Effects on Humanity's Religions, Beliefs, Politics and Others

...made by Manipulative Extraterrestrials




Revealing an Extraterrestrial presence by modern science and institutionalized Christianity, would inspire a Gnostic-like awakening, including a re-appreciation of the human identity in relation to God.

Indeed, ancient Gnostics appeared to view the God associated with the evolution of Christian dogma as a "false God", created under the influence of what was referred to as the Manipulative Extraterrestrials associated with the Old Testament, and other religious systems cultivated by repressive Empires on Earth.

These reportedly include the Gods of pre-"Christian" Rome, and Egypt, and other such religious-based oppressive Empires.

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately.

Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something.

They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breathwhen they speak in condemnation of it."

Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)

28th President of the United States






 -  A.D. - After Disclosure - Living with The Truth of Alien Contact


 -  Aleister Crowley and the "Sirians"


 -  Aleister Crowley's Lam & the Little Grey Men


 -  Alien Gods and Magic In Ireland


 -  Alien Influences on Humanity


 -  Alien Intervention on Earth


 -  Alien Mind - A Primer - The Verdants


 -  Alien Mind - The Thought and Behavior of Extraterrestrials


 -  Aliens and Cosmic COINTELPRO


 -  Aliens, Lies and Religions - An Interview With Paul Von Ward


 -  Alien Saviors


 -  Alzheimer's, Dementia and Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Mental Illness


 -  An Analysis of 'The Gods of Eden'


 -  Ancient and Future Custodial Alien Races and the HyperDimensional Symbolic Cryptographic Munitions...


 -  Ancient Gnostic Disciples of Jesus Reveal Reasons for Extraterrestrial Denial in Western Society


 -  Ancient Manuscripts and Treatises - Main File


 -  Antiguos Gnósticos Discípulos de Jesús Revelan la Razón de La Negación de Los Extraterrestres en La...


 -  Are Aliens Manipulating Us Through Religion?


 -  Biomechanical Messiahs - The Nigel Kerner Interview


 -  British Author Links Racism to Manipulative Extraterrestrial Genetic Interference


 -  Brotherhoods and Secret Societies - Main File


 -  Buddhism and The Kalachakra System - Main File



 -  Capitalism - An Alien Ideology From Who Were As Human Beings


 -  Celebrity Contactee Alleges Manipulative Extraterrestrials Undermine Human Destiny on Peace, Social...


 -  Celebrity Contactee Links New World Order to Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Albert Einstein and Parallel...


 -  Channelers and Channeled Information - Main File



 -  Christianity - Extraterrestrial Religion? - Reflections on Von Daniken and Biblical UFOlogy


 -  Ciencia Real - Main File



 -  COVID Vaccines - Consequences on the Soul, Spirit and Life after Death


 - ¿Cuánto estás Dispuesto a Saber?


 -  Cults of The Dark Gods



 -  De Cómo los Dioses Védicos Establecieron su Sistema de Manipulación


 -  Diálogo Con Mano Oculta Revela Factor Extraterrestre en El Control Illuminati de La Tierra


 -  Dialogo Con Un Autoproclamado Illuminati - "Hidden Hand"

 -  Dialogue With a Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider - "Hidden Hand"


 -  Disidencia y Control de Conciencias


 -  D.R. - Después de La Revelación - Viviendo con La Verdad del Contacto Alienígena


 -  Effects on Humanity by Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Peter Tremblay - Main File


 -  El Advenimiento de Ahriman - Un Ensayo Sobre las Fuerzas Profundas Detrás de la Crisis Mundial


 -  El Archivo Lacerta - Reptoides de La Tierra Interior


 -  El Caso de las 'Entidades DMT' - Teoría de la Información Extraterrestre


 -  El Coronavirus y el 'Factor Miedo'... - Main File


 -  El Engaño Final - La Monstruosa Mentira de La Nueva Era


 -  El Fraude Extraterrestre - Conociendo Quiénes Son Los Dioses, y Quiénes No lo Son


 -  Elite Controllers, ET/UFOs in Washington DC and Disclosure - Robert M. Stanley


 -  El Lam de Aleister Crowley y Los Hombrecitos Grises - Una Semejanza Impresionante


 -  El Secreto del Que Nunca Te Enteraste - Pero en Tu Corazón ya Lo Sabías


 -  El Ser Humano - Fruto de la Manipulación Evolutiva


 -  El Verdadero Lucifer es Sofía


 -  El Virus de la Religión - Una Antigua Guerra contra la Conciencia Humana


 -  En Cuarentena - La Humanidad como Rehén - Las Supremas Verdades


 -  Espiritualidad Manufacturada, Consumida y Reciclada


 - ¿Están los Alienígenas Manipulándonos a Través de la Religión?


