by Hannah Newman


from Lermanet Website


Helena Blavatsky was told by the "Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi" that humanity would be ready for the New Age sometime at the end of the 20th century.


By that time,

"besides a large and accessible literature ready to men's hands, the next impulse will find a numerous and united body of people ready to welcome the new torch-bearer of Truth. He will find the minds of men prepared for his message, a language ready for him in which to clothe the new truths he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival."

("The Key to Theosophy", p.306).

The Plan itself, Alice Bailey was told by the "Tibetan Master", was to be meanwhile kept among adepts, or trusted occult initiates.

"The Plan will be restored on Earth through illumination [initiation] and goodwill [service], and when that takes place Christ will return to Earth."

("Discipleship in the New Age" II, p.171)

Bailey's "Tibetan" guide (aka "Djwahl Kuhl") confirmed Blavatsky's message that open implementation of the Plan would not be possible until,

"the end of this [20th] century," when the generation then coming of age "will inaugurate the framework, structure and fabric of the New Age [to] develop the civilization of the Aquarian Age."

("Rays and Initiations", p.109.)

To all indications, the global transformation of humanity into one big, happy welcoming committee is nearly on schedule, give or take a decade. The most intensive preparatory work began in the 1970s, and it is steadily gaining momentum as it approaches "critical mass". Following are the ways NAers are achieving this remarkable "paradigm shift".

1. Conditioning Society to Accept the Plan

Certain stages prior to publicizing the Plan were to be carefully followed (Djwahl Kuhl to Alice Bailey, "Externalization", Section IV). Bailey specified that the "Triangles" groups (so named because, according to Blavatsky, the Triangle "symbolizes the Angelic Beings" - "Doctrine" II, p.79) are responsible,

"to work with the minds of men, and with a factor which is used and exploited by leaders everywhere: the effort is to impress these minds with certain ideas which are necessary to human progress."

("Discipleship" II, p.171)

The "factor" to be "exploited" is gradual infiltration of society with "change agents". The ideas "necessary to human progress" which they must "impress" on the masses (especially the young) are the occult teachings known as "the Ageless Wisdom".


They are introduced in a pre-planned order:

  • planetary evolution and the ultimate destiny of man for godhood

  • the interconnectedness of all life and matter

  • the 'kingdom of God' brought by "soul-controlled men" on earth

  • all men being at different stages in this evolution towards the goal of "godness"

  • some beings having achieved soul-control already, approaching perfection or godhood

  • these god-beings having a Plan to get all men to their level if we will cooperate


1a. Introductory Encounters:

Unlike the East, where these pagan teachings are familiar, in Western society there is a need to break down traditional monotheistic (and/or atheistic) resistance to them. To ease penetration, NA encourages "light encounters", psychic experiences which seem to carry the individual beyond normal consciousness into a new realm of spiritual sensation.


Also known as "a doorway to higher consciousness", the suitably impressed person will be encouraged to seek this experience on a regular basis. The only way to achieve it, however, is through passivity and a willingness to submit one's mind to outside control of a "guide" [a technique which the same NAers call "brainwashing" when denouncing fundamentalist cults].

This "encounter" can be arrived at by individuals making efforts within themselves, but guided groups are the preferred context. In this environment, the "higher consciousness" experience is triggered by willing submission to a leader or moderator who becomes the "energy channel". (He or she usually remains detached from the group experience as a facilitator - or as some would view it, as a manipulator.)


Participants at the New Age lectures of Bailey disciple Benjamin Creme have reported that he functions in this manner, silently panning the audience with a glassy stare, until people begin to exhibit symptoms of a passive trance state. One observer even witnessed a visible energy manifestation during Creme's channeling session, which was explained as "overshadowing by Maitreya" and which had a mind-numbing effect on the audience. (See "What I Saw in Atlanta", by freelance writer Jeff Eastwood)


In many other group settings, gurus and teachers lead students into self-induced trances before beginning "learning sessions". For those who want to learn how to lead groups into these encounters, step-by-step videos are available, such as "The Complete Guide to Channeling", narrated by NA leader Barbara Marx Hubbard (1988).

The master occultist Adolph Hitler was also known for his eerie ability to trigger in people what could be called altered states of consciousness, either one-on-one or in a crowd. Outsiders who watched him guide crowds to hysterical euphoria attributed it to his study of mass psychology (Sklar, "The Nazis and the Occult", p.119).


Others who encountered this phenomenon at close range - beginning with Hitler's early friend August Kubizek (see "The Young Hitler I Knew", quoted in Sklar, p.50) - were convinced that his power did not come from himself but from channeling a supernatural presence, which eventually was referred to in Nazi circles as the "Unknown Superiors". Described as a "gift" to "impose his will" on listeners, "moving them" and drawing them "into his hidden interior", the effect was "a sort of dizziness, which it took some doing to shake off." (Jean & Michel Angebert, "The Occult and the Third Reich", p.232-233)

This experience becomes a doorway to various "paths of enlightenment". The "door" and the "enlightenment" remain uniform, but the choice of "path" can be tailored to individual tastes: high-tech, intellectual, well-mannered; or primitive, bizarre, brutal. The common goal is an almost-continual "altered state of consciousness".


The mind is trained to shut out all independent ideas and initiatives, and to passively welcome a state of "group-think" which follows the Hierarchy's directives and is freed from any other restraint (such as traditional morality). Disciples with no patience for plodding toward enlightenment can "accelerate on their path" through drugs, blood sacrifices or deviant sex acts. (In Hindu tradition this path is Tantra Yoga, among Jewish Kabbalists it's the Sabbateans and Frankists, and under the generic label it is Satanism).


