Chapter 13

Secret Services


The depth of subversion of the U.S. Constitution and it's Bill of Rights by Mazzini's Masonic Machine, the "outer machine" and the "inner machinery," has been the subject of much of this book. Why have not the FBI and the CIA investigated and exposed the national and international Masonic/Bilderberger plot, encompassing America's Media Machine, for a one-world government in which the sovereignty of the United States and it's Constitution are slotted for dismantling ? Brace yourself. The intrigue deepens.

Mormon writer John J. Stewart has said:

The Prophet {Joseph Smith} established a confidential Council of Fifty, or "Ytfif," (Fifty spelled backwards), comprised of both Mormons and non-Mormons, to help attend to temporal matters, including the eventual development of a one-world government, in harmony with preparatory plans for the second advent of the Saviour." {footnote}

The close relationship between Masonry, the Mormon Priesthood, and Joseph Smith's growing ambition to rule the world ... has been pointed out by a number of Mormon writers.


p. 235 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

The development of a plan for a one-world government attended to by a "confidential Council" became embodied in the Mormon organization. Mormonism's Founding Father, Joseph Smith, originally contemplated establishing a religious control over the U.S. government, a theocracy, which means a ruler-ship by God.


The close relationship between Masonry and the Mormon Priesthood will be briefly considered in essential and revealing aspects. A preponderant issue for Americans is whether Constitutional protections of the Bill of Rights will be guaranteed until Jesus Christ returns to restore mankind to the paradise garden conditions which existed before the Luciferian rebellion which included the first human couple, or whether an overt occult oligarchy will proceed to entrench itself in America and elsewhere, extensively assaulting human rights physically and psychically.


What is the original "secular" goal of Mormonism's Founding Father and "Prophet" ? Former Mormon elder Ed Decker testifies.

The original aim of founding Prophet Joseph Smith and other early Mormon leaders was to establish a theocracy that would eventually control the entire United States. ...

... Mormon leaders were then, and still are, biding their time until that prophesied day when their original goal will at last be accomplished.

That goal of establishing a theocratic rule over the United States and planet Earth is still an integral part of the Mormon faith and the underlying motivating factor in their desire to convert the world.


p. 10 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

The Masonic agenda "to remain in readiness until "the day be with us" has involved an "inner machinery" of a diabolical spiritualistic/psychic program operating behind the scenes with the objective of establishing an overt occult ruler-ship in America and throughout the world.


The Bible book of Daniel contains a prophesy of an multi-compositional image which was to be destroyed by a rock taken from a mountain. Joseph Smith's interpretation is an interesting one, as it raises the issue of whether America's Constitutional form of government was interpreted to be destroyed or whether it is ultimately a de facto un-Constitutional government which might be destroyed.


Considering that Joseph Smith was evidently intent on subverting the Constitutional form of government and taking control by means of a theocracy of his making, the question is an intriguing one, and bears careful analysis as one contemplates the methods which Joseph Smith's organization employs down to our day.

For Joseph Smith the dream indeed was certain, and the interpretation sure: the mountain was the Mormon Kingdom of God, Joseph the prophetic stone, and the great image to be broken was the United States of America, to be followed in time by all the sinful kingdoms of the world, that is to say, every government everywhere.


This is not the current, official Mormon interpretation, but we approach the central paradoxes of the Mormon people. In the judgments of President Reagan and of President Bush, of the FBI and the CIA (both replete with Mormons), of our armed forces (with many Mormon high officers), there are no more patriotic Americans than the people called Mormons. Pragmatically, this is beyond reasonable dispute, even as no American grouping is currently more dedicated to monogamy, or more strenuously insists upon itself as being Christian.


Yet the Mormons, if they are at all faithful to the most crucial teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, no more believe in American democracy than they do in historical Christianity or in Western monogamy. Smith, Young, and their followers believed in theocracy, or the inspired rule of the Saints, and they looked forward to each prophet in turn ruling over the Kingdom of God, as king, first here and then everywhere.

And even as they continue to work towards what they call the Kingdom of God, they have not denied and indeed cannot deny the vision of a plurality of gods ...

Only the question of the Kingdom seems to me a potential vexation for most Americans, and even that will not be an overwhelming problem for perhaps another third of a century or so. Yet the problem will come, and it will be very real. On that basis, I will devote the remainder of this chapter to the Mormon vision of the Kingdom of God. ...


p. 91 The American Religion, Harold Bloom, 1992

As related by Harold Bloom from Joseph Smith's interpretation, Joseph Smith, the "prophetic stone," was to destroy the "image," the United States, and subsequently all the sinful kingdoms of the world. That the FBI and the CIA are replete with Mormons appears to suggest to some, such as Harold Bloom, that the FBI and the CIA might be replete with the Mormon vision, however that is understood at any time and as facilitated through the efforts of it's members.