 -  Excerpts from "Gods, Genes, and Consciousness" - Nonhuman Intervention in Human History


 -  Experimento Edén - Alienígenas, Arcontes y El Multiverso Asociativo


 -  Extraterrestres, Apócrifos Varios y Los Manuscritos del Mar Muerto


 -  Extraterrestrial Contact and Integral Theory


 -  Extraterrestrials and The Vatican


 -  Falsas Deidades se Alimentan de tu Devoción


 -  False Flag Event in Syria - The Third Force and Exopolitics


 -  Frank E. Stranges and Valiant Thor


 -  Fringe Knowledge - For Beginners



 -  Galactic War III


 -  Germany's ET Contacts? - Its Legacy On The Twentieth Century And After...  - Main File


 -  Gli Dei che Inventarono le Religioni


 -  Gnostics Reveal why Christians Deny UFOs and Extraterrestrial Contacts with Humanity


 -  God, Globalization, and Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Prophetic Insights


 -  God, Religion and Manipulative Extraterrestrials


 -  Gods and Religions on Planet Earth - Main File



 -  Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible - Resumen del Libro de Kyle Griffith


 -  Guerra Psicológica y Guerra Espiritual


 -  Hale Bopp and Heaven's Gate Cult


 -  Has 'Extraterrestrial Manipulation' ended making Possible 1000 Years of Human Freedom?


 -  Hidden Hand Dialogue Reveals Extraterrestrial Factor in Illuminati Control of Earth


 -  How Much are You Willing to Know?


 -  How the Vedic Gods Set Up their Manipulative System


 -  Human Oversight of Self-Awareness Reveals Manipulative Extraterrestrial Presence


 -  Il Culto Degli Dei Oscuri


 -  Il Segreto di Cui Non Ti Sei Mai Accorto - Ma Dentro di Te Già lo Conoscevi


 -  Inflation - Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation


 -  Influencias Extraterrestres Sobre La Humanidad


 -  Intervención Alienígena en la Tierra


 -  Is COVID an Interdimensional Disease? - An Alien Connection


 -  Jacques F. Vallee - Main File


 -  Jehovah - Yahweh - YHWH - Adonai - Main File



 -  Jesús, el Extraterrestre



 -  Jesus, The Extraterrestrial



 -  Join The Collective - Is it really such "A Privilege to be Assimilated"?


 -  La Agenda del Nuevo Orden Mundial y del Gran Reset es la Agenda Alienígena


 -  La Algo-Matrix y los ETs - La Tierra Como una Iniciativa Extraterrestre


 -  La Conspiración de La Puerta Cósmica


 -  La Elite Global - Main File


 -  La Especie Esclava de Dios - La Impresionante Verdad Sobre Nuestros Orígenes Humanos


 -  La Gnosis Según Montalk


 -  La Hipóstasis de Los Arcontes


 -  La Ilusión Jerárquica de "La Luz"


 -  La Infección Espiritual a Través de la Falsa Luz


 -  La Matrix de Control - Más Allá de su Manifestación 3D


 -  La Metalogica de Los Amos - Arcontes, Reptilianos, Vigilantes...


 -  La Naturaleza de la Realidad Espiritual - Preguntas a Kyle Griffith sobre el significado de 'La Guerra en el...


 -  La Raza "Abejoide"



 -  La Teogonía - Caída del Hombre desde Una Civilización Superior en La Antigüedad


 -  La Teoría Gnóstica de la Intrusión Alienígena


 -  La Verdadera Historia del Cristianismo - Main File


 -  Le Basi Biologiche dell'Elitismo e del "Diritto Divino" di Governare


 -  La Toma del Poder del Planeta Tierra - Project Camelot entrevista a Jordan Maxwell en 2009


 -  Long Time Extraterrestrial Influences on Earth's Evolution - We Are Definitely Not Alone!


 -  Los Alienígenas Nórdicos y la Raza del Grial


 -  Los Antiguos Dioses y La Historia de La Humanidad



 -  Los Arcontes - Main File



 -  Los Avatares de los Dioses y la Evolución de las Especies


 -  Los Cultos de Los Dioses Oscuros



 -  Los Dioses que Inventaron las Religiones


 -  Los Gnósticos Revelan Porqué los Cristianos Niegan los OVNIs y los Contactos Extraterrestres con la...


 -  Los Hombres de Negro y Sus Orígenes Mágicos


 -  Los Lagartos y La Iglesia Romana



 -  Los Nibiru, los Anunnaki y la Retro-evolución Humana - Historia de Dos Hermanos


 -  Los Planos Astrales y los Extraterrestres, en los Textos Sánscritos


 -  Los Primeros Contactados - Siempre han habido Seres Humanos que se Relacionaban con Seres...