Once a person receives spirit guides, who go by various names borrowed from the seeker's background, the paths merge into one "Path" and the personalities merge into one "Group Mind", preparing everyone for the "mass planetary initiation" into the New World Order under Lucifer's guidance. The "doorway" swings both ways. Guides actually prefer eventual control of both mind and body, which necessitates the human tenant to "leave" in a psychic manner of speaking so that the disembodied spirit can exercise full control (see the concept of a "walk-in" *).


* There are different degrees of overshadowing, ranging from divine impressions (resulting in channeling and dictation of "wisdom" literature) to the host actually "stepping out" of his body to allow the "master" full control. (see Bailey's "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire", p.756-757) This last stage transforms the outwardly normal-looking person into a body hosting an alien resident; the human owner is known in NA parlance as a "walk-out", and the spirit-tenant is a benevolent "walk-in".

1b. "Let your mind go, trust your instinct."

This message is repeated endlessly through the major entertainment, medical and educational spokespeople in today's society, beginning with TV programs for the very young and intensifying the message to the teen approaching adulthood. The process for inviting a "walk-in" to take over begins with,

"Blank your mind and listen to your intuition. Don't try to reason with logic."

(Ruth Montgomery, "Strangers Among Us", p.154)

"Star Wars" creator George Lukas tells his millions of fans in all sincerity:

"Ultimately the Force is the larger mystery of the universe. And to trust your feelings is your way into that."

("Of Myth and Men," "Time Magazine", Apr.26, 1999)

They have taken up their cue from the "Masters", who gave this particular principle as the necessary starting point on the "path" to "initiation":

"In past instructions we have seen that teaching upon the subject of initiation is given by me [Djwahl Kuhl] (as by all the Masters) in three ways:


1. By Hints.... Initiation is never taken unless the intuition is becoming active. Spiritual instinct, the lowest aspect of the intuition, indicates readiness for the first initiation...." ("Discipleship" II, p.267) It becomes clear why rational thinking must be substituted for "instinct", when we look at the methods of indoctrination which follow this initial stage:

2. By the use of certain great Formulas (one of which [The Great Invocation] has already been given to you), certain definite revelations become possible. These formulas are six in number; they contain the six prerequisites for initiation... [and] deal with the six relationships: [The six relationships in summary are]

[1] group feeling, alignment [and] the group antahkarana [or "rainbow bridge" which channels the inflow from the Hierarchy]

[2] changes in the soul nature [living in] the Eternal Now

[3] the nature of life [and] the circulation and interplay of energy

[4] divine Purpose [of] Shamballa

[5] the nature of death

[6] the constructive work of the Destroyer

3. Through the presentation of Points of Revelation.... [the three Points summarized, followed by my translation to everyday terms:]

[1] The present vision must become... a habit... below the threshold of consciousness [shutting off rational thinking becomes unconscious habit]

[2] A new and totally different recognition must assume control.... [inability to return to rational thinking]

[3] The disciple realizes that initiation is not a process of soul-personality fusion but of Monad-personality integration [pretense of "self-actualization" can then be dropped for the reality of initiation: having one's identity engulfed by that of a "Master" - the simplest translation of "Monad"]

("Discipleship" II, p.267-268)

[Note also the six-six-six motif in point no.2, which periodically crops up in NA doctrine. See my notes on this "number of the beast" *]


* The number 666, revered by many occultists as Lucifer's sacred number, is to be used wherever possible to hasten his appearance. According to Creme (see his radio interview with Art Bell, July 10, 1998), this number represents "the beast" or the "Antichrist energy", which is not to be feared but simply accepted and even welcomed as the "destructive aspect" of God himself.


This energy is "deliberately released" to destroy the old and make way for the new. Creme also repeated Bailey's teaching that this destructive energy is "the Will aspect" of the Divine which worked through both the Roman emperor Nero and Hitler.

People who are not eager to shut off their minds, or who are less than enthusiastic about death and destruction, can be prepared to accept the Plan in gradual increments. They are introduced to the Ageless Wisdom teachings through less unsettling "spiritual paths", but still working toward the first prerequisite for initiation: the point of abandoning cognitive thinking and passively receiving guidance on an "intuitive" (non-critical) level.


Some of the more subtle avenues that lead its practitioners to this point are: holistic health, global unity, pagan and eastern religions, animal/tree worship, mind-altering drugs like LSD (endorsed by Bailey and Ferguson as "tools for transformation"), hypnosis, alternative healing such as homeopathy and acupuncture (these two favored by Creme as "part of the great shift in consciousness"), yoga, TM, kundalini and chakras, martial arts, science fiction, witchcraft, Freemasonry, Kabbalah, UFOlogy, black or white magic, spiritism, psychic powers, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, EST, psychological rebirthing, self-actualization, Jungian psychology, sex orgies, and the "magick" of Aleister Crowley - to name a few.


1c. Global Rallying Points:

While most people are left to their own devices in choosing paths of enlightenment, the New Age sponsors group reinforcement at the global level. Besides a show of strength which has PR value and lends legitimacy to the movement, this global activity also serves to coordinate indoctrination efforts, and takes advantage of the "contagious" nature of crowd psychology to spread altered states of consciousness.


The more well-known of these rallying points are:

  • "Harmonic Convergence" days (to meditate or pray for world transformation - the first and best publicized was in 1987),

  • "Earth Day" (celebrating the personhood of the Earth and our relations with "Her"),

  • "Mind-Body-Spirit Festivals" (to experience oneness in diversity),

  • "World Instant of Cooperation" (Dec. 31st of each year, one hour of meditation and "harmonic resonance" for "the oneness of life"), and

  • "Declaration of World Thanksgiving" (interfaith effort "honoring the spirit of human gratitude" as a "healing force").


    [Prominent orthodox rabbis like Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz have participated in World Thanksgiving, according to their full-color brochure - no doubt unaware that they were the only participants whose "Lord of creation" is not Maitreya or Lucifer! We might ask, why are they even invited? Their endorsement is solicited to build credibility in the Jewish community which implicitly trusts in its leaders.]