If the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are in danger of being pre-empted by a one-world government or even a national Mormon/Mason theocracy, the preceding interpretation of Joseph Smith, Mormon's "Prophet," is alarming whether it currently obtains official recognition or not.


The apparent argument which Harold Bloom makes is that the official position of the Mormon church is today at odds with "crucial teachings" of Mormonism's Founding Fathers, Joseph Smith and his successor, Brigham Young, and therefore remains unsettling.


The inescapable conclusions are that if Mormonism is true to the original interpretations of it's Founding Fathers, there are no doubt many Americans who would say that they want their country back, and while Mormonism is making the most strenuous assertions of being Christian, Mormonism's allegiance to Masonry's god would make it plain that God demands back his sheep who believe in Jesus Christ.


In Mormonism, Lucifer is Jesus Christ's brother. According to Albert Pike, Lucifer is the equal of Adonay, the God of the Bible. Philosophically, one might wonder if Joseph Smith and Albert Pike had a common source of inspiration.


The evidence is more than circumstantial.

2) Hyrum Smith (Joseph's brother) received his three Masonic degrees in Mt. Moriah Lodge #112 of Palmyra, NY, about the same time that Joseph was supposedly receiving visions and visits from God and angels.

3) Official LDS church history informs us that Joseph Smith was made a Master Mason on Wednesday, March 16, 1842. Under a subsection entitled "Inauguration of Endowment Ceremonies," Smith informs us that he first taught the Endowment to the LDS apostles on Wednesday, May 4, 1842; less than two months after receiving his Master Mason degree.


p. 15 Mormonism's Temple of Doom,

by William J. Schnoebelen & James R. Spencer, 1987

Both Hyrum Smith and Joseph Smith were Master Masons, and that Joseph Smith began teaching "the Endowment to the LDS apostles" "less than two months after receiving his Master Mason degree" accounts for a commonality of symbols such as the Masonic compass and square, and other symbols, even more diabolical ones, such as considered in exposés by former Mormons William Schnoebelen, Ed Decker and others.


The Masonic philosophy, spiritistically inspired, of evolving or growing into godhood is fundamental to Mormonism.

In his interview in the film "The God Makers," Dr. Harold Goodman, former Brigham Young University professor and then President of the Mormon Mission in England, declared:

So you can see why the Temple is so important to the LDS [man]: because if he is worthy to go into the Temple and there receive the sacred ordinances and covenants and keep them, he can eventually grow into becoming a god himself.


p. 31 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

How is growing into godhood supposed to be achieved in Masonry, in the New Age movement ? It is by discarnate entities, spirits. The Mormon link is very substantial.

The Latter-Day Saints are encouraged to have encounters with the alleged spirits of the dead in and out of the Temple. It is their belief that these encounters, though absolutely forbidden in the Bible, are the most sacred evidences that Mormonism is the only true religion.


p. 72 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

The so-called "logic" that the manifestations of practices condemned in the Bible are proofs of God's support or inspiration in Mormonism provides a substantial point about which associated assertions can be questioned. Although Satan is quoted in the Bible in specific instances, Satan's guidance or the guidance of his "angels" is obviously not sought by Christians.


The dangers of following the guidance by Luciferian "angels" posing as spirits of the dead should be obvious and underlies the prohibition on seeking guidance by spirits who may pose as, or present themselves as spirits of persons who have died.


Although the evidence might be lacking that evil spirits have been "sworn in" to testify in behalf of Mormonism, they nevertheless are said to testify in Mormonism's behalf, according to Brigham Young.

Young even confessed that the evil spirit world supported Mormonism: " Is there communication from God? Yes. From holy angels? Yes; and we have been proclaiming these facts during nearly 30 years. Are there any communications from evil spirits? Yes; and the Devil is making the people believe very strongly in revelations from the spirit world. This is called spiritualism [spiritism], and it is said that thousands of spirits declare that 'Mormonism' is true."



p. 249 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism,

John Ankerberg & John Weldon,1992, {footnote: Journal of Discourses, 7:240}

Spirit Medium Religion


Spirit mediumship spawned in the public domain by means of the Fox sisters in New York state is recognized as having taken at least two routes. One route taken was religious in which groups formed around spirit mediums and local churches were formed crystallizing around the medium.

Spiritualist groups

... In the years following, many persons both in America and abroad discovered their mediumistic powers and became centres around which groups formed. These groups grew into local churches, and the churches grew into over a dozen congregationally organized regional and national bodies.

Worship. Séances and church services are the customary forms of worship for Spiritualists. ... the medium may or may not go into trance, and the room is usually darkened. ...

The spirits in turn, it is alleged, use different methods depending on the powers of the medium, such as rapping's, table tipping's, the voice of the medium, independent voices, automatic writings, the ouija board. ...

Church services ... include ... spirit messages ...

