul of souls, judging his life, reading his thoughts, measuring his aspirations, and rewarding his sincerity. To this All-Seeing One he is accountable; to none other must he account. This Spirit passes with him out of the Lodge and measures the Mason in the world.

p. 62 The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall., 1923, 1976

It cannot be said that the Clintons were first connected with the New Age at Camp David upon Jean Houston's visit there to counsel the president two years into the presidency, considering that their Governor's School has taught New Age technique to divorce oneself from one's body.


According to Bob Woodward,

"In the first month of the Clinton presidency, Hillary had said publicly that she had imaginary discussions with Eleanor." {Roosevelt}.

Jean Houston's role need not have been an introductory one at Camp David.


In the Mystery Schools, such as in ancient Egypt, the initiation facilitator was called "hierophant," (a word which she herself uses) the conductor of spiritual (spiritistic) ceremony whose specific role was not to be underestimated, just as in hypnotic induction, the personal role of the hypnotist is not to be underestimated.


The Clinton Governor's School, in which identities of teachers were concealed from parents, perpetrated the New Age practice of divorcing oneself from one's body and contributed to restoring the Mysteries into the domain of public education. In Freemasonry and other New Age organizations, the role of the initiator in facilitating escalating degrees or levels of spiritistic initiation is part and parcel to initiation.


It would be less than generous to assume that an uninitiated person would have engaged a class in an elite/"advanced" atmosphere to learn how to divorce themselves from their bodies, particularly in a school sponsored by a Senior DeMolay Mason, whereby

Masonry, successor of the Mysteries, still follows the ancient manner of teaching.

p. 22


New Age participants themselves have increasing levels of initiation available, and are thus themselves subject to escalating levels of New Age "education." A principal New Age objective is to restore the "Mysteries" in the public domain.

These advanced initiates will assume leadership in all departments of human life, elected by the free choice of the people because of their proven merit as wise servants of the public and their inclusive spirit. In the area of religion they will restore the Mysteries - the public mystery dramas and initiations that have been part of so many ancient cultures such as the Egyptian, and the Greek and others through the ages.

Spiritual Politics, Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, 1994

Jean Houston has contributed substantially to restoring the Mysteries, the occult mystical practices, as has the Clinton Governor's School.


The undermining of traditional moral values at the Governor's School also comports with the occult agenda. Note the commonality of fundamental principle which the Governor's School, which has undermined traditional moral values in impressionable 17 year olds, with the following expressions of occult doctrine.


The derision with which Jean Houston has spoken of "puritanical..." comports with the occult view expressed in Michael Howard's book Occult Conspiracy and aligns with the objectives of Illuminati Adam Weishaupt and that of the Alta Vendita, the highest lodge of black Freemasonry to rule the occult empire before Mazzini wrested the scepter of the dark empire from it's hands.

Indeed, the New Age movement has cast traditional sexual morality aside.


Hillary Clinton was referred to by Bob Woodward as swinging between,

"New Age feminist and national housewife."

{p. 129}.

The depiction by Jean Houston may be more revealing.

"Houston... called Hillary a "world server," someone who would help all humanity."

Bob Woodward's interpretation of Jean Houston's reference appears very generous.


Renowned New Age leader Alice Bailey placed the term "world server" into context in the New Age movement.  Let's examine the New Age meaning of the term.

Telepathic communication is also:


d. Between the occult Hierarchy and groups of disciples on the physical plane.

e. Between the Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers in order to reach humanity and lift it nearer the goal.


There you have it. 


If Hillary Clinton is, indeed, a "New Age" "world server," the implications are enormous. 


New Age leader Alice Bailey, wife of 33rd degree Mason Foster Bailey, described "world servers" as being in "telepathic communication" with "the occult Hierarchy" for the purpose of furthering "the goal" of the New Age movement.


You see, in the New Age movement, the term "world servers" is expressed by one of the most read New Age leaders as persons being in service to the occult Hierarchy. The "help" which "humanity" receives from such persons is that for reaching "the goal." The "goal" of the "Great Work" is incarnation of New Age spirits on the physical plane and "the Plan" of the occult Hierarchy is to externalize themselves also by overt rulership.


Clinton's Governor's School, attributed to both of the Clintons, can certainly be said to have served the interests of the occult Hierarchy. Are the Clinton's publicly straightforward about their New Age involvement?


According to Bob Woodward,

"If I ever get caught," Houston asked Hillary, "what should I say?"

"Just tell the truth," Hillary replied, "just tell them you're my friend."


The Choice, Bob Woodward, 1996

Caught?  If "the truth" is simply that Jean Houston is Hillary's "friend," why would Houston be concerned about 'ever getting' "caught"? 

There is a whole White House contingency caught up in the "goings on" at the White House, a participating contingency, as Woodward reveals in his book. Caught doing what? If Houston gets caught, Hillary gets caught.