 -  Los Primordiales o Dioses Oscuros - Historia No Contada de los Antiguos Dioses Inmortales


 -  L. Ron Hubbard and The Church of Scientology


 -  Lucifer Rising



 -  Madres Vírgenes y Niños de Origen Divino - Las Concepciones 'Milagrosas' a lo largo de la Historia


 -  Making Sense of Ukraine Through a History of Extraterrestrial Intervention


 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials and Canadian Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine


 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials Appear to Use Religion and Capitalism to Control Humanity


 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Explaining UFO and Alien Denial


 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials Influenced Adolf Hitler - Scholars Suggest


 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials May Have Genetically Engineered Racial Groups to Inspire a Eugenic Social...


 -  Mantra Meditation Reveals a Hidden Agenda - Are the Gods Alive and Well and Working Towards the 'New...


 -  Mariofanías - Kundalini y la Virgen Madre


 -  Matrix - Main File


 -  Mente Alienígena - Un Detonador - Los Verdants - Main File


 -  Messengers of Deception


 -  Nordic Aliens and The Grail Race



 -  On Breaking The God Spell


 -  Other Worlds


 -  Photo Reveals Star Trek-like Human-posing Extraterrestrials Who Visited U.S. Capital in 1957


 -  Planetary Take-Over - The Covert Conquest of a Dying Planet


 -  Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence



 -  Psycho-Social Study of Human Conflict Reveals Alien Influence on Humans

 -  Quarantine - Mankind Held Hostage - The Ultimate Truths


 - ¿Quiénes Nos Están Manipulando Desde un Nivel Más Alto y Qué Los Motiva?


 - ¿Quien Originó el Complot Para la Dominación Mundial?


 -  Reflections on Occult Entity Interferences and the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System


 -  Reflexiones sobre Interferencias de Entidades Ocultas y el Sistema Hiperdimensional de Control de la Matrix


 -  Remote Viewing ET Manipulation in Russia Ukraine War


 -  Researchers Suggest Iraq War Was Centrally Motivated From an Extraterrestrial-Inspired Religion


 -  Revelaciones de Funcionario de un Estado Miembro Europeo - Efectos en La Humanidad por Extraterr...


 -  Revelaciones de Un 'Insider' de Una Familia Elite



 -  Revelations from An Official of A European Member State - Effects on Humanity Made by Manipulative...

 -  Revelations of An Elite Family Insider



 -  Riflessioni sulle Interferenze delle Entità Occulte e l'Iperdimensionale Sistema di Controllo della Matrix


 -  Rudolf Steiner and The Legacy of The Star Gods


 -  Rulers of The Earth - Secrets of The Sons of God


 -  Salvadores Alienígenas


 -  Shambahla - Main File


 -  Sitchin y Un Teólogo del Vaticano - Conversan de Ovnis, Extraterrestres, Ángeles, La Generación del...


 -  Sky Gods and Earth Deities



 -  Slave Species of God - The Shocking Truth About Our Human Origins


 -  Sobre El Retorno de Los Dioses - de Erich von Däniken


 -  Soles de Dios - La Revelación de Orión


 -  Spiritual Hierarchy and The Galactic Federation - Update by Sheldan Nidle


 -  Star Visitors Theology - A Synopsis



 -  Telepathic Message from The Cosmic Brotherhood



 -  Teocracia - de "Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible"


 -  Terminal Madness of The 'Endtime'


 -  The Advent of Ahriman - An Essay on the Deep Forces behind the World-Crisis


 -  The Algo-Matrix and the ETs - Earth as an Alien Enterprise


 -  The Andreasson Affair



 -  The Anunnaki - Main File



 -  The Archons - Main File



 -  The Armageddon Chronicles


 -  The Art of InterDimensional War


 -  The Ashtar Command - Main File


 -  The Astral Planes and Extraterrestrials in the Sanskrit Texts


 -  The Avatars of the Gods and the Evolution of Species



 -  The Biological Basis of Elitism and "The Divine Right" Rule


 -  The Case for 'DMT Entities' - Alien Information Theory


 -  The Coronavirus and the 'Fear Factor'...  - Main File


 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction


 -  The Council of Nine - Main File



 -  The Dark History of The Vatican - Main File



 - "The Earth Will Be Mine" - Fall of Man From a Higher Civilization in Antiquity


 -  The Eden Experiment - Aliens, Archons and The Associative Universe


 -  The Elementals



 -  The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean



 -  The ET Deception - Knowing Who the Gods Are, and Who Are Not Gods


 - "The Family" - Main File



 -  The Global Elite - Main File


 -  The Gnosis by Montalk


 -  The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion


 -  The Gods and their Star Systems


 -  The Greys, Rigel and Procyon - A Tentative Taxonomy of Extra-Terrestrial Humanoids


 -  The Hypostasis of the Archons - from 'The Nag Hammadi Texts'


 -  The Lacerta Files - Reptoids of The Inner Earth


 -  The Lam - Main File


 -  The Master Race and The Family of Light - Conflict, Spiritual Purification and Bio-Political Agendas in...