The spirit messages, given by a message bearer (medium), are of the mental type of phenomena, and the bearer receives them in an undarkened room. ...

p. 513 The Encyclopedia Britanica, Micropædia, 1979


Many mediums function relatively independently, each having his own clientele and his own doctrine. He is not answerable to any ecclesiastical authority. Others officiating as a combination of medium and minister establish a church in which the practice of mediumship and the holding of standard religious services are combined.

p. 515 Joseph B. Rhine, Duke University, Encyclopedia Americana, 1991



Genie in a Bottle


The formation of religious groups or churches represented one route taken by spiritualists. Another route taken was that of psychical research.

Spiritualist groups

The interest is spiritist phenomena also took another organized form. In 1882 the Society for Psychical Research was founded in England. Its purpose was objective investigation, not worship or the giving of spiritual solace.

p. 512 The Encyclopedia Britanica, Micropædia, 1979


Experimental studies in extrasensory perception, which includes telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition, have been carried out at the Parapsychology Laboratory of Duke University and in many other laboratories in the United States and Europe, including those of the societies for psychical research. These have shown that the mind can, in certain instances, reach out across space and time and physical barriers to acquire information that the senses and the reason could not obtain.

p. 516 Joseph B. Rhine, Duke University, Encyclopedia Americana, 1991

Telepathy and clairvoyance became certifiable phenomena. The attribution pointed to the agency of discarnate spirits.


...This research had its most definite beginning in the formation of the Society of Psychical Research in 1882 in London and in the subsequent formation in later years of similar societies in the United States and other countries. ... The studies made on the Piper mediumship by officers of the society led a number of these men and women to the conclusion that the spirit hypothesis was the most reasonable explanation of the results obtained and that spirit communication was an established fact.


p. 516 Joseph B. Rhine, Duke University, Encyclopedia Americana, 1991


Mediumistic States

Spiritualist groups

Worship. Séances and church services are the customary forms of worship for Spiritualists. ... the medium may or may not go into trance, and the room is usually darkened. ...

The spirits in turn, it is alleged, use different methods depending on the powers of the medium, such as rapping's, table tipping's, the voice of the medium, independent voices, automatic writings, the ouija board. ...

Church services ... include ... spirit messages ...

The spirit messages, given by a message bearer (medium), are of the mental type of phenomena, and the bearer receives them in an undarkened room. ...


p. 513 The Encyclopedia Britanica, Micropædia, 1979

Establishing the "point of contact with Lucifer-consciousness", called the "psychic eye," pertains to a co-consciousness with Luciferian New Age entities at various levels of mental impression. Deep trances from which the medium usually recalled nothing paved the way mediumistically to clairaudience, receiving spirit messages as voices, and transformation through co-consciousness with New Age spirit entities.


The séance at which mediumistic phenomena occur may be in complete darkness, in reduced light, or, more rarely, in full daylight. The medium is sometimes in a state of trance, speaking and behaving without subsequent memory of what has been said or done, but some mediums work in a state of normal consciousness.

p. 42 The Encyclopedia Britanica, Micropædia, 1973



Some mediums characteristically go into a state called trance. This state is not, however, a clearly marked psychological or physiological condition, and it varies, apparently, with different mediums.

According to the reports, sometimes an independent voice, supposed to be that of a spirit, will be heard either though a trumpet or merely at large in the room, especially if it is dark.

However, not all mediums use the trance state; in fact, few modern mediums do. The more general practice is for the medium to report that he hears or sees spirit forms and that they communicate to him the messages that he then repeats. Even without trance some mediums are able to write automatically; that is, they are unconscious of what is being written. They thus record the message purporting to come from the possessing spirit. Others claim to do automatic speaking without going into a trance; the spirits supposedly talk through them.

Mediums who deal entirely with what are believed to be messages from disembodied personalities are called mental mediums, and these make up by far the larger number of Spiritualist mediums. A small number of mediums, however, produce various types of physical effects represented as caused by spiritual agency, and these mediums are referred to as physical.


p. 515 Joseph B. Rhine, Duke University, Encyclopedia Americana, 1991

The term "possessing spirit" used in connection with automatic writing in which the subject is "unconscious of what is being written" or "automatic speaking without going into a trance" wherein "the spirits supposedly talk through them" should make anyone cautious about what the spiritualist community regards as "normal consciousness" or "without going into a trance" while at the same time the subject is not conscious of what is transpiring.


When it comes to manifestations of spirit facilitated "psychic powers," can you imagine the ramifications of having a Secret Service agent, an FBI or CIA agent, or high ranking military commander who is subject to such manifestations of spirit mediumship or "possession"? The pursuit of such practices in giving discarnate spirits a body or vehicle through which to operate would appear to involve substantial culpability.


Although the psychic powers appear to be at the disposal of the practitioner in triggering psychic powers, the dangers of so-called spontaneous occurrences, such as being "yanked out of" one's body, psychically, never the less remains a threat, particularly as the occult conspiracy draws to a climax, such as Schnoebelen describes, where currents of malignant force are poised to flow down through the ranks of those spiritually compromised in Masonry.