Houston got "caught" when she wrote her Mystery School books.


The Clinton's have already been "caught." The Arkansas Governor's School which they sponsored taught divorcing oneself from one's body, lying of the floor.
The Washington columnist spirit medium Ruth Montgomery describes one of the many methods used to accomplish the process which Jean Houston promotes, the incarnation of spirit beings in the flesh of a human being.



This quotation is presented

for warning purposes only.

DO NOT Attempt the technique.

But, be advised what to watch out for

in school, or other courses.

{The following quote by Guides of the author through "automatic writing."}

"When one decides to make his body available for a more highly evolved entity, he should picture himself floating off into space, while another sets up housekeeping in his vacated body.


It is unnecessary to do this more than a few times before a high-minded entity will begin to make its presence felt.


But the vacater should not practice this unless he has definitely decided that he would like to return to spirit, and is willing to have his present incarnation carried on by another.

To prepare for a Walk-in, first surround oneself with the golden protective light. Then, as one begins to feel the presence of another, he may invite him in by taking leave of the body for short periods.


The best time for this is while lying in bed or on the floor, so that no injury would result from a brief period of unconsciousness while the entity slips into the vacated mind.

p. 25 Strangers Among Us: Enlightened Beings from A World to Come, Ruth Montgomery,1979

There you have it. 


Divorcing oneself from one's body, on the floor, preparing to have a discarnate entity take up incarnation in the participants body !


The warning caution advises the reader

that the quote presented serves warning purposes.

Watch out for what Clinton education programs

and other New Age "education" programs

would perpetrate on your children !


The visualization involving 'surrounding oneself with the golden protective light' opens the participant to having an entity slip into the vacated mind, as the person apparently engages in an out-of-body illusion in an altered state of consciousness.


The guided imagery which Jean Houston uses in her Thomas Jefferson lesson also calls for the participant to visualize being surrounded by a light penumbra or cone of light ...

"you see that surrounding you, almost like a penumbra of light, is a Divine Architect for whom you are the chosen art form.


And this Divine Archetype, this Beloved Spiritual Presence, is there working in you and through you to help hammer out the details of the new society."


"Working in you" "Working ... through you."

The Mystery School, New Age "union" with a spirit entity co-opts the initiate.


Thus, when a New Age spirit guide facilitated the automatic writing through which Ruth Montgomery was used to describe the process wherein a New Age spirit entity assumes control of a person's body, it is with alarm that the public learns that President Bill Clinton has been advised by Jean Houston to "go back to his predecessors and try to harvest their learning.


From that the president could construct a vision of a better society, what she called "the possible society...", whose details are taught to be hammered out by the discarnate New Age Architect.


Thus the assertion by a New Age spirit guide, channeled through Ruth Montgomery, becomes all the more more threatening as one contemplates the activity of Jean Houston in the Clinton White House.

{Spirit Guide automatic writing quote included:}

Then they {spirit Guides} made another electrifying statement: "There will be a President of the United States in the latter part of this century who is a Walk-in ...

p. 207 Strangers Among Us: Enlightened Beings from A World to Come, Ruth Montgomery,1979

The expression "Walk-In" is New Age lingo for a spirit entity which has incarnated itself into a human body.


In other words, an incarnated daemon spirit, an incarnated Luciferian, New Age spirit.  It represents the ultimate objective of Freemasonry, of which Bill Clinton is a prominent member.


It is not here maintained or suggested that the consciousness of Bill Clinton has been overshadowed and eclipsed by an outside prevailing entity, a New Age spirit which is seeking incarnation not only on the physical plane, but in the White House.  Neither, however, is it here asserted that such is not already an accomplished fact. 


What is known is that the threat expressed by the words of the spirit guide which penned that New Age objective needs to be taken seriously. That expressed objective comports with the outline which Masonic scholars and New Age leaders have already given.

Mystery School Jean Houston in her participation at Camp David and in living in the White House, which included two five day periods, provided services to Hillary and Bill Clinton which prompted Houston's remark,

"If I ever get caught... what should I say?"  

Hillary told her "just" what to say. It was elusive and avoided the issues.


Bob Woodward characterized the Bill Clinton / Jean Houston advisor relationship by saying,

"But he {Bill Clinton} was one of the fastest and deepest learners that she had ever encountered."

That was,

"16 months after she had known him"

 {p. 413, The Choice}.

If Clinton was "retrained by circumstance" {p. 413} and "getting close to transcendence" {p. 413} it must be specifically asked how.


Was Jean Houston simply an observer of how Bill Clinton was responding to "circumstance"? Or has Jean Houston facilitated the 'training', even if partially?