2. The "Rainbow Bridge" or the "Spiral Tower"

These individual and group efforts are ultimately intended to collectively build what is called the "antahkarana", defined as a mystical "planetary rainbow bridge", created by the upward thrust of spiritual/mental energies from humanity at one end and the downward response of the Hierarchy at the other, which will eventually "unite Humanity and the Hierarchy". This rainbow bridge is built by a "science of manipulating [incoming] energies and [outgoing] forces." (fully dissected in Bailey's "Education in the New Age" chap.V)


Once it is completed, the bridge will be "electrified" or "energized", and will serve as the avenue by which the Hierarchy can carry on "full planetary inter-communication" in order for Sanat Kumara * to direct world affairs.


* The god who "created" man: Sanat Kumara.
NA messages to the public encourage "faith in the loving Creator" or "thanksgiving to the Lord of Creation", phrased to allow everyone his own interpretation. For themselves, however, the Creator is the head of the Hierarchy, known as Sanat Kumara [SK]. He has other titles as well: "Ancient of Days", "Lord of the World", "Youth of Endless Summers" and "The One Initiator" (ie, the one who initiates mankind to higher evolutionary levels).


Bailey calls his "Council Chamber" by the term found in the Jewish book of Psalms, "the secret place of the Most High". ("Education in the New Age", p.62) SK is credited as the "founder and initiator of all the most important movements."


Curiously, "the Masters cannot and do not work [on building this bridge] without Their chosen physical plane focal points", which Bailey goes on to explain are the human channels: New Age change agents, working to bring "new and desirable trends in education." (p.109)


Clearly, the focus of the spiritual Hierarchy is on the children, and these "trends" are exclusively religious in nature: "Education is a deeply spiritual enterprise." ("Problems of Humanity", p.34)

[The omnipresence of the rainbow in modern decor, jewelry, animated media, children's toys and stories, organizational titles and logos, etc., now takes on new meaning - especially those symbols which are designed to light up. The attentive reader will remember that the rainbow as a spiritual symbol also appears in the Jewish Bible as a sign to Noah after the Flood, and here the parallels are intriguing. In the Torah, it is a Divine covenant with humanity. The Hierarchy has claimed it as different kind of pledge to humanity. Both sides even agree on the context of the rainbow's first appearance: as Torah relates, G-d's creation of the rainbow was in the context of a global catastrophe in which the Hierarchy admits being directly involved - and inexplicably defeated by a nameless Opponent. What the Hierarchy has done, then, is to confiscate this Biblical symbol of their final defeat and reassign it to symbolize their return from defeat.]

[Why did NA steal the "logo" of their archenemy rather than simply adopting a symbol of their own? The implication is not only the reliability of Torah, but several other interesting ideas:

(1) The rainbow reminder in Torah must be so humiliating and dangerous to the defeated ones that it is imperative to overwrite its meaning, even at the risk of being considered unoriginal. Perhaps one of the dangers is:

(2) The Torah context surrounding the rainbow may have more to say about that Cosmic War that merits further study, and can expose the strategies of these self-declared enemies of the Jewish G-d. Along this line there is the possibility that

(3): The Hierarchy views G-d's promise to man, to never destroy the earth again on their account, as a limitation that will work in their favor; hence their flaunting of the symbol by which G-d bound Himself to that enduring promise. Last but not least:

(4) It shows that this is a War in which covenantal symbols are hotly contested; Jews would do well to appreciate the power of the symbols entrusted to us as much as our enemies apparently do.]

Bailey cited the "New Group of World Servers" as the best example of Rainbow Bridge builders on a global level. Not all members of the NGWS are conscious of this process, or even aware of the existence of the Hierarchy. ("Discipleship" II, 204) The only requirement is that they practice the occult traditions of group meditation and seek to "serve".


Their main service consists of "constant and uninterrupted group meditation" on the Plan; specifically the next stage of the Plan to be put into operation. As the beginners practice this group-think, they are introduced to their "Ashram" or inner group; in time, they will be increasingly aware of their spiritual counterpart, the "greater Ashram of Sanat Kumara", which is building from the other end of the Rainbow.


In their function as bridge builders, the NGWS are also conduits to receive "impressions" from the Hierarchy, as well as radars for homing in on unaffiliated individuals who can receive those "impressions" through meditation. The resulting "Path of Light" will allow the "Christ" to come. (p.206-207)

Teilhard de Chardin, a NA philosopher who influenced Robert Muller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Peter Russell and many other NA leaders of today, expressed the same bridging process in the symbol of a spiral tower: representing human evolution revolving in cycles, with a periodic "leap" in consciousness continually taking humanity higher.


His underlying assumption is a process of "complexifying" which ultimately will manifest itself as an interrelated whole with the upper realms (of the spirit), which are symbolically but also physically trying to descend. The goal at the end of this process is to meld minds into an intangible dimension which De Chardin calls the "noosphere", a mystical planetary consciousness equivalent to Bailey's "Group Mind". (See de Chardin's book, "The Phenomenon of Man")


As a result, some prominent NA organizations have adopted the Spiral as an alternate symbol of ascension. Examples are "The Templeton Foundation" which uses it in their logo, and "The Center for World Thanksgiving" which has actually built spiral structures at their headquarters.


[The eerie resemblance of this "modern architecture" to ancient ziggurats and towers left by extinct pagan cultures suggests that the symbolism of the spiral structure is as old and widespread as NA doctrine itself, and that the design of many pagan temples may indeed have reflected the same theories of human evolution. It also makes for interesting conjectures about the design and purpose of the Biblical Tower of Babel, since NA marks its own beginnings in Babylon.]


2a. What happens once this Rainbow Bridge is established?