Psychics are at the disposal of Lucifer. The spiritualistic connection is common to other organizations. It is particularly common to Mormonism.



Mediums for Secret Services


Spiritualism is spirit mediumship. The documentation on the spiritualistic fundamentals of Mormonism is extensive because Mormonism is extensively a spiritualistic religion. The emergence of the Mormon religion and the spiritualism movement in general were closely associated in time.

It is significant that a sermon delivered by Mormon elder Parley Pratt in 1853 indicates early Mormon acceptance of Joseph Smith as a "divine" medium -- virtually the same designation modern spiritistic mediums apply to themselves. This sermon was given only five years after the celebrated spiritist movement began in 1848, a movement which Pratt himself extols. Indeed, endless other allegedly divine mediums were making pretentious claims at the very same time Joseph Smith was.


p. 245 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism,

John Ankerberg & John Weldon, 1992

Joseph Smith was acknowledged within the Mormon Church to be a "medium."

{A Mormon elder Parley Pratt in an 1853 sermon}

Who communicated with our great modern Prophet, and revealed through him as a medium, the ancient history of a hemisphere, and the records of the ancient dead ? Moroni, who had lived upon the earth 1400 year before ...


p. 245 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism,

John Ankerberg & John Weldon

{footnote: Journal of Discourses, 2:44-46; cf. 1:12-15

Both generic spiritualism and spiritualism perpetuated under the roof of Mormonism concern themselves with "spirit guides" and with mediumistic powers.

The fact that Mormonism offers so many opportunities for contact with the spirits is one reason why Mormonism can be classified as a spiritistic religion. In fact, Crowther himself defines one of these categories of spiritistic contact in characteristically mediumistic terms. Thus, allegedly "righteous spirits return to earth to :

A. give counsel,

B. give comfort,

C. obtain or give information,

D. serve as guardian angels,

E. prepare us for death,

F. summon mortals into the spirit world,

G. escort the dying through the veil of death."


p. 245 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism,

John Ankerberg & John Weldon,1992

{footnote: Crowther, Life Everlasting, 150-151}

Automatic writing is a manifestation of mediumistic phenomena, and is performed by "spirit guides" of spiritualism.

In fact, the extent of the practice of occultism throughout Mormon history is amazing to contemplate. Everything from automatic writing to out-of-body excursions and other occult practices have been endorsed.



p. 248 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism,

John Ankerberg & John Weldon, 1992

Psychic or mediumistic powers have a legacy, not only in spiritualism in general, but a legacy within the Mormon Church. Although professing to be Christian, and therefore reluctant to admit to occultism, Mormonism adheres to the Biblically condemned practice of spiritism and it's arts.

While the Mormon church cannot logically deny its occult history, it does deny any association with occult activity today. Yet Mormonism remains an occult religion because of 1) its continual acceptance of spiritism and necromancy and 2) its reliance upon psychic/spiritistic powers.

In harmony with modern "Christian" parapsychology and even mediumism itself, the Mormon church interprets its spiritistic activity as "spiritual" and "godly."


p. 241 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism,

John Ankerberg & John Weldon, 1992

Is the claim of the Mormon church that its "powers" are "godly" a credible one ? It's stance on encouraging "encounters with the alleged spirits of the dead" is preponderantly sufficient to settle the issue, but what is striking is the Luciferian connection which is not simply implied, but evident in Mormon theology. Former Mormon elder Ed Decker focused on the honor and praise which is paid Lucifer in the Mormon church.

In contrast to the consistent teaching of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, pagan/occult traditions consider the seduction of Eve to be a blessing in disguise. This allegedly made it possible for Adam and Eve to have children and unlocked the door to godhood for them and their descendants. There again in the interpretation for the fall of man we have another connection between paganism and Mormonism. {footnote 25}

The similarities are too many and too close for coincidence. Sterling W. Sill, Assistant to the Council of the Twelve Apostles, expressed Mormonism's agreement with pagan/occult mythology when he wrote:

Adam fell, but he fell in the right direction . . . toward the goal . . . he fell upward. {footnote 26}

It is astonishing how thoroughly Mormonism has embraced Satan's promise of godhood ! In LDS doctrine the ancient lie that destroyed the human race has metamorphosed into the central truth. On the afternoon of June 8, 1873, preaching from the pulpit of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, President Brigham Young declared:

The devil told the truth . . . I do not blame Mother Eve.

I would not have had her miss eating the forbidden fruit for anything in the world. . . .

President Joseph Fielding Smith stated it in these words:

The fall of man came as a blessing in disguise . . . I never speak of the part Eve took in this fall as a sin, nor do I accuse Adam of a sin . . . .

We can hardly look upon anything resulting in such benefits as being a sin . . . .