On page 413 in The Choice, Woodward relates that Houston attributes a "deepened and fortified" Clinton at least partially to her efforts to 'help' Clinton

"undertake perhaps the most difficult task of his presidency."


"Houston and Bateson asked to hold deeper reflective sessions with the president, but he never responded."

{p. 413}.

What needs to be remembered is that assuming the communication to be true, it might have been, let's say, uncomfortable for the President to engage in deeper hypnotic states under the facilitating guidance and direct participation of Jean Houston, according to what we have already learned about her techniques. 


Yet, Houston promotes self-application of much of what she teaches.  Being cautious about what might be inferred might include not inferring that Clinton's lack of response to Houston's deeper session overtures would exclude the student from engaging in further sessions himself, under the auspices of one of those "guides" which Houston recommended if the student encounters difficulties. 


It was earlier during the Camp David advisory sessions that Houston advised Bill Clinton to,

"go back to his predecessors and try to harvest their learning."

{p. 56}.

The "learning" which Jean Houston promotes in her Mystery School and related series of books pertains to experiencing circumstances through guided imagery in an altered state of consciousness.


It pertains to learning from spirit guides which interpose and conduct their own sessions during the experience during pauses allotted for such. Several books which Jean Houston has written reprint much of the original lessons which she has taught. One such book, Manual for the Peacemaker: An Iroquois Legend to Heal Self and Society was read by both Hillary and the president. {The Choice, p. 133}.


Manual for the Peacemaker was the second Mystery School book in a series following The Hero and the Goddess: The Odyssey as Mystery and Initiation.


In the introduction of Manual for the Peacemaker, "How to Use This Book," Houston opens:

"This book is intended to enable groups of people to experience together the transformational power of one of the greatest stories ever told." {p. xi}.

"...for this volume is second in a series of books devoted to presenting material which grew out of our presentation in the Mystery School."

{p. xxxii}.


"We participate in rituals, ceremonies, and high drama. We empower one another and embrace transformation. Virtually all of the exercise and processes involve restructuring of mental, physical, and psychological life to enable the activation of many of our extraordinary human potentials."

{p. xxxiii}.

The "restructuring" involves altered states of consciousness, trance states.

"In Part Two you will be guided in a meditation to a state of receptivity in which you receive the quality of the Peacemaker.

{p. 9}.



Not just a title, a name given to "Deganawidah ... for he would be an incarnation of the great Spirit sent to do his work on earth."

{p. 1}.


"I ask you now to sit up in a comfortable position and close your eyes."

Exercises follow. "Let us begin by invoking the spirit of Deganawidah and Hiawatha as archetypes of peacemaking, persuaders and teachers of the way of peace... Deganawidah promised that if they {his people} needed a renewal of peace, they had only to speak his name and he would return to teach them again. The ancient peoples knew that there is power in a name, so our invocation may simply be the name by which Deganawidah is known - Peacemaker."

{p. 12}.

And the participants proceed to chant "Peacemaker" to "invoke the spirit."


Guided imagery follows as Jean Houston or another facilitating Guide eventually arrives at the guiding image with the words:

"Now the Peacemaker paddles his white canoe into the lake of your heart... And you allow Deganawidah, Peacemaker, to enter fully into the lake of your heart, granting you something of the New Mind, new heart, new understanding of the message, the challenge, and the task of peacemaking ..."

{p. 13}.


"And the peace moves in you, and it is you. And you know yourself as Peacemaker."

{p. 14}.

Houston's descriptions of Deganawidah included

"that Deganawidah knew that he was living as an agent of an archetypal power, that he was the outward manifestation, the living incarnate from in space and time of an inward spiritual power... Deganawiday was in a state of communion and dynamic connection with the archetypal realm of spirit...


Then it seems that certain men and women are inspired by the particular spiritual or archetypal presences that contain the evolutionary information needed to guide the next stage of human development... such individuals are energized to engage in extraordinary activities and to deliver inspired teachings".

{p. 22}.

To follow the "experiential" exercises of the Mystery Schools poses questions as to a person's identity, no later than the initiations, indeed. Jean Houston prompts the question which we are supposed to ask others,

"Who are you really, and what is your message?"


"And when we ourselves are asked that question, we need to respond truthfully and courageously as Deganawiday does."  

How is that? To say that one is an incarnation of someone else?



"Would it not be wonderful to be able to answer a question about our identity and our purpose with the deepest knowing of the soul? 


"Engaging it produces an intense force, which in turn produces a mutation in consciousness. You become who you really are... " 

--- Jean Houston

Look, the "intense force" which produces a "mutation in consciousness" resulting in the "incarnation" of another entity does not result in becoming "who you really are."

"To do so is to realize that we are a particular focalization in space and time of the God-Self and to become more and more accustomed to being sourced from this Self."

{p. 23}

The rhetorical exercises themselves appear rather intense.