As Barbara Marx Hubbard puts it, the completion of the Rainbow Bridge will mean the completion of planetary consciousness, in which all individuality will be surrendered. The transformation will trigger a kind of "birth". However, like the physical birth process, it's "dangerous, and there's nothing guaranteed"; it could lead to "a baby that kills the mother", in other words, "Armageddon". Or it could result in a "normal [collective mass consciousness] baby".


But meanwhile, even progress towards it completion is believed to have an effect on human events. Hubbard implies that the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 made a great contribution toward the Bridge building, resulting in (among other changes) the collapse of Communism. (see Hubbard's interview with "Thinking Allowed" host Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, 1998)

From Hubbard's point of view, the Bridge is being irrevocably pieced together, and its completion will be as irreversible as a birth. But from a different source, we learn that the complete Bridge may also materialize briefly in history, only to dissolve again.


Alice Bailey writes of a temporary formation of the Rainbow Bridge, and proudly points to an example of what happens when the "Shamballa" force has this kind of "unimpeded" access to humanity: "the planetary crisis" of "the World War (1914-1945) [sic]." That crisis was "beneficent" in several ways from a NA point of view, principally in that it flushed out "evil from its hidden place and brought the opposing forces [challenging the Hierarchy] to the surface of existence, prior to their 'sealing'." ("Externalization" IV, p.535-536 - See related comments where this evil is likened to a germ and the War to surgery *.)


* Bailey saw the "Shamballa forces" at work during World War II (and specifically through the Nazis) as an "energy of destruction [which] has its side of beauty when the spiritual values are grasped." Its value was in the "great energy of purification", visibly evidenced by "widespread fires" burning out "much evil", after which "the new world will be built upon the ruins of the old... under the guidance of the New Group of World Servers."

("The Rays and the Initiations", p.86-88)


From the viewpoint of the Hierarchy, who directed this force in conjunction with "karmic law" (p.85), the war was "a major surgical operation made in an effort to save the patient's life. A violent streptococci [sic] germ and infection had menaced the life of humanity (speaking in symbols) and an operation was made in order to prolong opportunity and save life, not to save the form [physical life]. This operation was largely successful. The germ, to be sure, is not eradicated and makes its presence felt in infected areas in the body of humanity."

("Education in the New Age", p.111)


From Bailey's, or Djwahl Kuhl's, other remarks, we can be sure that Hitler's Nazism was not the "evil" being referred to here. We are told that the "sealing" of evil is "still being carried slowly forward", as the "antahkarana" nears its final completion.

3. The Role of the Media in Transformation

Of course, no global indoctrination could get far today without cooperation from mass media. NAers claim that the major news networks are firmly in their camp, not as chroniclers of human events but as educators of the masses. Global leader Robert Muller enthusiastically supports such a role for the media, urging "all schools of journalism" and "all media directors" to make use of his masterpiece on NA education, the World Core Curriculum, which is already set up in "a framework for World Media Coverage". ("A Letter to All Educators in the World")

This gives vital context to comments like the following:

  • "Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have." (Richard Salant, ex-President, CBS News)

  • "We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with." (Richard Cohan, Sr. Producer, CBS political news)

  • "I do have an ax to grind... I want to be the little subversive person in television." (Barbara Pyle, CNN Environmental Director)

  • "I've become even more crafty about finding the voices to say the things I think are true. That is my subversive mission." (Dianne Dumanoski, "Boston Globe" reporter)

  • "We in the press like to say we're honest brokers of information, and it's just not true. The press does have an agenda." (Bernard Goldberg, CBS "48 Hours")

[Most of these quotes are relayed by Dr. Henry Lamb, "The Rise of Global Governance", University of Texas College of Engineering website.]

[Dr. Lamb was referring here to the media hype about impending environmental disasters, but an equally subversive media agenda exists regarding specific religious orientations, revealed in widespread media bashing of those religions slated for extinction. I will present my documentation in a later piece. Here I merely present evidence that key players in the media admit to shaping our perception of reality following a specific agenda. To all appearances it is The Agenda of the NA "Masters".]


3a. The Media schedules involve more than programming:
Not only are specific agendas fed to the public by the media, but their timing appears to be a factor. David Rockefeller confirmed this by thanking ""The Washington Post", "The New York Times", "Time Magazine", and other great publications whose directors have attended our [Bilderberger] meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years.


It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared." (recorded at a Bilderberger meeting, Baden Baden, June 1991) NA personality and "leading spokesman for awakened warriorship"


Dr. Jose Arguelles, indicated in a 1987 interview:

"There are a number of moves occurring right now attempting to establish global programming."

("Meditation Magazine", published by the "Intergroup for Planetary Oneness", Summer 1987)

Today, the results of those "moves" are obvious and need no elaboration.

Arguelles went as far as to predict that within 5 years (by 1992), global media would be receiving instructions telepathically from "the mediarchy" controlled by "the planetary information council."


[Note: "the" is in the original quote in both cases, as though their existence were a given rather than a potential or a theory.]


He continued:

"From that then, as we move through the next 20-25 years [roughly until 2010], the role of what we now have been referring to as paranormal faculties or qualities or powers will become not only increasingly important but increasingly dominant...."

To which the interviewer added:

"A real science of the spirit will develop, which will no longer be treated as a strange religious or occult realm."

In a nutshell, the NA-oriented global media hopes to function as a teacher of occult ideas, eventually progressing to a direct channel for the Hierarchy's directives and displays of power.

4. Use of "The Great Invocation" for Transformation

The most widely known of the rallying points is "The Great Invocation", a poetic prayer now in over 50 languages, distributed by World Goodwill (a division of Lucis Trust, a Roster NGO member of the powerful UN group known as ECOSOC). Its promoters promise "transforming life changes" and "healing" if the Invocation is recited often enough.