{footnote 28}


p. 30 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984, {footnotes in respective order:

{footnote 25: 2 Nephi 2:25}

{footnote 26: Deseret News, Church Section, July 31, 1965, p. 7}

{footnote 28: Doctrines of Salvation, vol. 1, 1960 ed., pp. 113-15}

Brigham Young preached that "the devil told the truth",

Sterling W. Sill, Assistant to the Council of the Twelve Apostles stated that "Adam fell ... in the right direction ... toward the goal, he fell upward ..."

President Joseph Fielding Smith stated that "The fall of man came as a blessing in disguise ... We can hardly look upon anything resulting in such benefits as being a sin ..."

 It should come as no surprise, according to such positions, that Lucifer plays an essential role in Mormonism.

In fact, in 1981, Sharon and I had an interview in Salt Lake City with an LDS apostle (one of the top fifteen men in the Church worldwide). ...

He solemnly assured us that our intuitions and information were accurate. Lucifer was, indeed, the god worshipped in the Mormon temple.

... We were warned, on pain of death, never to discuss our meeting with any LDS official below the level of an apostle.


p. 305 Lucifer Dethroned: A true story, William and Sharon Schnoebelen, 1993

Lucifer's role in prompting Adam and Eve to sin is viewed as having been beneficial. Receiving the "endowment" in Mormonism is explained as dependent upon the devil's presence. Considering the praised role of Lucifer, the devil, in leading the "fall" of the first human pair, it is legitimate to ask whether it is under Luciferian, spiritualistic auspices that the endowment is given.


The presence of the devil is considered not optional but essential to getting one's "endowment."

Brigham Young also said, "You cannot get your endowment without the devil's being present."


p. 193 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

The devil does not play an idle role in Mormonism and is implicated as being involved in more than proposing temptations. William Schnoebelen, former Mormon and Wiccan High Priest and James R. Spencer revealed in the book Whited Sepulchers the use of the inverted pentagram in Mormonism, which is a witchcraft symbol for Lucifer, the goat-god, the Baphomet.


The witchcraft connection is attested to in the publication, Mormonism's Temple of Doom.

In fact, as a student of witchcraft, I had been told that Mormonism, in the temple at least, taught high-level occult science. Years before I ever encountered Mormon missionaries, my witchcraft mentor, the head of all Druidic witches in North America, told me that the highest form of witchcraft was practiced in the Mormon temples.


p. 11 Mormonism's Temple of Doom, by William J. Schnoebelen & James R. Spencer, 1987

There are several important issues which this analysis deals with. The Mormon church places a great deal of emphasis upon the "Holy Ghost" and upon Jesus Christ's name.


Practicing spiritism, or spiritualism, while using the name of Jesus Christ ostensibly to confer godly legitimacy to the practice or it's manifestations is an iniquity in itself.

But this phenomenon of spirits lying and impersonating others is not unusual. In fact, visitations from "Jesus" and other biblical personalities are a common theme in occult circles which claim a biblical orientation.

For example, Mormon theologian Duane S. Crowther argues that merely being a member in good standing with the Mormon church and invoking Jesus' name almost guarantees that spiritistic contacts and revelation will be "godly."


p. 243 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism,

John Ankerberg & John Weldon, 1992

The secret services of the Mormon Church involve spiritualistic practices, Masonic symbols and philosophy, praise for Lucifer.


The subversion is not only on the level of the individual.

The student manual Doctrines of the Gospel tells Mormons that the Holy Ghost will also give them clairvoyant or telepathic abilities. "The Holy Ghost enables righteous individuals [Mormons] to discern the thoughts of others (see Alma10:17; 12:3; 18:16-18; Jacob2:5)."



p. 256 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mormonism,

John Ankerberg & John Weldon,1992

{footnote: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Doctrines of the Gospel, 11.}

Telepathy and clairvoyance are "powers" attributed to the agency of "the Holy Ghost."

At confirmation as a member of the Church, hands are again laid on in the name of the Priesthood, and the person is commanded to receive the Holy Ghost. As we have already noted, the Mormon Holy Ghost is definitely not the Holy Spirit described in the Bible.

Sometimes when the Patriarch's hands are laid upon the head, the recipient of the blessing begins to vibrate under a mysterious force and experiences a strange ascension into a "higher consciousness," where there is an extreme openness to occultic power and bondage. Former Mormons testify that in such a state it is no longer necessary to listen to the words being spoken.


Even before the Patriarch's thoughts are audibly expressed, the one being "blessed" is already hearing the words --- and sometimes is even seeing everything in a fantastic moving vision. Similar experiences are common among numerous occultists; and the power over one's life that is produced thereby can only be broken by a complete renunciation of these forces in the name of Jesus Christ and receiving Him into one's heart and life as Savior and Lord.


p. 249 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

The Mormon/Masonic tradition of so-called evolving to godhood and acquiring psychic powers is quite evident.