Invoking spirits to incarnate themselves in persons in whom an altered state of consciousness is produced (a trance state) and then describing the result as an inner self archetypal expression does not provide a satisfying explanation for spiritualistic phenomena, psychic powers, or the scope of mediumistic activities.


The thrust of Jean Huston's Mystery School techniques of producing altered states of consciousness and invoking and incarnating spirits is not a matter of simple role playing. Identity is truly a fundamental issue during or after such "processes" or "mutation of consciousness."


Thus it is that the disclosures of Jean Houston's involvement in having Hillary Clinton close her eyes and herself hold a conversation with Eleanor Roosevelt cannot in the context of Houston's extensive work be simply written-off as role-playing.


Woodward on Hillary Clinton :

"she knows herself... shaman, a higher power to posses one ...

p. F-xv

A principle method used by Jean Houston, as well as other New Age tutors, is that of guided visualization or guided imagery, which particularly in altered states of consciousness can open a person to contact with spirit guides.

"Critical to any practice of sacred psychology is training in multiple imageries to facilitate the inner realism of journeys of the soul. ... "

--- Jean Houston.

Houston's students have according to her own teachings not been dependent upon her facilitation to continue the spirit guide transformations or transmutations. 


Jean Houston gives an eastern tradition example of how so-called "inner" teachers assume the role of guiding the student into deeper depths.

In both Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist practice, for example, one learns to build up the most precise and complex images of Buddhas and Boddhisattva figures so that the interior image has a much reality as if that image were seen and known externally.


Then these "living" inner divine teachers become one's guides to the deeper levels of human and divine experience. The meditative experience of these Buddhist schools..."

The Search for The Beloved: Journeys in Sacred Psychology, Jean Houston, 1987

The meditative techniques which facilitate altered states of consciousness open the doors to interposing spirit entities. Jean Houston comments that

"from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools to modern theosophical movements, training in internal imageries is critical to their practice of engaging the inner gnosis."

{p. 58}.

Inner gnosis is the expression for inner knowledge. Knowledge facilitated by spirit guides.

The person initially constructing the visual image discovers, through the mystical techniques which open the door to spirit interposition the image may have,

"began to unfold its own story, its own narrative."

{p. 61}.

Dangerous, indeed.  Interposing spirit entities, entering the consciousness of the human, known to take over the human.

Speaking of Bob Woodward,

  • Is there an unanswered "mystery" in regard to his role in unraveling the "Watergate" scandal?  

  • Who was "deep throat"?

  • A mind-reading, telepathic tattle tale who guided the dismantling of Nixon's Presidency?

  • Or a spirit guide acting in the service of preserving the occult conspiracy?

  • Who?

Perhaps the answer lies in the phrase "Follow Bob Woodward," who was the first to pursue the Watergate story. Bob Woodward is very intriguing, indeed.

It is not, however, suggested that Mr. Woodward acted in the capacity of a telepathic tattle tale.


Bob Woodward publicly played down the import of what he related about the Clintons in connection with Jean Houston, but in a public interview he also conceded that others would pursue what was revealed.   That's like holding a sign up reading "There's more."  His concession might also suggest that he knew of the import of what he related but did not pursue it completely.

Intriguing fellow, Woodward.  I mean it sincerely.
He was right that others would pursue what was revealed. You just read such a pursuit. It was written two years ago.

In the meantime, there has been a great deal of obstruction and cover-up of the research material of America's Subversion. This, however, is the first release of the material of this particular chapter.


To persons well-acquainted with the New Age conspiracy, Bob Woodward's The Choice stated much about what needed to be stated about the Clintons.


The specific application of key New Age words and other relevant descriptions revealed in The Choice allow it to be adequately demonstrated that the Clinton White House is knee deep in occult "Mystery," as has been Clinton's Governor's School in Arkansas.

On the other hand, to persons well-versed in the conspiracy, mostly New Ager's, it provided a significant description of the significance of the Clinton administration.
If the Washington Post, which Bob Woodward has continued to work for, has been implicated by Bilderberger David Rockefeller in concealing a "plan" to subvert America's constitutional sovereignty, what other than unconstitutional process, per se, was at risk with the Nixon administration's clandestine actions to break into the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate office complex, and to what might a successful break-in have led?


What, besides the abuse of power by an American President, was at risk?  The Democrat Party has been in the forefront in pursuing New Age agenda in conjunction with respective legislation.   That's one perspective.


Bob Woodward, in writing The Choice has wittingly or unwittingly revealed himself as a very intriguing figure, by virtue of coming forth with that work product.


The proliferating New Age movement

of "channeling" and incarnating

discarnate spirits

has given new meaning to the term



As you consider

the threats posed by

New Age Washington "insiders"

stay tuned

for the wrap-up



Chapter 13

The Clintons - America Politics