The stanzas were given in their present form to Bailey's disciples by her guide "Djwahl Kuhl" [DK] in 1945. (See "Discipleship in the New Age II, Part VII) The wording is so vague that any religion can live with it, but Bailey/DK was quite clear that "it embodies the divine intent and summarizes the conclusions of the thinking of the planetary Logos." ("Discipleship", p.156)

It was emphasized at the time that the masses were not ready for the true nature of this incantation. (p.149) To help its gradual infiltration, the ambiguity of the Invocation is carefully calculated to gain public cooperation:

"It can be so presented that the masses everywhere, the general public, will be prompted to take it up and will use it widely.... The meaning of this Invocation has been expressed in terms which are understandable, in a measure, to the average person because of its familiar wording, based on many Scriptural terms. But the true inner implications and significances are... not superficially apparent.... They mean one thing to the ordinary man...; they mean another thing to the man upon the Probationary Path [en route to enlightenment]...; these words mean still another thing to the disciple...; to initiates and to the senior Members of the Hierarchy, they convey a still higher and more inclusive significance."

(p.150, 156)


4a. Deceptive use of The Invocation:
This "universal prayer" was to be explained in conflicting ways, depending on one's "evolutionary status". Misinterpretation is not only allowed, but encouraged. The following instruction is from "Discipleship", starting p.165
(emphasis mine. Portions are repeated by Lucis Trust booklet, "The Use and Significance of the Great Invocation", p.8):

"First, the general public will regard it as a prayer to God Transcendent [something which NAers themselves do not believe in]...; as a demand for the working out of the will of God - a will of which they can know nothing.... They will regard it finally as a prayer that some equally vague primeval condition of blissful happiness may be restored.... This is, for them, entirely good and helpful.... I [Djwahl Kuhl] have so worded and rendered the Invocation that the Christian world, through its churches, may not find it impossible to use."

The "Tibetan Master" even advised temporarily altering part of the third stanza (from "Masters" to "Master") in order to further coax the "Christian public" into using the Invocation. (p.157)

Why is it helpful for the general public to misconstrue the meaning of what they are praying? Because in NA teaching, as in all occult teaching, it is the act and not the intent which releases power. If the understanding of the one performing it is defective, others who have the proper "spiritual intelligence" can still harness the astral [spiritual] power being produced by the action.


Whenever the Invocation is recited, says the definitive booklet by Lucis Trust, that individual "allies himself with the spiritual Hierarchy", whether he knows it or not.

("The Use and Significance of the Great Invocation", p.11)


In fact, Alice Bailey (or DK) declares,

"No one can use this Invocation or prayer for illumination and for love without causing powerful changes in his own attitudes."

("Discipleship", p.168)

It is expected that those who pray the Invocation in ignorance of its true purpose will nevertheless be "transformed" by it. Understanding this point explains why "The New World Prayer" is being so vigorously promoted without even an elementary guide to interpretation.

But how are NA disciples to understand the same words?

"To them it will convey the recognition... of the spiritual Directors of our life [the Masters of Wisdom].... [As a result,] an era of hierarchical propaganda, engineered by disciples and carried forward by esotericists, will mature... [giving rise to] a new type of mystic... [who can] clearly indicate to others the techniques of the Path."


Those who Bailey considered the most potent propagandists for the Invocation and its "Path" are "The New Group of World Servers", "World Goodwill" and "The Triangles".

4b. Here is the text from 1945, identical to that promoted in the World Goodwill Newsletter

(issued 1997, vol.2).

The footnote and capitalizing are in the original. [Please do not use this in prayer or even read it out loud - treat it as the idolatrous incantation it is. I would not even be including it, if I were not convinced that this is a case of pikuach nefesh, with many lives in the balance.]

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ* return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

*In some translations of the Great Invocation the name by which the Coming One is known in different religions is used, eg. the Lord Maitreya, Krishna, the Imam Mahdi and the Messiah.


Bailey explains two key concepts to be emphasized "once it is permissible" to use the prayer publicly ("Discipleship", p.149-150):

1. "May Christ return to Earth."... What is referred to is the externalization of the Hierarchy and its exoteric appearance on Earth... under its Head, the Christ, [who will] function openly and visibly on Earth. This will happen when the purpose of the divine Will, and the plan which will implement it, are better understood....

2. "May it seal the door where evil dwells."... The evil referred to has nothing to do with the evil inclinations, [etc.] found in the hearts and minds of human beings... [but rather] the loosed forces of evil... [the neutralizing of which] requires the imposition of a power beyond the human.... These evil potencies will be occultly "sealed" within their own place: what this exactly means has naught to do with humanity.


[Never mind that only a few pages later, "it is not the Hierarchy which forces evil back into the place from whence it comes. It is struggling, aspiring and suffering humanity to whom the task is committed." (p.159)]

As the old values like "separateness" are replaced with the new, "the door where evil dwells" will close "through the sheer weight of public opinion and through right human desire. Nothing can possibly stop it." (p.175)

Following is a brief glossary of other coded phrases in the text of the Invocation. Note the capitalized words; these refer to divine entities or attributes, as opposed to the same word without caps, meaning earthly or human replications. Most of these key words are found in Bailey's description of the "Planetary Logos". The rest can be deduced from her worldview.

  • "the point of Light ...Love" - respectively, the unseen source of mind illumination, or Lucifer ("lightbearer" of the Logos); and spirit activation, or Maitreya.

  • "the Mind... Heart... Will of God" - attributes of the Logos expressed in planetary spheres by Lucifer ("mind" or intelligence), Maitreya ("heart") and Sanat Kumara ("will" or head, and Plan); this is why "light" is paired with "mind", "love" with "heart", and "will" with "purpose". ("Discipleship", p.158-159, 169.)

  • "the centre" - also called "Shamballa", in Hindu mythology the energy core supporting the Hierarchy; center with a small "c" refers to their earthly headquarters, "the City of the Gods... a sacred island in the Gobi Desert." ("Discipleship", p.159.) [See the parallel with the "Hyperborea" of gnostic/Nazi tradition.]