The Temple ceremonies performed by the Mormon Priesthoods ... involve secret names, signs, symbols, handshakes, and formulas of classic occultism and ritual magic which the initiate must use to ascend the ladder of hierarchy and thereby gain access to the coveted powers of the "Gods."


p. 210 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

Mormonism's "reliance upon psychic/spiritistic powers" and Mormonism's considering the fall of man as resulting in "benefits" involve the spiritistic corruption of humans, leading them on a path in which co-option by discarnate Luciferian entities supposedly turns the person into a god. It is the occult conspiracy, the Luciferian plan, the Masonic tradition, the spiritualistic path.


The subversion is not only of the individual and of the true way of salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, but also the subversion of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights and of America's sovereignty as a nation. The Masonic/Mormon plan has been enunciated as one for a one-world government. The very capacity of America's "secret services" to investigate and pursue the occult conspiracy has been seriously compromised.

Mormons have extended their missionary work from the American public and foreign nations to our federal government, so that the FBI, CIA, and allied organizations have become very Mormon indeed.


p. 118 The American Religion, Harold Bloom, 1992

The Mormon vision appears inseparable from the Masonic vision, from the spiritualist vision, from the vision of Lucifer. An examination of the spiritualistic manifestations or psychic powers with which the Mormon church is intimately associated does much to explain the close association with the intelligence services in particular.

This seems a better alternative than allowing psychic abilities to be monopolized by cults or co-opted by competing governments.

Psi is too important to become the exclusive property of governments, either at home or abroad, who might become interested in exploiting these abilities for their own purposes.


p. 8 The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities, Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984

Psychic abilities have been co-opted by governments. At the same time the psychic abilities, under the auspices of New Age Luciferian entities and their agents, have rendered government agents vulnerable to be exploited by the unseen powers which facilitate "psychic powers."


It is a matter of the occult "Plan" and of the doctrinal vision which agents have of the future, and activities which they are able to influence.

... a high proportion of Mormons find their way into government. Returned LDS missionaries have "the three qualities the CIA wants: foreign language ability, training in a foreign country, and former residence in a foreign country." {footnote - 36}


Utah (and particularly BYU) is one of the prime recruiting areas for the CIA. According to BYU spokesman Dr. Gary Williams, "We've never had any trouble placing anyone who has applied to the CIA. Every year they take almost anybody who applies." {footnote - 37}


He also admitted that this has created problems with a number of foreign countries, who have complained about the "pretty good dose of [Mormon] missionaries who've gone back to the countries they were in as Central Intelligence agents." {footnote}

This may at least partially explain the reported close tie between the Mormon Church and the CIA. {footnote - 38}


A disproportionate number of Mormons arrive at the higher levels of the CIA, FBI, military intelligence, armed forces, and all levels of city, state, and federal governments, including the Senate, Congress, Cabinet, and White House Staff. Sincere and loyal citizens, most of them may be unaware of the secret ambition of The Brethren. What could be better than having such patriots as these serving in strategic areas of government and national security?


p. 238 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really

{footnote - 36: Los Angeles Times, Apr. 5, 1980, Part 1-A, p. 1, Kostman}

{footnote - 37: Salt Lake Tribune, Oct 1, 1981}

{footnote - 38: ibid.}

An Obvious Question 


An obvious question which emerges is that if there are FBI, CIA and other government agents who may have psychic, clairvoyant, "mind reading," or other spiritistic "powers," why do many crimes go unsolved or unresolved ?

One factor is that the Mafia was founded by Illuminati/occultist Giuseppe Mazzini who established himself as the political godfather of Freemasonry internationally.

(LINK : Mafia connection) Giuseppe Mazzini's Mafia Machine
(LINK : executive authority Mazzini) Giuseppe Mazzini's Masonic Machine

Thus, it should should come as no surprise that Mazzini's evil Mafia empire has occult foundations and has otherwise obtained occult support. (LINK : Mafia occult support) A legacy of occult support
 In the world of deceptive New Age spirit guides, a specific obstructionist factor "psychic" government agents are faced with is that in the occult conspiracy scheme of things, the Luciferian spirits who preside over occult "powers" have chosen to optionally provide levels of immunity from "mind reading" for occult participants, and this capacity was specifically disclosed in an "automatic writing" message from a New Age spirit guide through a spirit medium.


Levels of psychic escalation

Another factor in confounding persons who believe that they have obtained "mind reading" "powers" is that advanced psychic methods include "masking the intention," "projecting" false 'impressions' of what one is thinking, and is alleged by a Japanese Master to be used in negotiation tactics. The spirit guide role is emphasized by the occult practitioner.

Another factor in confounding persons who believe that they have obtained "mind reading" "powers" is the capacity (disclosed by New Age spirit guide writing) to "impress" thoughts upon a human subject not his or her own, whereupon a psychic "mind reader" observer who believes he is reading the human subject's mind is really 'reading' thoughts "projected" onto the human subject. 