 -  The Matrix of Control - Beyond its 3D Manifestation



 -  The Men in Black and Their Magical Origins


 -  The Mysteries of Lam - A lecture by Michael Staley in 1994


 -  The Nature of Spiritual Reality - Alain Gossens (Karmapolis) Questions Kyle Griffith On the Meaning of...


 -  The New Atheists


 -  The New Age Religion - Brought To Us By The Ascended Masters


 -  The New World and Its Fall - Fall of Man From a Higher Civilization in Antiquity


 -  The New World Order and Great Reset Agenda is the Alien Agenda


 -  The Nexus Seven - Main File


 -  The Nibiru, The Anunnaki and Human Devolution - A Tale of Two Brothers


 -  Theocracy - from "War in Heaven - The Invisible College"


 -  The Origins of Humankind - Quo Vadis - Past Surprises/Future Revelations


 -  The Psychopathic God


 -  The Real History of Christianity - Main File


 -  The Revised Anunnaki Protocols - The Protocols of the Elders of Zion


 -  The Royal Science - Main File



 -  The Secret You Never Get to Hear - But in Your Heart, You Already Know


 -  The Takeover of Planet Earth - Project Camelot Interviews Jordan Maxwell in 2009


 -  The Theogony - Fall of Man From a Higher Civilization in Antiquity


 -  The Third Force


 -  The Third Force Begins its Take-Down of Mystery Babylon - Secret Space War X


 -  The Tibetan Master and The Transformation of Society



 -  The True Lucifer is Sophia



 -  The Virus of Religion - An Ancient War on Human Consciousness


 -  The Watchers-Nephilim - Main File



 -  The Way - DOMA Daughters Of Ma


 -  The World Divided


 -  Thoth-Hermes / Ningishzidda-Ishkur / Quetzalcoatl-Viracocha - Main File


 -  Totalitarian Communism As a Manipulative Extraterrestrial Ruse


 -  Two Years that Trampled on 'Freedoms earned over Centuries' - 'Junk Science' in the Service of Totalitarianism


 -  Un Análisis de 'Los Dioses del Eden'


 -  War in Heaven - The Invisible College - Summary of Kyle Griffith's Book


 -  Was Jesus an Extraterrestrial?


 -  White (Solar) Brotherhood - Main File


 -  Who Are Manipulating Us on A Higher Level and What Motivates Them?


 -  Who Originated The Plot For World Domination?


 -  Wisdom of The Higher Extraterrestrials


 -  Zeta Reticuli Interaction With Earth - Main File



Additional Information


 -  Abducción Extraterrestre, Posesión Demoníaca, y La Leyenda del Vampiro


 -  Abductions and Abductees - Main File



 -  Actualización de la Estructura de SC - El Sistema de Control 2024


 -  Aleister Crowley - Main File



 -  Ancient Mariners and Demiurgic Technologies



 -  Anesthesia - The Queen of Cryptocracy



 -  Antiguos Marineros y Tecnologías Demiúrgicas


 -  Apocalyptical Cult Groups Seek the Destruction of New York City and Toronto


 -  Asemic Texts = Alien Writing?


 -  Avatar - American Terrorists Invade a New World


 -  Avatar - Terroristas Estadounidenses Invaden un Nuevo Mundo


 -  Awakening The Extraterrestrial Within You


 -  Bassett, Huneeus and Greer’s Brain-Mind Entrainment by Manipulatory Extraterrestrials


 -  Bilderberg Group Mystery - International Banking and Otherworldly Interests


 -  Blue Beam - The Uncovert Project - Main File


 -  Buscando Activamente La Verdad - Conocimiento Marginal Para Principiantes


 -  Bush Is Certifiable


 -  Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan's Teachings - Main File


 -  Cómo se Manipula la Economía a nivel Físico, Etérico y Mental


 -  Conoce a La Firma


 -  Cosmic Aggressors of Humanity and Their Murderous Attacks

 -  Cosmic Triger - Final Secret of The Illuminati - by Robert Anton Wilson


 -  Covert War for Earth’s Sovereignty


 -  Creadores y Entidades Universales


 -  Creators and Universal Entities


 -  Dándonos Cuenta de La Interferencia Alienígena


 -  Demons in Alien's Clothing



 -  Demons Technology


 -  Desconectándonos de las Redes de Absorción Energética


 -  Discerning Alien Disinformation


 -  Discriminando Desinformación Alienígena


 -  El Arte de La Guerra Hiperdimensional


 -  El Contexto y La Agenda Cósmica Ocultos


 - ¿El Fin de La Industria de La Carne? - ¿La Mutilación de Animales Explicada?