  • "Let light... love stream forth" - the "light" experience when one encounters a spirit guide and receives spiritual illumination; the "love" experience when one acknowledges unity with the All; "stream forth" means to externalize and spread the transformation to others.

  • " which we call the race of men" - the core of mankind which receives the Shamballa "energy activation"; the "race" being the "seed" destined to make the "quantum leap" to the Aquarian Age.

  • ...The "Plan of Love and Light work out" - the Plan of the Hierarchy, the group of disembodied spirit beings represented to us earthlings by the triune "Logos" of Sanat Kumara, Maitreya and Lucifer . This Plan was dictated verbatim to Alice Bailey. "Plan" is one of Sanat's attributes, "Love" is the Divine Principle attributed to Maitreya, and "Light" is Lucifer's trademark (his name means "light-bearer"). To "work out" is to "externalize" from the spiritual plane to the physical.

  • "Let Light descend on Earth" (or in an alternate version, "from the Morning Star... let Christ stream forth") - let Lucifer (also known as the Morning Star) "externalize" and "anchor the Plan" on the planet, functioning as the Initiator of mankind into the next level toward godhood, taking the position of supreme mediator between humanity and the Hierarchy.

  • "May Christ return" - a prayer for Maitreya to overshadow as many people as possible, and finally to inhabit one person in order to act publicly.

  • "Let purpose guide the little wills of men" - let the Planetary Logos redirect the reluctant and/or unaware segments of humanity. Bailey consistently refers to the un-initiated as "those with little wills".

  • "The purpose which the Masters know and serve" - "purpose" is equated with "plan" and "will", the initiative of Sanat Kumara; the "purpose" as Bailey describes it emanates from "the Council Chamber of Shamballa [which] seeks to influence human will." ("Discipleship" II, p.172)

  • "Seal the door where evil dwells" (or in another version, "bolt and charge the corridor where evil spirits tarry") is to shut out the "Black Lodge", those workers of "cosmic evil" who block the Plan, by eliminating their human tools, those who plunged the world into monotheism (see Bailey, "The Rays and the Initiations", p.754-5).

  • "Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth" - permit Lucifer (Light), Maitreya (Love) and Sanat Kumara (Power) (this is the order of their "externalization" or appearance on earth, which must take place in stages) to reactivate the Plan, which was interrupted by the victory of the Black Lodge. The reactivation involves a deified Earth (capital "E") goddess.

According to researcher Gary Kah ("The Occult Roots of Global Education"), an earlier (1940) version of The Great Invocation exists, parts of which express the Hierarchy's purpose in clearer language:

Come forth, O Mighty One.
The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived.
Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.

Let Light and Love and Power and Death
Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.

The addition of "Death" here probably refers to the "Shamballa" force which comes in the wake of Sanat (Power). Apparently, society wasn't quite transformed enough to accept such candor; it was revised accordingly in 1945. But the progress of education is such that we can expect the earlier version to be re-introduced without undue risk sometime soon.


5. Children's Entertainment and the Plan

The most vigorous efforts at transformation by far are directed at the children. Bailey and the Hierarchy recognized that child education is central to the transformation of society. So much effort has been focused on that arena that Bailey wrote an entire book on the subject ("Education in the New Age").

This is a vast subject which cannot be covered in the limited space here. But a spot-check of the popular cartoons, movies, toys, pop and rock songs, magazines, computer games, public school activities and literature will reveal almost universal reinforcement of the NA teachings mentioned in this series.


[Anyone can easily verify this: survey the most widely promoted TV shows, electronic games, children's movies, public library books and toys; use as a control group the best of these produced before 1968. You will notice the radical "paradigm shift" around that time towards Eastern and occult orientations, radiating from certain landmarks such as "Star Trek", "2001, A Space Odyssey" and the Beatles. This of course means that those who have innocently absorbed NA religion include today's young adults who matured during the last 30 years, with everything this implies.]


It is hard to find children's entertainment today which does not revolve around religious customs and heroes, occult legends (such as Atlantis, UFO aliens, dragon lore), psychic powers or magic rites (even using real spells, as in "Dungeons & Dragons").


Virtually all of these have in common a presentation of disembodied spirits as guides and power sources. As Western society has become conditioned, NA religious orientation is becoming so pervasive that those who reject it are seen as unreasonable (the "sheer weight of public opinion" which Bailey mentions is a calculated part of the Plan - "Discipleship", p.175).

The ruthlessness which which this transformation is being carried out is obvious in recent remakes of classic tales, "modernized" by inserting New Age scenes, often without concern for the original story line. For example, a new version of "William Tell" had Tell and his famous arrows empowered by spirit guides - it so disrupted the original plot that half the story had to be rewritten, with several new characters.


[Why didn't the producers simply write a new story? I'm guessing that such reworked films are deliberately targeting the families who are trying to filter out overt NA doctrine, but who relax when they see the title of an old favorite which they remember from their own childhood as safe viewing. I personally would never have suspected the violence that had been done to this old story of Swiss bravery in the face of tyranny - I just happened to spot it on my way through the TV room.]


Other examples are multiplying as the TV and movie industries recycle old stories with a NA slant at an increasing rate.

Radically altering a famous story while keeping the former title amounts to false advertising and calculated deception. But rather than denying or defending such duplicity in dealing with children, NA spokesmen respond with the counter-accusation that children must be "cured" of the "sick" values they learn in a traditional home. NA culture is being exported to children all over the world, including Israel, with this "cure" in mind.

6. Neutralizing Opposition to the Plan

6a. Name-Calling and Negation:

Accordingly, the NA talent for hijacking and redefining terms was employed. All three targeted religions were labeled "fundamentalist" religions. The original meaning of the word, "back to the source teachings", became lost in the heavily promoted new definition of "obsolete, inflexible and intolerant".


