Scorched by the Sun —Solar Signs, Circles, and Serpents

It is He (God) that sitteth upon the circle of the earth...
- Isaiah 40:22 (written about 1,000 years before Columbus proved the earth was not flat)

It would not be impossible to prove, with sufficient repetition and psychological understanding of the people concerned, that a square is, in fact, a circle.
— Joseph Goebbels Propaganda Minister Nazi Germany

In the mythology of the primitive world, the serpent is universally the symbol of the sun...The serpent was universally represented by the sun symbol, the circle or disk.
— Bishop Alexander Hislop

The Two Babylons
The sun has ever been at the center of false religion. The Ancient Mystery Religions venerated the sun, the solar disk, as deity. The Greeks honored Apollo as the child of the sun. The Romans paid homage to Mithra the sun God. These pagan philosophies form the basis for the worship of the Illuminati and indicate the importance of the sun as symbol of satanic deity.

Englishman John Yarker, a well-known nineteenth century Masonic magician and occultist, in his Notes on the Scientific and Religious Mysteries of Antiquity, makes mention of the fact that the High Priests of the ancient Jews also worshipped the sun God.


He writes:

The Mysteries we know were practiced in a secret subterranean chamber under the Temple of Solomon, at Jerusalem, where four and twenty elders adored the sun, with their faces toward the east.

In reality, in worshipping the sun, the ancients were worshipping Satan. G.H. Pember, in a scholarly work on the Mysteries, Earth's Earliest Ages, affirms this fact when he states,

"There is little doubt that the culmination of the Mysteries was the worship of Satan himself."2

Sun worship in Peru exemplifies

the universal worship of the sun God, or solar deity.


Now today, the Masons, as did the apostate Jewish elders and priests in the days of Ezekiel, continue to worship Satan the sun God, also called Lucifer or Baal, by other names. The name of their great God, Jahbuhlun, which is revealed to Masons in the higher degrees, is a synonym for the solar deity; two of the three syllables in the name, buh and lun, mean "Baal" and "On," both of which represent sun and fire Gods.


That is why, in the authoritative guide Gods of the Lodge, Reginald Haupt reports that in the Lodge:

All the movements by the Consecrating Officers of the Masonic Lodge or Chapter follow the course of the Sun. The Master and the Wardens enter and leave their chairs as the Sun returns to the East and goes forth therefrom. Most processional occasions are governed by these principles of what is known as "circumambulation." This ritual came from the ancient pagan rites of the Egyptians and from the worship of their Sun God and of the sun itself. 3

The first 15 divisions of the Egyptian Royal Cubit. Each division of the cubit was dedicated to a divinity, and the first division, on the right, shows the hieroglyph of the sun God Ra, symbol of divine unity. (From the book, Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism, by David Fideler, Quest Books, Wheaton, Illinois)

Halos, also known as nimbuses, present the individual as a saint, a deity, or other holy person. (From the Herder Dictionary of Symbols, Chiron Publications, Wilmette, Illinois)

Congressman Tom Delay (R-TX), House Majority Leader, pictured in Time magazine. Politicians are sometimes framed with a sun-like halo, called a "nimbus," over their heads. This gives them the subtle majestic appearance of being some type of God-man.

In honoring and worshipping the sun in their rituals, Freemasonry and Illuminism defy God. The Bible's Job displayed great wisdom by uttering these words concerning God's thoughts concerning worship of the sun and the heavens:

If I beheld the sun when it shined, or the moon walking in brightness; and my heart hath been secretly enticed... this also was an iniquity to be punished by the judge; for I should have denied the God who is above. (Job 31:26-28)

The Swastika Represents the Sun
The Nazi swastika is a representation of the sun. But the Nazis simply borrowed this symbol from the ancient religions, including the Hindus of India, the Shintoists of Japan, and a number of Native American Indian tribes. Even today, in temples and shrines throughout Asia, you will find the swastika painted on walls, on totem poles, and over altars.


Until Hitler and the Nazis gave the sign a bad reputation, the Masons also universally used the sun sign. And today the symbol of the circle, particularly that of the point within the circle, is a prominent feature of Masonic theology.

The Point Within the Circle
According to Mackey's Masonic Encyclopedia the hidden, true meaning of this symbol, the point inside the circle, is far different than what the everyday Masonic brother is told. In reality, its meaning is yet another proof that Masonry is a sex cult. Mackey says the esoteric explanation is that the point within the circle is the male phallus, or penis, and the circle is the female yoni, or vagina. Here, says Mackey, is a "symbol of fecundity, expressed by the male generative principle."4

But, Mackey emphasizes, the sun is still not forgotten in Masonry, for while the,

...importance to the Illuminati Masons and yet is so little recognized as significant by the dumbed-down masses, many Illuminists enjoy a bit of mockery of the masses by blatantly displaying this symbol. Some believe the Target department store chain logo—the red circle and point—is one example.