In view of the disclosures made by the Japanese master regarding the projection of impressions which are false, the configuration of deceptive tactics under the auspices of New Age spirit guides demonstrates by their own claims that the world of psychic "mind reading" is a world of deception and that so-called "mind reading" does not form the basis for a new society of truth and honesty.  Guile and deceit are fundamental principles of the Luciferian Hierarchy.

Another confounding method which "psychic" as well as non-psychic persons or agents should be aware of may be psychic ventriloquism and/or impersonation, wherein a subject speaks in the accent of an 'impressing' agent.  In view of the demonstrated capacity of spirit guides to "speak" to humans, the impersonation of persons with or without the role of a human medium raises scenarios which extent outside of the séance where deceased humans are claimed to contact relatives.

Thus, U.S. government secret services which have pursued psychic, occult powers have been set up to encounter futility or otherwise have been confronted with temptations of escalation into deeper occult practices to counter elusive or obstructive occult practices by mafia or other criminal elements or national agents of many national origins.

It is within a international climate of escalating occult, psychic practices that secret services of many nations have been faced with being plunged into greater depths of spiritistic corruption. 


The national objectives to preserve freedoms has been diverted into areas in which government agents are made vulnerable to inimical forces in a spiritistic environment , and has compromised government officials at many levels through involvement in Freemasonry, spiritualism, or psychic development programs which have been camouflaged as personal development programs.
As the research analysis America's Subversion : The Enemy Within shows, entry into the world of psychic powers involves a person with a vortex of forces presided over by a Luciferian hierarchy of spirits whose intent is to impress their own agenda on the minds of participants, subverting and ultimately conquering the human mind.

Psychic warriors are not limited to the domain of government services.  In the U.S. experienced military officials have promoted psychic warrior activity in the civilian domain, which has profound implications in the areas of industrial espionage, both foreign and domestic.

While there are writers in the field of psychic warfare who lead their readers to believe that psychic warfare is a recent development in the West, the pro-occult writer Michael Howard has revealed that governments have engaged in substantial cover-ups of their occult practices in the field of espionage.

The occult conspiracy encompasses competing, compartmentalized groups representing a variety of political, economic, social, racial, national and religious interests.  The pitting of Mormon FBI agents against Sicilian Mafiosi reveals upon closer examination the intriguing role of Lucifer in both Mormonism and Mazzini's Mafia, and the escalation into spiritistic, psychic practices represents deeper levels of co-option into Lucifer's family of incarnating spirits.  The reported link between members of the Mormon Church and government services such as the FBI and the CIA does not raise issues of potential conflict confined simply to Mormonism.

During the late 1960's a young man happened across an out-of-the-way CIA recruiting office on an University of Wisconsin campus. He asked how recruiting was going and one of the two men at the recruiting desk stated an explicit interest in Mormons and spiritualists. The issue is fundamentally one of spiritualism, and the manifestations of spiritualistic powers has a long history of telepathy and clairvoyance.


Mormonism is a spiritualistic organization with a body of laws and prophesies quite explicit. Mormonism offers enforcement mechanisms which generic spiritualism groups or churches might lack. Mormons have been noted for strong family ties and use the image of a strong family in their missionary or recruitment work.


As it turns out, as it has been testified to by former Mormons, if a person turns away from Mormonism, once a member, the person can be shunned by one's friends and family and cases have been noted where former members allege that even divorce has been counselled as a solution to an "apostate" situation. Historically, a person leaving the Mormon church was subject to execution.


Former Mormon elder Ed Decker expressed the view that what was called "blood atonement" or execution for leaving the Mormon church cannot be considered an entirely abandoned issue.

Regardless of the understanding of the average Mormon, The Brethren look forward to the day when they will once again be able to practice openly not only polygamy but blood atonement.


p. 234 The God Makers: A Shocking Exposé of What the Mormon Church Really Believes,

Ed Decker, 1984

It should be quite obvious that "secret services," spiritualistically, in the Mormon church or other spiritualistic organizations, leading to psychic powers such as telepathy or "mind-reading" has traditionally predisposed a person for co-option by governmental "secret services," or predisposed a person to being taken to a psychiatric hospital and given psychotropic drugs if making the wrong statements to the wrong person.


The cover-up of "mind-reading" (telepathy) and other psychic manifestations has served not only the "secret services" of governments which have co-opted them, but has served primarily the purposes of the occult plan, driven by occult secret societies and other groups, such as Freemasonry, in clandestinely expanding their power base and influence in government and in society.


Behind-the-scenes activities by the media in covering-up the Bilderberger/Masonic plan or plot for a one-world government smacks intriguingly of the Mormon/non-Mormon "confidential Council" plan for one-world government and the associated interpretation of Mormonism's founder, Joseph Smith, and represents a conspiracy which has evidently not been counter-acted by the FBI or CIA. Indeed, it could be said that a commonality of agents exist in critical American institutions which appear complicit in an underlying objective to subvert the U.S. Constitution.