[Just how "fundamentalism" came to be a religious stigma which provokes a negative Pavlovian social response - and how it is invariably applied only to the faiths which do not fit in the Plan - would make a fascinating study. Ever hear reports on "fundamentalist Wiccans" or "Buddhist fundamentalism"? Why not?]


"Monotheistic" no longer meant simply "one god", but "exclusivist, narrow," and above all "separatist".


[Note here also the double standard in NA that excuses many pagan religions which encourage and even demand separation from nonbelievers]

A more sophisticated version of this technique was outlined by Robert Muller in 1981, while he was serving at the UN as the "idea man" for the Secretary General (he served a total of three SGs, until his "active retirement" in 1984). In an interview with a New Age magazine, Muller shared a strategy he called "Entity Promotion":

"If I wanted to make a fortune, I would leave the UN and start a new profession called 'entity promotion'. It would go far beyond public relations and advertising. I would say to my customers, 'You want to promote an entity? A race, a religion, an institution,... anything, you name it. I will tell you how to do it.' Over the years, I have gathered two files on entity promotion. The first deals with every possible technique to prove that your entity is superior. You need a flag, a hymn, an education, a creed, a protocol, a language, famous persons, preferably even heroes and martyrs, etc."

[This was ostensibly meant as a tongue-in-cheek mockery of nationalism and religious fundamentalism. However, when one notes that the UN has established every single one of these "entity promotion" props, while under the leadership of Muller, it is hard to chuckle.]

Muller goes on to describe a very interesting side of entity promotion:

"My second file deals with ways to diminish other entities. Lie about them, denigrate them, do not cease to repeat that they are bad, accuse them of anything and everything. The human species is still at the stage where this is the predominant game on the planet.... We need entities."

("An Interview with Robert Muller: Toward a Global Politics [sic]", "The Center Magazine", Nov-Dec. 1981, emphasis mine.)

6b. "Relocation" or "Purging":

As the Luciferic initiation approaches, those who refuse to relinquish monotheism and/or Jewish identity will be sent to "another dimension" or "level of vibration", somewhere outside of this physical incarnation, where they will be happier and better off, according to Alice Bailey, Nicholas Roerich and David Spangler.


The latter put it delicately, saying that,

"those attuned to the old world" would be "transported through the [cosmic] law of attraction" to, "another planet, plane of existence or level of earth's consciousness where they can be contained.... The main point is that they will lose, for the time being, their access to the etheric planes of power and the ability to control or influence the developments upon earth."

("Revelation, Birth of a New Age", p.163-4)

[An application of the call to "seal the door where evil dwells" as it is worded in the Great Invocation. The "evil" is the one God, the "door" is those who believe in Him, and the "sealing" is their physical removal.]

This relocation activity, known in the "old age" as mass murder or massacre, goes by other easy-to-digest euphemisms as well, and is presented as part of the planetary "global purge" or "cleansing action". Benjamin Creme's term for it is "a necessary sword of cleavage". ("The Reappearance of the Christ", appendix, "How the Plan is Working Out")


As he puts it, there is no choice:

"It is indeed a matter of share [not only economic resources and governmental power, but religious belief and identity] or [humanity will] die."

Barbara Marx Hubbard, with her characteristic directness, explains in her "The Book of Co-Creation" that "the elders" view those who reject the "quantum transformation" as a growing cancer which must be removed "before the whole body is destroyed."


All rebellion against this purge will simply be recognized as part of the "destructive one-fourth" of humanity which Hubbard says must be removed to save the human race, giving the public impression that the Group Mind stands vindicated by opposition rather than challenged.

6c. Dividing and/or Conquering:

At this present stage, those opposing the Plan are being neutralized in two less drastic ways. One is to win them over by infiltration. The other is to turn the various remaining orthodox monotheists one against another.

The single most notorious tool used by NA propagandists in history was "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". Composed by unknown sources whose identity is still debated among scholars, there is nevertheless ample evidence that NA agents were involved, if not in its writing, certainly in its distribution. The individual who is acknowledged in a rare early edition of "Protocols" to have "found" the document was none other than Yuliana Glinka, a devoted Theosophist and Helena Blavatsky's personal companion.


According to the text, Glinka "felt it her Christian [sic!] duty" to release it in Russia (where it was called "The Secret of the Jews"). The book was translated into English by Victor Marsden, a British racial supremacist who fled England to join Hitler, and then circulated in the U.S. by occultist Henry Ford.


Ford was not only awarded the Nazi Supreme Order of the German Eagle in 1938, but he was also applauded for his "faith" by the Theosophical Society. ("The Theosophist", December 1938, p.239). Blavatsky herself wrote at least one antisemitic tract with content remarkably similar to "Protocols", published by the Theosophical Society in 1888. (see "The Occult Establishment" by James Webb)


The effect of "Protocols" on the history of Jewish-Christian and Jewish-Moslem relations hardly needs comment. To this day, most Jews are convinced that "Protocols" is a disgusting piece of Christian slander, while far too many Christians and nearly all Moslems believe the book to be an expose of Jewish ambition.


From the NA point of view it was and continues to be a stroke of genius which keeps their main targets at one another's throats, unaware of the need to unite against the NA Plan to eliminate monotheism.

The divide-and-conquer strategy also works well within the community, unfortunately. Orthodox-bashing is where the "change agents" have ample help from the non-orthodox Jewish sector, who for reasons of their own, see no reason to defend their more observant brethren - and even enjoy throwing a few punches themselves.


The phenomenon is documented in an article aptly called "Season on the Orthodox", in which author Avi Shafran reviews a number of serious charges made by secular Jews against religious Jews in the area of behavior and ethics, all of which were investigated and proven baseless.


6d. Preventative Indoctrination:

The most effective neutralizing strategy is intensive "education", starting with the new generation. The NA has invested so much in this strategy, with such success, that an entire section is devoted to it. While today's older adults are still somewhat resistant to NA transformation, those born in the 1960s have been exposed to little else.