Pat Robertson's Hidden Message
Pat Robertson, Religious Right leader of TVs The 700 Club and founder of the Christian Coalition, gives us another graphic example. Some years ago, Robertson had two books ghostwritten for him, one called The New World Order and another titled The New Millennium.


As happens often in elitist circles, the opinions and material for both books seemed to be decidedly anti-elitist; they even exposed the global conspiracy and the Illuminati. So, was Pat Robertson really joining the fight against the evil Illuminati? Not on your life!

The books were for the "stupids," the masses. While reading The New Millennium the reader ignorant of the uses of symbolism probably ignored the fact that at the top of every page, a point within a circle could be found. This was Robertson's "hidden code" to his elite pals that he was still on their side and was just taking the ignorant masses for a ride.

The Sign of the Mafia, the Illuminati and of Druids
According to Dr. Cathy Burns, in Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star, the point within the circle is, "The sign of the infamous Mafia or Cosa Nostra," rather than the "black hand" as many believe.6

But the real shocker is the importance given this sign by Adam Weishaupt and the Order of the Illuminati. Burns explains that because Illuminism was so determined to keep the true nature of the Order under wraps, its founder, Weishaupt, ordered that the actual words "Illuminati" and "Illuminism" never be used in correspondence. Instead they were to be replaced by the astrological symbol for the sun; that is, the circle with a dot in the middle.7

Burns also gives evidence that the point within the circle was used by the Druids of Britain, whose stone temples were circular with a single stone erected in the center.


They believed this design conferred magical powers.

An Arch-Druid from pagan Great Britain in his ceremonial robes. (From Wellcome's Ancient Cymric Medicine)

Flower Power and Magic Circles
The daisy flower, the marigold, and the sunflower also are indicative of the sun as deity and so, traditionally, adherents of the Mystery Religions, as well as Hindus, Zoroastrians, and others, utilize these symbols. Adam Weishaupt, founder in 1776 of the Order of the Illuminari, encouraged "Flower Power" as a symbol, and it was taken up by New Age hippies in the '60s.

The symbol of the circle is, for the Illuminari, sort of a pared down, basic sun sign. That is why the circle is used so frequently and in a score of configurations within Masonic and other secret society networks. It is also a staple of witchcraft and Satan worship. Bill Schnoebelen, author of many books unmasking Freemasonry, witchcraft, and the occult, was himself formerly a Mason as well as a male witch.


He has described the witch's "temple" as follows:

In witchcraft, the "temple" is frequently not a building but rather a sacred "Magic Circle" laid down on the floor of a room with great ceremony. It is the sacred space of the Wicca and serves the same function as a temple does to the Mason.8

Gods or Men?—Is there a concerted plot to flood our consciousness with images that build world leaders into Mount Olympian man-Gods, mythological giants on earth? Internet sites and caught on to this recent trend and published a number of photographs that seem to confirm this bizarre plot.


Free Press International, an alternative news website, wrote,

"These are just a few of the many photographs mainstream media has been deliberately releasing to the public showing our world leaders with halos. I'd say with the shape our world is in right now, they should have horns instead of halos. Most of these pictures are coming from Associated Press, and Reuters."

Surely, the scriptures were right on when they warned that the Devil himself often comes disguised as an "angel of light." (Note: Codex Magica has seen these pictures published in an increasing number of media forums, from Time and Newsweek to daily papers.)

Upon his death, Time magazine published this telling photo of Beatle superstar George Harrison (1943-2001) on the cover of its December 10, 2001 issue.


Harrison, wearing black, in a black and white photo, holds a sunflower, symbol of the Illuminati Sun God. The solar deity is also prominently worshipped in the Hindu religion, and the Beatles were devoted followers of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and other Indian Hindu gurus.


Time's feature story, in fact, reports that George Harrison never gave up on his gurus, to his dying breath. All the Beatles were drenched in illegal drugs, such as cocaine, hashish, and heroin. Their album, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, even had a cameo photo of British "666" beast satanist priest, Aleister Crowley, on its cover. The latest information is that the Beatles were an experimental music group sponsored behind the scenes by British and U.S. intelligence.


Their role was intended to use various psyops mechanisms and anti-Christian messages to arouse turmoil and psychological trauma in society. One of the Beatles most memorable albums was tided, Magical Mystery Tour.


Beatle John Lennon was murdered by a man many believe to have been a CIA trained "Manchurian Candidate," and George Harrison was once assaulted and stabbed by a would-be assassin.

Hindu guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Beatles.


The Hindu religion, is closely related to the Illuminati's religious doctrines.

"The New Age is dawning. A sun shines within every person." That's the philosophy of the "Taiyo no Kai" (Following The Sun Association), founded by Japan's Kaoru Nakamaru.