The cover-up of telepathic agencies by government has been sufficiently extensive that the authors of The Mind Race have, at the end of their book, sounded a warning.

One last thought about the option of selecting a clinician to help you. It is still the case that if you told most psychiatrists that you were under psychic attack, or could read the mind of another person, or that someone else could read yours, they would consider such beliefs a clear indication of mental illness, because the same sorts of things are experienced by people who really are mentally ill and suffering from paranoid delusions. Any of those statements can get you into serious trouble, if made to the wrong person. By "serious trouble," we mean being thought to be in serious need of extensive psychiatric treatment. Continued persistence in these beliefs in spite of treatment could lead to commitment to a mental institution, and being given psychotrophic drugs.


p. 240 The Mind Race: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities, Russell Targ and Keith Harary, 1984

The deceptions perpetrated upon the American people and upon the people of the world by spiritualistic "secret services" of governmental agencies has left the public vulnerable to nefarious, spiritistic and hypnotic methods to subvert the human character while proliferating the "Great Work" of witchcraft and Freemasonry.


Who has been co-opting whom ?


While governments have been co-opting psychic/spiritualistic powers for their purposes, it is evident that the Luciferian spirits which preside over such powers have been engaging in a process of co-opting those who acquire such powers by means of a point of "co-consciousness."


The issue of co-option by sinister forces also raises the question of whether or to what extent government institutions have been subverted or even co-opted by the organization of Freemasonry.


Freemasonry represents a system of subversion.


Freemasonry's system includes oaths of allegiance, both to Freemasonry and to it's secret Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, allegiance to an organization in defiance to the U.S. Constitution and to the Constitutional institutional provisions for a system of checks and balances, and further embodies principles of subversion in swearing men to conceal crimes of murder, perjury and treason.


The system of subversion includes principles and methods of occult subversion.

Law enforcement officers who are Freemasons are compromised not only by pledging their allegiance to an organization (Freemasonry) which includes a system of oaths swearing to concealing perjury, murder and treason, but are compromised in ways which include swearing to "due performance of the same" in swearing to exact retribution upon Masons who expose Freemasonry.


Law enforcement agents who are involved in Freemasonry are involved in an organization spiritually dominated by the diabolical Palladian Rite, Luciferian spiritualism, demon-possession.    Similarly, law enforcement officials who are not members of Freemasonry but who practice spiritualism to acquire psychic "powers" are compromised in that spiritualism is the practice of spirit mediumship, which in itself represents various degrees of mental impression by New Age spirits or daemon possession, such as evidenced by so-called "automatic writing."


The issue of spiritistic-spiritualistic subversion of America's law enforcement and intelligence services is ultimately an issue of participants being subject to various levels of influence, mental impression and even co-option by Luciferian spirit entities.


There may be persons such as police officers and other U.S. government officials who have been pressured into New Age techniques who need to be alerted to the spiritually destructive forces which they have become entangled with or subject to. There are persons such as those within the Mormon Church with family affiliation who need to be awaked to their spiritual danger and that of their relatives. There are persons who have been drawn into organizations such as the Mormon Church believing it to be Christian and seeking the comfort of upbuilding association, whereas such persons have been deceived in crucial ways and subject to spiritual harm.

Corruption will end


The testimony and evidence presented warrants the following indictment against political and religious "goat-like" shepherds in America and abroad who have exploited God's sheep, and who have been "building" a Masonic New Age/New Order.


In the New Age movement, such as represented by the New Age leader Jean Houston, "daemons" associated with the "mystery religions" including those of Greece and Rome serve as spirit guides for increasing numbers of individuals in America, including persons in U.S. government. Jean Houston has been noted for her personal visits and counseling provided to the Clintons while in the White House.


This reference to Jean Houston is not a "grasping for straws" here. It represents but one significant component of a New Age and Masonic track record and agenda which the Clinton/Gore White House has continued to pursue. A detailed, documented analysis of the Jean Houston connection and it's implications are provided in the previous chapter.


That is to say, in particular segments of American society today, the expression "demons" has taken on a milder appearance through the "mystery school" teachings promoted by New Age leaders such as Jean Houston. The "daemon" spirit guides which she promotes and evokes are increasingly viewed among the public as the guides to personal improvement and mystical (occult) salvation.


As this research book America's Subversion: The Enemy Within has documented, New Age promises represent a grandiose delusion and deception, and that has been documented and proven from the very writings of Masonic scholars Manly P. Hall, Albert Pike, and other New Age / Masonic leaders. Keep in mind, it is not the persons on the fringes of an organization or movement which define the teachings, it is the "esoteric core" at the center which lead, initiate, and promote from within. Often, "exoteric" teachings are admittedly used to deceive or to "hint" at the real, core, "esoteric" teachings of an organization.

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