 -  El Gobierno Espiritual



 -  El Grupo de Los Nueve



 -  El Mas Grande Engaño - Por el Dr. Jack Pruett - Una Reseña de Libro


 -  El Mordisco de Amor - Dramas de Relaciones Humanas Orquestadas por Alienígena


 -  El Phoenix Ruso, Esperanza o Ilusión - Una Perspectiva Exopolítica


 -  El Principio de NO Intervención sobre los Demás


 -  El Programa de "Dios"


 -  Encender La Rejilla - Fire The Grid


 -  EndGame - JuegoFinal - Main File


 -  En las Manos de Seres Estelares Interdimensionales


 - ¿Es El Ovni de Jerusalén Sobre El Domo de La Roca Una Comunicación Contextual por Un Extraterrestre?


 - ¿Estallará una Guerra Religiosa La Declaración del Vaticano de Un Salvador Alienígena?


 - ¿Está siendo el Planeta Tierra Terraformado por No-Humanos?


 -  Estructura del supuesto Sistema Bancario y Económico pretendido por las Razas en Control y el Sistema de...


 -  ET Invasion - Fissures in The Great Wall


 -  Exo-Vaticana - Petrus Romanus, PROJECT LUCIFER, and the Vatican's Astonishing Exo-Theological...


 -  Exo-Vaticana - Petrus Romanus, Proyecto LUCIFER, y el Asombroso Plan Exo-Teológico del Vaticano de...


 -  Exponiendo a la Inteligencia Artificial, Sentiente Extraplanetaria, Depredadora y Patógena


 -  Exposing Sentient, Off-planet Predatory, Pathogenic AI Artificial Intelligence


 -  Faith, Certainty and The Presidency of George W. Bush


 -  False Light and Traps of Agreement


 -  Falsos Profetas - ¡Desmistificando a Kryon!


 -  Former Wall St. Banker Suggests Global Debt May Not be Owned by Humans


 -  Former World Bank Senior Council Says a "Second Species" on Earth Controls Money and Religion


 -  Genetics - The Ultimate Alien Invasion


 -  Global Debt is Now an Insane $164 Trillion but, Who Exactly Do We Owe?


 -  Global Elite Belief in Extraterrestrial Creator Gods - Alex Jones Has A Problem


 -  Globalization - The Octopus of the New World Order - Main File



 -  Global Warming, The War on Terrorism, and The Extraterrestrial Link to "Planet X"


 -  Gulf Oil Spill and Extraterrestrials - MCBs Linked to Crisis


 -  Hacia Una Exo-Hierología - Extraterrestres, Contactos Humanos con El Cosmos y un Profundo Sentido


 -  Hitler, Buda, Krishna - Una Alianza Impía Desde el Tercer Reich Hasta el Día Presente - Reseña


 -  Holocaust Fact and Fiction


 -  In Defense of Kingship and Divine Right


 -  Interacción entre Gobiernos y Extraterrestres


 -  Interaction Between Governments and Extraterrestrials



 -  Interdimensional Entities Influencing Daily Life



 -  In the Hands of Interdimensional Star Beings



 -  Invasión ET - Fisuras en La Gran Muralla


 -  Is Planet Earth Being Terraformed by Non-Humans?


 -  Is UFO Orb Over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem a Context Communication by ET?


 -  Jacques Vallee Discusses UFO 'Control System'


 -  Kazant - A Timekeeper



 -  La Chiave Omerica e il Grande Segreto de il Potere nell'Ombra


 -  La Ciencia 'Oficial' - Otra Religión Creada por los Controladores


 -  La Clave Homérica y el Gran Secreto del Poder en la Sombra


 -  La Columna Vertebral de La Intervención está Rota - Ya es Hora que la Humanidad Camine Libre


 -  La Falsa Luz y las Trampas de los Acuerdos



 -  La Historia de la Creación de la Humanidad


 -  La Pieza Faltante - Últimas Noticias del 1,500 A.C.