7. Hiccups in the Transformation

All the NA progress aside, there still seem to be blocks to achieving global transformation. And they have little or nothing to do with any organized opposition from monotheists, which is relatively feeble.

7a. Fault lines within NA itself:

These have existed from the earliest days of the Theosophical Society. The organization founded by Helena Blavatsky successively broke into 4 competing religious groups:

(1) The Theosophical Society (headed by Annie Besant)

(2) Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner, David Spangler)

(3) The Arcane School, the "School of Ageless Wisdom", and Lucis Trust (Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme, Robert Muller)

(4) "I AM", "The Church Universal and Triumphant" (Guy & Edna Ballard, Elizabeth Clare Prophet).

Even today, cutting comments by one group toward the other(s) can be found


[Conflicting theologies were not at issue so much as severe ego clashes. All these offshoots still have in common a reverence for Blavatsky's writings, allegiance to Bailey's "Master" Djwhal Khul and the Hierarchy, and a commitment to the Plan in its entirety.]


Even today, beneath the "unity" there is an excess of competitive malice, while the leaders exhorting "simple living" are addicted to luxury and social elitism. Everything has its price, as former NA leader Randall Baer notes.


[For a fascinating and well-documented first-person account, see his book, "Inside the New Age Nightmare". Baer also relates several attempts on his life after he left this "network of Light and Love". In fact, according to the publishers, Huntington House, Baer died under mysterious circumstances only a week after his book was released. For those reasons alone, this book is a must-read.]

7b. Chronic delays:

Also, for reasons unpublicized, the time for Maitreya to show himself as deity to the world, the "Day of Declaration", has been postponed quite a few times since the first date set in 1925. In 1981, massive advertising of the Day drew world attention to the non-event; at that time it was world media which was blamed for not being enlightened enough to seek him out (the reason publicized by the Tara Center, then headquarters for Maitreya followers). Other dates came and went with less fanfare.

Some sources claim that December 31, 1999 was the most recent Declaration date, to have been symbolized (or perhaps triggered) by placing a "gold" (actually, copper) cap on the great Egyptian pyramid of Khufu at Giza. The mystical significance of this ceremony is traced to a channeled message by NA prophet Edgar Cayce (died 1945) which linked capping the pyramid with rediscovery of the "Hall of Records from Atlantis", the "return of the Christ" and the establishment of a "New World Order".


Indeed, there was a lavish ritual scheduled by the Egyptian government for that date, which a pantheon of global personalities were scheduled to attend; it was cancelled only two weeks beforehand without a coherent explanation. Curiously, one of the rumors included Arab suspicions that the capstone was part of a Zionist and/or Masonic plot to announce world domination, even though the whole event was conceived by an Egyptian government official.


 (For a detailed report, including the Cayce prophecy, see the Egyptian News Digest No. 16, and scroll down to 18 December, "The Golden Capstone Controversy".)

7c. Monotheistic influence is likewise showing more longevity than anticipated.

In 1945, Maitreya announced that he would reveal himself when (among other global reforms) "people are released from authoritarian supervision of their religious thought." By his own admission, he must be invited by mankind to take over on a religious/spiritual level.


Each postponement of Maitreya's "Day of Declaration" would indicate that the "release" from religion is not yet sufficient; meanwhile all three monotheistic religions appear to be experiencing some measure of revival among the youth worldwide. This is precisely the group which NA is counting on most to welcome Maitreya and hand over Planet Earth, the group which NA change agents have invested most of their efforts to indoctrinate.

The increasing frustration among some NA spokesmen is vented at the outdated faith systems which refuse to obey the "laws of human evolution" and die out. Lucis Trust ("World Goodwill Newsletter", Summer 1982) cited "three prominent examples" of "rising fanatical religious fundamentalism [causing a rise in] blatant militarism"; they named the U.S. - specifying "those who expect... the biblically prophesied global cataclysm", Iran (no particulars) and Israel (also no specifics, implying that merely pairing them would say enough). Goodwill called these three "frightening... dangerous... a threat to world peace", although they are only "victims of fear".


Others appear vexed by the new level of cooperation between articulate conservative Christians and Jews (for example, the organization called "Toward Tradition"), the unity of Jews and Christians in support of Israel, and the rising numbers of self-assertive young Jews and Christians. In accordance with the first method of neutralizing opposition, they are branded as a sinister conspiracy of sorts.


[Although these groups are aware that they inspire a hatred among liberals that seems exaggerated at times, they usually assume that it is their political agenda which is the threat, failing to recognize it as a religious war.]

8. The Future of the Transformation

In spite of the inexplicable setbacks in the spiritual momentum of the Plan, NA leaders like Creme are confident that we are about to see its completion:

"There is no doubt that there will be opposition... but the need for change will become so overwhelmingly obvious, that they will find themselves increasingly powerless to stop the momentum."

("Reappearance of the Christ," 1980)

The overall mood of NA is summed up in a popular bumper sticker some years back:

"My karma just ran over your dogma."

Various comments imply that Maitreya is not above "convincing" reluctant countries through disasters both natural (either triggered or allowed without rescue) and man-made (such as nuclear threats per Alice Bailey's Plan). While these are regrettable, the end will justify the means:

"These peoples will eventually be replaced by the new root race about to make its appearance in a newly cleansed world; nevertheless, for the moment, this is a tragedy."

("Cosmic Countdown," "Guardian Action Publications", 1982, p.12)

Any underground resistance movement is viewed as highly unlikely to succeed, as Zbigniew Brzezinsky (National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter) assures us:

"Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files [which] will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

[Date of this statement is not known, but surrounded as we are today by microchip videos, interactive software, mobile communication and Global Positioning Satellites, we cannot doubt the technological capability to execute such a program. Popular movies like "The Net" and "Enemy of the State" vividly present scenarios which are entirely plausible with today's technology.]