Falun Gong is a religious movement in China. With some 100 million adherents worldwide, Falun Gong is a spiritual force to be reckoned with. Its logo is the circle with the yin/yang and the swastika (a sun sign) prominently displayed.

The swastika (swirling sun sign) was not invented first by Hitler and the Nazis. It is an old Freemasonry symbol.


One can find swastikas painted and carved on ancient temples in Japan and India, and on Native American Indian pottery and artifacts. It seems that the forces who gave us this sign, the swastika, continue to attempt to reintroduce it to the masses.


BBC News on-line recently reported that Hindus want to reclaim the swastika, which their gurus claim has been a Hindu good luck sign for centuries.

"It's the second most sacred symbol in the Hindu tradition," said Hindu Forum spokesman, Ramesh Kallidai.

(BBC News/UK, January 19, 2005)

In 2003, when the Coca-Cola Company in Hong Kong ran an ad promotion featuring a robot adorned with swastikas, Jewish spokesmen balked.


A Jewish rabbi, however, admitted,

"The Nazi swastika can easily be confused with Buddhist swastikas that are common in Asia."

( news, May 1, 2003)

Circular images of Goddess worship and sun adoration are found in many New Age and occult publications.

Witches are major promoters of the Goddess revival. Above is an ad for a witch's periodic newspaper (address deleted).

An interesting drawing of an upscale witch, complete with lunar force (moon in window), pentagram (on chair), naked Goddess holding the radiating sun in her left hand, and more. (From the book, To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft, by Silver Raven Wolf, Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN, 1993)

(From the book, To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft, by Silver RavenWolf)

Logo for a publisher of many occult and esoteric books.

Two circle images used in magical rites.


Left: magic circle with six-pointed star (hexagram) and occult cross. Right: magic circle from Francis Barrett's The Magus, London, 1901. (From The Herder Dictionary of Symbols, Chiron Publications, Wilmette, IL, 1986)

Stylized Oroboros serpent biting its tail, forming a circle with its body. Inside the circle is the point of Lucifer.

Logo for the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York City. Nicholas Roerich was a Russian mystic and Freemason who had vast and mysterious influence over both President Franklin D. Roosevelt and FDR's Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace.


Reportedly, FDR had the Treasury include the design of the all-seeing eye and the pyramid on the U.S. one dollar bill at Roerich's urging.

"Wheel of Fortune" tarot card, used by witches and seers for predicting one's future. The inner circle of the Illuminati elite are sometimes referred to as the "Wheel."

This float honoring the sun (with six rays) was a part of the St. Patrick's Day Festival parade in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo and article from The Korea Times newspaper, March 19, 2002, p. 14)

Designs on a return envelope for subscriptions of Meditation, a New Age magazine.

Like many in the New Age and occult worlds, the managers of Book People, a large occult bookstore in Austin, Texas, claim their works are loving and good.


But in this revealing advertisement in the swirling astronomical spiral mist at right, is clearly seen the letter "S." As in Satan? Let the discerning reader decide.

Prozac can help? Really?


So why the design resembling the oroboros serpent? And is it just this author's imagination, or are the radiant sun rays in the form of number 6s?

American Hindu guru DaFree John publishes The Dawn Horse newspaper with this unusual logo, consisting of circles, flames, a white horse, the occultic star and two feet (the disciple on his knees or prostrate).

Celtic cross (sunwheel) and torch adopted as the emblem for the America First Party, a political party geared to the goals of the white race, headquartered in Georgia.

Drawing in Circle Network News, well-known witchcraft newspaper, a focal point for worshippers of "Father Sun" and solar deities according to the magazine.

Advertisement for the 2004 movie, Alexander, a saga about the Greek conqueror, Alexander The Great.


Accurately portrayed on Alexander's tunic: An image of the great Sun God worshipped under a variety of names by the ancients.

Native Americans worshipping the Sun God, bearing a totem idol. (Engraving from Theodore de Bry's America, 1590)

Mesopotamian worship of the Sun God. (British Museum. London)

General plan of Cabalistic Jewish magic reveals a diamond focal point and many concentric circles. (From Encyclopedia of the Occult)

A T-shirt offered by a vendor of gift items from the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant chain. Note the sun symbol.


Hard Rock cafes were begun by Isaac Tigrett, a multimillionaire occultist who also conceived The Great American Pyramid, a sports arena built in Memphis, Tennessee.

The fairy tale legend of the origin of the peace sign holds that it first came into use by Vietnam War protestors. In reality, it has long been used as a sign of the hatred of Christ and is called "Nero's Cross"

The Greek theater at Epidaurus (circa 300 B.C.) enclosed a design of circle and point within. (Photo from book, The Pattern and the Prophecy, by James Harrison, Isaiah Publications, 1994)

Variations of the Yin/Yang.

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