 -  La Religión Nos Da el Mayor Trastorno Mental del Mundo: Religithexia


 -  Las Canalizaciones de Marielalero - 24 Febrero - 15 Diciembre - 2011


 -  Las Canalizaciones de Marielalero - 16 Diciembre 2011 - 20 Julio 2012


 -  Las Entidades Inter-Dimensionales Detrás de La Oscura Agenda que Está Tomando el Control del Mundo


 -  Las Religiones Son Los Asesinos #1 de Las Almas



 -  Las Secuelas del Mordisco del Amor Alienígena, Tipos de Alma y Depredadores


 -  La Vida en la Tierra 3D - Una Simulación por Computadora


 -  Life on 3D Earth - A Computer Simulation


 -  Little Green Gurus - An Academic Finds Spiritual Significance in Reports of Human-Alien Encounters


 -  Llamemos a Las Cosas Por Su Nombre


 -  Loosh, Phryll and the Feeding off Human Energy by Malevolent Entities


 -  Los Antiguos Dioses y Sus Historias son Realmente Recetas Para Obtener Poder


 - "Los Dioses Esperan Deleitar Dentro De Tí"


 -  Los Elitistas Globales No Son Humanos


 -  Los Jardineros de la Tierra


 -  Lux - L'Essere di Luce



 -  Mainstream Science - Another Religion Created by The Controllers


 -  Marshall Vian Summers y Los Aliados de la Humanidad - Main File


 -  Mastema - El Perseguidor de ''Dios''


 -  Material Para El Estudio de La Presencia Extraterrestre en La Historia Humana Basada en Antiguas...


 -  Materials for The Study of Extraterrestrial Presence in Human History Based on Ancient Primary Sources


 -  Maya Bloodletting Rituals - Ancient Sacrifice to Speak to the Gods


 -  Meet The Firm


 -  Millennium Take-Out of The Planet - Video Evidence Proving That We Are in A Simulated Reality, The...


 -  Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires


 -  New Theory on The Origins of The Universe And Humankind Surfaces - Big Bang Theory Challenged


 -  Notes for 'War in Heaven'



 -  Nuestros Progenitores los 'Pitaram', Orbitan La Luna


 -  On "Alien Writing" - An Interview with Mario Pazzaglini


 -  Our Progenitors, The 'Pitaram' Orbit the Moon


 -  Parásitos Mentales, Parásitos Energéticos y Vampiros


 -  Parásitos Psíquicos, Seres Inter-Dimensionales y La Élite Oculta


 -  Ponerology - The Science of Evil - Main File


 -  Practitioners of the Eugenics Super-Religion, Are The Instigators for Much of The World’s Problems From...


 -  Preserving Human Sovereignty and Independence In Responding to Extraterrestrial Intervention


 -  Prometheus - Are Humanity’s Creators Set to Return and Destroy Us?


 -  Psychic Parasites, Inter-Dimensional Beings and the Occult Elite


 -  Psychopaths in Charge - Maybe They're Not Human


 - ¿Qué Formas de Vida Biológica son Compatibles con el Resultado Final de la Ingeniería Inversa?


 - ¿Qué Ocurriría con la 'Religión Católica' si Anuncian la Existencia de Vida Alienígena?


 - ¿Quién Enseñó a Dios a Conducir? - Los Orígenes del Mito de los Antiguos Astronautas


 - ¿Quien Está Librando La Guerra Contra Terra?


 -  Quien o Que Cosa son los Poderes Cósmicos Extraterrestres


 -  Redes Móviles - Impacto en el Ser Humano y Propósito de su Desarrollo


 -  Reflections on Religion and Exopolitics



 -  Religion Gives Us the World's Largest Mental Disorder - Religithexia

 -  Religious Motifs in Technological Posthumanism


 -  Researcher links Artificial Intelligence, Geoengineering, Smart Dust and Morgellons to ET's


 -  Revelaciones y Reveladores del Gran Secreto del Cosmos


 -  Revisión de los Estados y Procesos en Marcha a Nivel Global relacionados con la Pandemia del Coronavirus


 -  Rituales Sangrientos Maya - Antiguo Sacrificio para Hablar a los Dioses


 -  Saving Earth and Humanity Critically Relies on Developing Extraterrestrial Awareness


 -  Secret Societies And Their Relationship to The 'Spiritual World'


 -  Según el Premio Nobel de Física Michel Mayor no hay lugar para 'Dios' en el Universo


 -  SETI and The Religions of Extraterrestrials - 'O give ye praise Europans'


 -  Sons of Fire and Daughters of Light - Divine Origins


 -  Synthetic Life - Robotoids, Parasites and Artificial Humans - Main File


 -  Synopsis of The Alien Master Plan - The Hybrid Breeding Program and Impending Enslavement of Mankind


 -  The Aftermath of the Alien Love Bite, Soul Types and Predators


 -  The Ancient Gods and Their Stories Are Actually Recipes for Power


 -  The Art of Hyper Dimensional War


 -  The Back of the Intervention is Broken - Time for Humanity to Walk Free!


 -  The Creation of Modern Man, his Society, Culture, Civilization and Religions by Extraterrestrial Races


 -  The "God" Program



 -  The Gospel of The Kailedy - Previously "The Book of The Illuminators ..." - Vol.2 The Kolbrin


 -  The Grandest Deception - By Dr. Jack Pruett - A Book Review


 -  The Great UFO Coverup Is Falling Apart - We Are Definitely Not Alone!


 -  The Group of Nine

 -  The Implications of The Discovery of Extra-Terrestrial Life for Religion


 -  The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda that's Taking Over the World


 -  The Kingdom of Zion - Exposing The Worldwide Conspiracy of Evil


 -  The Love Bite - Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas


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 -  The Meaning Behind Alien Abductions


 -  The Missing Piece - Breaking News From 1500 BC


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 -  The Two Creations and Earth Changes - A Little About The History of Gnosticism


 -  Toward an Exo-Hierology - Extraterrestrials, Human Contacts with The Cosmos and a Deep Sense of The...

 -  Trump and 'Q' on the Invisible Enemy - The Extraterrestrial Factor


 -  Trump y 'Q' sobre el Enemigo Invisible - El Factor Extraterrestre


 -  Una Oportuna Llamada Desde El "Más Allá" - Los "Sermones" de Wilcock


 -  Una Teoría Sobre Los Chemtrails y El Estado de La Matrix


 -  Understanding The Ruling Elite


 -  U.S. President Bush Insists He Talks to 'God'


 -  Video-Conferencia de La Federación Galáctica de Luz



 -  We are Now Able to Edit DNA - But what are the Implications?


 -  What Biologicals are Compatible with the End Result of Reverse Engineering?


 -  Who and What are the Extraterrestrial Cosmic Powers



 -  Who is Waging the War on Terra?


 -  Will Vatican Declaration of An Alien Savior Spark a Religious War?


 -  Wising Up to Alien Interference





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 -  Balancing Advanced Technologies of ETs With Universal Wisdom of Celestials


 -  Civilización Védica, Vida Extraterrestre y Celestiales



 -  Earth and Celestial Conflicts - Main File



 -¿Están Los Celestiales Ayudando a La Humanidad en Relación con La Vida Extraterrestre?


 -  How Celestials Are Helping Humanity Prepare for Extraterrestrial Contact and World Peace - An Exopolitics...


 -  How Celestials Assist Humanity With Extraterrestrial Life


 -  New Videos Reveal Celestials Helping Humanity With Extraterrestrial Technology


 -  The Book of Enoch, Celestials and Extraterrestrials


 -  The Case For Celestial Humans


 -  Vedic Civilization, Extraterrestrial Life and Celestials



The Harvest - La Cosecha


 -  An Alien Harvest - Evidence of Grey Origins and Reasons for Human Abduction


 -  Are We in a 'Galactic Zoo' Protected by Aliens? - Scientists Meet to Investigate the 'Great Silence'


 -  Chi è Veramente Lucifero e perché 'Loro' sono Qua - Parte 3 - La Mietitura


 -  Como se Desarrollará la Cosecha


 -  El Ascenso de Lucifer - Análisis Simbólico de la Película "El Destino de Júpiter y la Cosecha de Almas


 -  El Engaño de la "Ascensión Espiritual"


 -  El Inicio de la Cosecha


 -  El Rapto - Que Sucederá con los No Cosechados


 -  Gli Alieni Grigi e La Mietitura delle Anime - La Cospirazione per Interferire Geneticamente con l'Umanità

 -  Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls - The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity


 -  La Cosecha de Almas - Cosecha 'Positiva' o 'Negativa', depende solo de Ti


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 -  La Granja Humana - ¿Somos Los Cobayas de Los Dioses?


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 -  Somos parte del Zoológico de una Civilización Extraterrestre - Dicen Científicos


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 -  Visions of the Future - Sim Card Man


 -  Who Lucifer Actually is and Why 'they' are Here - Part 3 - The Harvest


Ancient Manuscripts


 -  Bardo Thodol - Libro Tibetano de Los Muertos - Main File


 -  Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel


 -  Book of Enoch - Main File


 -  Egyptian Book of The Dead


 -  Hallan Pergamino del "Libro de los Muertos" en antiguo Templo Funerario en Egipto


 -  Kebra Nagast


 -  Laws of Manu


 -  Papyrus of Ani


 -  Popol-Vuh - o El Libro del Concejo de Los Indios Quichés


 -  Popol-Vuh - The Book of The People


 -  The Bundahishn ("Creation") - or Knowledge from the Zand



 -  The Dresden Codex - The Ancient Maya Codices - Main File


 -  The Egyptian Heaven and Hell - Main File


 -  The Kolbrin - An Ancient Book


 -  Troano Manuscript - a Mayan Manuscript


 -  'Zadokite' Document - an Extra Biblical Writing





 -  Ádam Genisiš - Les Chroniques Du Girku - by Anton Parks


 -  Alien Interview - Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by M.O'Donnell - by L. Spencer


 -  America's Subversion - The Enemy Within - New World Order, Illuminati's One World...- by S.René Stermole


 -  Briefing for The Landing on Planet Earth - by Stuart Holroyd


 -  ¡Defendámonos de Los Dioses! - por Salvador Freixedo



 -  El Colegio Invisible - Guerra en El Cielo - Un Concepto Completamente... - por Kyle Griffith


 -  El Regreso de Inanna - por V.S. Ferguson



 -  El Retorno de Los Dioses - por Erich von Däniken


 -  El Secreto de Las Estrellas Oscuras - Las Crónicas del Girku - por Anton Parks


 -  ETs y La Atlántida - Manipulación Genética



 -  Excerpts from "The Book of Knowledge" - The Keys of Enoch



 -  Existió Otra Humanidad - por J.J. Benítez


 -  Exopolitica - Una Decada de Contacto - por Alfred Webre


 -  Exopolitics - A Decade of Contact - by Alfred Webre


 -  Extractos del "Libro del Conocimiento" - Las Claves de Enoc


 -  Genetic Manipulation - ETs and Atlantis



 -  Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible - por Kyle Griffith


 -  Handbook for The New Paradigm - by George Green


 -  Illuminatus! Trilogy - by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson


 -  Inanna Returns - by V.S. Ferguson


 -  Invisible Eagle - The History of Nazi Occultism - by Alan Baker



 -  La Granja Humana - ¿Somos Los Cobayas de Los Dioses? - por Salvador Freixedo


 -  La Gran Manipulación Cósmica - Las Fronteras de Lo Irracional - por Juan G. Atienza


 -  Le Secret des Etoiles Sombres - Les Chroniques Du Girku - by Anton Parks


 -  Libro del Conocimiento - Extractos de "Las Claves de Enoc"


 -  Los Dioses del Eden - The Gods of Eden - por William Bramley


 -  Manual Para El Nuevo Paradigma - por George Green



 -  Messengers of Deception - by Jacques Vallee


 -  Occult Theocrasy - by Lady Queenborough


 -  Our Haunted Planet - by John A. Keel


 -  Saucers of The Illuminati - by Jim Keith



 -  Secret Rituals of The Men in Black - by Allen H. Greenfield


 -  Slave Species of God - by Michael Tellinger


 -  Tales From Time Loop - by David Icke


 -  The Babylonian Woe - A Study of the Origin of Certain Banking Practices - by David Astle

 -  The Curse of Canaan - A Demonology of History - by Eustace Mullins

 -  The Dark Extraterrestrial Agenda and the Human/Divine Solution - by Karl Mollison

 -  The Extraterrestrial Manipulation of Mankind - by Wes Penre


 -  The Forbidden Knowledge of Secret Societies - by Philip Gardiner

 -  The Future of Ahriman and the Awakening of Souls - by Peter Selg

 -  The Incarnation of Ahrima - The Embodiment of Evil on Earth - by Rudolf Steiner


 -  The Only Planet of Choice - by Phyllis V. Schlemmer


 -  The Master File - From the "Rebellion in Heaven" unto Present and Future Time - interpreted by Paul Shockley

 -  The Nature of The Gods - by M. Tullius Cicero


 -  The Transcript of Dr Malanga’s Lecture - Updates on Alien Interferences

 -  Two Seconds to Genocide - by Dimitris Katsanis


 -  War in Heaven - The Invisible College - A Completely New And Revolutionary... - by K.Griffith


 -  Yo Visité Ganímedes... - ...El Mundo Maravilloso de Los OVNIs - por Yosip Ibrahim (José Rosciano Holder)




 -  Alien Abduction - Corrado Malanga


 -  Aliens and The Vatican 2013


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 -  Granada Forum Lecture - Dr. Bill Deagle


 -  How 2012 "Enlightenment" Could Lead To Genocide


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 -  Invasion of Sky Gods - from Secret Space - Ancient Texts Can Tell Another Story...

 -  La Llegada - Revelaciones Sobre La Llegada del Anticristo


 -  Laura Knight-Jadczyk y La Canalización Cassiopea - Entrevista con La BBC Wales Radio 2007

 -  La Verdad Jamás Contada - Zeitgeist


 -  Prenderne Coscienza - Rapimenti Alieni - Corrado Malanga


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 -  Prognosis For Planet Earth - by Bill Deagle


 -  Remember Who You Are - David Icke - Wembley Arena Oct 27, 2012

 -  Revolucion en La Ciencia - Los Transhumanos y El Perfeccionamiento Humano

 -  Should This Video Be Banned? YOU DECIDE!


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